Syntheroid Testosterone Booster Review: Does It Work?

When I first heard the name Syntheroid I thought it was a supplement for the thyroid because its name sounds a LOT like the drug synthroid that people take for hypothyroidism.  But Syntheroid is billed as a natural testosterone booster whose motto is “power, mass, sexual performance.”  The makers of Syntheroid  claim that it can improve speed, agility and reaction time, as well as muscle size and strength.  This is in addition to the claim that Syntheroid can maintain libido during hard core dieting.  These are all pretty bold statements so I’m not surprised if people wonder if Syntheroid really works or not?  Let’s now review Syntheriod and what can be discovered. Also see my review of the HGH supplement, SeroVital.


Who Makes Syntheroid?

When I checked the product website – -I couldn’t  find out who makes this product.  It’s only after some digging that I discovered that syntheroid is made by a company called XPI ( 

The address of XPI labs is 965 N 1430 W  Orem, UT 84097.  The link provided is to show what the area looks like.  I see a lot of warehouses.  I did not see any building called “XPI laboratories” but since most of the buildings appeared dull looking – built for function, rather than looks –  I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.  XPI labs does not seem to have a BBB listing when I checked on 12/7/11.


On the website there is a video of a 31 year old man named Josh Dahl (“The Josh Dahl Story”) where he says that Syntheroid makes him feel like he’s 21 years old again.  They listed his name like we should know who Josh Dahl was – which I didn’t – so I did some goggling on who Josh Dahl, was but could not find anything.  Maybe Syntheroid did do what Josh said but in general I take all testimonials from people I do not know with a big grain of salt.


Syntheroid Ingredients

Kudos to the Syntheroid website because they do tell us what’s in this product. If you take 3 capsules of Syntheroid -the recommended dose – you get the following:

Tribulus Terrestris 650 mg
Testofen 300 mg
Aminogen 250 mg
Coleus forskohlii 125 mg
Milk Thistle 120 mg
Alpha lipoic acid 100 mg
Eurycoma Longifolia 100 mg
Horny goat weed 100 mg
Bioperine 15 mg



Remember, even though the name syntheroid sounds like a drug, syntheroid is not a hormone or a pro hormone. It’s a dietary supplement. They even say this on the Syntheroid website.


Looking over this list of ingredients, Syntheroid has some things found in many other products I’ve reviewed in the past.

For example, Syntheroid has Tribulus. I know people have said that tribulus works for them but I have been skeptical about the claims of this herb since the 1990s when it first started getting popular. For more on this, do read my Tribulus review after your done reading.


Despite the hype about tribulus and testosterone, I can’t find any proof that it works. For example, in a study published in 2001, tribulus didn’t work. In another study from 2007 tribulus didn’t work.

If anybody knows of a“tribulus raises testosterone study”, please let me know and I will happily update my reviews on this herb.

Now, no study is perfect, so if you really want to know if tribulus raises testosterone, get your doctor to check your testosterone before starting tribulus (or Syntheroid) and after a month of using it.  This is the only way you can know for sure if it worked or not.


As for Testofen, it’s a cool sounding name and was likely invented to give the impression that it raises testosterone – but it doesn’t. Testofen is just an made-up name for the herb Fenugreek. For more on fenugreek- testosterone research also see my review of Ageless Male.


Fenugreek might raise insulin levels. Since insulin helps us use amino acids, that means it has a mild anabolic effect. I’m guessing this is why it’s in a testosterone booster supplement. Here is Fenugreek on Amazon.

Ironically, this effect on insulin is why fenugreek is also found in diabetes supplements.  For example, the diabetes supplement Glucotor V2 also has fenugreek. In fact, this diabetes supplement has the same amount of fenugreek – 300 mg – as Syntheroid does.



The Syntheroid website says that Aminogen is a ” proprietary proteolytic synthetic enzyme” that  “was created to improve protein digestion and absorption.”  That means at that Aminogen is not an amino acid supplement but rather just a fancy name for a protein digesting enzyme supplement.

Unless you have a problem absorbing protein you don’t need enzyme supplements.  They say that Aminogen “works to produce a higher bioavailability within your body particularly to your muscles.”  So, where is the proof of this?  As far as I can tell neither Aminogen – or Syntheoid – has any peer reviewed clinical proof that it does anything.  Since they can’t prove to me that this statement is true, I discount it.


Just a heads-up, animal protein – has a very high absorbability, so unless your doctor has told you that you have a problem with digestion, you don’t need any supplemental digestive enzymes.  What’s a good way to remember animal protein? It’s any food that had a mother. That’s how I remember it!


Coleus Forskohlii

This herb is said to be a metabolism booster and weight loss supplement. The idea here is that coleus forskohlii (forskolin) stimulates fat burning enzymes that help us lose weight. One small study of older, overweight men also noted that coleus forskohlii increased testosterone levels.

This is the logic why Coleus forskohlii is found in many weight loss products such as Lean and Fab and Apidexin to name a few.

Here is coleus forskohlii on Amazon.

The problem with coleus forskohlii research is that they often have problems and so for the moment, I will keep an open mind about forskolin until better research is done. For more on this research, read my Coleus forskohlii review.


Milk Thistle

Since steroid abuse is thought to damage the liver, and since Syntheriod is reputed to be a testosterone booster, I’m guessing this is why they added the liver protecting supplement -milk thistle – to Syntheriod.

That is the most obvious answer I can guess, because there seems to be no clinical proof that milk thistle raises testosterone or improves libido. There is interest in milk thistle for diabetes because it has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels.

Might stabilizing blood sugar levels help people have better workouts? In theory, maybe. This might be another reason for putting milk thistle in Syntheroid.

Mostly this herb is an antioxidant and one of its active ingredients is a compound called Silymarin.  Syntheroid has 120 mg of milk thistle but I can’t tell from the product website how much Silymarin this translates into.


Alpha Lipoic Acid

Like milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid has also been researched for its blood sugar lowering effects.   I’ve seen this stuff used in many exercise and weight loss supplements despite any good proof it helps weight loss or exercise.

For example, alpha lipoic acid is also found in the bodybuilding supplement Stemulite and Jillian Michaels Fat Burner as well as the Plexus Slim weight loss supplement.


Like several other ingredients in Syntheroid, eurycoma longifolia is found in variety of other products. For example, this herb is one of the main ingredients in TriVerex – a male enhancement product you may have see on late night TV.

It’s probably eurycoma longfolia – as well as horny goat weed – that are at the heart of the claims that Syntheroid improves sex. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel on these ingredients, so please read my words on TriVerex” for more info on the research behind both eurycoma longfolia and horny goat weed.

The same thing goes for Bioperine. For more on this ingredient see my Lean and Fab review.


Syntheroid Side Effects

I think if you are healthy you might not notice any side effects with Syntheroid.  If you are not “healthy” or take any medications, see your doctor first.  Syntheroid is probably very safe in healthy people but as far as I can tell this assumption has never been tested. Here is Synteroid on Amazon for those who want to check out the comments from others who have used it.

One older study noted that alpha lipoic acid might lower thyroid hormone levels.  If this holds true, it might also reduce vitamin D levels as well as metabolic rate.  I’m not sure if this “side effect” is true or not  but it’s worth mentioning just in case you have hypothyroidism. Alpha lipoic acid might also add to the effects of insulin and other diabetes drugs.

Fenugreek might cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and interact with insulin or other blood sugar lowering medications.  It might have an even greater blood sugar lowering effect when combined with alpha lipoic acid.

Milk thistle might interact with many medications like coumadin (a blood thinner). The herb might also have an estrogen effect that might be bad for women with a history of breast cancer. This effect is probably a long shot, but speak to your doctor if you are not “healthy” just to be safe.


How Much Does Syntheroid Cost?

They say 1 bottle currently costs $59.95 on the Syntheroid website. I think that is a lot of money for a product that has zero clinical proof that it works.

Here is Synteroid on Amazon to compare prices.


Does Syntheroid Work?

Well, on the XPI labs website they say that Syntheroid “was scientifically formulated to boost testosterone levels, improve protein synthesis, absorb nutrients, and burn fat faster than any other legal supplement on the market.”  Scientifically formulated?  How did they scientifically formulate this product but did not conduct any scientific tests to prove Syntheroid actually does what they say?

In my book, you can’t invoke the name of the mighty god science (lowercase g) without following through by doing actual scientific testing – in humans.  Failure to do so is just bad science.  They also say that with Syntheroid, you can boost testosterone by up to 400%.  Again, where is the proof?  Actually if you look closely at the XPI labs website, they didn’t really say Syntheriod would boost testosterone by 400%.  Rather, they just plastered the saying “Boost Testosterone by up to 400%” on the web page to make you think that is what it would do.  As far as I can tell, there is no supporting evidence for this claim.

I think Syntheroid is just another overpriced bodybuilding supplement that is long on marketing and short on science but I’m open to hearing what the users of Syntheroid are experiencing. If you are interested here is Synteroid on Amazon.

What do you think?


  1. will says


    Again, your site is the best. Thank you for your thorough follow up. I agree with your final conclusion on this product. I will continue to look for a good supplement to lean me out and also boost my testosterone levels.

    If you or anyone else knows of a good t booster, please let me know.


        • Joe says

          Carlos, based on what Ive seen so far I don’t have total faith in any of them because no company I’ve looked at has shown me any proof on their website etc that they actually raise Testosterone levels in humans. They list testimonials from people we don’t know but why no published peer reviewed research on their product stating that its been proven to raise T levels in humans? That glaring omission makes me suspicious.

  2. Bach says

    Another thing about this product I notice on the back that it’s strictly for men only. But you know I’m a little stubborn and I’m taking it anyway (yep I’m a lady) I figured if I could heighten my testosterone a little bit, I could train a little bit harder and lose some weight which is the point right.

    So I’ve been in it for a fees days now and I’ve had two training sessions. Both 45 min, one cardio – sprints and suicide runs and the other was kettle bells.

    Side effect wise I’ve felt a bit reflux-ish while running but after a minutes break I can get over that, and continue. The first day I was a little shaky but later realized that was because I’d had no coffee that day and I usually have about 4 a day. So I fully functioned a whole day without a coffee.

    The feelings I’ve also had are something like or in between exhilaration, and hyperactivity.
    Today on my day off I got up had a haircut, then gym then swam in the ocean then cleaned the whole bloody house and I’m never never never that enthused on such a hot day too. I’m not a spontaneous person either, and this stuff is making me feel very spontaneous. I feel a little bit ‘high’ I guess.

    Back to what it does during training, kettle bells was pretty good, I hate that horrible over caffeinated anxiety feeling you get on things like gakic or jacked, that stuff just feels gross.

    So far I’m pretty happy with syntheroid. But I’ll let you know how I go when I’ve finished this bottle.

    • Joe says

      Bach, thanks for the feedback and yes do keep me apprised at how Syntheroid is working for you. I just review the research but its people like yourself who actually use the product that really get to the heart of the matter.

  3. Bach says

    Day five
    Today I can see my shoulder muscles, they’ve gotten bigger and stomach fat looks less. Feeling more confident at reactionary muscle use, sprinted for the train and it felt pretty easy. Body felt really relaxed doing it, usually first thing in the morning that’s not much fun.
    Noticing significant cravings for vegetables and lean meats. Snacking constantly and not wanting big meals. Craving and drinking twice as much water. And I feel happy/happier than usual. Less ‘female’ moody moments.

    So far not feeling any negative side effects.

    Dreading paying for another bottle soon, it’s pretty expensive shit.

    • Joe says

      Bach, yes I know it is and I know everybody appreciates you taking the time to tell others of your experiences. What you wrote is interesting.

  4. Ulrich Thomsen says


    Just thought I wanted to share this which is somewhat of a bad experience with this company XPI

    I bought their bodybuilding pack. Myoswell, Myotein, and extreme ZMA and also Syntheroid. No harm in boosting your results, was my thought.
    However I had a few questions. Tried writing XPI – 3 times. Even though they claim to answer within 24 hours, I never heard from them. So I called them I wanted to know a little about how to use their products in conjunction with each other. On their web page it says one thing, on the bottle it says another.

    Anyway after being on hold for 20 minutes, I get this woman who knows jack about what they are selling. Putting me on hold the whole time while consulting with whoever. Finally giving me and answer that pretty much is what it says on the bottle. Apologizing that the text on their webpage was not updated. This is supposed to be a professional supplement. For sports I called them a few days later and got a different answer…

    That’s when I started searching the web for some company profile and found this web page, which to me is the real deal.

    I seriously started to doubt these guys at XPI after this appalling customer experience. I bought their product primarily because it was well placed on the best selling lists. Add to that, it’s quite expensive products… Call me naive :-)

    So for the effects of the products. I feel no side effects, which of course is good. Yet I see no real difference in muscle mass or stamina or energy either. It’s hard to tell if it’s your workout that does it or the products. I eat well too. And healthy. I just came to a point where I felt I was struggling for the last bit of muscle and it didn’t rally happen. I have a personal trainer that comes to my house and help me lift that extra weight. So I’m pretty sure I do the exercise right.

    I’ve taking their products for a month now. According to recommended use.

    I’m dying to hear others if they ave any experience with the company and their products. I for sure won’t recommend them or their supplements

    Best, Ulrich

    • Joe says

      Ulrich, funny you should mention XPI bad customer service. I did not put this in my review, but on the website there is a “live chat” button. I tried to chat live with an XPI rep about Syntheroid using their live chat option but nobody answered. I was waiting for between 5 and almost 10 minutes before I gave up and closed the window.

  5. Ulrich Thomsen says


    Also I’d like to add that after taking Extreme ZMA from XPI, I sleep better – during the night – one of the things they say the product will do for you. I sleep like 9 hours which I think is too much AND I never slept so long before, max 6- 7 hours.

    ALSO in the morning, when I finally wake up, I’m so tired and almost exhausted, that I suspect that this product contains some sort of sleep medication.
    Can’t prove that but my gut feeling tells me that there’s more than just vitamins in there.

    Any comments are appreciated.

    best, Ulrich

  6. Ulrich Thomsen says

    Joe, I look forward to the ZMA review.

    And as for the XPI customer service, the few things I could dig out about their products, when trying to investigate a little, was pretty much people with bad customer service experiences. The other reviews seems like ads disguised as reviews.

    I think I’m back to Dymatize

    • Joe says

      Yes a lot of supplement review websites seem to be just fronts to sell the products. I like Dymatize. I use chocolate flavor in the smoothies I make!

  7. Ulrich Thomsen says

    Joe, I see on the ZMA bottle from XPI that it’s a trademark of a company called SNAC System Inc. Burlingame. CA 94010
    maybe they also produce Syntheroid

    Also both Syntheroid and ZMA is only distributed through XPI.

    I’m from Denmark and if this was the phrase they used here it wouldn’t necessarily mean that XPI actually produced the product. Would definitely explain the poor customer service, because XPI clearly know nothing about their products. At least the woman you get on the phone when you call them.

    • Joe says

      Ulrich, thanks for that. I suspect that XPI labs may not be a “lab” but maybe a wear house where they package the product. Maybe it has some affiliation with SNAC but I dont know at this point. Thanks for letting me know!

  8. Ulrich Thomsen says

    For what it’s worth. I know this is not really connected to Syntheroid, but rather the website where I bought Syntheroid.

    I left my comments about XPI and their products on

    And guess what, the critical reviews are taken off their website. Only 5 star reviews are left. It’s clearly not real reviews. I mean “one guy” writes that he likes the flavor of XPI Myoswell – a creatine supplement. But those are capsules you swallow… There’s isn’t much flavor in those..

    Anyway I’m never going to buy anything from again.

  9. Bach says

    You’re right about how you don’t really feel dramatically different. But I’m noticing things, maybe because I’m female it’s having an effect on me.

    I got a bad flu and stopped taking it for 5 days. Once I got better I started taking it again.
    I find I’m beginning to need it to focus at work, the days I forget I feel a bit tired and cranky. Been doing heaps of kettle bells and building muscle pretty quickly.

    It just doesn’t have that horrible feeling things like jacked has. So it feels like nothing.
    Ive stayed at the same weight but I can a small about of belly fat loss.

    • Joe says

      Bach, thanks for keeping me posted on whats going on with you. You may be right. women may respond differently. As long as you are feeling good I’m glad.
      Merry Christmas!!! :)

  10. Bach says

    Hello again. So I’ve finished my first bottle and been off it for two days, maybe three. And was thinking of trying another tribulus product called BRUTE FORCE 2 claiming it has 1000mg per serve.

    However many days I’ve been off it, my sleep has been terrible. I can get to sleep but I’ll get up at least three times to wee and the other night I got up 5 times to urinate. Feeling insatiable thirst for water and orange juice. Pretty much I’ll have any cold liquids but I crave those.

    I’m working really well on very little sleep and have been quite productive this week despite crap sleep. Still feeling hyperactive. Since I started syntheroid I feel I’ve quite happily given away my procrastinating self. I’ve started to just get shit done without thinking about it. The scales still read the same but I’m feeling quite confident, like I don’t really care….is that happiness? Possibly.

    Thinking about how much I’d spend drinking on a night out, I’d spend way more so the price of syntheroid, it’s not so bad. Can I ask for a Review on BRUTE Force? So I can give feed back?

  11. Michael says

    Sorry Joe, but I don’t find your review helpful at all. You definitely didn’t come into the review being unbiased. You criticized every ingredient with studies showing that it did not work… Why didn’t you show all the studies showing that the ingredient did work? Unless it is the laws of physics things aren’t perfect. Of course there are going to be studies showing that ingredients didn’t work, but why do you think those ingredients are even popular? Serious body builders do their research, and have experience (unlike yourself, yep saw your facebook and you are FAT.) They see what the ingredients are and continue buying them. Those ingredients are in EVERY test booster.

    Why don’t you just go out and say that you don’t agree with testosterone boosters? Because you are biased! I cannot get over how much your review angered me. Maybe you should try the product, diet, and exercise yourself and you would have a different opinion.. I think that would prove more beneficial then sitting in front of you computer just reading the ingredients, acting like you are some kind of specialist or doctor. You aren’t! Get over yourself. And congratulations on being a “personal trainer” too bad you just have to take a test. You wouldn’t last a day in a real workout.

    And Bach… this product boosted your testosterone. It did what it claimed to do… if you are looking to lose weight, just diet and exercise. The reason you didn’t notice any change on the scale was because you were gaining muscle and losing fat. Also you said that this product affected you more because you are a woman… Truth is it affected you less, you naturally have less testosterone, so while this product improved your testosterone, it didn’t do as much as it would with a man.

    Joe, I doubt that you will post this because you “review” all your comments before they are put up. How hypocritical? But at least you will read this and know how real consumers of products feel. I am not a spokesperson for any company, merely an Army Ranger who is very enthusiastic about working out and taking care of his body.

    • Joe says

      Michael, I post every comment submitted as long as it has no profanity or is spam. Please put your anger aside for a moment and let me try to give you an idea of why I came to the conclusions I did.

      1. You asked me why I did not show studies that Syntheriod – or its ingredients worked. Michael, I looked. I REALLY did. I hold nothing back when I review a product. I could not find any published peer reviewed research that syntheroid actually raised testosterone level in people. To prove my honesty, in my review I did list the small study noting that forskolin seemed to raise T levels in men. It was a small study, never replicated to my knowledge but it did exist and that is why I listed it. If I was suppressing information, I never would have mentioned that. In fact, Forskolin seems to the the only ingredient that seemed to raises T levels in men. If that is the “active ingredient” then why couldn’t people just take forskolin?

      Michael, if you know of any clinical studies that I missed please do share them with me and I will be happy to post them here and if they are peer reviewed studies, update my review with that new information.

      2. As a rule I really am skeptical of testosterone booster supplements – and you should be too. While I never totally rule this out, I say this because the human body often reduces its natural production of Testosterone if anything alters its levels. That’s why men who abuse steroids often have smaller testicles. Also – and more importantly – I have NEVER met anybody who had their T levels tested before using a T booster supplement and after a month of use, to see if it actually worked. Have you ever met anybody who did this?

      I dont even recall any ads for T booster supplements that make this claim. They imply it, but they never come out and say “this is Bob’s T level before and after using supplement X.”

      I freely admit I could be totally wrong about Syntheroid and that is why I advise people to go to the doctor and get their T levels checked first and then again after a month. That is the only logical way to know if its raising testosterone or not. Placebo effects are a real thing. They do occur. By getting T levels checked first, we remove all doubt that the placebo effect occurred.

      Michael, did you have your T levels tested before and after using Syntheroid? Did it raise your T levels?

      3. About Bach. Bach said she used syntheroid and she felt a difference in strength and size. You didn’t see me depreciate or suppress what she said in anyway did you? I’m happy she is seeing positive results. Bach did not have her T levels tested prior to using Synteroid so I dont know if it raised her T levels or not. Bach, if your reading this, I do hope you try this experiment to see if it actually raises T levels in you.

      Michael, Let me be clear. I do not have an axe to grind in this. I am not anti supplement. I go where the research leads me and I base my conclusions on logic, science and rational thought. Most supplement reviews and websites dont do this.

      4. You say to workout, diet and use the supplement and see if it works. Why haven’t the makers of Synteroid done that? They dont show any proof on their website that they actually did what you said to do. What you said makes sense to me!

      I challenge the makers of Synteroid to recruit 100 people. Everybody does the same workout and eats the same thing. Randomly one group takes Syntheroid and the other group gets a placebo that looks and tastes the same. Lets see if there are any differences in T levels, strength or size after 3 months or use. I dont think this is too much to ask, especially from a company that has the word “labs” in its name.

      5. Even though I made you mad by what I wrote, believe me when I say that I write my reviews to help you and everybody else make more informed decisions. I know products are expensive and I want you to spend your money wisely as you see fit. I also know that most of the supplement review websites out there are written for the sole purpose of selling supplements.

      I’ve never said this before, but many of those other supplement review websites actually contact me privately and want to pay me to advertise their products here. Some even want to do it secretly by placing links in my reviews back to their websites and affiliate links. I turn then down 100% of time.

      6. Michael, I appreciate your service as an Army Ranger more than you know. I also have the utmost respect for what bodybuilders do too. This is another reason why I review supplements. As you pointed out, I am not a bodybuilder, but that does not mean I don’t know what I am talking about. I have BS degree in chemistry and biology and a MS degree in exercise science. Many bodybuilders actually contact me for advice about supplements.

      As I cringe to think about it, I have also devoted almost 15 years of my life to investigating supplements. My book about supplements contains over 900 clinical studies to back up my conclusions – more than any other consumer-based book in the US that I am aware of. To overlook or be angered by my conclusions because you dont think I look the part, does you a disservice because I’m one of the few people out there who is not trying to sell you anything.

      I hope that my words have helped to clarify where I am coming from and again thanks for taking the time to write.

  12. Scott says

    Michael, if you took some time to do some “proper” research (meaning trying to find proper studies about syntheroid or it’s ingredients) instead of merely listening to random postings on the net then you too will find that there is little to no research which shows the effectiveness of syntheroid or it’s ingredients. Please do some proper research and don’t buy in to what other people are saying so easily

  13. Matt says

    First off, let me as a member of the Armed Forces apologize for the “Army Rangers” comments. He sounds more like an ambassador for said company. I appreciate your EDUCATED/ UNBIASED review. I also am into health and fitness and now that I am entering my 30’s am thinking of a boost to keep myself in peak shape. I work out hard and often and find my plateu is becoming more and more work to traverse, and is taking me longer to recover. I Haven’t entered into the testosterone world yet, so again I appreciate an actual review as I venture, that’s not focused on 5 star marketing reviews.

    • Joe says

      Matt, thanks for that and I apprecaite your words. If you do try Syntheroid, do let me know if it worked for you. I think the real value of this site are the people who share their opinions on what works and what doesn’t.

  14. Steven says

    Well, I must say, I have found this very enlightening so far. I have been searching online for a couple days now, looking into taking a natural testosterone booster. The reviews on Syntheroid were ALMOST all positive until I came here, but then again who knows how many of them are real. Still, they are head and shoulders higher than any other product I’ve seen reviewed.

    Since the one person on this site who sounds like they actually did try the product herself seemed to find it relatively successful I’ve decided to pick up a bottle. I’m 24, single, and I do relatively well for myself so $65 is worth it for the potential of the results so many claim to have received.

    As of now, I am already in pretty good shape but I am not where I want to be. I’m 164.2 lbs as of this morning and I’d like to cut about 5lbs of fat and get to 185lbs solid within the next 2 years. I life weights 5x/week and I do krav maga or run about 3x/week, give or take. I also eat very healthy and don’t drink much. I have taken Jack3d before, which worked very well, and I am taking ACG3 now, which works even better. I only take about 2/3 of the recommended dose. Other than that, I pretty much just take protein pre and post workout that is high in glutamine and BCAA’s while trying to maintain a high protein diet.

    For the purpose of seeing if Syntheroid really works or not, I’m going to stop taking everything else except the whey protein. No pre-workout boosters, no creatine. That way, if I see significant gains, I will know what caused them. I’ll also see if I can get the good people at Gold’s gym to test my body fat before and after (although I know sometimes those tests aren’t that accurate).

    I have no use for an increased libido or increased sexual performance, but I’ll report back on those claims as well.

    This may not be as good as a scientific study or getting my T-levels checked, but hopefully some people reading this will find my personal results helpful.


    • Joe says

      Steven, thanks for chiming in and yes do let me know what happens. If you have insurance getting your testosterone checked may be covered. That would be the “gold standard” to know if it worked or not as you know but getting off all other supplements will also add value to the conversation. Good luck and I will look forward to learning about what happened.

    • matt says

      Steven, you are taking a very scientific approach, and as good of a clinical study then most. I hope you still check this site and can give me your results.

  15. Tre says

    Micheal or Joe . Did Micheal every respond to your responds ?? Did he furnish any proof ? Thanks for for your review

    • Joe says

      Tre, no he never wrote back. He said he is an Army Ranger so it’s possible he has other things on his plate at the moment.

  16. Rick says

    I am also going to start taking synthroid since i want to jack up in weight. I did find your reviews very helpful and i will take them into consideration. Synthroid has been one of the only testo boosters that i have found online with a decent put out. I will also have my testo check before starting and will update when having results

    • Joe says

      Shaun. I have admittedly not looked at many testosterone boosters but as a rule I am suspicious of any supplement that claims to raise testosterone levels. I think the best thing I can say is test your T levels first and try the product for a month and then have them tested again to see if there is any difference. In the end, I think that will be the best – and cheapest – way to go.

  17. Kevin says

    I wish I found your site before I researched the various ingredients in Syntheroid. I found most of my information on Wikipedia but had been distracted by my son so didn’t finish my research re: Forskolin. You mentioned that had some valid tests which appeared to increase Testosterone.

    WebMd stated the following;
    “However, currently there is no reliable scientific information that shows Coleus forskohlii extracts taken by mouth are effective.”

    Do you have additional information on this supplement? I am turning 48 next month and have had a recurrent issue with tennis elbow and still feeling pain from a surgery to repair some torn muscle in my shoulder from 2 years ago. I’m not quite ready to give up rock wall climbing or kayaking and would still like to work out at the gym and build up some muscle again. I’d also like to increase my libido for my wife’s benefit. If you have actually found that the research suggests Forskolin works I’d have my T-levels checked before and after to see if there is a difference. Could recommend a particular manufacturer?

    • Joe says

      Hi Kevin,

      I definitely can empathize with you about tennis elbow! Ive had a bad case of it myself for a couple of months! As for Coleus forskohlii, I’ve only seen one study where it raised Testosterone levels and here it is :

      I referenced this study in my review of Forskolin for weight loss and I pointed out the problems with the study. Its also only one study that’s never been duplicated as far as I know and I think this is why WebMd said there was no good proof that it works. I can’t disagree with them because I also would like to see better research.

      If you try Forskolin, get your testosterone levels checked now and then after a month of using Forskolin and see if it changes anything. I wish I could recommend a particular product but its hard to because I dont see any good proof on any of them. I’d say find a product that is made buy a company that you have heard of (they likely have a reputation they want to protect and likely are putting what they say they are in their products). If you do this let me know if your blood tests showed any differences.

  18. Kenneth says

    Good day everyone,
    Well, I must say, I think I’m suffering from analysis paralysis. Or, I’ve researched this subject of testosterone supplementing to the extent I don’t know which way is up and what’s true or which is B.S.

    I’m 39 and have been taking notice of all the low T ads and wanted to begin taking a supplement to hopefully get a “boost” to help me shed some unwanted pounds and get some of my old strength back, as well as maybe acquiring some mass.
    I’m somewhat active, I play hockey in a men’s league, workout 3-4x’s a week (okay, sometimes 2x… Haha) But, I plan to hit the gym harder once I find what I want to try. I trained and ran a half-marathon last summer and did well considering I’ve never ran before, unless I was being chased by a dog…. :)

    I was looking into Syntheroid, Neogenix’s “Supremacy” and a few others. I hate to just roll the dice with something that cost’s 60 bucks a month, so I’m looking to make the best choice I can possibly make.

    So, I guess my question/comment is, based on ingredient purity and “possible” effects, is Syntheroid the “best” one to try out? I’ll be right back, I need to go grab a couple aspirin. LOL

    Thanks for your time.


    • Joe says

      Kenneth, have you had your testosterone levels checked to see if you are low? I think that is the first step. As I’ve said I’m skeptical of T booster supplements but even if I am wrong, I think knowing your T levels now will help you not only compare what effect any testosterone booster might have, but it will also help doctors help you better in 20, 30, 40 years because they will have a testosterone level to compare things to when you you are older. I think all men should get this done so they have a baseline level.

      Even if you have to pay out of pocket for it, its less than you’ll pay in the long run for a testosterone supplement and will give you piece of mind, decades from now.

  19. Ken says

    Please note;
    Orem, Utah. is a hotbed of companies that sell items online.
    I have found very few are honest, and any “That you may do business with should be checked out thoughly.

  20. Bach says

    Hi Joe, just came back to look at your site and saw all these comments, what a whirlwind Michael was huh!

    I liked the stuff myself, made me feel good and like i wanted to be active and really, that’s all i wanted. If i want to be active I’m gonna gain muscle anyway.

    I’m gonna order it again – gotta get it from the US to Australia and I’m due for a check up anyway so I’ll get my T levels checked.

    Can’t wait to feel productive again.

    Remember how i was saying my sleep was pretty bad when i stopped taking it, i was wondering if it effects malatonin levels… just food for thought.

    • Joe says

      Bach, yeah I guess I really made him mad! I’m glad its helped you and I’m not sure about the connection to melatonin. since it was bad after you stopped, my first thought is some sort of withdrawal symptoms but Im just shooting from the hip on that. hopefully you got your sleep back on track before too long passed. Yes I’ll look forward to hearing about your T levels thanks!

  21. gary says

    Anyone trying Syntheroid that wants to share results, Bach, did you receive your new order? Joe; can you recommend a pre-workout, pre-comp energy boost without the banned substances for a master’s sprinter? Thanks!

    • Joe says

      Gary, Id say keep it simple and have some light carbs/protein a few hours before the sprint. maybe some caffeine might help too.

    • Joe says

      Vince, not until I see proof that they actually do raise testosterone in people. That’s why I recommend that people get testosterone checked first and after a month of using a product. That is the only way to know for sure its doing something.

  22. Erik says

    First of all, after receiving my bottle of Syntheroid from, I looked inside and it didn’t look like there were 90 capsules, so I poured the whole bottle out and sure enough there were only 89 capsules. Okay, so I’m missing one pill which at $60 for 90 translates to about 67 cents per pill, which is a meager amount but still unexpected considering they advertise such excellent manufacturing practices.

    Secondly, the web-site advertises one bottle as being a one month supply and yet on the bottle it says to take 3 capsules 2-3 times daily…how does this translate to a one month supply?! So anyway, I’ve been taking 3 capsules 3 times daily, and after 10 days of use I’ve completely exhausted my supply.

    I didn’t really notice any change in my physique nor did I notice any accelerated recovery from my workouts. The only reason I decided to purchase this product was because they offer a 100% money-back guarantee on their web-site….After using their product I think I want my money back. Totally not worth the $6 a day (3 capsules 3 times a day), I think I will just stick with my creatine supplements which actually do work!

  23. Erik says

    Lol, I just read Michael’s comment on this product and I feel like anyone with some sort of familiarity with science and the scientific method would know that there is something called the placebo effect. In order to truly test a product you must be able to distinguish the difference between what is in your mind and what is actually happening! Now, if in your mind you think this product is going to work then it will automatically motivate you to work out harder which will lead to results regardless if you were taking the supplement or not!
    Thank you please come again….

  24. -E says

    There are some interesting points of view on this product. Some more passionate than others. I’ve just started it myself and I am skeptical. I bought 3 bottles so my skeptism is warrented at those prices. I’m expecting results. From effects, I’ve found that I sweat more profusely (sp) during my work-outs. My hair, which grew fast before, now seems to grow much faster. So, there does seem to be some kind of an affect.

    Having just been on it 3 days I don’t quite feel 21 again ;o). I’ll keep you posted. Another side-effect I did notice is I’m pee’ing a lot more during the night. Not sure if this is a good thing? I don’t recall pee’ing this much when I was 21 LOL. I plan to run out this supply as directed. I’ve upped the intensity of my work out to gauge impact. I’ll post results and/or milestones as they occur.

  25. Carl says

    This is off topic, but I was wondering about the HGH supliments, I researched the web and didn’t find anything, bunch of reviews that I suspect were ads. The HGH thing makes sense if the whole putuitary gland thing is true, just don’t know what to believe anymore.

    I’m 42 and worked out my entire life on and off, played football and wrestled in HS. I don’t know if its in my head or if its my age, but when I’m at the gym I just can’t push like I used to, am I slowing down? Should I try a T-booster or an HGH Sub. Also would buying from a place like GNC be safer, the web stuff is cheaper, but seems so shady. Anybody who used/uses these type of Sub. I would like to hear you input

    • Joe says

      Carl, I likewise would trust a GNC before a company that I have not heard of before. That said get your HGH levels checked before you try any product and again after a month. I dont think any product will raise your HGH levels but the only way to know for sure is to check your levels before and after trying a product.

  26. rich says

    I started synthroid today from my first time I didn’t get my testosterone levels checked though. I haven’t seen anyone else is with lies about their results from synthroid besides the female and the one guy whos hair is growing fast. Has anyone else got back to you? If so what did they say? I will keep you updated on my progress with synthroid, if any.

    • Joe says

      Rich, so far nobody has gotten back to me other than what you see in the comments. I added the word you forgot about 😉

  27. lawrence says

    I have just had a Dr. order a blood test taken for T -levels. I am 47 and looking into a few health concerns. I am researching different supplements for boosting my testosterone. I have used BioEntopic cream in the past. I am looking for an alternative, natural booster.

    • Joe says

      Lawrence congrats on getting your T levels tested! If you find anything that raises it let me know. Good luck with your other health issues also.

  28. Vic says

    Hi Joe,
    2nd try…as I made a typo on my email address.
    I just discovered your site…and I like it too, as you blog and review supplements, and try to help people from getting fooled into buying supplements through hype colloqialiisms that might tend to stray us into thinking are ‘truths’. However, there is just something I’d like to point out, (a constructive criticism, if I may, or perhaps you could correct me if I am wrong)…you say that you do research on on people that make certain claims, and you do research on what has been researched, but you don’t say where you went exactly to say what you are saying.

    Do you have or keep a record somewhere of who said what and where? Does all your research come from the internet or other sources like books, medical journals, health articles etc…? How extensive is your research? The reason why I ask, is because, even though you don’t like hype, when I read other peoples comments about your blog…they are hyping about you and your comments, which could also lead people to believe things that may or may not really be true either.

    I dunno…just something I’m feeling, and thought I’d express it…feel free to respond…would love to hear how you might respond to it.
    Thanks for your efforts by the way. Your blog does seem to stand out in some way apart from the rest.

    • Joe says

      Vic, great question! When I say I research a product etc. I do various things. I first look at their website to see what the product is about and the claims being made and how they sync with what I know. If I can, I also try to find info on the company via the better business bureau website. Mostly though I look at the published research on either the product or the ingredients in the product. I try to look at as much of the research as I can find and see if I can find a consensus (it works or it doesn’t work, what the side effects might be etc). If I can, I also try to find problems with the research in the hopes that other researchers might see my words and try to duplicate the study to make it better.

      Since I can’t do any actual scientific tests myself here (I wish!) most – probalby 95% – of the links you see on in my reviews are are to the research studies themselves. Most of that research can be found in the national library of medicine. I believe people should be able to see the research for themselves and that’s why I link to them. That way people dont have to take my word for it. I try to be as transparent as possible. I only consider research studies that have gone through the peer review process or come from sources that I trust.

      I’ve got quite a few books on supplements, nutrition, biochemistry etc here and so I consult those as well. I dont have a record of who said what but sometimes I remember things if they are said often enough. For example, this is what happened when I saw TV commercials for the Herpes Cure Report

      Where there is no proof one way or the other for a supplement doing something, I try to mention this or if I can, try to explain how something might -or might not – happen based on what is currently known. My hope here is that I’m able to give people questions to take to their doctor who then might be able to explain things better than I can.

      So basically I just try to let the research speak for itself.

      If you can think of any other ways that I can improve let me know and I’ll see what I can do. :)

  29. Tommy says

    I have recently tried this product. I’ve never tired a test booster before and had a friend suggest this one, so I order it. I didn’t notice much at first but after 10 days or so I really notice a change in libido. I would be driving down the road and get and erection like i was eighteen or something. Now I’m not saying that this product made me feel like I was eighteen. In fact other then the erections and bigger libido I didn’t notice a difference. Same strength, no weight loss or any other noticeable effects. So if your into random erections this product fits the bill. I just found your wed site and it is great.

    Thank You for running a service actually needed on the net.

  30. john says

    hi joe am glad i found your page about to use this product probaly next month i let you know if work i haven’t been in the gym for 1 year again a few pound so let give the tried to see

  31. rich says

    Syntheroid was horrible it didn’t do anything at all. Big waste of money. If any one is thinking of getting it dont unless you wanna waste $60. Took it with a good work out schedule and didn’t notice any extra improvement that i wouldn’t normally notice without it. What i did notice is a little sexual appetite increase. Thanks for your help Joe. I started this supplement called force factor body rush and it is awesome have you done any work on it?

  32. rich says

    The body rush is a pre workout supplement it gave me endless amounts of energy on the treadmill. I actually had to stop myself at 3 miles. i didn’t know if it was safe to keep going because it didn’t hurt at all and i usually only run a mile after my work out and it killed me.

  33. Ray says

    Hello, lots of interesting comments here.

    Hey, those of you looking to increase your levels of testosterone, why don’t you just go see your Dr., ask him/her to do a simple blood test that will tell you if you need to increase your levels and do so under a Doctor’s advice and monitoring?

    I don’t understand why anyone would trust some wishy washy Company instead of real medical advice for something that can be so damaging as taking crap that will affect your metabolism.

    I guess it is true that there is a sucker (thousands) born every day.

  34. Tim says

    I tried Syntheroid. I was on it 15 days. I read all the hype and positive reviews. I don’t have much faith in t boosters. This one WORKS! I felt it in about a week. Recovery and strength went up. Didn’t weigh myself. Felt that up libido. Aggression pumps it was all there. Oily skin all the obvious signs of elevated test levels. I ran out as it is a lil pricey and could afford more till next payday. Works fast. I was totally surprised and pleased.

  35. Erik says

    Hi Joe.

    Thank you very much for your valuable site. I’m obviously not the only one that appreciates what you do.

    I am a very healthy 45-year-old with an excellent diet and workout regimen. However, I recently have noticed a drop in muscle mass which I couldn’t account for other than age catching up with me.

    I just had a full physical including blood work. My LDL cholesterol was a bit high at 127. This is extraordinary considering how healthy my diet is. My ng/dl testosterone was 387 and my free testosterone was 8.7. These seem low to me.

    I mentioned my cholesterol because I have read that when your testosterone drops it can cause other changes in your body such as raising cholesterol- Given my diet and exercise I have to think this is what is going on with me.

    BTW, I should mention I have already been doing for years just about everything you can do to raise T levels naturally (lifting heavy weights/low reps, getting adequate rest, eating plenty of lean meats, vegetables, healthy fats, no alcohol, and on and on).

    I simply don’t know what else I could do other than getting some supplementation help.

    Long story short- Is there ANYTHING you would recommend in terms of a supplement to help with T levels?

    Thank you very miuch in advance for any feedback.

    • Joe says

      Hi Erik, I dont think 387 is “low” but do you know what it was when you were younger? I dont have a lot of faith in any T booster supplements because none of them have proven to me they do what they say. Some people have said they felt better after taking D Aspartic Acid but I’m not sure if it works either. Best advice is since you know your T levels now, try something for a month and then test T levels again. That is really the only way to know for sure if it works.

  36. Erik says

    Thanks for the feedback Joe.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know what my T levels were when I was younger- This was the first time I ever had it tested (perhaps it was always in a similar range for all I know).

    Yes, I was thinking it couldn’t hurt to try something and then get it tested again after 30 days of use.

    I’ll post what the results are.

    BTW, thanks for the bit of reassurance that 387 isn’t so low. Maybe I’m worried about nothing. Other than the bit of muscle loss (heck, I can’t expect to have the same body at 45 that I did at 25) I feel just fine. Still, I’d like to see if I can get more out of my workouts and diet by raising my T levels a bit- if that is possible.

  37. John says

    Just purchased Syntheroid after finding it the best natural t booster reviewed. 4 Bottles is supposed to be a 4 month supply, there is only 90 and you are expected to take 9 a day. That is a 40 day supply, so that right there is shady. I bought t booster before and it had 180 for twice a day, month supply. $160 for 4 months is good, for 40 days its a horrible deal. Just thought i would give the heads up of this over priced product. They say its normal $100 bottle that would be $100 every 10 days, GET REAL

  38. Brian says

    Ia am on my 3rd bottle of syntheroid and it absolutely works. The sides are steroid like. The acne, sex drive and growth. I do agree about the price and the customer service is horrible but i am scared to change to another product because i dont know if anything out there is as good. If anyone knows of another good test booster please let me know. Thanks guys

  39. Kyle says

    Hi there, i have ordered four bottles of Syntheroid but it has been siezed by Australian Border Protection. In the letter they sent me, they said it was prohibited unless a permission to import the goods has been granted.
    What do i do? Also Bach i saw you got some from the US to AUS, how did that happen?
    Any help would be great! Thanks

  40. Nick Cooper says

    hey guys i just started taking a pre workout called Force factor, and i also started taking Amplified mass xxx have you guys heard anything on these products? and also i would like to know how to take it im trying to put on weight for football im currently 5-10 160 and would like to get up into the 180’s and reccomendation? and also i would like to get my maxes up for lifting
    Bench – 195 Dead Lift – 275
    Squat – 365 power Clean – 185 Help please

  41. John says

    I have ordered 3 bottles of this product, already have used half through without seeing any improvements, I guess doesn’t work! I would agree with the reviewer, just another product out there, without any scientific back up, and without any benefit to the users, lets just be honest. I am gonna try to see if they will honor there statement about 90 days money back guarantee. I would appreciate if anyone found any good, genuine testosterone booster out there, and post it here.

  42. mike says

    Thanks Joe. i am a 18 year old student and my last year of high school football is coming up so I have been thinking of taking something to give me a little bit of an advantage. I am 1 of 2 captains on the team and the other captain is taking P6 along with other things. i am currently taking Fish Oli, Glutamine, and some simple proteins.

    Although i am taking these im am still behind compared to the other retuning starters. I really think a testosterone booster would help a lot because i am a running-back and safety and i can use the exra mass and strength. The only problem is that i dont want to mess up my body’s natural chemical composition since i am still maturing. Any advice or recommendations?

    • Joe says

      Mike, I dont think you need a testosterone booster because your levels are already super high right now. If you can do get your T levels checked by your doctor. I say this because knowing your testosterone levels now will help your doctor 30 years from n ow determine what might be a good level for you. So many men – me too – never got testosterone levels checked when we were younger so now when the doctor measures them and they say “your normal” I say “thats great but I dont know what it was when I was younger so I have nothing to compare it to.”

      How much protein are you taking. since you are working out, as a rule you should be getting 0.6-.09 grams per pound. knowing this may help you add some muscle. Also remember the carbs are important also for getting stronger. If you do one day decide to try creatine supplements, you only need the maintenance phase of about 3 grams per day (the loading phase starts to work in a week but save money and just use the maintenance phase. it takes a month to kick in but it works just as well).

      When you say you are behind others, I wonder if improvements can be made by working with somebody who has knowledge about sports specific training. Meeting a few times with a fitness trainer who knows about these training may help your game. Do a good search for your area and “football training” or “sports specific training”. Im sure of the cost but I dont think it would be more than your paying for a month of supplements.

      Also be aware that some supplements are banned by the US Anti Doping Agency. Some of them are available in health food stores. If you go to college and play football ect. you should look at the list of supplements that are banned here is the website

      I hope some of this helps Mike

  43. mike says

    i have also been doing LOADS of research and every different produce i look at all say the same thing…
    “This is the strongest natural testosterone booster available”

  44. mike says

    Our school has a specific weight training program for the football players that is basically mandatory so I pretty much have to stick with that workout program.

    I am not on a specific protein supplement yet. As of right now i just pick up a protein bar on the way home from working out, around 15-30g of protein.

    Although it may not be a great idea, because my testosterone is already high, I am really fixated on taking some sort of booster. I feel stuck at the same weight while i see everyone pacing me. I am still worried about the chemical composition in my body. When i look up side effects all i see is oily skin and acne. I want to know how this is going to effect me long term. Will it change my personality? Or could it possibly lower my grades? I am more worried about these things than oily skin.

    • Joe says

      mike, Im glad you are thinking about these sorts of things. I just dont know what they will do if you take them. One thing is I doubt most of them will raise your testosterone levels. I could be wrong but one thing that jumps out at me is that the websites for a lot of these products never show me any proof that they actually raises testosterone levels in humans. The wording used on some websites ect. leads us to that conclusion but where is the proof?

      Are you still growing? If you think you are, consider that one side effect of testosterone is that it stops the growth of bones. Again, I dont think this means that T boosters would stunt your growth, because I’m not convinced they really work. Just something to point out.

      Have you spoken to your coach about this? Maybe he sees something that you dont or can offer some advice? Does your school have a dietitian? If yes speak to her/him and see if they can look at what your eating and see if that helps.

  45. mike says

    Thank you Joe.
    And just one more question… I always hear that creatine messes with your ligaments or something. I hear that if you take it, you have a batter chance of hurting your ACL. I personally have friends that tell me it hurt there knees when they took it, even when they drank a lot of water. Is this information true and would you recommend maybe taking something like that?

    • Joe says

      Hi Mike, I’ve read a lot of creatine studies over the years and Ive never seen one study where creatine caused any injuries. People do tell me “I took creatine and X happened” but no studies seem to show it. That said, I do think I know what is happening with creatine and injuries. Remember, earlier I said that the loading phase starts to work in a week (while the maintenance phase takes about a month usually). Muscles start to get more powerful in a week – but the ligaments and tendons dont. I think people accidentally injure themselves by doing too much too soon. I’ve written about this see my creatine and injuries post

      There you can also check out my post on “do I need to cycle creatine” another big question people ask a lot about.

  46. Rob says

    Have you checked out the primordial performance website? The have all kinds of scientific research and case reports on the site. Their test boosters might even make more sense to you scientifically at least.

  47. Bobby says

    I love trying supplements and seeing for myself the results if any.
    I really would not give this product a try because IMHO it is too weak.
    Tests of these products are normally done on Mice.
    So if they use 100mg on a mouse and get results how many mg’s will a Human Being have to consume to get the same results?
    You can hold a Mouse in the palm of your hand, so for example how many mice would it take to make a 80kg person?
    IMHO – Weigh the mouse that takes 100mg of Tribulus and then mulitiply for a 80kg person and then we may see some results 😉

  48. sam says

    Hey Joe,

    Thanks for all the work you do reviewing all the different claims these products make. It’s really impressive! I too have been hoping to find a t-booster, but haven’t found any good peer reviewed research on the different products out there. I was wondering if you saw this abstract from the British Journal of Sports Medicine: I have no idea if this is any kind of top tier journal in it’s field, and I was also not able to find more than just the abstract. Definitely the small sample size is a weakness in the study, but it seems like it might be worth looking closer at Eurycoma Longifolia. If this is a legit study, and with the other studies on mice, it could be a possible natural t-booster. It seems like it would be so easy to do a clinical study with pre and post testosterone level checks and this herb. Any thoughts on the abstract?

    Just as an aside, you mentioned in a different review that placebo groups should have no effect. I don’t think that is necessarily true. Placebo groups will very often have effects because of the self fulfilling prophecy–which is also why many people are experiencing positive effects with these different products. It’s okay if there are significant effects in the placebo group, but are the effects in the treatment group significantly greater than the effects in the placebo group. I’m open to being wrong–it’s been over 10 years since graduate school.

    • Joe says

      Sam, yes i agree there may be an effect from the placebo effect. In a perfect world it should do nothing but the placebo effect is a real phenomenon. I should have said no significant effect.

      The British Journal of Sports Medicine is a respected publication. i did notice that the study – THE ERGOGENIC EFFECTS OF EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA JACK: A PILOT STUDY – is a “pilot” study, meaning its a “beginner study”. they did not specify what extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack they used (they just said “water soluble extract”) so Id like to know that.

      there were only a few people in this study but I am looking forward to a larger study on this by the same researchers. thats what usually happens when pilot studies get good / interesting results.

  49. Christian says

    Wow, I commend the author for being so patient with some of the readers. Hate to break this to all you body dysmorphic sufferers out there (yes body building is a mental condition like it or not) but the only testosterone booster out there for a healthy, well versed men in S&C nutrition and the like is synthetic testosterone.

    Tribulus is one of the best hyped snake skin oils of all time. Learn the value of interpreting sound research and you’ll be better equipped to distinguish between note worthy supplements and well developed marketing campaigns.

  50. Hiraikami says

    I do not know about you guys, but I have been taking SYNTHEOID for only one day now and already I can tell a difference… At times during the day I’m usually unfocused and not feeling all that great. Now, I feel more focused and allot better as if I have more energy.

    Like the feeling of raised testosterone IMO. That feeling of what I can only describe as Pure strength running through your veins that also gives you that unparalleled focus. I know it sound too good to be true, but those guys at XPI have something here.

    Now I am not saying it will work the same for everyone or there will not be any side effects. I am just describing my experience of this product after only a day of taking it…

    • Joe says

      Brian I recommend before you try anything, you get your testosterone checked by your doctor. this will give you a baseline number to check to see if ant product works – and to see if you really are low in testosterone. the test is probably covered by insurance but even if its not, the test is less than $100.

  51. JAMES says


  52. Zaid says

    I have been taking it for 5 days now in all honesty on day 2 I found i was constantly getting an erection but as far as being stronger or having more energy thats a big negatory gentleman

  53. phil says

    joe,, what is considerd low testosterone at age 50 my test came back 288 total testosterone isnt that low for my age,????

    • Joe says

      Phil, thats a good question and Im not sure what normal T levels are for a man who is 50. What did your doctor say? I’d ask him/her or your pharmacist. Pharmacists are VERY educated in biochemistry endocrinology etc and I feel are under used by people.

    • Joe says

      Jud, Sorry if I was vague. It was not my intention. I think I gave Brian a better answer than “what product works” because so few men get their T levels checked first. They assume (because TV ads etc make us believe it) that lack of energy, sex drive etc is due to lack of testosterone. Thats not always the case. Humans are just more complicated than that. For example, lack of erection ability can be a sign of heart disease.

      Testosterone boosters do not make sense to me because if any of them did work (none that Ive seen show me proof they do work) the body would decrease its natural T production.

      I admit that T booster supplements are not an area I spend a lot of time researching because most of them contain the same things – like tribulus – which lack good proof and as Ive said, the idea of them just makes no sense to me from a hormone standpoint.

      I think by getting T levels tested first, men will know if their levels are indeed low – and if its they aren’t , it will hopefully get men speak to their doctor about whats troubling them, and see if they together can get to the real reason for their symptoms.

  54. Drew says

    Hello folks. I have a horrible metabolism which makes it hard for me to keep a “lean figure” so I’m constantly looking for something to give me an edge. I work out daily and eat as healthy as humanly possible over here in Afghanistan. (The food variety and quality is questionable to say the least)

    I do use supplements in the gym, I’ve had the best results with BSN products such as Nitrix, N.O. Xplode, and Syntha 6. Though I was making noticeable strength and mass gains, I have always longed for the “chiseled” look.

    I started stacking Syntheroid with my BSN products and after two cycles, I could honestly say that I was the most defined I’d ever been. Whether it boosted my testosterone levels or not, I never had tests done so I have no proof or even a belief that it did that, but I did have very noticeable differences in my muscle tone. Not every supplement works for every person, but I got the effects that I was looking for in this product.

    • Joe says

      Ramon, its on my list to review. If you know the ingredients, look them up with the search box and see if Ive mentioned them already

  55. sam says

    I was wonder why you are so skeptical about t boosters? The reason i was wondering is that there are foods you can eat that naturally help with t levels ( almonds, dates,ect) i cant think of anymore off the top. So why couldn’t there be t boosters that work? And all the research that you say you have done do you have any recommendations???
    Thank you

    • Joe says

      Sam, I’m skeptical because I have not seen any proof (study) that actually showed that a supplement actually raised testosterone. None of the websites for products Ive looked at have shown me this proof. That’s why I recommend people get their T levels tested first and then again a month later to see if a product works or not.

      I usually steer clear of recommending things. That’s what others do. I usually prefer for people to make choices based on the evidence. That said, when it comes to testosterone booster supplements, until I see peer reviewed proof that a product works, I remain very skeptical of all of them.

  56. Zaid says

    Hey Joe
    I have a quick question about this product
    Wanted to know how to use it. The thing says to take 3 capsules 2 to 3 times a day. Does that mean I have to take 9 capsules a day if I’m using this product 3 times a day.
    It’s so vague since it has 90 capsules and it’s suppose to be a 30 days supplement

  57. Jared says

    Thanks for your article Joe. Is there a certatin T booster that you would stand behind and support its effectiveness?

    • Joe says

      Jared, not yet. The thing I dont see from all of the products Ive looked at is actual proof that they raise testosterone levels.

  58. Rob says

    I’m 64 and without any BS i look better than most guys in their 20s. I been traing for for 45 yrs, with just good diet ass busting workouts and creatine after my workouts. All that other crap you can throw out the window and save some money.

  59. nathan says

    im nathan. i know for a fact test boosters work. a friend of mine took unleashed and in one month he went from benching 200 to 245. and he had the symptoms of high T including a lot of body acne and a slight change in temper. so i think that just because something isn’t proven to work it doesn’t mean its proven not to work. so before you go badgering products make sure you have enough research to disprove it or your making the same mistake they are

    • Joe says

      Nathan, thanks for writing. I am not trying to badger anybody. I just want to provide the facts so people can make a more informed decision. Just to double check again, I just went to where they say its the “worlds most powerful testosterone booster” – yet they dont show any proof that it really boosts testosterone. If they make this bold claim dont you think they should prove it? Where is the research showing it raises testosterone levels in people? I looked and didn’t see any research/ proof presented on the Syntheroid website.

      I’m glad your friends bench went up, but that does not prove his T levels increased. Same thing goes for him getting acne and having an increased temper. Its an interesting coincidence but until we do a blood test, how do we know its not just a coincidence? Blood tests for T levels are cheap – they only cost about $50.

      I have to be a skeptic about this Nathan because people deserve to have faith that products they use really do what their clearly crafted advertisements claim they do. Testimonials alone dont do that. If XPI does research showing syntheroid raises testosterone levels in people, I will be more than happy to update my review with that new information.

      I’m still waiting for somebody to show me their blood tests before and after using a testosterone booster (any T booster supplement) to see if it really works.

  60. Austin says

    Hey well seems like you know quite a bit so what
    Do you think about pre supplements and proteins??
    Is there certain brands or ingredients to be lookin for? Especially in pre supplements… I’ve tried a couple and they seem to work at first then I just can’t get the same amount of energy and focus? What would you prefer on everything except for these t boosters? Thank you!

    • Joe says

      Hi Austin, for preworkout supplements I’d say just have some carbs and protein about 1-2 hours before working out. A lot of pre-workout supplements contain caffeine (because of the kick it gives you) so think about that if you want a little extra kick.
      As for proteins, I like whey and casein protein mostly overall. Aim for at least 20 grams of protein (with a few carbs) after exercise also.

  61. Peter says

    Hi, I am 45 and had my T levels checked over a month ago, by a urologist that has a focus in T level treatment.

    My level was about 380 ng/dl, which is considered very low normal. My doctor prescribed the drug Clomid, which increases an enzyme which increases Testosterone. After two weeks of a few continuous side effects (sleep difficulty, no sex drive or erections) I decided to stop the drug.

    My doctor then prescribed Amiridex, which increases T by converting estrogen to T. I decided not to take it because there is a high incidence of bone fractures and joint pain. No thanks.

    Anyhow, both of these drugs, covered by most insurance plans, work for most people, which studies have proven. You can increase your T by approximately 150-300 ng/dl for both.

    I may try the Clomid again, as the side effects I received may have been due to other causes, and perhaps the drug had not taken effect yet.

    I think the supplements are crap, although I do take ZMA because it gives me good night erections and I think helps me to sleep better.

  62. Oliv says

    Hi! To be short: The only real ways to boost testosterone levels in order to have a significant impact on condition and metabolism are not legal. End of story. Feeling an effect (e.g. erections, dynamism, etc.) might exist (although often generated by placebo) but has no serious impact on the quest for anabolism and muscular growth or performance. Hard to digest for want to believers I know. Results? Go invest in quantity of QUALITY FOODS coupled with SERIOUS training.

  63. Josh says

    Hi guys, I found this website just over 6 weeks ago when I was researching Syntheroid. I found the site after I had ordered Syntheroid. I’m lucky that I have an uncle who is a doctor so I fort I would try it and get test levels tested

    I’ve taken Syntheroid an guess what I’ve had my test levels tested before and after as my uncle is a doctor.

    My test levels are classed as “normal” by a doctor but “normal” to a doctor means not unhealthy. These words came form my uncle himself. He did say mine were slightly low if he went on averages.

    Anyway I took Syntheroid for only 4 weeks (because I found sleeping hard), took 6 tabs a day, 3 An hour after breakfast and 3 an hour after dinner. I normally find this is the best time to take any supplements.

    I did notice I had more energy when working out but I normally use N O explode and this give you more energy also.

    My sleep was strange, the days I didn’t work out sleeping very hard. I only work out 3 or 4 times a week.

    I definitely needed a lot of water, even in the night I would wake up for a drink which I’ve never done before. Back to test levels.

    My test did raise slightly, and when I say slightly I mean very slightly. I don’t no anything about science but this is what my uncle wrote down so I could do this review.

    Measurements in (ng/dl)

    Before I took Syntheroid, test level 632.

    After 2 weeks of Syntheroid, test levels 636.

    After 4 weeks of Syntheroid, test levels 638.

    I told my uncle why I was doing this and he told me that this slight increase might not be due to the supplement I was taking.

    Hope this helps.

    Im going to try Tongkat in about 8 weeks time so I will try get back to you on that aswel.

    A special mention for Joe as well, this website is amazing and thanks for taking your time to do it.

    Grams may be bad but I’m on an iPhone.

  64. Chris says

    Joe thanks for saving me some $$$!! I’ve been taken nature made liquid T booster I get at Vitamin Cottage. Its $30 for 30 servings and all I take is one a day. I’ve found that taken this along with a ZMA supplement and Glutamine has worked great for me. How these companies in the supplement market can get away with selling BS is comical! Again, peace bro for saving me $$$ on garbage like Syntheroid!

  65. Lucas says

    Hello Joe. First off I think this is the first lengthy blog I have ever made it through because it usually gets out of control by negative people feeding off each other. I have had the chance of being in good shape going all natural with just foods and exercise as well as using pills. This was also at 2 different times. I was in great shape using nothing. I was at 5 9 150lbs then went all the way up to 212 lbs withing 2 years and then repeated that twice in the last 5 years.

    I played a lot of sports and know a lot of the tricks to have fast weight gain as well as loss. Which this is not the healthy way to do it. Take if from my experiences with this in my life. If you want to increase your muscle super fast there is no healthy way. I know guys that look to be in the best shape possible with out of control cholesterol levels. The healthy way is to eat NON PROCESSED FOODS AT ALL EVER!!!! Which is very hard to do in this country seeing as most foods sold here are processed now.

    The second thing to do is build up exercises which means don’t go by reps. When your working out as soon as you start to hurt especially your back stop immediately and do static stretching. Now if you don’t care about the long term and you want results now I have a way to look better fast.

    For breakfast have an 8oz glass of ANDERSON ERICKSON CHOCOLATE MILK. If they don’t sell that where you live get one with no fructose corn syrup and made with real coco. Then for lunch a have 10oz whey protein shake ( they are all basically the same) with one banana. Make sure to eat it and not blend with shake. Then exercise literally right before you eat dinner and have an 8oz whey protein shake waiting for as soon as your done.

    Then for dinner have white rice with chicken THAT’S IT NO SEASONING OR SAUCE!!!! At this time eat whatever you need to feel full. Since its not seasoned and doesn’t taste as good your brain will not want to stuff yourself. The only other thing along with this is DRINK WATER ALL DAY PERIOD!!

    I promise you if your trying to get rid of body fat fast I have used this method for over a decade. Thanks for your time and I know that was long lol. Oh yeah if absolutely need a supplement I would go with a L-Arganine with a caffeine pill.

  66. Scott says

    Hi Joe:- What about that rub on clear stuff, which is applied under the arms, or on the shoulders? I’m trying Androgel 1.62%. I use one pump, applied to one upper arm/shoulder area. Supposedly, this amount (one pump) of application provides 20.25 mg of testosterone. To be quite honest, I haven’t felt anything one way or another.

    I did have my T levels checked before starting, because my doctor would not prescribe it without first getting the test. He said I was a little low for a man of 63. I’m on my 2nd bottle. I can say one thing for sure, this is not an inexpensive endeavor for a self pay uninsured person. But it is a lot less expensive than fancy meals, parking fees, meal tips and champaign to apply before taking the “plunge”. It works just as well as all that stuff, and it’s less time consuming as well. I have not had my T level checked again. Thanks Joe – scotto

    • Joe says

      Scott, others have also told me that they don’t feel any different when they use Androgel . Things don’t have to be felt to do something. Let’s see what your next blood test says.

  67. Lonnie says

    Hello Joe, I am a 42 year old male, I have have had my levels checked and they are low. I was going to order this supplement but after reading all of the varied reviews, I am at a stalemate again. I have witnessed you sidestep the question on every occasion it was presented to you (no offense intended) So, I will try again and even invite others to chime in. Yes I have been tested and yes my levels are low, I have noticed a decreased “oomph” in just about everything I do, otherwise I am pretty healthy.

    If not Syntheroid; is there anything out there that you WOULD suggest? Any readers out there please feel free to chime in, I am open to suggestions.

    • Joe says

      Lonnie, Believe me, I’m really not try to sidestep anyone but rather just trying to be as honest as I can. That’s why I say the best way to see if something works is to have your T levels tested first, try a product for a month and then retest to see if there is a difference. I mentioned this in my FAQ Page also.
      All that said, I will say that right now, I do not see any evidence that any supplement that claims to raise testosterone levels, actually raises testosterone levels in humans.

      When I look at the products they all seem to have the same ingredients – like fenugreek – which I really don’t think works. More importantly than this, when I look at the websites for these products, not a single product website Ive seen lists any peer reviewed human research on them. In other words, none of them seem to have ever been tested in humans to see if they really do raise T levels in people. Most of them show research on their ingredients (which I’ve likely covered in my reviews of T boosters like this one, Ageless Male, Mdrive etc) but the research research on ingredients is not the same as research on the product itself.

      I do keep looking and if I ever do find something I will indeed review it. I try to keep and open mind on this this is a topic I am curious about it and I know others are as well.

      I hope that clears up my position Lonnie.

  68. John says

    Joe, looking for a product that increases sex drive, libido, blood flow, hardening of veins, strength, energy, etc… but mainly the sex part lol. I was told this product. It seems like you are skeptical of this and other TEST products. Do you know of any products that have worked and I am not talking about taking Viagra…. I wanted something that I could take daily along with my vitamins, oxy elite, etc… Thanks, John

    • Joe says

      John, I keep looking but so far I know of nothing that works like viagra and other drugs like that. On other posts you may have noticed I did a little experiment with 7 Keto DHEA and fenugreek and while they were not like viagra I did notice a little difference, usually at the end of the night, but I would not call it significant.

  69. Sam says

    Found a product from Gamma Labs that sounds pretty interesting. They also have about 35 reviews on the product. Seems pretty interesting. The product is called
    Gamma Labs™ Gamma-O™ Natural Testosterone Booster V2 Series

    Hope you can check it out for us.


    • Joe says

      Sam, I looked it up for you. The “gamma” in the name refers to Gamma Oryzanol, a plant steroid that comes from rice bran oil. It was big in the 1990s although I couldn’t find any good proof it raised testosterone levels. I covered it in my book and just did a quick check to see if any new research noted its effects on testosterone. I didn’t see anything new. here are the studies I found:

      When I checked today, I thought it was interesting that even websites that say it works (and who also sell it), quote the same studies here, that say it doesn’t work.

      if you try it get your T levels tested first and a month later to see if it changed. let me know if you did this.

        • Joe says

          Lonnie, I took a look at it. The name ” Tribestanol” sounds to me like the maker is trying to make people think its both tribulus (hence “trib” in the name) and a steroid (by the “ol” in the name). Either way, I didn’t see any research showing it makes muscles bigger or raises T levels etc.

  70. Lonnie says

    Thank you for that, it seems that Synthroid, still has an edge over this product, as far as ingrediences that actually do something

  71. Lonnie says

    OK Joe, I got my Synthroid and I am starting the doses. According to the bottle of 90 pills it is supposed to be a month’s supply, Reading the directions it suggest three pills a day; one first thing in the morning and one after an intense work out and one in the evening before bed. I will post the progress for those who have questions like I had.

  72. Lou says

    Just ordered this product. I had my Tlevels checked very low @136. feeling tired and brain fog but no issues with libido. Are there any side effects mental of phsyical that I should, be concerened about as it relates to this product


    • Joe says

      Lou, not that Im aware of. I will be interested to know how your T levels change. you should know in a month or so if it worked.

  73. gregory says

    I have tried syntheroid, and I think it’s awesome! I’m 45, and my strength has shot through the roof like I am 17 again! The other day I went to shake my friends hand, and he said I had strength like a vise grip, and he wanted to know what I was on!

  74. Anonymous says

    Here is my issue with these type products. I have tried prescription testosterone products and all of them have to be applied topically because stomach acid will eat them up if swallowed. Knowing this truth then how do these over the counter products work when swallowed in pill form?

  75. Anonymous says

    All prescription testosterone therapy products have been tested on levels below normal. What about the guy like me who has an above minimum level but feels like the level is way below normal? The prescription products will not boost levels if the lever is above the minimum so using the product of any even over the counter products will be a waist of money.

  76. Lonnie says

    Welp, I am 42 and I got this stuff, after reading ALL the negatives and positive and all the highs and lows about it and I can honestly say; I experienced a marked improvement. Just about everything it said it would do for me, it did. I noticed great improvements when I went to the gym in my stamina and my recovery time and even after a rigorous workout session, soreness wasn’t an issue any more like it had been prior to Syntheroid. My T count has raised, my libido has raised and my wife is extremely happy. And when I look in the mirror, I am happy. I am definitely ordering another bottle and I have recommended it to a couple of my friends, because I told them I wouldn’t endorse this product until I tried it first, and I whole heartedly endorse it.

    • Joe says

      Lonnie, you said it raised your T levels. what were the before and after numbers? Do you have pre/post blood tests on paper?

  77. Chris G says

    i stummbled across xpi and its products by following a number of scam trails. do some basic web searches and the same dodgy sites keep popping up. no legit supplement sites stock their products, and the only sites that do sell their ( xpi ) products only sell brands no one has ever heard of!! it seems to me a fairly clever scam. please just research a little be cynical with xpi.

  78. jeff says

    Hi, Im 53 yrs old and started lifting weights 2 yrs ago. I work out 1.5 hrs a day. And I still smoke. Ive put on a lot of muscle mass and get comments from people how great I look. What Ive taken for 2 yrs is 200 grams of protein a day and 6x Deer antler velvet. It truly works. Without it I would not work out that long. I take it twice a day. Wish I could show a before and after pic. you would be amazed. Also before I started taking deer antler velvet I used to get irregular heart beats at times for 20 yrs. Anyways after starting deer velvet they went away. Strange but true and muscle growth, endurance and all natural. with no side effects of any kind for me.

  79. Treebunny says

    I’ve taken T boosters for years. The best I took and did raise my testosterone level was Tongkat Ali. I got my T levels taken before and after I took it and my T level did go up. This was about a year ago and I’ll look for my T results and post both of them on here if I can find them. Truthfully I’ve took them all and that was the only thing I could find that did raise my T. Good luck everybody on what your taking. Everything works different on different people so I can judge any product unless you did Like I did and get your T level first then go from there. I also take Whey and that helps me more than any other powder.

  80. Beau says

    I have been taking Syntheroid for almost a month now. I do not go to the gym or run. I am 36 yrs old and been in construction since i was 16 I feel my job is my workout. As for what affects I feel I have seen. I have lost 10lbs of my winter gain. (happens every year) I gained more this last winter than usual and pushing the 200 mark so this is why I turned to a supplement. I can defiantly tell that my arms are coming back into shape and my shoulders too.

    I want to thank you for your page I was trying to some research before I ordered another bottle and thought I might try to help with some feed back. Thanks again

  81. Jerry says

    Just discovered your site … WONDERFUL!!
    I’m 75 yrs old, 5’7″, 173lbs and work out with free-weights 4 days per wk.
    Have been doing this routine for many, many years (Used to run 1/2 marathons but broke my ankle and now carry around several metal plates and screws). To hard to run but walk 3 miles three days.

    I bench press 180, @10 reps. That’s just the starter. My work outs are all free-weights and heavy. I’m in good shape and have super sex drive.

    That’s all the good.

    The bad,.. I need to get rid of belly fat and would like to know of a supplement which can “really” help. I hate ab exercises and avoid them like a plague. At the end of the day.
    a beer to two is nice. I know this doesn’t help reduce belly fat but it sure makes me feel better.
    Regardless, how ’bout a supplement which can help rid this old fellow of his belly fat without having to give up a beer????

    • Joe says

      Hey Jerry, glad you found me! Im not aware of anything -drug or supplement -that takes of just belly fat. CLA is a supplement that has some evidence that it might “kill” fat cells but it might also raise the risk of diabetes also (if you try CLA, get your blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C levels tested regularly just to be safe).

      Sounds like you are doing fantastic. Id say just stay the course :)

    • Joe says

      Hi Greg, that would be the Ceullucor P6 right? I looked it up and Im not sure at this time. I did see it contained wild yam extract. that made me wonder if if it might have DHEA. if Im right I dont think DHEA will raise T levels much if at all based on the research Ive seen. I will have to take a closer look at it to know what the other ingredients do. Ive added it to my list of things to review ane will try to get to it. Here is P6 on Amazon if you want to see what others are saying

  82. c. cats says

    Ok guys here is the scoop I am a very skeptical about anything claiming to be the one and only pill. Since this was really a supplement and I check most of the ingredients I decided to give it a shot. I started to take this in April 2013 weighing in at 243 lbs and a 38″ waist.

    I took the prescribed dosage and joined the Y here in Charlotte NC. I worked out about 3 – 4 times a week doing weights and cardio – no I wasn’t lifting my body weight in a weeks time.

    I worked at it and changed my eating habits to cutting out meats and limiting my chicken intake. More salads with nuts and stuff in it, pasta and rice dishes made with beans, lentils, peas and broccoli.

    My snacks are now natural peanut butter with a banana. Well you get the point.
    Now to say that I am where I am physically because of Syntheroid would not be a true statement . When I joined the Y I benched pressed the bar 45 lbs. I’m now up to 155 lbs as of last night 7/23/13. The big thing is I’m now 191 lbs weighed last night and 34″ waist.

    My girlfriend who is 20 years my junior has helped motivate me in many ways ;O) and has been instrumental in getting me to eat better. I had a blood test recently and had my testosterone level checked.

    Component Standard Range Your Value
    TESTOSTERONE, SERUM (TOTAL) 300 – 890 ng/dL 603.39

    I’m not sure if this range is different by age or not I haven’t been back to my Dr. to discuss the blood test results.

    You may be think that this is a good range and for my age and that this may be low or normal – not sure. To me the range is near the high mark which I like.

    For all you guys who think you can’t do this or that I’m just another paid to advertise – trust me I’m not – just another guy like you – work and live in Charlotte – work off of I85 near Harris blvd for those familiar with the area. I live in Selwyn.

    Guys I turned 63 this year and I’m on the site now because I need to reorder – good luck and if you need any pointer just reply here and I’ll answer you as best I can.

    PS. I plan on doing Insanity in August course is being offered at the Y

    Mr. Nunzi.

    • Joe says

      c. cats, I am glad you have gotten more healthy. I would add that its hard to tell if it was the synteroid that caused the changes or the other healthy things you were doing. Regardless, the important thing is that you have been eating better and working out and I’m really happy for that :)

    • Joe says

      Lonnie, Tongkat Ali has been in several products Ive reviewed. Just put it in the search box and the other products that had it will show up :)

  83. Cavalier1 says


    The whole industry of T-boosters is the Male version of weight-loss supplements for women. It seems that every year, or so, a new supplement will be advertised promising significant weight-loss for women. Phen-phen, Lipozene, Sensa…..the list goes on and on. And there’s never any proof that they work. They will hire a Dr. to substantiate their claims (what the person received their doctorate is often left unstated). They will cite a study that shows that the product “may” contribute to significant weight-loss.

    What nobody seems to notice is that these products only stay advertised for about a year (or less) and then disappear. Because they don’t work. The manufacturer/marketer has played-upon women’s desire to take-a-pill and lose weight easily. There have been 2 proven ways to lose weight: 1) Decrease caloric intake, and; 2) Increase the burning of calories (e.g., diet and exercise).

    Guys, these T-booster ads are the very same thing. I wonder if the same manufacturers/marketers are behind this scam. Through implication they play upon men’s desire to “be more of a man”, “increase muscle-mass”, “get more ripped”, etc.. This year its through T-boosters. Next year, who knows. In 5 years no one will even remember T-boosters.

    If ANY of these products actually worked, there would be studies to back-up the marketing claims. If there were any studies to substantively verify the claims, that would be the FIRST thing that a company would be telling you to get you to buy their product. The fact that a company shows no studies to back it’s claims is a HUGE red flag that the company is only interested in playing upon your desires instead of providing a proven product.

    Men, let’s leave the pills and short-cuts to the women. Let’s push our bodies to it’s limits and then be satisfied (maybe even proud of what we’ve accomplished?). Let’s trust our bodies to know where it’s limits are.

    There are only 2 proven was to “increase muscle mass” and give you that “cut” look: diet and exercise.


    Thanks for this forum your objectivity.

    • matt says

      I appreciate the sincerity of your comments/concerns and I believe the industry is a multimillion dollar scheme. But Joe, the problem is they DO work. A lot of this depends on body type, usage, and the intensity of your workouts. I think some work and others don’t. Problem is which ones? I know they work to some degree from personal experience, and believe me, this is not placebo.

      • Joe says

        Matt, I remain skeptical because I have never seen a study showing any T booster raises T levels. In fact nobody has been able to show me blood tests showing this either.

        • Charles says

          Hi Joe,
          I am using this product and wrote about my
          experience with it on this site.
          I started in April @238lbs.
          started at gym cut out meats
          mostly begs salads and chicken on
          occasions more seafood.
          I did have a blood test during my
          annual physical and asked to have
          my T-level checked.
          my Dr. Said it was good at 683
          there is a calculation that determines what
          this number represent. Check testosterone levels
          google it. By the way I’m 63 years young
          lifting weight and also weekly Insanity
          class. So does this stuff work, I would say
          yes…frankly I don’t want to stop taking it
          incase it does start to affect my performance
          in and out of the gym. Hope this helps.

          • Joe says

            Charles, thanks for that. did you get your T levels tested before you started syntheroid? what were they? Had your weight gone down from 238?

          • Charles says

            Hi Joe,
            I didn’t check mt T level before
            no need at that time. However
            my girlfriend is much younger
            than me so that was my initial
            reason to find a T-boost. She
            helped me in changing the way I
            eat and going to the gym.
            To answer your question about
            my weight as of 9/3 I’m 185 which
            is my goal. I need to resupply
            and will be getting another 2
            bottles. Don’t forget everyone
            reacts differently…also cutting
            out the meat, fried foods and
            dessert and the gym play an
            important role. Workout days
            2 pills prior to going to the gym.
            and 1 when I get back. Non
            workout days one in the AM and
            another in evening so its always
            in my system.
            Good luck

  84. Chad says

    I hate to sound harsh, but you could have skipped the “fluff” and gone strait to the ingredients.

    I don’t care if there isn’t a link to XPI supplements home page, they have a giant XPI logo on the bottle and the website.They obviously aren’t hiding anything,

    I also don’t care if their building doesn’t have an XPI logo on it. I checked and USPLabs, Cellucor, MusclePharm, BSM, and other big companies. They don’t even give you their address. Who cares?

    i love reading your reviews, but lets stick to the stuff that matters.

    • Joe says

      Chad, thanks for the feedback. I cover the stuff on the companies because I feel it adds to the totality of the review. Companies that have “lab” in the name gives the impression to me that they physically exist as a “lab” or do laboratory research and so pointing out that that this might not be so, I feel, adds to the review. I do try to make the sections easy to skim so people can get to the areas they are interested in quickly, so I hope this makes up for things.

    • walker mccutchen says

      I’m a man of 73 years, was on testosterone injections through my doctor for 3 years. they worked very well then stopped working. so I found a supplement (tongcat ally) it worked good for a couple years then it quit working. found syntheroid —had my testosterone checked at the va—it was 350—started taking the supplement and could tell the difference in about 10 days—took it about 3 months,went back and had my testosterone checked again and it was in the 500 range. its worked for me for a couple years now BUT I don’t take it every day—I take it say–10 days and quite for 5 days. I’ve found that many supplements work best that way.

  85. Greg says

    Joe, through all your research, if you were going to take a testosterone booster what would you recommend (take yourself)?

    • Joe says

      Greg, for me, none stand out because none of those Ive seen have given me any proof they would really work in people. Best I can say is get T measured before you try anything (free T and bound T) try a product for a month and retest T. Thats the only way to know for sure. Its good for all men to get their testosterone measured anyway at least to see if they are low or not and to get some baseline #s that doctors in the future might be able use to tailor treatments better.

  86. Roger Smith says

    Joe, is right, I’ve been on this product for the past 6 weeks, I have followed all the instructions, and done all the exercise, and saw no results, I feel the same way after taking this product, the only good thing about it is that they got a 30 days money back, and I returned my leftover. Thanks, Roger

    • Joe says

      Thanks Roger and for what its worth, sorry it didn’t help you but I am glad you were able to get your money back from the company.

    • Michael Castle says

      He said he used the product for 6 weeks, and it did not work and return what was left for his money back…..
      A bottle of Syntheroid contain 60 pills. Direction is 3 pills TWICE A DAY in other words 6 pills a day. A bottle therefore should last 10 days ….and this guy had leftover after 6 weeks??????

      • Treebunny says

        Lol…I took enough of that crap to make a billygoat puke but all it did was turn my p yellow. It’s easy to figure out. Anything you take by mouth has to go through the liver and kidneys and that amounts to nothing in the body. Pills are joke joke joke…

    • Joe says

      Dude, there was no D Aspartic Acid in Syntheroid when I reviewed it. Thanks for the heads up I’ll look at updating what I wrote.

  87. Powbeech says

    Reply to my own reply:

    it is possible that they improved the formula by adding this and other ingredients since your review.

    • Joe says

      Powebeech, supplement companies do update their formulas from time to time. Since I dont know when this happens, I do appreciate it when people like you tell me about this. D aspartic acid has been something Ive wanted to look at anyway so Ill update my review with this ingredient in the near future.

  88. Jimmy says

    Joe, what is your opinion on Gaspari supplements? I remember when I was younger Rich Gaspari was quite a beast in the gym world and I am wondering if his supplements are considered worth it.

    • Joe says

      Jimmy, Ive never heard anything bad about Gaspari supplements but my question is are they any better than other supplements that have the same ingredients?

  89. Bryan says

    Joe, I have been using Syntheroid for the past month. I started out having the sensation that it is working then about mid month the feeling declined. May be mental because, I was expecting so much. I was wondering about stacking it with Winni V. What do you think?

    • Joe says

      Bryan, if I understand what winni V is, its a steroid also known as winstrol (Cyclostanozol). You didn’t tell me anything about you so I could not even make an educated guess but to be honest, steroids, because they are not supplements, are outside my area of expertise but my general opinion is I would not use steroids to increase muscle mass esp if you are young.

      • Bryan says

        Thank you for your advice. I am 41 years old, I’m in the gym everyday. They advertise Winstrol as a top legal steroid, I trying to read up on what makes a steroid legal and nonlegal and is it possible. I will stick with the supplements..Thanks again.

  90. Steven says

    Joe, Is there any supplement that is making claims towards improving muscle mass and libido that you support because they back their claims with peer reviewed published research?

    • Joe says

      Steven, so far I have not found one. I do keep my eyes open but so far I have not found anything that I had faith in.
      I think the best thing for all men to do is to get their testosterone levels checked (preferably in the morning) and to get a baseline of what it is. this will help future doctors have an idea of what it was when we were your normal, in case there is a time when we might need testosterone therapy.

  91. Charles says

    I’m not trying to alarm anyone more of a fyi. I took Syntheroid for 3 months with positive results. It elevated my testosterone level to above 670. Recently I was diagnosed with stage II prostate cancer. Prior to taken Syntheroid my PSA level was normal. In 1 year I’m facing surgery.

    Get the facts with elevating testosterone level with supplements and prostate cancer. Like I said before. I’m not yelling the sky is falling. Just read up on it. Especially if you are over 40.

    • Joe says

      Charles, so very sorry to learn of your prostate cancer. I’m glad this was discovered so you can get the surgery you need. We will likely never know if there was a connection to syntheroid or not. I will say a prayer for you that all goes well. I do agree that men should research what they put in their bodies and get regular prostate check ups.

      • Charles says

        Thanks Joe. I don’t mean that my taking Syntheroid has a connection to prostate cancer. Any supplement that increases testosterone can have an effect on the prostate. I took Syntheroid and had great results. No side affects and in 8 months I lost close to 60 pounds. Along with a more nutritious diet and exercise.

        • Joe says

          Charles, oh ok. well I’m just glad you had this caught in time. I looked up stage 2 after you left your comment and it looks like you caught this in time, something I’m really happy for. I’ve known several people who are healthy and cancer free after having the surgery.

  92. MikeD says

    Honestly, If one reviewer has proof it increased T and that it created a prostate problem, its not something you can ignore or dodge by apologizing for his situation, showing sympathy does not work on males (intended audience of your reviews here), it only makes us think you have too much estrogen in your body.

    I am a computer guy, 45 years old researching to find a solution like many others reading this. Im not an expert nor do I have any affiliation with any supplement or pharmacy type company. So the following comes from a typical guy with little or no expertise on diet and supplements.

    Sure you can hang on the “science didn’t prove he got cancer by increased T” but thats just a way to hide in the stream and hype of reviewing something and in a way that makes us think you have an opinion that seems credible based on XYZ facts.

    Well I take issue with that because you seem to have a good understanding of a lot of these chemicals, or have done just enough research to be able to talk about them like you understand them, however the real thing we are all looking for is an honest unbiased approach.

    Unfortunately your tactics cause me to feel you are very biased in that you crave for people to read your reviews instead of actually providing valuable information. For example, you use the word supplements frequently as if its a specialty of yours. I have yet to see you say anything about DHEA in any of these comments stating “I do not know of any supplement that can help increase T”. With DHEA being one of the most common supplements in the world with thousands of scientific results proving it for male and female hormone boost I must conclude that you are only creating a one sided review just to get the viewers and building on the existing hype.

    If I read your review of Syntheroid and you ended it by saying, based on scientific evidence you will likely get additional T, free and otherwise by taking DHEA. That would be an “honest” approach that I would actually believe and give you respect for.

    Summary: Being a claimed supplement guy how could you not know about DHEA, and in addition telling people you know of no supplement that can scientifically increase T. Those two things combined in my book discredits your review of this product and similar products, I might even go so far as to say I cannot trust any reviews you have ever created just because of this conclusion.

    • Joe says

      Mike D, DHEA was not part of this discussion and that’s why I did not mention it although I do have a chapter on DHEA in my book and I’m sure I’ll eventually get to covering it here as well. That said, why dont you get your free and bound testosterone, total testosterone and estrogen levels checked and then try DHEA for a month and get another blood test. Email me know if there is a significant change.

      • MikeD says

        I never said it was part of the discussion, however it should be if you can leave comments like this in multiple places in the comments section:

        “Joe says
        September 24, 2013 at 3:44 pm

        Greg, for me, none stand out because none” (Supplements) ” of those Ive seen have given me any proof they would really work in people.”

        I have not read your book. I am guessing you have done a lot of research on it, and I suspect you reference one of the thousands of scientific studies providing proof that DHEA supplements help the male body create Free and Bound T, and only a few studies say it increased T zero %. Then you comments above and tell others there is no supplement that gives you proof it really works in people.

        Maybe you have an explanation why you said that several times in the above comments section, or maybe you don’t think DHEA lab tests are real.

        Having taken DHEA from various manufactures attempting to solve my low T levels following the advice from my Dr who ordered tests in between those stages I can tell you that Free and Bound T increased for me, but little performance gains in the bedroom and muscle mass.

        DHEA being the building blocks for your body to create hormone means it wont happen unless it needs it, estrogen is needed in part of the male body just like T is needed in the female body, if it gets created, its needed for something.

        If you are lacking T or estrogen, and then force it in your body, you might create a problem such as the guy above pointed out with his recent diagnosis of cancer. I am hoping to raise T above what my body thinks it should be so that I can get improved performance, but safety concerns has me researching all this stuff, especially comments like the one from Charles and you glazing over it along with your statement on zero Supplements help boost T caused me concern.

        I do not normally create comments or blog and I am not trying to harass you but wish to determine what I can and cannot trust by pointing at what seems in conflict with the most scientifically analyzed supplement in the world called DHEA, one of the only supplements that survived the BAN on drugs by the FDA. If you take too much, it does nothing (consider it water soluble), if you don’t take enough you may not have enough tools to create T and forced injection of T will likely cause cancer because in that state its a free radical.

        However if your body creates it normally or another harmless chemical signals the body to create T then you are less likely to see free radical results because the proper chemistry for your specific system was used and the intended creation has an immediate destination.

        Combine DHEA with some of the things included in this (Syntheroid) product above and you might actually get results, I have no idea. To me it’s like saying, not drinking enough water will prevent you from building muscles, and that is the case no matter what you supplement because your body wont have the basic building block of all human organic chemistry.

        You cant list all the requirements in a review of a T booster product, (sleep, exercise, hydration, etc), but I believe DHEA is far more important than water or sleep, and it something found in other T booster designed products that no one is talking about it, it might be why this product isn’t producing as much results in Every customer they have. I want to know why…. I am extremely frustrated at having to become an expert in order to get results, and I would prefer to lean on reviews like yours. Does that make sense?

        • Joe says

          Mike D, have you tried DHEA? Did it raise your testosterone levels? I can say all sorts of stuff but in the end if it really is so well studied, then give it a try and see what happens. I’m really not trying to be smart – really! – but no matter what I say, I’m afraid it won’t satisfy you unless I tell you it works like most other websites probably do – and that’s not something I’m prepared to say. I’m not convinced because DHEA is complicated. If I remember correct, believe its 2 chemical steps from both testosterone and estrogen. That’s why I suggested getting estrogen tested as well. There is a lot we dont know about DHEA. Here is a nice review of DHEA which summaries a good amount of the research. you may have already seen this in your research.

          Regardless I do feel getting your testosterone level checked is a good idea. Are you sure you have “Low T”?

          • Charles says

            Hey Guys,
            Yes I’m the guy who just found out he has prostate cancer. Just a note here the Dr. gave me tons of information to read regarding this and different treatments.

            Comments on causes did mention as a possible I stress possible cause testosterone supplements.

            It also stated that years of fatty diets. Meats, fried foods fatty cheeses is also a contributor to prostate cancer.

            Recommendation is any guy 40 and over have the PSA blood test and start now to reduce your intake of fatty foods- the good tasting foods. Increase your intake of green veggies.

            Read up on prostate prevention. If you father had it between the age of 50 – 70 then you are a candidate for it through the genes your father left you.

            My dad didn’t have it. so I’ll say it was more my Italian food than anything else.

            Now regarding testosterone levels. My Dr will only do one test a year. I didn’t have one prior to taking Syntheroid but I did after I was on it for awhile. I do plan on going back on it after my surgery when I have the green light to return to my workouts.

            In no way am I associating my cancer to this supplement.. there is no medical proof. I’m 64 years old. I have lost 60 pounds and work out 4 times a week. My wife is 20 years younger than I am and we have a very active lifestyle.

            All I can say is this all happened while I was taking this supplement. I did get a nice shape not a massive bulk up. I don;t eat that much to bulk. My intent was to loose weight have the strength and stamina to complete my workouts and keep my wife smiling. I don’t plan on slowing down because of the cancer.

            To all the readers my word to you is take care of what you eat. Get PSA test when you hit 40. do your own research on this cancer.

            This is my testosterone test results that I had last year. I have not had another test since then. I will once I resume taking Syntheroid.

            Value Range
            Testosterone 603.39 300 – 890 ng/dL
            Please note change in reference range(s).

            Tanner Stage Male Female
            I < 30 ng/dL < 10 ng/dL
            II < 150 ng/dL < 30 ng/dL
            III 100-320 ng/dL < 35 ng/dL
            IV 200-970 ng/dL 15-40 ng/dL
            V 250-890 ng/dL 10-70 ng/dL

            Sex Hormone Binding 43 13 – 71 nmol/L

            Testosterone, Free 110.6 47.0 – 244.0 pg/mL

            The concentration of free testosterone is derived from a mathematical
            expression based on constants for the binding of testosterone to sex
            hormone-binding globulin and albumin.

            Testosterone, Free Pct 1.8 1.6 – 2.9 %

            I haven't heard of DHEA prior to reading it here. I would be interested in any results that can be provided. I will publish the results of my next testosterone test once I get it.

  93. Bryan says

    Hi Joe,

    Love this site. I have tried multiple test boosters from battle fuel xt (MP), maxgenics, Bioforge, Tropinol XP, and APE from AEN. I also take Indonesian tongkat ali from Pasak Bumi. I can’t say I noticed a significant difference as far as strength but my physique has made changes and I noticed the biggest raise in libido while on Tropinol XP stacked with Maca, and tongkat ali.

    I know I’ve laid out a lot of supplements, but I was wondering if you could comment on a few if you have time. Also no need to comment on the battle fuel, I had my testosterone tested before and after and it actually went down. Thanks and again thanks for your reviews!

    • Joe says

      Bryan, Ive never heard of most of the products you mentioned although if you know the ingredients in them, you can put them in the search box of my site. if I ever covered them, they will show up as parts of other reviews. For example, Ive covered both tongkat ali and maca several times. Really happy you are enjoying my website :)

    • Joe says

      Daryl, I know that D aspartic acid is popular in some T booster supplements. Right now I’m on the fence and would like to see more research. My spidey sense does make me think its more hype than truth though.

      For example, in this study, 3 grams didn’t raise testosterone or other hormones in people who worked out.

      On the other hand, in this study -on rats – it seemed to raised T levels:

      Is it possible it works in rats but not people? Maybe. I’m not sure yet. I’d like to see more people research.
      Hope that helps.

  94. john says

    It says on the bottle not to take if you are on depression meds,. how does it effect the meds and is it dangerous to take with the meds?

    • Joe says

      John, I’m not sure but if you do take depression meds, I would heed their warning on this. I just noticed that syntheroid may have altered its ingredients since I wrote my review. I’ll try to update my review with the new ingredients

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