Procera Memory Supplement Review

Will Procera AVH improve your memory or is it a scam?  Well, if you go to the Procera website they say “Procera AVH is Americans #1 memory supplement and that it “helps to nourish the brain, to bring back the memory you had 10 or 15 years ago, improving your mental clarity.  Improving your concentration – And elevating your mood.”   WOW! Pretty impressive huh?  I wanted to write a Procera AVH review because of all the claims they made in their Procera TV commercial and because it seems that most other websites that review Procera AVH only tell you how great it is. I want to give you both sides of the story  – including Procera side effects – so that you can make a more informed decision about whether Procera is right for you. Also see my reviews of NootroBrain and Focus Factor, other memory supplements I’ve looked at.

What is Procera AVH?

Procera is not a drug.  It is an over the counter dietary supplement that they say helps to improve memory.  The Procera website makes this very clear but I wanted to say it again because the name Procera sounds like a drug to me.

Who Makes Procera AVH?

The Procera website says the product is  made by the company called Brain Research Labs.  According to the Better Business Bureau, the address of Brain Research Labs is 325 SMITH STREET, Murfreesboro, TN 37128.  I’ve linked to the Google street map of this address so you can see it’s a residential area. There is no  “laboratory” at this address.

The Better Business Bureau also lists 15820 Euclid Ave, Chino, CA 91708 as an address for Brain Research Labs. But according to Google, this address corresponds to a company called Priority Business Services.

The Better Business Bureau lists another name for Brain Research Labs:

Key View Labs Inc

See the BBB file I linked to for Key View Labs for additional information.

Update. For additional info, see my review of the brain booster Ceraplex which is also marketed by Brain Research Labs / Key View Labs.


Brain Research Labs itself doesn’t seem to have an website because on the BBB website, they list the ProceraAVH website.

It’s common for supplement companies to have the word “Lab” or “Labs” in their name even though the company doesn’t do any actual “laboratory work”.

The Better Business Bureau gives Brain Research Labs a rating of “C

Update: as of 10/2/13 the BBB has no rating on Brain Research labs. Check the BBB link for updates as ratings may change.

Update. As of 5/30/14 the BBB gave Brain Research labs a rating of “F

Do see the BBB Brain Research Labs page for further updates.

The website lists details on a Procera lawsuit (O’Brien, et al. v. Brain Research Labs, LLC) .

Update. On July 8 2015, the makers of Procera AVH agreed to pay 1.4 million dollars in response to charges made by the Federal Trade Commission (FCT) regarding deceptive advertising of Procera AVH. For more information, Click Here to read the FTC Press lease.

How Long Has Brain Research Labs Been in Business?

No starting date for Brain Research Labs can be found on the Better Business Bureau website.  On The BBB webite they say ” BBB made two or more requests for background information from the business.  BBB has not received a response from this business and/or has not been able to verify information received from this business.”


Procera Research

The Procera website ( claims to have scientific proof that Procera works.  The research they mention was performed at The Brain Sciences Institute in Australia and was headed up by Dr. Con Stough.  Dr. Stough is an accomplished researcher with his name appearing on several published peer reviewed studies that I saw when I searched the National Library of Medicine.

The Procera website is very interesting because they say  – as I also do – that there are differences between studies conducted on a products ingredients and those done on the actual product.  I found this refreshing.

The website goes on to talk about sample sizes and institutional review boards (IRBs), and other stuff which is of interest to researchers.

But, the website does not tell us if the Procera AVH research study they cite was published in a medical or scientific journal.


In other words, the Procera website lists all this stuff  about how great the research study was – but they do not tell us where we can see where the study was published – or if it was published.  For me that is a red flag.


After some searching, I did manage to find what appears to be a memory study information sheet that participants could read before deciding if they want to be in the Procera study or not.  This is not a study of Procera AVH. It is listed on the website of Swinburn University (I used to link to this study but the link no longer works and I can’t locate it online)


On the “Compare” page of the Procera website you see Procera AVH compared to other memory supplements.  At the bottom of the page you can see that the Procera study was:

a Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical study with a significant number of participants.



BUT, they do  not tell us how many participants were in the study.  Was it 50 people or 1000 people?

Just saying it was a “significant number of participants” is too vagueespecially for a website that seems to go out of its way to make references to clinical jargon like sample sizes and institutional review boards.


From what they are saying, the Procera study appears to be top notch.  But, until that study is presented to other competent scientists who can look it over, and make sure there were no errors – and is published in a science journal – then this reduces the significance of the study in my opinion.



Just to double check, I looked at the National Library of Medicine and typed in “Procera” and Procera AVH”  – and no studies came up.  This tells me there are no published peer reviewed studies on Procera AVH.


 Update. 4/29/14.  I did locate a study on Procera. I believe this may be the study mentioned on the Procera website when I originally reviewed the product. The study is was published in 2009 and was titled A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo Controlled Study Examining the Effects of a Combination Nutraceutical Formula on Cognitive Functioning and Mood.” Click to download the pdf of the study.


The study was published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA).  JANA is not listed in the National Library of Medicine. This is likely why I did not find it during my investigation of Procera.


JANA is not to be confused with JAMA – the Journal of the American Medical Association. They are not the same journal.


Here is a summary of the study.

  •  The study lasted 30 days and involved 90 people (74 completed the study).
  •  People randomly received either Procera (1515 mg per day) or a placebo (1515 mg per day). They did not say what the placebo was.
  •  They tell us the average age of the Procera group was 48 and that of the placebo group was 47. People were allowed to take part in the study if they were between the ages of 22-66 years of age.  I don’t think too many people in their 20s-50s have significant memory problems so I question this age range.



  • People getting Procera reported a significant reduction in anger/hostility compared to the placebo group.
  •  There was a significant change in mood in those taking Procera compared to placebo
  •  Word recognition was significantly improved in those taking Procera


Keep in mind that this study allowed people to participate, who were in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s – people who probably had no significant memory impairment. I wonder if inclusion of these individuals effected the results?

The study also excluded people who were taking a variety of medications, many of which are likely being used by those who would be attracted to buy Procera. This is also a problem in my opinion.

The study notes that the Procera AVH was donated by 20/20 Brain Power Partners LLC in Laguna Beach CA.  This company is stated as the “founders of Brain Research Labs.”  20/20 Brain Powers Labs is located at 1492 North Coast Highway Laguna Beach CA 92651 (the link shows the Google Street view of the location).  20/20 Brain Power Partners also covered 50% of the cost of the study.


While there are studies on the individual Procera ingredients, there seems to be no published proof that Procera AVH itself improves memory.  Likewise there seems to be no good proof of Procera AVH side effects either.


The only other “study” that I did find was something from the “Ask The Doctor” section of the June 2009 Harvard Health Letter where Procera AVH was mentioned in a question about whether it – along with a list of other supplements – would interfere with heart medications.  The doctor didn’t feel Procera was harmful, but he also did not find much proof that Procera worked either.


Procera Ingredients

Procera is also called Procera AVH.  The “AVH”  is refers to the 3 main ingredients in Procera. They are:

  • Acetyl-l-carnitine
  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzine A

I am not sure how much of each of these ingredient is in Procera AVH.  When I called Procera customer service, they only told me that capsules contains equal amounts of each ingredient.

This is important because, below I will give you levels of these nutrients which have been shown effective in some clinical trials.


A day after I called Procera Customer Service they called me back to try to sell me Procera!  I did not give them my phone number when I called originally. Did they call anybody else back?


The person I spoke to tried to sway me repeatedly to buy Procera AVH by telling me about their “30 day money back guarantee”.   Their customer service seems very aggressive to me. I didn’t like that.

As an aside, the main ingredients in Procera, are similar to those in Focus Factor, another memory supplement I’ve reviewed.

Let’s now review each of the ingredients in Procera AVH  separately and see what we can discover.


We make acetyl carnitine and it’s found in foods like red meat.   The molecule also “looks” like the brain chemical acetylcholine.

Several studies have shown that Acetyl carnitine may help older adults with memory issues.  The amounts used in research appear to be roughly 1- 2 grams per day.


This is why things like acetyl -L-carnitine often show up in memory supplements.


Other research hints acetyl L carnitine may help depression in older adults as well.   People with low-acting thyroids (hypothyroidism) should use caution with acetyl l carnitine because it appears to inhibit the action of thyroid hormone.   While there appears to be little proof that acetyl carnitine may increase the risk of seizures, those with seizure disorders should talk to their doctor first.


Another name you may see for vinpocetine is Cavinton.  Some older research hints that vinpocetine  may increase blood flow to the brain by opening up blood vessels .  Vinpocetine may also help memory in healthy people.


The problem with with the “vinpocetine helps memory” study above is that it only involved 12 people so it was very small and should be deemed preliminary. 15-30 mg a day has been used in research.



Use vinpocetine with caution if you are taking blood thinner drugs.  Vinpocetine appears to have a blood thinning effectct.


Huperzine A

Several studies, mostly conducted in china, show that huperzine helps dementia.   Huperzine A inhibits acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine.  As such, it will raise levels of acetylcholine in the brain.  Because it can raise acetylchoiline levels, Huperzine A side effects may range from elevated blood pressure and muscle cramps to, vomiting, sweating, seizures and blurry vision.

Huyperzine might also lower heart rate so it may – in theory – interact with some heart meds (like Beta Blockers).  This is just my opinion and I’m not a doctor, but I felt it should be mentioned.

These are not the only side effects.  Please check with your doctor if you have health issues before using Procera AVH or its ingredients.

See my review of Focus Factor for more information.

Who is Josh Reynolds?

Josh Reynolds is the co-founder of the company that makes Procera – Brain Research Labs.  The Procera infomercial says that Josh Reynolds is a brain scientist researcher and author as well as a pioneer in the study and science of the brain and cognitive performance.

What I did not see were any college degrees or medical training by Josh Reynolds.  His Linkedin profile does indicate he attended Colgate University from 1960-1964 but does not show what his degree was in.

This is ironic because the co-founder of Brain Research Labs is Robert Heller, MD. His medical credential is displayed on the Procera website.


Mr. Reynolds is the author of the book 20/20 Brain Power (which Dr Heller is also listed on the cover) published in 2005 and 20/20 Brain Power Recipes, published in 2006.  Both books are available on In one infomercial I saw (11/14/11) they said Josh’s books were “medically acclaimed” but that is a vague term.  Have his books received any medical awards or been endorsed by the American Medical Association or any other similar organization?


Here is a newspaper article about Procera published in the Tampa Bay Times dated May 24, 2010.



Procera AVH Side Effects

As far as I can tell Procera AVH has not been tested for safety in healthy or non healthy persons.  While I think in “healthy people” it probably would be safe at least for short term use, I do believe people who have health conditions should speak to their doctor before using Procera AVH.  Not even the 2009 Procera study published in JANA, does not prove to me that Procera is totally safe for people who take medications. The ingredients in Procera AVH do have some potentially serious side effects in some people.

Below are some of the possible side effects of Procera AVH.  These are not all of the side effects, which is why I highly recommend people speak to their doctor before using.


Acetly L Carnitine might have a blood thinner effect, and so it may interfere with anti coagulant drugs people take for heart disease.  It might also lower thyroid hormone levels and cause seizures in people who have seizure disorders.


Vinpocetine appears to have a blood thinner effect.  This effect may be increased when added to other supplements and medications.

Huperzine A might increase blood pressure and interfere with high blood pressure medications.  In addition Huperzine might slow heart rate, increase seizures in some people and worsen conditions like emphysema, asthma and other forms of COPD.


How Much Does It Cost?

On the Procera AVH website, one bottle costs $59.95 plus shipping and handling.

If people choose to buy 3 bottles, each bottle will cost $39.95 each -plus shipping and handling. This will cost 3 x 39.95 =119.95.

Shipping & Handling costs $14.95 if you buy 3 bottles

Shipping $ Handling costs $7.95 if you buy 1 bottle.

So, 3 bottles of Procera will cost $119.95 + 14.95 =$134.80

One bottle, will cost $59.95 + 7.95 =$67.90

People who buy 3 bottles at a time will also be enrolled in a “Power Saver” program.  This means that another 3 bottles will be sent on a regular basis. The cost of each additional shipment stays the same.


You must call customer support to stop this automatic shipment. Remember Procera AVH customer service seems to be very aggressive and may try to convince you to keep using  Procera AVH. 

Here is Procera on Amazon for those who are interested or want to see the comments of others who have tried this product.


Who is Patrice King Brown?

on 11/14/11 I noticed another 30 minute Procera commercial called “Stop Memory Loss.”  This new Procera infomercial featured a “host” named Patrice King Brown, who was listed as “an award winning investigative reporter.”

I did some research on Patrice King Brown and discovered her Wikipedia page (link deleted) where it’s said that that she was a news anchor in Pittsburg on TV station KDKA, where she has worked since 1978.  In January 2011 she announced her retirement from KDKA.  Her last day as a news anchor was January 28 2011.  I mention this because at the website it is said that only 2 days after her retirement, Patrice King Brown shows up on TV as the host of this Procera AVH infomercial.  Only 2 days later!

Patrice King Brown is married to Dr. Paul Nemiroff PhD, MD, who also appears in the Procera AVH infomercial – but their relationship is not divulged during the 30 minute commercial.  Here is a transcript of the Procera commercial that features Patrice King Brown and Dr Nemiroff.

At several times during the 30 minute Procera commercial I notice “Breaking News” in the lower left hand corner of my TV screen, giving people the impression that this commercial was a “news segment.”

Were they trying to capitalize on Miss King Browns previous role as a news anchor? I think they were.

At one point during the Procera AVH infomercial Dr Nemiroff shows an illustration of two brains – “before” and “after” pictures which gives the impression of what’s supposed to happen before and after using Procera AVH. At one point Patrice King Brown says the “after” picture is “lit up like a Christmas Tree!”

If you saw this infomercial, notice in the picture is says “brain illustration.” It doesn’t say CT scan or PET scan.  It says “illustration.” To me, this says that the before and after pictures you see are NOT an actual brain scan of somebody who took Procera AVH, but rather is just an illustration to dramatize things.


Also the picture says “Illustration of just one ingredient in Procera AVH.”. What about the other ingredients?  In other words, why are they showing you what only one ingredient in Procera AVH supposedly does.  Procera AVH has several ingredients.  What do they do to brain function? Make it better? Make it worse? Add no value?  They don’t tell us that.  To me, that is just bad science.

At the end of the infomercial it says “Dr Nemiroff is a medical doctor and is partially compensated from sales of this product.” In other words, the more Procera is sold, the more he makes.  


When will the American Medical Association take action against doctors who make money from selling supplements with little or no peer reviewed proof of efficacy? Dr Nemiroff has far more scientific training than I do and yet even I can see lack of peer reviewed evidence in support of this product.


Josh Reynolds is also “interviewed” during this 30 min commercial. Notice that during the infomercial, that Josh Reynolds is wearing a white coat. This gives people the impression that he is a doctor but as I’ve already pointed out, Josh Reynolds appears to have no formal medical training or degrees.

Wearing white coats is a common tactic used in marketing to make people think someone is a doctor/scientist.  I’ve even heard of a personal trainer in CA who wears a white coat and stethoscope in the gym! It’s great marketing but it’s bogus.  Don’t fall for this trick.

They call Procera “Americans #1 clinically tested brain supplement” but I still can’t find the clinical research they are referring to. Where is the clinical testing on Procera AVH itself?


Who is Dr. Gene Steiner?

In addition to Patrice King Brown and Dr. Nemiroff, the Procera AVH infomercial also featured a pharmacist named Dr. Gene Steiner (also called Eugene Steiner).  He is also mentioned on one of the pages of the website as well.

During the Procera AVH infomercial Dr Steiner says,  “As a pharmacist, I’ve always felt helpless in recommending a solution for memory loss.” Oh really. Why doesn’t Dr Steiner know about the tremendous amount of research -in people and lab animals- showing the benefits exercise on memory and brain function and reducing the risk of senility – including the risk of Alzheimer’s. Unlike Procera AVH, exercise is free.

Aerobic exercise has more proof that it helps brain function that Procera AVH.

The Other Infomercial

In June of 2014, I saw another TV infomercial for Procera AVH. This one was simply titled “Surgeon General Candidate” where it was hinted that people could “regain memory speed to the level of those up to 15 years younger.” Procera was touted as a “clinically tested, prescription free memory breakthrough.” See above for the research they are referring to.

The infomercial features a talk show-looking host seated in front of red blinking lights, which reminded me of the computers on old sci fi TV shows like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Lost in Space.Procera AVH

I was confused why they would title the Procera infomercial “Surgeon General Candidate” until it was mentioned that Paul Nemiroff was once a candidate for US Surgeon General. I am unable to determine when he was considered for that position.

In addition to Paul Nemiroff and Gene Steiner  (who in the show is now called Eugene Steiner), this infomercial also features Stephen Coles, MD, PhD.

Stephen Coles  MD, Ph.D is a real scientist who studies aging. His website is the Gerontology Research Group. The website appears to be neglected. I wanted to search the site for “Procera AVH” to see if Dr Coles had mentioned it, but the search ability was not available when I was at the site.

While Dr Cole has taught at Stanford and UC Berkley, if you look closely at his intro on the infomercial – and squint your eyes – you can make out in very blurry print that:

“Stanford and UCLA neither endorses or are affiliated with Procera AVH.”

From my perspective, the infomercial was trying to associate Procera AVH with the US governments Brain Research Initiative, a laudable program to help uncover the secretes of the brain and memory loss.  I say this because at one point Gene Steiner says:

“Look, I appreciate the governments intentions. Overtime the Intuitive will hopefully help unravel the mysteries of the mind. But the reality is millions need help right now. Today.”

The implication is that Procera AVH is the answer we have now. But, as I’ve pointed out above, the evidence for Procera is less conclusive than it’s portrayed to be in the infomercial.

How To Return Procera AVH

On the Procera AVH website they give this number to contact to return the product:

  • 1-800-213-4101

The Better Business Bureau also lists (866) 232-1847 as a contact number as well.

(866) 232-1847

Does Procera AVH Work?

Overall, the ingredients chosen for Procera seem logical and so its possible some people might notice some memory improvement.  That said, I am  not certain of this because I am unaware of any good proof that the combination of ingredients works and is safe for everybody. Yes, the study on Procera published in JANA does appear to show something may be going on when people take it, but because it left out some information that I like to review, I’d like to see at least another study done to make sure.  That very study also included young people who likely have no memory issues. That’s a problem. There are a lot of unknowns about Procera AVH.  For example does Procera AVH interfere with Alzheimer’s medications?  When in doubt, ask your doctor first to see if its right for you. Also see my review of Focus Factor for more information.

Here is Procera AVH on Amazon if you want to see what others are saying.

What do you think?


  1. Rocco Motisi says

    I’m delighted that this website exists, homework well done, especially the part of shipping and handling, that’s enough proof of the sincerity of the product, I’ve noticed that s&h is the in thing in America, especially ” it’s free,” than you get hit with s&h that’s is where they make their money and unfortunately ignorance pays for it.
    Thanks for a thorough research, will recommend to lot’s of friends.

  2. Harry says

    Thank you very much for the great post. This really helped me about Procera AVH. I am NOT going to buy it for the same reasons you have written. Your objectivity is to be highly appreciated. Good work for the benefit of all of us.

    Thanks once again.



  3. Ricky says

    Thank you, for your review. I am over 50 and was watching the infomercial this morning. Something about their claims just didn’t sit well with me. I decided to do a little research and was amazed at how many websites in the search engine is controlled by Procera. One of their claims was that it is FDA approved. Is this possible?

  4. D says

    Procera AVH is an unethical company. They will continue to charge your credit card and send you the pills even though you specifically ask for a one time supply. Do not purchase.

    If there business practices are unethical, you surely cannot trust the product. I am aware of scams that keep sending you supplies and charging your credit card which is why I asked specifically for a one time trial. My request was ignored and they continued to charge me.

  5. Joe says

    D, that’s very interesting I did not know they would keep charging you and sending you Procera even after you told them to stop. Thanks for sharing that.

  6. kjhortens says

    I have also fallen victim to recurring charge scams. Luckily my Credit card company was able to stop them. Shame about this product. Guess I’ll just have to stick with exercise, and clean livin’ shame, really. thanks Kevin H.

  7. Kristi says

    Thank you so much for this post. I’m always a little leery about someone attempting to separate my money from my pocket. =) That said, I am looking for something to help with my ‘distraction’ issues. Your post was informative and unbiased. I especially appreciate the information on the Huperzine A, my husband has a seizure every few years or so; he won’t get this one. I plan to locate these ingredients individually. Thanks again!

  8. Joe says

    Kristi, thanks much for your words. I very much appreciate you taking the time to write. I do plan on looking more at Huperzine A more closely in the near future as well.

    As for distraction, we know that stress can cause it. One good stress beater is exercise. Not sure if you are doing this but a 20-30 min walk a day may help you.

    Keep well and thanks for your words :)

  9. Tony says

    Thanks for an objective review!

    I was starting to get leery of the product because of all the sock puppet ‘reviews’ telling me that procera “wasn’t a scam”, but it really helps to see a well researched and intelligent review.

    Thanks again!

  10. Eric says

    My mother has been taking this supplement and is VERY happy with her results. She is 75 and in reasonably good health – both physical and mental. She enjoyed reading the book and says that the Procera AVH has helped improve her concentration and memory.

    She stopped using the product for 2 weeks and noticed a distinct difference so she restarted taking the supplement. I believe this product is like so many others on the market. Not all products work for all people in the same manner.

  11. Javier B says

    I am a physician, neurophysiologist, live in Colombia SA. Check this page, inside the FDA official site:
    If you check on the letter “P” (name by name), Procera AVH is not included, so it is NOT approved by FDA.

    Probably the company will say Procera AVH is not a drug but a “supplement”…..uh…., Ok, but then…why they keep saying everywhere that this product is “FDA approved”?

    I would not trust this company at all, it seems to me they created all those web sites proclaiming reviews to Procera, electronic insults to our consumer and scientific intelligence, but I think your page and review is balanced. Thank you!

  12. krystal says

    i found your article very informative. i wached procera avh infomercial this morning and wanted more information, had a hard time finding unbiased reviews (i found this very disturbing). thank you for your very informative and well researched review.

  13. Ashley says

    I am not for or against Procera AVH. I did recently purchase it at GNC to try. You can buy it at the store or online. When I called my local GNC to see if they had it, the clerk did not know what it was and I gave him the item number from the GNC website and he quickly found it on the shelf.

    If you are interested in using it I would recommend purchasing it at GNC to avoid the automatic credit card billing issues that I have ready about. One bottle is $39.95. No, I do not work for GNC. ;);)

  14. Charlotte Holt says

    My 85 year old mother with dementia just watched the infomercial and has authorized a charge of over $299 to her credit card for Procera AVH. Apparently the manufacturers have sewed up over 20 pages of Google search results for their product–it is nearly impossible to find any sites for reviews, etc., that are not directly advertising Procera!

    Your research was truly buried deep in the search results. Thanks for your work. I’ve got to try to dispute the charge and refuse the shipment and hope it isn’t a recurring problem!

    • Joe says

      Charlotte, Im glad you found me and sorry that it I was buried under all the other stuff. I know Google works to promote good sites so that may change in time. Really sorry to hear about your mom and the $299 on your credit card. The good news I think is that your credit card may give you the benefit of the doubt when you dispute the charge . Keep me posted!

  15. Joe says

    I’ve updated my review of Procera AVH and included possible side effects as well as information from the Better Business Bureau. Also take a look at where the company address is located.

  16. Miriam says

    Sounded too good to be true and when I attempted to google for reviews, they were all ads. That unnerved me.
    Was very happy to find your review. Won’t buy it now. Sigh…was nice to believe for 5 minutes that something might target my brain and by-pass all other systems. Appreciated your research very much. Thank you.

  17. Beverly Sondej says

    The good news is that everyone who posted here that saw the infomercial had enough brain power to question the product and search beyond the Procera sponsored web sites. If we were smart enough to do that, we don’t need the supplement!! I know that I won’t be ordering it any time in the near future.

  18. Connie says

    Hi Joe,
    I want to thank you for your research. I saw this on TV early this morning and as so many others found it difficult to find any site with opinions that seemed impartial. Thankfully, I found your site. My pocketbook & I thank you.

  19. says

    As a member of the press (automotive), I found your site very informative and well-researched. I wish the press in general were as thorough as you! Thank you!

  20. ileea says

    When I called to utilize the 90 day return policy that I was sold after ordering Procera from the infomercial, I was told they can only give a refund for the unopened bottles. I was encouraged to purchase the approx $200 package of 3 Procera and 4 Ceraplex. Nothing was told to me then or is on my invoice stating that the refund only applied to unopened bottles. They are offering me 50% back minus shipping, so I would get a check for $80, at the most, and not the full refund that I was sold. I did not see a difference in my memory. Any advise to getting my full refund?

    thanks, ileea

    • Joe says

      ileea, so sad that they would do that! did you buy it with a credit card? if yes call them and see if they will help. Also go to the better business bureau website and file a complaint. The company does not seem to have a website – I just checked for you. If they did you could leave words for them there as well. Hopefully the BBB or your credit card company can help you. Do let me know how this turns out.

  21. Philomena says

    Thank you for putting the time and effort into your research on Procera. I am a healthy 56 year old woman that takes no medications. However, I have low blood pressure (98/56) and am very careful about any chemicals that I put in my body. Without your dedication I would not have known that Huperzine A may cause a lowering of blood pressure. Thank you so much.

  22. Ca says

    Very good points. Sad to see that some of them have posted comments here as well… They spam everywhere, glad to finally see a good website!

  23. toddybrun says

    what i found most alarming about this infomercial (in my opinion) was the lack of sincerity in their faces, voices, body language etc….. it just screamed scam to me, it was as if they knew what they were doing was wrong so they decided to overcompensate with cheep acting and rhythmic exchanges… i know we cant judge a book by its cover but to me this book screamed hustle……….. we must try and always discern in these situations in this case further research is that discerning!

  24. Jay Jackson says

    Thank you very much for the great post about Procera AVH. I am NOT going to buy it after I read you excellent research on the product. Your information and medical research is appreciated greatly for the benefit of all who do not know how research on a OTC product should be done.

  25. Jim Davis says

    As P.T. Barnum once stated…There’s a sucker born every minute. Apparently a lot of companies like the makers of Procera keep that statement alive.

  26. Stephanie says

    Does Procera really work??? I need to know by an actual customer who has taken the supplement and had an successful outcome. Has anyone taken this particular brain enhancer, or is they pulling my chain?

    • Joe says

      Stephanie, Id like to hear from somebody also. Remember that there is a LOT of evidence that aerobic exercise – walking, biking, jogging, hiking etc – can help memory and help reduce the risks of senility – even Alzheimers disease.

  27. Cecilia says

    Thank you very much for your information. It took a while to find a site that was not just promoting and selling Procera under various guises. That also I found suspect. Yours has been the only one to give useful information. Thank you!

  28. Joan Doll says

    I’m so grateful to have found your website! After watching the infomercial, I came very close to picking up the phone to order but the “Breaking News” format just didn’t sit well so I went to my computer. Each time I clicked on a link it turned out to be by Procera! Luckily I kept looking and found you. The facts you provide are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for not letting me fall for another “Pie in the Sky” product!!

  29. Jean W. says

    you are a life saver, I did order the year’s supply first thing in the am i will be canceling with customer service

    thanks for the information. again, it sound to good to be true.

  30. David says

    Joe-Just saw the infomercial and thought how timely it was. You see while discussing my all-time favorite football players I could not recall the name of the 49’s quarterback. 3 days later, yesterday, it came to me. Joe Montana. This event pointed out, again, how my cognitive functions have been decreasing over the past 15 years. So, I thought “Why not try it?”. Picked up the phone and started to dial when my wife noticed that Procera ACH was available on Amazon and that I could find reviews there.

    Someone mentioned high blood pressure conflicts which made me Google Procera ACH and high blood pressure which brought me to your excellent review. I do take Diovan and am going to ask my heart doctor for his opinion about the benefits, or lack of, for taking Procera ACH. Thanks, again.

  31. Muriel S. says

    Joe my husband and I also just saw the infomercial… We were actually going to buy it, when I decided to do a little of my own homework. I really appreciate your time and effort to help people.

  32. Genevieve says

    Thanks so much for your in-depth review. The info about blood pressure and thyroid effects is especially helpful. Will look for the carinton and see if it can be found locally; maybe it will brighten the brain without untoward side-effects. Best wishes and thanks again.

  33. Patricia says


    Not sure how or when you found the time to do all this research regarding this product, but kudos to you my friend – way to much fraud complicity disguised as real and honest reviews. As someone earlier pointed out: the “independent” reviews are just made-up sites to sell other products.

    One of the scariest points about this memory supplement is that it does not give consumers a an actual list of “ingredients” including how much of each, but worst, it does not mention any type of side effects for those on medications (which are usually it’s users – the elderly!).

    Thanks for you contribution to our peace of mind.


    • Joe says

      Pat, thanks I appreciate! I love doing this so I make the time. I’m happy that I am able to add to your peace of mind :)

  34. AnnMarie says

    On Television, they did say that the study was done at a University in Scranton, PA, and it included a million subjects or more. I have been taking it for a month and I do notice an increase in memory, and energy. I just have to watch the Lowering of BP due to the fact that I have always been border line low to normal.

    • Joe says

      AnnMarie, they said the Procera study had over a million people! I find that hard to believe that the Univ of Scranton did a study of Procera that had over a million people. Did they say how long the study lasted? I’d think that having millions of people in a study would tax the resources of almost any university.

      Just to double check, I went to the Procera website today and looked for the Univ of Scranton study on the “clinical research” page. That’s where I’d guess they would put all the research. I didn’t find anything about the University of Scranton. If I see the commercial again Ill try to watch and see if they mention it.

  35. Anon says

    Considering the University of Scranton’s population in 2011 was around 6,034 and Scranton itself (in 2010) was around 76,089, I wouldn’t even bother researching it. Maybe phoning the university and letting them know about these outrageous claims. To avoid posting links, these references can easily be Googled if need be. Anyway, thanks Joe for the very detailed and interesting article. I love it when some one does their homework on a illegitimate company or practice.

  36. W.Eagle says

    Thank you so much for this site. My Mother ordered this product and I have talked her into returning it. I cannot thank you enough for all the work and research you have put into this information for us to see. She is 81, and we lost Dad from Alzheimer’s 5 months ago. She knows she is getting forgetful and after both of us taking care of Dad for 8 years, we are really afraid of this disease. Mother had thyroid problems and high blood pressure and I do NOT want her taking this product. Thank you, thank you so much for your Wonderful information!

    • Joe says

      W. Eagle, thanks for your kind words and I’m so sorry for the loss of your dad! I unfortunately know what you all are going through. Please tell your mom that its normal to be a little forgetful or take a little longer to remember things as we get older. As I used to tell my grandmother (who lived to 104 and somethings forgot things), as long as you remember it after a few moments, its fine. As long as your mom doesn’t forget where she lives or where she parked her car etc, I would not be too concerned. Also remind her that shes under a LOT of stress right now, having just recently lose her husband. I think that – and the fear of getting Alzheimers – might be playing a role in her forgetfulness. Obviously I’ m not a doctor but I think this should be considered.

      When I lost my mom and dad about 13 years ago someone who told me that it might take 5 years to recover. That brought me some comfort. I hope it does for you and your mom.

  37. barbara says

    I do not know about Procera and I won’t buy it unless I know the dosages of the ingredients and the price comes way down. However, I have experience with using Huperzine A and Vinpocetine for my son and I cannot begin to tell you the positive changes it has made. ( I read about it through Dr. Amen and extensive reading on the net) My son has significant short term learning memory problems due to ADHD and Dyslexia. He also has some mood issues due to the ADHD. These two products have made a dramatic change in his ability to learn, to remember and is less irritable which is a blessing we did not expect. He is so bright, is more focused and is getting As and Bs. Having said that, I buy these two products from a health food store and they are not as costly and I do not have auto billing problems.

    He has little side effects except an upset stomach once in awhile. So I can attest personally these two products work at least for my son who is 13 but you need to judge for yourself. There is a study going on now for Huperzine A in use with Alzheimers and there is a study out of China for use with kids with ADHD and I think that is continuing. Read up on these products and judge for yourself. Buy them individually from a trusted health food source or pharmacy. They are much cheaper.

  38. nilza says

    Dearest JOE, I just read what other people wrote to you. I want to add one more thing “too, too bad you are not a medical doctor, it means my lack of luck because I would be your pacient even if you lived in the moon. I am so happy I read your entire comments like I have not being able to read that much for quite sometime for lack of concentration and signs of memory loss ( I am 64 yrs old).

    So I guess what I needed was someone like you who is so kind and concerned for people you don´t even know. Thank you, thank you for making me aware of this “seemily” scam. I had called them but had only a tiny feeling of their agressevity, they would not accepted money order, so I pulled out, not my credit card in their hands. Anyway, you are the one to cure my brain as far I am concerned, not them (smile). Again Thank you so very much for your excellent work. Muito Obrigada in own language too.

    Let me know if you have written a book, I will buy it.

    • Joe says

      Nilza, thanks. That’s the nicest compliment Ive had all month (actually a lot longer than that)! Yes I do have a book about vitamins and herbs. Its called Nutritional Supplements What Works and Why. Here is a link to the book on

      If you like, you can read more about it and me on my personal website also

      Thanks also for mentioning their aggressive customer service. It’s too bad that stuff like that is happening.
      Thanks again Nilza and have a great day!

  39. Yoly says

    Hi Joe and everybody here: I am gladly stunned and thankful with all the serious and unbaised information about this Procera AVH supplement in your website. I am curious about what motivated you to do this excellent research, which is very impressive for me, and I am completely convinced of every word you’ve written. I wish there were more people like you helping others to make right decisions about their health and more people like all of us who did not buy the first words we hear about something that seems to be “too good to be true”. I want to thank you and congratulate you for being so kind and thoughtful with others you don’t even know. You helped me a lot with making the right decision about not buying this product for my mom who is 81 and has high blood pressure and vascular dementia. This world needs more people like YOU!!! :)

    • Joe says

      Hi Yoly. I’m humbled by your words. I really do appreciate you saying that. I’ve been looking at supplements for many years. I started out like a lot of us – I believed what the ads said. While in college, by chance, I started to write a paper on a supplement and realized that the research didn’t match what the ads were saying. I kept looking and found that the same thing was happening with other supplements. This ultimately lead me to write a book about supplements and from that, this website was born. I just thought others might like to know what I learned.

      Very happy you still have your mom with you! Happy Easter Yoly :)

  40. nilza says

    Hi Joe and everybody! My wish is simple, I do not see why people like Joe, especially YOU, Joe, do not go for researching to cure people or go straight to Medical School to really do a good job. You are an amazing man, you do not have a clue how much I appreciate your help. I was about to buy this procera but now I need it no more, you’ve just cured my memory by just being so human to making me think. I understand you get nothing for that, just high appreciation from all of us who follow your advice which is full of goodwill. Now I will be dreaming about a sign on a door “Dr. Joe Cannon.who CAN help”.

    • Joe says

      Hi nilza, I’m a wee bit old for medical school but I do thank you for your sweet words. I really apprecaite it :)

  41. Judy says

    I saw the infomercial and liked that it wasn’t theusual “But Wait!” type. Researched it online, compared ingredients to other brain/memory supplements. Bought a bottle at GNC and got a great deal on a bottle of 180 on ebay. ALL infomercials try to get you into auto refills and the purchaser is responsible for reading the fine print, keeping records, canceling the order on time. I don’t buy from infomercials but use the info to research and find the best source. Amazon usually offers lower price products and you don’t have to buy multiples.
    I had debilitating brain fog, memory issues, and was feeling depressed.

    My mother had Alzheimer’s and I was becoming very concerned that dementia was taking over my life. After one dose (only take 2 a day) the fog lifted and I felt alert, motivated, focused and energized. I’ve been on it about ten days and it continues to be a miracle. I did notice that my blood pressure had dropped and my online research shows that Hupezine can cause that.

    I’ve been taking BP lowering meds for years so maybe I can stop the drugs and have a normal pressure. I may try some other similar products just to compare results but so far I plan on taking Procera regularly. I sleep deeply, wake refreshed and ready and go, don’t have that ‘bricks in the head’ feeling at all, and feel calm and happy.

  42. Valerie says

    What do you think about the product BrainAlert?

    Have you done any research on that one? They say its better than Procera/

    • Joe says

      Valerie. BrainAlert has a LOT of stuff including all 3 of the ingredients in Procera. I saw no published research on their reseach to say it works or is better than anything.

  43. says

    Hi Guys,

    My husband and I saw the procera commercial last night too. It sounded interestingly similar to “Protandim” which is what Montel Williams uses to help his MS symptoms.

    Videos about it at

    There are about 8 peer reviewed studies on (search Protandim) on this product (not just the ingredients). This IS a product I take and do distribute – full disclosure – but I thought you’d like to know about something that DOES have scientific research that stands behind its claims.

    It’s helped my memory, my joints and has given me a gentle feeling of better well-being. Good luck to all of us. :) PS: I need to “take” more exercise too. :)

  44. Ruth Barry says

    Thanks! I am so happy I found your excellent reports. I had scientific training in the 1940’s (Hunter College & Johns Hopkins School of Nursing) so am sceptical of ads promising Nirvana. Your work decided me not to try Procera AVH. I’m 89 & wish my memory was better, but do puzzles play competitive bridge, & swim, so now I’ll just keep on “truckin’.”

    • Joe says

      Ruth, glad you found me. Basic, scientific thinking/training doesn’t change much from the 40s to today (esp with the quality of where you went to school!) so I say your doing pretty well. It sounds like you have your mental and physical bases covered so I say definitely keep on truckin :)

  45. Kathy says

    I feel these types of supplements with their unproven results shouldn’t be allowed on TV. It takes advantage of our elderly who believe what they see on TV is true. It’s more like false advertising as you say there is no real proof of what they say the supplement can do. Plus the hardcore salesmanship and customer service is sickening and again they work on those who are elderly.

  46. says

    Thank you so much for your thorough research. A lot of people don’t think about checking LinkedIn and Wikipedia to find information out about people involved in selling this stuff. My Dad just handed me these bottles one of Procera AVH and the other is Ceraplex. I guess my Mom saw them on TV and asked my Dad to order them.

    My Mom believes anything she sees on TV, I am just the opposite, I am very leery of anything that is an infomercial. My Mom is 76 and has very many health issues; Lupus; Sjogrens; Arthritis; COPD, and possibly Congestive heart failure. She weighs about 90 lbs and is so very fragile.

    The only thing is she has an awesome memory LOL better than mine at times. I will for sure tell her about your research. So glad to find your website. I book marked it for future reference.

  47. Eric Adler says

    There was a full page ad for Procera AVH in my local newspaper. I was skeptical and I am glad that my search turned up this web site.

    Looking up Dr Paul Nemiroff, I see he is also hawking a pain cream called joint formula 88. He claims he was invited to the White House, and considered for appointment as US Surgeon General. This claim was also made in the Procera ad.

    • Joe says

      Eric, thanks for the heads up. I looked up joint formula 88 and it looks like a ben gay /sports cream type product. it has Camphor which will temporary replace feelings of pain with feelings of coolness. It has other things like antioxidants but i dont know if they would be absorbed through the skin or do anything.

  48. A physician says

    This is an amazing resource. I couldn’t help but research this after the ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer as it sounded like something everyone would want and I had never heard of it. We need more thoughtful individuals like you who do investigative no biased work to save desperate people from deceptive scams. Thank you!

  49. Bernard Sussman says

    Well, I did find the issue of “JANA” that reported this miracle:

    It turns out to be the Journal of the American Nutriceutical [!?] Assn, which I never heard of before, never found a reference to, and I bet you haven’t either. I cannot explain why a respected researcher like Con K. Stough would write such an article …. and maybe he didn’t know that his name was attached to this!

    By the way, the main huckster for this is Paul Nemiroff, MD, PhD, etc., who claims that he was (or is) a (or The) Surgeon General Candidate (he seems never to provide a date or the name of the President who thought that highly of him). That claim seems to come solely from his own imagination. He was a surgeon who shifted into becoming a TV doctor – dumbing down medical news on the TV news shows.

    He’s gotten a whole shitload of media awards, including a 2003 media award, for explaining/alerting the public to various health issues, and he might have been invited to the White House in connection with one or more of those awards, but no news clipping in the Dialog database even hints that he was being considered for S.G.

    A few years ago he started working for a Pittsburgh TV station, married the principal female news reader there, she retired a couple of years ago and now shows up pitching merchandise on QVC and he seems to have pretty much done something similar.

  50. Ren says

    I just finished watching the commercial and was convinced that “PoceraAVH” will help my slight forgetfulness, and was going to call to order, but I’ve decided to do some research about this product. Thank you for your hard work! I guess it’s better to stick with my daily routine, working out and healthy diet.

  51. Marylyn says


    Thank you so much for your research. I saw an ad in my local paper (half page) promoting Procera AVH and was curious. So I goggled it and thankfully found your research relatively easy. At age 60 I’m always looking for ways to stay healthy in body and mind. I agree that exercise is the way to go. Keep up the great work, and thank you for alerting all of inconsistencies in the research… Much appreciated.

  52. Mrs U says

    I teach journalism and debate in secondary schools. Tonight I read the Procera half-page ad in a newspaper and, as I was in the process of writing lesson plans, decided to include this ad in my lessons about validating and checking sources for credibility.

    I had already begun checking UCLA for lists of professor emeritus, and the Board of Medical Examiners for license for Dr. Heller…nothing came up. I was poking a bit on Steiner and then Reynolds when I found your post.

    I am sharing what you did, who you contacted, and the process by which you laid open more questions about the claims of these individuals. Do you have any suggestions for further digging?

    • Joe says

      Mrs U, one of my questions about Brain Research Labs is that they list different addresses depending on what product we talk about . For Procera, they list 325 SMITH STREET, Murfreesboro, TN 37128.

      But, when I reviewed their other product, Ceraplex, they list an address of 12002 N. Riverwood Dr. Spokane, WA 99218.

      On the BBB website, they list “their address” as 15820 Euclid Ave, Chino, CA 91708. This is the address of a totally different company.

      I’d like to know how they can do this.

      Glad you were able to find me and happy flattered to be included in you lesson plan.

  53. Riata says

    I remember a story in my pharmacology class WAAAAAAYYYY back when Noah was just getting the animals off the ark–

    “A man in a white coat, selling special Brain Booster pills in little jars, told a farmer that these supplements were guaranteed to make him smarter, that they contained only high quality organic ingredients made from naturally grown herbs and plants.

    The farmer bought a bottle of the pills for $10, went home and poured out a few in his hand, and looked at them. He then went back to the salesman, and yelled, “You sold me these yesterday, and when I looked at them, they were just goat turds! So prove to me that they can work!”

    The salesman smiled, and said, “See? you’re getting smarter already.”

  54. Doc Kay, MD says

    I was researching this product as part of my monthly “quack-scam-sucker born every minute” talk I give to a bunch of smart seniors. After my research and a call to the very rude guy who answered the phone at the Procera company, I wrote a letter to Swinburne BrainSciences institute telling them that about the lies in the adverts and also wrote to the FDA about this swindle.

    Couple points I did not see in your great research. Placebo effect for anything is about 30%… so even a sugar pill will help some folks, but not forever.

    The study in the JANA looks good superficially, but nothing was significant at the 0.01 level.. one parameter met 0.02 and others were even less. In other words, not real significant data. They quoted stuff that was not significant at all and said it was a “trend” to good result.
    Only 45 folks in each group. Not enough. And only for 30 days.
    Mean age in that study was 48 years old… this is being marketed to the over 60 group.

    The sellers of this junk paid for 50% of the study…bit of a conflict of interest.

    One study, esp since not real signif differences between the groups, does not cut it for selling this crap.

    They do have a disclaimer in the ads–not approved by FDA for squat.
    If the FDA writes back, I will post letter to this site.
    Thanks for your work!!

    • Joe says

      Doc Kay, MD, those are all very good points an I’m happy you brought them up. I will be glad to learn if the FDA writes back too.

  55. Lesley says

    I got an email from Dr. Stough who sent me the journal article from the JANA, vol. 12, no. 1, 2009, a journal that is NO longer published. It was a double blinded, randomized study and showed statistically significant results, but I cannot tell you if the study was peer reviewed.

    Nobody else has repeated this research and you can guess who paid for it!! You are right to stop and think about taking this supplement. There is already a lawsuit settlement about false claims out there, just google it. It’s really not OK to make all these claims that look so good but don’t hold up scientifically.

    Just because one small study found results does not make them tried and true. It hints at such results, but they must be repeatable by other researchers to be accepted in the scientific community. Guess the old adage applies here–if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t!

  56. Lorraine says

    Great information Joe, thanks for doing the research, was almost ready to buy this product…will look for alternatives through reputable supplement sites. In all fairness to Patrice King Brown though, she was a fantastic news anchor on the network KDKA (an affiliate of CBS) out of Pittsburgh, PA… and had a very positive, upbeat personality…we miss her.

  57. Marc says

    Thanks for the info. I am in my 60’s and have high blood pressure. probably should not use Procera. I had to go down 2 screens on Google to find your article. Everything above was company inspired puff pieces.

    • Joe says

      Marc, yes it looks like if you search for “Procera AVH” I dont show up quickly but for “Procera review” it looks like I am #1 in google and #3 for “procera AVH review. I’m glad you found me regardless :)

  58. yrbndr says

    I was able to download the study published in JANA, Stough,C. et al.(Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association 12,1:12-21,2009 – which is no longer being published ) . The sample size: 74; 43 in experimental group, 31 in placebo group. Mean age 48 years. 30 day double blind study.

    Study supported at 50% by 20/20 Brain Power Partners. Does not appear to be a peer reviewed publication. Significant levels of difference (ANOVA) noted in working memory accuracy, long term memory consolidation and mood. Not familiar with methods used to measure these parameters.

    • Joe says

      yrbndr, I happened to find it myself today. Have not had a chance to look at it. Its interesting you said the average age was 48 – much younger than the people they are marketing Procera to. It seems odd that there would be that big of a difference between the experimental and placebo groups.

  59. Garland Lacey says

    I bought Procera AVH and nothing happened when I used it. I called Procera AVH, told them my story and asked for my money back. After all, they did have a money back guarantee published with their product.

    Well, not exactly. I had a few pills left and was told I would have to send them back to get my refund. I said “OK” and was quickly told that I could avoid the postage and trouble of sending them back if I agreed to a 50% repayment. In disgust, I did that.

    I believe this is a violation of contract since it was a flat money back guarantee with no mention of cost of send the product back.

    I feel very scammed and want to file a complaint with someone. Can you tell me where?

  60. Chris says

    I know Procera people must hate you, but many of us Love you for saving us money. Thank you for your research, you know working out does sound better & will help with my stomach bulge. God Bless You.

  61. Jane says

    I greatly appreciate all of your time spent researching Procera. I saw the infomercial in the middle of the night and thought how terrific this looked. I have long realized that all of these drugs and potions scam the naive public who are desperate for help in all health areas. The bottom line is how much cash those scam artists can make.

  62. lazhen says

    Thanks for sharing this information and helping the American public to see through this obvious scam. God bless you.

  63. Deane Alban says

    You might want to add to the list that there has recently been a class action suit awarded against Procera. In general, most “brain supplements” have merely jumped on the bandwagon and aren’t anything special. What people really need is a sound nutrition and lifestyle program but the common mindset is to take a pill and hope all their problems will go away.

  64. Linda says

    A large ad in our local newspaper this morning for Procera AVH (and a desire to have the memory I had 20 years ago!) drove me to the Web to check out this company. I was so happy to find your site and reality check. FYI the current ad features a pitch by Robert Heller, billed as emeritus professor UCLA Medical School and U.S. Surgeon General “Candidate”. OK, back to the gym for me — thank you!

  65. lynne knudsen says

    Thank you so much for doing the necessary research on this scam. I found a 1/2 page ad for it in today’s NY Times, which should be more diligent about what it allows to be be advertised on it’s pages. What a pleasure to know there are some honest people, like you, to clarify the claims that are constantly being thrown at the unsuspecting public.

  66. glynne says

    Joe. you are to be commended for the thorough research you gave us. I’ve just read the Procera AYH ad in the NYTimes. At first a flicker of joy seized me. I am a writer, in my eighties, and while my brain remains sharp, it takes me longer to delve into that ever increasingly filled tome of info–to pull out names, etc. So Maybe?

    Before long, there seemed an obvious deficiency of real facts in its blithe tone, one that triggered me off to find out more.
    (It is quite shamefully easy to dupe older folk–and indeed. . .there should be some law against half truths and no truths, even in in ad.

    Also people with weak sight don’t even know this is simply an ad–since the bottom word “ad” is in tiny print.
    Anyway, I was so glad to read your level headed comments. Nicely organized and immensely helpful.
    Cheers, Glynne

    • Joe says

      Glynne, thanks I’m happy you found me! I didn’t know the NY times article was an ad – thanks for letting me know.

  67. Fan says

    Thank you for the above research you did. God bless and be with you and love you for your concern for others. Unfortunately and my fault, I don’t research first the products that are advertised on TV and I didn’t consult my doctor before buying and consuming those products.

    I was an unsuspecting public and did order the trial size and consumed one bottle of Procera AVH (60 tablets) without consulting my doctor. I was on medication taking Simvastatin (40 mg) and Evista daily due to high cholesterol and to prevent bone loss or osteoporosis. I feel that I’m having slow memory (recollecting and poor cognition) so I ordered these products I saw advertised on TV.

    I think my blood test last May 2012 and 8/22/12 that show I have abnormal liver resulted due to Procera AVH. I forgot to include in my Medical History Update last 8/22/12 that I used Procera AVH and a few of Ceraplex so my doctor doesn’t know what caused my abnormal liver. My doctor referred me to see a GI for xonogram. I will tell my doctor next week that I consumed Procera AVH and Ceraplex, and hopefully this bad effect and others like blurry vision will be cured and I will not have additional bad effects that might develop later.

    I didn’t pay the second shipment (I forgot to cancel the shipment after the first trial) and will return it without cost to me and will tell them the bad effects in my body.

    Please don’t give my e-mail address to others and don’t publish it online.

    • Joe says

      Fan thanks for writing and dont worry I never share emails with anybody. Never have. Never will. Do tell your doctor that you were taking procera and Ceraplex. Im not sure if they were causing your liver problems or not. elevated liver enzymes can be a side effect of Simvastatin. Either way, your doctor is the best person to tell you what’s going on. I will say a prayer that all goes ok for you.

  68. John Arrington says

    Wife 87 years old. Daughter found Procera AVH and purchased three bottles. Should she take pills.

    Name any law suits involving Procera.


  69. sharon davis says

    when I first saw this brain enhancer advised on tv, I became excited because I am experiencing some memory loss, but after reading this information, I would almost rather loss my memory that to be misinformed about something that may harm me anyway.

    • Joe says

      Charamine, thanks I appreciate that. Provigil is a drug (not a supplement) thats often prescribed to keep people awake. Other than that I dont know a lot about it.

  70. mommywithsix says

    THANK you for your thorough, unbiased, and comprehensive review. It is greatly appreciated. Have you considered an occupation in journalism? Serious. Reporting, such as this, is a lost art. Thanks so much, again.

    • Joe says

      mommywithsix. thanks I appreciate that. Well, I’ve written 6 books (so far) and have written for some magazines in the past. I prefer this venue best though because I can write about what interests me. My main website is if you want to read more about what I do.

  71. Cheryl says

    I googled Procera reviews, etc. It was difficult finding a review by someone other than themselves! Another serious red flag! Thanks for your work on this. I agree the best way to have a healthy brain is through diet and exercise. I am vegan myself and very skeptical about all supplements. It’s a big business in America.

  72. GinaD says

    Thank you for this brilliant Review..I personally Believe this is a total scam..a deceitful type of mother has early Alzheimers and saw this ad in her Detroit newspaper. She is so desperate to get help, She ordered it and was charged 300.00 (she figured her sister-in-law could benefit).

    It was a total red flag when i got to her house and saw the ad “The first 500 callers also receive” (this is a tactic they use to create urgency in the consumer). It was a Saturday she did this with her credit card, so of course i cant cancel till Monday (they give you a separate number to call to cancel)

    I’ll give u a update as if they actually make it easy to cancel this. Funny her doctor never mentioned this medication to us, He is a great doctor whom prescribed her Namenda and Exelon. Obviously this is a total scam. Thank you for your extended information.

    I am a RN and this information will be very helpful for the people who are actually able to use the internet, In my mothers case she is 86 yo and desperate. I feel it is horrible how most likely a lot of the people who buy this are ill and in need of any hopeful answer they can find to there Memory problem..

    My mother cries because she is declining, and therefore was willing to believe the ad that I’m sure Procera paid for a full page spread in the Detroit News (most older people only read a newspaper)

    • Joe says

      GinaD, Thanks for writing and I am so sorry to hear of your moms struggles. I know as a nurse, it must be a very impotent feeling when seeing loved ones decline. I have been where you are. I wish I could help more.

  73. yardigirl says

    I am so thankful for your detailed research and comments. I was surfing for the website to order Procera AVH just this morning and thank God I clicked your link before theirs! I too have watched the infomercial several times over a period of some months and was so excited that I may have found a product to help my Mom with Dementia…I am so sad and frustrated.

    • Joe says

      yardigirl, I’m glad I was able to help and I empathize with your frustration and sadness about your mom. I wish I know of something that could help her. I hope you are keeping in contact with her doctor about how she’s progressing. There are drugs for dementia and I have to think that any type of physical activity might help too.

  74. blether says

    Saw a full page ad in our paper this morning. Decided to Google the name with Scam? after it. Delighted that I found you. I simply do not know how these people get away with this…. SENIOR CITIZENS LIKE ME, BEWARE!

  75. Chamaine says

    I had been taking procera avh for three months and started experiencing tingling in my fingers and pain shooting up my legs on separate occasions. I have not taken the supplement in two weeks and have not experienced these sensations ever since. I don’t recommend the supplement to anyone.

  76. CJ says

    Just a small correction. Patrice King Brown was indeed a newscaster on a Pittsburgh station, but you have the wrong call letters for the CBS Pittsburgh affiliate. It should be KDKA, not KDTK. (I’m sure this was just a typing error.) I lived in the area when she worked there —and she was on the air for many years. As I watched a part of the infomercial —I’m a skeptic so I was pretty sure some or all of it was untrue —I wondered how Ms. Brown was called upon for her part in it.

    I never knew her husband’s name. I would guess that as long as she was working for a legitimate news program, she feared she would lose her job if she appeared in a dubious commercial. But as soon as she retired, bingo, there she was. Even if I believed everything that was claimed on the commercial, learning her relationship to the doctor that was never mentioned and that she only appeared in the commercial after leaving her news job, I would have become a skeptic.

    I believe it was Dateline who did an expose on infomercials. They came up with a fake product and went through the process of making a commercial, hiring someone who produced them often. Actors were hired to say how wonderful the product was and encouraged to ad lib glowing reviews with enthusiasm.

    A well-respected doctor was asked to endorse the product and, with no proof whatsoever of is effectiveness, she agreed —for the money. When she was told it was a fake product that did absolutely nothing, she was upset with herself for accepting the offer despite her husband’s skepticism, and perhaps, of ruining her own reputation as a professional.

    • Joe says

      CJ, thanks for catching my typo! I just fixed it:)

      Yes I remember that Dateline story on infomercials also. So sad that they got a doctor to endorse their phoney product so easily. I wish the American Medical Association would take a stand on this and penalize doctors who endorse products that have little clinical human proof.

  77. Curious says

    Joe you are a rock star, thanks for your extensive research and insight. When something seems to good to be true, it is. I am younger and have memory loss, hmm where to go for something that really works. Thanks for saving me and many others money. Companies like this (well not even a company) fake labs, whatever this is makes sick. God Bless you!

  78. barbara says

    Thank you so much for the excellent review. It was most helpful- The product seemed to be too good to be true. I hope to get my money back

  79. SantaMufasa says

    Joe, I don’t know what your day job is (or how you support yourself), but you are a very thorough investigator. You should highly consider becoming a Consumer Reporter for broadcast television.

    Although I am always completely skeptical of infomercials, my wife tends to trust in people and tends to believe what she hears on TV (after all, how could anyone lie on TV, right? ) She dragged me into watch the Procera infomercial. I sat patiently through the presentation. I explained to her that I would research independent reviews for Procera on the Internet, then, if the infomercial claims survived my research, then I’d be happy to buy it for her.

    Obviously, your objective, honest research was exactly what I needed (and was exactly what was missing from the infomercial).

    May you continue with your great work here and expand your influence to (at least) a television affiliate.

    • Joe says

      SantaMufasa, thanks, that’s very nice of you to say. I’m a writer, teacher and exercise physiologist. My personal site has more on me.

      I never really thought about TV etc… for now, I’m having fun right here :)

  80. John says

    My Wife is 87 years old. Daughter found Procera AVH and purchased three bottles. Should she take pills.

    My wife’s daughter did call primary physician, (a female). She said she did not care if Betty took these pills. Now giving Wife two pills each AM. Not comfortable doing this. Do you have a easy seen list of those persons reporting negative affects from using Procera AVH. ?
    If you do post these for me to see.

    • Joe says

      John, Im not aware of any “list of procera side effects” on the internet. Maybe somebody else reading this does? I’m quite surprised your wife’s doctor said “she didn’t care” if your wife took procera or not, especially if your wife may be taking any medications. For a double check, try showing the ingredients to a pharmacist and see what they say. Pharmacists are very smart about drugs and supplements. I wish I had a better answer for you.

  81. John says

    Thanks for your info, I’m currently taken this drug just to improve on my grade and focus on my studie but I have been have some skin infection which i don’t know whether is due to the drug or the stress of schooling

  82. Beverly says

    Thank you so much for the research. I am the Practice Manager for a Neuropsychology office. We receive many calls from patients, regarding products of this nature. It is great to be able to direct them to non-biased reviews such as yours. Our office truly appreciates your effort!

  83. David Moyed says

    Procera people must hate you, but me and many others love you for saving us money. Thank you for your research. It is a pleasure to know there are some honest people, like you, to clarify the claims that are constantly being thrown at the unsuspecting public. Today I saw this brain enhancer advised on TV, I became excited because I am experiencing some memory loss, but after reading your information I decided to stop but how about BrainAlert? Is this same as Procera? God Bless You.

    • Joe says

      David, I looked up brain alert for you. its got a LOT of ingredients. its got Huperzine which is also in Procera. They didn’t show me any research that Brain Alert actually improves memory. I noticed it has gingko, which is common in memory supplements. Research though doesn’t show gingko helps memory. Ive known people who “forgot” where they put their ginkgo. It also has a mild aspirin like effect which I dont like given that people who look at supplements for memory may also be taking meds for other issues. You can enter the ingredients into the search box of my site and see my thoughts on other ingredients that had them. I have reviewed several of the ingredients in Brain Alert. I think people would get more benefit from taking a 30 minute walk a day, but thats just my opinion.

      Hope that helps!

  84. Bob says

    I think I owe you an apology.

    I saw the infomercial on Procera, and started researching it which led me to your site.

    I was really expecting one of those sites actually run by the seller under a pseudonym that ‘objectively’ touts the successes of the product. I was pleasantly surprised by your website.

    From what I can see, super job. Thanks for what your doing.

  85. Jon says

    Brain Research Labs appears to be located not in Tennessee. but rather on the West Coast. The BBB lists a location in Chino, California, at 15828 Euclid Avenue, the site of an industrial park with rental space for various tenants. This is consistent with Linkedin profile for co-founder Josh Reynolds which places his location as California. However, that BBB listing also lists the corporate headquarters as Spokane, Washington at 604 West Raven Lane. (Google Earth will not properly locate this address which appears to be an extension of West Timberview Lane).

    There is no entry in the Yellow Pages for Brain Research Labs in Spokane, and the website for Brain Research Labs or Procera does not list a corporate mailing address, only an email address (which in my mind raises a flag immediately). The website does list the Chino, CA address for product returns, which may mean that this is company product fulfillment location.

    According to the BBB of Western Washington, the business was started in Maine in April of 2007, but incorporated as an LLC on the same date in Washington state! Josh Reynolds, named in the review, is listed as a managing partner, but the principals are John Arnold and Richard Allen Cote, both designated as managing members.

    The BBB of Western Washington lists 82 closed complaints against the company, a relatively small number for a company selling nationally, but given the company’s lack of transparency in its location, it is surprising that anyone knew where to even lodge a complaint. The complaints are largely around billing, refund, and continued shipping issues.

    • Joe says

      Jon, thanks for doing that research. Yes, there seem to be several addresses for Brain Research Institute. I listed the Euclid ave address – and another address when I looked at their other product called Ceraplex

      Its all pretty strange why they list all those addresses.

  86. HB says






  87. Dragonflyer says

    Hi Joe,

    Sooooooo glad to found you…before buying such (Procera) product. Thank you for the honest information…God bless

  88. gisela says

    finally a person with some common sense! I really appreciate how you took their BS and put some light through it!

  89. msk says

    I have been taking it for a year now. I have seen little impact but not as much as it was claimed. I purchased for a one-time deal and asked not to be shipped automatically. i appreciate you went in much details exposing their fraud. I work in a high-stress job so when the stress is high, it impacts my memory but on normal days, i remember almost everything.

    After reading all your search and the overwhelming response, one thing that stood out for me is that they do not have a legitimate business address. This is enough evidence to me that this is not a legitimate product.

  90. Vince Lombardi says

    I have one question from you guys. I bought the product at A GNC vitamin store. By reading your comments I’m starting to be skeptical. My question would be are vitamin stores careful before they purchase a shipment the manufactures? Do they test them? It makes me wonder if the regular vitamins like Multi vitamins, B, etc really work.

    • Joe says

      Vince, great question. Generally vitamin stores do not test supplements before they sell them. They rely on information supplied by the maker of that product to say that a product contains the stuff its supposed to.

      Sometimes vitamin stores have their own brand of supplements. In this case, the vitamin store brand isnt usually made by the vitamin store, but rather, another company that puts the product together, and slaps on the vitamin store name, logo etc. In this case, that company should be giving the vitamin store information about purity, etc.

      For this reason, I advise people to purchase supplements from companies that they trust or which have been around for a long time. Those companies often have a reputation that they want to maintain and would likely never jeopardize that good reputation for using sub par supplements.

  91. ashby says

    Thank you for this thoughtful analysis. I am always skeptical of the “natural” ingredient approach to things, but I must admit the ad for Proceva in today’s LA Times got me interested. After your research, Forget IT! Thank you again.

  92. JP says

    Joe, great research. I actually purchased all 3 ingredients separately. I have already been taking Acetyl LC, so I just added the other two. Very economical and I did feel a positive difference. Mainly when I sleep. I take it before bed and actually have more interesting dreams. I just wanted to share my experience. Thanks, JP

  93. Ken Hanley says

    Joe, you provided some good and important research. I might suggest that people that want to find more detailed info on the supplements they are interested in review them on I have found that site very useful over the years and no I am not affiliated with them in any respect.

    Regards, Ken

    • Joe says

      Ken, thanks. Yes I’m aware of consumerlab. its a fine website that tests products to see if they really have what their label says.

  94. Lee says

    Whrn I saw the ad, I looked up Procera on, the NIH website that you mentioned, and found nothing. A friend gave that tip and I have seldom found research on a product, but tons on the ingredients. My friend asked me if I think someone could build a good car from a bunch of quality parts, and would i buy it. Good analogy.

    I should mention I did find one product on pubmed, Protandim, a supplement Donnt Osmond mentioned in an interview.

  95. Carol says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this eye opening information I was in the process of purchasing a bottle and decided to look around to see there were any comments that were made about it that weren’t on their site and I found this site. I must admit I am disappointed but I can only image how much more disappointed I would have been if I’d spent my money with no results or possible so harmful ones. Thank you once again.

  96. Deborah McHone says

    Thank you for your extensive search. I wish the broadcast companies who allow these infomercials could be held accountable for fact checks before airing-then maybe we could feel better about potential purchases. I also thank you for breaking down the marketing as I absolutely abhor the monthly program b.s.!


    In a desperate act I bought Procera AVH and after receiving it I didn’t feel secure enough about the product to take it. Now that I have read your thorough revelations about the phony ads and phony statements that are misleading and lies I am happy that I followed my intuition and therefor saved myself from compromising my health. Thank you for your research into the background of these hacks that are recommending the product.


    I am very grateful to you for your work researching Procera AHV.
    I am a physician and should know better but I must admit I was tempted to try this “supplement” after seeing a half page Ad in the NYT this morning.

    I am scheduled to re-certify in my subspecialty in December. After suffering a spinal cord injury nine years ago I have not been working in my subspecialty which has caused me concern about passing the impending exam. The Ad was very convincing until the part that mentioned the JANA article. I thought they were trying to make folks think of JAMA(J Amer. Med.Assoc.) which is often mentioned in legit news reports.

    That was enough to send me in search of more information and I found you. Now I know they are stealing $ from desperate people to buy their big national ads. I have been lamenting the recent demise in newspapers so I am kind of happy this fraud is, at least paying bills for the beleaguered news companies.

    Yet, the 1/2 page ad also seemed to support the product (thinking they couldn’t afford this size Ad if they weren’t legitimate.) Wonder if there are any real reporters left who would be willing to expose a fraud which is paying their bills?

    It always, for me, comes back to Judge Judy who says, “If it doesn’t make sense, it didn’t happen that way.” (ie.,if this “supplement” really works as they claim why are they selling it OTC with free stuff to the first 500 callers).

    • Joe says

      Dyan, thanks for writing and I’m glad I was able to help. Yes JANA is often confused with JAMA. I have not yet seen the 1/2 page ad in the New York Times but several people have commented on it.

      Newspapers aren’t the only place where I see things like this. Recently had a “story” listed about a raspberry ketones weight loss product which the “reporter” said “worked” – but I noticed that the “story” had affiliate links for the product embedded in the article.

      I like that Judge Judy quote :)

  99. Jonny says

    If something sounds too good to be true, it is not true.

    Think about this: NIH spends millions of dollars in research to find the drugs to improve memory (including some diseases with memory loss such as Alzheimer’s). If Procera AHV is so effective as what they claim, that must be a medical breakthrough and won the Nobel Price.

  100. Teresa says

    Hi Joe, wow, THANK YOU!! I just watched the infomercial this morning and thought I would do some research before ordering. I have ADD and always look for anything natural to help with my poor focus, so I was pretty much sold. And as a lifelong Pittsburgher, Patrice King Brown was on in my house at 6 and 11 pm for years. She was a great anchor and well loved by many Pittsburghers. Of course, her endorsement had me MORE convinced that it was a good product. How disappointing!! Thank you for saving me tons of money……

  101. John Arrington says

    Hi Joe
    My post got lost, so this re newal.

    My 87 year old wife’s daughter on info from health store learned about Procera. She just sent $120.00 check for three months supply of pills. John, also 87, is care person for wife. Daughter came over and gave me Procera shipment she had received, including Mind Book. Read whole thing and went to computer where I found Joe [you]. I have researched a lot in my life and I am seeing nothing but good reports about Procera. However, data did not look right because anything good also has some bad reports. Procera was all good.

    Gave wife 2 pills per day for four weeks and wife had severe diarrhea. Lasted ten days when I made decision to stop taking Procera. To be fair I also stopped two other real medication she had for short time. The diarrhea went away and i have now re started the two real medications. Have not started Procera.

    Upset daughter, but my wife does not have diarrhea now. With no good testing data on Procera I would never give pills to anyone.

    In my research never found mentioning anyone 87 years old. They were more like 40years old.

  102. Cindylou says

    Thank you for the info. My husband suffered a MTBI and I am searching for any assistance to help improve with cognitive & memory( along with therapy he receives) I saw the ad late last eve .& thought an answer?? When people need help they fall for these false claims thinking that it’s on TV so it must have some merit. Not true! Thank you- I almost bought it. False hope is not helpful, information is! /CS

  103. Susie says

    Thank you so much for questioning this product. I read about it today in a local newspaper and thought, WOW something to help those senior moments I have often. After reading your review I will have to rethink this product, as I don’t want to take something that may have repercussions on my health. I appreciate your honesty and forthright research you have done for us as consumers.

  104. Normn says

    Thank you for your unbiased feedback. The US desperately needs a Federal body to review the testing, claims and ingredients of over the counter supplements. Surely, if the supplements industry is a multi B$ industry, the govt. can setup the FOTCS (Federal Over the Counter Supplements Advisory) unit.

  105. Jeff says

    Thank you for this review – brilliant!
    I saw the informercial last and I had to see if there was a review. Great job. You should send this off to 60 minutes and let the world know about this.

  106. Robin says

    Thank you so much for your info. I am “growing” thru a divorce while caring for my mother who is in late stage two of Alzheimer’s. I have been so stressed out fearing that I have it also. I realize now after reading your information that my fear is a lack of faith and exercise. We need people like you to open our eyes. I was so desperate for a quick fix. You have saved me money and false hope.
    God Bless You!

  107. Lu says

    Thank you ever so much for this review. It was very helpful. Thank for your taking the time to investigate in so much detail every single thing that is said about this “fantastic” supplement. You are really saving humanity from all the junk that is out there.

  108. Kristin says

    Thank you for this review–like others, took me awhile to find it after googling Procera AVH side effects. My 80+ father-in-law went to the emergency room yesterday after vomiting and feeling nauseous for 2 days. He is on blood thinners and has had heart issues. He is one of the smartest, sharpest people I know, but was duped by the convincing ad he saw to help strengthen his memory.

    They officially diagnosed him with Vertigo and discharged him (something he has never had before). He did not share with us until after returning from the hospital that he had been taking 2 of these pills/day for almost 2 weeks. It’s the only thing he had done differently, and his blood pressure was elevated as well.

    My husband and I are pretty sure Provera ACH was making him sick and could have done worse. We are grateful that we caught it when we did. Since stopping the pills 1 day, he has marked improvement. They were poisoning him.

    Is there anywhere else that I can post this story to help warn people from taking these pills?

    Thanks for your help!

  109. says

    I just now saw this commercial. I was horrified as I heard and saw listed the symptoms, what looked like to me, of Alzheimer’s. I was offended by the whole idea of this “cure”. My father died from Alzheimer’s, my mother is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. I feel this is predatory fraud. I find it absolutely reprehensible.

  110. Aline says

    Thank you Joe, I called today to have more info about procera avh and they really pressured me to make a purchase. I wanted to read about the ingredients first and see how they can interact with other medications and the agent told me there are no known side effects. But by reading your article I found out there are many side effects, I have hypotension so using procera avh is not a smart choice for me. Thank you again and keep up the great work.

  111. Gladys says

    I just saw this infomercial on Public TV – CPTV! This was not a fundraising program for the station, this was a commercial! But because this was public TV, it was 5 – 10 minutes before I realized this was not a program about memory loss, it was a commercial. That’s when I Googled for a review and found your article.

    In the past, while I might not always agree with opinions expressed in public programming, I was confident that the subject was well researched and presented by credible persons. I am so disappointed in this public station! Not because of the commercial, but because the station did not make that clear from the beginning.

    So thank you, Joe, for writing an informative, impartial review. Your article was every bit as successful in educating the public as I expected the public TV program to be, but sadly was not.

    • Joe says

      Gladys, that’s fascinating about public TV. If you call them and complain, they might think twice before they air infomercials again

  112. ED says

    Thank you!! I to have a few medical issues. I did order because WOW this was just the thing. Wrong! When I ordered last year and talked to the rep on the phone about ADD and my heart surgery, and my seizures, and thyroid cancer and memory fatigue. I was assured this would be helpful. I ordered with wishful hope of some balance. I received my bottles, one free ceraplex and 20/20 book.

    Before jumping in and swallowing this magical supplement, I read the bottle warnings. All that assurance was bogus! Being very busy with work and daily life, I managed to stop any more shipments, but was to late to get my money back. SUCKS.

    Here’s the sad part. A year later I see their tv commercial, And again think this should be good? I dug deeper though, and found your sight. Thank you for exposing their trickery and setting me straight. I am throwing every thing they sent last year away!

  113. Serena says

    Thank you for all your research and time involved to provide us with this information on Procera AVH. It’s a crime to see so many people getting scammed/lied to on such a serious illness. Thanks Joe!

  114. Chris says

    I appreciate someone taking the time to do this type of research! There are so many products on TV that promise to cure almost anything. Without people like you – we would all be bankrupt trying to find that perfect cure for our ailments!

  115. Jane says

    Great research, Joe. And thanks.
    If you ever decide to do an expose’ on the US insurance industry, let me know. I’ll help.

  116. Clarence says

    Read some of your comments about PROCERA and noticed
    that you mentioned VINPOCETINE as one of its three ingredients. There has been some research in England on
    VINPOCETINE to improve short term memory, with some
    success. I am 75 yrs young and take VINPOCETINE, ALGAL
    DHA and Vitamin B12 with some success with my short term memory. THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT. Thank you
    for getting involved. GOD Bless.
    C. K. Wright

  117. Judy says

    Joe, Thank you ever so much for your research efforts & for sharing your findings with all of us. Like so many, I watched the infomercial. My very dear, once clear-headed optimistic 82 year dad is having very notable memory, anxiety & depression issues.

    After watching the infomercial, having skepticism but also hoping, I began googling reviews & found your work. Because dad is on blood thinners for atrial fibrillation I always research product ingredients as his very life depends on it.

    Thank you so very much for helping expose potential problems with this product. It is disgraceful the deceit perpetrated by the ‘characters’ involved in the sales pitch. I think Nemiroff’s creds on the commercial say he is a head & neck cancer surgeon – why somebody like that would compromise their reputation I don’t know but it is infuriating- certainly if he is a great surgeon he should have enough money, one would think!

    Anyway, Joe, I have long been listening to real doctors on a very good NYC radio station promote Alcar ALA, which sounds a lot safer – has the Acetyl l-carnitine & also alpha lipoic acid. Right now dad is of the state of mind that he is leery of everything so I have a huge hurdle to get him to take anything but I wonder if you have researched this product?

    I haven’t read anything bad about it anywhere; a friend’s dad is taking & is doing markedly better. In contrast, I have read some bad reviews about Prevagen (another that sounds so promising on its surface) & wonder if you have explored that one?

    THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL OF YOUR WORK – Cannot adequately express my profound gratitude. I want to help one of the kindest people to ever walk this earth – I do not want to hurt him. Bless you.

    • Joe says

      Hi Judy, I have not yet looked at Alcar ALA but ALA has been in several products Ive looked at before. Here is a link to the page of the products that have had ALA
      Ive added Alcar ALA to my list of things to look at.

      As for Prevagen, I do have a sample here and will be reviewing it in the near future.

      Sorry to hear about your dad. Ill say a prayer for him and you. Even if he doesnt say it anymore, I know hes glad to have you in his corner.

  118. Judy says

    Thank you Joe, I really appreciate your good thoughts and your efforts. I will check back to learn your thoughts about Prevagen and Alcar ALA. With much gratitude, Judy

  119. Mary says

    Thank you for the excellent review. What a joke this is, also saw a class action suit against them, but yet here they are on tv today. 11/29/12

  120. Judy says

    Whoever you are who put in this much time and effort to debunk this “drug”, congratulations!

    All of your points have legs to stand on and I hope people take the time to read this and other reports that are NOT associated with nor published by this “Lab”. I worked in the health field for 34 years, credentialed physicians with hospital privileges, and know how to tell a genuine article from a “phony”. The doctors associated with this product are sell-outs to greed and their behavior cannot be considered ethical.

    You may not be harmed by taking this product, but it is unlikely you will be healed or even helped. That’s a LOT of money to spend on a product that is basically useless. Take that same money and use it on an appointment with a licensed neurologist, who can possibly help you find some course to try and improve your memory.

    Remember P.T. Barnum’s warning: There’s one born every minute! Don’t join that group!

  121. Patty says

    I have been trying to make up my mind about this product and was going to ask The Doctors through twitter. I also forgot to ask my Dr. on my last visit, but you summed it all up for me. I thank you for you in-dept research and was listening to the commercial while reading this article and they were saying and showing everything you emphasized. Thank You again!

  122. Waleed Binsalamah says

    Thanks for reporting this excellent review. I am from kuwait, in my visit to los angeles in summer 2010 i have seen the TV advertisement. I directly ordered a box of 4 bottles cost me a total $ 324.10. Fortunately i didn’t use it yet. And when i decided to start taking it I checked google just to be 100% sure and i was very lucky to see your logic review and decided to through the box.

    Thank u very much and i don’t know why they sold it to me in the mentioned price.
    Thanks again and best wishes

  123. Tom Wilson says

    I just watched the infomercial for Procera and noted all of the play on words you mentioned. Now I’m watching one on “Lucidal”. Different journalist, different “medical professionals”, but claiming the exact same results and same clinical testing. Just different ingredients. Even offering the same personal memory tests available. So many scams to take financial advantage of the elderly.

  124. Mike says

    I find it odd that the ad talks about the clinical research done by The Brain Institute but it never actually comes out and says what the results were or how you could read the study.

    • Joe says

      Mike, thats a good observation. That’s why i like to point out the research in my reviews so people can make a better judgement.

  125. Brent says

    It is odd that the “research” prays on the fears of the elderly. What is more insulting is the infomercial lol…complete jokers that didn’t want to spend more than a couple bucks. Horrible…just horrible…no better than the guy in the slums that shoots someone for buck.

  126. Maureen says

    I just saw the infomercial and wanted more info. I googled it and found your article. All your comments were right on. If this was such a great product, it wouldn’t need an
    informercial. Thank you for all your hard work and research.

    • Joe says

      Sandra, I took a quick look. it has a lot of ingredients but I didn’t see any research showing that supplement itself “repairs” the brain. I didn’t see any research on the supplements themselves period. For me that’s disappointing since its a doctor is marketing the products. Do read through the terms and conditions carefully if you decided to try the products.

  127. Sheri says

    I was going to buy this ‘Procera AVH’ for my mom and I for Christmas. Thought I’d do some research, your article popped up = thank goodness. Won’t be buying it. Thank you for opening my eyes. Also enjoyed the attached article and the ‘Mind Medicine’ tips.

    • Joe says

      Pat, I took a quick look at the site for you. I didn’t see any research on any of his products. The Brain supplement contains ginkgo which is a very popular thing in memory supplements despite any good proof that it works. I often tell people to be cautious of ginkgo because it has a blood thinner effect and may interact with blood thinner medications.

      The site calls him “Americans #1 brain longevity specialist” but does not say who bestowed that honor on him.

  128. maureen says

    thanks for your informative review, both direct and to the point, without unduly maligning these ‘characters’. jeesh.
    during the infomercial, in tiny white print ‘results may vary…’
    You betcha!

  129. Helen says

    During the infomercial today 12-15-12, Dr Paul Nemiroff states “the clinical trial was complete ion 30 days” when someone asked how long does it take to work

  130. Sam says

    Well, I tried it and gave it to my 85 yr old Mother who had had a small stroke 1.5 years ago. She said that it actually improved her motor skills, she felt sharper mentally too. She said she wasn’t stumbling as much and could actually throw the ball better for her dog. She loves it. She does not take it every day but every 3rd day or so as she can feel the results for quite a while.

    I love having my Mom back! I know the infomercial was hokey…. but it has helped my Mother and for that I am beyond grateful. (It does raise her blood pressure so we do get that under control before taking the supplement), and we monitor it. She always takes it with food too. I am taking it 2 times per week and notice I am able to get more done on those days.

  131. Cindy says

    Don’t you wish all the elderly had access to a computer to do this research, families need to keep an eye out on what their elders are ordering online to also keep them informed. There’s very few late night or early am infomercials that aren’t scams and funny how they know this is the time when some can’t sleep so they shop. The funny thing is knowing how little they will pay to air this misleading information. Thanks for sharing and researching for those of us who are smart enough to Google lol.

  132. Pearl says

    Hi – thanks for taking the time & effort to do the research on this product (Procera AVH)… As an archaeologist familiar with doing research, I can recognize when someone has done their homework and doesn’t stop on the 1st or 2nd dead end… I have heard about this product for a while now was researching it on my own (just because of the claims, not because I’m interested in taking it) when I stumbled on your review..

    I feel people are always looking for a one pill “quick fix” where really taking good care of one’s self, coupled with some exercise and learning the amazing nutrient and enzyme quality of the foods they eat (or should eat – especially organics to avoid the pesticides etc.) will benefit them much better in the long run vs. a quick fix… but anyways well done & thanks! Pearl

    • Joe says

      Pearl, thanks and I’m glad you found me. Hopefully the archeologist in you didn’t have to do too much digging (sorry, couldn’t resist :)

  133. Ron A says

    Thank you for your excellent review of Porcera AVH. After watching the infomercial and calling their sales line to find out the cost, I felt I should do some research which you have already done. The Tampa Bay Times article was also helpful.

    I was reminded of a book I read several years ago called “The Memory Cure,” a bold claim for any book, written by a bonified world-renounded neruo-researcher published by McGraw-Hill Professional division. Their site states: Dr. Majid Fotuhi, one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease and brain function, outlines an exciting and highly effective plan that targets each of the 13 risk factors contributing to the development of memory loss.

    The most specific recommendations I gained from reading this book published in 2002, was also mentioned in the Tampa Bay Times article, aerobic exercise, mental exercise and the only product available over the counter, vitamin E. I’ve been following this advise advise since reading it and find it seems to help, even in very stressful environments. I hope it will help in the long view. I’ll let you know in 20 years or so if I can remember to.

  134. Cody Spencer says

    Joe: The Procera infomercial makes a vague reference to JANA approval. Did you find anything there? The commercial also says the product is “mentioned” in a number of publications. Are you aware of what the “mentions” consisted of? Thanks so much for all your work. May I add that anyone tempted to try this product be aware of the “continuity” provisions which sends the product on a regular basis and charges a credit card each time. Often it is extremely difficult to stop a continuity commitment as CS isn’t interested in no more sales, and the CC company may take the position that the CC holder is not able to unilaterally stop the continuity. Thanks again for clearly presented information in a fair manner.

    • Joe says

      Cody, thanks for mentioning this! There is a study published in 2009 in the Journal of the American Neutraceutical Association (JANA). this is different than JAMA. If you google “Percera JANA study” the PDF will pop up. Ive saved it to my heard drive and will look at it this week and update my review. Thanks for the heads upon this !!

  135. Levy A Canova says

    Great summary! Thank you very much for taking time to research this product. Like you, I was very suspicious when a read a half page add on Procera in the Gainesville Sun newspaper this morning. It makes me really angry that this kind of false advertising is allowed. The publishers of this kind of misleading garbage should be ashamed. I will bookmark your web page for future reference.

    Have a blessed Christmas,

    Levy Canova

  136. chuck says

    One word: WOW

    More than one:

    I came across this page in a google search about this Procera AVH I saw in an infomercial.

    This summary/webpage is INSANELY informative and thorough. I’m so impressed! This summary of your research just saved myself and others HOURS and HOURS of time digging up information on this supplement.


  137. bill says

    Thank you for your trenchant comments exposing this hoax. I think that the AMA and APA should step in and regulated these charlatans.

    • Joe says

      Bill, considering that medicine so heavily based in science, I wonder if the the AMA has ever issued guidelines the marketing of supplements by physicians?

  138. Mike says

    Huperzine both increases acetylcholine if taken with foods or supplements that have choline which helps concentration. Huperzine also moderates glutamate receptor activity in the brain, helping people with with autism, ADHD, Alzheimers, & schizophrenia for whom it is overexcited. So for people with autism, ADHD, Alzheimers, & schizophrenia huperzine will make their thinking more normal AND increase their concentration if they take choline or eat foods with choline.

    The best brain supplement is EPA & DHA fatty acids which boost both concentration and mood and are found in organic spirulina, without the mercury & pesticides in fish oil.

    • Joe says

      Mike, I cant comment on the Huperzine research you mentioned because I have not seen it. I would add that the best evidence that supports fish oil supplements stems from looking at what happens when people eat fish. Was it the fish oil that did these things or the fish oil combined with other things in fish? I dont think we know the answer to this yet. I don’t see this mentioned often and so I wanted to touch on it. Thanks for writing and have a great holiday!

  139. Deb says

    I’m so glad I picked your site to find out more info on this Procera AVH. It sounds like you really dug deep to find it all out. Thank you so much for saving me from making what looks and sounds like a BIG MISTAKE. The saying of ” If it sounds to good to be true” it’s not. IS the right guideline to follow. Have a “Very Merry Christma”s Joe. I will be bookmarking your site to follow. Thank You Again Deb

  140. Jean says

    Dammit,I just ordered this stuff

    I wished i would have stayed patient and read consumer reviews

    Is there an return policy?
    Im going to cancel the auto-shipment,but Joe,ya think I can get a refund on an unopened bottle?

    Thnx ya’ll,that $97.35……,not so much

  141. Sheldon Gilbert says

    I appreciate the research of the products ingredients and individuals referred to in the TV Ads as well as the laboratory.

    As I am sure you are aware, the ingredients are natural, but the information you provided each of the three ingredients was very helpful. Based on your report, I would not purchase the product. The ad is simply too slick and the lack of proper testing and fully documented research controls and findings is simply put, appalling.

    Thank you for your review.

  142. Rob Dunn says

    Thanks for all your research. I have parkinsons disease and thought this product might help, but I do not believe it would and might even harm me. Again, many thanks for saving me time, money and my health.

  143. Mark Hosterman says

    As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I don’t believe the hype either. Anytime you have medical people associated with a formulation that promises the implausible and they recieve financial gain, you can bet your bipi it is bogus. The only thing that the public can depend on are those dietary supplements that have been rigorously studied via specific protocols and published in peer reviewed medical journals.

    These are darn few as pharmaceutical companies are not going to waste any money studying supplements that one can buy over the counter (OTC). And one study is never enough. You have to be able to duplicate the results in other similarly run studies.

    The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements so supplement manufacturers can say anything they want. Additionally, supplements sold OTC are not held to standards addressing amount of ingredients. If is says 25% or 25mg, it could be 15 to 35 or anything else as they are not regulated.

    All of these supplements have side effects and often interact with prescription drugs. Travel these roads at your own risk, or better yet, discuss any supplements with your physician. Be safe!

  144. michael says

    hi I bought Prcera and try to get my money back they gave me the runarround make it short no money back they talk like con artists

  145. gina says

    Thank you Joe .
    You a god sent. I was about to order it and I have high blood pressure and should have know better not to take anything before discussing it with my DR.

    My question for you is if you read , researched , or heard of any medicine or natural remedy that would improve or enhance memory ?

    Thank you again for your post . I’ll send it to everyone I know .

    • Joe says

      HI Gina, well, I do think the best thing is to discuss your memory concerns with your doctor who can run the needed tests to see if anything is wrong. I also think if you are fine, then doing so will set your mind at ease.

      Remember, stressing over something too much – even memory issues ironically – might cause lapses in memory.

      There is a lot of research on daily aerobic exercise and memory and by “exercise” I mean something like walking. It doesn’t take a lot to see these types of benefits so if its possible, I’d say do something like that if you can. As I said in my review, there is more evidence on exercise and memory than Procera.

      I think its important to “remember” that we all have forgetful moments from time to time. The important thing is that if we remember what we were trying to think of, then we are likely ok. Still, just to make yourself feel better, do talk to your doctor about this.

      Glad you found me Gina :)

  146. Roseann says

    I just went and bought 6-months worth, a supposed 3-months free supply!! I can still cancel within 72 hours, I believe. In one part of your EXCELLENT article, it was mentioned that Huperzine A can increase BP, but in the “Procera AVH Side Effects” part, it was mentioned that Huperzine A can lower blood pressure”. Which one is right? I have medication-controlled hypertension. I also have other health problems, like rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain.

    I will DEFINITELY check your website before buying any other “miracle” products! You are doing A LOT of good for the public! Thank you.

  147. Roseann says

    Dear Joe,
    I wrote you about Procera ADH and hypertension, and your reply led me to call customer service at Brain Research Labs (1-800-213-4101) today to cancel the order and credit my credit card.

    Well, of course, the order was already sent to the warehouse, and the CS agent, Herb, said he had no control over it at this point. But he said there is a 90-day return policy, and all I had to do was let CS know I was sending it back to the warehouse. Once there, they would refund my credit card.

    I’ll let you know how THAT works. I asked if my call was being recorded for quality purposes. It was, so I reiterated that my doctor said I SHOULD NOT use this product and would be sending it back for refund of my credit card.

    He didn’t give me much trouble. Anyone contacting the company should document people’s names, all phone numbers and dates called, etc. I used to work in Quality Improvement and Infection Prevention as an RN before I had to go on disability. I SHOULD HAVE known better!!!!!!

    Your site is on my bookmark bar. I will tell many people to look at your site before buying anything that sounds too good to be true. Thank you. Roseann

    • Joe says

      Roseann, yes definately let me know what happens and Im glad you said that stuff about taking down names etc when people call a company. I especially liked the part about saying your doctor doesnt want you to use the product on phone calls that are recorded. Nice tip!

  148. Roseann says

    I won’t bother you any more about Procera, but I had found your site when I googled “Procera AVH”. I just found out (duh) that you have written books and have newsletters. I ordered your Supplements from A-Z book from Amazon just now. There are now only 3 left at Amazon, but there are more being delivered. You are unbiased and certainly do your research!

  149. John B says

    Just found your site – thanks for your efforts. I, too, was considering a purchase of Procera AVH, but I didn’t want to sit through the whole infomercial, so I decided to “google” it. Your site was at the top of the search results and I’m glad is was – what an eye opener!

    Consider yourself bookmarked.

    Thanks again for the great work!

  150. Kay says

    Great site, I was getting ready to purchase from the infomercial I saw last night and decided to check prices on amazon and found your review – thank you SO MUCH for being here and helping people make an informed decision, you rock Joe!

  151. Shar says

    Thank you for posting this information. Now I know I will not purchase “Procera AVH”. (I didn’t want to send for it till I found some research.)

  152. joe yglesias cls, ascp says

    I did not believe a word!!!

    suggest you try Swansn vitamins, Farge , ND . I take 4 herbs and manage Prostate problems.
    I am 81 and herbs work. I have PSA and CEA and works for . I do not sell herbs or anything from
    swanson. thanks, to all RD on provera. I if they show MD , it is junks.

  153. Madge says

    I truly appreciate your research. I saw the infomercial this morning and was thinking of ordering but decided to do some search. Thank goodness I found your site!

    I will definitely keep you in my bookmark!

  154. M. Edwards says

    What a great review! As a Certified Health Educator, with several certifications in nutrition and “natural health”, I enjoyed your taking apart the infomercial and taking the time to investigate the ingredients and characters.

    As one who enjoyed an acting profession in years past, I occasionally posed as a “doctor”, but was far from it. These days, I try to keep people away from doctors and out of hospitals (the 3rd leading causes of death in the US), unless absolutely necessary. Thanks for your unbiased research!

  155. P. Millar says

    I just wanted to thank you for your review and interesting finds about the cast of characters. It’s people like you that really help people like me that have no clue out here.

    I saw the infomercial just today, and thought I would look for it online. I too am skeptical about things, and wanted to see if there were any reviews about it. Your review is much more honest, and doesn’t just sit here and run down a product that may have been a competitor to your own, like I have seen many reviews do.

    I just wanted to thank you for pointing out these frauds, since if they have to go to such great lengths to lie about their identities, and products, and affiliations, etc., then it can only mean the product is more hype than is actually useful.

    If a product is useful, it sells itself, and doesn’t require any of what they are doing. I feel they should be sued for False advertising practices, if nothing else, as well as misrepresenting doctors.

    Thanks very much for your review Joe, I hope more people see this before getting robbed.

    Thanks! P. Millar

  156. Jack Rogers says

    Dear Sir; Superior job in your report. Thank You, for exposing another alleged racket rip-off! I’m a true believer in the Better Business Bureau and My wife suffers from dementia and I thought this product might help…?

    I’ve now decided on the information you provided that this alleged cure is a complete FRAUD!!! Thank You for saving us from wasting our money and giving us false hope. Most Sincerely; Jack Rogers

  157. Willy Knoway says

    I will be 65 this March. I take blood thinners every day cause I have heart arrhythmia for 20 years. I have been taking Procera AVH for over a year without ANY problems. When I heard about AVH things were fuzzy with difficult memory recall. I knew I needed to do something.

    I am now FULLY aware and can do complex projects better than in college and remember all things! I think this stuff is great and have friends who agree after they started on Procera AVH. I design electronics and computer software and solve complex stuff so I really do know stuff more than most! I am not related to anyone or even know anyone at BRL. I sure wish they would offer volume discounts :) Just thought you ALL should know about my experience!

  158. Roy says

    Thanks for delving into this “product”. Your take on health food stores is spot on. I asked an owner of a local “health supplement” store about erectile dysfunction supplements. He blathered on about a supplement often touted on infomercials. I bought it since Viagra and levitra make me deathly ill. The supplement did absolutely nothing.

    I take vitamins like 3 times a week and have realized that e d is a fact of life now. I don’t believe half of these idiotic infomercials. Thanks for researching these snake oilers. Your efforts are much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

    • Joe says

      Roy thanks I’m happy I was able to help. Instead of the health food store, please do talk to your doctor about this. Many things can cause ED. There maybe a reason you have not considered.

  159. Harold says

    Hi Joe, I am a 19 year old kid who is suffering some type of memory loss. I just watched the infomercial and got skeptical when they showed the before after illustration from procera. sketched me out when they said it was from only 1 ingredient. and your the first site i clicked on to research some truth haha.

    But the reason i’m commenting is to ask you if there is any real memory, or healthy brain helping medicines you can recommend to me to ask my doctor about. I really really could use some because my intelligence seems like its getting worse, and im too young for this haha. I used to be really smart and am noticing little things changing.

    Thank you very much for the very wise review on the deceitful drug procera. That upset me a lot. I thought I had hope. please respond. I’ll be back on to check in a few days.

    • Joe says

      Harold, there are a lot of things that can cause you to feel like you having memory loss. For example, stress and having lots of responsibilities can do it. My first instincts are to say eat better and get some daily activity like walking as that can help but more than that Id love it if you just asked your doctor about this. He/she knows you better than I do and your health and can best give you a good idea of what is going on. At 19 I doubt that anything bad is going on because you are “still under warranty” as I like to say but why add extra stress to your life. Its best to address this thing by talking to your doctor. At the very least he/she will be able to run some tests and give you peace of mind that you are ok.

  160. Mel says

    Joe, I think you are doing a great public service. So many folks are duped into believing everything they read and see. As a retired journalist, I have always been skeptical of everything I hear that involves money. I never buy anything online without doing a lot of research on the product, and usually, mostly often, the ads don’t tell the truth.

    I would urge everyone to avoid scams on the Internet, calls on your phone and people who knock on your door to sell you a service and ask for money first. Don’t click on links in an email unless you are sure it is from a friend, and even then, you may want to call them to ask if they sent you an email. Millions of email accounts are being hacked into every day. Change your passwords to things people would never come up with by even using a robot check. As for health problems, like you say, ALWAYS talk to your doctor first!

    But going on the Internet is a great way to debug lots of products that are nothing but scams. Even when you get prescriptions from your doctor, go online and compare the ingredients and see if they have any interaction with medications that you now take. Sometimes, doctors don’t know what counteracts with some of the meds they have given you.

    Men, be especially aware of “cures” for enlarged prostates and be even more careful if a doctor says your PSA is so high that you should have a bioposy done because you may have cancer. Check it out and research information always. And always be aware, someone is trying to make a buck on you and millions of others.

  161. Bud Bishop says

    Wow thank you SO MUCH, for the information. I wish there was this much effort and information on every infomercial. I am sincerely impressed with the background research that has been done here, it really helps with a decision to purchase or NOT. I think I would rather give you money for research on other products, than to waste it on something we don’t even know whether it works or not.

  162. Bob Katz says

    In todays New York Times I initially thought my prayers had been answered inasmuch as I am an 82 year old man
    who has been diagnosed with incipient Alzeheimers. My short term memory isn’t what it used to be. SO WHEN I SAW
    THE AD FOR PROCERA AVH I WAS ELATED. But then I said to myself to look for scientific validation and I googled and
    found your posts. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Now I will call the NY Times and ask them some questions.

    • Joe says

      Bob, do let me know what the New York Times says in response to your questions. Im curious. Alzeheimers or not Bob, Id say you are doing pretty good because you remembered to do your research first. In my book, that’s pretty darn good :)

  163. Bob Katz says

    Joe, an update: (1) In the ad was the name of a Dr. who praised this “stuff.” I goggled his name and found him and
    talked to him; he said it works for him and he recommends it to his patients, he is 76. But when I asked him for
    explicit details about the scientific studies that he cited for his support of this “stuff”, he wasn’t able to supply it.

    (2) I spoke to someone at the NY Times this morning and they said they would call me back. Will post when they call me back.

      • Bob Katz says

        Joe, another update:

        (1) No one from the NY Times advertising department called me back, so I called again today and left a message with the NY Times legal department.

        (2) Someone from the NY Times legal department called me back within two hours.

        (3) The call was unproductive, IMHO, inasmuch as the NY Times person didn’t seem to understand what I was trying to convey to him. namely that it is totally inappropriate for a publication such as the NY Times to run a huckster ad.

        My next step is to write a letter to the of the NY Times CEO and cc the NY Times Board of Directors. Regards

        • Joe says

          Bob thanks for the update. Im just surprised that you called them with a question and a lawyer called you back. What a world we live in…

  164. Chris says

    I just saw another infomercial for Procera on television and though I’d Google it. I came across your nicely detailed report. Everything you’ve written looks to be fair and to the point. Here is a Pittsburgher’s point of view…

    I remember when Patrice King Brown first started at KDKA, cute and very likable. Years later, she has aged far better than I. Graduating to doing the news, she would kind of stumble through some news stories but everybody still liked her none the less. I can’t recall her ever doing any real reporting though, just reading from a teleprompter. My assumption was that because she would butcher up news stories so badly, that she must not have written them. Criticism aside, she just seemed warn and approachable. The kind of quality you would want to have in your on-air line-up.

    When Patrice retired from KDKA, we the viewers, were left with the impression that she was given a warm and heartfelt send-off. She was emotionally touched.

    So just a few days later, she appeared in an infomercial, as a reporter interviewing her husband, in a paid time slot, that was intentionally masquerading as some kind of breaking health news interview.

    What a disappointment! It was also not disclosed that they were husband and wife. I was greatly disappointed and lost all respect for the both of them from that day forward.

    Being from Pittsburgh, you can’t know of Patrice and not know of Dr. Nemiroff. I think Dr. Nemiroff would appear on KDKA news from time to time, when there was some health related news story that warranted a medical doctor’s input. He must have liked the local media spotlight. I don’t know if they were married at the time or as a result.

    Once the Procera infomercials started, it just seemed a bit incestuous. With the nondisclosure of their relationship, how could they be credible? Sooner or later, people are going to figure it out, I thought, but here we are years later and they’re still at it.

    I’m no expert, but if you watch the infomercials carefully, I think you can see some “duping-delight”.

  165. Ed J says

    Thank you for your effort at exposing this procera scam. I just watched the infomercial this a.m. and recognized the red flags of poor reporting of touted “research”, too. I was intrigued because of the claims, but immediately sought to search for info on the net to see if any of these claims could be verified. I found tons! Almost all of it hawking the product and linking to their website. That alone was enough to bring a halt to credulity. This was just too much…. and then I saw your article. Well done!

  166. Jacqueline says

    I am so glad I read this information you posted on this product Procera AVH. My girlfriend’s mother is suffering from short-term memory loss and I told her that I saw this infomercial and that it might help her mother. After reading this information, it totally changed my mind. Thank you so much for you information. Keep up the good work. Thanking you again.

  167. Lou Olivieri says

    Thanks for an honest review. Too many reviews are sites by sponsored by the maker or a competitor showing the superiority of their product.

  168. c. chapman says

    hello & thanks for your work. FYI—-I have not seen the TV junk, since I seldom watch tv. I recently bit for an ad in USA Today, which mostly mentioned a Dr. Arnold Bresky, from Albert Einstein Medicine and behavioral gerontologist, neurology,blah blah. It just arrived. I may well send it back, since I am on thyroid (hypo)—tho I DID mention that to them in their sales section—-they have no idea, natch.

    Anyway, I am interested in your take on the Arnold Bresky bit, as the other folks (except Steiner) are not mentioned in the paper ad. If you talk to them about it at customer service, they get vague and defensive. Thanks!!!

    • Joe says

      C.Chapman, I had heard of or seen Dr Bresky in the TV commercial and I have not seen the newspaper ads etc on Procera but I did go to the site and he is listed on their science advisory page along with a few other people. Ill do some looking into this but what I can say is that on the procera website they say “He has developed unique mental exercises to prevent and reverse memory loss.” So, if thats true, why would you need Procera then? Why not just do his brain tune up exercise?

      What I did noticed on the science advisory page is none of the board members said “Procera works.”

  169. David says

    Excellent review Joe! You were the second result when I goggled “procera avh”. I have a 93 yr old father with advancing dementia, good to see that people who are looking do not have to dig through so much minutiae to find your hard work and thoughtful review. Would love to see someone do an infomercial on “infomercial snake-oil salesmen”. Too many people getting duped out of their hard earned $$ by these opportunists.

  170. Mike W. says

    Joe, let me get in the line thanking you. I am 72 and am having some memory loss, so when I read the ad in the Tampa Bay Times this morning, I was intrigued. I asked my wife to read it and see what she thought. The first words out of her mouth were “Google it!” Duh, why didn’t I think of that, and kudos to Mr. Gates as well for making it possible!

    Many comments on your site suggest regulation and oversite, but let’s check government first. You must realize that re-election is extremely high in our dear Govt. Ask why. The answer is very easy, and one that voters absolutely refuse to accept. Follow the money! Denny Hastert was a 20k a year butcher, then entered Congress. He is now a multi millionaire. Gee, how did that happen?

    Many are looking for Doctors to help in this area. Are you kidding…follow the money!

    Association help? Need I remind you all…follow the money! Come on, now, we are all adults, and those looking for memory help are old enough, in most cases, to know better than to rely on such entities. With the advent of the computer and Google, there is no excuse for us growing older, at least in most cases. Go to your computer, find guys like Joe, and pay attention.

    Yes, there’s a sucker born every minute, but do we all have to be one? Not anymore. You do have to be willing to stop, think “instant miracles” through, then do the homework. I hope most senior citizens will do exactly that, and pass on to others what they have learned. Hitting unscrupulous companies and Doctors, and others, where it hurts most, in the pocket book. If they lose most of their business, there’s a chance that they will either stop, or learn a lesson. Let’s all of us over the age of 21 help that happen.

  171. Jeff says

    Hey Joe. First off, I just want to say that I really enjoy your site. I did some side work in the sports nutrition/supplement industry for a long time, and have been studying supplements even longer. I saw this commercial for the first time today, and noticing many of the same things that you brought up, I had to Google it to see if it was “exposed”.

    I could go on and on, but just wanted to say thanks, as I’ve always wanted to save people from the bogus marketing of supplement companies. Not only do many products not work, but many times they give a lot of false hope to people who could really use that help.

    At times it’s almost comical to see how much companies will twist and turn the data, to make it read positive. A certain company that has “tech” in their name has been my personal favorite. “Subject A lost 10% bodyfat with product B (insert “cool” scientific sounding name for thermogenic) in a 1 month time period”…Ohhh, so you mean they actually lost 10% of their actual bodyfat (if someone is 20% BF, they have lost 10% of that 20%, which actually equates to an overall reduction of 2%, meaning subject A has gone from 20% BF, to 18% BF…..not from 20%, to 10% BF. Gotta love deceptive marketing… Take care Joe

  172. cliff johnsen says

    Nearly everything sold on infomercials is a scam, as is this one. Their words are cunningly evasive and misleading. Most people are too stupid or ignorant to see through this kind of promotions. Thanks to you, you may help some of those fools.

    I have a simple and well engineered policy. NEVER buy anything seen on an infomercial.

    And, YES we need to make those advertising companies held accountable for being part of the scam.

    Eventually these kind of guys are busted, but then they have made so many millions that they don’t care. Then they just change the name a little and start all over again.

    I hate too much government, but having an agency review and OK such adds would be good. These procera folks, are disgusting liars. Their words are carefully chosen to get around the FTC rules and actually say NOTHING, but our generally stupid public falls for it anyway.

    It costs just a few cents to make that bottle that sells for $40. SCAM<SCAM<SCAM

  173. susan says

    Thank you for being there. It is horrible that we cant count on most “reviews” that are on the web. Most all of them are done by the sellers of the products. They even have a site that you are taken to when you google their product and scam after it.

    Even WalMart does it. I read the exact same “canned” review for several different dock boxes. Obviously NO one writes like that, and NO one would take that much time to write about a box to put by their pool UNLESS wal Mart paid them to do it.

  174. jodi says

    It is so sad that these people prey on people who are desperate. I saw the tv infomercial and thought of my sister who has short term memory loss from brain cancer.
    I thought well….maybe? The doctors can’t seem to provide any help and she is depressed and feels bad when she asks questions more that once etc and can’t remember simple things. Shame on them!

    • Joe says

      Jodi, if your sister is able to , I wonder what impact some low intensity aerobic exercise might help on her memory. Even a short walk or park a recumbent bike in front of the TV if that’s easier. That might help but even if it doesn’t help memory, it will help in other ways. Just a thought.

  175. Jerry says

    I really appreciate the time you put into researching this product. I was very skeptical about it myself, i was going to call them to try and get some info from them but I knew it would be tainted. I was hurt on a job 9 years ago, fell almost thirty feet. Have had several operations (17), I am doing fine now except for pain and short term memory loss.

    I went back to school in 2010. I was doing really well for 2.5 years, 3.85 grade average then suddenly it was like hitting a wall could not remember things and disordinate, I believe it is do to my Dr. changing some of my medications.

    As far as I can find there is no such drug of any kind that will improve memory, except getting plenty of good exercise and trying to exercise your brain by doing cross word puzzles and learning new things. I am not sure if i will ever be able to finish my degree but remain hopeful. Thanks again for providing all the great information. Jerry Bruneau

    • Joe says

      Jerry, that is very nice of you to say and I really hope you finish your degree also. Try your best. The really valuable things in life often don’t come easy, trust me on this. Colleges often lend help , testing wise, etc, to those with special needs. Do look into that if you haven’t already. I believe in you Jerry!!

  176. Garlic Mike says

    Four things I would like to do; Sharpen my brain memory and speed) loose weight (I feel diet and exercise are the best) prevent wrinkles and not age fast. I don’t know who to turn to and don’t like using the phone book. I am currently taking about 15 diff. supplements for these and hate all of that. Would I see a Nutritionist, Dietitian, anti aging or?
    Who can I ask to get a GOOD recommendation, you? 61 years old and feel good, just want to prevent, THANKS

    • Joe says

      Garlic Mike, why don’t you start by getting a check up by your doctor. Get a full blood work up, cholesterol, CRP, HDL, LDL etc. Talk to your doctor about the results and what you can do to improve the results and help you get to where you want to do. If you are not eating well, sure a dietitian can help you. you can find a registered dietitian in your area by going to their website you can search for those in your area.

      Exercise does play an important role in helping slow aging. If you don’t know how to do this, I suggest you find a knowledgeable personal trainer or athletic trainer and tell them you are looking for a “circuit training routine” as I think this will be safest and best overall if you have not worked out before.

  177. Teresa says

    Hi Joe:

    My mother’s memory has been going and I’m convinced it is from the Crestor she has been taking for years. She calls and tells me that she bought this Procera AVH to take for her memory. I told her not to take any of it until I looked into it to see if it was (i) safe and (ii) would interact with the medication she is already on. Well, low and behold I found your site and I am so happy that I did.

    Apparently the AVH ingredients are not good for her. Especially the “H” because it can totally interact with her high blood pressure medicine. Thank you so much for doing so much research on this product and I am so happy that I was able to find your input on this – probably saved my mother from something more devastating than not being able to think of words so quickly. Again, thanks much. Teresa

    • Joe says

      Teresa, Im glad you found me also – and I’d tell your mom that not being able to remember words “quickly” while annoying at times, is not necessarily sign of “senility” as I understand it. As long as she remembers the word shes trying to remember in a reasonable amount of time, Id say shes fine. Of course, run all this by her doctor who can assuage her fears more than me.

      My grandmother lived to 104 (and a half!) and she had the same problems, taking a wee bit longer to remember words etc. She had the same ideas as I’m sure your mom is having now. I told my granny that as long as she remembers the words, then that’s a good sign that she is ok.

  178. Randy says

    Joe, Well I already purchased Procera AVH at GNC and have opened it. They want you to take 3 caps a day so I’ll cut it to one daily since I can’t take it back and since they don’t list how much of the 3 main ingredients are in each capsule.

    I’m 63 and seem to have trouble lately remembering names of people, places, entities, etc. I actually wanted to find Vinpocetine and Huperzine A separately. I already take L-Carnitine. That way I could control the dosage and moderate the amount. Please clarify. Are you simply (and understandably) expressing concerns about Procera AVH? – or do all 3 of these supplements (even individually) concern you as having little or no effect?

    • Joe says

      Randy, I only wanted to point out some things that weren’t readily apparent from the commercials for the product and that Im not sure what effects the product would have since I cant find any published clinical studies on the product itself. That said I do hope it helps you and I do hope you talk to your doctor about the memory lapses you said you are having. That way, at the very least, you might be able to rest easier.

  179. Central Coaster says

    WOW! What great research! You answered all the questions that came to mind when watching the infomercial! Many thanks to you for the hours you spent digging, digesting, then thoughtfully, and fairly reporting your findings. Also, thanks for resisting the urge to call this group names, which they’ve certainly earned.

    In the past i would’ve embarked on a similar quest for facts and data and i am so thankful that someone of a similar mindset has already done it for me. My family (used to not seeing me for long periods of time) thanks you as well.

    So glad so many of us have become healthy skeptics to come looking for your valuable research! I used to ask my reg. doctor about these things but have found they frequently were not familiar w/these types of products and more often than not, have no knowledge of natural remedies and any efficacy they may or ma not have, or any possible drug interactions. That’s when they refer me to the pharmacist for more info. I’ve found more definitive info here on the web on any given OTC product/supplement.

    HOWEVER, when I’m on the web I am very careful to ensure that any positive confirmation of efficacy claims come only from reputable sources, like the NIH, well know medical journals/publications and/or well respected research universities & programs. I would never consider following such claims from any other source. Many thanks for your important work.

    At the age now of 47, I have developed a rule as it relates to anything that costs money: If someone is ‘chasing’ me to buy their product, I either don’t need it, or it will not live up to the claims or expectations and will be a waste of $$. This has saved me well and I often remind my kids and my 90+yr old mother of this when examples present themselves.

    No one is ever calling me, middle-American of modest means, at home or putting on infomercials to sell me shares in Google, Facebook, oil, or any other item that would be well worth our $. If it’s on an infomercial, odds are extremely high that the product is designed to separate trusting individuals from as much $ as possible and deliver little-to-nothing in actual value. Kind of like the claw machine in the arcade – it’s not designed to pay.

    In cases of natural or nature-based supplements, which have no regulatory agencies overseeing these companies to ensure the safety in quality of ings, as well as regular levels of ings in the product over time, much less reliable studies regarding drug interactions, these types of products have the potential to cause much more damage than just monetary.

    For instance, look at the ‘drug’ company that recently sickened so many people w/their product that they were producing using unsafe industrial hygiene practices (was it insulin that I’m thinking of ?). A few people actually died. Thank goodness we regulate baby formula in this country or we may have ended up w/sick & dying infants who were fed formula containing melamine, completely unknown by their well-meaning parents. I wouldn’t be surprised if some day down the road we find product like this containing harmful ings, unknown by the developers and the company selling it because the ‘lab’ winning the supply contract for one or more of the ings are not having their product randomly certified by an independent agency over the course of production. Kind of scary.

    This further illustrates the point made by (you or another reader) that we should only purchase and use supplements from a company that has been in the business for decades – companies that have invested capital in their products on a national scale and have *everything* to lose by careless production methods and/or making dangerously false claims.

    In addition, we must not ever take anything not RX’d by a physician that we cannot easily obtain reliable info regarding its effects and drug interaction data. It’s just not worth the gamble on health. Many thanks, again

  180. Mae says

    I bought this product and recieved it today. In researching one of the ingredients I found your research. I’m affraid to take it now Thank you for the insight. I hope they will let me return it. Mae

  181. says

    Thank you for your research, I understand the concerns but as the wife of a marketing specialist i understand marketing strategies. I am more interested in know if this supplement has worked for any one who used the product. The product may still be good even though the marketing integrity is pretty thin.

  182. says

    Wow. I am impressed to the point of being stunned at the thoroughness and rationality of your analysis.
    I personally discovered that over-the-counter vitamins can be very detrimental if taken without a need.
    It took me 20 years to discover the dangers of excess Vitamin B, even though it is supposed to be water-soluble.
    There needs to be far greater warnings to people about those deleterious effects and the lack of need for such supplements.


    We have developed a new method of determining acuity that might be of interest to you because of its precision and ease of use.

    I would love to have Joe’s comments on our discovery at

    Thank you.

    – Allan Hytowitz

    • Joe says

      Allen, thanks I’m glad I was able to help. I looked at your site but its outside my area of expertise. You could take what I know about eyesight – and put it in a thimble – and have lots of room left over.

  183. Tom McKinley says

    Great, thorough review! With all the information now available on the internet, people who make unsubstantiated claims for medications and supplements like those made for Procera AVH hopefully will find it harder and harder to lure people to take their product in the future.

    I am a retired epidemiologist and love the very logical way you looked at each of the claims and all those involved in making them. You have done a great service to anyone who takes the time to read your review. Thank you for your effort.

    • Joe says

      Tom you are very welcome.

      As an aside, recently I’ve noted that when I go to Youtube to research different supplements, I sometimes see the Procera TV commercial “masquerading” as another product. For example, today I saw the Procera commercial show up when I clicked on a youtube video for the HCG diet. I had to watch a commercial first before procera showed up, so somebody is making money somewhere.

      I’m not sure who is behind this trick. Just wanted to mention it.

  184. Tim says

    Very nice. I found a half page local newspaper ad today and because of your excellent work I will not be having any of this product.thank you,Tim.

    • Ted says

      I came here because of a half page newspaper article as well, featuring “Pharmacist of the Year” Gene Steiner, but only very vague information about the product and absolutely no meaningful evidence of its effectiveness. I will not be buying. Thanks for your thorough research!

  185. Guerry Thode says

    Outstanding analysis and research!! I’ll never waste my time watching an infomercial regarding supplements again. I’ll just ask my doctor for advice!

    Thanks for such a great public service. As you pointed out, Procera may interfere with prescription drugs that are PROVEN to be effective. Checking with your doctor and/or pharmacist before adding any new supplements is still sage advice. I’ll also check with YOUR website to get your comments if available!

    With high Regards,

  186. Jacqui says

    thank you for the information I watched the TV program and was very tempted as I certainly am inclined to forget things but will now give it a miss

  187. paula says

    hi: great article; my friend was called during the night telling her about this product and the special they were having $600 worth…unfortunately she ordered it, but then wrote me asking if i had called and told her about it…i sent her a copy of your article…sounds like a scam…don’t know if she will be able to cancel the order….

  188. Anonymous says

    Peggy February 19, 2013 at 2:12 pm I watched the TV program and was nearly sold thank you for important information. Nassau Bahamas

  189. iggy puglisi says

    Thanx for the info my friend! I saw about 10 min. of the infomercial and was ready to order. Lucky i took the time to read your precise breakdown. I really didn’t care about the $$ it’s more about the time and then wondering if maybe it just didn’t work on me?? THANX AGAIN!! P.S. i also tried ONNIT that Joe Rogan swears by and i got zero results…

    • Anonymous says

      I read your comments about Procera AVH and shared your exact experience. I was just about to order 3 bottles when I decided to read this research article. Needless to as, I did not proceed with the order!

      Don Gunter

  190. Barbara says

    Wow… thanks so much for doing all this research and saving me the terrible mistake of ordering this for my 94 yr old father. At 94 his vision isn’t very good and I see that one side affect is blurry vision. Not to mention the blood thinning affect. God bless you!

    • Randall says

      Barbara, my 91 yr old father had blurred vision. He just had cataract surgery and received a monofocular implant. When they took the patch off his eye it was the first time I ever heard my father say the words “That’s Amazing.” Never hurts to have an eye exam.

  191. Sherry B. says

    Joe, thank you for the research you have done on this product. I have what is called White Matter Disease, nocturnal seizure disorder and recurring phlebitis. So already being on coumadin since age 17 ( for the rest of my life) I’m now 60, I take tegretol and dialantin for the seizures. Needless to say, I will not be ordering this product…lol I have enough problems. Thank you again, Sherry

  192. Anonymous says

    I want to thank you so much, Joe, for your precise explanation of this ad. I have been so worried about my memory that I wanted to try it. I have hypothyroidism and on a drug for high cholesterol. I am never sure if I am making the right decision about things, so I am very grateful for your research. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  193. Regina says

    After watching the Procera AVH commercial I was about to break out the unused, previously purchased supplements my friend had recommended, and start taking the acetyl l-carnitine, vinpocetine, and huperzine.

    I really appreciate your warning about the acetyl l-carnitine, as I have hypothyroidism, and had no idea that supplement could harm me. in the future, I will check your website before buying any supplement.

    I got to your website via a link on a website that came up when I Googled Procera AVH–ingredients. It was But I see that your website is very high on the list as well. Thanks for your great work.


  194. Elora says


  195. DoloresC says

    Hi Joe ~ I just saw the infomercial this morning and immediately jotted everything down so I could share it with my sister for her husband to take. Then I decided to Google Procera AVH and clicked on your link. WOW – it’s all I can say. So glad I didn’t encourage my sister to buy this stuff and can’t thank you enough for your insightful and informative dissertation about this product, not to mention divulging the relationship between the interviewer (Patricia King Brown) and Dr. Paul Nemiroff – very interesting indeed!

    Thanks again!


  196. Mary says

    I live in Pittsburgh and my mom saw this scam on Tv….why did she order it? Because Patrice King Brown was selling it…..Ms. Brown has been on the local news for years and is very well liked in the Pittsburgh area….I think it is a shame that she and her husband (the doctor) are selling this to unsuspecting senior citizens who look up to Ms. Brown..I called and cancelled her order and it was an ordeal to cancel it….what a shame!

  197. Anonymous says

    grasping at straws when in panic is part of an aging population. The infomercial plays to every aging adults worries and prays on their fears. thank you for comments.

  198. Sandra says

    Thank you for the research. My parents are in Florida and my mother asked me to look into this supplement for my father. I think I will advise them to keep up the walking at the condo. I do give my father Nature’s Sunshine Brain Protex, with Huperzine A, since I have found that they are a reputable supplement company. Not sure if you have ever reviewed that product.

    • Joe says

      Sandra, honestly I have not yet looked at Natures Sunshine Brain Protex yet. Its possible its ingredients have been in other products I have looked at so if you know the ingredients, just put them in the search box and see if they show up.

  199. Robert says

    Vinpocetine has worked for me for about 4 years. As a customer service rep, I began having mental lapses (forgetting what I was doing). Vinpocetine stopped the lapses.
    You can purchase it at Vitamin Shoppe for 19.99 for 100 tablets ( I don’t work there or own stock)

  200. Judy says

    Thank you for sharing your analysis of this product. You have methodically reviewed questions all consumers should address when taking new drugs or supplements.

  201. Kelly says

    Joe, I was seriously thinking of purchasing this item and then did some research and came across your opinion. I so appreciate your thoughts and comments. You seemed very unbiased and logical with your approach and I can see you did a lot of research on your own. Great job!

  202. Lyn says

    Thank you for your thoughtful review! I just got online to review the product myself because I was suspicious. I think exercise is a better brain booster. I had an mild brain injury in ’06 so I’m always looking for ways to support my brain.

  203. Jo says

    Joe, wonderful article. Thank goodness when I started my research on the product, Procera AVH, your article was the first one I chose. You have just saved me a lot of time researching and you did an excellent job of it.

  204. paola says

    Hi,I apologize for my English.

    I would like to thank you for all the information because today I was going to order Procera AVH to bring it in Italy to my mother who is experiencing memory loss.

    My God! I am so desperate to help her I almost ordered a product that eventually could even harm her fragile heart . I felt very scared!
    Thank goodness I clicked on your link!
    You should be very proud of your job!

    Thank you very much for helping me and my mother !!!
    God bless you.

    • Joe says

      Paola, I share your desperation as I’ve been there myself. I will say a prayer for your mom -and you -today.

      Your English was perfect – better than mine too :)

  205. Anonymous says

    Hi Joe, we are so thankful for the time and energy you put into the research of this product and many, many more I I was ready to pick the phone up and buy,buy,buy. Im only 40 but I forget things just told to me 12 hours ago. I am going to start an exercise regimen because I had no idea it helps with the function of the brain in such a way. Joe is there a supplement u do recommend over the counter that supports the brain? Gingko Biloba?

    • Joe says

      Anonymous, The research on gingko biloba is very weak as far as memory is concerned and I dont think it will work. Did you get checked out by your doctor? I think that is a good first step to rule out anything that might be going on. If you have a lot of stress in your life that can also hurt memory. I do think the exercise will help but I’d also say go get checked out by your doctor who can give you a better idea of what might be going on and ease any fears you may be having.

  206. Don says

    Superb research! Too bad AMA does not exercise some oversight in these situations. You seem to have covered all bases thoroughly, but I missed seeing the credentials of Dr. Paul Nemiroff whom I have some questions about! We know about his wife, but what about him? Does he really have a PhD in behavioral science? Is he retired? Is this his sole source of income? Did I hear his wife say he is a surgeon? Where did he go to med school? Internship? Residency? Licenses?
    Many thanx for your invaluable service.

  207. Marie says

    Joe, thank you so much for all your hard work. I have decided I will not buy this product. What a shame all the customers not looking further into it the claims . I’m glad I found your review. Thanks again .Marie

  208. Private Guy says

    Saw TV infomercial while waiting for sports show following on the regional sports channel where it showed this morning. Almost bought.

    RED FLAG: Unlike many direct sales ads, they never show a web site to augment the phone number. So, obviously, they want to direct consumers to the hard sell.

    I Googled “Procera AVH” and, thankfully, discovered this excellent analysis. I noted that the search produces a couple of “Is Procera a scam…?” type headlines, which actually turn out to be links to their own marketing! I am appreciative that the search engine has you in the midst of that.
    Thanks, Joe.

    • Joe says

      Private Guy, Glad you found me. Yes marketers know that most of us search for the name of the product plus the word “scam” and so they add in that stuff. Fortunately Google is getting pretty good at catching onto that type of stuff.

  209. Randall says

    Joe, thanks for taking on this mission. My aunt has bought into this stuff lock stock and barrel. In fact she sent a bunch of it to my mom who is 84 and experiencing rapid short term memory loss. What’s worse is my aunt called this morning to say she gave my name and number to a salesman of Procera and that he would be calling me. Oh brother. My poor aunt.

    Sure enough he did- but had to leave a message. He claimed it was an all-natural supplement for improving brain health and short-term memory. Now I’ve got to call this guy and tell him to please remove my number from his database. I sense either an impending family feud or enlightenment approaching. 😀

  210. Len Nelson says

    I just read an ad featuring a Dr. Arnold Bresky. I called the number and and received a hard sales pitch for Procera. After I refused the offer, I also received a call back with another sales pitch. Interestingly, the ad made no reference to the Procera brand name, just referring to it as a compound.. Dr. Bresky appears to have good credentials, why he lend his name to such a shameless advertisment is beyond me.

  211. Jorge says

    Saw the infomercial this morning. Rarely watch infomercials. It caught my attention and was interested. Afterwards, thought I would check it out on-line and read your review. Think I’ll pass on the product. Thank you so much for doing what you do. You do an excellent job and it’s got to take a lot of your time. Thank God for people like you that take the time and provide a tremendous help to all of us. Thanks Joe.

  212. Ann says

    I stumbled upon this infomercial late one night and after watching this “scam show”, I realized where my mother who suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s disease was hearing about a “medication” that would cure her. She has repeatedly asked me for this and has actually used “bites” heard on this program such as– are you being controlled by your children, spouse?.. had your independence taken away… get your memory back like you had 20 years ago, to name a few.

    This program is so highly offensive to people directly dealing with loved ones who are dealing with any type of dementia diagnosis. It’s interesting, but highly intentional, how they skirt over using terms such as Alzheimer’s disease in this program, but “play” upon symptoms directly related to this disease such as paranoia and unfortunately loss of independence due to the destructive progress of the disease. This is such a scam against our aging population.

    It’s unfortunate that people like my mother are exposed to this, but thankfully she does not have the means to purchase this garbage. I plan to ask our local TV station that plays this infomercial to stop and will refer them to your analysis as reason to do that. For all of the professionals that are trying diligently to actually find a cure and prevent Alzheimer’s disease for future generations, it is a slap in the face that the individuals involved in this scam are allowed to present themselves as credible experts in brain science.

  213. Skye says

    Great review, unbiased and factual. I like to review products before I purchase them whether it be a camera or a supplement. Will be using your site on a regular bases. Thanks for helping me not get ripped off or injuring my health.

  214. Anonymous says

    I’m so impressed with your research, I’ve been listening to this Procera AVH informercial. They showed two images of the brain, before and after. They talked about how the brain was light up like a Christmas tree!!!

    It is so easy to fall for this. I’m glad I did some research and found yours.
    Thank you for all your work,
    Lupita Hi O’Connell

  215. Betsy says

    Thanks so much for the info, Joe! My husband was watching this on tv and wanted me to look into it. With your research, I will be avoiding this scam and I am grateful to you. This saved me from a lot of headaches dealing with this company. —Betsy

  216. Kellie says

    Like so many others, I want to personally thank you for all your time and research into this product. What a wonderful review!! It makes me feel good that there are people like you out there combating the many who are just looking for a buck. Thank you again for saving us all the extra stress that buying this product would have likely caused!

  217. pegsfly says

    Couldn’t believe how many links led back to a Procera site praising the product. Glad I found your site with it’s well put together review. I had seen part of the Procera AVH infomercial which just seemed weird to me. Started to look up some of the participants in the infomercial and found your info just nailed it.

    Patrice King Brown being married to Dr. Nemiroff is interesting to hear. In my opinion, the infomercial isn’t very ethical. As a nurse, I can’t believe anybody with an actual medical degree would push anything with blood thinning properties without a big warning attached. Seems like the product could be dangerous for plenty of people.

  218. Russell W. Moore says

    Wow! After seeing all these caution signs, it seems that i’ll be an idiot to go forward and try this supplement, But I’ll at least give it a fair try and make use of the trial period with the hope and expectation that it’ll live up to its claims. I ordered on Feb. 27th, I thought the product would have arrived by now.

  219. Anonymous says

    I was considering an order and thankfully decided to do a brief search first. You are very kind to share your findings with others. Much, much appreciation to you.

  220. Anonymous says

    Brilliant research. I learned more about what to do to improve brain function from reading your report. Thanks.

  221. Paul says

    Just another ex-potential-user of Procera who has been educated, Joe. Thank you very much for your thorough investigation of every aspect of the product, and of the participants in the commercial … and most of all, thank you for sharing them with us. I discovered your site when I started doing a little research of my own into Procera, and I think I will just hold off for the time being after reading your words.

    I think the product needs further study and testing by reputable labs and doctors, and I do not expect to see this happen soon. I wish you could do a similar study on numerous other products out there which are constantly being pushed on the American public. Take care, and Best of Luck, Joe !!

    • Joe says

      Thanks Paul appreciate that. As of today I do have about 150 reviews here on various supplements touted on TV radio, web etc.

  222. Paul says

    Thanks, Joe … I discovered them immediately after reading out about Procera. I had been directed to that page via my Google search, but I am happy to find all your other comments, etc. Keep up the good work, Joe – it is quite helpful to many of us out here!

  223. Anonymous says

    I am truly thankful I found you when I googled Procera and clicked on you first… This extensive information has opened my eyes… And my brain not to make this purchase…

  224. Anonymous says

    I appreciate this information so much… I just started taking it and I was surprised even to see the direction of taking 2 to 3 pills a day with food… do I take them together or throughout the day???? Also, I noticed when I take one after dinner my sleep is affected; i usually fall asleep by 9 and last night I fell asleep by 1230… I just started taking them this week and I am about to dumb them… I should have read all this before I wasted my money.

  225. Anonymous says

    I really want to thank you for your time and effort that you put into your review, because I was really skeptical about this product. I previously had a negative experience with another TV product. I wished that I could’ve read a review about that, as well, before purchasing it. These advertisements tell you all the good things, but like my Dr. told me, there may be side effects to everything. And people need to know what they are. So again, Thank You!!!

  226. Anonymous says

    Thank you. The country needs more people like you to help expose all these snake oil scams. You are a good person. :)

  227. Roseann says

    Hi, Joe. After trying to contact Brain Research Labs a few times by their recorded email address, none of them went through! And then BRL was closed for several days because of inclement weather, which my husband told me was the truth. FINALLY, I got a human to talk to regarding getting a return number for the 6 month trial of Procera AVH and Ceraplex I had stupidly ordered.

    I took a couple Ceraplex, which raised my blood pressure way up- I have hypertension and take 3 medications for it- and I told the Rep that my doctor would not allow me to take the Procera (and I made sure that my call was being recorded for Quality Purposes).

    SO, it is all shipped back to BRL, with me using all their proper procedures, and I will let you know if I ever get a refund on my credit card.

    By the way, the person I talked to about the return offered to credit me $174 + dollars to just keep the stuff and give it away to someone else (or sell it!)! This was half the amount I paid for my brainless purchase. I told her that even though I am disabled, I do have an active RN license, so if I gave these products to someone else and they had an adverse reaction, I could be sued and lose my license.

    She replied that everything was natural, so it is all safe. I replied, if it’s so safe, why did my blood pressure go up to 210/120 after taking Ceraplex. No comment.

    Please stay tuned to whether I get any $$$ back. You have taught me WELL to research products that seem to be too good to be true. You are a true benefit to people who need unbiased, thorough reviews!

    • Joe says

      Roseann, so sorry you went through all of that and Im glad I was able to help in some small way. Yes, please do let me know what happens with your refund from Brain Research Labs. Have a great Easter Roseann :)

  228. Robin says

    Thank you for your research! Very informative! I am watching the infomercial now. I always try to get good reviews before ordering! Thank goodness I read yours! Will not order now!

  229. Bill says

    I was going to purchase procera after I watched the info commercial, for my parents. Glad I decided wait to hear your spin on it. It was very informative and I greatly appreciate all your effort and time. I’ll keep searching.

  230. Peggy says

    Great analysis, not only of the lack of clinical proof, but also the advertizing tricks. There will always be those who are anxious to capitalize on the difficulties of others.

    When I heard the claims made on the infomercial I thought “this sounds too good to be true, lets check it out!” Fortunately, your article was the second item identified in the Google search. It was exactly what I was looking for for a “reality check”.


    • Joe says

      Anonymous, Im not aware of any studies on chlorella for brain health but Ill add it to my list of things to look at and if I find anything Ill try to review it.

  231. Chuck says

    Excellent article, it’s difficult not to fall for products
    That we could really use. Thanks for the “heads
    Up” on this baseless product.

  232. Juli says

    Thank you for your research. I have hypothyroidism and have been taking acetyl l carnitine. Had no idea about the side effects.

  233. Lynne says

    Joe, thank you so very much for your extensive review on Procera. My mother is in serious need of medical attention for her memory loss but is also in denial of that fact. I saw the infomercial and thought what a miracle drug this could be for her. I decided to investigate and other was your review, I can’t thank you enough.

  234. Anonymous says

    Excellent article and a great public service.
    I saw the commercial for the first time today and within the first 5 seconds of watching red flags were flying up. I immediately found this site and was glad to see such useful information. With all the scams and false claims out there today, we all need to research everything these days. Information is power! Keep up the great work!!

  235. Anonymous says

    Thank you for your work. The TV ad looked real suspect. I emailed the Melbourne reference to ask them to site the published research.

    Will let you know if they reply.

  236. Ruth says

    Everything is a scam if they re trying to sell it especially offering a free bottle with the purchase of two. to cure my mum????????? I DON’T THINK SO…………..thanx Joe

  237. Anonymous says

    Thank you very much for your analytical breakdown. It has been very helpful. If only everything had this much thought, review, and research behind it, people could make better rational decisions before getting scammed. Thanks again.

  238. Marvin says

    Thank you for your careful and thorough evaluation of the product. You do a great service to the public.

  239. Howard Davis says

    I have used this product for 6 -7 month. It really does make a difference. I felt as if I was a taking a mild dose of ritalin.
    Howard Davis

  240. says

    I purchased ceraplex, procera AVH x2 and this dietary supplement makes me feel like I haven’t slept for days. My head is ringing and I quit taking it. I need a refund. I will return 3 unopened bottles = 160 tablets.

  241. says

    Thank you VERY much to all who wrote and commented about Procera AVH. I was concerned my self about it and Googled it. That led me to supplement-geek. Thank you so very much JOE for doing your research. As i have Acquired Hypothyroidism I am concerned about drug interactions. You have saved me in more ways than one. The side effects you and others mentioned are VERY concerning to me. None of them were mentioned in the infomercial I watched for Procera. Keep up the good work!!

  242. dan baker says

    Many thanx for your comprehensive analysis.
    In the TV ad, Procera AVH looked practically
    like a miracle drug. At 81, I have learned to
    look very carefully at CLAIMS. In the Dale Carnegie Sales Course, one lesson is devoted exclusively
    to CLAIMS vs FACTS ! Very imporant distinction
    for a salesman. Accordingly, I have learned to
    GOOGLE all claims. I’m delighted that GOOGLING “procera avh”, led me to your outstanding critique ! You are providing a badly needed service ! Most of us tend to be suckers, and fail to do their own research, before biting the bullet ! I’m delighted I failed to fall for the scam !
    Cordially, …………….dan…………….

    • Joe says

      Anonymous, not yet but I did a quick look at its website. they say its got some research so you just got my attention! I will take a look at it soon.

  243. William Dwyer says

    The problem that I first noticed about this supplement is that, despite listing the ingredients — acetyl-l-carnitine, Huperazine A and Vinpocetine — there’s no mention of the amounts (which you also pointed out). So it could have miniscule amounts of each.

    Therefore, even if these ingredients are in fact effective for improving one’s memory, there may not be enough of them in this supplement to make any difference, which may be why, unlike other nutrient supplements, they don’t disclose them. And as you mentioned, they refused to disclose them even after you called to inquire about the product!


  244. Jeremy says

    Just so I’m clear, they told you there’s an equal amount of each ingredient? That’s absurd, considering an effective dose of acetyl carnitine would be a gram value, vinpocetine should be several milligrams, while huperzine-A is measured in micrograms!

  245. Samantha says

    Thank you so much for your research, without reading your information I would have purchased this product for my mother in law who suffers from the early stages of Alzheimers. She has thyroid disfunction and heart problems, both of which would have reacted very badly to the Procera. I can’t thank you enough!

  246. Anonymous says

    Joe Thanks for your informative research! Caregivers of aging parents many times become so desperate for help in dealing with parents who are aggressively suffering from Alzheimer’s that we will buy or do anything to slow this horrible disease. What’s worse is with this new Health Care Reform, services are cut even more and doctors have even less time and money to do additional research of their own.

    Again, Thanks for showing me that a fool and her money are easily parted. Betty

  247. Anonymous says

    WOW, you just saved me from buying again this product!!!

    Thanks for such an in-depth review. You really are to be commended for your research on the product and these individuals who profit from other peoples medical problems!

  248. Doug Walls says

    Thanks for your thorough research on this product. We have a half page ad in our daily newspaper by Dr. Gene Steiner. I was suspicious of the article and found your article while researching the product. I will not be ordering their product. Thanks again!

  249. Kate Shanahan-Prendergast says

    Dear Joe,

    I came across your review while researching up our competition in this market area. Your review is excellent. As I read the part about Swinbourn University regarding a participant study. I believe this information might have been about Total Calm & Focus, our product. We had Swinbourn University carry out assessing the beneficial effects of Total Calm & Focus in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

    We investigated the biological and psychological mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of a propriety blend of magnolia extract and phosphatidylserine. A double-blind, placebo controlled, clinical trial comprising 34 healthy adults was undertaken over a 4-week period. This included a baseline period where participants did not take the herbal supplement, two experimental periods where participants were instructed to take the recommended dose of herbal supplement and a follow-up period where participants ceased taking the supplement. Participants completed questionnaires assessing concentration, mood, perceived stress, anxiety and depression, and provided saliva samples on three days during each week, to measure biological markers of stress, cortisol and alpha-amylase.

    One of the main responses to stress is the activation of the HPA axis, with the primary consequence being the secretion of cortisol. Several studies have demonstrated a relationship between perceived stress and cortisol levels, with findings providing evidence that higher cortisol secretion is related to higher levels of stress. The transition from sleep to wakefulness provides a measure of HPA-axis activity, characterised by a marked increase in cortisol levels immediately after awakening. This process is referred to as the cortisol awakening response (CAR).

    There is a general consensus that psychological variables are involved in the dysregulation of the HPA axis, as evident by effects on the CAR. Several studies have also demonstrated that alphaamylase is a sensitive biomarker of the stress response. Salivary alpha-amylase reflects the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, with studies showing increases in alpha-amylase during times of stress.

    Waking cortisol levels decreased throughout the study period in the treatment group, with no significant change in the control group. For the treatment group, the cortisol awakening response also tended to decrease throughout the study period. There was a significant decrease in the daily measure of stress and the weekly measure of depression in the treatment group, with similar trends seen for the other measures of psychological well-being. There were no significant changes in well-being measures for the control group.

    This pilot study indicated that the supplement targets the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis regulator of the stress response, with significant beneficial effects on waking cortisol, daily stress and weekly depression.

    If you would like to review our full publication on TC&F please do not hesitate to get in touch. We believe we are currently the only product in the market with actual clinical trials using the product itself and not just the ingredients separately.

    Kind regards,


  250. Rob says

    it seems that congress did a great diservice allowing the supplement industry to market products without proof of efficacy and safety.

    I recently (Dec 2011) did research as part of my MS Biotechnology degree.

    These are the recall rates per Billion $ in Sales

    Recalls/$ Billion Sales
    Device 0.23
    Drug/Biologic 0.15
    Food 0.45
    Supplement 1.50

    13. FDA. Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts. Available at: Accessed December 10, 2011.

    14. Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology industry statistics. Available at: Accessed December 10, 2011.

    15. US Prescription Drug Sales Grow Slowly; Hydrocodone Most Prescribed. Available at: Accessed December 9, 2011.

    16. ADVANCE MONTHLY SALES FOR RETAIL AND FOOD SERVICES OCTOBER 2011. Available at: Accessed December 9, 2011.

    17. Annual USA sales of nutritional supplements top $23 billion, but where’s the quality control? – Sacramento Nutrition | Available at: Accessed December 9, 2011.

  251. Mark says

    The very fact that this is an infomercial and that the interviewer Patrice Brown asks questions which are designed to evoke only a positive endorsement of the product by this doctor would in itself trigger a red flag. So that got me curious enough to check it out on Google and what you’ve researched about it only confirms my initial skepticism.

  252. Teancum says

    Wow, that was a very thorough and exhaustive review/critique of procera. There are really a lot of grey areas around the endorsement of this product, and a lot not so very truthful endorsements. I guess the user’s experience would speak a lot for, or against, the product. Thanks for all the other published works the people here shared. Very, very useful.

  253. Bob Spitzer says

    I spent 30 minutes researching Procera, and can verify 25-30% of your comments. I am an actuary, in retirement, having the time to do research. Thanks so much as you answered all my questions. Most elderly people aren’t trained and are over-trusting. Why not sponsor a not-for-profit user-funded site that produces research like this. The need is sadly significant DEFINED here as justified that $millions each day on unproven health aids. Thanks for this excellent article.

  254. Steve says

    Thanks for all the work put into this. I wish I had seen the prior to making a purchase oI this product!

    I was a surgical PA and involved with many types of surgery. However, all that changed after I used a large quantity of Crystal Light over a long period of time. Why do I say all this? Because I was unaware of the dangers of aspartame in high heat situations.

    After the lose of cognitive skills and tipping over, It was recommended that I try the product you so skillfully refuted. I wish (as I previously stated) that I would have seen something like this prior to making such a purchase. Thank you for putting your information out there for all to see.

  255. M.O. Dennis says

    Thank you for your research. There was a huge article in my local paper about Dr. Gene Steiner, who supposedly discovered this new treatment. they were offering a 30 day free bottle. when I called I spoke to a gentleman for a couple of minutes, the phone went dead and no one would answer when I tried to call back. The Lord was protecting me from a scam.

  256. Theresa says

    Sir, I read your commentary, and I thank you for your work. I saw an ad on TV for a “doctor” promoting his book on dementia and how to avoid it. I saw this while standing in a hospital room with my 88 yr old father who is suffering from dementia after a diabetic episode. Needless to say, I was listening to the ad because I am interested in avoiding the problem myself.

    When the “doctor” started describing his “4 pillars” to brain health, I became interested. After mildly describing the 1st pillar as good nutrition, but then instantly segued into an ad for “Procera AVH” I became suspicious. Rule of thumb: Follow the money. I turned the TV off after that. I felt sorry for all the desperate folks looking for a “cure” and then spending their fixed incomes on “snake oil.” Some things don’t change, do they. Again, thank you for your research….I hope people take the time to question Procera AVH and I hope they find your info.

    • Joe says

      Thanks Teresa. Ill say a prayer today for your dad who has dementia. I can only imagine the stress you are under.

  257. elisabethkhan says

    Everything you point out is true. As with a whole lot of other “miracle” supplements, the scientific claims are so vague they really mean nothing. However, unless one is at risk for the blood-thinning side effect, some persons can benefit from this product.

    My personal experience with Procera: A year or two ago, I overcame my dislike and distrust of TV commercials (“But wait! Order now and you will get not one but three….”) and ordered the product because I was experiencing memory lapses and looking for an easy solution (I admit I hate exercise). Within days I noticed a marked improvement in my mood. After some weeks, my memory too was improving significantly. I had no side effects and reordered several times, even shared it with my sister, who also experienced a positive effect. My only problem was with the price, so eventually I discontinued my orders.

    Some months ago, I received notice of a class action against the company, which entitled their customers to a $50 rebate against a future order, and I must say I was tempted to use it, but didn’t. (This action was based solely on their sales/pricing practices and had nothing to do with the product itself.)

    I landed on this site because I was researching alternatives as, once again, my memory is letting me down. I may try the single ingredients one by one, starting with the vinpocetine.

    No doubt it must be a very lucrative business to combine some proven ingredients into a branded “cocktail” which can be marked up at will!

    • Joe says

      elisabethkhan, I know you said you hate it, but do consider exercise. Its not just about memory. Exercise will help you keep your independence as you get older. Just trust me.

  258. Bill says

    After reading almost all the comments and your replies, I am impressed with your work, and how gullible the public is. There are multi-billion $ pharma companies and university labs working on the memory problem, and have been for a very long time. How can anybody believe that suddenly an obscure product will come on the market that will outdo the multi-millions of dollars that are being spent for the work of legitimate high powered scientists? Wake up America!

    The scientists have not overlooked natural supplements, they just know that they don’t really work. It is pitiful to see people who are desperate about their memory be hoodwinked by charlatans – sad, sad, sad. The Medical Doctors involved in trying to sell this junk to the public ought to be sued for malpractice.

    People ought to send your research paper to their local Better Business Bureau’s, and to their State Medical Board wherever a Medical Doctor practices who is involved in this.

    We need to fight back and let those people know they cannot get away with hoodwinking the public.

  259. Bill says

    Let me elaborate a bit more on my comments of yesterday – I was in a bit of a hurry to leave for dinner with friends and did not say all that I feel should be said.

    I have a close friend who is the former President of the Research Division of a very large well known pharmaceutical company. He holds a PhD in Pharmacology, as does a cousin of mine, and rose through the ranks to be come President of the Research Division. He traveled to all parts of the world and the US where they had manufacturing facilities. He knows more about drugs and their development than any MD who does not work in that field.That company at one point sold out to Pfizer and he was then
    recruited by the FDA to serve on a committee that evaluates the testing of drugs in development required by the FDA. He is probably the only person who has served on both sides of the fence, the private development world, and the FDA.

    I have had some long discussions with him about investing in rising pharma companies whose research looks promising. He gave me a real education on what really goes on in the world of drug development and approval, and I can tell you that it is a very very tough process, mainly due to side affects and efficacy. He has related how his company spent as high as $800,000,000 on drugs that they felt would make it through final testing and approval – which didn’t and the project had to be dropped by them.

    He was in charge of granting money to private research labs, rising pharma companies, University research labs, etc. when his company felt that they “may be on to something”. He dispensed untold millions of dollars in these projects in search of solutions that were needed and looked promising.

    I am playing golf with him tomorrow morning, and I am going to mention Procera AVH to him. I know without doubt that he is going to laugh me off the golf course, but I am going to take it up with him anyway.

    I do realize that dealing with supplements and vitamins is not the same world as I just delved into, but don’t think for a minute that those ingredients are not considered in serious research and development, the scientists who have the education and real world experience that is needed.

    To say that our country, probably the world, has a serious growing problem with loss of mental function, is to put it mildly. The incidence of Dementia and Alzheimer’s is growing, and presents a situation of great enormity. With the advent of the Baby Boomers now reaching the ages of higher incidence, the problem will overwhelm the medical community to deal with it if some solutions are not soon developed (and are indeed being worked on furiously).

    Don’t think that the U S Government is not greatly concerned about this, for indeed they are. It’s serious stuff. My own 77 year old sister-in-law just very recently finished an FDA authorized test program of a drug in development by a well known pharma company. The drug that was administered during the program did help her a bit during the testing period – but not permanently, and she is now slowly going deeper into Alzheimer’s. It is horrible to watch.

    Now in the face of all the money and the time by scientists being put into the problem, can you tell me how a one horse company can put together a “solution” on their own by mixing some ingredients? It’s an absurdity. It is outrageous.

    And to close, let me relate a little to anybody who reads this message about “ingredients” which would be the supplements that are used by these companies. You do not know the source of those supplements. Much of them are made in different parts of the world, including China as a big supplier, and there is no guarantee of their quality, or supervision over their manufacture.

    This stuff is NOT tested upon entry into the U.S. This is why my friend referenced herein tells me he will not take any drugs that are not manufactured by major pharmaceutical houses in the U.S. No substitutes!!! Otherwise, you do not know the quality of the ingredients, drugs or Over The Counter supplements!!! Think on that for a while!

    I hope that my message is of some help.

  260. says

    As somebody who is a sales agent for Procera AVH- I’d just like to point out that Brain Research Labs is actually located up in Maine…. Westbrook and Topsham, to be specific.

    Now, I understand that there are a significant amount of issues to be had with this product. But, I will also say this is one of two products that I /actually/ believe in.

    That’s not a sales pitch. That’s based on testimonials I’ve personally received from customers, and the literature I’ve read on this product…. NOW… I do recognize that a fair amount of the effects from Procera could definitely be placebo effects.

    Mind you, my company sells like 100+ other things that are complete shit, and I’ve made it a point to write that on online interviews. Although I’m a fantastic salesperson, I think that people who are intelligent enough to do their own research on something that they’re buying deserve a chance, haha.

    • Joe says

      Anastasia, thanks for writing. I used the address of Brain Research Labs that was listed on the website. I appreciate your impute that BRL sells many other products. I wasn’t aware of that.

  261. pati scott says

    Joe…spoke to an agent tonight and was interested…but your comprehensive review thankfully made me think twice…they are so many companies out there like this…they get your cc and then it becomes impossible to get in touch with them to stop the product…so grateful for all the information…very thoughtful and kind of you to take the time and energy pati scott

  262. Chris Catlin says

    It is funny not one reply that it works. I found out about this product by three people who had a GREAT turn around. Who are you trying to be,or start your own web site?

  263. Teri says

    Like so many here, I was excited to hear there was an answer to my ‘brain fog’, but it’s not foggy enough to buy without research. I was very glad to see you had looked into it..I always find your results thorough and factual to the product and people involved, which I also believe is fair. Thank you for saving me time and $$.

  264. Martha says

    Does anybody know why Procera Infomercials are still airing late at night, making the same claims that the lawsuit was supposed to have settled?

    • Joe says

      Martha, I can only guess that they are still making sales. I don’t think the lawsuit prohibited them from advertising but that is an interesting question. I’m not sure.

      • Martha says

        Thanks Joe! I have tried briefly to find out contact information of the Attorney(s) who handled the case, or perhaps where I might read the settlement agreement. Seems that would be public knowledge. Also seems that if company was able to settle out of court, that they would have to agree to discontinue doing the very thing they were accused of doing!!

        Whatcha think? Surely a settlement is more than an “apology-accepted” and “business as usual”?! Do you know more about how we can learn the outcome?

        • Joe says

          Martha, I hear that sometimes people settle to pay a fine without admitting anything wrong occurred. I’m not sure if that is what happened or not. Im sure the attorneys who handled the lawsuit would know a lot more about this.

  265. sarah says

    So glad I did a bit of research on this. My Father mentioned it and due to his increasing memory issues he is grasping at straws, especially after the Dr. visit this morning. He mentioned looking into it and when I found your site it all ended as quickly as it began.

    He is healthy physically but mentally he is sliding fast. He did mention that he didn’t want to take something that is worse than what he already has.

  266. Linda M. says

    Thank you very much Joe! As one of thousands looking for help for parents beginning to exhibit mental decline, Procera seemed intriging but the fact that they use an info-mercial to sell was very concerning. And it was quite clear that Patrice was not an unbiased interviewer so thanks for letting us know about the connection.

    As for Brain Research Labs being located in Topsham, ME, I find that very difficult to believe. I am from the neighboring town of Brunswick ( my parents still live there actually) and my father works in Topsham. The town is barely a stop in the road and I can’t think of where a manufacturing facility would be, but I certainly will be looking for it when I’m back in Brunswick in a few weeks. I’ll let you know if I actually find something.

    Thanks for doing such a thorough job for the rest of us!

  267. Rev. ZMarvin Purser says

    I was just watching the commercial! So I looked up a review and yours was clear and concise. There is so much hype in advertising. Example: At Sam’s Stores, several years ago, they were selling Slim Fast two ways. One box of 24 cans cost more than another box of 24 cans. So I looked at the ingredients and the protein in the more expensive cans was double from 10 gr. to 20 gr. The other two main ingredients, Fiber an Potassium were the same.

    Then in the same store, I checked out all the diet drinks and found that the constant for them all was that these three were in all of them. The rest was junk! And Oprah was pushing them one at a time as the best thing that has come along for weight loss.

    Now, she gets Dr. Oz to do the same thing. About every three months, the best changes to another one. Thought you would be interested.finally, all of them covered their hindmost with this line: “with proper nutrition and exercise.” Kool would work the same way!

  268. Linda says

    I’m glad I read Joe Cannon’s analysis of Procera before buying it and trying it. It certainly doesn’t seem to have any convincing studies behind it.

  269. O. C. Smith, MD says

    As a physician, licensed to practice medicine in the state of Tennessee, I have not found the claims of this “supplement” to have beeen validated by any controlled studies. With memory issues affecting older persons being a “hot button” there should be no doubt about the efficacy of such a “supplement.” Without the controlled studies there is nothing but hype. The total absence of peer review is a red flag.

  270. Laura L. says

    Thank you Joe for putting this information public. Being 77 and having a series of strokes that have curtailed activities I never thought I would occur, I got caught by the ‘infomercial’ about Procera. I am sorry I did not remember by Dad saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it is”! When I started my research, (after I got the pkg.), yours is the first review I read. I am very grateful.

    In the morning I am taking a copy of your page plus the Procera pkg. to my Doctor. Later in the day I will return the package.

    Our hospital has a new geriatrics whole wing built, with new Doctors. I will go investigate them. I think that will be safer. Thank you again.

  271. H Schmolck MD Neurology says

    Here is the result of a Meta-analysis on Huperzine, the most important ingredient in this supplement.
    I agree wholeheartedly that if Huperzine is available by itself I would buy that and not this phonily advertised product. Do not use without discussing with treating physicians, side effects similar to Donepezil (Aricept) as the mechanism of action is similar.

    MAIN RESULTS: Six trials including a total of 454 patients met our inclusion criteria. The methodological quality of most included trials was not high. It was shown that compared to placebo, Huperzine A had beneficial effects on the improvement of general cognitive function measured by MMSE (WMD 2.81; 95% CI 1.87 to 3.76; P < 0.00001) and ADAS-Cog at six weeks (WMD 1.91; 95% CI 1.27 to 2.55) and at 12 weeks (WMD 2.51; 95% CI 1.74 to 3.28), global clinical assessment measured by CDR (WMD -0.80; 95% CI -0.95 to -0.65) and CIBIC-plus (OR 4.32, 95% CI 2.37 to 7.90), behavioral disturbance measured by ADAS-non-Cog at six weeks (WMD -1.33, 95%CI -2.12 to -0.54) and at 12 weeks (WMD -1.52, 95% CI-2.39 to -0.65), and functional performance measured by ADL (WMD = -7.17; 95% CI -9.13 to -5.22; P < 0.00001). However, Huperzine A was not superior to placebo in the improvement of general cognitive function measured by Hasegawa Dementia Scale (HDS) (WMD: 2.78; 95% CI -0.17 to 5.73, P = 0.06) and specific cognitive function measured by Weshler Memory Scale (WMS) (WMD = 6.64; 95% CI -3.22 to 16.50; P = 0.19). No data were available on quality of life and caregiver burden. The adverse events of Huperzine A were mild and there were no significant differences of adverse events between Huperzine A groups and control groups.

    AUTHORS' CONCLUSIONS: From the available evidence, Huperzine A seems to have some beneficial effects on improvement of general cognitive function, global clinical status, behavioral disturbance and functional performance, with no obvious serious adverse events for patients with AD. However, only one study was of adequate quality and size. There is therefore inadequate evidence to make any recommendation about its use. Rigorous design, randomized, multi-centre, large-sample trials of Huperzine A for AD are needed to further assess the effects.

  272. some italian guy in jersey says

    I just saw the infomercial and out of pure curiosity I called to question the proof and legitimacy of the claimed “miraculous” results by dr. Bresky. My call was answered by a very fast talking woman. My response to the “Thank you for calling yada yada yada provera yadayada…. (you know the 800-schpeal) I said “hello thabk you, my name is ####, I am looking at this infomercial and have an Interest for my elderly family member. Before I spend such a lump sum on a medical product, can you please tell mr what research has been doneto prove the safety and effectivity of this product. “?

    3 TIMES I was answered with “we have studied this product at the fda approved brain —– institute of medicine In Australia ”

    One time “the brain technical institute”

    One time “the brain technical institue of medicine”

    One time “the harvard brain technical institute of australia”

    I then responded “what affiliation do you claim to have with Harvard school of medicine? Or the fda for that matter? I dont believe that harvard would submit studies outside of the us or for that matter do they Indeed have a campus in australia?

    “We conduct our studies to the harvard standard as outlined by the fda”

    Could you please e-mail me evidence of these studies? The fda would have them published and if done by harvard I should have no trouble finding this in the medical journal …but there seems to be no evidence of listing this product in the medical journal…”



    “Dial tone”..

    12/July/2013 0304 AM EST New Jersey USA

    This product is a load of crap, if such a drug exhisted it would be on the streets for a fortune or your doctors would be pushing it for a reason to our elderly. Dont waste a penny this is a true conversation and I spent 45 minutes posting this to save you time and money Experimenting with your elders. Godspeed

  273. karentheknowitall says

    I just watched the procera infomercial and it made me laugh. I especially liked the diagram of the lit-up brain. They showed a page from a journal which was about the benefits of Procera. On the page in large letters it had a logo “JANA.” At first I was impressed because I thought it was Journal of the American Medical Association. But it’s with an “N” not an “M.” I looked that up and it’s Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association. Eh?

  274. Elizabeth Feldman, MD says

    As a family physician with aging relatives, I appreciate your evaluation. The infomercial hype made me suspicious, but your research clinched it. Thank you!

  275. Cathy says

    Eat fruits, vegetables and exercise…the best “medicine” for all. Dont waste your money on these products Cathy RN, MSN

  276. Carl D..... says

    I had a hard time believing in a product with no costs mentioned in the TV ad. And no .com or .org address.
    You have been very helpful and happy birthday to you.

  277. Carolyn Gwynn says

    It’s sad that these “infomercials” are shown late at night when our Senior Citizens may be watching alone and making a snap judgment to purchase this product before discussing with their doctor, spouse or children. Sad indeed

  278. says

    Thank you for this article. I do know better than to pay attention to infomercials and that we would already know it if there were something that could address memory disorders so easily, but I was still wondering just a little. My husband is suffering from dementia and he’s only in his sixties. Just a little part of me was thinking that it would be wrong and irresponsible not to investigate anything that might help him.

    I’ve learned from you that these supplements are contraindicated for him based on other conditions that he has and the tiny chance (slim and none) that they’d help him is negated by the fact that they’d be much more likely to create a medical crisis for him.

  279. Mario Jonathan says

    Thank you for a great reseach! With all the information now available on the internet, people who make unsubstantiated claims for medications and supplements like those made for Procera AVH hopefully will find it harder and harder to lure people to take their product in the future with all this side Effects putting our health in Danger.

    Joe can you please recommend me a good Brand with no side Effects, for memory supplement that can help to nourish the brain, improving mental clarity. Improving concentration – I really appreciate all your help Joe..

    • Joe says

      Mario, first Id ask you go to your doctor and see if you both figure out what is causing your memory issues. As we get older, a little memory laps are common. I do know exercise can help – and that means even taking a daily walk. Im not aware of any supplement that can help. Do talk to your doctor. At the very least, this may help easy your feelings about what is going on.

  280. Dorothy Jackson says

    Thank you so much for the information on Procera. I think it is very important that potential side effects of Procera are known before anyone purchases the drug. When I watched the infomercial I got the impression that Procera was being offered in a free trial but when the salesperson got on the phone the pitch was for over $100 of cost for the product.

    I was very interested in the product because I need something that is effective to stop my gradual mental decline, but they just kept aggressively pitching their product to me and wouldn’t shut up, holding me on the phone to the point of annoyance. I was also told repeatedly by the salesman that the free trial was for 90 days, but when i received the product the invoice said it must be returned within 30 days for a refund.

    I called them and told them that I was promised a 90 trial, but they said that was what they used to do, but they now limit the trial period to 30 days. I told them that was deceptive advertising and wrong and the salesman said they would change the period of my trial to 90 days. Somehow, I don’t think i should believe that and I think I should get it back to them in 30 days or I won’t get my money back.

    Your information has convinced me that I may be taking something that is potentially harmful to me and that consultation with my doctor on this is important, but I don’t recall any mention of that in the infomercial. If there are side effects this should be brought out. I also agree that so called clinical studies with no real backing from the scientific or medical community casts doubt on the claims made about this product.

    I think I will talk to my doctor in the future regarding anything I should get for my brain and stay away from stuff like this.

    • Joe says

      Thanks Dorothy, I do think talking to your doctor is a great first step to seeing what might be going on and whether your memory loss is normal or not.

  281. Dorothy Jackson says

    I just got off the phone with the customer service representative for Procera for the number you call to return the product. Instead of telling me they were sorry that I was unhappy with the product and wanted to return it they aggressively argued with me insisting I was somehow in the wrong for not consulting with my doctor regarding the usefulness of the product before I decided to return it.

    I told them I would rather get a product from my doctor than going through their company and I was told again that I should talk to my doctor about their product. How should my doctor know if this product is any good? I had to repeatedly insist that I be given a return authorization number. This is a terrible way to market a product.

    If it was an effective product then it should speak for itself, but such aggression among salespersons says loads about the tactics employed by their people to force the product on you when you don’t want it.

    • Joe says

      Dorothy, sorry you went through that. I didn’t know the procera customer service argued with people like that.

      • Dorothy Jackson says

        It seems to be a tactic to make you give up on trying to return the product. I suppose some people who are more timid would be bullied into continuing in the program whether they wanted the product or not. I simply insisted and told them I know what I want and I don’t want this product. Please give me the number. If you could just return it without getting the number, then it would be a lot easier.

        This game of getting the number just allows them to use this tactic to attempt to keep you in the program. They have your credit card number, too, and, as I recall from my memory that is not the greatest anymore, they send you refills at certain intervals and charge it to the card.

        Elderly people are at risk from being bullied by these tactics. They are the very same people the drug is supposedly designed to be good for.

        • Joe says

          Dorothy, I’m sure there is some truth in what you say about getting that return authorization number. its another hurdle that might reduce the chances of a returned product. It’s like those mail-in rebates. I know I hardly ever mail those rebates in (unless its a big rebate, which hardly is ever the case).

  282. Laura Tracy says

    I called to see how much Procera AVH cost and asked if it was safe to use with my other medications. I was told it was without even being asked what meds I was taking. After reading this I find that it would negatively interact with two of my medications.

    I asked some questions on the phone and wasn’t happy with the answers so I told the sales person I wanted to do some more research and he got mad that I didn’t let him know that in the first 30 seconds of the phone call. He was very rude and accused me of not really caring about my health.

  283. Bonnie Huntsinger says

    My husband’s Endocrinologist has said: “There is not a drug made for the elderly that can compare to the benefits of a simple walk around the block!” Makes so much sense! Whatever happened to common sense?!

  284. Seeker of solution for my Dad says

    I just saw the infomercial and thought of ordering for my father who is suffering from dementia. I did call the 800 number but thought I would check first the online reviews. This led me to Joe’s article which did more convincing than the infomercial. I am thankful!

  285. Jo Ann says

    I just watched the infomercial and was considering ordering this product; but always want some concrete research first. Thank you for your information. You not only saved me money; but perhaps also kept me from taking something that would cause problems with my already underactive thyroid.

  286. Tracey says

    Well I have always found supplements useful and thought it was the answer to my loving moms prayers and was going to buy her today Procera and send it Federal Express. I spoke with my mom last night and highlighted all the wonderful things the informercial said.

    Then I just came across your website and I am devastated. I guess I was in doubt to think that people prey on millions of seniors with this disease.

    I didn’t care about you sparing me the money that would be lost but you spared me of hope. Thank you. My mom does exercise regularly but if anyone can suggest any other healthy alternatives please reply!

    • Joe says

      Tracy, have you and your mom talked to her doctor about her memory issues? Some memory laps appear to be normal as we get older but they don’t have to mean dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Believe me when I say that I do feel bad that I caused you some distress and Im honest to say that I don’t know if Procera would help your mom or not. For all I know it might. I’m not the final answer on this.

      Why don’t you do this, show the ingredients to your moms doctor and see what he/she thinks. A doctor who specializes in memory loss/dementia would be fantastic also. I think if you did this, this might help you get some of the answers you both are looking for. if nothing else, it might make you both feel better that anything out of the ordinary is going on.

      • Martha Royer says

        That’s great advice. There are many types of dementia, and there are some legitimate medications that can slow dementia. Definately worth asking a neurologist or your regular doctor about.

    • Joe says

      Steven, show the ingredients to your doctor or pharmacist and see what they think. I think that is the safest thing to do.

  287. Mark from NJ says

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your review on Procera AVH for which I just saw the “convincing” infomercial. The “science”
    presented prompted me to look for source
    documentation (research study results, etc.) and reviews and I happened onto yours. I had wanted to compare the
    product’s representations and ingredients to a product from what I believe is a much more reputable source
    (i.e. not an infomercial but rather what seems to be a real lab (Advanced Bionutritionals, LLC
    5305 Oakbrook Parkway, Norcross, Georgia 30093)
    Advanced Bionutritionals® products are manufactured in a GMP registered facility certified by NSF® International.
    and advocated by a real MD: Dr. Robert J. Rowen.

    In the interest of full disclosure it is noted that he is compensated by Advanced Bionutritionals for his
    work in formulating and endorsing this product.
    He is also a user of the product.

    The product is called Advanced Memory Formula
    The following link contains all the information
    including ingredient list and concentrations,
    as well as footnotes for referenced research.

    I am including the list of ingredients and
    intended effect extracted from that site.

    #1: Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC)—to support worn-out myelin so you can stop brain aging and feel quicker on your feet;

    #2: Alpha-GPC—to boost your brain’s memory fuel and limit senior moments;

    #3: Bacopa—to support your brain’s ability to ignore distractions and banish stress;

    #4: Luteolin — to help combat inflammation in the brain and support working memory;

    #5: Phosphatidylserine (PS)—to support cell membranes and reduce your brain age;

    #6: Vinpocetine—to get more oxygen to your brain for sharper memory and mental acuity;

    #7: Blueberry—to clear away brain rust and boost memory and learning; and

    #8: Gingko biloba—to energize your brain and improve mental performance.

    I would be interested in your opinion of this product –
    you may want to start feedback for this supplement separately from this review of Procera AVH.

    • Joe says

      Hi Mark, I have added this product to my list of things to review in the future. Not sure when but I will try. Just based on what you said the first question Id ask them is :

      1. are there any published studies using the unique formula in the product?

      The product, to me looks like an antioxidant supplement with a few extra things. I noticed it has Vinpocetine, which Procera also has.

      It has gingko but most of the research Ive seen over the last few years has pretty much closed the door on gingko helping memory problems.

      I went to the product website and found it ironic that a company that has a very laboratory-sounding name has a PO box as a contact address.

      I’d think that people tried it, its best to start first week with less than is recommend to see if there are any side effects. Id believe if its going to work, people might know if its helping after a month or so.

      I hope some of that helps.

  288. Mark from NJ says

    Sorry forgot the link
    for Advanced Memory Formula


  289. Mark from NJ says

    Thanks for the advice, the link I gave you is a standard website page with information about the product – not really a video – not sure why the link has the word video in the name. I had noticed that two of the ingredients lined up with Procera and I
    appreciated your data on them. At least for this
    product there is info on how much of each is included

  290. Mary says

    I have a family member who decided to buy the product. I have been looking for solid information on it and couldn’t find any. It is frustrating when someone seems to target an elderly person. Thanks for all your different information!

  291. Melvin says

    What’s frustrating about subjects like this is that the politics of hype in pushing a commercial product, and the politics of the medical and drug establishments in suppressing supporting information about supplements both combine to fog up the truth. The fact is, as pointed out in the article, separately considered, the ingredients of Procera (acetyl-l-carnitine, Huperzine, Vinpocetine) have real medical studies backing up their effectiveness for improving brain functioning. The effective amount are known from the amounts used in the studies.

    Supplement makers used to specifically state the amounts of the key ingredients used, and simply site the exact studies that justified the amounts to verify the science behind the product. Then bureaucrats and politicians grilled them in hearings for not holding their own studies to verify these same c