Plexus Slim New Formula Review

Plexus Slim is a weight loss and blood sugar lowering supplement that has become quite popular over the last few years. In fact, it’s so popular that my original review of the product has over 1000 comments. Since writing my original review, several have told me that Plexus Slim has a new formula. As such, I feel this product deserves another look.  The main goal of this review is to compare the old plexus Slim formula to the new formula and see if anything has changed. I’ll also cover the research on Plexus Slim. For additional info, see my original plexus Slim review and my review of the Plexus Accelerator Plus supplement.


Plexus Slim formulas: new vs. old

Below is side by side comparison of the new Plexus Slim formula to the old formula.

New Formula

Old Formula

Chromium Nicotinate 200 mcg (167%)
Proprietary BlendProprietary Blend
Chlorogenic acidChlorogenic acid
Garcinia cambogiaCitrin K
Alpha lipoic acidAlpha lipoic acid
Hoodia gordonii (now removed)Oxypregnane steroidal glycoside
Chromium (amino nicotinate GTF)
Other IngredientsOther ingredients
Citric acidCitric acid
Natural flavorsNatural flavors
Beet root extractBeet root extract
SteviaGrape skin extract
Luo han guoStevia
Lo han extract


The plexus slim website states that the product is has no caffeine or MSG or stimulants. They also say it’s vegan and gluten free.


What’s different in the new Formula

Comparing both old and new formulas these are the differences that I see.

1.  Chromium has moved positions. It used to be the last ingredient in the proprietary blend. It appears at the very top of the ingredients list.

Adapted from

Adapted from

This may mean the new Plexus Slim formula has more chromium than it originally had.  They also now tell us how much chromium Plexus Slim contains (200 micrograms).


2.  Both the old and new formula contain chromium nicotinate. This is a complex of both chromium and niacin. Chromium is often touted for its ability to help reduce blood sugar levels and while there is some evidence of this, not all studies find it works. For example, in this 2013 study chromium nicotinate did not help people with type 2 diabetes.

For more info see my review of chromium and weight loss.


3.  Most of the ingredients in the new Plexus Slim formula are the same as in the old formula, except that several ingredients now have more familiar names. For example, I noticed these similarities:


      A.   In the old formula, hoodia was given the overly complicated name, oxypregnane steroidal glycoside. Now, they call it hoodia gordonii. Update: After I wrote this review I was told that hoodia is no longer in Plexus Slim.

      B.  The old formula contained “Citrin K” which is another name for garcinia cambogia. Now they call it garcinia cambogia.  See my review of Garcinia cambogia  and weight loss for additional information.


     C.  The old formula contained “lo han” as a sweetener. The new formula has “Luo han guo” which is the same thing as lo han. Even some pages of the Plexus Slim website still call it “lo han.” Here is a review of Luo han guo at for more info.


    D.  In the old formula, chromium was called ” amino nicotinate” and now it’s called chromium nicotinate They are the same thing.


4.  They have removed grape skin extract from the new formula. I’m not sure if this makes a significant difference or not in how effective Plexus Slim might be. I was told this was because people were having allergic reactions to this ingredient.

There are a lot  of ingredients in Plexus Slim but since they have not really changed the formula, I’ll direct people to my original plexus slim review for a run down on the studies on each of the ingredients.


Summary: changes to new Plexus Slim Formula

  • Chromium is the first ingredient listed
  • We are told how much chromium is in the new formula
  • Grape skin extract is removed
  • Same ingredients. New names
  • Hoodia is removed from formula

Question for Ambassadors: why was grape seed extract and hoodia removed from plexus slim?


Who makes Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim World Wide Inc. is the maker of Plexus Slim as well as other Plexus Slim supplements. The company is located at 15649 North Greenway Hayden Loop Scottsdale, AZ 85260.  This is a different address than when I originally reviewed the product. According to the Better Business Bureau, the company was created in 2005. The BBB gives Plexus World Wide a rating of B + as of November 2013. Check the link for updates as ratings sometimes change.

When I originally reviewed this product, the company had a rating of A+. This is likely to happen to any company that has been around for more than a few years because you can’t please everybody. To contact Plexus Slim Worldwide, call  a contact number of 480- 998-3490.


Plexus Slim research

I searched to see if there were any studies being conducted on Plexus Slim but didn’t see any. I also searched the National Library of Medicine for “Plexus Slim” but likewise saw nothing. This says to me that the product has no published peer reviewed research and that there appears to be none in the pipeline either.

Plexus Slim Ambassadors often tell me that the product was originally was studied ―not for weight loss―but rather for its effects on reducing blood sugar. As proof of this, they mention a  clinical trial done on 8 people with type 2 diabetes conducted between June and October 2008.

The results of this study can be seen on the Science page of While the study does not appear to be peer reviewed, it does seem to show that people taking plexus slim had reduced blood sugar and body weight.  When looking at the summary of this trial on the PS website, a few things occurred to me:

     1.  The study refers to these 8 people as “patients.” This makes me wonder if the people were confined to a hospital or clinic? If yes, this is not a real life test of plexus slim because most people won’t be monitored for food intake the way people in hospitals /clinics likely are. If anyone can answer this question, I’d appreciate it.

     2.  The study only had 8 people. That’s not a lot of people.

     3.  The study doesn’t seem to be peer reviewed / published (If I am wrong let me know where the study is published and I will update this review)

Another issue is that the clinical study used the original plexus slim formula. Since the formula has been tweaked a little bit ( i.e., removal of grape seed extract and hoodia), there will be those who will say the results of the clinical trial can’t be extrapolated to the new formula.

Regardless as to whether the product was originally studied for its effects on blood sugar, there is no doubt that Plexus Slim is marked mostly for weight loss. As proof of this, here are the first 4 sentences used to describe the product on the product’s website”

” Having trouble losing weight and keeping it off? You’re not alone. But don’t worry! Finally there is an all-natural, healthy solution to help you lose weight for the long term.”

Adapted from

Adapted from

Notice, there is no mention of blood sugar, only weight loss. In fact, in the list of Features and Benefits for the product, blood sugar is listed as  #2. Weight loss is listed as the #1 benefit.

That said, if plexus slim helps weight loss (by getting people to eat less calories), then I’d expect blood sugar to be reduced also.


Does the new Plexus Slim formula work?

In my opinion, the new Plexus Slim formula isn’t significantly different than the old formula. For the most part, it just looks like they changed the names of ingredients and, maybe added some more chromium. Therefore, if the old formula helped people lose weight (some say it works while others say it doesn’t ) then I think the new formula should have basically the same effects. That said, if you read the comments, you will see some people who say the new Plexus formula does not work the same way as the old formula.

Interestingly, when people report to their ambassadors that Plexus Slim doesn’t work, it appears some ambassadors blame the person- rather than Plexus Slim. Some are commenting that when the new formula doesn’t work that ambassadors try to sell them the Plexus probiotic supplement.

Its worth noting that neither new or old formula appears to have any published peer reviewed evidence, and that’s too bad ,considering the popularity of this product.

 What do you think?


  1. Randy says

    I think you should personally try it to see if it works and so that you can quit dancing around this topic. In your original review of this product, you mentioned that you have never taken the product personally and are relying on people’s input. This is a bad thing to do because someone with a bad experience will tell 15 people whereas someone with a good experience will tell approx. 2-3 people./ This is based on customer service principles but I see that at work here in the comments section of your original review.

    • Joe says

      Hi Randy, nice to see you again :) Actually I rely on scientific studies the most, but I do listen to what people say about products. Science is the foundation though because no matter what I would say, my words – it worked or didn’t work – would just be a testimonial. The web is full of testimonial sites and while they have their place, words from people I dont know dont mean as much to me as published scientific studies do.

      You are right that people who are not happy with something will often yell a lot and tell others while those who are pleased might not be as vocal. I do consider this when people comment and it is another reason why I keep coming back to science. Science and rational thinking will always form the basis of my conclusions.

        • Joe says

          Bea, no not yet but I think somebody else asked me about Slique recently. I did look at the website and saw that Slique has these ingredients
          Grapefruit EO (Citrus paradisi), Tangerine EO (Citrus reticulata), Spearmint EO (Mentha spicata), Lemon EO (Citrus limon), Ocotea (Ocotea quixos), Stevia (Rebaudioside A)

          Just at a glance, looking at the ingredients, since it has grapefruit, if you take any medications, ask your doctor or pharmacist about this first. Grapefruit might interact with many medications. I noticed online that that Citrus reticulata might contain some synepherine which is an ephedra look a like compound. this can raise heart rate and blood pressure. Ask your doctor or pharmacist first. Im going to add it to my list and try to get to it (I really do have a list).

    • Marianna Ashley says

      Joe, I am skeptical of all the Plexis hype. My daughter raves about plexus and sells it of course. She took it because of inflammation of her joints (but its not arthritis). She feels 100% better. I am particularly concerned because she is now giving plexus to her 11 yr. child who has dealt with leg and foot pain for years. Doctors have not been able to understand the source of his pain and only prescribe advil which barely relieves the pain.

      The poor boy hurt to walk and running was extremely painful. I was surprised to see him running and asked about the apparent lack of pain. He said its the Plexis. I’m glad he doesn’t have the pain but I worry of what Plexis is doing to his body.

      You have the only website I can find that isn’t selling plexus. I appreciate your information however you mostly address the issue of Plexis’ claims for weight loss. Can you address the health safety of the ingredients?

      • Joe says

        Marianna, thanks and I’m glad you were able to find me! its sometimes difficult to figure out what Plexus might do in kids because its never been tested in kids. Actually most supplements dont have any kids specific research. I’m curious, did your grandsons weight decrease? if yes and he lost weight that might explain the reduced pain hes experiencing. If not, then I’m honestly not sure either.

        • Jayne says

          Hello….I had used Plexus last summer and had lost 11 lbs within 5 weeks, but now I am taking again and I haven;t lost any….has the formula changed? I seem to have trouble sleeping at night too with the Accelerator.

          • Joe says

            Jayne, as far as I know what I listed in my review is the new PS formula. Funny you said you had trouble sleeping with the new accelerator because on my review of the new accelerator formula, several people said just the opposite – that it was making them sleepy. Weird huh?

  2. Kessa says

    I’m looking at trying this because a friend of mine has started it, and she has lost 15 lbs in 6wks. It has also lowered her blood sugars and bp. She said she eats less since starting this because she doesn’t feel as hungry and no more cravings. I do appreciate your reviews though to find out more about the ingredients and such.

    • Joe says

      Kessa, thanks for the feedback and Im happy that Plexus Slim has helped your friend. My guess is that her weight loss caused the reductions in blood sugar and blood pressure that your friend also experienced. Either way that is a great thing :)

    • lisa says

      I am on day 3 of Plexus Slim and from the very first day my cravings for sugar and food went away. Thats’ no joke. I’ll keep taking it…and exercsing.

  3. Chris says

    My husband and I have been taking Plexus Slim for the past 2 months. We have both lost 10lbs. It is definately not fast weight loss but does offer other positive results. 2 yrs ago I was exercising 1 hr a day, eating healthy 80% of the time, and weighed 30 lbs less than I do today, yet I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    Fast forward through a couple of layoffs and a bout of depression I was basically a couch potato. I reluctantly tried Plexus Slim, as my gotta do it right and healthy attitude wasn’t getting my lazy butt off the couch. My BP and cholesterol are now normal. Plexus undoubtedly curbs my appetite and reduces cravings, which results in weight reduction.

    I have also tried the pro- biotic which has worked great to get rid of my antibiotic induced thrush. After a failed round of nystatin and other generic pro-biotic, 4 pro bio 5 a day wiped out my yeast infection.

    Just thought I would share my experience with Plexus Slim.

  4. Kevin says

    Joe, I appreciate seeing this review. It echoes the common-sense things I have told her about weight loss and science. The key to losing weight is the balance between diet and exercise. Track and reduce your caloric intake and/or increase the calories used through exercise and you’ll lose weight.

    My wife has become a Plexus Ambassador recently. She has struggled to lose weight and has tried Isagenix with no weight loss. Now she is on the Plexus band-wagon. She’s shared magnificent stories she’s heard at their meetings about people losing 15-20 pounds and decreasing cholesterol by drinking the pink stuff. Clearly, she and her friends have drank the Kool-aid.

    To prove my point, I told her I could lose more weight in a week by eating chips and salsa than she could on the really expensive Plexus Slim product she’s been convinced to use and sell. For 1 week, I ate nothing but fried tortilla chips and salsa from a jar (and some mint chip ice cream one evening). I exercised on our elliptical 30-45 minutes per day. I lost 12 pounds in 7 days. She was down 2 pounds on day 3 but had gained it back by day 7.

    So far, she has refused to become my snack food ambassador and she’s a little angry. Our friend and her Plexus lady told me I’m not being supportive. She’s right, I guess. :-)

    I suggested if people were to seriously monitor their intake vs. exercise with the exuberance and discipline they put toward Plexus, Advocare, Isagenix, Herbal Life or any of the other magic potions that promise results (and riches), they would lose just as much weight and save more money than they will likely earn through these multi-level marketing schemes.

    She won’t tell me how much money she’s spending or earning each month on Plexus. I know she’s losing more money than weight.

    • Joe says

      Kevin, thanks for writing. I do hope shes not too mad at you… I have to admit “snack food ambassador” is pretty funny :)

      • JointHeir says

        Well I am not certified in any diet “stuff” but please correct me if I am wrong in this assumption and what I have heard – that is men can loose weight quicker then women, mostly depending on age.

        Although I do totally agree getting control of caloric intake is key.

        • Joe says

          Joint Hair, as a rule men do tend to lose weight a bit easier than women. I believe this may have factors such as hormonal (testosterone vs estrogen) and the larger body size of men (which tends to play a role in metabolic rate).

    • Deb says

      Kevin, it’s been a few months now. How’s your wife doing with her weight and INCHES lost on Plexus Slim? With all of her husband’s positive and loving support, did she stick with it? How brave is she?

      Are you still married?


      • Chandra says

        Pretty much exactly what I was thinking Deb. Well, I was thinking a bit more but figured my comment would be blocked if I were completely honest with my thoughts.

    • DK says

      Kevin, please remember that body mass an hormones are very different in men and women. My husband can lose more and faster than I can even if we do the same things. If she is successful then give her your support. But don’t tease her…

  5. Laura says

    I have been taking plexus slim for about 1 1/2 mos. I have been exercising and watching my diet. I tried the accelerator and it seemed like I took a sleeping pill. I couldn’t stay awake. I haven’t lost any significant amount that I can say wasn’t the exercise. I drink a lot of water and I still feel dehydrated when taking it. I was looking for any reviews of anyone else who may have this happen to them and I can’t find any. I won’t buy it again.

    • Joe says

      Laura, that’s really interesting what you said about the accelerator. Did you take the old accelerator or the new Accelerator + supplement? I’m writing a review on the accelerator plus supplement now.

    • Cathy says

      I have a question on the accelerator making you sleepy. Could it be because it caused your blood pressure to lower too much? I do not have high blood pressure so I am concerned now that if I try this my blood pressure will go down too much.

      • Joe says

        Cathy, yes the making people sleepy is something new for me as well. Id think if anything the accelerator should do the opposite. If I were going to try the accelerator – or any new supplement – Id start with less than is recommended for the first week to see what side effects might happen. Id also slowly increase the dosage to what is recommended, again, to minimize any side effects.

        • Gaye says

          I have been taking Plexus Slim and the new Accelerator+ for 3 days. The first day I felt like I had a little more energy for a while and then I just went downhill. I felt like I had no energy at all and was very tired.

          I also noticed that night that I had a slight rash on my chest area, face and arms. The second day I had no energy and was extremely tired after taking the Plexus Slim and Accelerator+ and also noticed a rash that evening.

          The third day I took the Plexus Slim without the Accelerator+ and I did not feel tired like I had the first two days. I also did not notice a rash. I do have hypoglycemia and take Synthroid for low thyroid. My blood pressure also seems to be on the lower end normally.

          Could the ingredients in the Accelerator+ be interacting with the Synthroid causing my levels to get out of balance? Maybe my blood sugar and/or blood pressure is dropping too low? I definitely must be having an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in the Accelerator+.

          • Joe says

            Gaye, hard to say if there is an interaction between plexus slim accelerator + and synthroid (because there is no research on how this supplement interacts with medications) but I think its best to stop taking it since you had a rash.

          • Cindy says

            I started the Slim 6 days ago and awakened with a fine red rash all over my body, under the skin and not itchy. The first couple of days I thought I felt a little more energetic, but not now. On a positive note, I had some suppression of my appetite and was able to eat sensibly. I am stopping the Plexus until I see if rash clears. I may have to send back for a refund.

            I have no other reasons to have the rash and have pretty much ruled in favor of Plexus being the cause. Has anyone else had the rash? (I am not taking accelerator.)

  6. April says

    Let me say this I’m a Ambassador and have been on Plexus Slim since Feb 2013 I LOVE it, it has helped my Asthma, Acid Reflux, and Migraines tremdosuly, I feel better all the way around and sleep better, and I have lost over 30 lbs. back to my size 2 again. IT does work like with any this else you have to eat right, and work out, everybody’s body is different no one is alike on how they will lose. I took the slim for 6 months, I now take it every other day, I love all of their products, my 7 year old son takes the slim drink it has helped him gain weight and eat properly. So I think to each its own.

    • Joe says

      April, hmmmm so plexus slim helps you lose weight but also helps your 7 year old son GAIN weight? PS is a weight loss product not a weight gain product. more to the point, you should not give weight loss supplements to a 7 year old. Kids are not miniature adults. PS has never been testing on kids to show its safe. I’m 100 % positive the makers of PS would also tell you to NOT give it to a 7 year old child.

      • Cara says

        Might want to look in to it more because I have seen numerous stories of Doctor’s actually recommending this to children for things like ADHD. I am in the process of researching all this myself so I don’t really know all the details but might be something to look in to!

        • Joe says

          Cara, stories abound on the internet but most of them are from people who you dont know and some of them may have an anterior motive for saying things so you need to do your homework. The internet is still in some ways, the wild wild west in terms of the information you find on it.

          I can tell you that Ive never heard from a doctor on my site who said he/she recommended plexus slim to their patients or kids with ADHD. My original plexus slim review has well over 1000 comments and not one doctor has said they did this. Even if a “doctor” did say that they recommended plexus slim for ADHD, weight loss etc, how would we really know they really were a doctor? Despite the claims by some PS ambassadors, my goal is not to bash PS but rather to give you facts and ideas that you can use to do more research and yes, take what you find to your doctor for more better insights. If you have a child with ADHD or any other condition, I recommend you take your ideas about Plexus Slim to your doctor before you do anything. I’m confident that the makers of plexus slim would agree with me also.

          • Karen says

            My daughters pediatrician approved plexus slim 1/2 dose for my 6 year old who is overweight. The pediatrician reviewed the ingredients and told me it would not hurt her and to give it a try. She has lost 2 pounds in the last month and isn’t snacking or asking for snacks. She also doesn’t want a lot of sweets anymore.

            Everyone should consult their doctor before taking something like this if you are a minor or you have health problems. Plexus has their ambassadors promote checking with your doctor first!

          • says

            That didn’t seem right. She’s 6. Now is the time to be a role model for healthy eating and activity.
            What kind of lesson is she learning by taking a quick fix diet supplement?
            Not attacking you but it all starts with you and your choices.
            Good luck hon!

          • Karen says

            First of all do not assume you know everything about my situation. We have tried everything. My daughter has an increased insulin level and it makes her hungry ALL of the time. We do eat the right foods, make good choices and she is the first one to tell you what healthy food is. My daughter’s pediatrician thought and I agree that this might be a better solution than putting my daughter on medication. We will redraw blood in 8 weeks and see where we are.

            She is losing weight and her appetite is changing. She doesn’t ask for snack s anymore, she is learning how to eat until she is satisfied not stuffed.

            Second, hon, you should never question a parent or their parenting choices before knowing all of the facts.

          • Hope says

            Plexus is NOT a weight loss product. It is a wellness product. It heals your gut (where most of our ailments begin)…..leaky gut. Research it. I too have gained weight (which was my goal) as my husband has lost (which was his goal). And, my child’s doctor also reviewed the ingredients and advised me to use Slim as well as ProBio5 for his ADHD. I’ve noticed a tremendous change as have his teachers. He has been re-tested recently and his doctor was very pleased with his results as well. So, we will continue to give these products to our child.

          • Joe says

            Hope, we’ve covered this before. Plexus Slim is a weight loss supplement. with all respect, the name is plexus slim not plexus wellness. Even the first line of the PS website says “Having trouble losing weight and keeping it off?” If you say your child has shown improvement in ADHD, then I’m happy for you both but it really is marketed for weight loss. I keep hoping they start supporting research on their product.

    • says

      Why on earth would anyone give a 7yr old child a weight loss supplement that was not first ok’d and approved by a pediatrician? I’m honestly floored by that admission!

  7. MiniMom says

    Finally a review that makes sense. Scientific studies speak louder to me than word of mouth!! As someone with a statistics back ground, I could not justify the exorbitant price for a product that hasn’t been thoroughly tested. There are way too many unknowns.

    I have one friend who swears by plexus and has lost some weight, but has upped her accelerator intake to three a day. She just wasn’t loosing. We were of similar height and weight and I have lost more weight than she by exercising and eating only lean meats and fresh vegetables.

  8. Marvin says

    Hi Jo,! I am a retired Chemistry teacher and still love reading my chemistry textbooks. Nerd, I suppose. Anyway, I have just gotten back from a 6 week vacation in Southern California. While there, my diet was horrible. I came back home feeling like my body needed re-tuning and I decided to do something about loosing some weight.

    I am 62 yrs. old and an avid exerciser in weights, skiing, mt. biking. Even with my exercise, I do not loose weight and I thoroughly know why. My diet always includes treats , more than I need. Well, anyway, when I got home I decided I am through with sweets. Funny thing, with my mind set on loosing weight and cleansing my body from some bad stuff, I realized my desire for food lessened considerably, and I have been staying almost completely away from sweets. I don’t desire either food or sweets. I eat vegetables and fruit throughout the day and oatmeal in the mornings.

    I am back to exercising: hiking in the snow, cross country skiing, and weight training. I am doing these activities to about the same intensity as before I left on my trip. I did not weigh myself before I started this little stunt of mine because I was afraid too, but I did hop on the scale a few days ago. I have been back home for only 1 week as I write this. Today, I noticed I had lost 5 pounds and probably more if I had weighed myself at the start of last week. Now my point is this.

    Shortly after I got home, a lady who attends the same church as I, started talking about Plexus Slim. What caught my attention was the symptoms she was describing was exactly what I was feeling, that being less desire for food and pounds being lost. She has lost weight, but so am I! I wanted to research Plexus Slim, as this type of product and advertisement is not new.

    I have seen so many products that claim the same type of results, only to be bogus. Ever hear of oxygenated water? As a chemistry teacher I laughed out loud on this one, but the guy selling it swore it worked for him. My point is, anything can be effective if the brain tells you it is. If placebos work, then that is what a person should take.

    However, there is nothing that can beat eating right, exercising, and sleeping well, which is what all these products promote anyway, in loosing weight and lowering blood sugar. Hey, maybe I could promote a program whereby one could loose 5 pounds a week for only $10.00. All one has to do is pay me $10.00 a week and exercise, eat right, and sleep well and they will loose the weight. I am sure I would get some takers, and their weight would just fall off.

    Thanks for your time,


    • Joe says

      Marvin, thanks for writing and I love that exercise routine you have! You put most of us to shame – including me! Hiking in the snow – fantastic :)

  9. Johnny Bingham says

    The comments are entertaining. The difference in Plexus Slim and the silly comments is, with Plexus Slim there is NO Lifestyle change. I eat the same things. (not as much) I do the same things. One could drink only water and not eat anything and lose weight but that would join some of the above, like hiking in the snow, and be silly.

    • Joe says

      Johnny, Didn’t the person who sold you plexus slim tell you that you HAVE TO change what you eat and exercise habits for long term success? If they didn’t, they sold you a bag of magic beans and you should be angry at that person.

    • Olivia says

      Losing weight and becoming/being healthy are two separate things! You can continue to eat crap and throw money at a pink drink but that doesn’t make you healthy. Eat some real food (fruits, veggies and meat) and exercise and you could become healthy and loose weight all for FREE!!!

  10. Bonnie says

    Now I have heard a lot of people giving plexus to kids and they say it is fine??? A lot do it for adhd I thought? I am really looking into doing this, I hope it works:)

    • Joe says

      Bonnie, I would never give plexus slim to children. Plexus slim is a weight loss supplement and since kids are still growing I dont think its appropriate. While I can understand rationalizing its use for very overweight kids, generally kids are not miniature adults. I think everybody should ask their child’s pediatrician before doing this.

      • Geri says

        The makers of Plexus do stress that parents speak to a pediatrician before giving ANY supplements to children. They also urge anyone on medication for blood pressure, heart problems, depression, and a variety of other conditions consult with their physician before starting ANY supplement. They do warn of possible interactions with some ingredients.

        As someone who uses Plexus for weight loss, I can only tell about this from my experience. I know I can lose weight without it. But I have a very difficult time controlling my cravings- not just for sugar, but for chips (my kryptonite!) and my giving into these cravings! Since I started using Plexus, my cravings are under control, so I didn’t need to exercise that control on my own. It’s been a few months now, and I did stop using it over the Christmas holidays.

        I admit I was tempted by the goodies and tried to drink a Coke. YUCK! Cookies and cake? Ate a little bit, but didn’t overindulge. I actually prefer the water and the wasn’t very impressed with the sweets. It is helping me make the lifestyle changes necessary to keep the weight off. It does curb appetite, and that has helped me to cut my portions. When I do indulge, it’s a reasonable amount, not a half bag of Doritos.

        So, for me, Plexus works. I could see it working for anyone willing to commit to changing the way they live. But it’s only meant to HELP, not to be some miracle. People do have to put forth some effort as well.

        • Pete says


          Help us out here. The company promotes PS as not having ANY interactions with ANY medications but you claim they state the opposite. So, what is the truth? Its all over this site that PS helps to control, or cure all of the disease states you mentioned, and many more, but you state the opposite. So again, what is the truth? The way I see it, the company, and the “ambassadors” are talking out of both side of their mouths. To have credibility, you have to be credible, and I personally do not see this with particularly with most “ambassadors”.

  11. Aimee says

    I’m on day 2 of trying out PS. I’ve been an avid Adovcare user for 2yrs and started seeing all of this information on PS pop up out of no where, so I thought, why not? I do feel an increase in energy after I drink it — but was surprised that it wasn’t sustained energy and I went back to feeling tired about 1/2 way through my work day.

    I noticed above that one person felt dehydrated — they do recommend drinking 1/2 your body weight in water while on PS and I will say, even after only 1 day, I felt more thirsty than usual as well. While I know that I use Advocare products differently than PS, I’m interested in seeing what this 7 day trial period that I’ve tried will do.

    I can’t say I enjoy the taste of PS (but I’m also pretty used to my Advocare) — artificial sweeteners just don’t do it for me…..but it’s easy…..just drink it, eat healthy, and exercise. I can’t say that I’m not a teeny bit curious about the massive amounts of weight that people are losing on it, and I do need to lose weight, but wonder if the huge weight loss from this product is more dramatic on heavier folks, and if it’s more about the changes in water intake and reduction of crappy foods that lends itself to the results.

    For those of us that want to lose say 15-20lbs max, I’m wondering if I’ll lose just the same with my Advocare routine, healthy food, and exercise, that helped me lose 15lbs safely, in 3 months vs. PS.

    • Meme says

      I noticed that you said that PS recommends drinking 1/2 your body weight in water…this would be extremely dangerous if not impossible if this were on a daily basis….I’m guessing that this was an error or typo on your part….

      • Joe says

        Meme, I dont think it was me who said that. Some people say “drink half your body weight” in water as a general idea of how much fluid we need, but this is a rough estimation and it sometimes underestimates how much we need. I personally count fluids from food and all beverages – not just water itself. The dangerous condition I think you are eluding to is hyponatremia. While I dont think that would happen in most people who drank half their body weight in water, it is a possibility in some people who drink excessively. Here is a review on hyponatremia and symptoms for those who want to know more

      • Beth says

        I believe the person above meant “drink half your weight but in ounces in water/day. For example, I weigh 120 pounds so would need to drink at least 60 ounces of water.

        • Joe says

          Beth, thanks. That’s what I thought they meant also. I dont think drinking half your body weight in water is a bad thing – in fact, for you, 60 ounces is less than the average person drinks.

  12. Mommy of 4 says

    I tried the original accelerater and said I felt like I was high- like speed high.. Decided that wasn’t for me. When I went to the next party they said that the formula was changed and people were no longer coming out with hot UA..

    All the people there were commenting on how they liked the old formula better.. Even on their website/Facebook. I plan on trying the new one to see I this one doesn’t have me feeling all cracked out.. Watching the videos of the higher ups didn’t help so much though since none of them were very “slim” :/

  13. ADD Gone! says

    I started PS this past Sunday. I am not a fan of products but know that some are good at aiding you to get a kick start when struggling to lose weight. It is easy to say change your diet, exercise, count calories, etc…. but lifestyle change alone isn’t easy. Most people struggle with the change and can’t afford and/or fit into their day the preparation of healthy eating. Most people struggling to lose weight are depressed and can’t motivate themselves to get going. So, I can truly empathize with the struggle, because I struggle bc I am a wife and mother of 5 (3 active teens and 2 toddlers). Everyone in my home is fit except me!

    I decided to try plexus bc I was struggling to get started and was not interested in the Rx weight loss drugs as I am sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants. A friend of mine who is not over weight as I am and she is a diabetic, has more energy and more consistently vibrant than I’ve seen in a long time. She takes PS and her numbers have been stable. She’s been on it for 4-5 months now. I decided to try it for weight-loss.

    I need to lose 90lbs and need motivation for the first 20! Well to my amazement after taking my first PS is my ADD was corrected! I was able to focus and concentrate on one thing within the first 20 mins. Weight-loss is now my second priority bc with my ADD and mild depression being handled, I can go back to being the old me! I’ve been looking and trying different natural supplements to assist me with my ADD for sometime now bc I don’t like taking Rx meds.

    Two of my teenagers suffer from ADD like me and I cursed them and they too don’t like meds and I plan to start them on PS. I have been able to actually complete projects from start to finish! I have been able to sit down and read a book without stopping after 3 mins to do something else! My anxiety levels are low and I feel like the “old me” before kids! Lol….. I start back to school in a few weeks and I am sooooo ready and confident for success because my ADD is under control.

    As for the weight loss I will track weekly and I am taking the accelerator and like an earlier commenter, I too get sleepy by midday taking 1, taking 2 keeps me going. But I don’t think I will continue with the accelerator when I run out. I take Dr. Schulze’s Super Foods Plus ( truly natural, no stimulants or sweeteners and it does amazing things for my energy and combined with the PS, I feel amazing all day! I don’t take his recommended 15 a day dosage of Super Foods Plus. Before PS, I only took 7 and that alone sustained me, but nothing has worked for my ADD until PS. So with this combo, I look forward to staying on top of my busy lifestyle!

    • Joe says

      ADD, Im not aware of anything in plexus slim that should help ADD but if you say its helped you, I am glad. Did you notice a difference in ADD when you started Plexus slim alone – or when you used the accelerator also? Just curious if something in the accelerator plus might be helping ADD?

      • Pete says


        As you know, it is controversial as to whether sugar influences ADD. If it does, and if PS supposedly helps to regulate blood sugar, could this be a reason some people are seeing improvements in their children’s ADD. Of course I would never give a child PS without consulting a healthcare provider first.

        I am not a healthcare provider, but if this is true, and sugar is a culprit, why not save yourselves the expense of PS, and control the amounts of sugars, and carbs you child takes in.

        I know it is a lot more complicated than this, and no clinical data to support this issue, but food for thought.

  14. Denise says


    I tried the Slim and Accelerator. It took away my craving for sweet food and curved my appetite. My husband said the accelerator made me moody and mean. I did find that I would get snappy at times. I did lose 2lbs in 1 month….Lol…. My biggest problem with the stuff was the constipation. This stuff made me very constipated. I was so miserable from it.

    I was told to take the bio cleanse and it would fix everything. ( it’s just a laxative ) The large amount of people in my group contributed the constipation and bloating and the slim not working to an over growth of yeast “candida”. Everybody thinks they have ” candida overgrowth “.

    I questioned everything often and pretty much stopped getting answered back. So, after 2 1/2 months I couldn’t do it anymore. I stopped. When I stopped it, I had horrible migraines. I contribute those to the sudden stop in caffeine.

    Since this stuff curves your appetite and takes away the craving for sweets…your bound to have better blood sugar counts and a lower blood pressure. It’s a given. But monitoring your diet , calorie counting, and portion control does that too… I’m sticking with that and I’ve started an exercise program. Saving my $$$$$!

  15. Chris says

    Joe, I have been following the comments on this this thread and I can’t help but question what your intention is? Originally, I thought you wanted to know individual experiences with Plexus Slim, which is why I commented in November. However your response everytime someone shares a positive experience or result comes across as defensive or as if you are downplaying their experience as feelings or thoughts, as you did with my comment.

    Now that I have expressed my “feelings and thoughts” about your blog opposed to my actual experience with the product, I must add that I am glad that you allow actual reviews of plexus slim. It is very hard to find reviews of Plexus Slim without the network marketing sales pitch.

    With that said, my review of the new accelerator+ versus the old accelerator is that is not as effective. I could only tolerate 1 old accelerator taken with food and my appetite was completely suppressed for the entire day. With the new accelerator+, I can tolerate 2 pills on an empty stomach and experience only mild appetite suppression.

    • Joe says

      Chris, I really want this site to be a place where people can learn about supplements in a way where the focus is on science and rational thought. While I do feel testimonials (it worked or it didn’t work) can be a jumping off point for research studies, I dont feel they can be the only evidence, which is why I try, where possible, to link to research on products/ingredients so people can see that research for themselves. I dont think I come off as defensive when people say a product works (or doesn’t) but I do try to share my thoughts about why something might work. If I do, I apologize and will try to not be so in the future.

      As for my intention, its pretty simple and contained in the first sentence of my about page: I want you to know what I know.

  16. Buffy says

    Well after reading all of this and other forums, I’m now convinced to stick with my plan. Juicing, no more processed foods, and exercise. Anything I do in the future is better for my health and weight, than what I’m NOT doing. I’ve been on the fence about Plexus slim for a while now. Having several friends who swear by it (strongly wondering how much is due to their monetary commitment). Thank you Joe. This was a great review. I wanted an unbiased opinion, with some substance in it.

  17. Kathy says

    So where can I find out more about the ingredients…where their grown, where they’re manufactured? Organic or if they use pesticides? Has there been actual studies done other than on the 8 ppl?

    • Joe says

      Kathy, as far as I know there is only the 8 people non-published study. As for where the ingredients are grown etc, I’m not sure.

  18. Carole says

    Thank you for reviewing these products. After reading most of them, it appears some people need that psychological help, if they get it they will do all the rest of the “right” things to accomplish their goal. I wish I could do that, unfortunately my habit of being a little too analytical for my own good. Plus being lazy. keep up the good work.

  19. Melissa says

    Hi. I was curious about PS, so I asked a friend who is an ambassador for a three day trial pack. On the first day, I was incredibly thirsty, but I also experienced a laxative affect. The second day, the water craving was cut in half, and the laxative thing was over.

    The third day, I was not needing water as much, although when I got thirsty, no longer did I want coffee or tea or juice – I wanted water. Here is the weird thing I experienced – I had no desire to snack. Zero cravings. I felt no nervous, jittery feelings at all. I believe I am going to try the 30 day slim just to see if the cravings continue to be gone. For me, that is what distracts me from healthy eating.

    Having said aaaaallllllll that…I do appreciate your scientific analysis of the product. Puts some science on it. I do realize that this may be psychological. Since I had no expectation of wt loss for the three day trial, I am very curious.

    If I do try the 30 day ps, I will let you know what happens. :) Again, thank you.

    • Joe says

      Melissa, thanks and you are very welcome. I hope it helps you and I’ll look forward to reading what happened after 30 days :)

  20. Dree says

    I have been taking Plexus for almost a month. My weight has fluctuated the first couple weeks but now I’m down 6 pounds. I have been battling depression and chronic hives for years. Plexus has given me energy and my hives are at a very minimum. I am an ambassador because I figured I had nothing to lose. So far I love the product. I’m not craving sweets and I have so much energy.

    Does it work for some people and not for others, sure. Does exercise and eating correctly work for losing weight? Of course! In the past I have had to do extreme measures like cutting ALL carbs. This is very hard and after a time I give up. Then it is like a snowball on a hill effect. So in a couple months I will let you know. I’m am all about peer reviewed research so that is one sad part that I feel Plexus is lacking. I would love to see some scientific studies complete.

    All I know is that I feel great, have more energy, and this in turns leads to a healthier lifestyle. I’m working on a couch to 5k and doing Yoga. Plexus has given me that initiative. I love the “pink” drink and accelerator. To each his own! :) The best part about Plexus is the 60 day money back, if you don’t like it, send it back.

    My husband is USAF and started taking it. This very skeptical man likes it so far. He is very fit but carrying some extra weight around the middle. Even so he ALWAYS scores high on his PT test. In a couple days without drastically changing his eating, he is down three pounds. It appears to be helping with his cravings.

    This is my experience with the product this far. I’ll update in a couple months.

  21. Leanne says

    I just wanted to leave my two cents here as well. I began taking Plexus Slim hoping to lose about 10 percent of my body weight. I lost about 5 percent. I felt more energetic and didn’t feel hungry a lot of the time. I am from Canada, and some of the people I know were getting their PS seized at customs because in Canada you can’t have Hoodia.

    I understood (from friends not from anyone in the company) that Hoodia is what keeps you feeling full. The company said (I called) that their chemists “quickly” reformulated (although sounded the same but no hoodia) for Canada. My understanding is that the product sold in the States will have the hoodia. Some people I know have cancelled their product because of this.

    I have been taking the product for a few months, but I haven’t lost any more weight. I know some people who have done very well though. Whether it is actually the product or a placebo effect, who knows.

    • Joe says

      Leanne, so that explains why hoodia was removed from Plexus Slim! I was wondering why they took it out. Do you know why hoodia not allowed in supplements in Canada?

      • Pete says


        This link may be ONE of the reasons hoodia is not allowed in Canada at this time, and some European countries. My opinion, if PS wants to expand their markets, especially to other countries, the hoodia would have to be removed, or research would have to be done to prove the hoodia is pure, or even exists in the product. As you know this is a very expensive process. Please pay attention to the statement that 80% of the time the hoodia in supplements are either contaminated, or counterfeited. I could see where anyone would have a concern here.

        • Joe says

          Pete, thanks for that update. Ive also heard that there was not enough hoodia on Earth to fill all the supplements out there so I would not be surprised at the lack of quality. Its interesting the caveat about hoodia and diabetes.

          • Joe says

            Cheryl, Hoodia has been a protected plant in Africa for many years. If the reason they took hoodia out of PS is because its endangered, then why did they put it in PS to begin with?

  22. says

    I am no spring chicken (80) and wanted to lose some weight. I have always eaten the correct food but in the wrong quantities. I don’t exercise as much now as I have a stiff hip joint. I have type 2 diabetes and Plexus Slim sounded like a good option.

    The smell of the drink and the taste was quite off putting but I persevered. It did not reduce my appetite and I found my blood sugar readings were going up at a rapid rate. I stopped and it went back to normal. I tried again 10 days later and the same thing happened. My doctor said to avoid the product.

    I have now put mind over matter and am losing weight slowly without any additives.
    When I received the four month supply there was nothing in the packet to say why the product had been made in the first place and whether or not it was a medical research facility. All I got was how to become an ambassador repeated numerous times in several brochures and on disk. Not what I wanted to know about their ‘magic drink’.

    My original call was to a phone in Queensland, Australia which relayed to Canada and the product was sent from the USA. I want to return three month’s supply and get a refund. I somehow think that may be difficult but I will press on.

    Thank you! I loved reading what others and yourself had to say although it seems no one has had my problem.

    • Joe says

      Marleen, thanks for writing and sorry that all happened to you. Do let me know if you are able to get a refund from Plexus Slim. Im really glad you are starting to lose weight the old fashioned way (mind over matter)

        • Jolene says

          Marlene, I truly hope you are able to get your refund especially since you purchased a 4 month supply. I only purchased a one month supply and it took me quite a while to get my refund. Keep at it. I called several times, wrote a letter and e-mailed and finally got the money refunded on my credit card.

          When I called they said they had already refunded my money but when I called my bank they said there was no refund during the time Plexus said they had done it. When I called back again they assured me it would be done. It was. Don’t let them keep your money. They have the guarantee and they better back it up. I wish you all the best on this issue.

          In fact I hope you will reply back and tell me that you have received it.

  23. Pete says

    Ms. Marleen

    Here is the PS return goods policy. If you fall within these criteria, and still no refund, contact the Better Business Bureau of the state Arizona where PS in located. You can do this on-line.

    Retail Customers: Within 60 days of your product purchase, if you are unsatisfied with a product purchased from Plexus please contact Customer Service for a return authorization. You will need to return any unused products along with its original packaging to Plexus prior to a refund being issued. If you have purchased directly from a Plexus Ambassador please contact that individual for a direct refund. You will need to return any unused products along with its original packaging to the Plexus Ambassador whom you purchased from.

    Preferred Customers: Within 15 to 60 days of your product purchase, if you are unsatisfied with a product purchased from Plexus please contact Customer Service for a return authorization. You will need to return any unused products along with its original packaging to Plexus prior to a refund being issued. You may request a refund or cancel your auto-order any time 15 days after receiving your initial order.

    Plexus Customer Service contact: email: [email protected] or call 480-998-3490 x3

    Ambassador Return Policy

    Ambassadors: Ambassadors may return product for a full refund upon notifying Plexus Customer Service within 5 days of receipt of their product purchase and upon receiving authorization. Product must be returned in re-sellable condition. A refund shall be made only after the product has been returned and verified to be in satisfactory condition.

    Ambassadors’ customers (direct transaction): Within 60 days of product purchase, if a customer is unsatisfied with a product purchased directly from you, collect their unused product and original packaging, full name, phone number and email. Contact Customer Service for authorization then send the four collected items to Plexus. Plexus will issue replacement product for the returned product.

    Good luck, dear.

  24. Al says

    The point of Plexus products is to assist the organs by flushing them of all of the crap that has been stuffed into them. Same with expecting our digestive system to function properly while eating trans fats and processed foods stripped of any nutrients.

    The Plexus line of products help to get the body into shape by flushing out all of the toxins. The reason it is said to be “safe for kids” is because it is not first and foremost a diet supplement. It is marketed as such because that is what so many people in this world want to see or hear.

    To eat what they want, do as little as they can, and still lose weight. Plexus isn’t even about the weight lost per se, it’s about the FAT lost. Once the subcutaneous and visceral fat that is coating our organs is lost and our pancreas and liver flushed, our body is capable of processing food and better at elimination.

    Also, an overgrowth of bacteria can lead to a person having even more issues. Over indulge in sweets much? Check your spit for candida albicans. I understand you are all about the science of the product, but what about the science of the body? I researched for 6 months from that perspective before I decided to try the ‘pink drink’ only.

    Only after consulting with my primary care physician, ob/gyn, pediatrician, chemist, botanist, physiologist, and naturopath, did I decide this was the best product for me to try to help get into a better physical and mental state of mind after having a baby. (half of those professionals are all friends of mine)

    Not only did they tell me that it was ok for ME to use it, but they wanted to know how they could get some, too. Again, fat loss is a BY PRODUCT of the Plexus supplements, not the main goal. But who wants to buy a product that flushes your organs? Who wants to buy a product that helps you get skinny?

    • Joe says

      Al, Since you did all that research for 6 months, specifically what toxins is plexus slim flushing from the body?

      You say PS is safe for kids because it is NOT a dietary supplement but its labeled as a supplement because that is what people want to see/expect. I’m sorry but that statement makes no sense.

      If PS has helped you lose weight, I’ll tell you I’m glad for you (because I really am!) but I won’t let you expose crazy ideas – yes they are crazy – that kids should be taking an untested (it has no research. zero. zilch. nada) weight loss supplements. The same goes for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Not one of those very smart people you say you spoke to can prove me wrong either – because they have no evidence to back up that PS is safe in kids (or pregnant women/nursing mothers).

    • Pete says


      If PS is not classified as a “dietary supplement”, what is it? It is certainly not a drug. Where did you find this information? Being involved in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, I find it very interesting in a lot of ways? If you could link the sources, it would be appreciated.

  25. Al says

    When most people have a headache, they take an OTC medication. If they have severe migraines, they can get a prescription med. What about if you have diarrhea, or are constipated, or have a yeast infection? Get a minor cold or have an infectious flu? Majority of the time when we have an ailment, whether large or small, we take some form of medication; be it an OTC or doctor prescribed antibiotics.

    Are you aware of what those medications can be made of? There is a reason why the products have warnings stating that they should not be taken for extended periods of time. They are bad for the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, etc. Antibiotics rob the intestinal tract of ALL bacteria to ensure that the bad bacteria is gone.

    Our bodies are supposed to have healthy bacteria in them for balanced function, and if not, a list of issues can come about. One overlooked issue is constipation. Colorectal specialists state that when we do not rid our bodies of feces AT LEAST 2-3 times a day, we are considered to be constipated. When a person gets constipated, the colon may be holding 10, 20 or more pounds.

    The weight by itself isn‘t the problem, but the volume is – large, heavy stools enlarge and stretch out the colon, irritate the colon mucosa, harm the anal canal, and may produce TOXINS related to fermentation and rotting.Constipation significantly increases your risk of becoming a victim of medical error and/or of the side effects of drugs, all related to the treatment of any ensuing colorectal disorder.

    Constipation affects genitourinary health, particularly for women, because the large intestine and the female reproductive organs reside in close proximity. These problems run the gamut from undue pressure on the uterus to rectal prolapse inside the vagina, from fecal incontinence to miscarriage from straining, and numerous other, equally nasty problems.

    Constipation affects your quality of life, causes stress, and diminishes your overall sense of well-being. These things tend to self-perpetuate, and profoundly affect the cardiovascular, endocrine, and immune systems. (I got all this information from literature my Colorectal specialist gave me to deal with the issues I was having post pregnancy and I did not want to take prescribed medication to “clear up the problems”.)

    Those are the toxins I am talking about! So when we have the surface issue of a headache/migraine, stomach issues-as extreme as IBS or Crohn’s-yeast infection, or UTI, majority of the time they can be traced to a gut health issues and remedied by first and foremost correction the gut issue.

    Some extreme reactions to consistent gut issues are appendicitis and loss of gall bladder functionality. SIDENOT: I will tell you, my mother has been on chemical imbalance medication for as long as I can remember. It turns her into a slug. Slow, quiet, almost non-existent. Over the years she’s had to have a hysterectomy, gall bladder removal, appendix removal, and polyps removed from her colon.

    She eats a well balanced vegetarian diet, walks 5 miles a day, and drinks only water. She has been taking a few of the Plexus products, not the Accelerator+, and has been able to lower her meds significantly to the point where her doctors are baffled. They gave her the ok to take the products because in comparison to the prescription she was taking, they thought it would be a waste of time and money. There was nothing in it that would harm her and compared it to taking a handful or various vitamins.

    When children suffer from ADHD, one of the non medicinal approaches is to remove their diet of dairy, wheat, and sugar. Sometimes parents will go so far as to remove ALL animal products, tree nuts, soy, and a list of other things. The studies for that have stated that the suffering child’s digestive enzymes are not able to properly break down

    the food, leaving their digestive system imbalanced and since they are already hypersensitive to begin with, the domino effect of issues caused by said imbalance is multiplied significantly. Why have parents stated that their doctor said it was ok, or feel that it is ok to try on their child? Mainly because they’ve tried everything else and shoving

    big name pharmaceutical pills into their suffering child seems worse than giving them a product that is labeled with less seemingly harmful ingredients then the other options.

    I’d be nice to see you review the ingredients list of an ADHD medication and compare it to the Plexus pink drink.

    • Joe says

      Al, let’s leave off the big pharma conspiracy theories and stay on Plexus Slim. So, If I understand correctly you are saying that plexus Slim acts like a laxative or probiotic yes? that’s what I take away from your talk about the colon, constipation etc. If that’s correct, please point me to proof that the ingredients in PS remove those toxins. In my original review I pointed to the ingredients in PS that have fiber and may help constipation here’s the link

      I have no problem with people being more regular and Ive often said that in a world where people eat a lot of junk food, the best “supplement” is a salad, so I have no issues with getting more fiber in the diet.

  26. Pete says


    I have been around doctors for more than half my life. I have followed them from medical school, all the way through them being in practice for many years, and some still are. I can tell you with pretty much certainly that when a doctor looks at what’s in PS, he most probably sees only a “vitamin supplement”.

    I have heard drs. speak of vitamins and they basic feel that “what the heck, if the patient is taking them, and believe they are helping, can’t hurt anything. That proves what little training they have in medical school on vitamins. Hardly any, if any at all. If these doctors you speak really believe that PS is the answer for long-term weight-loss, other than proper diet and exercise, I would love to know what medical school they went to because they need to ask for a refund.

    You spent 6-months studying why PS is such a great product? Maybe it is, but really, if you have proof that PS is better than less expensive alternatives on the market, let’s see it. You have none, just like you have no proof of all the claims you make in your recent post. No proof, no credibility.

    Al, just answer two questions:

    — Do you sell this “stuff”?

    — Why don’t you respond to Joe’s post and provide proof of the claims you make instead of walking all around the park?

    Oh, and to have Joe provide information comparing PS to ADHD meds. What a joke. Why don’t “YOU” have PS to do the study. They won’t because first of all they know the study would be BS, and why should they spend the money on the issue when they already have you and others out there making false claims about how PS treats, and cures ADHD.

    • Pete says


      Forgot. Here is one of many articles in my files that refer to how many doctors feel about products such as PS. And yes, most would consider PS a vitamin, or a dietary supplement

    • Jolene says

      Pete, I love your posts as you get right to the heart of the matter. After a really bad experience with the “original Plexus Slim,” I would not take any of their products much to the dismay of the Ambassador who sold me the product. I was ignorant of the fact that natural is not always safe ( my doctor actually used those exact words when I showed him the ingredients after I had my bad experience).

      I did not see the ingredient Hoodia on the label because they called it something else and have now taken that ingredient out of the “new formula.” I am on BP & heart meds so I should have not even considered this product.

      My doc approves of the other vitamin supplements I take because they are all singular in nature. I think when a product has too many ingredients you can get into more issues.

      My blood pressure went sky high and I bloated up like a 9-month pregnant woman (not a good look for a senior citizen). After reading Joe’s ingredient explanation, I see that there are a lot of fiber ingredients in Plexus Slim which can cause bloating. My husband lost weight by more conscious eating and hitting the treadmill everyday. He is getting the results that Plexus Slim advocates get for waaaaaay less money as food is in our budget already.

      There is really no talking to Ambassadors about any negatives about the products as I think it is like the “political Kool-Aid” that some folks have been drinking only it is “pink Plexus Slim” for weight loss and curing every disease known to man (and woman).

      I told my Ambassador that there is “good and not so good” about EVERYTHING…….even Plexus products. She Told me she does not read any negative about Plexus so won’t even consider reading Supplement-Geek items. Keep on keeping on, Pete & Joe!

        • Jolene says

          My ex Ambassador knows about you but will not, I repeat, will not, read anything negative (in her view) about the products. Even if it is factual! I don’t argue anymore as that is a lost cause and I’m not sure how much time left I have here on earth! :)

          • Michael says


            I’m wondering if your ex-Ambassador lives anywhere near the McKinney TX area. We have a lady who has reached the upper echelons of PS due to high sales, etc. She flaunts the fact that she has “won” a Lexus from the company, brays on about the money she has made and touts this product as a cure-all for everything under the sun. She touts giving this stuff to children as well for ADD, headaches, you name it.

            If you cross her on anything PS, be prepared for wrath from her and hundreds of her sub-ambassadors. She has been overheard saying the she will “ruin” people for speaking out against PS. If this is her, I have tremendous sympathy for you.

            These “ambassadors” are generally interested only in making money and getting a free trip or other benefit. They load their Facebook pages up constantly at the behest of their leader and make it seem as if it is the only answer to weight loss/low energy/etc. Bandwagon pressure of epic proportions.

            My biggest concern with PS is the whole appetite suppressant issue. Maybe Joe can address this: Doesn’t the body have a natural tendency to build tolerance to things like appetite suppressant, thereby requiring more of it over time to stave off cravings?

            Isn’t it inherently dangerous to be on a suppressant for more than a short duration? Additionally, is there any study or documentation that has tested the purity of ingredients in PS?

          • Joe says

            Michael, let me try to answer your questions in order

            1. I think it would depend on what the appetite suppressant was. with stimulants I think people might eventually get a tolerance to it, requiring more. With stuff like fiber, I dont think so, but I could be wrong.

            2. most supplement products Ive seen dont have any research on them or if they do, its not long term research. So, its hard to tell what long term side effects would be.

            3. I’m not aware of any purity studies done on Plexus Slim.

          • Jolene says

            No, Michael, my ex-Ambassador is in the Midwest. Her Mom even said maybe I should try the “new formula” and I said absolutely NOT. There are so many ingredients in Plexus Slim that I’m not sure which one is not going to work for me. I am losing weight the good old fashioned way by eating more healthy meals and movement (I don’t call it exercise!). Works for me and I save lots of money too.

            I don’t even discuss the products with them anymore as they don’t want to hear any negative comments. Someone commented to me that I did not give it long enough. I was bloated, had higher blood pressure and had no appetite for four days so yes, of course, I want to give it longer as that was such fun.

      • Pete says


        Please take note Joe is the expert, and author of this site. Any product questions, he is the man. I know VERY little compared to him. He lets me express my views on the business side of PS, and I appreciate him letting me do that. But, he does have his limitations when too off subject. Great site, and your friend, and hers, ought to be introduced to it. Keep trying to get them on board.

        • Joe says

          Pete thanks, and you know a LOT more about the business side of this stuff than I do. I prefer to think of myself as a seeker of knowledge rather than an expert because nobody knows everything – that’s especially true for me :)

  27. Dawn says

    I have tried this stuff and had an allergic reaction (itching all over). The representative said she couldn’t image what was in it that would cause that. I asked her before trying if it would react with supplements I take. Her response was, “it shouldn’t.” I should have known better.

    I have been tempted to try it again, just to make sure that the drink was what was wrong with me. Came back to this site to do some more reading. Glad I did, cause that’s all it takes. NO MORE FOR ME!

    • cindy says

      Dawn, I started taking the slim only last week. The sixth day into this regimine I developed a fine red rash all over my body. I stopped the Plexus on the sixth day and today, three days later, My rash is fading. It did not itch much, but the Plexus is the only thing I had done differently in my life. My ambassador had not heard of anyone else getting a rash. I will say, I had no desire to snack and my appeitite seemed to be supressed. I intend to ask for a refund.

  28. CharlieTango says

    Joe – My wife is considering taking this stuff.. not so much for the weight loss benefits (although that is a significant side benefit she will certainly appreciate if it actually works in that regard), but because an Ambassador friend – who is also a nurse – takes it and says that her migraines are gone. (My wife’s friend doesn’t need to lose weight, but whatever.)

    Anyway, I was curious if you had heard or were aware of migraine relief being a potential benefit of this “supplement”?

    • Joe says

      Charlie, if Plexus Slim helps migraines, I wonder if it might be because of its green coffee extract. There is some research that Chlorogenic acid (which is in green coffee bean) reduces blood pressure and a quick search of medline showed this study noting that both also helped headaches:

      Could this be the reason why your wife’s friend has fewer migraines? Maybe. Its hard to tell given the lack Plexus Slim/migraine research, but its a theory. Let me know what happens if your wife tries it.

  29. Pete says


    You are right on about this lady that is an ‘ambassador” for PS in Mckinny, Texas. She is the “exact” reason MLM has the bad reputation it has today. Refer her to this site, I would actually pay money to confront her on the PS MLM issues, and I would love to see Joe taking her to school on the product issue.

    By the way, the Lexus is actually a lease, but, you fail to maintain your particular level at PS, it becomes yours as far as making the payments are concerned. Michael, I have actually seen people as of this lady “living” in these cars after the MLM scheme went south.

    Please refer her to this site! I would love, and welcome the challenge!!

    • Lee says


      I believe I know this McKinney-area ambassador personally. It’s been rather mind-boggling how quickly she’s racked up the underlings hawking this product. I no longer live in the area, but it seems like every day, there is someone else promoting PS on their Facebook pages and they are all connected to this one person. She is definitely not the type to listen to reason and will not hear anything from anyone that is contrary to what she believes. I’m going to keep checking back on this site, though, in hopes that you do get the challenge!

      My husband and I tried PS for several months and it did nothing for us. My husband then began counting calories (with a little bit of exercise here and there) and subsequently lost 45 pounds! I have not found that sort of motivation and discipline yet and was considering trying PS again – just to see. I am glad I stumbled onto this site and had y’all talk me out of making the mistake a second time!

      • Jan says

        I think I know many of her underlings, but not her personally. I try to avoid talking Plexus IRL. I have many many friends taking and selling it that have had absolutely no weight loss. Their Facebook posts were all about losing weight for the summer.

        Now they claim that it’s not about weight loss, but whole body health instead. It is alarming that they are pushing this stuff for kids and pregnant or nursing women.

        I too am so glad I found this site instead of getting sucked into the cult like mentality. It is frightening to me how quickly and fully my friends have fallen for this.

        • Joe says

          Jan, the same thing has been happening here – there are people saying plexus slim is not for weight loss but other stuff (wellness etc). I guess that’s not a coincidence based on what you’ve heard.

  30. Allison says

    I used the original Plexus and I loved it. I lost 15 pounds and I felt great.I believed in the product so much that I signed up as an ambassador mainly to buy at wholesale. I bought the trial packs and gave them to people to try. Everybody that I gave a trial pack to loved it and bought a months supply. The only problem was the trial pack was the old formula and the month supply was the new formula which did not work.

    I feel like I scammed these people because the tried one thing and bought something else. I gave them there money back. I do try to exercise daily if possible (I have sciatic pain that sometime completely shuts me down) but the old formula did stop sugar cravings and controlled my appetite. I loved it, however the new formula is horrible and I did call and cancel my membership as an ambassador.

    • Pete says


      You are one in a million! Allison, you did not scam these people, if anybody did, it was the company. If PS would spend some of that money they claim they make on some research they would have known the products possibly acted differently.

      Has anybody noticed that this company is supposedly expanding, but there are only three people running the company. Does that look like a company that in it for the long-term? PS should be adding on people, especially in marketing. They have actually lost one executive.

  31. Jenn says

    I lost almost 40 lbs on the old formula but the first week on the new stuff and I had already gained three lbs.. I started the new formula in January and have gained 20 lbs. I have the hungry feelings that I didn’t have while on the old formula.. Why is this?

    • Pete says


      I would take that question to someone at one of those PS rah-rah meetings, or better than that, directly to the company. It would be interesting to know what sort of, in my opinion, BS they would give you. Don’t be surprised if you are ignored, or even ask to leave. Actually happened to me, a former ambassador. lol

      By the way, sorry to hear of your weight-gain, obviously frustrating.

  32. says

    I’m wondering if the Slim still contains Hoodia under the disguise of “proprietary blend”. I have an Ambassador friend who tells me it was removed in January because it is an endangered plant.

    Cripes! How often do these formulas change and how are you supposed to build any faith in their claims if they’re constantly being changed?!?!?!?

    • Joe says

      Candy, I think the removal of hoodia from Plexus slim is more than being about the plant being endangered. It may be too expensive to grow or import (I’m not sure if they import it from Africa or grow in the US etc). I’ve noticed the changes in the formula myself and I do agree its a problem that distributors will have to overcome. That said, most new customers likely won’t know about the changes unless they do some digging and find my site or others like it.

    • Jolene says

      I think the “endangered” plant excuse might be to hide the fact that Hoodia can affect people in a negative way. They did not want any issues with that. I am glad that they took it out especially when they did not label it as Hoodia. For some people, Hoodia sends their blood pressure way up.

  33. lauren says

    I have to be honest here . The new formula is just not working for many . Me personally i gained 10 pounds and i am active eat clean drink no sodas . During the old accelerator i had no complains but the new one is just not working for many .

    • Joe says

      Lauren, others have told me the same thing. The PS company should have had an idea of this before they changed the formula.

    • says


      I experienced the exact same thing! Weight gain, despite regular exercise and a clean diet. My Ambassador friends keep blaming me, saying it’s a “yeast thing”. They tell me I need to increase the ProBio up to 4 capsules a night, and give it at least 4 weeks. I tried Plexus twice — once in November and again in March. I averaged a 5 lb weight gain every 3 weeks. NO!! I’m NOT giving the product more money, more time, and more weight!

      On that note, since stopping the product 2 weeks ago, I’ve lost 3 lbs — same exercise routine, same clean diet, same everything — minus Plexus.

      Good luck to you!

        • says

          LOL! The Amazon link doesn’t work (or at least it didn’t for me). Apparently someone didn’t want those reviews seen. I think Plexus is stalking you, Joe!

          • Joe says

            Wendy, your right so I removed it. I’m sure I’m not winning any popularity contests lol

  34. carriesterma says

    Here is the latest info forwarded to me.
    Those with the company should really think about this information and your involvement with them.

    Regardless of your like or dislike of a product, this is how the company operates… a bit shady to me.

    From Plexus:
    To protect our company, our future & stay in compliance with FTC (federal trade commission) we’ve been asked to make a few verbage changes.

    1) We can no longer post Dave Brown’s videos publicly. He makes medical claims in them relating the product to diseases, We can post them privately in messages or in these groups for educational purposes only but should never be showed to a person “proving” a claim that has been made.

    2) When posting testimonies, please do not put your website link in the post. Simply put “Contact me for additional information”. If you put any info about how to order the product with the testimony you are saying that you have products that will do the same for them.

    3) We can no longer publicly say that our product is safe for pregnant or lactating women. Even though it is, our compliance dept. would like for us to change this to legally protect the company. Women should always consult with their doctors first taking a list of the product ingredients.

    4) We can no longer say that Plexus was originally created for those with Type II Diabetes (diagnosis of disease) We CAN say, Plexus has been proven to help those with Type II Diabetes to stabilize their blood sugars or is diabetic friendly and again should take a list of ingredients to their physician.

    • Michael says


      I have had no less than 2 people in the last week continue to parrot the statement that this product was “originally created for people with Type II Diabetes”. I’m wondering what the FTC will ultimately do about this?

      • Pete says


        If I may chime in. Initially, the Attorney General’s Office of a respective state handles MLM complaints, such as ‘false” claims made by MLM companies. MLM laws differ from state to state. The FTC will step in if needed. The FTC handles, and focuses on the huge companies such as Amway, Herbalife, etc. So, if a person, or persons want to file a complaint, they need to file it through their State AG office.

        Why are some Ambassadors are still making PS type II diabetes claim?. Simple answer. Because they can. At this point the MLM industry in not heavily regulated, or controlled and distributors will continue to say, and do what they want and not be held accountable. Small companies like PS slide under the radar because of under staffing of regulatory agencies. The more complaints PS has, the more apt they are to be investigated.

        Initially, the company will be sent a warning letter from the State AO, or the FTC and given so many days to show proof they are attempting to correct the matter. If not corrected, the company can be shut down. PS, and other MLM companies will be heavily “scrutinized” in the future. Follow the Herbalife investigation.

        • Pete says


          Yes, they can, as long as there is clinical data supporting that claim, or claims. We heard that PS sent out a letter to the Ambassadors that they could no longer make statements referring to PS curing or treating any disease state such as Type ll diabetes. Company is admitting that they have no data available proving PS effective in treating any disease state, including Type ll diabetes. NO CLINICAL DATA, NO CLAIM!

          So when you hear that a product can’t make such claims, it’s for one of two reasons:

          1) They don’t have the money to do the necessary research. (If they believed in their product, they could get a loan or work an agreement with an investor who does have the money. This is a poor excuse for a product if it actually “works.”)

          2) They don’t want to have their product tested. In many cases these products are just common juices and spices and there’s no reason to expect them to do anything medically different than your orange juice or your Cinnamon Toast Crunch. However, as long as they are able to make a reasonable case to a gullible person that their product works, it is to their advantage to never formally test the product as they would be proven wrong. Such a move would end their business instantly.

          This disappointing part is that there are gullible consumers who don’t realize that if the company truly believed its product worked for any medical condition it would likely make billions of dollars. The company should be extremely interested in doing these formal clinical tests as it would mean so much more money for them. Yet, I have never seen an MLM company perform these large scale tests with the goal of getting on the FDA list. It seems that these companies have very low confidence in their product

  35. Pete says


    Can’t say for sure, but per Carriesterma post, is sounds like to me that PS received a “warning” letter from the FTC, or some other governing body. I have seen a few of these in my day. Trust me,, you don’t ignore those. It was just a matter of time.

    Thanks, Carriesterma!

  36. rosemary says

    Can you give me any information about the bio 5 along with their multi vitamin? I’m taking plexus but I don’t want to take it long term. I’m really only interested in one’s I asked above… Thank you for your research!

    • Joe says

      Rosemary, I have not yet looked at the PS bio 5 product (its on my list) but, if I can “shoot from the hip” on this, without seeing any proof it works better than any other pro-biotic supplement, I’d say you probably dont need it.

      When it comes to multivitamins, I will likewise say (without looking at it) that you can likely do just as well with a lesser alternative product (Centrum for example).

      • rosemary says

        Thank you, I have heard the bio 5, from any company, can be beneficial. I know while I take it it does help me sleep. It Has Helped My Sister As well. I’m just wondering if PS has adding anything different from what other companies have? Also along with the multi vitamin.

        • Joe says

          Rosemary, I dont think there is anything unique about the PS multivitamin or bio 5 supplement that make them better than other similar products. I believe the bio 5 supplement is a probiotic supplement with some added vitamins and grape seed extract. I’d rather you eat some yogurt.

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