Plexus Boost: Review of Ingredients, Research and Side Effects

According to the Plexus Website, Plexus Slim Boost “is an alternative companion to Plexus Slim” containing a “thermogenic blend of ingredients.” Thermogenic means stimulant.  When I became aware of the ingredients in this product, I got curious and I wanted to investigate  what ingredients in Plexus Boost are stimulants as well as which ingredients have human evidence showing that they might actually work. In this review also want to shed some light which ingredients lack evidence as well as try to see if the Boost supplement has any side effects. Plexus Boost is the official name of the pre-release product known to Ambassadors by the much less sexy  name, “THBV2.” For more info, also see my reviews of Plexus ProBio5 and the Accelerator Plus.  I also have a review of Plexus Slim (the pink drink).

Plexus Boost Label

Plexus Boost Label

Adapted from

I found the Plexus Boost Supplement Facts label confusing. I say this because in the “% DV” column of the label ―instead of listing the percentage that each ingredient contributes to our Daily Value for a nutrient ―the column lists actual amounts of the ingredients.  This doesn’t make sense.

The column clearly is states ” % DV” so I’m not sure why they have actual amounts listed? Some ingredients do contain percentages (which I assume are the % DV) in parentheses next to the ingredient (for example, chromium has 10% listed) while other ingredients (like Niacin and B12) have no percentages listed.  I’ve never seen a Supplement Facts label like this before.

I think the label is a manufacturing mistake and I would not be surprised if Plexus Boost eventually gets a new label to better conform to how a Supplement Facts label should look.

Because the label looks confusing to me, I won’t include the percent daily value in my replication of the ingredients list below. Instead, I’ll just list the ingredient and the amount which Plexus Boost contains.

Plexus Boost Ingredients

According to the Plexus Boost label each bottle contains a 30 day supply (60 capsules). A serving size of 2 capsules contains the following ingredients:

Active Ingredients      102.4 mg total
Calcium glycinate 50 mg
Vitamin B 6 30 mg
Niacin   20 mg 20 mg
Chromium picolinate
Vitamin B 12 methylcabalamin 500 mcg
Folic acid 400 mcg
Proprietary blend      900 mg total
Caralluma fimbriata extract ?
Citrus Reticulata /Nelumbo Nucifera blend (Higenamine from tangerine peel / lotus seed) ?
Yerba mate extract ?
Green tea extract ?
Additional Ingredients

mg = milligrams. mcg = micrograms. ? = unknown amount  

Plexus Boost Research

Plexus Boost has no published peer reviewed research to show it works. I know this is true because when I searched the National Library of Medicine for “Plexus Boost ” Nothing showed up. I also goggled “Plexus Boost research” and no studies showed up via that method either. Likewise,, the company behind the product, lists no proof either. That said, some of the ingredients in Plexus Boost do have some weight loss research. So, let’s now review the ingredients and try to get an idea which might work ― and might not work― and which be the real active ingredients.

There are 3 categories of ingredients in Plexus Boost. They are:

  1. Active Ingredients
  2. Proprietary Blend ingredients
  3. Additional Ingredients


Let’s look at each of these groups separately

Active Ingredients

The Plexus Boost label lists 6 ingredients that they say are “Active.” I take this to mean these are the main ingredients that cause weight loss and/or are “thermogenic”. But, there is no good proof for any of them.  Below is a breakdown of these 6 ingredients.  

Calcium Glycinate

I think Plexus Boost has calcium because of some evidence showing it might help weight loss. But, in that research, people often used at least 800 mg of calcium per day. Plexus Boost only has 50 mg in 2 capsules. There are also studies showing calcium does not work.  While calcium is a good mineral, I think it’s a long shot when it comes to weight loss.

Calcium glycinate is the type of calcium used in Plexus Boost. I believe this combination is may be used to improve absorption. But, I am unable to locate any calcium glycinate research showing it helps weight loss in people.  

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is also called pyridoxine. Various websites talk about B6 wand weight loss, however I am unable to any good proof for this claim. The adult RDA for this vitamin is about 1.3  to 1.7 mg per day. Plexus Boost contains 30 mg of vitamin B6, which I feel is a lot, especially when combined with foods containing this vitamin.

There are some websites which discuss how vitamin B6 helps thyroid function. The thyroid controls metabolism.  A better working thyroid might help weight loss.  But does vitamin B6 do this? According to this 2006 study titled Thyroid function during B-vitamin supplementation of patients on antiepileptic drugs, it didn’t help thyroid function.

The B vitamins are widespread throughout foods and because of that, I don’t think most people reading this are lacking B6. This page of the NIH website discusses vitamin B6 at length for those who want more info.


Also called vitamin B3. Most people are not deficient in niacin because it’s in many foods. The RDA for niacin for adults is 14-16 mg per day and Plexus Boost provides 20 mg of niacin. People often report feeling flushed when they take high doses of niacin. This is because niacin is a vasodilator (it opens up blood vessels). I’m not sure if Plexus Boost would do this because it does not provide much of this vitamin.

That said, this might vary with the amounts of niacin in other foods and supplements people are taking. I’m not aware of any niacin-weight loss research. There are actually 2 main types of niacin. Niacin is one type and the other is called niacinamide. The label of Plexus Boost says niacin but both words are used sometimes used interchangeably. I’ll assume this product has niacin.  


Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss supplement history, despite the fact that most studies show it doesn’t work.  The research pretty much overwhelmingly shows this. So why is it in Plexus Boost ―and many other products ? My opinion is I think it’s because those who make supplements are afraid people won’t buy products that don’t contain it! That’s how good the chromium picolinate marketing was in the 1990s.  To this day, many people still believe it’s true!

Some of the products I’ve previously reviewed that contained chromium include:


Interestingly, the original Plexus Slim formula contained chromium nicotinate, rather than chromium picolinate. I don’t think it makes any difference what type they use because I don’t feel either improves energy or weight loss.

For more on this mineral, see this review on chromium that I’ve previously written.  


Vitamin B12

Here is my review of vitamin B12 and weight loss. The fact that I’ve written an entire review ―specifically on B12 and weight loss ―tells how popular this has become. But again, where is the proof? I can’t find any.

Both seniors and vegetarians might eventually run out of B12, but this would take time to occur because we store about 2-3 years worth of this vitamin in our bodies. Yes, that’s right, we don’t pee out this B vitamin!

People who take some types of medications (like some diabetes meds) might also benefit from this vitamin as well. That said, for people who are basically healthy and not deficient in B12, I can’t find any proof that supplements boost energy or help with weight loss.  

Folic acid

Like B12, there is just isn’t any good proof that folic acid helps weight loss. Folic acid and B12 are both needed to make red blood cells. People lacking these vitamins might suffer from anemia. A symptom of anemia is being tired. So I’m going to guess that Plexus Slim Boost contains folic acid (and B12) of the in the hopes of improving red blood cells ―and hence energy levels.

One problem with this is that I don’t think most people are lacking these vitamins to the point where it would cause anemia. Folic acid has been added to several foods (fortified) for years because it can reduce birth defects. If you take a multi vitamin you are probably also taking folic acid as well.

Folic acid is an important vitamin to be sure, but I just am not aware of any proof it helps people lose weight.

Of all the ingredients listed the “Active Ingredients” category, only chromium picolinate has any proof, but that proof is not in synch with the majority of studies that have been conducted.

Proprietary Blend

Now let’s cover the research on the “Propriety Blend” in Plexus Boost. Because these 4

Plexus Boost

Adapted from

ingredients are separated from the others into a unique formula, I think these are likely to be the real active ingredients.Remember 2 capsules of Plexus Boost contains a total of 900 mg of these 4 ingredients, but they do not tell us how much of each is in the product.  

Caralluma Fimbriata

According to the Plexus Slim website, Caralluma fimbriata is “an edible cactus that has been traditionally used by tribal East Indians for years to suppress hunger and enhance endurance through increased energy.” This brief summary at, also notes that plant was eaten by Indians to help curb appetite.

It turns out there is research on this Caralluma fimbriata.  As I pointed out in my review of the supplement called Skinny Fiber (which also has Caralluma fimbriata), I located 3 studies (2 human studies and 1 rat study) noting that Caralluma fimbriata seemed to help weight loss.


While this is encouraging, it doesn’t necessarily mean Plexus Boost does the same thing because in the 2 human studies I located, each used 1 gram (1000 mg) of Caralluma fimbriata  ―which is more than the total amount in the entire proprietary blend of Plexus Boost (900 mg).


It is true that caralluma fimbriata makes up most of this blend (since it’s first ingredient listed) but since I’m unable to find any proof less than 1000 gram works, I have to wonder why Plexus decided to use less than was used in research studies?

Here is caralluma fimbriata on Amazon if you want to see what others are saying about it.

Caralluma fimbriata is also found in:

So see those reviews for additional information.  



On the label it’s stated that higenamine (pronounced “ha-gin-a-meen”)  is derived from 2 different plants. Let’s translate those names:

  • Citrus Reticulata  =mandarin orange
  • Nelumbo Nucifera = lotus seed

Notice that the label states that “higenamine from tangerine peel/lotus seed.” But citrus reticulata refers to mandarine orange, not tangerine (Citrus tangerina). Yes, both are related to each other, but they are not the same thing. I believe this may be a label typo.

Higenamine is an ingredient that some people may not be aware, of so let’s take a closer look at it and why it may be in this product.

What is Higenamine?

Higenamine, also called norcoclaurine, is a plant chemical present in small amounts in different things (such as lotus seeds and oranges). Higenamine is a stimulant. Some websites refer to higenamine as “a known and ideal DMAA substitute.” DMAA, a decongestant drug, used in some weight loss supplements that has been linked to several deaths. See this NY Times article and this review at ScienceBasedMedicine for more on DMAA.


While I am not sure if higenamine does the same thing as DMAA, the thing to know is that higenamine can raise heart rates and blood pressures. Currently there is not much human research on higenamine weight loss supplements.  In other words, nobody yet knows if it actually helps people lose weight or not.


If you do your own research on this stuff,  you’ll find yourself at a websites that use big words like “beta adregeneric receptor agonist” and they may even show you pictures of the chemical structure of higenamine as well. I feel some of these websites make the science of higenamine sound overly complicated  so people will think they know what they are talking about.

They do not.


I believe they use big words and fancy pictures as a smoke screen to obscure the fact that there is currently no human evidence showing higenamine helps people lose weight.

Case in point, one study I located, was titled Acute oral intake of a higenamine-based dietary supplement increases circulating free fatty acids and energy expenditure in human subjects.


While this study did note increased fat burning  compared to placebo, the product used in the study contained a combination of higenamine, yohimbie bark and caffeine. This is a problem because we have no way of knowing what caused the fat burning ―was it all 3 ingredients or  just Higenamine?

A better study would be to compare all 3 ingredients to just higenamine alone.

Also, this study did not mention weight loss.

Remember “fat burning” and “weight loss” are not always the same thing. For example, we burn a LOT of fat when we are sleeping but sleeping doesn’t cause any real weight loss.

Currently I’m not aware of any human evidence that higenamine alone helps people lose weight. Most of the research I’ve seen involves mice and rabbits ―and even that research isn’t on weight loss.

So, why is higenamine showing up in weight loss supplements?

Higenamine is also found in Plexus Accelerator Plus. See that review for more information.

Yerba Mate Extract

The scientific name for herba mate is Ilex paraguariensis. That said, what extract of herba mate is in Plexus Boost? They don’t tell us. Since herba mate contains caffeine, might this be the extract? Herba mate  has been an ingredient in several weight loss supplements I’ve looked at previously including:  

So see those reviews for additional information.


Regardless of its use in weight loss supplements, I’m not aware of any published peer reviewed evidence that herba mate alone (or in combination with the other ingredients in this product) helps people lose weight. What I do see are lab mice weight loss studies.  

Green Tea Extract

What green tea extract are they using?  While I’m tempted to speculate that the extract might be either caffeine or ECGC (as both are popular in weight loss supplements), I can’t say for sure. Green tea is very popular in weight loss supplements, in fact here is a list of all the green tea weight loss supplements I’ve looked at before. Because green tea extract is the last ingredient listed, I don’t think the product has much.  

Additional Ingredients


This is a proprietary ingredient used as stabilizer for the powder in the capsules. It’s used as a substitute for silicon dioxide, which some people don’t like to see in supplements.  If you have the Accelerator Plus supplement, you may noticed NuFlow is an ingredient in that product also.

For more info see my review of the Plexus Accelerator Plus.  


Ingredients That Are Stimulants

  • Higenamine
  • Herba mate (maybe depending on extract used)
  • Green tea (maybe depending on extract used)

I believe these are the ingredients comprise the “thermagenic blend” mentioned on the Plexus website.  

Ingredients With No Evidence

The following ingredients have no published peer reviewed proof that they help people lose weight.

  • Higenamine
  • Herba mate
  • Calcium glycinate
  • Vitamin B6
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic acid


Ingredients With Research

The following ingredients do have some human weight loss evidence

  • Caralluma fimbriata
  • Chromium picolniate (maybe)

Yes, I did include chromium in this list because even though I don’t personally feel it helps ―and the majority of published studies back me up on this ―I have occasionally seen studies showing it works.

Here is my review of chromium picolinate and weight loss. Notice how many studies say it works.

Between those two ingredients, I feel the evidence is currently strongest for Caralluma fimbriata although it is not a slam dunk either and, if the research is to believed, one might have to use more than is in Plexus Boost if it’s going to work.

Here is Caralluma fimbriata on Amazon if you want to check it out.  

Plexus Boost vs. Accelerator Plus

In writing this review, I noticed that both of these products contained similar ingredients so let’s list them side by side in case anyone was curious.

Plexus Boost

Plexus Accelerator Plus

Calcium glycinate 50 mg Niacin (Niacinamide) 20 mg
Vitamin B6 30 mg Vitamin B6 30 mg
Niacin 20 mg Vitamin B12  500 mcg
Chromium picolinate Calcium glycinate 50 mg
Vitamin B12 500 mcg Proprietary blend  950 mg
Folic acid 400 mcg 1. Yerba mate leaf extract
Proprietary blend  900 mg 2. Higenamine
1. Caralluma fimbriata 3. Hordenine
2. Higenamine 4. Hawthorne leaf extract
3. Yerba mate extract 5. 5 HTP
4. green tea extract 6. Green tea leaf extract

mg = micrograms. mcg = micrograms. Red color indicates similarities. Blue indicates differences between products.

Notice the similarities between Plexus Boost and Plexus Accelerator Plus.  While there may be some differences in the amounts of some of the ingredients, looking at these products side by side, Plexus Boost contains all the ingredients as Accelerator Plus except:

  • Hordenine
  • Hawthorne leaf extract
  • 5 HTP


Given that some people have reported strange side effects from Accelerator Plus, could Plexus Boost is an attempt to make a “kinder, gentler” version of the Accelerator Plus?

See my review of the Accelerator Plus for more information.  


Boost and Accelerator: Better Together?

After I published this review I was told that some Ambassadors may inform customers to alternative between Plexus Boost and Accelerator Plus such that they take the Boost supplement for a little while and then go back to the Accelerator Plus for a while.

I can only imagine that the reason for this might be thinking that people would eventually get used to one of these supplements, and that alternating back and forth between both would produce greater weight loss effects.

But, there is no published, peer reviewed proof showing that rotating between Plexus Boost and Accelerator Plus produces better results. I’m also not aware of any proof that people eventually get used to one of these products, necessitating the need to switch to the other product periodically.

Regardless as to whether people alternate between both products, do not take both at the same time. Even the Boost label cautions against this.

How Much Caffeine?

The label does not list caffeine as an ingredient. That said, I wonder if caffeine may be in the green tea extract and/or herba mate extract? If anyone finds out if Plexus Boost does or does not contain caffeine, let me know by leaving a comment below.    

Plexus Boost Side Effects

Given the lack of research on the product itself, I can not say for certain what the side effects if any might be.  I did notice that the Plexus Boost label contains this warning that I’m going to put into bullet format to make it easier to read:

  • “Not intended for expectant or nursing mothers or if you have had a heart condition, high blood pressure or any other cardiovascular condition. “
  • “Not intended for children under the age of 18. “
  • “Avoid taking this product with cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, PPA or products containing caffeine.”
  • “Not intended to be taken Accelerator Plus. “
  • “Before starting this or any other supplementation, consult a physician first.”
  • ” If unpleasant effects occur, discontinue use. “


I am glad the Plexus Boost label mentions not to take it with the Accelerator Plus supplement. Both supplements contain higenamine, which is a stimulant. Using both products at the same time might increase higenamine to levels to that which may be dangerous in some people.

Higenamine can increase heart rate and this effect may be magnified when combined with caffeine. Higenamine might also have a blood thinner effect. As such it may interact with blood thinner medications.

Anyone who has ANY medical condition should speak to a doctor or pharmacist before using Higenamine.

Because of its stimulant content don’t use Plexus Boost before going to bed.

Herba mate have been associated with increased risk of cancers of the mouth and throat. In the several studies published on this issue, people who developed cancer drank hot tea beverages containing herba mate. What about supplements? Would they do the same thing? I have no idea and that’s why I’d recommend speaking to an oncologist, ears nose and throat doctor or pharmacist who may be able to shed more light on this.

Stop ALL supplements at least 2 weeks before having surgery. Some supplements/ingredients can increase the chance of bleeding. This is not good if you are having surgery.

Do not use Plexus Boost while breastfeeding in case some of the ingredients are passed to the nursing baby.  

How Much To Take?

The label of the product says to take 1 to 2 capsules per day.  For those who are going to try Plexus Boost, I recommend being extra conservative and starting with only 1 capsule ―or less than this ―for the first week. This is to reduce the severity of any side effects (if any) you may notice.

If you read my review of Plexus Accelerator Plus, take note of the comments. Some people have reported elevated heart rates, blood pressure problems as well as other issues. Would Plexus Boost do the same thing? I’m not sure. My opinion is starting with less than is recommended is the safest course of action.

Does Plexus Boost Work?

The Plexus Slim website calls Plexus Boost an “alternative companion” to Plexus Slim. That wording is vague and I’m not sure what it means. The word “companion” makes one think they mean Plexus Boost is best used alongside Plexus Slim. But the word “alternative” makes me wonder if they are saying Plexus Boost should be used instead of other products (like Accelerator Plus) ―or in place of Plexus Slim (the “pink drink”) itself?

That said, I have no idea if Plexus Boost works or not. Looking at the ingredients, I can’t say either way if it will improve energy levels, burn fat or lead to weight loss. I say this because most of the ingredients in the product have no weight loss proof and some of the ingredients have no human proof whatsoever.

Likewise, I’m not aware of any proof that Plexus Boost, “boosts” metabolism. If it does, I feel it’s because of the stimulants in the product. These are likely the same ingredients that might also raise blood pressure and heart rate. I don’t feel having a higher blood pressure and heart rate automatically equals burning more calories or greater weight loss.

The only ingredient I could find that had any recent evidence was Caralluma fimbriata and that’s why I feel it’s real the “active ingredient” in Plexus Boost. Might the unique combination of ingredients in Plexus Boost work better than Caralluma fimbriata alone? Anything is possible I guess. So, if it is, how come nobody has tested this to see if it is true?

What do you think?


  1. Michael says

    Thanks for the review on this product. The ambassadors were in full swing this past weekend in Dallas during their big convention.

    As I understand it, Boost is something you’re supposed to push on clients if they report that their not getting the results they want.

    However, they (ambassadors) are being told to push this in addition to Accelerator. Kind of a “take this for a while, then take this for a while” approach between the 2.

    Makes perfect sense. Now you have 2 products you’re selling instead of just one.

    To those of you who are actively buying these products, keep in mind that you just put $50,000 into the pocket of the “MVP” of Plexus sales this weekend. She was awarded this check at the convention.

    Make no mistake about it, this company is about making money off those who continually buy their products.

    This new product follows all the hype of predictable marketing – mention something big is coming down the line, build up anticipation, have a huge rollout, and have your sales force blanket Facebook with cheerleading.

    • Joe says

      Michael thanks for the heads up. So ambassadors Really told to get people to rotate between plexus boost and accelerator plus. Interesting. Several people have told me that accelerator plus was not working or that they had side effects from it. Made me wonder if Boost was to be the replacement for the accelerator plus. I guess I was wrong.

      I question the logic of having customers alternate between the plexus boost and accelator plus since there is no proof that this helps weight loss.

      Are they making the case that people get used to one of them, and that’s why they need to alternate between the two?

      • Michael says

        Joe, the gist was that for those who weren’t seeing results from the regular accelerator, they need to try Boost. The recommendation was to only take Boost for a while and then go back to the regular Accelerator. I’ll see if I can’t pull the direct quote. You’re right in that it’s not logical to switch back and forth between these products but we’re not dealing with logic here. We’re dealing with a company who is trying to rake in cash. This convention in Dallas showed it, too.

        LeAnn Rimes in concert, $50,000 bonus checks, awards, Omni Hotel, etc. These things have to be paid for and the only way to do so is selling product. It is scary to see so many people following this company.

        • Joe says

          Michael, I had no idea Plexus was so big! After you left your comment I went back and added another section about alternating between Boost and Accelerator Plus. thanks for the heads up!

        • Monica Harris says

          So the one true test of finding the validity of a product is to do a literature review and/or look for scientific studies that have trialed the product and tracked side effects. If u search for plexus there are zero articles about this product. It is considered herbal and therefore does not require FDA approval.

          They tell u there are no side effects but #1 there were no trials to see if there are and #2 they are not required by law to report side effects. #3 the product is unregulated so how do you know what they’re really putting in the product and how do u know if it’s completely safe??

          • Pete says


            You got it! But still these PS ambassadors put this “stuff” in their bodies, and convince their family and friends to do the same thing. Sacrificing safety of their love ones for the almighty dollar.

          • Michael says


            That is the simplest way of looking at this product. However, you would be called a “hater” or non-believer by an ambassador for asking some basic things about what they are telling you to ingest. These ambassadors have created a cult amongst themselves and people should be frightened of the lies and falsehoods these folks spread on a daily basis.

      • Kathleen Obert says

        Plexus does not promote switching between accelerator and boost. You are suppose to use one or the other based on your need. I find this to be an amazing company with amazing life changing products. This company is built on integrity and are very generous and helpful to their ambassadors. I love all of there products and what they have done for me personally in addition to my family and dear friends.

        • Joe says

          Kathleen, thanks for the impute. While I am glad that as a distributor of PS you are happy with them, I just dont get why the company feels the need add untested stimulants to its supplement line (Accelerator, Accelerator plus and now Boost). If PS (the pink drink) worked so well, why are the stimulant supplements needed? I know people will say “because we are all different” but in response to that, I’d counter that because some of the ingredients in the stimulant products (like Higenamine etc) are untested – and have no human evidence that they work – how does the company know that they actually work – and are side effect free? The fact is that they dont know.

          • says

            I just would love to see who is making these products.. A company in Arizona..Where is this research from they use? Who is it that is taking this research and putting together these products. I have followed a company for 15 years, when I knew who was responsible. How can anyone just take these products, but not know who is deciding what goes in them?

          • Michael says

            I fully believe that these products are being made outside of the United States, possibly Mexico or in an Asian country (China, Taiwan, etc.). With the amount that Plexus spends on lavish “leader retreats”, they have to pull down some serious profit margins on the products themselves. The only way to do that is to get dirt cheap pricing on the products and then mark-up for sales. I don’t think anyone here believes that this can be done in the U.S., given the minimum wage and other overhead costs that companies deal with. Does Plexus even mention on their packaging where the products come from? There seems to be higher regulation on bottled water than with this poison.

        • says

          replying to this :”You are suppose to use one or the other based on your need.”… How on earth does one know which one? They both are advertised as a “companion” to Plexus Slim. Ambassadors can’t tell you which one as they are not schooled in product knowledge and can only guess what your needs are based on what one reveals.

  2. MP says

    I appreciate your reviews! As a semi-new Plexus ambassador, who also attended convention, I must say that I have NEVER been told to have customers buy both or alternate, or rotate the Accelerator+ and the Boost. I’m reading reviews to try to figure out what the difference between the 2 really is, but have never even heard it mentioned that customers should take both/rotate them/anything like that.

    • Joe says

      MP, I had a feeling some might want to compare plexus boost to the accelerator plus and that’s why I listed their ingredients side by side. They do look similar except Boost is missing a few ingredients. Its what made me wonder if they were trying to make a “kinder, gentler” version of the accelerator?

      People should not combine the Boost and Accelerator. Even the Plexus says not to do this. I’m glad they said it.

      • Joan Toptine says

        I thought the difference was one had Garcinia Cambogia and the other (Boost did not)? I have not seen anyone mention this. Garcinia Cambogia is one product I have had bad reactions to.

        • Joe says

          Joan, when I reviewed both the Boost and Accelerator Plus, I never saw garcina cambogia anywhere in the ingredients list. But, I just checked for you and you are right! the Accelerator Plus now has garcinina cambogia. In fact the propriotary blend has been changed too! They took out some of the more controversial stimulant ingredients that I listed when I reviewed the product

          I’ve reviewed several Plexus products and one thing Ive noticed is that Plexus sometimes change ingredients – as they just did again. There was the Accelerator, then the Accelerator Plus and now The plus has garcinia cambogia and other ingredients. I dont know why they do this, but honestly it makes me think they taking guesses about what works.

          I’ll be updating my review of the Accelerator Plus soon with this new information so I thank you for this heads up.

          Here is my review of garcinia cambogia in case you missed it.

          Here is my review of Accelerator Plus

  3. says

    Once again, THANK YOU for this comprehensive review!!!

    I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to read it, because my FB feed is overwhelmed with Ambassadors pimping it up one side and down the other. Apparently, Ambassadors had access to it before it was released to the general public.

    At any rate, given the poor experiences I’ve had with PS products in the past, combined with this fantastic review, I plan to keep my money in my pocket. Sometimes it’s hard not to be swayed when it feels like everyone around you is trying to get you go buy something they’re pushing. It’s sad, because so many of these people are my friends — but it seems like once one of them was infected with the Plexus Virus, it spread like wildfire. I miss hearing about their kids and normal life stuff.

    If for no other reason, I hate this product for the brainwashing my friends have succumbed to.

    The 15 lbs I gained between Nov 2013 and March 2014 when I tried it myself doesn’t help either. (Of which 10 lbs is gone now…just from stopping the product and replacing one daily meal with a big salad.)

    • Joe says

      Wendy, thanks much, and do feel free to share it with your friends. I have a feeling this review may be hard to find given all the pro-testimonial based reviews I’ve seen online.

      I think the salad a day is a great idea :-)

    • Dee says

      Wendy, I so agree with you about the FB invasion! I have had to unfriend to get away from it. (It’s not just Plexus either, more and more of our friends are advertising their businesses on our news feeds.) I bought into it, gave it a try by becoming an Ambassador (cheaper that way) but I have had little results. I won’t be able to continue because it’s too expensive, but I can’t sell something I don’t really believe in.

      By the way, there is no 60 day refund policy for the ambassadors, only five days. I have quietly backed away. I’m not putting it down. Maybe it works for some, but not others. However I do believe a lot of the results I see bragged about could be achieved putting out A LOT less money.

      Most products will work if you’re dieting. Incidentally, keeping weight off is the hard part. Back to the issue. Live and let live. If I get sick of your FB marketing, I’ll just have one less FB friend. :)

  4. says

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for your article. Being a Plexus Ambassador I believe in reading reviews and information from all sources to help me keep my finger on the pulse.

    I must say no one in Plexus has advised me to have my customers alternate between Accelerator+ and Boost. And Plexus does not offer a package that includes all three products (Slim, Accelerator and Boost) together. It is my understanding to be an either or product with or without Plexus Slim.

    I find the comment(s) that Plexus is about making money and that the people that buy the products just put $50K in someone pocket very interesting.

    1. Your article is about products and side effects
    2. Are there any companies that are not about making money?

    The only way a company can make money is to provide a product and/or service that people want or need. With that said I tried Plexus products and was satisfied with my results before becoming an Ambassador. And if putting money in people’s pocket is a bad thing maybe I am missing something?

    I get it that being a part of Plexus or using their products is not for everyone. But isn’t that the case for every company and their products/service?

    • Joe says

      Bob, thanks for writing and I’m very much pro-capitalism myself. Thanks also for the feedback about alternating between Boost and Accelerator. The more I thought about it, the more I thought PS ambassadors should be vocal about not combing both products at the same time given their similarity.

      Bob, maybe you can help answer a question Ive been wondering about for a while. The original PS was touted because it had a study to prove it worked. I’ve discussed the plexus slim study previously but I was curious, why no other plexus slim products have any studies to back up that they actually work.

      Any thoughts on why the company doesn’t do any research on their products prior to releasing them to the public?

      Can you shed some light on why Plexus Boost was created? it looks very similar to Accelerator Plus, minus the 3 ingredients I highlighted. Was I correct in my assumption that it was an attempt to make it a kinder, gentler version of the Accelerator? Or maybe an eventual replacement for the accelerator?

      Just curious.

      • says

        Hi Joe,

        You are asking questions that would best be answered by the company. I worked for a major telecommunications company for over 23 years and reach a high level. But that did not qualify me as their spoke person.
        I can however talk about my personal experiences and what others have said to me.

        First of all there is no one product solution for everyone. I understand the creation of Boost was a way to meet the needs of people that may not have achieved their goal with Accelerator+. I would always recommend a person to consult with their doctor before taking this or any program. (In fact so does Plexus.) I also share the many testimonials of others.

        Not all of them say every product has worked for them. I have tried Accelerator+ and Boost (but not together). I can take them both with good results and no ill effect.

        I understand why many people say they want to read about product studies. I have found studies to be a good source but not the end all. I have shared the Plexus Slim unexpected discovery study and have received push back from some people. I have read FDA studies that warn people that a headache product could cause worse side effects and people still take the product.

        The best I can say is for people to talk to their doctor. If their doctor says give it a try and it does not work, Plexus offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

        • Joe says

          Thanks Bob, when you say you shared the “Plexus Slim unexpected discovery study” you are referring to the weight loss clinic that used 8 people and wasn’t published in a journal yes? just want to make sure there isn’t research out there I’m not aware of. Are they really calling it the “unexpected discovery study?” Just curious.

          I think what I’m trying to get at is PS appears to put products together without any proof it actually works. Take the Fast Relief cream. it contains an extract of the green lipped mussel. I reviewed this ingredient because its actually Omega XL, which Larry king touts on TV. Now I know, PS has a pill form of this but they also have cream too. There is no evidence that green lipped mussel put on the skin helps muscle soreness or arthritis.

          Here is my Omega XL review so you can see the research.

          As for PS Boost vs the Accelerator they look so much alike – except Boost has less stuff. Hasn’t anybody but me noticed these odd things? Its like PS makes a product and then when it doesn’t work or people complain of odd effects, they change the formula, again without any evidence the change does anything.

          I just confusing to me how Ambassadors can keep touting products without any assurances that its safe, has no side effects and does what they say it does.

          • says

            Hi Joe,

            The statement of unexpected discovery was something I said, (not the company). Yes it is the Type-2 Diabetes Clinical Study that yielded results in weight loss.

            I am not confused as to why I take Plexus products. They have worked very well for me. If something works for people (maybe not everyone; but what does) is that a bad thing?

          • Joe says

            Bob, no its not a bad thing. People have told me some strange things with some of PS products.

        • Pete says


          If you are making money after expenses, I applaud you. Very few people do. I have done some research on PS,and other MLM companies, and found if you go from Ruby up you may make some money. At that time, there were, about 15,000 ambassadors, and about 250 Ambassadors from Ruby upward. This my friend is o.016, and fits right in line with what statistics say about the subject. Only less than 1/2 of 1% make any substantial amount of money, or enough to brag about.

          It’s not the fact that you make money, it’ HOW PS, and most MLM make their money. For those who do make money, some one has to lose money, and that is generally “little man”. Many have to lose for that small amount of people at the top to win. Somehow I would’nt feel to good about that.

          PS, and MLM is a market hoax, and deceives millions of people out of billions of dollars each year.

          MLM was found to be the most “deceptive” business practice on the face of the earth.

          Enjoy your money Bob, a lot of people are probably hurting financial just to support you. Of course, I don’t know but I will take a guess and say you do not make anything substantial.

          • Sheri says

            Wow, what a comment about people hurting financially just to support an ambassador….nobody is forcing anyone to buy Plexus! I myself started it 3 months ago and I’ve not only lost weight and inches, it unexpectedly resolved chronic pain/nerve issues I was having in my hip and leg! Nobody told me the product would do this, and I can’t explain it, but its all documented in my medical records!

            Everyone is different, so I think people will see results in varying degrees. But I must tell you, I’ve seen and read some amazing testimonies. My neighbor who told me about Plexus lost 40 lbs in a year, and she is off anti-depressants and other meds. Ive seen Plexus do amazing things with my own eyes, and it has changed my life for the better.

            Certainly cheaper that the money I was spending on doctors, ER visits, prescription drugs and chiropractor bills!! (With NO results).

            My neighbor became an ambassador a year ago and she makes about $2700/month working the business part time. (She is a teacher) Not bad!

          • Joe says

            Sheri I wonder if by losing weight that may have helped your pain rather that a direct effect of plexus? I can’t say either way but I’m glad you are doing better :)

          • Michael says

            So once again, we have someone claiming this stuff cures chronic pain, mental issues, and can line the pockets of anyone who jumps on board. She claims nobody told her about all of this.

            Anyone else not buying this line?

    • Michael says


      I’ll address your comments directly.

      Regarding the issue of Plexus “making money” – I am not opposed to a company making money by providing a legitimate product or service. However, what we have with Plexus is a multi-level marketing scheme in which the profit machine exists by way of additional people signing up underneath another. The machine has to be constantly fed new members. The way this is done is by releasing new products every so often that bring in new bodies.

      Follow me here: First, we start with the Pink Drink. Touted as the end-all, be-all by those selling it, word starts to spread about how you can lose weight, end blood sugar issues, correct ADHD problems with your kids, improve energy, etc. Then, that gets old. Now we have to use the accelerator to really get some results. A little time passes and for those that just aren’t getting the results they want, well, let us introduce you to Pro-Bio and Bio-Cleanse.

      After that has had a while on the market, we’ve really got to drum up some support because the product that promised results really didn’t do what it said it would. No better way to do that than a massive convention to unveil a new product. Enter Boost. That being said, I wish I had a way to bet on the release of another product a few months down the line.

      What this company is doing is profiting by the ignorance and naivety of the public with regards to nutrition & supplements. You will always have those who claim that it brought about great results. They will never acknowledge the negative. The company allows “Ambassadors” to fill Facebook with terms like “All Natural” and “Increased Energy”, hiding behind the lack of regulations in the nutritional supplements industry.

      If you and all of the other ambassadors are OK with selling products to people which could cause them more harm than good, then it speaks to your character, not those who question the actions of said company. I read about the lady who had a stroke during the convention in Dallas and I cannot help but wonder, if this product is so very wonderful and does the things that ambassadors claim, what was it that caused this woman to have a stroke? What products was she taking? Could they have contributed to her health issue?

      You posted the following:
      “You are asking questions that would best be answered by the company. I worked for a major telecommunications company for over 23 years and reach a high level. But that did not qualify me as their spoke person.”

      This is a strange comment in that Plexus allows free reign for their Ambassadors to make statements with very little (if any) oversight. As I mentioned before, the use of the term “All Natural” has been heavily used. You will see here and in other comments sections that Ambassadors will tout giving these products to children, nursing mothers, etc. I have seen Ambassadors come back from Plexus meetings with new talking points, such as “it’s not about the weight loss as much as it is the health benefits”.

      Now, it’s “Plexus Freedom”, the idea that this is a way for people to jump into the company and ditch your regular job. Day after day, these Ambassadors act as spokespersons and when challenged, either direct things back to the company or lash out and claim that people are being negative, hateful, or worse. When you post product information or sell a product, you are a de facto spokesperson.

      What I see here is a company that is utilizing an unregulated industry to sell an over-priced and unsubstantiated product to a largely uninformed public. The lure of easy weight loss is a lucrative business to be in, so if you are at peace with being involved in it, feel free to continue as you are. For as many success stories that can be posted on Facebook, there are untold failures and disappointments, so please do not think that testimonials are proof of this product’s capabilities.

      • says

        MIke: I am certainly not interested in a back and forth with you. For whatever reason you think you know my character and you think you are right about Plexus. Whatever I say about the health benefits I received is not going to change your mind and your attacks are not going to change my positive results.

        I appreciate the work you put in your site and wish you continued success!

        • Michael says

          Bob, no attacks were ever made on you, so I’m not sure what you are referring to there. If you were not interested in a “back and forth”, then I don’t know why you specifically noted comments I made. You are correct in that no comments you make about health benefits will change my mind, nor should they.

          You are not a physician and from what I gather, you’re not a certified nutritionist either. I would not expect anyone to take up the same exercise regimen I subscribe to simply because I have had success with it.

          I would not expect anyone to see the same results if they ate the same foods I did, kept the same sleep schedule, on and on.

          The human body cannot be fooled by a stimulant and suppressant and become “healthy” via ingestion of supplements. It can experience atrophy and reaction, however.

          I suspect that the majority of Plexus consumers also begin doing something that they weren’t doing before (walking, running, gym exercising) and see results. They equate this product with the missing link and believe it to be the key to their weight loss/health/etc.

          I will say this – weight loss does not equate to health. The dropping of weight in and of itself does not mean your body becomes healthier. If that were so, then bulimia wouldn’t be designated a disease. Your body’s metabolism, aerobic threshold, and other measurements are what constitutes health.

          None of these supplements impact that. They are simply passed through the system (taxing your liver, colon, bladder, and other organs) and have no measurable affect on your health.

          • says

            You might want to read what you write: “If you and all of the other ambassadors are OK with selling products to people which could cause them more harm than good, then it speaks to your character”

            I spoke about a comment that was made. You spoke about my character which you know nothing about. Big Difference!

            I know you want to have the last word so please indulge yourself. I hope it makes you feel better.

      • Pete says


        You are absolutely wrong about the ambassadors for PS not hurting those that are financially strapped. These are exactly the people they try to recruit, by defrauding them in believing if they become an ambassador and promote PS they will become financially fit. What the ambassadors don’t tell them is that their chances are very slim. About 2%, and in most cases a lot less. Most that get involved with MLM companies like PS, end up worst financially than when they began, their, as the ambassadors say, their little “Plexus Journey”. Yeah, journey to more credit card debt supporting those few at the top of the pyramid scheme.

        As far as your friend, whom you claim makes $2700 a month part-time with PS. Good for her, if true. Question: Did she TELL you what she made, or did she SHOW you what she made? PS people, and MLMers, in general, are notorious for making “false’ claims about income, pretty much like, in my opinion, your claim that PS has taken care of all your medical problems.

        I have yet to understand why PS supporters can not see that if PS, Boost, or whatever, does what you and they say, then why does the company sell it via MLM channels? Could it be that the company knows that if PS was put out in the open market place, it would not last a month? PS is in an industry that is very much “suspect”.

  5. Vicky says

    Thank you for this awesome review. I was becoming sceptical with the product while taking it as I noticed an increase in belching/burping and it was becoming a problem. I stopped taking the sachet and the pills for two weeks and noticed that I wasn’t burping as much and wondered if it had something to do with the pills.

    I’m going to the give the product one more go, as in the sachet only and see if this burping crap comes back and if it does; I’m ditching this product for good. The informative blogs regarding the ingredients in their pills have got me worried.

  6. says

    Joe, Thank you for your hard work. Many of us appreciate what you do and refer to your site and your information as a great tool and knowledge base.

    When I look at the companies “new website” I’m confused as to if I should buy the Accelerator+ with the Slim or the Boost with the Slim. They seem to say the same thing and as your research shows, they basically have the same ingredients. I believe that this is a test run and they will phase out the product the has the lesser amount of sales.

    The accelerator+ was a flop compared to their “original version” I still believe the Boost is the replacement, as long as all goes well in sales.

    We will see this company add more new products to their product line in an effort to maintain interest and generate new sales and new recruits.

    I look forward to reading your reviews on those as well.

      • says

        Not sure if this has been mentioned yet.
        The Boost product does have a notation not to take with the Accelerator+
        However, the Accelerator+ does not say do not take with Boost.
        I think personally that it should.
        Both products are listed as companions to the Slim, so it makes me wonder why does the Slim need a companion..

  7. Lisa says

    I am also a Plexus ambassador, though not one who has had any koolaid, as Michael seems to almost be suggesting. Plexus is a direct sales company– so yes a lot of that relies on bringing in new ambassadors. Just the same with Jewelry In Candles, Scentsy, Pink Zebra, Thirty-One, Tupperware, etc.

    I personally signed up just for the discount and have no “team members” under me, and I’m fine with that.

    Ok, now on to the actual purpose of the review lol. I have been using the Plexus Slim and Accelerator+ for several months, with really good results of weight loss, inches lost and being able to get off medications for Type II Diabetes. No ill effects.

    Then yes- the lure of the new product came. From what I know, there were a lot of ambassadors who were asked to participate in a trial of the new product, before they made it available to all ambassadors.

    I did try it- and I regret trying it because it did not work for me. I did not like how I felt taking it, and so I stopped.

    So to your question, Joe, about it possibly being a “kinder and gentler” Accelerator+, I personally don’t think so. I am also confused by the label, and it does seem like it would be less effective based on having almost the exact ingredients-with the exception of those three in the Accelerator. It still leaves me scratching my head.

    Many people who were not doing well on the Accelerator combo, have been having phenomenal results on the Boost. I am not one of those people. I do also think that they rushed in trying to get it released to the public, and in doing so made some errors on the label that I hope will be corrected soon.

    I appreciate your review and the time that goes into looking into all of the different ingredients! I was looking myself to try to find out how much caffeine may actually be in the Boost, since there is nothing on the label about that.

    I don’t have a bottle of Accelerator+ in front of me, but if I’m not mistaken, I do think that they listed something about that- with the green tea extract. Again- something that I hope is being addressed and will be updated on new packaging.

  8. says

    I have reviewed the Plexus labels as well and the thing that strikes me is how many synthetic ingredients are in their products. Very few are plant sourced and our bodies are not designed to function properly on anything but plant sourced nutrients.

    This company falls into the 95% of supplement companies that are sourced from mineral salts and petrochemicals. They can call this natural because these are natural ingredients, but they are NOT sourced from food. Synthetic based vitamins actually cause oxidative stress on the body. I take supplements from a research and development company that has done extensive research as well as double blind placebos on our proprietary products.

    This company has been in business over 20 years and has 90 patents worldwide in the industry and more than 50 of those patents are on our blend of glyconutrients alone. We are a direct sales company and I’m an associate in this company but my passion is to see the quality of life for people improve as they experience the right nutrition in the body.

    We make no claims of healing or mitigating disease because we know the body has the ability to heal itself when given the raw material necessary to function properly. The problem is not in direct sales itself as long as the products are efficacious to the body and the company has studies to back up their claims.

    Something new and promising comes along and people don’t do their homework. They jump on the train and ride it as long as the going is good. If you don’t recognize a list of ingredients on the label because it is not food source, steer clear and find a company that deals in high quality supplements sourced from plants.

    • Auntitilly says

      Thank you so much for this review. It answers many questions and concerns I have had about Plexus. I am not a Plexus customer, nor will I be. I believe that exercise, eating healthy and less is the best. I appreciate you taking the time to research for us!

      • Joe says

        Auntitilly, you’re very welcome. If you have any questions about Boost I missed let me know and Ill see what I can turn up for you.

      • Jen says

        That’s the old accelerator which is why they quickly reformulated and made the accelerator+. Which created an uproar apparently because the new didn’t preform the same as the old. Maybe why they made Boost?

        Someone I know was told that it takes a while for the new to build up in the system and provide similar results to the old. So she continued to take the old with the new to aid in the build up.

  9. Reneè says

    I’ve tried Plexus Slim w/ Accelerator in the past. It made no difference in my weight loss. I took it as directed for one month. I didn’t notice anything new other than a slight increase in mood/energy. Save your money people. The only way to get healthy and shed unwanted pounds is to WORK HARD. Eat less crap and move more. It’s a simple equation. Burn more calories than you consume.

    To be healthy, you must eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water, as well as exercise daily. I’ve lost over 100lbs by this alone. Walking and yoga are my best friends. Good luck!!!

  10. Elaine says

    I have researched the ingredients as well and they had a lot negative side affects!! Cancers like you said but not to get gross but tummy issues and lots of others!! It’s amazing what people put in their bodies!! The FDA won’t regulate these things until someone has a problem with them. It really makes me mad!

    • Michael says

      I looked up a little information on higenamine – one of the ingredients Joe noted. Here are some of the details I came across:

      “Higenamine is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth. The purified or extracted chemical higenamine has not been studied in people. Therefore, its safety is not clear. However, higenamine is one of the main chemicals in a plant called aconite. Aconite has been shown to cause serious heart-related side effects including arrhythmias and even death.

      These side effects from aconite ingestions may, in part, be caused by the higenamine chemical.”

      “Since the ban of 1,3-dimethylamylamine many supplements are trying to take its place and norcoclaurine (also known as higenamine) is one of them.

      Higenamine can be found in many pre-workout supplements for improving athletic performance. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support these claims.

      Higenamine does, however, seem to share some of the side effects with 1,3-dimethylamylamine such as increased blood pressure and heart rate [9,5]”

  11. Bonnie says

    I usually do not like commenting on these types of things, but after reading some of your remarks, I feel I should tell my story.

    I have ulcerative colitis, I’ve had it for about 8 years. I have been off and on many medications. February of 2013 I almost died from issues with the intestinal disease. Doctors were wanting to put me on chemotherapy type drugs, that was the last thing I wanted to do, since in the end the drugs could cause a lot more harm then good.
    So I continued to be sick up until July. My mother had been introduced to plexus and she wanted me to try some of their products- I did not believe they would work, but I tried them anyway.

    I am happy to say that since starting plexus last July- I have not had one flare up with my colitis, which is crazy, since I was in the hospital almost every month before starting plexus.

    Plexus might not help everyone, but to sit here and say that these products do not work at all, its ridiculous. Thousands upon thousands of people are getting healthier because of plexus products, not all need to lose weight. I certainly did not need to lose weight, but i needed to gain weight and I did. I am the healthiest I have been now since I was diagnosed 8 years ago, and I believe that is because of the plexus products I take.

    I started out taking two products, the xfactor which is a multivitamin and the probio5. Yes, I have taken many multivitamins and probiotics in the past and none of them had worked for me.

    After the success from those two products, i began taking the slim as well for increased energy and I definitely notice the energy from it. I also take the fast relief because it along with the xfactor helps with inflammation.

    Plexus products do work, maybe not for everyone, but they do for many.

    • Michael says


      Your story just doesn’t seem to add up in a few ways. You’re indicating that you had ulcerative colitis. As I understand it (and see information backed up by research), that condition does not lead to fatality, even in its most severe form. I do not doubt that you have had this condition or that you have experienced severe problems from it. What I do doubt is that Plexus had anything to do with your recovery. From what I have seen, a severe case of ulcerative colitis (and I assume that is what you have endured) requires removal of large intestine sections that are affected in addition to corticosteroids.

      I say this not to disprove anything you say. I don’t like seeing people believe they are cured by supplements, only to have issues that may crop up worse down the road. Plexus probiotics are no different than any others on the market, so I doubt any correlation to their product being the lone cure here. Additionally, if you were experiencing severe issues (as in needing hospitalization), the introduction of probiotics would likely have no effect .

      • Cat says


        Unless your a medical professional (and your writing clearly indicates that your not) you really should keep your opinions regarding medical conditions to yourself. Working as a registered nurse I can tell you that people with ulcerative colitis can experience complications that can be fatal.

        You should not assume anything about anyone’s medical condition based off of research alone. And you should most certainly not put that person down for stating their personal experience. Your replies most frequently come off as condescending and unnecessary.

        • Michael says

          Sure….you’re a medical professional. We all believe you. To call me out out when you can’t even differentiate between the word “your” and “you’re” and the fact that you spelled my name wrong is laughable. I would almost have to believe you are “M” in disguise.

          Ulcerative colitis:
          “Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) — Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis — is a chronic, lifelong condition. In many cases, IBD and its complications can be managed with treatments that include medication and surgery. It is not generally thought of as a fatal condition.”

          “Normally, ulcerative colitis is a chronic, life-long illness, characterized by periods of few symptoms, known as remission, and periods of very active disease, known as flare-ups.”

          Ulcerative colitis in and of itself isn’t fatal. If you bothered to read, you would have seen that I never discredited that she had the condition or that she experienced issues from the disease. Just so you’re crystal clear, let me pull that quote for you:

          “I do not doubt that you have had this condition or that you have experienced severe problems from it.”

          Now, feel free to explain to me how anything in the Plexus product line has sufficient medication to correct severe colitis symptoms. That was my question. Since you are an “RN”, you should probably have no issue with explaining this. How can it be that an unsubstantiated product with no clear evidence of manufacturing process or tested ingredients would correct a condition that is treated with immunosuppresants & corticosteroids (I say this because the lady spoke of severe bouts of the disorder). If you were in the hospital with this kind of issue, would you want your physician to simply pull you off all meds and place you on an unregulated and untested dietary supplement made by a company that has had FDA warnings?

          • Darlene says

            As a matter of fact my husband and i just read what was written about the colitis and he is going to try the plexus. He was also hospitalize with very bad colitis and was close to death himself and they can’t really help him. He’s been being treated for close to 20 years and takes all kinds of pills for it and they have done nothing for him. He gets humaria shots every week and other meds and they still do not clear him up.

            Doctors just want to keep giving meds that they know aren’t going to make you better so they can keep giving them to you. They don’t want you to try natural or homeopathic meds because they don’t make money if they don’t give out prescriptions. This is a very serious condition for some people.

          • Sandi says

            Jumping in here- I am not a medical professional nor a Plexus ambassador, but I agree with you in that prescription meds may not be the answer, or not in all cases, and that they can cause other problems.

            It is worth researching supplements, discussing with a medical professional, homeopathic doctor, etc.

            HOWEVER, just my 2 cents, not every supplement is going to help either (despite the ‘amazing testimonies’- there are most likely just as many or more negative ones we don’t see), may not be safe (natural doesn’t mean safe and Plexus has no proof/studies that show THEIR product formulations are effective) and may also cause side effects (I am proof of that with the Plexus Biocleanse- making me sick as dog and sending it back) and the people selling it also want you to keep taking it to make money as well.

            Same concept on smaller scale but I do hope that whatever he tries helps his symptoms. Some of the Plexus supplements may indeed help him, but be informed. I just felt compelled to share my thoughts.

          • Sharon Adams says

            Your comment is so right. If you read a label and can’t understand or pronounce the source of ingredients, you shouldn’t put it in your body. 95% of all supplements on the market are sourced from petro chemicals and not real food. Coal tar is from nature so they can even put the word “Natural” on their product, but not everything from nature belongs in our bodies.

            When you read a label the sources should be from food. Look for an established company that also does their own research and development and has people on staff that have Ph.D. behind their names. Just because you see someone on the company website wearing a white coat and using big words does not mean they have the education or the scientific backing to endorse a company or a product. There are even companies that steal the science of other reputable companies and use it as their own.

            The best approach to achieve optimal health and wellness is always through Real Food Technology and 100% plant sourced nutritional supplements, but when there are health issues that aren’t resolved with this approach an integrative approach should be the next step.. Use a doctor when necessary, but find one that also believes in nutritional supplements. I am a Certified Nutrition Educator and a Certified Glyconutrient Consultant and I have seen this approach work well for many people.

            As for Plexus, they have a good number of their products that are FILLED with synthetically sourced ingredients that the body wasn’t created to function on. Don’t take my word for it. Pick up the containers and read them for yourself. You may find a good result here or there but you should consider whether there could be damage done to the overall systems and function of the body. Petro chemicals in the body are dangerous and one of the hardest to detox from because they coat the cells of the body and are hard to reverse the effects of.

            Real is always best!!!

          • Jennifer says

            I’m sorry about your husband. My husband was diagnosed with UC around the time we found out that our water was extremely high in uranium. After we stopped drinking the water and had him cleanse the symptoms subsided. Look into heavy metal cleansing and whole body cleansing. So many people are walking around with an impaired gut. It’s so important to repair the gut.

            These magic pills aren’t going to do anything in the long run. They may mask symptoms for a short period of time but they definitely don’t have the ability to heal with their toxic ingredients. They are full of excitotoxins and stimulants that will eventually damage the body. If you are looking for true healing you will run far away from this and anything like it.

          • Michael says

            Sharon Adams writes:

            “As for Plexus, they have a good number of their products that are FILLED with synthetically sourced ingredients that the body wasn’t created to function on. Don’t take my word for it. Pick up the containers and read them for yourself.”

            Precisely what many have been saying on here. Plexus, like many other supplements on the market, claims to be “All Natural”. This is something that they push in their ambassador meetings all the time. The sad fact is that most people ignore that there is no effective way to verify the ingredients in these supplements. Just because they say it is, it doesn’t make it true. We have recently seen reports showing that manufacturers basically fill capsules with whatever they have on hand. People ingest this stuff, thinking it is one thing and it turns out to be rice or even worse.

            Like you said, not everything “natural” belongs in our system but that buzz word attracts so many people. It is sad to see so many people take this junk and to make matters worse, they give this stuff to their children based on false claims of correcting ADHD issues and the like. Take for instance, Higenamine, an ingredient in Boost. According to research, “Higenamine is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth. The purified or extracted chemical higenamine has not been studied in people. Therefore, its safety is not clear. However, higenamine is one of the main chemicals in a plant called aconite. Aconite has been shown to cause serious heart-related side effects including arrhythmias and even death. These side effects from aconite ingestions may, in part, be caused by the higenamine chemical.”

            How in the world do people consider this OK to ingest? Apparently, because ambassadors drum up the “it’s all natural” song and dance and never bother to research what they are selling.

  12. Penny says

    Thank you for these informative, unbiased reviews Joe! I have a family member that is an ambassador and while I’m trying desperately to be supportive, I am having a very hard time doing that knowing that some ingredients are highly questionable as to safety or haven’t been proven to be safe one way or the other.

    This goes for many other supplements out there, not just Plexus. I simply cannot believe (and perhaps that is my problem- not believing) these testimonials that after one PS drink or one supplement, or even a week that they were cured of debilitating issues.

    I believe completely that no one thing works for everyone, but these miraculous cures, many inches lost in a matter of days is unbelievable. I can’t be the only one who thinks this but if it is working for you, then that is awesome and I wish you well on your journey. I’d like to see more in depth clinical studies in general (and yes, this goes for prescription drugs too even though they have to go through rigorous clinical trials involving thousands of people and high levels of FDA scrutiny).

      • winebeauty says

        I am currently a Plexus Ambassador. I did so to get my products at cost. I lost 23 lbs when taking the original Accelerator. The stuff just made me not want to eat. My stomach growled but nothing was appealing to me. I was on cloud 9. When they changed the formula and took something out, it stopped working. I have gained everything back. Tried the Accelerator + and nothing. Tried the Boost and nothing. Guess I’m done and back to square one.

  13. Helen says

    Hi Joe,
    I read your review and comparison of Boost and Accelerator+ and am confused. In the review of Boost, you wrote about Caralluma fimbriata, however in your comparison, you didn’t list it. As I look at the two products, I clearly see that as the major difference between them. Boost has Caralluma fimbriata and the Accelerator+ has Hordenine, Hawthorne leaf extract and 5 HTP. Both are advertised as companions to the Plexus Slim drink. They are advertised as two different avenues to weight loss.

    I am 55 years old and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia as a child and so I don’t eat sugar and limit my intake of carbohydrates. I don’t eat processed foods as most of them contain sugar. Even though I eat a very healthy diet (I use Dr. Sears’ Zone books as my bible), I find losing weight to be difficult, probably because my body overproduces insulin and I am post menopausal.

    I signed up to be a Plexus ambassador 3 months ago in order to try their weight loss products and get the wholesale price. I had tried some of the ingredients in the products in isolation but was interested in the way Plexus combined them. The advertisements I saw described Plexus products as containing natural ingredients but not as being all natural. That is true and so I don’t think the company is disingenuous.

    New ambassadors are trained through videos and documents as well as by the ambassadors in their uplines. If an ambassador states that all the ingredients are natural, they are mistaken or lying. If company representatives find out about that happening or other noncompliant behaviors, they warn the ambassador and then fire them if there is no change.

    I did my own research and ran the ingredients by a friend who is a physician. I quickly found friends and relatives who were interested in trying the products, too. Two of them signed up as ambassadors also. Plexus has not worked for all of them but it has for some of us, including me.

    Those who determined they were not succeeding in achieving their goals got their money back. Those who are losing weight are continuing to purchase and use the products. I personally have not changed what I eat but my appetite has been affected so I am eating less. I also have more energy at the end of the day so I am able to exercise then instead of collapsing after teaching with a book or a movie. I have lost 10 pounds in 3 months and am down a clothing size. I plan to lose 25 more pounds. I have been trying to lose weight for several years and am happy with how I am doing and how I feel while using Plexus products.

    Concerning the financial aspect, I am getting my products for free because I have customers and ambassadors below me. I am making money, as well, which I would expect since I am putting time, energy and money into researching, marketing and helping my customers and other ambassadors. When I go to stores and purchase items, I pay the manufacturers for the items and also pay the store’s owners so they can pay themselves, their employees, overhead, etc.. As a Plexus ambassador, I consider myself to be the store.

    Thank you for your reviews and providing a forum for people to ask questions, exchange information and opinions. Helen

    • Joe says

      Helen, thanks so much for spotting that error on my part! I have corrected my mistake. If you go back to the post and hit refresh you will see Caralluma fimbriata in the comparison table.

      As a distributor, can you shed light on why they created the Boost supplement?

      • Helen says

        I have only been an ambassador for 3 months so I am a newbie. I can ask around to find out more. My guess would be that because so many people are having success with Accelerator +, Plexus didn’t want to replace it with something new even though they had developed a new product with Caralluma fimbriata.

        I have tried both so that I can speak about them with others knowledgeably. Other ambassadors and customers report trying both, too. Some of them have had more success with one than the other. I have lost weight with both but felt a little more peppy with the Ambassador+, probably because of the 5 HTP.

        • Joe says

          Helen, please do ask around and if you can find out, Id appreciate you letting me know. People here have reported some strange side effects from Accelerator Plus (I think maybe because of 5 HTP). That makes me think Boost might have been created to be the replacement of Accelerator Plus. Here’s my review of Accelerator Plus if you want to read the comments.

          As for Caralluma fimbriata, Plexus Boost contains less than what research showing it worked, has used. if you can find that out also, I’d be interested.

          • Helen says

            As I wrote originally, the company is offering both products with the distinction being that Boost contains Caralluma Fimbriata and not Hordenine, Hawthorne leaf extract and 5 HTP and Accelerator + contains Hordenine, Hawthorne leaf extract and 5 HTP and not Caralluma Fimbriata.

            Other ambassadors and I tell prospective customers about both products and recommend highly that they check the ingredients and the doses with their physicians, especially if they have health issues. The doctor I ran the ingredients by gave me a thumbs up. The only people I have heard being told to stay away from 5 HTP were those taking anti-anxiety medication.

            Ambassadors also are trained to let potential customers know that neither Accelerator+ nor Boost are recommended for those with high blood pressure or heart conditions. I know a lot of people using Accelerator+ or Boost who are achieving their health and weight loss goals and feel great. Right now I am using Boost so that I can talk about it with others.

            My appetite is affected even more than with Accelerator +. I really liked Accelerator +, though, because of the 5 HTP. I felt especially peppy and positive, always good when you are an educator.

            In terms of the amounts of the ingredients, people are having great results and if they don’t, the company has a 60 day money back guarantee. I am not concerned with the levels, as long as they are safe and my customers and I are having good results.

            As you wrote, sometimes elements in a supplement work differently together than they do alone. The combinations the doctors at Plexus Worldwide have created are helping a lot of people. There are many nurses who have become ambassadors to augment their salaries. And customers’ physicians are happy about their patients results.

            As you know, being overweight affects a lot of the body’s functions so losing it can have a ripple affect. People I know personally are getting off of their medications for other health issues because they are using Plexus products.

            Here are parts of the descriptions of the two products from the company:
            Boosts weight loss safely and effectively
            Proven ingredients — to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and accelerate weight loss
            Increases energy
            Suppresses appetite
            Speeds up weight loss in fat and inches
            Synergistic benefits help increase the effectiveness of Plexus Slim
            Convenient and easy to use

            Looking to turn up the heat on your weight loss? Plexus Boost is an alternative companion to Plexus Slim, formulated to energize your life! The thermogenic blend of ingredients in Boost contains Caralluma Fimbriata, an edible cactus that has been traditionally used by tribal East Indians for years to suppress hunger and enhance endurance through increased energy. It has now been clinically proven to suppress appetite, reduce body weight and increase energy intake.
            All the best, Helen

          • Joe says

            Helen, While I do feel its appropriate to raise an eyebrow at 5 HTP, I’d honestly be surprised at any doctor who would give “thumbs up” to a supplement that contains untested stimulants such as Hordenine , Higenamine . I say this because I don’t believe they are aware of any human research on these ingredients. Everything I listed hordenine and higenamine is what I could find. Can you find me human evidence that these stimulants carry no risk?
            can you tell me the names of the doctors who created Boost? Just curious, where exactly are Plexus Slim products made?
            I don’t think I wrote ” sometimes elements in a supplement work differently together than they do alone” but rather that it might be possible this might be true. I was trying to be open minded to the possibility. That said, for me to be open to it, Id like to see the proof. Can you show me proof that they do work better together? Has plexus slim any human proof that the ingredients work differently than just Caralluma Fimbriata?

            Why would you not be concerned with the fact that Boost has less Caralluma Fimbriata than human reseach has used? Caralluma Fimbriata is the ONLY ingredient with human evidence. That means its it’s probably the main ingredient.

          • Helen says

            Here are the physician’s exact words in response to reading the list of ingredients in Slim and Boost, the supplements I was and am using,

            “All the right stuff addressing inflamation, weight and insulin resistance!”.

            There are many people I know personally who are reaping the benefits of using Plexus supplements and some of them have been able to stop using medications with harmful side effects. Their doctors have approved of the Plexus products as well.

            People in various parts of the world have been using a variety of plants such as Yerba mate to help with health issues for a long time.

            I am losing weight, feel great and I am very happy with the Plexus products I am using.

            The Plexus company headquarters are in Arizona and that is where the products are made. I believe I have answered all of your questions and addressed the points you raised.
            All the best, Helen

          • Joe says

            Helen, when your doctor said “addressing inflamation, weight and insulin resistance!” he/she was referring to Plexus Slim itself and not Boost correct? While I could debate that statement with your doctor all day, I can sort of understand why he/she would say that because plexus slim (the drink) has some blood sugar lowering ingredients.

            As for the Boost, I believe your doctor is 100% wrong but I wont try to convince you otherwise as its all in my review which you have already read.

            All the best to you as well.

          • Dee says

            I have a comment and a question.
            First let me remind everyone that if you join in as an Ambassador to get the product cheaper, (as I did) then you DO NOT have a 60 day money back guarantee; it is only five days.

            Second, I have yet to find anyone who can tell me what 5HTP is. Did I miss that? What in the world is it?!

  14. Daba says

    All I know about this product is I gained 8 pounds in 2 weeks and I can’t get any of it off. I’m so angry about it. I hate Plexus. Never lost an ounce on any product

  15. Michael says

    One thing that puzzles me is the numerous comments where people claim to have taken this product into their physician and been given the green light to take these products.

    Any physician who gives a thumbs up to a product that contains a stimulant for daily use seems pretty suspect.

    I think we can all agree that there are doctors out there that simply throw pills at issues their patients have. We all saw people claiming that their doctors signed off on the old accelerator – that product contained an ingredient that can possibly cause strokes (DMAA, I believe).

    In boost, we have Yerba Mate, which has been linked to some forms of cancer. Yet, people continue to claim their physician is OK with it.

    Additionally, I hear numerous people claim that they are “off all medications” after going on these products. I have to wonder, is this self-diagnosing or is a physician making these suggestions? Seems like a catastrophe waiting to happen.

    • Helen says

      Hi Joe! Some of the Plexus ambassadors are health care professionals. I am a teacher but also a volunteer fire fighter and EMT. Here are some quotes from Plexus using health professionals:

      Erin Parker Zimmerman MBA, MS, RD. I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for 12 years and worked in Management, Marketing and Sales at a major nutritional company for 8 years. I have a Master of Science in Nutrition, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science/Sports Medicine and my MBA. From a nutritional standpoint, I felt I could promote Plexus because the products encourage a lifestyle change to better eating habits and promote overall good health, there is sound nutritional science behind the ingredients, and they work! From a business standpoint, I’m blown away by the strategic choices of management to create a business that is sustainable and beneficial for the Ambassadors, customers, and company itself. I take Slim, Probio5, Bioclense, and X factor. I love Plexus!!

      Abigail Canter I am an RN, with MS and Plexus has changed my life. No longer on ANY prescriptions meds and no longer deal with MS fatigue. LOVE Plexus

      Courtney King I graduated from nursing school in 2009—I believe in plexus products bcuz they have helped me with my anxiety/panic attacks and most importantly, my type 1 diabetic nephew is having low blood sugars since starting only 2 weeks ago! Yay, Plexus!!

      Erica King I am a RN and I believe in these products not just for weight loss but for mental health as well!! Our Pro Bio 5 is amazing!!! We also have great natural pain relief products that are wonderful!!

      Jenna Michaud Husband is an ER/ Family Practice PA and has suffered migraines for years. Since using Plexus, in six months, he has had maybe 3. He was convinced his cholesterol and BP were going to be bad when getting his well check. I wanted a baseline for his health before Plexus, so we made appointments, but could not get in until we were three weeks into Plexus. I know his BP was high before Plexus (around 140/80, his cholesterol was high-normal and BP was 120/?! I cannot remember the bottom number. But we were both surprised! He also used to take ranitidine twice a day and since starting Plexus, he is no longer taking them! He believes in the products and knows they work! On top of that, I had him research some medical journals about the products when I began to get involved because I did not want to promote something that was going to be harmful. He located some articles that showed (I believe it is the citrin k) our products actually cause cholesterol to be expelled in the urine! Wow!
      Needless to say, I love Plexus and what it has done for our health. Hubby was skeptical, but you should see him in the morning pulling out his pink drink and XFactor!

      Christine Carleton Hopkins RN for 13 yrs. LOVE this product. Already have one of my docs wife using it and loving it. My Ob/Gyn drinks pink. Have another doc I actually work with using it too. When he first saw the ingredients, he said “Wow! These are great ingredients!” Nutritionally, this product just makes sense!! With Obamacare taking affect, more and more pts are trying to get off their meds due to increased cost. This is a great answer!!!

      Linda Claxton I am an elementary school nurse – Plexus has changed my life! I have suffered with chronic pancreatitis for years being on multiple daily medications. Using Slim and Probiotic, I am off ALL medications, have lots more energy, sleeping better, clearer mind and just feel well. I had to take pancreatic enzymes every time I ate food – these were $600 a month so had to always pay till my deductible was met each year. YaHoo for Plexus!!!

      Demita Crofford I am a home health LVN (working as prn as needed) I have been a nurse for 15 years so therefore quite involved in the health industry. Have worked in hospital, clinic and school nurse. I love the health field and have always enjoyed helping others and now with all the changes currently taking place in the health field I find it a bit challenging some time. Boom!! along comes Plexus and it has literally changed my way of looking at foods, choosing healthier and not processed or preserved. I sleep better, my skin and hair is glowing more and the extra inches and lbs lost are a bonus! I can get up out the chair because I have more energy, my moods are better and just happier all the way around. Did i mention i still get to help people and the pay checks really help fill in on the days I’m not needed at home health. I believe in these products because they are all natural. Plexus is going to be around for a long time in our house.

      Kirsten Unks I am an RN BSN and am just getting started with these products; but, one of the things as a health care professional, that’s very important to me is that these products are legitimate and truly help in the ways they claim. Reading and watching so many testimonies along with learning more and more about the ingredients and the power of the products continues to encourage me that this company IS changing lives!
      Tonya Wright RN 8 yrs. My s/o and other people I know are having great results weight loss wise as well as other health benefits (i.e. Sleeping better, more energy, mood elevation). I am taking all except the boost/accelerator. The products are amazing and I’ve never felt better.

      Bibi Schadegg RN BSN, Never in all my years of being an RN an a supplement junkie, have I seen products that have a greater impact on Glucose metabolism and Fat metabolism thus impacting energy production, weight loss and overall health. The products work! The testimonials speak for themselves! There is 60 day Money back guarantee. For me diet and Exercise was not enough. I eat really clean. For me Plexus was the missing piece. I have lost 18 lbs and 20 inches and have kept it off for almost 1 year. I have a healthy relationship with sugar now ‪#‎nomoreassaultsbynutellaandbenandjerry‬’s

      Kymberli Norman Physical therapy 30 years and currently in school for nutrition and health coach… was 27 pounds and 30 inches heavier 6 months ago. Plexus is amazing! Sleeping better, more energy, improved mood, decreased BP, and no pain upon waking in the mornings! I love that the products are completely natural and actually work.

      • Joe says

        Helen, question, have you met any of these people personally? I ask because I did a quick goggled all of their names and really didn’t see much about any of them – not a website or anything that specifically identified them to me. That’s not to say they dont exist but rather that they dont seem to be doing much online. I did find a youtube video from Bibi Schadegg dated march 18 2014 where she discusses not following up with people she meets to talk about plexus slim.

        I did discover that you posted here is the exact same thing -word for word- as I found on a facebook page .

        Helen, did you copy your comment from that facebook page?

        Regardless of any of these people Helen, I disagree with them. While I respect their accomplishments, the fact remains that all any of them can give you and me is their feelings. I showed people the published peer reviewed research and pointed out the lack of research.

        Just because those people are nurses or PTs does not mean they have any special knowledge about these ingredients. All of these people have an open invitation to come here and discuss the science on the ingredients of Plexus Slim with me. I will treat them with total respect if they do.

  16. Norma says

    Thanks for this educational review joe. I started the Boost yesterday and I feel like my heart is going to explode because It’s beating so hard and fast. Your review helped me make the decision to stop taking this product. Thanks!

    • Dee says

      Wow. Norma, yours is the second review I’ve read that mentioned having heart palpitations with Boost. I had one incident one evening when my heart was racing upwards of 200 beats per minute. I suspected the Boost, but dismissed it when I didn’t have it again. I am still taking the Boost, but am beginning to be suspect.

      • Joe says

        Dee, in my opinion it could be the Boost. It contains stimulants. 200 beats per minute is a LOT. you can estimate the maximum times your heart will beat in one minute by subtracting your age from 220. So, if you are 20 years old, it would be 220-20= 200 beats per minute. This number represents the theoretical maximum number of heart beats your heart can perform in one minute if you are made to exercise as hard as you can. If I remember, you said previously, that your heart rate was 200 beats per minute when you were not exercising. If that’s true, that is not good.

        The equation I just showed you is not perfect but it will give you quick idea of what your max heart rate is. Unless you are a pro athlete your heart rate should never be at 100% of its maximum especially when you are not exercising.

        • Dee says

          I am 58 years old. The 200 is a close approximation. I could not keep up counting the beats, it was so fast. I surpassed 100 in just over 30 seconds. We considered going to the hospital, but I have no insurance. It slowed down and I felt better after resting. This is definitely something I am keeping an eye on. Thanks again for the information.

          • Joe says

            Dee, based on what you said, please don’t take the boost anymore. It’s not worth it. The boost is nothing but a stimulant. Plexus Slim cant show you any proof it “boosts” weight loss from taking plexus slim (the pink drink) alone or taking nothing at all.

            If you feel this way again, go to the hospital. Insurance or no insurance, I’d rather you get the treatment you need.

          • Dee says

            Yes, I agree. And thank you. It’s not like I’ve lost any weight…I haven’t. I just keep hoping it might help the energy level. I can’t in good conscience sell it to anyone else either. It’s just a loss….as I said before; lesson learned.

            A secondary problem is the one I bought it from is a good friend. I’m so sick of seeing all the “success” stories constantly on FB. I do a lot of skipping. :)

  17. Mark Thorson says

    Nu-FLOW is a glidant. A glidant is an agent which allows powders to flow freely, which helps the manufacturing process for tablets and capsules. The most common glidant is a special form of silicon dioxide called fumed silica. It is made by burning silane tetrachloride gas, hence the name. This creates extremely tiny particles of silica (a.k.a. silicon dioxide) which have some extraordinary properties, one of which is to make it an excellent glidant.

    Nearly all tablets you have ever taken contained a very small amount of fumed silica.

    I have heard concerns about its safety, but I have looked for research implicating fumed silica in health problems, and I haven’t found a thing. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about in a tablet.

    Silica is chemically the same as beach sand, but sand is crystalline silica. Inhaled crystalline silica is a recognized carcinogen. Fumed silica is not crystalline — it is amorphous. If it has any risks, cancer isn’t one of them.

    Nu-FLOW is powdered rice hulls. The manufacturer says that the rice plant concentrates silica in the hulls, though I would assume that rice hulls are mostly cellulose. Their silica content probably has little to do with the effectiveness of this product as a glidant.

  18. Aurora kathrin says

    I am actually on plexus slim and boost at this moment. .from the perspective of a person actually using the product I thoughts I’d share my feedback.

    I started plexus slim with accelerator+ a month ago, I’ve noticed slight weight loss and slight loss in inches, but even slight if they continue to decline I’m a happy camper.

    With the accelerator I noticed if I didn’t eat anything immediately after taking the accelerator it gave me an almost acid reflux like burn in the back of my throat, and if didn’t eat right away when I felt hungry I’d get nauseous. So for my next order I ordered the boost instead of accelerator+.

    I have had no side effects with the boost as yet, and the boost doesn’t make my throat burn if I dint eat anything right away or make my stomach turn. I’ve only been on the boost for a few days now and I’ve already felt a difference in the way my clothes fit.

    As for plexus saying “it’s an alternative companion” it means boost and accelerator are companions to plexus slim, and boost is an alternative to using accelerator and vice versa not an alternative to the plexus slim itself.

    I’ve been on the products entirely for about 5 weeks now, and have lost 3 lbs, and a few inches combined around my waist/butt/arms/legs, I’ve also been controlling my portions more and working out for 40 minutes 5 times a week.

  19. Nash says

    Joe, did you research Isagenix and Advocare products? I wanna know what you have to say about them. Very helpful information on Plexus.

  20. tina says

    I have been on plexus slim and the accelerator plus for two weeks and lost ten pounds..i do also take the pro bio 5 at night . after the first week i noticed my skin was clearer and i slept better plus my hands did not hurt as much. out of curiosity i switched to the boost -i am only on two days so i will let you know how the switch goes. My mom who has had gastric bypass and breast cancer has been on this product with me and she is feeling better-less gas issues and not getting sick as much and has lost 11 pounds.

    I think a good share of the success is drinking half our body weight in water and we both are able to eat healthier seeming we are not as hungry.i personally have friends who it has done amazing things for..that is why i opted to try it-and i am glad that i may not work for everyone-

    • Joe says

      Tina, I am happy it is working for you. I will caution you about the accelerator plus and plexus boost. Dont get discouraged if you dont keep losing 5 pounds per week. it will slow down. most of the weight you lost so far is water, when the weight loss slows, that is a sign that you are losing mostly fat.

      Here is my review of Plexus ProBio 5 in case you missed it.

      Here is my review of Accelerator Plus also.

  21. Happy Customer says

    Joe, thank you for this article. I have been using Plexus Slim for 5 weeks, not exercising (I hurt my back), and not changing my diet (shame on me), but still managed to lose 12 pounds and 50 points off of my sugar level.

    So, I decided to add the Boost to my regiment, but noticed I felt flush and jittery after taking it. Your article helped me better understand the ingredients and reasons for why I had these side-effects.

    I know my results are only anecdotal, and there is certainly the possibility of a placebo effect, but I haven’t really changed my eating habits. I’ve been satisfied more quickly, and simply eat less (by about a third less).

    So, I’m a fan of the Plexus Slim, but I’m going to have to quit taking the Boost.

    • Joe says

      Happy, I’m happy my review was able to help and also glad to hear about your weight loss. I hope your back feels better soon.

  22. Dee says

    Thank you for these reviews. I have learned a lot. I am a Plexus Ambassador who has been taking Slim and Boost for about two months. I joined as an ambassador simply because I could get the product cheaper. Just know that if you do that (join as an ambassador) you DO NOT have a 60 day money back guarantee, but only five days. I have had little results.

    Because of that I can’t speak highly of it so have not sold any or recruited anyone. When I run out of my present supply, I will stop as it is way too expensive for me to stay on it. It will be a lesson learned, be it an expensive lesson.

    I have always believed that anyone can lose weight with better food choices and less of it. Add exercise to that and you have a healthier you. This can be done without spending any money on any supplement. The hardest part is KEEPING weight off. I know. Ten years ago, I lost 60 pounds and I am still maintaining that loss. You have to keep at it.

    By the way, you mentioned questioning the amount of caffeine in Boost….I was told by the production department at Plexus Worldwide that one capsule has “about the same as a cup of coffee, which is about 25 mg.” I found it curious that they couldn’t or didn’t just tell me exactly, but that’s what they said.

    • Sandy Winters says

      Firstly, I am not an ambassador but have been trying the Plexus Slim (the pink drink- stick pack of powder that you mix with water) because a family member has been telling me how wonderful it makes her feel. That said, I believe the ‘slim powder’ refers to the product Plexus has: Plexus Slim that can be used alone or some use with the Plexus Boost or Accelerator.

      • Pete says


        I agree with you. You mentioned that you have been taking PS products, would you share with the site how they may be working for you?


        • Sandy says

          I have been using the Plexus Slim for about 6 months but I am not consistent with it. I consider it part of my vitamin/supplement aresenal and in my mind at least, it all helps me be healthier or at least helps me stay focused on being healthier and sticking to better habits.

          I had already lost a few pounds before I started drinking it thanks to increased exercise and healthier eating habits. That said, I did lose another 10 pounds but I believe it was mostly due to my improved habits. Still, for me, the Slim has helped me stay on track and focus on healthy habits and I have to admit that if I don’t take it for a while, I feel more run down. Whether it is mind over matter I can’t say but this is my experience.

          I do not/cannot/will not take the Boost or Accelerator because there is just not enough or any safety information on the stimulants in them, and I have an irregular heartbeat issue.

          • Pete says


            Thanks for being honest with your experiences with PS… You admit that it may be the fact that PS helped you change your eating habits, etc. And, put you in the frame of mind of losing weight, but, in your opinion PS was not the main reason you improved your condition, if was you improved health habits.

            I find this to be true, most supporters say PS is the sole reason their lives are better, and not give credit to the hard work themselves have put into the process of losing weight, and feeling better. I believe most people on PS experience more of a placebo effect than anything else. Just my opinion, and I can’t prove it.

  23. Kari says

    I tried the Boost for the first time today. Within 2 hours, I was flushed, dizzy, and my heart rate had jumped to 140!! Six hours later I “crashed” and felt like I had an awful hangover. Will stick to better eating habits and healthier activities!!

  24. Brannon Preston says

    On first day of the boost, i will not continue to take it. Within about an hour after taking in I’m so jittery that i can not focus, has upset my stomach, and have a horrible headach. I have not hit the crash stage yet.

  25. says

    I am an ambassador and signed up after being on the Plexus Slim for 2 months. It totally kept my back pain at bay (from car wreck) plus my tendonitis didn’t flare up anymore. I added Accelerator + and love it. I loved the Boost as far as curbing my appetite but it made me feel real tired. So I currently drink my Slim and take the Accelerator +. The difference in them is Accelerator speeds up the metabolism more than the Boost. It also is great for people who have anxiety. Boost works better for those who are emotional eaters.

    The Accelerator and the Boost are only to be taken if you are on the Slim drink. A person needs to take either the Accelerator or Boost, not both together and not to be alternated. If you’re one for 3 months and want to stop it and try the other, that’s fine but wait a week until it’s out of your system before introducing a new product.

    I’ve read all the comments and I all I can say is if you were educated about what Plexus is and does, you would have nice things to say. It has changed my health 360 degrees. Some of the products have literally saved peoples’ lives. We have many doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. who are ambassadors. The company is not money hungry. 50% of all profits goes to the ambassadors who work hard to share these amazing products. The other 50% goes back into the company.

    Most everyone is strong in their faith, want to help others get healthy, and network with people and better themselves emotionally, physically, etc. It’s by far the best company I’ve worked for and I’ve been with the company less than a year. I’m not rolling in the money but it’s allowed me to stop living paycheck to paycheck. I would never promote or recommend products that didn’t work or were harmful. I give all my customers the ingredient lists for them to share with their Dr or pharmacist before ordering.

    I have lost inches, have great natural energy, sleep fantastic, no more back/hip pain, no tendonitis flare ups, Dr took me off hormone pills, lowered my BP medicine to the lowest dose, my son’s acne is totally gone and that was in 3 weeks of being on Probio 5 after years of medications from dermatologists and thousands of dollars. I could go on and on.

    I’d rather put natural products in my body than chemicals, if possible. I researched every ingredient in the full ingredient list for all products before signing up.

    • Joe says

      Cami, thanks for writing. may I ask a few questions?

      1. you said that there were many doctors and nurses who are PS ambassadors. Ive heard other ambassadors say this too. Can you give me the names of 3 MDs (and the states where they reside) who are PS ambassadors? I’m just curious.

      2. You said you researched all the ingredients in PS. what did you find out about
      Yerba mate

      That put your mind at ease?

      3. Am I wrong about what I thought were typos on the PS label? I’d be interested in getting the impute from an ambassador on this. I’m no label expert but I’ve thought I’ve seen issues a couple of times.

      • Michael says

        Yet another ambassador who thinks they know it all.

        “I’ve read all the comments and I all I can say is if you were educated about what Plexus is and does, you would have nice things to say.”

        Are you for real? Plexus products being banned for containing DMAA. The FDA having to send warning letters over making false claims. A company that refuses to test their products or disclose where they manufacture their products. A company that has gone through more talking points than a politician. A company that has had questionable ties to a “doctor” who has seen legal troubles. And we’re only supposed to say “nice” things?

        “The company is not money hungry. 50% of all profits goes to the ambassadors who work hard to share these amazing products. The other 50% goes back into the company.”

        You have nothing to back this up other than the lies your upline has told you.

        “Most everyone is strong in their faith”

        Yeah, I want to address this one. All those people who want to inject their “faith” into Plexus – you may want to brush up on your scripture. Let me give you the kind of faith display a certain ambassador has displayed when going after someone on Facebook who dared to question Plexus:

        “”I am the top ambassador in the entire company and I come from a background of VERY successful traditional businesses….I look like a million bucks (Yep…I’m confident too), I feel great (so I’m a better wife and mom), and I make high 6 figures a month. No…that is not a typo…6 figures a month…So unless you are feeling fit and fabulous and you are insanely rich…”

        This lady is really displaying some good faith, huh Cami? Does that statement seem to be in line with being a Christian? Braying about how great one is and how much money they make? Let me know what scripture we can reference that says its OK to do that.

        “It’s by far the best company I’ve worked for and I’ve been with the company less than a year.”

        You do understand that you don’t “work” for this company, don’t you? You’re nothing more than a 1099 contractor that they use to distribute their product. You are not “employed” in any way by these folks.

        “I’d rather put natural products in my body than chemicals, if possible. I researched every ingredient in the full ingredient list for all products before signing up.”

        What you did was look at Plexus flyers and website info. If you actually researched, you will find information out there that would steer you away from supplements. Ask where Plexus manufactures their products. Ask what kind of quality controls are in place and what the frequency of testing is to ensure accuracy of ingredients. Share that information with us here. Not just words from your upline but some actual documentation. Otherwise, these products are just the same garbage that is being made in China and India and most likely contain contaminants that you aren’t even aware of.

        And shame on you for making your child ingest this stuff.

    • Pete says


      Every time an ambassador tries to tie religion to MLM, the most deceiving industry on the planet, it makes me sick. Just another tactic that MLM companies like PS use to make them seem on the up and up. Far from the truth. Don’t take my word for it, so here is a link by Daniel J. Korens expressing his views on whether or not a christian should be involved in MLM.

      Cami, it is obvious you are a new ambassador believing everything that your upline is telling you, but beware of the “brainwashing” techniques that they utilize.

      As far as the distributor, getting 50% of profits, and the company getting the other 50%. How many legitimate companies do you know of that make a 50% profit? Does that tell you anything?

      Here’s the kicker, the 50% profit that you think goes to all the distributors. The majority of that money goes to only the top 1%.. Does that seem fair? But there again, it’s MLM, an industry that is responsible for millions of people losing billions of dollars each year.

      PS, pyramidal in all respects.

      • Michael says


        Just crunching numbers here on that wild claim of 50/50 split. The “Preferred” cost for a 30 day supply of Plexus Slim is $79.95. According to Cami, that means $39.97 goes back to the company and $39.97 goes to the ambassador line.

        We all know how the uplines get their cut, etc., so I want to focus in on the $39.97 that corporate takes in. The price point for any product is normally going to be double what it costs the company. Example, if a widget costs the company $10, they have to sell at $20 to make enough profit to not only buy more widgets but to defer the ongoing costs of business.

        If corporate only takes 50%, then that would mean it costs them somewhere around $19.98 (or less) per bag of Slim (30 day supply – roughly .66 per packet) Who in their right mind believes that any US-based manufacturer would be able to offer something like this at .66 cents per packet?

        There’s no way this stuff is made in the U.S. with a price point like that and all of the supposed top-notch “all natural” ingredients they talk about. You people ingesting this stuff are most likely running all sorts of Chinese contaminants through your body. Best of luck with that.

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