It Works Fat Fighter: Critical Review of Ingredients and Side Effects

“Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?” is the slogan I kept seeing online when I started looking into the company called “It Works!” This is because It Works! started out as a company that sold toning wraps that were said to make people skinnier. Since then, the company has branched out and now sells all kinds of different supplements. In this review, I want to look at the It Works Advanced Formula Fat Fighter (with “carb inhibitors”) and see if it really burns fat or not. I also want to take a look at the It Works! company too, in case you were as curious as I was. Hopefully, by the end of this review you will have more information to help you do your own research, and have a better idea if the It Works Fat Fighter is right for you.  Also see my review of It Works Greens for more information.


Who Makes It Works!?

The website, was first registered in 2002 by a company called It Works Marketing. The address on record for It Works Marketing is 2006 44th Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508. Later, It Works Marketing, was renamed “It Works Global.”

When I searched the Better Business Bureau, I found two listings for It Works Global. I found the Michigan address mentioned above, as well as this address: 5325 E State Road 64, Bradenton, FL 34208-5534. Based on this, I believe the company has moved from Michigan to Florida. If you click on the address link I provide, you see it shows a building that displays “It Works” on the outside.

As of 5/21/14 the BBB file gave It Works Marketing a rating of “B+.” When I checked the BBB file, they had a consumer alert for It Works Marketing which stated that:

“BBB has received a pattern of complaints from consumers alleging that they received the wrong products. Consumers have stated that after trying to cancel with the business, they continue to receive additional products. Complaints also allege that the business continues to bill after cancellation, and consumers are not informed that there is a $50.00 cancellation fee”

Because BBB files often change, see the Better Business file for more information and updates.

The CEO of It Works Global is Mark Pentecost, who is a retired math teacher from Michigan. This Forbes Magazine article from 2013 provides additional information on how the company was started.

It appears that It Works Global started out as a company marketing toning body wraps but has since diversified into one that sells a variety of supplements. The It Works wraps might still be the company’s biggest seller, because when I searched for their website ——the tagline for the site was “Have You Tried That Crazy Wrap Thing?”  

How to Contact It Works!

The contact page of the MyItWorks website lists the following “loyal customer” contact numbers for those in the US: 1-800-537-2395 and 952-540-5699. The Better Business Bureau lists an additional contact number of (941) 348-6650. International toll-free customer support is also available in these countries as well:

  • Australia: 1-(800) 750-398
  • Canada:  1-(855) 560-1020
  • United Kingdom: 0-(800) 098-8925
  • Sweden:  +46-770791808
  • Netherlands:+31-858880101
  • Belgium: +32-78480292


 Fat Fighter Ingredients

According to the product label, a bottle contains 60 tablets. Two tablets contain the following ingredients:

% DV
Chromium dinicotinate glycinate  150 mcg 130%
NeOpunita (cactus leaf)   500 mg N/A
Proprietary blend of the following  510 mg N/A
1. Garcinia cambogia fruit extract N/A
2. Green tea leaf extract N/A
3. Phaseolamin N/A
4. Bitter melon fruit N/A
5. Banaba leaf extract N/A
6. Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract N/A
7. Wheat amalyase inhibitor N/A
8. Vanadium N/A

N/A = there is no daily value

Now that we know the ingredients, let’s see if we can find any research on this product to see if it really does fight fat.  


It Works Fat Fighter Research

When I searched the National Library of Medicine (which lists millions of studies from around the globe) for “It Works Fat Fighter,” no studies showed up. Likewise, doing a Google search for the product turned up no studies. In addition, website shows no research.

This says to me that the product –  itself – likely does not have any published peer reviewed proof that it helps people lose weight. So, if the product has no good proof for it, how do they know It Works, really works?

I believe that if the Fat Fighter works, it’s because of the research on some of its ingredients. Let’s take a look at the research on those ingredients now and see what we can discover.  


It Works Fat Fighter Ingredients


I’ll bet most people reading this think chromium burns fat and helps weight loss. Be honest. Am I right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The makers of weight loss supplements know that most people believe this myth also―that’s why they add it to their products. The marketing of chromium was just that good!

I think their belief is, “If it doesn’t contain chromium, people who want to lose weight won’t buy it.” I’m convinced of this because a LOT of weight loss supplements contain chromium, despite the fact that the vast majority of studies I’ve seen over the last 15 years show that chromium does not work. As such, I don’t think it plays a significant role in this product. Here is my review of chromium. Notice how many studies show it doesn’t work for weight loss.

One thing chromium might do is reduce blood sugar levels.  Keep this in mind as you review the ingredients below.



The name NeOpunita (neo-pUnch-a) is actually a trademarked name for the prickly pear cactus called Opuntia ficus-indica. The cactus is said to bind fat, preventing it from being absorbed.

As we absorb less fat, we absorb fewer calories. Theoretically, this might lead to weight loss.This is why some websites call NeOpunita a “fat-fighting cactus.” NeOpunita is a product of the French company, Bio Serae Labs SAS.

See my review of Calorase/FBCX, which is also said to bind fat, for more information.

Two tablets of the It Works Fat Fighter contain 500 mg of NeOpunita. Remember this as we review the research.

I located a company sponsored study from 2007 titled The effect of NeOpuntia on blood lipid parameters–risk factors for the metabolic syndrome (syndrome X). In this 6-week study, 68 women (20–55 years of age) with metabolic syndrome (basically “pre-diabetes”) were either given a placebo or NeOpuntia 3 times a day with meals. People ate a “well-balanced diet” with “controlled lipid input” (in other words, a low fat diet). Forty-nine women completed the study.

Results: At the end of the study, the women taking NeOpuntia showed significant improvements in various pre-diabetes symptoms, such that 39% of the women were no longer diagnosed with metabolic syndrome (compared to only 8% of those taking a placebo).

These are very impressive results, but there are two things you need to know:

1.     This study makes no mention of weight loss. I’m not sure if weight loss was even measured.

2.     The people in this study used 4.8 grams of NeOpuntia per day. This is FAR MORE than the 500 mg (1/2 gram) that 2 tablets of It Works Fat Fighter give you.

Each person in the study used 1.6 grams of NeOpuntia with each meal, for a total of 4.8 grams per day.

This single study—which did not look at weight loss—appears to the basis why It Works uses NeOpuntia in their product. So why does It Works Fat Fighter contain less than what the research shows might work?

Opuntia ficus-indica is the main ingredient in the popular health drink called TriVita Nopalea Juice, which you may have seen advertised on TV. See that review for additional information.


Garcinia Cambogia

There are several weight loss studies that involved Garcinia cambogia. Its active ingredient is said to be hydroxycitric acid (HCA). The way Garcinia cambogia is said to work is by preventing carbohydrates from being turned into fat.

In my review of Garcinia cambogia research, which I suggest you read, I noted that research showing it worked (helped weight loss) used at least 1,667 mg per day (or 1,000 mg of HCA per day). This is important because the entire proprietary blend in It Works Fat Fighter (2 tablets) only contains a total of 510 mg.

Garcinia cambogia is the first ingredient listed, so it likely comprises the most of this blend. But even so, I see no evidence that this amount works. If you read my Garcinia cambogia review, you’ll see studies showing that 500 mg did not work. Based on what I’ve found, I don’t think the Fat Fighter has enough.


Green Tea Leaf Extract

While they dont tell us what extract they are using, the label says that this extract has 20% caffeine. To me that says caffeine might be the active ingredient in this extract—but how much caffeine does the product contain? They don’t tell us. Caffeine might be the single most popular ingredient in weight loss supplements. It’s an ingredient in these supplements which you may have heard of before:


Caffeine is so popular that I even once reviewed a caffeine shampoo! That said, I’m not convinced that caffeine―by itself―helps people lose weight. I say this because the best weight loss research usually combines caffeine with ephedra, another stimulant. Ephedra is banned from supplements in the US because it was linked to several deaths.  



As the label indicates, this refers to an extract from white kidney beans. Another name for this ingredient is Phaseolus vulgaris. On some websites this stuff is also called Bean Pod extract. It has several other names, including Fabenol—as it was referred to when I reviewed the product called Lean and Fab.

Tip. It’s been my experience that ingredients that begin with “Phas” usually refer to kidney bean extract.

Phaseolamin is said to inhibit a carbohydrate-digesting enzyme called alpha amalyase. If you block the action of this enzyme, in theory, carbs would not be digested as well. If we can’t digest carbs, we can’t absorb their calories. In this way, phaseolamin is supposed to promote weight loss.

The blocking of this carb-digesting enzyme is the reason that some call phaseolamin a “carb blocker.” It turns out that there is some weight loss research on phaseolamin. Let’s take a look at some of that research.

In a 2004 study titled, Blocking carbohydrate absorption and weight loss: a clinical trial using Phase 2 brand proprietary fractionated white bean extract, researchers randomly gave 50 people either a 1,500 mg placebo or a phaseolamin supplement called “Phase 2” twice daily with meals (3,000 mg total) for 8 weeks.

At the end of the study, those receiving the Phase 2 supplement lost an average of 3.7 lbs compared to the placebo group which lost an average of 1.65 pounds.

One problem was that only 27 people completed this study. That’s almost a 50% drop out rate. It should also be noted that this study gave people 3,000 mg of the Phase 2 supplement. That is far more than is in It Works Fat Fighter.

Phase 2 is a proprietary phaseolamin supplement that is in many products.

Here is Phase 2 on Amazon for those who want to see what others are saying.


In a 2013 study titled, Phaseolus vulgaris extract affects glycometabolic and appetite control in healthy human subjects, 12 people who ate a normal meal were randomly given either a placebo or Phaseolus vulgaris extract. Those who were given the Phaseolus vulgaris extract showed reduced appetite, lower ghrelin levels (a hormone that tells us to eat), reduced insulin levels, and lower blood sugar, compared to those getting the placebo.

This was a very small study and only lasted 3 hours, but it’s interesting and worthy of a follow-up study.

In a 2007 study titled, A Dietary supplement containing standardized Phaseolus vulgaris extract influences body composition of overweight men and women, 60 slightly overweight men and women were randomly given either a placebo or 445 mg of a Phaseolus vulgaris extract for 30 days before their main carbohydrate-containing meal of the day.

Those who received the Phaseolus vulgaris extract showed a significantly greater reduction in body weight, fat mass, BMI, and other parameters, compared to placebo. The product used in this study was also called Phase 2.

In a 2013 study titled, Reducing effect of an extract of Phaseolus vulgaris on food intake in mice–focus on highly palatable foods, when mice were given Phaseolus vulgaris, it reduced consumption of good tasting foods. There are many other mouse studies of this ingredient. See this scientific phaseolamin review for more information.


Bitter Melon Fruit

Its scientific name is Momordica charantia. It’s called bitter melon because it has a bitter taste when eaten. Additional names include bitter gourd and salsamino, among many others. As is pointed out in this scientific review of bitter melon, there are over 200 different compounds in this plant and different parts (seed, oil, fruit) have various studies relating to its effects on a variety of issues.

Having looked at the research, the vast majority of that research appears to be limited to rats and mice. Much of that research is related to how bitter melon might help diabetes and blood sugar issues by way of its ability to increase insulin levels. Also, not all of that research involves the fruit.

Some of the mice and rat research I saw has used the seeds of bitter melon and oil from the seeds. As such, that research would not be applicable to the fruit, which is what It Works Fat Fighter contains.

In one of the studies that might be applicable to humans, titled Momordica charantia (bitter melon) inhibits primary human adipocyte differentiation by modulating adipogenic genes, researchers treated human fat cells with bitter melon juice. They noted that the juice enhanced fat burning in those fat cells.

This is intriguing, and while I like that they used human fat cells, unfortunately this was just a test tube study. In other words, they studied the effects of bitter melon juice in isolated human fat cells, rather than in people.

The name “bitter melon” might remind people of “bitter orange,” which is often used in ephedra-free weight loss supplements. As far as I can tell, bitter melon and bitter orange have no relationship to each other. Because of the lack of human research at this time, I don’t think anyone—including the It Works! company—knows if bitter melon helps people lose weight.  


Gymnema Sylvestre

The leaves of this plant appear to have a blood-sugar lowering effect, and it might also reduce carb absorption. The majority of the weight loss research I saw on Gymnema sylvestre involved mice and rats. That said, one human study I located might provide some insights on why some of the ingredients in the Fat Fighter were chosen.

This study was published in 2004 and was titled, Effects of a natural extract of (-)-hydroxycitric acid (HCA-SX) and a combination of HCA-SX plus niacin-bound chromium and Gymnema sylvestre extract on weight loss. All three of the ingredients in this study are in the It Works Fat Fighter.

In this 8-week study, 60 overweight people were randomly given either:

  • Placebo
  • Garcinia cambogia (4667 mg)
  • Garcinia cambogia  (4994 mg) +  niacin-bounded chromium (4mg) + Gymnema sylvestre (400 mg)


The results showed that those getting the combination of all three ingredients showed more weight loss than those taking the placebo. That said, the amounts of the ingredients used in this study are far MORE than are contained in It Works Fat Fighter.

Gymnema sylvestre has been in a few products I’ve looked at previously, including:

So see those reviews for more information.


Wheat Amylase Inhibitor

Remember that amylase is an enzyme that helps us absorb carbs. This ingredient just sounds to me like a carb/starch blocker that’s derived from wheat. But, just calling it “wheat amalyase inhibitor” is vague, because without knowing the exact name of the inhibitor compound, I can’t say much about it, other than it probably works similarly to phaseolamin, discussed above.  



Another name for this compound is valadyl sulfate. According to some studies, vanadium appears to have an insulin-like effect and might reduce blood sugar.

For example, in a study from 1996 titled, Effects of vanadyl sulfate on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, vanadium was shown to reduce blood sugar levels in people with type II diabetes.

Vanadium is listed last in the ingredients of the proprietary blend. This means it is likely present in the least amount. This is good because vanadium might become toxic at high levels. They don’t tell us how much vanadium is in the Fat Fighter. The amount, beyond which side effects might be noticed, is currently thought to be 1.8 mg per day for adults.

When I was in college in the 90s, weightlifters used to think vanadyl sulfate made them bigger and stronger. Research shows it doesn’t do that.

Vanadium is found naturally in very small amounts in foods.I also noticed that vanadium was an ingredient in

The health drink called Vemma also contains vanadium.

Interestingly, vanadium was in the old Plexus Slim Accelerator, but was removed from their Accelerator Plus supplement.  


Blood-Sugar Lowering Ingredients

Here are the ingredients in It Works Fat Fighter that might reduce blood sugar levels. This list is based on the information I was able to uncover:

  • Chromium
  • Gymnema sylvestre
  • Vanadium


Ingredients That Block Carbs

Here are the ingredients in It Works Fat Fighter that are thought to be carb blockers:

  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Phaseolamin
  • Gymnema sylvestre (maybe)
  • Wheat amylase inhibitor

Note. While I call them carb blockers, the It Works company calls them “Carb inhibitors.” They mean the same thing.

Ingredients That Block Fat

Here are the ingredients in It Works Fat Fighter that might block fat:

  • NeOpunita


Ingredients with the Most Evidence

Based on the studies I could locate, here are the ingredients in It Works Fat Fighter that I feel have the most evidence and are likely the main active ingredients in this product:


I highlight these two ingredients because:

1.  There are more weight loss studies on these ingredients than any of the others in the product.

2.  These are listed toward the top of the proprietary ingredients list, which says to me that they compose most of that blend. Since they are at the top of the list, I think It Works! also feels they play the biggest role too.

For those who want to compare prices and see what others are saying:


Notice that I have not included NeOpuntia as an active ingredient. I didn’t include it because it only has one study, and as far as fat blockers are concerned, the product called Calorase (also known as “FBCX”) currently has more evidence.

See my Calorase review for more information.  


It Works Fat Fighter Side Effects

I’m not aware of any significant side effects from the product at this time. Some people on Amazon do talk of some stomach bloating and constipation. There are also people saying it didn’t work for them, so reading the comments is worth it.

Here is a list of theoretical side effects based on what I know about its ingredients:

  • Bitter melon might reduce blood sugar, which may be an issue for some people who take diabetes medications.
  • Gymnema sylvestre might lower blood sugar levels.
  • Vanadium might lower blood sugar. At high doses, vanadium might also cause a color change on the tongue (a green color). The amount which might cause side effects is controversial, due to the lack of good research on vanadium.

If you had any side effects—positive or negative—please leave a comment below so others (including me) can benefit from your experiences.  


Does The Fat Fighter Work?

While having a company called “It Works!” is very bold, from a marketing standpoint, I don’t think It Works Fat Fighter actually works. I don’t think it does what they say it will do, for a few reasons. First, there is no scientific research on the product itself. In other words, they showed me no proof that the unique combination of ingredients in the Fat Fighter actually fought fat or caused weight loss. Second―and this is the most important for me―the levels of active ingredients in the product are less than what research shows might work. Third, even though the product is called a “Fat Fighter,” many of the ingredients are actually carb blockers. I only found one ingredient that might block fat! What’s up with that?

I admit, I could be totally wrong and the supplement might do exactly what its name says it will do, but for a company having the name “It Works!,” they will have to prove it to me. For example, why not compare It Works Fat Fighter to the two things that I feel are its active ingredients—phasolamine /Phase 2 and Garcinia cambogia—and see which might work the best. This isn’t difficult research to do; in fact, any grad student could do this. If research like this is ever published, I will gladly update my review.

Here is the Fat Fighter on Amazon for those who want to see what others are saying.

What do you think?


  1. says

    Great review Joe! Totally agree with all of it. Very few companies have any research, because they can make all the money they want without it. Thanks for putting the BBB info in this review. Filing complaints really works for those of us who do our research. Blessed are we, Kim

    • Joe says

      Kim, thanks appreciate that! I’ve been curious about It works for a while but since body wraps aren’t my thing, I stayed away from it until I learned they branched out into supplements.

      • Candyce says

        I totally agree on the stretch mark cream!! I do not know how the cream does what it does but the difference after using the cream is amazing.

        Also the facial wrap was unreal….literally made my face look at least 5 years younger….I don’t think the results lasted from one facial wrap but the depuffing I had was significant.

        I have also done the wraps and they are good especially if you have a event to go to and want to feel less puffy.

        Definitely not going to make your stomach flat but definitely removes the bloat!

        Hope this helps! I don’t sell their products I am into quality healthy items and the ingredients are really natural. Also the greens powder is amazing for this tired mom of 3 under 3!

        • Madi says

          Hemmorhoid cream does the same thing. Strippers have used it for decades. Look up all the wrap ingredients they’re full of low to moderate level carcenogens.

  2. Patti says

    Nice review. Even the thought of a body wrap seems dumb. I did some research on them and you can get the same result with Epsom salts and ace bandages. It’s a compression thing which is obviously temporary. Save your money y’all!

    • Joe says

      Patti, thanks. I’ve been asked about the It Works wraps for a while and because toning wraps are outside of my area of expertise, it was hard for me to figure out how they might work – beyond temporary re-shifting fluid contents in the body and/or causing some water loss. Ive never heard of the epsom salts and ace bandage trick but I appreciate you sharing that. I’m also glad you found my review helpful :)

      • Amy says

        The wraps don’t compress anything….they are a light cloth infused with lotion and can wear with yoga clothes to hold it on. Also no water loss…part of their program is to drink tons and tons of water for the day of and 72 hours after wrapping to flush out toxins.

        They tone and tighten the skin and diminish stretch marks, cellulite and varicose veins. Results last for months (forever faded stretch marks). Nothing is magic…but I have seen some pretty awesome results after having babies or after weight loss. Fat Fighters have worked great for me as well!!!

          • Amy says

            The ingredients are on the packaging but can I add an attachment or email you a document? And sorry, just got this notification that you responded today. Thanks!

          • brittni says

            I somewhat agree with this article only because I too was super skeptical trying the products. I was a huge fan of the wraps. I did lose 2 inches but it didnt stick more than 1 week. I use the fat fighters and lost 5 lbs in 1 week I think its crazy who knows if its really doing the job. Hair skin and nails work really great but then again you can but the same thing at the grocery store. Lip and eye cream is my favorite literally took away my circles under my eyes.

        • says

          The wraps don’t really work they dehydrate you with whatever they are infused with and that’s why they tell you to drink plenty of water and do not work out so you don’t over dehydrate your self it’s tons of bullshit I still have stretch marks and still have no results after 2 treatments I have my before and after pictures as well for proof.

    • Missy says

      Our wraps are not a “compression thing” nor are they water loss. The results, when used with a healthy lifestyle are permanent results. They are not wrapped tightly so they do not compress anything.

      There are many different types of wraps out there that do different things so I can’t speak on all of them. I can however speak on our products and the fact that they do indeed do exactly what they say they do when used properly.

      • Joe says

        Missy, the effect of the wraps is permanent? How long does it take for the effect to last forever? Would the wraps have any effect if people did not eat healthy? Just curious.

        • helen says

          hi Joe – I don’t see Missy’s reply here (maybe it is somewhere later on in this string) but I totally disagree with the “permanent” results claim. I tried the wraps and yes, they did make my stomach look smaller for about 24-48 hours but that was it. Not at all permanent. At best, something to do if you have a special event you want to have “tight” stomach for.

          • Joe says

            Hi Helen, thanks for the feedback on how the wraps worked for you. If missy posted a reply it will be posted. I searched for her I found her posting a comment on June 3rd 2014, which I replied to. She did not write after that.

          • lisa says

            I agree with Helen.. I used the stretch mark cream and the results were always temporary. If I used it for a few days straight you could see a big difference. After I stopped for a week it seemed as though I had never used it. It Works! is a temporary solution for instant gratification.

        • Ashley says

          First of all why would you do the wraps if you don’t want to change your body or lifestyle ? Just like a tummy tuck, don’t do it and go back to eating like a maniac or having more kids or whatever caused the issues you want taken away.

          Also, the fat fighters aren’t for loosing weight, they are to help keep you from gaining more. Each one of those ingredients that was used are used together for a reason, and u less your a scientist you should be knocking on all of them.

          Your not an expert, not even that clever considering you didn’t even attempt to go into this without already thinking they don’t work. I use these and I’m a huge skeptic and I didn’t judge a book by its cover, I actually went in with a open mind, and I’m 40 pounds lighter, thanks to thermofit, which is for weight loss.

          I use the fat fighters for a cheat night…I could go and reply to every piece of bologna this article has, but I have better things to Do.

          • Joe says

            Ashley, believe what you want however many of the ingredients in the Fat Fighter – such as garcinia cambogia, chromium, green tea and phaseoleum have reputations for weight loss, NOT weight maintenance. That is why I addressed it from a weight loss point of view. I’m happy for the weight loss you say you have achieved.

    • says

      How long do the effects of going to the gym last? How long do effects of a tummy tuck last? Lifestyle def plays a role. These wraps used to sell in spas for $200 (may be wrong about price but was in $200 range) before It Works bought the rights. The results are permanent if you maintain. The stretch mark cream is amazing and permanent. Its not water-loss as u must drink half your body weight in ozs for 3 days.

      • Joe says

        Mary, are you really trying to compare It Works Body wraps – a product with NO clinical evidence to exercise which has THOUSANDS of clinical studies dating back over a hundred years?

        Lets talk facts:

        1. you say the effects if It Works body wraps are “permanent” but you can’t show me any clinical proof for this. I challenge you to show me clinical evidence of this – not testimonials- scientific studies. I double-dog dare you :)

        2. you downplay exercise but say lifestyle plays a role. So how long would the wraps work (or would they work) if I ate crap? Again, you can’t tell me because nobody has done any research.

        3. Please Give me the names of the spas that used to sell the wraps for $200. I’ll reach out to them for you and see if they are the same thing.

        • Amy says

          Clinical??? Most of the naturopathic products don’t have “clinical” proof because big pharma is the only ones being sponsored to do these insanely expensive tests and long term studies. I have seen alternative and natural forms of treatments do AMAZING things…in my life specifically…so using that as the only reason for being a non believer is ridiculous.

          I have had a woman cry to me because her stretch marks and wrinkled belly improved so significantly she felt like her life was changed in a small way.

          • Joe says

            Amy, don’t you think you deserve clinical proof? Don’t you think It Works! should reinvest some of that money that they are making and show the world that their products actually work? I do. It Works makes A LOT of money. Studies don’t have to be “insanely expensive.” I’ve said many times, Id accept studies done by grad students. The bottom line is that It Works makes a lot of money. They can more than afford to do a good study – and it wouldn’t cost a lot either.

        • Brandi says

          I’m very curious… Where did your research find you to state “Wraps that make you skinny or lose weight”? That was in the first few sentences of your review. Our company does everything it possibly can to inform the public that are wraps are a patented one of a kind wrap that does NOT promote weight loss, water loss, make you skinny or compress.

          it is simply a non woven cloth infused with a highly concentrated botanical lotion and the wrap allows you to target one area at a time. It tightens, tones and firms.
          when adding any of our products to a more concious lifestyle you’ll see increasingly better results. But even without a lifestyle change our products can help. That may say “Lazy man’s diet” to some lazy people. But that’s not what our company promotes.

          I also wonder where your claim that “we downplay exercise” can you show me that source? We in fact give the benefit of a completly free fitness community to our loyal customers provided by our company.

          You may in all your research run across our product guru. She has all the info you are seeking listed on her website for all distributors and customers to access. Look up The It Works Product Coach.

          As far as results. Our results are permanent progressive. Meaning since they are not water weight loss, you won’t turn back into a pumpkin over night, so to speak.

          Maintenance and a conscious lifestyle pro long your result without any change…how long does it take the average person who achieved a better body contour to eat their way back? Or drink their way back? Or add an anything other type of contaminate that may render a different result?

          The average without lifestyle change or maintenance will see results lasts 2 to 6 months depending on the person. My result has lasted and continued to get better over the last 1 1/2 years.
          Not compression
          Not Water Weight

          You know for someone who prides himself on research it seems like you glanced at a couple of advertisements aND never even researched what the company promotes. What their suggested servings and FAQS state. It’s right online.

          stating that the Fat Fighter doesn’t have “enough” of an ingredient to make a difference is really cringe worthy when you notice that it can be taken more than once a day. It’s up to the diet of the client.

          This review is poorly done. I’m very unimpressed. Makes me want to look up other review sites now as I’m strating to questions other reviews I have previously read from you.

          • Joe says

            Brandi, the idea that It Works wraps make people lose weight /get “skinny” is all over the web and that is how its been described to me. Even email addresses from It works distributors contain the word “skinny.”

            if the wraps really worked, why is the free fitness program even needed?

            Results are “permanent progressive” What does that mean?

            So you are saying the the wraps do NOT cause water loss? Does that mean the wraps cause fat loss from the body? Can you prove that please (no testimonial – a study).

            You may feel my review was poorly done and that is your prerogative but the fact remains that -serving size or not – the Fat fighter -itself has no published peer reviewed evidence to show it actually works. I am glad however that you said the fat fighter alone isn’t enough.

          • Brandi says

            Are you HONESTLY basing your review on advertisement wording in independent distributors Web links? I thought you were testing products from companies. I guess just as you assume things wrongly, I must have to. I assumed you went to the corporate website and read what this product is. What this product does and how this product works.

            Instead your basing your assumptions on wording from any random person over 18 who joins the company. That’s real solid research Joe.

            You will not find any mention of skinny, weight loss or inch loss on any company approved advertising. That is not what it is. That is not what the company claims it is or advertises it as.

            permanent progressive simply means it continues to get better, especially with life style change and a concious effort to work toward a healthier body. No where will you ever find a company approved document stating that our products don’t work without life style change. One comment your bashing because you claim we don’t encourage fitness and now your questioning why our products don’t work without it. Neither of it has been said by me or the company.

            Is it that hard to understand that adding a healthier lifestyle to your health supplement might increase your results? Is it equally hard for you to wrap your brain around something that will wo3k even without it, but we still encourage it?
            And never anywhere did I speak about any fat burning from the wrap. Maybe if I use caps you’ll see it this time.

          • Joe says

            Brandi, oh stop! you know as well as I do that distributors make weight loss claims – or at the very least give people the impression. Actually the main site I looked at when I reviewed the fat figher was the It Works site itself. I really try not to look at what others say so as not to be influenced by them. That said before I even heard of the wraps, I got a lot of emails about them.

            Brandi, distributors can’t have it both ways. either its weight loss or its not weight loss. I appreciate you saying the wraps are not a weight loss product. I’m going to quote you when other distributors ring in to say it is.

          • Jim says

            Joe, I’m 100 percent with you. thanks for your research.

            And Brandi, please, he HAS resources including the BBB report and scientific ingredients. What the heck is wrong with you by saying “assumption?”. Speak English. Did you even studied all the ingredients from the product just like Joe did? Do you have one?

            There is good reason why this is not in retailer. you know why? because they don’t have damn courage enough to even put in the market. And eventually, there is not deal for darn warranty policy or anything that protects sellers. I dare you ask investors and see if this is something that is worth a money. And it absolutely have no scientific proof thanks to your promoting department.

            The website is only designed as selling, but don’t really say anything about customers. Where is real stories that it worked? where is the studies just like what other competitors does? Why in the world there are still FATASSES sellers in the internet?? IT just logically doesn’t adds up with saying “fat Fighters” and saying “it just promote healthy life”. There is no click for you? What was your GPA? did you just graduate from high school?

            When some people here saying it doesn’t saying about losing fat, than for goodness sake, STOP comparing to the gym. obviously, majority understanding different ways.

            I saw one women from my facebook friends, and she was talking about eating some franchise donuts and fat fighters. What the…??? it doesn’t work that way (And yet, I still see so many fatass distributors). just simply doesn’t work for your body.

            if you truly believe this in the product, put the craps into retailers, I dare you. Until you have studies. Normal people wouldn’t buy it.

            I can argue about this in many ways and so ready to win against you distributors. Progressive lifestyle? I would rather just eat vegetable and workout and eat healthy.
            Prove it. With Brain.

          • Mimi says


        • Libertarian says

          So, wrapping yourself without any lifestyle change (diet, water intake, exercise, etc) won’t have an impact like wrapping yourself with the changes? Hmmmm. I wonder if making the lifestyle changes is equally as dependent on the wraps? I tend to think not, but I defintiley welcome a peer reviewed scientific article to tell me otherwise.

  3. Missy says

    Have you tried any of the products? While the Fat fighters are named that, they are marketed as “carb inhibitors”.

    They are meant to help reverse some of the damage done by eating high fat/carb foods.

    Would you be interested in doing a 30 day trial of one of the supplements in order to do a first hand review?

    • Joe says

      Hi Missy, I did not try the It Works Fat Fighter before I wrote my review. I usually dont try products because I prefer to focus on the research on the products and/or their ingredients. I think that way I can provide people the most unbiased evidence as to whether something works or not.

      Also, I noticed that on those occasions when I did try something, I was criticized when I didn’t get the results that some people thought I should have. For example, here is a link to a supplement called Tribulus where you can see those comments

      Yes I did notice that the Fat Fighter was touted to include “carb inhibitors.” Since most of the ingredients did appear to be carbs blockers, I felt a better name for the product might be “Carb Fighter” rather than Fat Fighter. I think they choose the name because fat fighter for marketing purposes.

      I appreciate your kind offer to try the Fat Fighter. If I decide to take a closer look at it in the future I will keep your offer in mind.

      • says

        I would still say Fat Fighters is an appropriate name being that carbs are converted to fat if not used for energy by the body… So in the grand scheme of things it will definitely help fight the bulge and fat or the conversion of carbs into fat 😉

        Everyone knows what those pesky carbs do to our waistline. One other thing I think is notable is the fact that the Fat Fighters may not have as high of a dosage for each individual thing, but considering several of the ingredients have actually been proven effective I would think that combining them all would make it a powerhouse.. Possibly too powerful if used at full “study strength”.

        Lastly, if you feel that they don’t work simply because there is no research on them, how can you assume that lower amounts of some of the ingredients don’t work without having some research to back it? I don’t necessarily think your evaluations are fair. You won’t give any credit without research but you are quick to discredit without any….

        • Joe says

          Sarah, You say “everyone knows what those pesky carbs do to our waistline” but there is actually a LOT of evidence that weight gain and weight loss are the result of eating fewer calories – not carbs – or fat for that matter. If the Fat Fighter works (which is debatable) it is because it causes a reduction in calorie absorption and nothing else.

          Just because some ingredients may have evidence does not mean the Fat Fighter product does. How do you know if it works, if its never had any research? I think you, as an It Works! distributor, deserves good human research on the products you promote. not the ingredients but the product itself. You say consuming all the ingredients would make it a “powerhouse” but how do you know this? I’m sorry, but you are guessing.

          I conclude it doesn’t work because it has lesser amounts than what research used and because I have no proof either way that lower amounts would do the same thing – or that the combination of ingredients would work better than the 2 ingredients that I specifically highlighted.

          • sarah says

            I’m not guessing. I’ve been a distributor for a year and a half and I’ve seen it work on several people. No assuming, no guessing. It has worked over and over again.

            And yes, calorie reduction does help with weight loss but it is a fact that the body stores carbs in the form of fat for energy. I never said decreasing calories doesn’t result in weight loss but so does carb reduction.

            I think when you review things you need to find legitimate evidence to back it.

            Just because studies show that calories reduction equals weight loss does not be that carb reduction does not.

            You would be the one making an assumption in this case. I have actually studied it and have to use the information to educate my patients.

          • Joe says

            Sarah, carb reduction results in weight loss because

            1. it makes the body use its stored glycogen reserves. This returns as soon as people eat carbs again

            2. reducing carbs also reduces calories. That said, #1 is the main reason low carb diets work

            3. Low carb diets have not been shown to be better at wt loss than any other diet when done long term (a year or more)

            Since you are talking about carbs and weight loss, you are proving my point that the “Fat Fighter” should be called “Carb Fighter” as that is what it is based on its ingredients. The name Fat Fighter is a misnomer.

            When you said , you seem to chastise me but you don’t mention that It Works! company has NO published peer reviewed evidence that their product works. Where is THEIR legitimate evidence? It’s because of the lack of evidence that I was forced to look at the research on the ingredients.

          • sarah says

            Carbs are converted to fat if not used by the body. You’re neglecting to acknowledge that. By blocking carbs you are preventing the conversion of them into fat, therefore preventing some of the fat from being stored in the body.

            I didn’t feel the need to repeat the only argument you have for claiming they do not work as you have said it several times thoughout the post. That being that there is no peer reviewed evidence that the product works. I am not sure. I haven’t looked for any nor do I care to. Are your analysis peer reviewed and publised anywhere other than your blog?? If no then according to you we should assume that like the fat fighters are false, so are your reviews.

          • Joe says

            Sarah, carbs are converted to fat only if we eat more total calories than we need. If the product works and it really does block carbs, it may cause weight loss because it reduces total calorie intake. Yes, my stance is we cant know for sure if it works because it lacks published peer reviewed research. Science is the basis of my website. Since the ingredients I highlighted are the ones with the actual proof, I also mention those for people who want to try it but who are on a budget.

            You yourself have been telling people to drink more water. I dont deny the value of water but how do we know that water doesn’t fill people up making it less likely to eat more calories?

            As a nurse you know the value of science. So, how is it then that you say you have not investigated research on the product?

            Sarah, interesting point you make. My reviews are not peer reviewed so how do people know that what I am saying is true? This is why I link to studies in Medline to support my conclusions, so you can go read the research for yourself. I do that because I dont want anyone taking my word for things.

          • Mimi says

            Sarah: Do you work in a biology research facility? How do you know that the “fat fighter” works in that way? Honestly, you all are just promoting bunch of products that you can get at walmart for $$$. Which is understandable because people need to make a living if having a career doesnt work out. Where is the scientific peered review articles? If we in the medical field can only promote “stuff” that is peered review and researched, I think ITWORKs should too.

            I’ll stick to eating healthy and exercising and not eating 7 cheat meals a week and taking a pill to lose weight. DOESNT WORK LIKE THAT.

  4. Carmen says

    Hi! My name is Carmen. I am trying the Fatfighters. It’s been 1 week and no weight loss yet. But, you are correct about the bloating and constipation, it is pretty bad on both counts. Going to give it one more week and will let you know the results.

      • Amy says

        You have to drink lots of water!!! And just one dose of FF a day without any other changes will cause instant weight loss. Nothing is magic…these products just support a weight loss plan and allows for a faster progression.

        • Joe says

          Amy, did I understand you correct when you said “one dose of the Fat Fighter without ANY other changes WILL cause instant weight loss.” Are you saying people don’t need to do anything other than take the Fat Fighter?

          • says

            OMG…let me reword that! And just one dose of FF will NOT cause instant weight loss…is it a product that supports a weight loss plan in order allow for faster progression.

            BTW, why am I JUST receiving notifications of your response. So weird!!!! Thanks!

          • Joe says

            Amy I dont know why you are just getting replies. you should get them automatically. More to the point though is that without evidence, we cant know that the fat fighter leads to faster progression. All we have to go on is testimonials from people we don’t know. Lets compare it to dieting alone and see what happens.

          • Jackie says

            I have been taking the fat fighters for over a year now. I don’t exercise regularly nor have I tried any diets. My start weight a year ago was 167. I am now at 132 so I would say they work. I haven’t experienced any side effects at all! I have heard they don’t work with everyone but fortunately they worked with me! My friends who have taken them are happy with the product as well!

    • says

      Make sure you are taking them as intended. Within an hour after a heavy meal and with at least 8 ounces of water. You need plenty of water to help move everything through te body, whether it be food, supplements or anything else.

      • Jennifer says

        Or anything else??? That’s concerning. What else would be in your body, that you need to move through?

        As I Dietitian, I can’t support a product like this. The research just isn’t there. So many of my patients come in spending hundreds of dollars on products that simply don’t work.

        When will we except that there isn’t a magical pill out there. Healthy diet and exercise is the only thing that will help with weight loss.

        And don’t give me the bologna of, healthy diet and exercise is needed to help these supplements, you can’t depend on the supplement alone. Bc how could you prove that it wasn’t diet and exercise that caused the weight loss versus the supplement that caused the weight loss. The information all the distributors are providing is false. I wish this company would just go away, along with Dr. Oz. It would make my job as a dietitian a lot easier.

  5. Katelin Gill says

    If you are experiencing an issue, such as bloating & constipation, you may need to drink more water. Are you taking more than the recommended dose? I personally have not experienced these side effects, but often find there is a simple fix. Ex: drink the appropriate amount of water for your body weight (ex 200lbs- 100oz of water per day).

    On the subject of the wraps, I apologize that you were mislead in your research. Water loss wraps/compression wraps are NOT what we offer.

    When doing any wrap of that kind you are simply dehydrating your cells, causing them to then retain water later (in fear of how long before it’s next drink of water).

    Our wraps stimulate lipolysis (for those that want to research) it is essential to drink water after the use of our product (unlike compression/saran/ace wraps). NO, results ARE NOT permanent!!!!

    This is the best way to explain it – if you go tanning one time, will you be tan for the rest of your life? If you get liposuction are you going to celebrate with a cheeseburger? If you spent 3 years in the gym then sat on your behind for 6 months only eating pizza hut would you not gain weight? NOTHING is permanent, not lipo, exercise, diet, if you discontinue any healthy regimen you will regress.

    Fat cells are sponges, even after you wring it out, throw it in a sink of vegetable oil and it’ll absorb more. It Works global is a health & wellness company that encourages a healthy & fit lifestyle.

    Bless ♡

    • Joe says

      Katelin, can you provide the studies showing that It Works wraps cause lipolysis of fat cells? I’d be very interested in learning about that.

  6. Julie says

    I am a Double Diamond distributor with It Works. For two years, I have never questioned HOW the wraps work nor do I care. I just know that they do. Week after week I see with my own eyes that they absolutely DO work, giving amazing results to most in 45 minutes and continued results over the next 72 hours.

    I’d be happy to show you before and after pictures of my personal customers and team members if you’d like.
    The results typically last 2-6 months depending on lifestyle and eating habits. They are super affordable, non-invasive and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

    They are NOT water loss wraps nor are they weight loss wraps… and definitely not compression wraps.

    They simply tighten, tone and firm any area of the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. We also have a facial applicator.

    The wraps come in a box of 4 and one box is considered a full treatment.
    Like going to the gym, the more you wrap, the better the results. You wouldn’t go to the gym once and quit. You go until you get the results you’re looking for. It’s the same for wrapping. Blessings to all.

    • Joe says

      Julie, I have no doubt that you are very successful after reading your complete sales pitch.

      You say you don’t care how the wraps work well i do. Please supply research showing how they work. I was told there is research. I’d like to see it. This is my challenge.

      • says

        Hey Joe! We have a product coach for more specific questions. I’d say the majority of people don’t actually care HOW they work as much is IF they work. So I think you’d be hard pressed to find many distributors who are going to waste their time studying it.

        Our products are developed by scientists and physicians and we leave the brain work to them. I know I personally don’t get drilled on how they work. In fact I don’t think I’ve EVER heard a customer drill a hairstylist about how hair color works, a tanning salon about how the bulbs work, a dentist a bout how teeth whitening works, or a personal trainer on how exercise works. They do it because it works. And that is really all that matters to most.

        If you are so insistent on knowing check out the ingredient list on my site and feel free to spend your time researching it!

        • Joe says

          Sarah, I’ve been to your distributor site and there it contains the same info as when I went to the main It Works website. To compare It works to those other things is flawed logic because all those other things – teeth whitening, exercise, hair coloring etc – ALL have documented clinical studies to show they work. I’m sorry but there is no published clinical research on their products to show it, actually works (that’s a pun on words. I couldn’t resist).

          • sarah says

            So you’re telling me that you’ve researched every brand of hair color, teeth whitener and tanning bulbs to know the exact make up and that it matches the documented research exactly?

            Because if not you would also have to conclude they do not work based on the lack of research for their exact make up regardless of what is actually in it.

            For example if research shows that a hair color with x amount of ingredient b, but another brand uses y amount of ingredient b that must mean it won’t work… even if if the person using the product experiences a change in hair color. And you conclude this just because the amount of an ingredient is different and that exact amount has no research backing it…. hmmm. But their hair color changed? You’re right. It must not work.

            Same scenario, different product, not a credible review.

          • Joe says

            Sarah, I’m sorry but your argument is flawed and you are dodging the main issue which a lack of research on the product itself.

          • says

            My argument is flawed how so? I never denied that you feel there is lack of research although you’ve provided research on the ingredients in the product itself. Your argument is actually geared more toward the AMOUNT of the ingredients. You admit that the ingredients could lead to weight loss but discredit the supplement because it has a smaller dosage than what you have found to be studied in your research. This is your argument. Not mine. So I’m not at all dodging the main point.

            When compared to other products that work similarly to each other yet have different amounts of ingredients, if we use your logic, nothing would actually “work” unless it has the exact amount that has been studied, published and peer reviewed. So if I use Loreal hair color and it has 5g of sulfate, yet the only amount ever studied as an active ingredient to cause a change in hair color is 7g of sulfate- you would have to conclude that the hair color does not work because there is no published, peer reviewed research showing that 5g of sulfate would actually cause a change in hair color… regardless of whether you can physically see the change. This is just an example.

            I have no idea what is in hair color.. Just disproving your logic as I have physically seen the product cause weight loss although there is no published, peer reviewed research showing that the lesser amounts of the ingredients could actually work. Which again is your only argument and the basis of why you have concluded that the Fat Fighters do not work.

          • Joe says

            Sarah, I can only go with where the research takes me and the research so far clearly shows that if the product works, it is because of the ingredients I highlight in the amounts that research shows. Those are the only ones I could find evidence for. Lack of evidence is not evidence of a lack of effect but what choice do I have given that the product has no research on itself? I feel your passion for your product and I feel you deserve proof. This is not hard to do.

            You yourself have been saying to drink more water and not eat junk while taking the product. I agree 100% with that. But, how do we know that its not the water and lack of junk in the diet that is leading to weight loss?

  7. Dani says

    I must pint out one major flaw in your review. You state that the amount of active ingredients in 2 tablets is far too low to be effective when compared to the amounts used in studies. You did however base this on 2 tablets daily, correct? If so, that is a misjudgement on your part swing as though the dosage instructions state to take two tablets during or up to 60 minutes after EACH large meal.

    Most people likely consume 2-3 large meals a day, meaning they should be taking 6-8 tablets a day. In which case, some of the active ingredients will be taken at an even higher level than stated in successful studies. Something to think about!!

    All that being said, I happened upon this review while googling the side effects of the “Fat Fighter”. Reason being, I just began taking them and I have severe stomach bloating and slight nausea and I was trying to determine if it was perhaps cause of the Fat Fighter. From what I’ve read in several forums, it likely is. Oh great, I could lose weight but have a giant bloated belly, not ideal!!

    • Joe says

      Dani, yes you are correct, I based my statement on taking 2 capsules. Since the bottle I saw had 60 capsules, then a bottle will last 30 days. If people took 6 capsules per day (2 with each meal) then a bottle would only last 10 days. That means people would be going through 4 bottles of the Fat Fighter per month. I think that’s a lot of money to pay for something that has no research that it actually works. While its possible that taking 6 capsules might raise levels of some ingredients to that shown to work in research, in other ingredients it wouldn’t. For example, in the NeOpunita study I mentioned, people used 4.8 grams. If people took 6 capsules of Fat Fighter, they would still be getting less (1.5 grams).

      I do appreciate you pointing this out to me though as it was a very good observation of my review. Sorry that you were having those side effects. How many capsules were you taking per day?

      • Misty says

        Yes, this is just another marketing ploy. My girlfriend went ga-ga over It Works and became a distributor. I bought the Fat Fighter and something else – it doesn’t matter because they don’t work…. The 30-day supply you purchase will only last 30 days if you use Fat Fighters with one meal a day. So when they tell you that you have to take with more than one meal a day for it actually work, that just means more money in their pocket because you have to buy multiple bottles to get you through your auto-ship time period.

        The only way you can really know if something works is if you introduce that something into an environment and make no other changes. If the result you want to happen happens, then the introduction of the new thing is the differentiator.

        The fact that they suggest better eating and more exercise (the real reason you lose weight – burning more calories than you consume) nullifies the ability to make the claim that the thing you introduced works. The conditions have to remain the same – eating the way you were and (not) exercising.

        My friend is over the moon over the product and I’ll continue to buy the pre-natal vitamins that they package as Hair Skin and Nails to support her, and the weight loss stuff is no more effective that more exercise would be.

        The support that they seem to provide each other is another big draw. The supplements are likely secondary to the shared woe of losing weight together. And taking money from people.

        • Joe says

          Misty, Thanks for sharing your insights and that is a good point about the support offered through various MLM products. I believe the social aspect one of the big parts of things like weight watchers also.

    • says

      They block carbs and absorb fats- so you just need to take them with a heavy meal that has higher amounts of carbs and fats in it. It is very important to take then timely as they work in the stomach with the food that is being digested and then also drink water to help flush them out of your stomach and through the digestive tract.

      If you aren’t drinking enough water you will likely feel bloated. Also, our supplements aid in weight loss but should be incorporated with healthier lifestyles. So if you eat salad and some fruit there is no need to take them and I’d say if you’re taking them with every meal that’s too much.

      I would highly recommend upping your water intake significantly and only taking 2 tablets daily with your most unhealthy meal and making sure the other meals are healthy! I know the bottle doesn’t specify that.. but that is the nurse in me and what I tell my customers =) You will see much better results. I’ve seen it too many times to believe this silly review.

      • Joe says

        Sarah, as a nurse, you must appreciate the fact that I linked to clinical research in my review. Would you really call a review based on science and rational thought, silly? I hope not.

        You said to take the Fat Fighter with the most unhealthy meal of the day. But doesn’t using the product in this way foster unhealthy eating habits? It’s like the person who takes cholesterol meds thinking its ok to eat bad food because the medicine will protect him/her. Im sorry but no it won’t, and neither will taking the fat fighter protect people from eating unhealthy. I do agree that if people are heating healthy that they do not need the fat fighter.

        Sarah, what’s your nursing background? Are you an RN or LPN? Just curious.

        • sarah says

          You did research on the ingredients but I would hardly call it sufficient enough to say the Fat Fighters don’t work. I’ve seen it. You can’t argue that.

          And yes. I stick to my recommendation. Even us as health professionals know that it is unrealistic to assume that people are not going to have cheat meals.

          My best friend is a bikini competitors and is surrounded by a ton of fitness gurus that have cheat meals. There is nothing wrong with that.

          And if someone who is over weight can start somewhere and the fat fighters are helping them make better choices I’d say it’s totally worth it.

          I personally enjoy healthy and unhealthy foods and knowing that I can have something with higher fat and carb content for dinner because I can take fat fighters helps me stay on track the rest if the day.

          I’m an RN with a bachelors degree and working on my Masters and becoming a CNP. My background is cardiac, neuro and currently ICU and I have chatted about the products with several physicians who think they’re great.

          • Joe says

            Sarah, I researched the ingredients because that’s the only way to understand the product because it has no research of its own. I feel you as a distributor deserve that research.

            I’ve heard distributors for other products tell me about doctors saying the same thing as you are but they don’t have any better proof than I’ve shown here.

          • Mimi says

            I don’t think many doctors agree with the pills that is supposedly a fat fighter… I have many doctor friends and they’re just like “pill what?” If ITWORKs work. EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD WOULD BE USING IT.

  8. Carrie Stewart says

    I am also an ItWorks distributor. Personally, I had great results using the FatFighter supplement because I am carb sensitive. The previous discussion that centers on how many tablets are taken each day is a bit ridiculous.

    If you’re trying to eat healthy, you’re not going to be eating 3 large, fatty meals each day. That is in no way “trying” to eat healthy!

    For me, the Fat Fighter cut down my craving for carb-rich foods. It made me think about which meal, if any, I’d be taking the supplement with. Being more conscious of what I was eating. It gave me willpower in the beginning when I had very little or none, and When I began to feel and see the results, (which didn’t take long) losing 15 lbs in 3 weeks, I was confident that it did work.

    ItWorks is a health and wellness company; not just a weight loss company. The supplement is intended to be used if you’re trying to eat healthier. It’s part of a product line that encourages health and wellness using whole-food, organic, non-GMO ingredients.

    It’s about making a lifestyle change, not just losing weight quickly. If that’s all the person is looking for, there are hundreds of other products available that can make them lose weight quickly, though they’re probably not safe.

    The bottom line is that unless someone wants to get healthy and stay healthy, supplements are only part of the puzzle, and should be treated as such.

    Joe, (and whoever else is reading this) when you’re ready to make better choices with your food and want something that will “erase” the mistakes that you make along the way, ItWorks will be here for you. Until then, it doesn’t matter what you take, in what amount; it’s not going to do for you what you need it to for as long as you want it to. It will just be a band aid, if it works at all.

    • Joe says

      Carrie, thanks I appreciate that. I know its off topic but while I have your ear, I wonder if you could elaborate on the comment by “double diamond distributor” Julie, who she said that The It Works wraps “are NOT water loss wraps nor are they weight loss wraps… and definitely not compression wraps.”

      If they aren’t any of those things, then what are they and how do they work?

      Kaitlin (another distributor) also previously said that the It Works wraps “stimulate lipolysis” and hinted that there is research on this but never told me where I could find any.

      Can you help shed light on how It Wraps work and the research showing they cause lipolysis?

  9. Laura says

    Joe, thanks for the review. I have a neighbor who sells It Works and I honestly knew it was nothing more than a pyramid scheme. She is always pushing the company and these products on us, wondering how on earth we can all survive without It Works in our lives. And that rings pyramid scheme to me.

    She has actually alienated friends and neighbors by her pushy, insistent ways and honestly, that is not like her before It Works. But I honestly wondered about this product and it’s claims. Almost better to hold to the old saying of “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

    • says

      We are a multi level marketing company- which is completely different than a pyramid scheme. We buy health and wellness products and sell them. No different than any other sales job. It’s not a scheme. It’s common sense. If you buy products to sell and never sell them you lose your money. The person at the top doesn’t make all of the money either. I make more than the person who enrolled me so you should study the compensation plan before assuming the pay structure.

      Lastly… where do you work? Is your chain of command not a pyramid structure where each person above the other makes more money? I would be very impressed if you could find a corporate America job that doesn’t follow the same path. Who is your boss? Who makes more? You or them? Who is his boss? And who makes more, etc. You get the point.

      And yes- we make money off of our downline. We also take time away from our own business to help them launch theirs and get them going. And guess what?? They make money too! Actually they make a higher commission off of their work than I do so who really cares if I build my team and we market and grow and my commissions do also.

      You sound like more of a hater to me. You’ve never tried the products and have no idea what they are about yet you won’t even talk to your neighbor?? I’m not sure what kind of friendships you have but I’d say if my friends weren’t into my products who cares???? My best friend is an Advocare rep and is very successful and I wish her all the best with her business as she does mine!

      And I have friends who are simply not interested and that’s okay too. We are still friends. We’re not in kindergarten. There’s not any product on the face of the Earth that everyone is going to want. The difference is whether you hate on each other over it! That’s pathetic.

      • Joe says

        Sarah, I dont think I ever called It Works a pyramid scheme. I think you are referring to someone else. Question, do you have to buy It Works products before you sell them? Just curious. I know some MLMs do this while others dont.

        • sarah says

          That was in response to Laura’s comment above. And yes you do. Just as if you were to buy any other business and make a career out of it. Nobody is going to hand one over to you for free. But there is an option to do pre-sales.

          So someone could pre-sell wraps and select a kit based on their orders and then have the wraps for their appointments. It’s basically buying at wholesale and selling for retail. Then customers have the potion to get wholesale pricing and if they enroll as all loyal customer the distributor still earns commission even from the wholesale customer.

          • Joe says

            Sarah, I’m usually not a fan of MLMs where you have to buy the product up front. What if you can’t sell it? You’re stuck with it then.

          • says

            Yeah. That would be the case with anything you buy and sell… A car, a house, old furniture. You can buy and fix things up and sell for a mark up. You can buy seeds and grow vegetables and try to sell them, make lemonade and sell it, cookies, you name it. There is a website called Etsy where people buy material to make a product and try to sell it. If they do not sell it they are out the money that they invested in the material.

            If Wal-Mart buys a ton of product and cannot sell it they lose money. This is basic business, no matter how big or small. Do you pay for this website? I saw at the bottom of this page a way for us to order from Amazon via your link. If you do not get enough business through that link or however else you raise money to pay for this site do you not have to pay for it yourself? It’s a choice we make in order to become owners of something we choose to pursue in life.

            When people enroll to be a distributor I’m not sure what else they think they will be doing other than selling a product. There is a always a chance you will lose money when you take the leap into entrepreneurship and invest in owning your own business. It’s really not rocket science. People can start for $99 and the kit comes with 4 wraps. If they have a hard time getting rid of 4 wraps they can use them on themselves. The retail price of 4 wrap is $99 so it’s not like they are out anything really. They have equal value regardless.

            And like I said, they can pre-sell them and then they will know before they ever spend a dime whether they will get their money back. Beyond that they get everything at wholesale or less and it’s up to them what they buy. There are distributors who only do pre-sales and therefore never have to invest a dime out of their own pocket and still make a great profit. It’s really up to the distributor.

          • Joe says

            Sarah, I’m glad you mentioned that distributors have a pre-sell option. I think that is better rather than run the possible risk of having stock piles of products in the house that people may/may not be able to sell. I’m sure companies like walmart who have policies for things they cant sell. That stuff is after all marked up. Id bet dollar stores get unsold inventory as well.

            As for my site, I’m giving all of this information away for free because I love helping people and giving them a place where they can read unbiased reviews. I think this only helps them make a better choice. Yes, it does take money to maintain this site so if people want to help me by remembering to use my Amazon Link if they are going to buy something on Amazon, I will be eternally grateful. But it doesn’t cost them anything to do that.

          • Sandra says

            Thank you Joe for the write up!

            Sorry Sarah, but multi level marketing company is a pyramid scheme!! If person who signed you up is not as active as you in selling so doesn’t make as much money as you does not mean that it is not a pyramid scheme!!! It IS!!

            The comments here are hard to read.. people who sell the product just waste our time! We know you like it. But we want to hear from people who have taken it but do not make money off of it!! I also do not care about the wrap… I want to know about the pills.

  10. Niki says

    I have been taking fat blocker for the last month and just the fat blocker I have lost 16 lbs. Not noticed any side effect I do have more energy eat less bad food like I don’t have the craving for sweet stuff

    • Joe says

      Niki, I had to remove your It Works website link but I’m glad its working for you. Question, if the the wraps worked so well, why would the fat blocker supplement be needed?

      • says

        Joe- as stated before by someone else. The wraps firm tone and tighten skin. They do not cause weight loss. If you are heavier and lose weight then you will likely have lose skin- not so desirable. If you wrap while incorporating a healthy lifestyle the wraps will keep the skin tight, help tone the area and firm things up. Nobody like the jiggle of lose skin and that’s something the fat fighters don’t combat.

          • sarah says

            It varies from person to person. Similar to tanning. Everyone’s body chemistry is different. The average is 2-6 months. I’ve heard people say that they’ve maintained results even 2 years later with continued healthy habits.

            The reality is that the majority of people fall off the healthy band wagon so I’d say that plays a factor in the averages. I do have a girl who wrapped when I first started with the business and she still has her results! But like I said, the average feedback I get is 2-6 months.

          • Joe says

            So 1wrap can last for 2-6 months… And you are saying it’s not water loss yes?
            When you say people have different body chemistries, can you give me some variations in body chemistry that would hinder the results?

          • says

            It is not water loss. They do not make you go to the bathroom more and they do not make you sweat. AS far as body chemistry- everyone experiences many products differently. Perfume smells different on different people, people tan differently, some are more susceptible to weight gain or loss than others. One simple example is the health of a person’s skin. The wrap is topical. If you have clogged pores and dry skin and my skin is healthy, well exfoliated and absorbs better I am probably going to have better results faster.

          • Joe says

            Sarah, when people lose weight on a low carb diet, research shows most of that initial weight loss is water and glycogen loss. Sure there is some fat but its not as much as water loss. If the product works its because it reduces calories via blocking carb absorption. in the absence of enough calories, the body will tap into its reserve glycogen reserves (the storage form of carbs in the body). For every 1 gram of glycogen there is 2-3 grams of water. Putting it another way, if someone lost 1 pound of glycogen, they would also lose 2-3 pounds of water. This is why low carb diets work faster in the beginning than low fat diets do. It is the most likely mechanism by which the product works if it in fact does work.

        • Stacy says

          It’s a scam. Sign as many customers as you can. Recruit as many distributors as you can. All to make bonuses that are outrageous. (Red flag) watch Rise a documentary on MLM’s. It teaches what honest MLM’s do and describes the “red flags” to look for.

          The wraps only last about a month. It is detox. The distributors are not allowed to say that per policies & procedures of the company. It’s water loss. I’ve used them. The reaction in the lotion of the wrap causes inflammation in the skin making it “appear” as though cellulite has diminished. They have the WORST customer service. All they care about is money, signing distributors, and getting customers to fall for the fake hype over a product that doesn’t last.

          Many before & afters are Photoshopped. I believe that with healthy diet and proper exercise routine anybody can achieve results that are a LIFESTYLE not a quick fix.

          The supplements do not work for everyone as we are all individuals. I wish I’d done more research before wasting money on a company that only cares about being a billion dollar sales company.

          I will keep spreading the word about how rude customer service is. They have the ability to launch 2 new products, yet refuse to hire more customer support? What company says, “due to a high call volume your call cannot be placed right now, please try again later” then HANGS UP?! Nice.

          Bottom line, no proof in change because It Works refuses to pay for anything other than a private jet for the CEO, new Jeep fully detailed out with the new ENERGY drink logo, a new headquarters based in Florida that has a private putting course, indoor slide, and is located on waterfront property along with insane bonuses that you don’t even receive full amount of! Joke! Scam! They have brainwashed everybody to believe it’s OK to spam people on social media, because if they block you they were never your true friends to begin with and the “It Works” family will always be there for you.

          There you have it. The ugly truth. If it seems too good to be true it probably is. That ring any bells?

          I don’t care if you’re a nurse, or a doctor. It’s a scam. Detox & water loss. All it is. Which you can get by doing an Epsom salts bath as somebody previously mentioned.

          • Joe says

            Stacy, about that documentary you mentioned called “Rise.” Where is it at? I goggled it but could not find it. Is it on netflix etc.?

          • Stacy says

            It’s called Rise Of The Entrepenuer. Sorry it took so long to respond. TwinMama life just had b-days and company.
            It’s not a long documentary. It goes over basics. Every MLM is essentially a “pyramid”.

  11. Mary says

    This is just my IMO. I am am Aesthetician and a distributor for it works. I also was lucky enough to have a grandmother who was a weightloss nurse.

    From an aesthetics POV, these wraps are nothing like the ones I have been taught and performed. Yes, we were told that with a traditional full body wrap, you are basically sweating out water. And yes, as soon as you start drinking water again….bloat comes back. I have noticed that the drinking water while “skinny wrapping” goes against everything I was taught. But then I remembered that after having a massage, you are encouraged to drink water to help flush the toxins out. Now I have no Idea if that is the same concept here, but if is worth thinking about.

    Regarding the fat fighters. I do use them. I take no more than 4 a day and sometimes less. I have personally noticed that I am temporarily bloated afterwards, however…..that general subsides after a few hours. In general, if you don’t want to feel bloated at all. … let lettuce and celery be your only friend.

    Also on personal note, because I am a mom and I am not easily grossed out, I am a poop looker. Your poop will stink when taking these and it will look like you ate creamed corn. My grandma would tell me that your poop held an awful lot of truth to your diet. Go ahead and eat spinach salads everyday for three days and see for yourself.

    Regarding bloating. My daughter was having acne in the triangle region of her checks underneath her eyes. That is known as the food allergy zone in the aesthetics world. And sure enough, she tested positive for a moderate to severe allergy to wheat. Cutting wheat from her diet has allowed her to lose weight. In this case she would not be a candidate for the fat fighter supplements. If you are having severe stomach issues after any food or supplement…PLEASE go have a food allergy test.

    In regards to my own results, I have upped my water intake considerably. A Doctor, not associated with It Works!, taught me that your minimum daily water intake should be half of your body weight in ounces per day.

    If you exercise or use more than normal physical exertion then you need to add more water. Also any water that has been flavored with even lemon cuts down it’s benefits for your skin as if has to first filter thru the body systems because of the lemon in it. Most people have dehydrated skin even if they “slather” moisturizer all day. We are a chronically dehydrated society.

    Anyways, I’ve rambled on enough for now. Just know, that I conclusion, my theory on medications and supplements in general is “if you are attaining your goals thru healthy methods, whether it’s you or the products making it happen is something that can only be speculated. Don’t write off what works for you.” It Works! Works for me. And at the end if the day we all dance to the beat of our own drums.

    • Joe says

      Mary, thanks for writing. Ive heard massage therapists also say to drink water after a massage to “flush out toxins.” Ill have to ask a massage therapist what toxins they are referring to. If that is the mechanism behind It Works wraps then, we should also be able to test this, if we know what the toxins were.

      I’ve never heard that water with lemon decreases the hydrating ability of water. If anyone can find me a reference for this, I’d be really interested in reading it.

      • Mary says

        From what I was told, anything added to water decreases the hydrating effects for skin due to the fact that it has to go thru the liver first. I will ask around and look for studies.

  12. Sara says

    Hi I just use it but my body not fat only coming more 3 kg and I want to take it to save my body and losing the 3 kg,, it’s okay ? And no any problem

  13. Maggie says

    I actually have been taking it works! products for 3 months and cancelled my auto shipment because they don’t work AT ALL haha. Not one single product.

    I thought the wraps worked but the inches were back within a days time. I used the defining gel twice a day and massaged like crazy and it did nothing. I took the greens… I took the fat fighter religiously about twice a day with large meals.

    Just so a “distributor” doesn’t try to blame it on water- I only drink water and I drink it all day long.

    These products are a joke and the distributors are liers. I ate right and exercised regularly. I wish they would have worked because I spent a lot of money on these products.

    • Joe says

      Maggie I am sorry none of them worked for you but I do appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences. Don’t lose hope. I have faith in your tenacity to achieve your goals.

    • Libertarian says

      Maggie, keep eating right and exercising! There is no such thing as a free lunch ( or free inches lost via a magical wrap).

  14. Jen says

    This product caused a pretty bad allergic reaction for me! Petechie and rashes all over my entire arms! Just with my first two pills! Yikes! Be careful!

    • Mary says

      I would suggest taking the bottle and ingredient list to an allergist. An allergic reaction is a sign that further looking into what caused the rash is needed.

      My girlfriend had an allergic reaction to keflex, which is a commonly prescribed antibiotic. Rashes and reactions happen. Better to find the source than to blame the delivery vehicle. Good luck.

      • Joe says

        Mary, its a good idea to show the ingredients to an allergist – or pharmacist – but if the ingredient is in the delivery vehicle (It Works Fat Fighter), isn’t the delivery vehicle guilty also of causing the rash?

        • Mary says

          No. The delivery vehicle is not to blame I this case IMO. I personally take them and so does just about everyone I know. So from a personal standpoint, I would have to say that there is something in the pill that would cause the rash. And a rash is not an uncommon side effect from an allergic reaction. I was just at the dr last week with my 12 year old that broke out in a rash, unexplainably. I was referred to an allergist. The ER diagnoses was non-specific dermatitis. I would say that if 100, 200, or 500 people (what ever the proper % ratio of users vs rash developers is) reported the same side effects that were definitely related to taking the same supplement, then and only then can it be due to the “delivery vehicle”.

          • Joe says

            Mary, yes many things can cause a rash but if I understood her comment, she got the rash after taking the Fat Fighter. If it was the only think she took, then something in it caused the rash. that doesn’t mean everybody would get the rash obviously. only some would. So, if thats the case then that might mean the delivery vehicle (the fat fighter) delivered some ingredient that caused the rash.

          • Mary says

            Which would be an ingredient specific allergy, not a flaw in the FatFighter supplement. And she had to have eaten something prior to taking the FatFighter or she was not following the directions properly.

            So an allergist would need to analyze what she had eaten and what is in the pills to determine what the real cause was.

            It is presumptuous to assume something caused and allergy without seeing the proper doctor.

          • Joe says

            Mary, if nothing else changed except for taking the FatFighter then that is the most likely culprit. If other things were different than what you say may be true. We will have to see if she writes back to resolve this.

  15. says

    Sort of ironic that your theory of why the fat fighters won’t work is because there is no research that shows the do, but only research on the ingredients in them yet your response is the exact opposite when referring to an allergic reaction.

    If we go on your original basis isn’t the allergic reaction related to an ingredient in the fat fighters, but not the fat fighter itself??

    I think you like to give negative reviews and justify them by any means necessary =/ Even when they don’t make sense.

    • Joe says

      Sarah, since the ingredient is in the fat fighter it is reasonable to assume there may at least be a theoretical possibility the same may be true for the product also. As a nurse you know that allergic reactions can be significant so I thought it was best to say this rather than not. That doesn’t make my review negative. My intention was not to write a negative review but an unbiased review .

  16. Anna says

    Since I started taking the fat fighters I only poop once ever other day or every few days is this normal? I have only been taking them for about a week

  17. JJ says

    Joe, thanks for filling a need with your thoughtful research and analysis. I generally agree with your cautious approach to evaluating these products. Without a few RCTs into the long-term safety and efficacy of these products as formulated (not just the components), I couldn’t feel comfortable recommending them.

  18. Josie says

    I tried the Fat Fighter for about 2 wks. It constipated me and I had to quit taking it. I can’t stand the feeling of being plugged. I did not loose weight but it did curb my appetite. :/
    I tried the wrap once and my stomach appeared tighter for about a month.

  19. Rachel says

    I don’t understand how these could work if you have to take them within an hour after a meal. My blood sugar spikes highest around 45 minutes after a meal, so I would want any “carbohydrate-blocking” action to happen before my sugar gets high.

    • says

      I take them within 15 min after a meal and do agree with you! This is just a max time that you can take them without them being useless! :)

  20. Jenn says

    Big thanks for your review. I’ve been taking the FF supplements for the last 2 months. (first month I wasn’t so strict, 2nd month w every meal) I have seen results. But when I purchased the product, I was overweight and looking for something to give me some sort of jump start. So far I’ve lost about 20lbs. I definitely started eating better when I started to see weight loss. I think the supplements did help, and now I’m at the point to just maintain a healthy diet and exercise wo the pills.

    Thanks to ur review for breaking down each ingredient. I think the FF did exactly what I wanted which was the lil jump start I needed. But I don’t think the product is a miracle in a bottle. It does make u constipated. B4 the product I was very regular, since taking FF not so much . I only go once every couple of days. And I drink tons of water. And based on the comments by all the distributors above, I definitely don’t want to support that kind of company.

    Any brand with legitimate claims that doesn’t have any clinical research would be thanking you for ur info. But it seems these “reps” have been brain washed because they don’t make any sense. It seems like they got all the info from a pamphlet or power point and “So that must make it true” they now argue with anyone who says anything different.

    They should stop and ask “their company” the questions they don’t have answers to instead of the go to answers listed on their FAQ page…

  21. Craig says


    Your site is SO entertaining. Coming on here and watching distributors, representing the products you review, try to justify the product with carbon copy statements written by the company…hilarious! Then, of course, they try to sneak in the “Have you tried that might help.” Finally disappearing after you’ve backed them up into corner with a question their “fact sheet” can’t answer.

    Outstanding, brother! Keep up the good work!

    • Libertarian says

      Ditto! I’m in Orlando right now and seeing so many “It Works” shirts, lights, banners, etc ( guess it’s a team aka kool-aid meeting) got me wondering what this is. Watching their team scarf down pizza and ice cream at all hours of the night is great entertainment!

  22. Kristina says

    Great review, thanks. I think I’ll stick with eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and exercising.

    I have used the ItWorks wrap before but the entire time I was wearing it, I felt dizzy and nauseous. I was drinking lots of water so that wasn’t the issue.

    I’m sure they work great for some people but they certainly don’t work for everyone.

    • Joe says

      Kristina, you are very welcome. I’m happy I was able to help you. Not sure what caused you to be dizzy and nauseous while using It Works wraps since you were drinking lots of water. it is possible to drink too much water (its called hyponatremia) and those are symptoms of it. You’d have to drink a lot to get this condition so I’m probably wrong. When it comes to water intake, aim for 0.67% of your body weight per day. Most people round down to 50% of body weight to make the math easier. Remember, we get fluids from sources other than water too.

        • Joe says

          Dawn, I honestly don’t know. I wonder if those might be symptoms of dehydration? Does anyone have evidence of undisclosed ingredients in the wraps? I’m not aware of any.

  23. Dee says

    Yeah, i’ve gotta agree with the above commenter – i think this company getting on to your comments is actually the most entertaining thing i’ve read in a while.

    • Amber says

      So happy I stumbled across this! Great entertainment! Joe, your review was done very well. Scientific evidence prevails and any intelligent person would agree. Cough up some money, It Works, prove at least one point and maybe, just maybe the naysayers will believe.

      The only “advertisements” I’ve seen are those which state “double, triple, quadruple…etc…diamond status” “join our team” “make some money”, all while robbing the believer who is purchasing the products. Give me a break. Drink tons of water without the wraps, trust me, it will help any weight loss desired. Duh.

  24. Carmen says

    So I’ve been dying to try the wraps for about 5 years, due to pregnancy and nursing I did not try them until this past July. As I started on a previous post about Shakeology, I’m a mother of 5. My first were twins at the age of 20, my last, a 10lb girl whose belly was larger than the twins, was born in Feb 2013. Let me just say, my belly has had all the stretching and stretch marks a belly can take! While I was skeptical with the wrap thing, I had just lost all the baby weight I had gained since 2010 and the hanging skin was not going away as fast as I wanted to. So, on the eve of a cruise with my husband, I tired one…

    Oh yes, that first before and after pic was good! I thought , “we’ll see how it looks after 72 hours”. After 3 months of use, no it hasn’t equaled to surgery, but the surface area of my skin had amazing results!!! It did tighten the skin, but it also smoothed out the skin in between all the stretch marks, results I had not seen in 18 years, 4 pregnancies, and 40lbs ago!! If I could post photos on here, i would because it’s something you have to see to believe! I’m not a seller, I’ve maintained the results after not wrapping in 4 months!

    I haven’t tried any of their other products to comment on them but the wraps for me have been amazing!

  25. Scoony says

    I’ve tried the wraps and was very disappointed. I was dieting and working out after having my son and decided to try the wraps to see if it would help tone my belly like the advertisement says. I drank the 2 million gallons of water as the package said and used the wraps with plastic wrap. The first couple wraps had zero effects. The last two maybe made a slight difference but it was gone by the third day.

    I basically wore plastic wrap for 6 hours every 3 days for nothing, and they were so expensive.

    • Joe says

      Scoony, thanks for sharing. I’m sorry It Works Wraps didn’t work for you. I appreciate you taking the time to write about your experiences.

  26. says

    I have been a distributor of the It Works Products for almost a year. I find that the products are very hard to sell because there is NO scientific research to back anything up. There are some testimonials that claim the products do wonders… so why not publish a scientific study on all of the proprietary blends?

    The main reason I continue selling is because salon and spa owners continue buying the products… it’s just hard for me to get my friends and family on board because if I am unsure about the product, why would I push them to buy it. Anyway, thanks for this in-depth review Joe.

  27. Roxanne says

    Joe, thank you for your review. I have several friends who are distributors, one who says she is a scientist and had researched all ingredients. She fully supports the company.

    That said, I have contemplated becoming a distributor because
    my girlfriends constantly remind me of how much money they are making.

    Being a graduate student in Medical Physiology, I seek to understand how the product works and have had trouble finding any information. I’ve searched to website to specifically find what mechanisms are impacted by the ingredients. Again, no information. I do not understand how one can support a product without SPECIFIC information on how the product works, other than the vague information provided on the website.

    I truly believe and support you when you say that in order to understand this product and its claims, there simply needs to be a valid, peer reviewed study. Again, thank you for your review!

    • Joe says

      Roxanne, I’m glad my site was able to help you. Ask your friend the scientist what evidence she found to convince her. With your background I think you are able to understand the info that convinced her. If you see anything interesting, I hope you share it here with me as I’d like to see the info too.

      Good luck in grad school! I remember what that was like…

  28. says

    Hi Joe
    I came across your review and I am a consumer myself. With a horrible experience regarding the wraps . I got a horrible rash on the second wrap, but blamed it on food, shared one with a friend and she seemed fine, went to my third wrap and my tummy area was on fire.

    3 days went by and still had the rash, went to my doctor asked if I had included any changes in my diet (food ) no everything was the same. Sent me home with lotion to help with my rash, moved on to 4th and final wrap and last wrap , before I gave them away.

    I myself got an allergic reaction to the wraps, did not see any changes although I try my best to have a healthy life, I guess I was looking for a quick fix to a stubborn belly. I have the monthly delivery membership which I am planning to cancel, but by reading the horror cancellation stories on the BBB website , I think I will be calling the girl who sign me up to cancel for me, she made it sound so easy.

    I recently received the fatfighters and came across this review, because my curiosity said try , but my previous experience and my sane thinking said don’t do it, I went searching for side affects and read this.

    This is my personal review and in no way am I implying that this product does not work, however I did ask prior to trying this product, what research had been done on it and if anybody had experience any side affects I was not (none that I know of) Well I experience them myself and have photos to prove it. My rash lasted for 2.5 weeks.

    I hope people who jump on the band wagon including myself, so some research before trying anything. I posted here, because most of the replies seem to be attacking Joe, and I thank him for expressing his opinion about this product.
    Maybe to have a better understanding of it, he could of tried it himself. But I did and will not be trying it again.

    Thank you Joe

    • Joe says

      Lizzie, oh I’m so sorry that a happed to you. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and hope your rash is better.

  29. NurseMom says

    I was typing It Works Fat Fighter into Google to see what was possibly causing the horrible burning sensation when swallowing the pills and came across your review. I love it. I tried to sell it but lost more than I made. I had these pills left over and decided to try them. No weight loss…possibly because they burned going down!

    I’ve also tried the wraps and whatever the lotion is that is pre-applied on the wrap made me nauseous. Something about the smell upset my stomach.

    I was told to try the pills with milk to stop the burn and drink more water to help with nausea. I stopped taking the pills and stopped selling the product. Now I have several friends selling IASO Tea. Please let me know if you do a review of them

    • Joe says

      NurseMom, thanks for your feedback. So far I have not looked at IASO Tea but did take a quick look at it. Subscribe to my RSS or newsletter or keep checking back. I’ve added it to my list to look at.

  30. Brooke says

    I actually took fat fighters for a month and lost 20 pounds. It completely eliminated all of my sugar cravings so I stopped binging on sugar. I stopped using them when I got horrible side effects. I was super dehydrated even when I would drink extra water and my neck would tense up so bad it would hurt.

    If I would take it consecutively I would get a stomach ache, headache and feel the need to throw up. I think I was getting addicted and stopped using it. I then started getting bloody stools and am going to get checked out. Fat fighters helped me loose weight but made me feel terrible.

    • Joe says

      Brook, oh my goodness! Did you have those symptoms continuously as you took the Fat Fighter or did they show up after a month? Please go your doctor about your bloody stools. Don’t put it off.

      • Kristi says

        I really love the It Works Products! Greens are my favorite, and the Fat Fighters have worked for me. However, I order them for $23 on the direct distributors website and not Amazon. Even with shipping they are about $26.

  31. says

    I am dying at these comments! These distributors are rushing to defend their evidence-less product and contradicting themselves in the process.

    Just have a couple points to make:

    1). Pyramid scheme! And I can’t stand when they say, “Go to work for someone who makes more than you and that person works for someone richer and so on? Sounds like a pyramid scheme.” No, being charged $50 to quit a job sounds like a pyramid scheme.

    2). That one distributor who was going on and on about corporate never saying it was a weight loss product, despite the fact that EVERY distributor I’ve ever seen selling these tout the weight loss or inch loss benefits. Maybe corporate needs to have a talk with the individuals REPRESENTING THEIR COMPANY about what is and is not ok to claim. Oh wait, it’s a pyramid scheme. They don’t care.

    • says

      Luci, I will help you understand what a pyramid scheme so you use the correct verbiage next time you are putting down the company. “A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.” And here is another… “a form of investment (illegal in the US and elsewhere) in which each paying participant recruits two further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones”.

      1. For 15 years It Works has sold product.

      2. It is not illegal to be part of It works.

      3. 15 years, debt free and a billion dollar industry is pretty sustainable.

      4. Amway, Avon, Mary Kay are all long time MLM companies….are they also “pyramid schemes?”

      5. Products It Works distributes are all Health Canada approved

      6. 85% of women who make over $100,000 gain their income from MLM’s

      Please educate yourself on what a pyramid scheme is prior to making accusations and insults.

      • Luci says

        Amy, your comment helps my case so much I considered not replying, but I can’t tell if you’re being passive-aggressive/clever, or if you really do not see the fallacies in your argument. Since you misused the word verbiage, I’m going to assume it’s the latter.

        Thank you for giving me the definition of pyramid scheme. I noticed you gave me the Wikipedia definition given when you Google the term. If you actually click the link, it’s funny what else comes up: “These types of schemes have existed for at least a century, some with variations to hide their true nature. Multilevel marketing plans have also been classified as pyramid schemes.”

        Now for the record, when you were referring to MLMs, I had no idea what that meant, so I looked that up before I looked up for myself the definition of pyramid scheme. Hilarity ensued. From Wikipedia:

        “Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s “downline”, and can provide multiple levels of compensation.[1] Other terms used for MLM include pyramid selling,[2][3][4][5][6] network marketing,[5][7][8] and referral marketing.[9] According to the US FTC, some companies that use multi-level marketing exploit members of their networks and constitute illegal pyramid schemes.[10][11][12]

        Most commonly, the salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing.[1] Some people use direct selling as a synonym for MLM, although MLM is only one type of direct selling.[1][7][13]

        Companies that use MLM models for compensation have been a frequent subject of criticism and lawsuits. Criticism has focused on their similarity to illegal pyramid schemes, price fixing of products, high initial entry costs (for marketing kit and first products), emphasis on recruitment of others over actual sales, encouraging if not requiring members to purchase and use the company’s products, exploitation of personal relationships as both sales and recruiting targets, complex and exaggerated compensation schemes, the company and/or leading distributors making major money off training events and materials, and cult-like techniques which some groups use to enhance their members’ enthusiasm and devotion.”

        Please educate yourself before trying to insult me. Some other holes in your argument:

        If It Works is debt free and a billion dollar company, why can’t they have their products tested like Joe said? He even said grad work would be fine. And user testimonials are all well and good, but what if it’s harmful to the body? And yes, they all feel great and like they have more energy, right? So does a meth addict; it doesn’t make meth healthy. And no, I’m not saying that It Works products contain meth, I’m just pointing out that without research, you have no idea what is going on inside the body.

        I do consider Scamway, Avon and Mary Kay to be pyramid schemes. You can call them MLMs all you want, but the name Multi-Level Marketing itself makes me think of something where the top is narrow and the bottom is wide…if only there was some geometric shape to liken it to…oh wait, a pyramid!

        Your number 6 had me rolling! I Googled that and I think I may have figured out where you got that “statistic.” Plenty of those pyramid sellers love to spout off that statistic and I have yet to find the source. If you could please give me the website where you got that statistic and it’s not someone who works in MLM or direct sales or direct marketing or whatever else you want to call a company in which recruitment is a higher priority than sales, I’d be ever so grateful.

        I doubt either one of us is going to make the other “see the light” and so it may just be best to agree to disagree.

    • helen says

      Hi Luci and all- I totally agree with you. The wraps are a huge scam. I can’t speak to any of the other products but note to the wise, if you are taking “weight loss” pills, they probably have caffeine in them. My blood pressure went from normal to stage 1 and almost stage 2 when I took some “natural” pills for weight loss for only 1 month that I found at Whole Foods.

      It took a whole year for my blood pressure to stabilize back to normal again. As far as the wraps go, I tried them and they did make my stomach tighter and reduced in size – for about 24-48 hours. Then, poof, back to my regular size again. And then some. I think these things had some sort of “backlash” affect on me, actually.

      I have several wraps left over that I don’t want if anyone wants them! I did try to return them, but like BBB complaints, that didn’t work b/c of that whole $50 scheme.

      • Luci says

        Thank you! I think a lot of people do not realize that just because a product gives you energy does not mean it is doing you any favors long term. There are products out there with caffeine, amphetamines, DMAA, the list goes on. I’m glad you were able to get your blood pressure back under control. That would’ve been scary!

  32. Rachel says

    I took these & they did exactly what they are meant to do, but had too serious of an effect on me. They caused severe abdominal cramping, diahhrea, hypoglycemia, shivered w/ cold sweats.. Had to get some candy & water and took a warm shower.

    Took about a hour to get to where I wasn’t shivering but had night sweats and cold sweats for about 48 hours. They did what they were supposed to do and blocked ALL fat absorption. These pills aren’t made for everyone, but for those that they do work on great for them!

  33. Laura says

    Hey there! It seems I’m really late to the party. My boss has been pimping out these products where I work for three years. It is wonderful research you’ve done here. Very helpful to me personally.

    I’m sorry you’ve got a clan of butthurt distributors all over your blog, and the comments from some of them are just shameful. “I don’t care how it works, I just know it does!” Oh my word, ladies, you don’t realize how much worse you’ve made yourselves out to be!!!

    This is a wonderful and very thorough article. I appreciate the links to similar products with proven studies!

    • Joe says

      Hi Laura, Im happy my review was able to help you! No worries about the comments of some of the distributors. I can take it :)

  34. jenn says

    Thank you for this article! I myself have been pressured into trying It Works products from distributor friends. First I will say I drink more than half my body weight in water daily so that can’t be to blame for lack of positive effect these products had on me. The fat fighters made me feel bloated, constipated, and gave me abdominal pain.

    As far as the wraps I have tried 3 boxes with results only lasting 72 hours max after each use. The themofit made me feel nauseous, heart burn, and a burning feeling of my stomach intestines. I had no weight loss during the 8 months I tried these products.

    I will also add that out of all the distributors I know (more than 20) I have not seen a single one of them loose more than 20 pounds nor to keep the weight gone, yet they too are quick to defend the products because of the money they make off them.

    If these products are said to be safe and “work” why can no one within the company give a break down of why the products do not work ?

    I find it discomforting the company allows any person to sell these products and does not educate the distributors on the ingredients, side effects, etc.

  35. Nick says

    Wow Joe, I just want to say that you have the patience of a god. All these people saying things like “I don’t care how it works” and “85% of women who make over $100,000 gain their income from MLM’s” and you are still able to put up a valid argument. I bet you sat there a couple times just shaking your head.

    I love what you do here and you should certainly put a paypal donation link up somewhere for me to use. I know you have that amazon link to use but I rarely order from there.

    Here is a quote from a friend who is a distributor for them. Here she is explaining exactly what a toxin is.
    Depends on personal body chemistry and how they process them. HFCS and MSG for example are in our foods. Some people process these fine. For others they build up in their system and cause bloat. That type of bloat is one the wraps combat. There are plenty of free radicals that run those lines in our foods alone. A lot of what we eat is too unstable to be properly digested. This then leads to levels of fermentation in our digestive tract. Enter more bloating and potentially re-absorbable by-products. I can list some of those by-products if you wish but given Google seems to be your friend I’m sure you can save me the time. Personally, taking our greens supplement every day has worked wonders in that respect for me so I don’t have to wrap. The wraps achieve the same thing faster and target troublesome areas. Because some people need a specific kick as compared to an overall degree of balancing.
    That is just one flavor of toxins caused specifically by ingested free radicals that are shaken loose by the wraps.

    Have you ever head of MSG or HFCS being removed as a toxin?

    Also you asked for the ingredients to the wrap and she sent me a list of them.

    Cream Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Glucose, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Stearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth 12, Aesculus hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut)
    Seed Extract, Urea, Centella asiatica (Hydrocotyl) Leaf Extract, Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Fucus vesiculosus (Bladderwrack) Thalle Extract, Hedera helix (Ivy) Leaf Extract, Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) Leaf/Stem Extract, Ruscus aculeatus (Butchers Broom) Root Extract, Paullinia cupana (Guarana) Seed Extract, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Decyl Oleate, Glyceryl Stearate, Tocopheryl Acetate, TEA-Hydroiodide, Methylsilanol Mannuronate, Menthol, Camphor, Panthenol, Phenoxyethanol, Retinyl Palmitate, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil, BHT, Limonene, Linalool.
    Cloth: Polypropylene / Polyethylene

    Not sure if you still needed them but there they are. What do you propose the large amount of urea is for?

    • Joe says

      Nick, thanks for sharing all of that! I’d ask the distributor for evidence that MSG and/or HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) are reduced in the human body after using IT Works Wraps (or the greens supplement). Since she identified those too as toxins, we should be able to see for ourselves -through a clinical study -if they are in fact removed from the body. Let me know if she can produce evidence like this.

      Thanks for the ingredients in the It Works wraps also. As for urea, my guess is that it may have something to do with hydrating the skin but beyond that I’m not sure.

  36. peggyallen says

    Just want to add that I do not sell It Works but I do take fat fighter. After taking it for a while (not sure how long) I had my blood work done and my bad cholesterol had lowered. I wasn’t doing anything else differently. I have been happy with it.

  37. Cody huckins says

    Joe, I like you. I wish more people valued research and understood the significance of “peer reviewed”

    As a psychology major, what I see is more of a placebo effect, and people simply being attentive to what they consume in response to using this supplement. I personally couldn’t imagine drinking 100 ounces of water daily… especially if I wanted any room left for food.

    To each their own, I suppose

    thank you for putting the time into researching and making findings/conclusions available

  38. Dan McCullough says

    I have a couple of comments on your article. First, you go through the ingredient list and go ‘this is not close to what the studies have used’ for quite a few of the ingredients. Did it not occur to you that while each individual ingredient isn’t what was used in the studies, that the cumulative effect of all of them, not to mention the synergistic effect, would be greater than each of their individual doses?

    I mean if each was a pill on its own, then you could have a point, but together if they were all at the full strength of their studies you would probably have overkill.

    Second, your blind allegiance to science precludes you actually benefiting from anything. What if you are wrong? The problem is, I would bet the majority of studies aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

    Bias from whoever funds the studies is rampant, and well known. Human greed will always trump ideals and integrity. We are on our own here, to try things and see if they work for US.

    To depend on studies from greedy corporate interests, I will do the try for myself thing every time. Even if they did get scientific studies for this, I don’t know that I would trust them. But I do trust my own ability to figure these things out for myself, and you should too.

    Just a different perspective.


    • Joe says

      Dan, sometimes its supplement companies who fund studies rather than “greedy corporations” so should we toss them out too?
      I’m not sure how to take “blind allegiance to science” because science is how we understand the universe. Regardless, I appreciate your different perspective and hope that the product is working for you.

      • Dan McCullough says

        Joe, supplement companies have a vested interest in selling their product, and a good study vs a bad one can mean quite a difference in sales. Only truly independent studies if they exist at all are worth anything. And you are right, science is how we understand the universe. But true science vs human biased science are two different things, and you cannot reach accurate conclusions when your science is being manipulated for profit.

        I may sound paranoid but I think it is more you being maybe a bit naive about man’s potential to twist things for their own gain. For many years now integrity and honor have taken a back seat to ‘do whatever it takes to win’. You just have to go back to cigarette companies studies on the safety of their product, and go from there. Only when people were dying was there an attempt to correct them. Supplements won’t kill anyone so the field is wide open for widespread abuse of studies, for which no one ever seems accountable.

        I have my first bottle of fat fighter but I have an advantage, being diabetic. I can measure my blood sugar and at least determine whether it is snake oil or it is actually doing something, and so far I have needed less insulin when I take them. So I would have to assume that they are doing something, and so far their claims seem plausible. I will continue testing them with my present eating habits and see if I lose weight in the coming weeks as well.

        My own study by me for me, if you will. No greed involved, no tainting of the study. Just curiosity.

        • Joe says

          Dan, I’m happy for your improvement. It sounds like you are type II diabetic and if that’s the case, I can commend you for trying to improve the condition.

  39. Ben says

    There are many comments about studies not proving that a product works and some have stated that they have received results themselves that prove the product works. Of equal importance to proving something works scientifically is research that would discover any negative side effects. Just because an ingredient is “natural” or doesn’t have any adverse effects alone or in a particular concentration does NOT mean that when combined with other ingredients it is still healthy.

    Without large long term studies it can’t be determined a product won’t have lasting negative health effects. I agree that any company marketing a supplement should have if not the legal, then at least a moral obligation to verify scientifically the safety of their product.

    The argument that greed manipulates research is a legitimate one, but does not make research any less important. With the thousands of customers the company has they could easily include questionnaires in the box or on the website and gather tens of thousands of replies lending increased reliability to the study over time. Minimal cost and effort required, but it won’t happen. To risky financially. A result showing little to no result would decimate the company.

    On the other hand a good result would be an economic windfall for the company. But as I stated earlier, I believe it is irresponsible to market a product without sufficiently studying the potential side effects. I am not saying this product doesn’t work. It may.

  40. David Dishmon says

    My wife has been using the wraps she got stuck with after being unable to sell them. It barely did anything and nothing at all for our friend and my mother who we got to try it.

    While she was a distributor, she was pressured to have a monthly order and sign up new distributors and customers. The girl who signed her up would get part of the money and my wife would get some for each new distributor she signed. The more I deal with It Works and read about it the angrier it makes me.

  41. says

    I have been to a few parties and recently became a distributor of itworks. Ive seen a measuring tape go around a few bellies. After 45min to a hour they go remeasure. Every single person lost inches. Most Ive seen was 6 inches. I really don’t understand why clinical studies are so important.

    When I talk to people, I make it perfectly clear that just like every other supplement on the market, it wont work for everyone. Like surgery, results wont last if you don’t change your life style. I tried a wrap 3 days ago. And I still don’t have to bend over as far to see my feet.

    Who ever said they don’t care how it works works is really not a good distributor. I wanna know how it works works but cant seem to find out why it works. If it works for you do it. If it doesn’t work don’t do it.

    Tummy tucks wont last if you don’t change your ways. I also don’t understand why you would say itworks doesn’t work. If formula ff works for someone, gave them no side effects, never changed there life style in anyway and they lost weight id say it works.every single person is different. It will work to a different degree for everyone and for some it wont work.

    If there are no clinical studies, and you wont try it on your own, and wont take any testimonials how can you come to the conclusion that doesn’t work if it has worked for some? What a great read tho. Enjoyed this. I’m a distributor and don’t give false hope to people like other distributors.

    Bottom line: if it works for you do it. If it doesn’t work don’t do it. Personal study will give the best opinion on something if it works or not. Not the 100 people in a clinical study. Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn’t. Try it for yourself. Give your testimony. Maybe that will change your opinion on itworks. Cheers. Have a great day!

    Ps. Being a distributor is a hard job. To each there own. Learn to say no to pressure.

    • Joe says

      Patty, I’m happy you found my review interesting. For me, I look to research because that is my litmus test for supplements. I do this because it helps level the playing field on what people say works or doesn’t. When it comes to testimonials or pictures on the internet, it’s hard to know who is telling the truth. Some I’m sure are. Others maybe not so. For example, on other reviews I’ve written, I’ve caught fakers posting phony testimonials. As for pictures, they are fairly easy to manipulate. By looking at research, this helps me better understand what might be going on.

      I usually don’t try supplements myself because if I said something worked or didn’t – I would be just another anonymous person adding to the chatter.

      Research might also shed light on any side effects that some people might experience. I feel that’s important because we are all different. What might be ok for one person, might not be for someone else. Also, by looking at research I can sometimes drill down to what an active ingredient might be. This can save people money.

      I’m sure being a distributor can be a very hard job and I know for some having a MLM home based business can be a profitable way to provide for their families. My hope is that my reviews help people not only help people decide what supplements might be right for them, but also help distributors better educate their clients.

      I wish you continued success with It Works.

  42. says

    Personally I like the original body wraps.. The ones that you can pick your ingredients based on your needs and mix them all together. The It Works! wraps use a “secret formula” of ingredients infused into their wraps, which works for tons of people, but do you get all the skin benefits from them?

    I find nothing beats the original ingredients applied to the body. I have received so many benefits from using body wraps most of which cam from making my own or purchasing kits online. I will eventually try It Works! wraps to see how they work.

    • Joe says

      ChristieLaw, Are you ItWorks distributor? just curious because in your comment you said “I like the original wraps” and later said “I will eventually try ItWorks wraps.” Are you referring to wraps from different companies? Maybe I misunderstood?

      I had no idea that people could mix and match ingredients in the wraps. Thanks for that information.

      You also said that the wraps had a “secret formula” in them. I’d be interested in knowing more about that…

  43. THaff says

    I have been taking the Fat Fighters and only take them every now and then, especially when I have a big meal. After I either feel constipated and usually cant “go” for a few hours after. Also not sure if its just coincidence or not, but I feel pressure on my chest or back area afterwards for a little while.

    • Joe says

      Thaff, I’m not comfortable with you having those symptoms. If you have them at other times, I recommend you see a doctor. That said, I don’t think the Fat Fighter -or any weight loss supplement – should be taken only when you eat a big meal. It’s like people who order a bunch of fast food along with a diet coke.

      • Dan McCullough says

        Joe, that is what the company says you are supposed to do. You take the fat fighters after a big meal so it takes the carbs and fat and flush it through your system so they don’t end up being stored in your fat cells. Taking it any other time would I would guess have no effect. At least this is how I understood it.


        • Joe says

          Dan, I think what stood out to me was the idea of using it sometimes. I took that to be only sporadically. Maybe I misunderstood?

  44. Tracy says

    I am sorry that you have gotten some of the responses you have from It Works distributors. I am one also (only since November 2014). You have asked a couple of times how the wraps work. I think in the beginning they may have been marketed as helping to lose weight but they no longer are. Now they are marketed as a product to tighten, tone and firm loose skin.

    As to how they do this, my brief research into the ingredients show that they are anti-inflammatory, circulatory increasing, moisturizing, and astringent herbs. The results are meant to last 2-6 months as some claim. Other distributors on my team claim that the results have lasted years with a healthy diet and “maintenance wraps” every couple of months.

    What the others were so terrible at saying – because they let their emotions get the best of them – still has a point at it’s core. Nothing is permanent and there is no magic fix. If you go to the gym for 6 mos and then stop it will come back. If you do a couple of wraps or take a few FF and stop, it will come back. We are part of a healthy lifestyle.

    And yes, the products are there to give the boost, to help alongside the exercise. Let’s face it, some people LOVE the gym, they love eating only healthy food, they get addicted to the gym life. But most people don’t love it and most people will not continue it even if they have the willpower to start it. So, what is the harm in helping their work go a little further or helping to maintain their gym results with a wrap or a Thermofit (the actual weight loss product we sell)?

    We can go on all day about what people SHOULD do to maintain a healthy food/exercise program but we all know most won’t. That is why we say we are part of a healthy lifestyle. Encouragement and help.

    Research. Yes, it is important and I wish there was more of it. I am also studying to get a degree in Alternative Complementary Medicine with a concentration in Herbal Medicine. It is important to me to do things as naturally as possible.

    So I wonder what your opinion is on herbal medicine and natural remedies. I would guess about the same as It Works products. There is very little research into these things because the pharmaceutical industry has the money to control what gets studied and what gets labeled as effective or not and until recent years, natural remedies weren’t big money-makers. However, I believe that has changed and we ARE falling down on our job to perform and show the research. You might as well stop asking for it because it is not there and likely won’t be for a while.

    That being said, lack of research doesn’t mean the things don’t work. Some things also won’t work for some while they do for others. Natural remedies have been used for thousands of years and sometimes science still can’t or doesn’t care to tell us how they work.

    So, yes the research is not there and yes, it should be but no, that doesn’t mean these things don’t work. I know your point is to help people know before they waste their money. But the simple fact is there may be TONS of research on one antidepressant that says it works and you may pay your $100 copay for your Rx and then that one doesn’t work for your and you have to adjust it or try a different antidepressant and you don’t get your $100 back just because it didn’t work.

    Research is not a 100% guarantee that it will work for you either. So, if someone is going to spend thousands on lap band surgery or hundreds on lipo, I don’t think it will hurt them to try some It Works products for a $100 or so before they take the big plunge.

    Hopefully after reading this you won’t see all distributors as robotic, kool-aid drinking crazy people. Some of us really are here to help people if we can and we believe in the product because we see it work for us and others. I research the herbs and if the product does what the herbs have been doing for hundreds of years, I will give it a shot even though there may be no research. Nothing is perfect.


    P.s. that whole “I don’t care how it works, I just care that it does” think drives me absolutely insane too. I cringe every time I hear/read one of them say it. Sorry about that. Just makes all of us look bad :\

    • Joe says

      Tracy, thanks for writing and I truly appreciate your thoughtful comments. There is research on several complimentary alternative (integrative) medicine therapies. For example, I was recently reading about how exercise appears to work as well as some antidepressant medications. Several herbs also have research on them as well.

      I know from my words that some people accuse me of being a shil for the pharmaceutical industry (which is not true). There is a place for medicine but I also feel we put too much faith in that. I think the emphasis needs to be placed on prevention. If the wraps, pills, drinks etc. help people from gaining weight -and reducing the health care cost associated with that – then I’m all for it. I do think some things are overly touted to work based on less than optimal research, and that’s too bad. I like the research aspect of supplements etc. because it can help cut through the marketing hype and saves us time by giving us insights into what might be worth trying vs. not trying as as what might have side effects.

      I think with your background, the future looks bright for you :)

      • Tracy says

        Thank you. My program is fairly intensive and goes over all aspects of healthcare from herbal remedies to advanced A&P classes and toxicology,etc. And although degrees and certification dont get recognized by the federal government and most states, I felt it was important to get the education and experience to give my future clients peace of mind that I am educated in my field.

        I also worked in the natural wellness section of Earth Fare (less expensive than Whole Foods but more expensive than Trader Joe’s if you’re familiar with those) and was a Pharmacy Technician for CVS. So that is how I am approaching It Works. I have had back problems and it has blown my mind how our pain supplement Relief has helped me.

        Anyway, I did want to clarify one more thing they misled everyone on the business opportunity. It works absolutely does not ask you to or require you to purchase any product at all. One if the positives of it is that you don’t have to carry any inventory that you might get stuck with if you change your mind or it doesn’t work out for you.

        I know that’s not your focus but others brought it up and I HATE misinformation and misrepresentation. If they bought product that was purely their decision.

        Thanks for lending your ear so to speak.


        • Joe says

          Tracy, Anytime and thanks for that further information. I’m glad you dont have to carry any product to be a distributor. That can be a recipe for a lot of unwanted stress if it cant be sold. Good to know.

  45. Nora says

    Just curious, I have a few friends who started distributing and have claimed that the ingredients are so natural and safe that even a pregnant woman can take it. What are your thoughts on that? Have you done any further research on any of their other supplements?

    • Joe says

      Nora, I would not believe anyone who said that. Remember natural does not always mean “safe.” Must supplements are not tested on pregnant women. In my opinion, those who say that stuff give distributors a bad name. I dont feel pregnant women should use weight loss supplements.

    • Tracy says

      Nora, I think your friends are misinformed. Many of our products are safe for pregnant women such as the skin care linn and maybe some of the supplements. I and other responsible distributors always give the ingredient list to anyone with pregnancy, breastfeeding or outstanding health concerns to take to their healthcare provider for review.

      As Joe said, natural is not always safe, there are many herbs that can cause complications and even spontaneous abortion. Belladonna, cyanide and hemlock are all naturally occurring but deadly. I’m sorry your friends are either uninformed or care more about sales than health. We are not all like that. Many of our products are but we never recommend the weight loss supplements, wraps, defining gel or any detoxing product for pregnant or nursing women.

      The only products we are comfortable recommending are the skin care line (cleanser, toner, lip & eye cream, night cream, day cream and facial applicators).


  46. Heather says

    First I will say I am an ItWorks distributor. I only became one after being a loyal customer. I was 30, stay at home mom of 5 (3 step and 2 of my own), full time student, weighed 257lbs, and had no time for myself. I used fat fighters (only when I ate fatty meals or had to eat on the run), thermofit, and greens for 3 months. Still staying to my usual diet but adding in more water, I lost 35 lbs.

    Once I got to that weight, I felt I had enough energy to start walking. I also started selling and using the wraps to tighten and tone at that point. Some of my customers complain of bloating but they are not drinking a glass of water with the pills. I was no longer pre-diabetic, I had more energy, and I learned that my husband really liked fat women. So divorce and still selling and living off my ItWorks income.

    Everyone will have different results especially if they do not use them correctly. So now you have to wonder if those making negative comments actually read the instructions. Always read the instructions. But again, my own story and I did become a distributor because of my results.

  47. Michelle Albanese says

    Joe just Jealous that no one has offered to wrap him that’s all I love a Skeptic!!!!! I was one too!!!

  48. Kimberly says

    I have been taking the supplement for five days. I feel painfully bloated and it feels like I always have a stomach ache. I also feel light-headed and a bit shaky. I had none of these symptoms before starting the supplement. I stopped taking it and hope to get back to my normal self quickly.

    I have to work out to see results but the supplement was in a Skinny Pak that I purchased from It Works. I wanted to try the wraps and gel because I have crazy, stretched out skin from my adorable 10-pound baby. The wraps and gel have helped but very minimally.

    To wrap up (see what I did there?), the supplements have made me super uncomfortable. They may work for different people but I threw my bottle out. I rather have the extra skin than feel this way. Thank you for the great research!

    • Amy says

      Have you been drinking a lot of water with the supplement? Just as with taking fiber or eating certain foods, you need to drink water to digest properly. It is not to say that you don’t have a sensitivity to something in the supplement, but your results are not commonly heard. Also, if you have only had the products for five days, how can you say there is only a minimal difference from the wraps when AT MOST you could have only used 2 as they are not to be applied more than once every 3-7 days?

  49. Shannon says

    I let a chick talk me into “trying it”. I wasn’t willing to spend the hundred bucks for four of them. She had a “deal” going. One for $25 with a water bottle and all instructions.

    It smelled like Ben Gay, tingled the whole time, I’ve been bloated for three days, and basically left me with a $25 water bottle. She told me not to “introduce any toxins” into my body while doing it and drink a lot of water.

    When I asked if my prescription medication counted as a toxin, she said, “You should be okay.” Well, as a biology and chemistry teacher, I can definitely say even prescription medication should be a toxin.

    • Tracy says

      I am sorry about your experience. Sounds like you have a distributor that is more worried about making money than actually helping people get better. While the wraps are not meant to be a weight loss item, they are a detoxification item and a skin improving product. 90% of people notice a difference in skin tone and texture within the first wrap.

      However, 4 is a treatment and we ask people not to make a judgement until they try 4 because the average number of wraps to notice a significant difference is 3. The most it has taken (according to what has been told to the company) is 7 wraps. Often people do bloat with their first wrap or two and the supposed reason behind this is that those people tend to have more toxins and the response is that those people often see the biggest difference after a full treatment.

      It smells like Ben Gay probably because of the eucalyptus and menthol. Also, as an herbal medicine student, I have studied something called a healing crisis. This is when you start to get your body balanced and cleansed often times things like constipation and bloating will happen as your body tries to cleanse itself. Sometimes old chronic illnesses will return as the body heals itself.

      The not “introducing any toxins” into your body is basically not to consume alcohol or illicit drugs (and possibly your meds depending on what they are for). I also hope she told you not to put on any lotions or sweat while wearing it.

      Again, especially since you are on medication she should not have told you “you should be okay” but rather, take the ingredients to your doctor or research contraindications yourself. If someone really wants to get healthy, they would not buy one wrap and expect a big difference. You would join as a loyal customer and get wraps for $59 one month, then maybe Greens and a vitamin or something that fits your needs.

      There are a range of prices and you don’t have to keep getting the same product for 3 months and you get 10% credit for each month. After three months you can cancel (I always take it upon myself to remind customers that say they want to cancel after three months at the two week mark, 3 day mark and 1 day mark to remind them to cancel so they don’t get charged again).

      If you want to stay after 3 months you get free shipping on all autoships and if you go and come back you still always get the discount prices. I only say these things because I think if you wanted to give it and yourself a fair chance, that is really the best way.

      I am sorry you had someone that was more concerned with their bank account than your health. We’re not all like that.

  50. Kathy Hammond says

    An online friend who sells “it works” products actually ordered me a bottle of the “it works fatfighter” with carb inhibitors after she read my Facebook status. I will be 43 this Friday, April 24 and I presently weigh 346 pounds. I am not sure why this unwanted weight has decided to live in my body but I’m eager and willing to try anything to get rid of it.

    I only eat twice a day which I’ve heard is NOT good. I haven’t drank caffeine in over 20 years due to a past of arrhythmia. So of course I’m iffy on taking these. After I quit smoking in 2011 I began gaining weight.

    Bottom line.. do you think these will work for me? I can’t take this weight any longer.

    • Joe says

      Hi Kathy, First off let me congratulate you on quitting smoking! I know that must have been a very hard thing to do but the fact that you quit means you are a strong person and that you CAN lose weight.

      when was the last time you had a checkup by your doctor? Have you had your thyroid checked? Given your weight I think its wise to get a check up first. My opinion is that if the product works (causes weight loss) that its mostly because of the ingredients I highlighted

      its possible that the fight fighter might have some caffeine since it has green tea. I’d ask the distributor how much it has.

      If you do use them, I think you should begin with less than is recommended for the first week. this is just to see how you feel, give your body time to adjust to them and see if there are any side effects.

      If you do decide to use them, do keep me updated on how you are doing.

      Happy birthday day by the way. My B day is next week :)

    • Tracy says

      I know you asked Joe and not me but as an It Works Distributor, I would have to say they are probably not your best option to lose weight. I believe they are helpful in that blocking any additional fat and carb absorption would help but Fat Fighters is not sold as a weight loss item. This is the info provided by the company: “. . . take Fat Fighter up to an hour after eating, and it will absorb some of the fat and carbohydrates from your food so that your body doesn’t . . .

      – Blocks some of the fat & carbs from meals
      – Helps balance healthy blood glucose level and reduce cravings”

      Generally, we (and I as an herbal medicine student) tell people to definitely take the Greens because they detoxify, alkalize and balance your body. Then, for weight loss we suggest the Thermofit which is actually sold as a weight loss aide. It boosts your metabolism and helps you burn 270+ extra calories per day. This is what the company says about Thermofit: “Fire up your metabolism with this naturally based, thermogenic weight loss formula! Powered by the antioxidant superfood acai berry and the metabolism-boosting properties of Capsimax® (red hot pepper blend) . . .”

      – Thermogenic weight loss formula
      – Antioxidant benefits of acai berry
      – Promotes increased calorie burning
      – Helps boost metabolic rate
      – Reduces appetite
      – Provides energy”

      For using It Works for weight loss I would suggest Greens, Thermofit, and the It’s Vital Energy weight loss bars as snacks, optional of course and if money is not a problem then profit shakes as meal replacement, then wraps after weight loss to tighten, tone, and firm skin.

      For real weight loss I would say Greens and Thermofit minimum if you can’t afford all of it. All of this should be done in addition to low impact low stress exercise such as walking whenever possible and a healthier diet and water, water, water.

      I would ask your friend why she chose FatFighter because especially if you have a decent amount to lose that would not be my first choice. Also, definitely take the ingredients of all of these to a doctor first to make sure they won’t cause any problems with an existing condition you have before taking them.

      We also have other products like colon support, pain relief, omegas, vitamins, minerals and female hormone support among many other things. Your friend needs to help you start at the source with a regimen that fits in your budget. My goal in life is to open an apothecary and help people with alternative medicine solutions (not just It Works, that’s just in addition because it is natural) so if you have any more questions, I would be happy to answer them without tying to oversell you on anything you’re not interested in :) Good Luck either way.

      Also, you might want to look up Rusty Lackey… he is a top seller in the It Works company but he started his weight loss journey out at 750lbs and has lost several hundred of that. If I am not mistaken, he is below 300 definitely below 400.

      <3 Tracy

      • Joe says

        Tracy, thanks for sharing. Curious, do you have any studies showing Thermolift helps us burn over 270 extra calories per day? I’ve never heard that before and am curious.

        • Tracy says

          To be honest, I am not sure where I heard that exact number, it may be anecdotal but I have heard it more than once, I might not share that number until I can figure out where I heard it. I would be willing to research more scientific information when I have more time.

          However, both you and I know there is very little scientific research in existence for most alternative medicinal treatments. Whether that is big Pharma controlling research and funding or Alternative medicine being lazy and not making the best use of their funds is debatable and neither here nor there because the fact of the matter is most of the research doesn’t exist and if it does it is often buried.

          Anyway, here is a little info on the proprietary blend that is supposed to boost your metabolism called Capsimax: and I have heard outside of It Works in my studies that capsicum boosts your metabolism. I haven’t thoroughly read this article but I did see their number of test subjects was about 1000 which seems relatively small but depending on success might at least warrant someone giving it a shot if it’s not a burden on their budget.

          It also contains geynema which is supposed to help with blood sugar (I know some diabetics take it), gurana and green tea (which would make it a no no for someone like Kathy avoiding caffeine- good thing I told her to take ingredients to her doctor) also used for blood sugar issues by diabetics and dandelion which is an excellent cleanser and detoxifier.

          Of course, once again, as you know, finding scientific research to back these claims (although I am not unwilling to do so) is a time consuming undertaking which I am not sure would be worth my time for a message board. That is something I would do for a client.

          That is why whenever I post something on a public forum as advice I tell them to run the ingredients by their doctor first and don’t even offer It Works as a solution unless they have the ok from a healthcare professional (which I am not currently).

          • Joe says

            Tracy, thanks for that. I’ll tend to think burning over 270 calories is more hype than anything else unless I can get some data on it. I looked at the link for Capsimax, thanks. I noticed they made some claims, backed up by APA-formatted references but I couldn’t see where the actual studies were located, so its hard to judge the claims.

        • Jen says

          You won’t find any information because there were NO STUDIES done on this product. Do your own research and find proven results from it, not just on a website that is sponsored by the company or a distributor.

  51. molly says

    I would say to everyone if you are looking to loose weight save your money on these supplements and start walking! Eat healthy, have a work out buddy to support you! Purchase a fitbit or other pedometer. if you burn more calories than you eat you are going to lose weight! Good luck everyone.

  52. Donna says

    I have been taking the fat burner w/carb inhibitors for 3 months…………WOW. I am not a distributor but just a regular person. I have lost inches like crazy. I do not exercise and I know I would probably do better combining exercise into the mix. I do eat a lower carb type diet……5 days a week and then for 2 days I eat normally but try not to overdue it. I truly believe in this product….and say that it has enhanced my desire to look and feel better about myself. I do like the wraps to……I have only done about 3 of them but they help tighten up my areas. Good luck.

    • Joe says

      Donna, Just curious, since you eat a low carb diet how do you know its not the diet that’s working?

  53. Nora says

    For a person who likes to do some research, you failed to read what the company says that the Fat Fighters will do. Never do they say that they burn fat or that they will make you lose weight as you shared in the beginning of your study.

    The only thing claimed for fat fighters is that they will will absorb some of the fat and carbohydrates from your food so that your body doesn’t.

    Helps balance healthy blood glucose level and reduce cravings
    (taken straight form the website) So I think your research will support those claims. Next time, don’t assume what you think the product does, rather read up.

    • Joe says

      Nora, I agree that “burning” fat was probably not the best word to use. But, by blocking the absorption of carbs or fat, the idea is that the product will cause weight loss. And, as for chromium, I do remember ads for chromium saying it would burn fat. As for balancing blood sugar levels, I did point out the ingredients that are likely responsible for that.

  54. says


    First, thank you for your research. Second, not all MLMs are pyramid schemes..they have given the legitimate ones a bad name. Third, you should definitely be able to look at peer reviewed studies to determine whether that product you want to use has the science behind it to make it both safe and effective.

    I can say that the Shaklee Corporation has close to 100 peer reviewed studies published and several more papers primarily on their own products, not just on ingredients. I have been with them since 1970. No one has to stock inventory. No one has to have an auto-ship. No one has a minimum monthly requirement unless they want to earn bonuses and then they need to do the amount that will pay the bonus they want to earn.

    UC Berkeley school of public health did a comparison study of people who had used an array of the Shaklee nutrients for 20 years against people who used other vitamins or those who used none in that same time period and were astounded at the difference in health that was dramatically better in the Shaklee group.

    I talk about that to show that when a company actually cares about only providing the safest and best for their consumers, it is possible to do the clinical studies in the same way that is required for pharmaceuticals.

    The name of the UC Berkeley study is “The Landmark Study” It is at http// and is not a Shaklee site or advertisement.

    I would suggest, Joe, that before you remove the link that you check it out yourself to see that what I am saying is true and that it is a true study and has no links to me or my website.


    • Joe says

      Sandy, thanks for writing. While I know some would disagree with me, I feel as you do that not all MLMs are ‘pyramid schemes.” While I have not yet looked at Shaklee vitamins (yet lol) I’ve known people who were involved with them, who I trust, and they have nothing but good things to say about them. I’m happy that you are pleased with them also.

  55. Dan Burns says

    Thoroughly enjoyed this thread. Particularly the ‘double diamond’ stuff. Reminds me of a friend who started doing arbonne products and within three months was a ‘regional vice president’! Her and about 10 other girls who lived locally. Haha Thanks for taking the time to do valuable research. I shall be subscribing.

      • Linda says

        Thanks for all your research Joe. I was interested myself – since it is ALL OVER Social media about HOW MUCH MONEY the people who sign on with ItWorks are making!!! If you have to boost about your $10,000 bonus to try to lure people in – I would say it is a bunch of ^%$&&**#@@$. You can go to the http://www.greensplus site & buy quality ‘greens’ as well as all kinds of proven certified healthy organic supplements WITHOUT paying an arm & leg toward the pyramid system ItWorks uses. (***Bonus – also you will not fall into the category of ‘that person’ who is basically taking advantage and making money off their friends & acquaintances…)

        How much is the bottom line cost of these products & look at the tremendous mark up ItWorks is doing – in order to award these ridiculously large bonus’s! Just sayin’ There are lots of options on the Internet available with out falling for their scheme! Save your money 😉

  56. missingbudgrant says

    Actually, I take 2 with every meal x 3 for the day. My 500mg is now 1500mg, which is more in line with some of your recommendations for losing weight.

  57. Sheryl Hollingswoth says

    The statements about the BBB. They give you a low rating based on weather or not you pay them anyway. All that is your business buying into that scam as well! So if you are gonna bash products you may want to do more research yourself before claiming all your research is all true. Your just as unbelievable as what you are claiming itworks is to be.There was an investigation done buy 20/20 bbb investigation. You can youtube that.

    • Joe says

      Sheryl, I dont set out to bash products and I don’t feel I did so with this product either. the BBB gave the company a B+ at the time I wrote my review. That’s actually not bad. If I was trying to bash anything I would not not have mentioned this. The BBB has gotten some negative publicity this is true, however, as you read in my review, the BBB said they based their rating in part on the negative reviews from people, not because they were not paid. Question, can you give me another organization that would be comparable to the BBB? If yes, let me know and I’ll look into using them.

  58. Rachel says

    This was a really interesting read! I’m actually an It Works distributor and I was curious to see what you had to say. Thank you for all the information on the studies of the ingredients. I can understand why people would say that the Fat-Fighters name is misleading. When I explain it to possible customers I explain that it’s to help with cheat meals not necessarily to cause weight loss.

    I do want to clarify though a few things I saw in the comments. I don’t know who is promoting that you can have whatever and still maintain wrap results, but me and other distributors I’m connected with always emphasize that you need to maintain at least a semi-healthy lifestyle to get and maintain a results.

  59. Nicole Tozier says

    Wow, that’s a lot of comments. I had to stop reading after the first dozen or so.

    Okay, so I liked this review, and I thought it was good except for a couple things: If you look on the website you can get more info on the FatFighter. And it tells you that it works to block 30% of the fats and 70% of the carbs from your last meal. Which is why you don’t see many ingredients that work for fat blocking.

    Ironic, considering the name they chose, but I imagine the name is about marketing. It helps most weight maintenance, but people who do see weight loss are usually those with: A) A fatty, unhealthy diet OR B) They combined it with another supplement. That’s been my experience, with those I know that take it.

    I have taken it twice, when my blood sugar spiked, and it seemed to helped bring me back down. With my adrenal problem, when my sugars/adrenaline spikes, coming down is very hard, and can make the rest of the day miserable.

    Now, I wasn’t going to say anything about the wraps. I hate debates. Either you want the facts on the wraps before you try one, or you’ve already made up your mind, and you’ve pre-judged it.

    You seem to take the facts well, so here is what I know. I am no expert, just an obsessive researcher. Most of the active ingredients in the lotion on the wraps seem to be comprised of two properties: anti-inflammatories or tightening properties.

    The research is lacking, but there is some there to suggest these could help with loose skin. Things like seaweed, for instance, depending on the type, have small, limited studies implying that they might restore elasticity to tissue, therefore causing the toning effect.

    The anti-inflammatories seem to have a little more backing. I have personal experience with this, as I chose to try the wraps for when my fibro flares and something is hugely swollen and painful; like my shoulder, the first time I wrapped.

    I tried everything from Icy Hot patches to essential oils to a peppermint-menthol pain cream, and for 48 hrs, I was in constant, excruciating pain, with no mobility on my upper right side. I finally wrapped, and within hours the swelling was visibly reduced, and I had some limited range of motion. I improved more over the next 24 hrs. This is my knowledge and experience.

    As for their marketing, it does need improvement. I don’t like them being called skinny wraps. I get the idea behind it, but I think it’s misleading. I’d also like to see all synthetic preservatives removed from their skin care, at some point. I think the supplements are much higher quality.

    • Joe says

      Nicole, thanks for sharing. I agree the name likely has to do with marketing. Question, when you said the fat fighter seemed to help bring your blood sugar down, did you test your blood sugar before/after? Just curious.

  60. says

    Sadly had a huge typed out response and it didn’t seem to post…. I will try again (this time copying it into word)!

    I began my search for research on the “It Works” products after seeing a couple friends quitting their jobs and becoming walking advertisements as distributors. When I say advertisements, I mean completely turning everything they talk about into a promotion in order for them to make their monthly cut. I have experience in the science field as a microbiologist, so I know how imperative it is to utilize the scientific method in multiple facets of life, especially towards what you put into your body.

    I’ve found both this article and the article on the greens product to be ringing true to how little science there is behind the “It Works” product line. It’s the same as looking at alternative medicine and saying that it works because people say it does; the reason it is alternative is because there is no science to back it up.

    Joe’s arguments and article is completely true, it’s saddening to see so many people attacking you and deflecting your questions. I will go into what I’ve found out about the products themselves.

    “Wraps”: It seems many of the distributors are confused on exactly what they are selling, most of them have completely contradicted themselves within this discussion. It is not a weight loss wrap, it is not a “toning” wrap, and it is most certainly not a “detoxifying wrap”. The idea behind the wrap is to draw out water from the cells in order to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This has been the same as every single wrap that exists on the market today.

    The reason you can find the same result with epsom salt and something to apply it tight across the skin is to do just that; draw out water… also called osmosis.

    The reason distributors say to drink water is only to keep you from becoming severely dehydrated. As for the detoxifying claim, it is impossible to “detox” your system; the only type of detox that exists is from recovering drug / alcohol addicts. If toxins actually did build up (in which your liver, kidneys, skin, and lungs naturally get rid of) you would be dead.

    “Fat Fighters / Greens”: The idea behind this product is interesting as there is actually prescription medication that can aid in blocking the absorption of carbohydrates through amylase (these are primarily used for diabetics).

    However, blocking carbohydrates from absorbing into your cells is actually a BAD thing, especially for weight loss. The main reason why it is bad for weight loss, is because not only can it cause low blood sugar, but it will make you HUNGRY.

    Besides this, the reason people bloat and have constipation is because the lack of carbs creates gas when absorbed by the large intestine. The main issue I have with this product is that it doesn’t say what other ingredients are in it by hiding behind saying it is a “proprietary blend”. I’m pretty sure they have an added stimulant into their formula, which is even worse for your digestive system.

    My suggestion for those who want to lose weight is to simply exercise and eat healthy. The only way to effectively lose weight is to expend more calories than you take in. Put down the cheeseburger and find a healthy alternative, I promise you that you won’t miss the fat and grease once you reduce it from your diet. If you really want to reduce your bad carb intake, then eat foods with a low GI and have high fiber; complex carbohydrates are GOOD FOR YOU!

    Lastly, to comment on the individual who said the products promote lipolysis I don’t think you understand what actually promotes it. The idea behind lipolysis is to breakdown the fat stored within your fat cells. The key to this process are these: HSL (lipase), Insulin, as well as other hormones.

    True, limiting the amount of carbohydrates can actually aid in this process BUT the actual supplements that help do this are products that increase the level of hormones within your body.

  61. JackAverage says

    Just wanted to add that drinking water isn’t a valid argument to dehydration point concerning the wraps. As a person that has cut weight for numerous competitions in combat sports water loading is normal thing when cutting weight.

    You drink more water than usual which will push it through your system faster meaning your body will not hold onto as much water at any one time. To go a step further you then cut out sodium in your diet until weigh ins which further decreases the amount of water your body will at one time.

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