Amberen Menopause Review

Have you heard the radio ads for Amberen? Amberen, is a supplement that’s supposed to be a natural remedy for menopause. Most of the ads I’ve heard included a testimonial from a registered nurse. That got me curious as I usually don’t hear nurses touting supplements. Another thing that made me want to write an Amberen review  was that I discovered that most of the info on Amberen online seemed to be written for the sole purpose of selling Amberen to women. Some websites even say Amberen is the fountain of youth! I know that’s not true, but can Amberen provide menopause relief? I wanted to write a review on Amberen, based on the clinical research I could find, and along the way, help women answer some questions that they may be wondering about.

Amberen Research

The Amberen website says that “Amberen has been clinically tested and extensively studied for over 30 years“. There are studies listed on the Amberen website. Let’s look at each study briefly and see what we can find out about them.

2008 Amberen study. A Succinate-Based Composition Reverses Menopausal Symptoms Without Sex Hormone Therapy. This is a lab rat study. Amberen was given to older laboratory mice for 4 weeks. Amberen treatment was noted to improve several menopausal symptoms in the mice.  The study was supported by Lunada Biomedical, makers of Amberen and published in Advanced in Gerontology, 21,2 298-305 (2008).

2007 Amberen study. A Succinate-Based Composition ”Rejuvenates” Aging Mice and Alleviates Menopausal Symptoms in Women Without Sex Hormone Replacement Therapy. This study was a little hard to find. The citation on the Amberen website lists  “Medline”  as the source of the study but it is actually the “Russian” version of medline – Medline.Ru where the study is found.  This study appears to be the very same study as the 2008 study mentioned above.

I think the studies are the same because the authors for this 2007 study are the same as the 2008 study. It just seems to be published in a different journal. This 2007 study was published in Gerontology Endocrinology, vol. 8, Art. 46, pp. 497-517.

2005 Amberen study. Succinate-Based Preparation Alleviates Manifestations of the Climacteric Syndrome in Women.

Here is the first page of the 2005 Amberen study. I was unable to find a full text version of the study online. Basically, 70 women were given either an Amberen like preparation or placebo for 3 weeks. Those receiving Amberen appeared to improve more than those who got the placebo.  Study was published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine (September 2005), 140 (3), pg. 312-314.

Several of the authors of this study were the same as those in the 2007 and 2008 studies.

The 5 year study. The Amberen website also lists a “5 year study”.  But no details of this study are given. As such it is hard to say how good it is or how the study was performed. This may not be a published peer reviewed study since I cannot find any citation for where the study was published.

The 4 week animal study. The Amberen website lists a 4 week study of older laboratory mice. No details are given about this study,  but  it sounds similar  to the 2007 and 2008 Amberen mice studies mentioned above. I  could not tell for sure since no details about this study were listed. This may not be a published peer reviewed study.

The 6 week animal study. Again, the Amberen website gives no details about this study other than that Amberen was given to older female mice for 6 weeks and it helped them.

The studies of Amberen’s ingredients are also listed on the Amberen website. ALL of these studies appear to be investigating one specific ingredient in Amberen called , succinic acid (also called succinate) –  and not Amberen itself.

The studies of the Amberen ingredients (specifically succinate acid) date back to 1972 while the studies on Amberen itself dont seem to begin until 2005. This is how they are able to say that” Amberen has been clinically tested and extensively studied for over 30 years.” It’s over 30 years if you include in the studies on the ingredients (specifically succinic acid).

Succinic acid is compound formed during the Krebs cycle. This is the aerobic energy system that we all use when we break down fats and carbs (sugars) aerobically. That’s not really important but I thought I’d mention it in case anyone wondered.

Amberen Trivia: Amberen gets its name from succinic acid. An older name for succinic acid is “Amber Acid”.

Amberen Ingredients

According to the Amberen website ( I find that Amberen is composed of the following active ingredients:

  1. Ammonium succinate
  2. Calcium disuccinate
  3. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  4. Glycine
  5. Magnesium disuccinate
  6. Zinc disuccinate hydrate
  7. Tocopherol acetate

Since this is a proprietary blend, the label only says that each of these ingredients adds up to 400 mg (in 2 capsules). We are not told how much of each ingredient is in Amberen.

That said, ingredients are often listed such that those at the top of the list are the most plentlyful and those at the bottom are the least plentyful. As such, I believe Amberen contains the most Amonium succinate and the least tocopherol acatate.

Let’s now look at each ingredient separately.

Ammonium Succinate

This is likely the succinate that has received most of the research since the 1970s. When I Googled ammonium succinate, practically everything I saw had to do with Amberen.

The “ingredient studies” on the Amberen website are ALL on succinate. Therefore, I believe succinate is the main active ingredient in Amberen.

When I the searched the national library of medicine for ammonium succinate and menapause” I discovered the 2008  study summarized above.

This study does indicate that it was supported and initiated by the makers of Amberen, Lunada Biomedical.  That’s not really a bad thing. I appreciate it when a company supports research on their supplements -most companies do not do this.

Tip. if you read through the comments you will find women who say that an anti-hangover supplement called RU-21 helped their hot flashes. RU21 contains 200 mg  of succinic acid. I have no idea if it helps hangovers (or hot flashes) but RU-21 is less expensive than Amberen.  While I can’t guarantee that it will work for everybody, here is RU-21 on Amazon  and here is Amberen on Amazon for those who are interested.

Calcium Disuccinate

This is just another name for the mineral, calcium. The addition of calcium to Amberen does make some sense given that low calcium levels seem to increase PMS symptoms. But studies on this issue tend to use more calcium than is found in Amberen (about 1ooo mg/day). Less calcium may also work but I could not find any research on this.

Monosodium glutamate

This is MSG, a popular food additive and is something to think about if you are sensitive to MSG. MSG can cause headaches in some people.  If you read the comments section below, you will see that some people have reported headaches after taking Amberen. Other side effects of MSG can include, heart palpitations, sweating, facial numbness and chest pain.

Monosodium glutamate is related to the non essential amino acid, glutamine. Bodybuilders often like glutamine supplements because they think it will help them recover faster following hard core exercise sessions. For more on glutamine, read my review of glutamine supplements.   Exercise not withstanding, the question is, would glutamine (or MSG) help women recover faster from PMS or menopausal symptoms? I’m not sure because I can’t find any research one way or another.


Glycine is an amino acid (non essential amino acid, meaning we make this in our body). There is some evidence that glycine may help memory in both young and middle age adults. Since some women report memory problems with menopause, this may be why glycine was added to Amberen. People with schizophrenia should avoid glycine. Glycine may make schizophrenia worse when combined with schizophrenia medications.

Magnesium Disuccinate

This is another name for the mineral, magnesium. There are a few studies that magnesium might help with PMS symptoms like fluid weight gain and mood changes. Studies are far from complete and tend to use more magnesium than is in Amberen, but the research does exist.

Zinc Disuccinate Hydrate

This is the mineral, zinc. Zinc might help muscle cramping. I could not find any specific research on zinc helping PMS or menopausal symptoms. In those who eat well, being deficient in zinc is rare in the USA. Some may have heard that zinc is needed in women who take birth control pills.

But, according to one study, there is no good proof that that oral contraceptives cause zinc deficiency. Keep in mind that zinc supplements might reduce HDL levels (“good cholesterol”). Amberen likely has very little zinc but the RDA for zinc is 8 mg/day in women.  As such, its  pretty easy to get more than the recommended daily allowance.

Tocopherol Acetate

Most know by its usual name – vitamin E. There is not much evidence one way or another when it comes to vitamin E and menopause symptoms. A t least one study noted that vitamin E did not help hot flashes. I feel the jury is out on this issue until better studies can be done.

Because vitamin E is an antioxidant, its sometimes added to a supplement to help the product from spoiling. I’m obviously guessing, but might this be why Amberen has vitamin E?

Can Amberen Reduce Belly Fat?

Amberen radio commercials state that Amberen targets “stubborn belly fat.” From the research that I have seen there appears to be no proof of this statement. If Amberen really did promote fat loss from the belly, it would mean Amberen was capable of spot reduction. There is no credible proof for spot reduction. I don’t know why the makers of Amberen are trying to promote it as a weight loss supplement. Amberen is a menopause supplement, not a weight loss supplement. None of the research I have seen shows that Amberen helps weight loss in the belly – or anywhere else.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the FTC is also not happy with Amberen (Lunada Biomedical, the maker of Amberen) being marketed for weight loss. The BBB has an Alert that discusses this in more detail. See the BBB file for more information.

Amberen Side Effects

Im not aware of any side effects from Amberen at the time I wrote this review. None of the Amberen clinical studies have reported bad side effects either. Amberen sells another product called Amberen Menopause Relief. At the bottom of the FAQ page for that product they say

“If you’re currently taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications that are designed to alter your natural hormone levels, Amberen may not be right for you. Make sure to consult your doctor, especially if you are a cancer survivor or have a severe thyroid disorder.”

They don’t specifically say which ingredients might be responsible for this potential interaction. Amberen Menopause Relief contains some different ingredients than regular Amberen . As such, I’m unclear if this warning pertains to both products or just the menopause relief supplement.  I’m also unclear as to what they mean by “a severe thyroid disorder.” By “severe” I’d take that to mean thyroid cancer, but could they also be referring to hypothyroidism? When in doubt about this, show the ingredients to your pharmacist and/or doctor and see what they think.


Amberen & Carol Nicholson

Carol Nicholson (Carol Nicholson-Kriegel), a registered nurse, is often heard in the Amberen radio commercials. She is also featured  in a video clip on the Amberen website. Carol is identified on the Amberen website as “our menopause expert”. In the video, Carol indicates that in addition to being a registered nurse, she also owns an advertising agency called International Marketing Company and indicates that she “is in the natural products industry“. Carol also has a blog on the Amberen site.

I noticed  as I watched the video clip of Carol, that her voice doesn’t sound like the voice I’ve heard many times on the Amberen radio commercials. Just something that occurred to me.

Who Makes Amberen?

Amberen supplements are a product of a company called Lunada Biomedical. The website for that company is On their website, they list their contact address as PO Box 45008 Los Angeles, CA-90045.

Because BioMedical, is in the name of the company, for me, this contours up images of a brick-and-mortar facility that conducts biomedical research. With that said, I wonder why the contact address is a PO Box? The website also provides this contact phone number for the headquarters: 310-568-1048. They also provide this customer service number: 800-222-2304.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the address on file with them for the Lunada Biomedical

6733 S Sepulveda Blvd #108, Los Angeles, CA 90045-1551 – See more at: 6733 S Sepulveda Blvd #108, Los Angeles, CA 90045-1551.  Google street view shows an office building at this location. The “#108” might refer to a suite number in the building. If you Google the address (without the #108) you can see other businesses also list the same address.
The Better Business Bureau gives Lunada Biomedical a rating of “A+” as of 6/8/15. The company is also a BBB accredited business too. I did notice that there was an Alert on the company pertaining to the FTC filing a complaint against the company pertainining to the marketing of Amberen for weight loss. The FTC alleges that there is no evidence Amberen causes weight loss. See the BBB file for more information and updates.


Does Amberen Work?

Based on what I could find, it seems that there are currently 3 published peer reviewed studies on Amberen itself. The first study was done in 2005.  All of the studies I found were conducted by basically the same group of people. All studies appear to have been performed in Russia. If Amberen works, it seems to me that the ingredient called succinic acid is the active ingredient. You may be able to get succinic acid on

I have no proof either way that the other Amberen ingredients offer any advantage over just taking succinic acid. Succinic acid supplements are available and cost less than Amberen. If Amberen really works it would be interesting to see how it compares to women who only take succinic acid.

It’s hard to tell whether Amberen will help  all women with menopause or not. In theory there may be something to Amberen but how much it help might vary. While I have some reservations about the Amberen research, the studies (while fewer in number) do exist and that does set Amberen apart from many of its counterparts.

Amberen is on Amazon for those who want to try it out or see what others are saying

What do you think?


  1. april james says

    Thanks for doing the footwork on Amberen. I had to laugh though about the study on menopausal symptoms in mice, I was never aware they suffered from such symptoms and I was wondering how the researchers knew their symptoms were alleviated by the drug? Was it their mood changes? or maybe it was the raiding of the Godiva chocolates in the middle of the night? I guess I will have to read the study to find out.

  2. Joe says

    Glad to help April. I’ve heard the Amberen commercials like everyone else and was always interested. Amberen was unique in that it didn’t have the usual cast of characters when it comes to menopause (soy. black cohosh etc). I’d be interested in knowing if Amberen helped menopause symptoms.

  3. Maxine says

    You have a great web site and I was very surprised to see that MSG which most people do not want in Chinese food is in this preparation (Amberen). There is no magic bullet for menopausal symptoms, at Lunada

  4. Linda says

    Thanks for the informative article. I have been wondering about Amberen too. Menopause really stinks. After looking at their website I’ve decided to save a bunch of money by taking a succinic acid supplement. I’ll let you know how that goes.

  5. Joe says

    Linda, thanks and yes do let me know how it goes. Ever since writing my Amberin review Ive been curious about succinic acid. I’ll be looking forward to reading about your experiences :)

    • says

      Thanks for the effort analyzing Amberen. The video is not scientifically convincing for an M.D. Like me, and moreover normal human metabolism should be able to produce it, so why should menopausal females not do so!

      I had a horrid menopause story that you can read in my The Cross Of Menopause on Amazon , Google, Partridge, and others, prohibitive of any intervention. Repeated convulsions and gasping literally for thirteen years already, marked my burning flashes.
      Maria Jasmine Freeman

  6. Jude says

    I stumbled across your website while looking for information on Amberin. You are easy to read and user friendly. Consider yourself saved to favorites. I tried using Black cohosh for the night sweats and after a month found absolutely no difference. When I went back to the store, I struck up a conversation with another menopause sufferer and she suggested Co Q 10. Within two weeks, my night sweats were reduced from every night to 1-2 a week. After reading your review, I have decided to try the succinic acid. I will let you know the outcome.

  7. Joe says

    Jude, thanks I apprecaite the feedback :)

    thats interesting about the CoQ10 and yes do let me know if the succinic acid helps you. Im curious.

  8. says

    I have been using Amberen for almost three months, and it has helped me a lot. I am in no way affiliated with their product expect as a user. The msg is apparently of a different quality than that used in foods. Are you big into essential oils? If so, you will be aware that some “normal” things are available in different forms and can be powerful in healing. Maybe msg is one of those things.

    To me, Amberen is interesting not only because it has helped me, but because of the controversy surrounding it. Reviews by individuals like me tend to be pretty good, but reviews by external reviewers are laden with distrust, to the point of distrusting good reviews by individuals, suggesting the good reviews are fakes.

    Skepticism is fine, and when people have had bad experiences, it is out there. It is hard to find “bad” experiences with Amberen, the worst is typically that it didn’t help. An example is tonic water. It has quinine which helps with muscle cramps.

    Recommended to me by a doctor, I looked up reviews as usual and found horrible consequences from overuse. Tonic water is fantastic, if used only periodically, but for people who get hooked and drink it every day wake up a year later with no kidney function or no liver or heart problems, terrible things. Amberen appears to be relatively benign, with a worst scenario being that it may not work for someone. I can live with that. Plus, it has helped me immensely.

  9. Joe says


    I’m glad Amberen has helped you. I’m not against the product in fact I have mentioned it to people who were suffering from menopause. I do roll my eyes at some of the claims they make however – targeting “stubborn belly fat”, “92% success rate” etc – because those claims dont appear to be based in scientific facts.

    Id also be curious in seeing a clinical trial of Amberen vs. succinic acid.

    I’ve noticed that recently Amberen has changed their marketing, saying its only been around for 5 years as opposed to 30 years which they used to say. I think that’s a good thing because its inline with the Amberen research.

    Regardless, its helped you and I’m glad. I’m happy you took the time to tell me about your experience with Amberen.

  10. Ann says

    Thank you all for your comments. I have to take a lot of meds anyway and didn’t want to “experiment” w/another. I’ve been taking Black Kohosh w/marginal results but not near the expense of Amberen. The weight gain is what I’m worried about the most. The hot flashes,mood swings are all a concern but I’m glad I did the research and found your research. I’ll look into the succinic acid. All that $$ for fillers and no evidence of study is ridiculous.Thank you.Thank you.

  11. Joe says

    Ann thanks I am happy I was able to help you some. Amberen has always been one of those products I’ve been somewhat on the fence about. I do see the research and I’m intrigued but since the research is mostly on Succinic acid and not Amberen itself, I thought Id mention that to people.

    If you do try Amberen or succinic acid, do let me know if it helped you. That way you can help me :)

  12. David Addison says

    Did you find any of thee studies:

    Five-year Study
    Amberen alleviated symptoms of menopause when administered as monotherapy. No adverse side effects registered.

    Animal Study
    In a four-week study on the estral cycle, bone mass and calcium content of aging mice. No adverse side effects registered.

    Animal Study
    In a six-week laboratory study on the biochemical effects of Amberen in old female rats, Amberen corrected ovulation cycle in the rats.

    I’ve purchased this study: 2005 Amberen study. Succinate-Based Preparation Alleviates Manifestations of the Climacteric Syndrome in Women.

    I’m especially interested in the 2005 5 Year Test study. I’m curious why the source is not cited. Was this study peer reviewed? Does anyone know more about this study.

    • Joe says

      David, no I was never able to find where the Amberen studies were published which makes me think they are not. If you ever find out if they are published by all means do let me know.

  13. Valerie says

    Thank you so much for all the research you have done. I’ve been hearing the commercials on the radio and was just about to purchase it. I decided to try and find out some info first. My biggest problem is the weight gain and my ears perked up when it said it helped with that. Darn!!! There still isn’t a magic bullet out there for ladies over 40 who are dealing with the added weight gain.

    • Joe says

      Valerie, glad to help! I think the makers of Amberen have lost their minds advertising it as a weight loss product. If they have clinical proof Amberen helps women weight loss I want to see it. If you try Amberen and it helps you, do let me know because I’m just going by the research that Ive seen.

  14. Lori says

    I’ve tried the Amberen for about a month now (free trial period) and I’ve had no bad side affects at this point. I don’t have night sweats anymore, and I now have the will and the energy to exercise regularly again. I also have more interest/energy to do other routine things that I had been avoiding, like yard work, laundry, home repairs, etc. – all of which would help to account for the small weight loss – maybe 5 lbs in the past month.
    I’m going to continue with the next 2 months.

  15. Christallin says

    This is a related and kind of delicate question. I don’t know if you will be able to help but perhaps you can refer me somewhere else. I have heard of women losing their periods due to excessive weight loss. But have you ever heard of women having excessive (twice a month or more) periods due to “over-exercising?”Is it possible to speed the metabolism so much that this happens? I haven’t ever heard or read about this but don’t know if it is possible.

    • Joe says

      Christallin, that is something that I have not heard of before. There is the femaie athletic triad – but that results in less frequent / no periods. Have you asked your doctor about it? if you find an answer let me know. Im curious.

  16. Linda says

    Hi, I posted a comment here about five months ago saying I was planning on taking a succinic acid supplement (the active ingredient in Amberen) and I would post when I had evaluated. Well, here it is.

    I began looking for help with perimenopause when I began having trouble sleeping. I would be dead tired, but unable to fall asleep. When I did sleep, it seemed like I never got into the deeper stages, and I would still get up the next day exhausted. This was by far the worst perimenopausal symptom I had.

    I started taking (3) 125mg capsules of succinic acid per day. I had to guess the amount, as Amberen simply gives the total weight of its “proprietary blend”. After about two weeks I noticed I was sleeping much better. I continued taking the succinic acid for three months, which the Amberen website recommends. At the end of this time, I had decreased my night sweats to about two per month, and I had also spontaneously (no change in habits) dropped about 8 pounds.

    Finally, the Amberen website says that after taking their product for three months, you can stop taking it and your symptoms won’t come back for another three. Well, I stopped taking succinic acid at the end of September. Just a few days ago started having trouble sleeping again. That’s more like two months and a week instead of three months; but that suggests to me that it’s not just the power of suggestion working on me. I am convinced enough (and sleepless enough) to order more succinic acid.

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to post this, (please edit out if needed, and my apologies) but I am paying about $6.11 per 90 capsule bottle (a month’s worth) at Here is the link:

    If you’ve never ordered from iherb before, you can also put this code in PUL058 and get $5 off your order. (I will also get a miniscule commission, about .25 cents)

    • Joe says

      Linda, thanks much! You just confirmed that Succinic acid is the active ingredient in Amberen! Paying $6.11 is a LOT better than $50 – $100 for Amberen. Glad it worked for you and THANKS for taking the time to let everybody know :)

  17. Lise says

    Hi. I’m 48 and started Amberen 33 days ago. I have always been a health and fitness nut, and thanks to menopause, I have gained about 20 pounds in the last 4 years. My Doctor tells me that I’m just getting older. It is so frustrating. Anyway, I thought I would give Amberen a try. I really didn’t expect it to work since I have tried just about everything (including black cohosh, which almost did my liver in).

    So far, I have yet to loose any weight, but I read it may take 60 to 90 days for that. On a positive note, I no longer have night sweats, hot flashes, depression, or moodiness. I am also delighted to report that My dying libido has also slowly started to come back!

    No negative side effects so far, just upset that I haven’t lost any weight yet.

    I wish I had known about the succinic acid before I bought a 3 month supply of Amberen for $99. Thanks for mentioning it here, I will give that a try for the next round of 3 months. I will let you know what I find out.

    • Joe says

      Lise, yes do keep me posted. I think most Amberen users don’t know about succinic acid. Either way, as long as something works, I call that a win – and if you can save some money doing it, a bigger win :)

  18. Patti says

    I am 46 yrs old and have been having a hard time with menopause. I finally went to my doc and she prescribed Wellbutrin to help with the depression and it really did a number on me. By day four I was having major anxiety and panic attacks so I stopped. I am now looking for something natural and am going to try the Succinic Acid caps that Linda recommended. I am very hopeful that I will get some relieve. I was also looking into Menoquil. Has anyone tried this? It’s not as pricey as the Amberen.

  19. Lisa says

    Thanks for all this great info. I was just about to order Amberen. After reading all these great post I will try the Succinic Acid first. I will let you know how I do.

  20. Anna Z says

    Hi Joe, what a great review. Very informative, yet concise and to the point. My nanny just told me that I have to start taking this supplement right away and it is a cure for all the problems in the world:) It seems to be very popular in Russia. I checked out your linked in profile and just put an order for one of your supplement books on Amazon. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks

    • Joe says

      Hi Anna, thanks for the nice words! I’m glad you found my Amberen review helpful and I do hope you like my book. Its the book I always wish I had when I was searching for the facts on supplements.

  21. Nora says

    Hi Joe,

    I am a nurse, Masters level, with a focus in holistic and psychiatric nursing. I am 50. Many of my co-workers suffered from menopause symptoms before me. As I developed my own, I had the advice of those around me, “nothing really works”. I suffered from significant mental fogging, craving carbs, gaining weight (I have never been over weight), hot flashes etc. My sister, two years my junior is coming up on the same symptoms, with less tolerance for medications of any kind.

    As a nurse I was skeptical, so I did some research like yourself, couldn’t find much on the research , like yourself, couldn’t find much on the components of the suppliment; but with the difference that I was living the problem. I bought the 90 day supply with the intention of trying it out for myself, and for the safety of my sister.

    I was and still am impressed. Not only did my hot flashes go away, my mood swings lightened, and my craving s for carbs went away. I lost 5 pounds just by eating right . and simply didn’t crave the carbs. Most important, my menstral symptoms (no details) really cleared up. I am sold.
    I took a 3 month course, went off for 2 months, my symptoms returned, went back on it, they went away, went off, they came back. two weeks off Emberen, I am misserable: my acne has returned, my hot flashes are returning, my mood is tanking. Clearly, at least for me, there is no cumulative or additive effect, once I stop taking it, my symptoms return.

    I am not employed by, or receiving any gain from this post. I just feel obligated to share with others that this ?? what ever it is, has honestly helped me. It might not help everyone,….but I have had NO side effects. I am MSG sensitive with headaches and palpitations so was very worried about this – I have had no symptoms at all. No palpitations, no headaches, nothing.

    I sound like a commercial, but I have no obligation to anyone to post this. Menopause is rotten and I am not going to suffer through anything I don’t have to. I say, try it all, and take what works for you. I am ordering more Emberen tonight – I don’t even want to risk the ammonium succinate, because I know the Emberen works for me. call me chicken…..I don’t care. Hope this is helpful.

    • Joe says

      Nora, I would never call you chicken and Im glad that Amberen is working for you. It does appear that Succinic acid is the active ingredient and the research presented on the Ambern website – all of it on succinic acid – seems to confirm that but I totally understand your not wanting to take a chance. Yes your words were helpful :)

  22. John says


    so nice to find a clear review simply stated and to the point.
    Decided to get “free” 30 day trial with 99 purchase for my wife. Appreciate everyones posts, and will add results in 30 days or so. After reading site, may switch to A-Succinate after 30 days. Nice to know there are options out there.

  23. Shanda McKenzie says


    Thank you for your very informative review. I would like to state that my biggest obstacles with regard to Menopause have been “mental fog” and “Irritability”…I have been very fortunate with symptoms in Peri-menopause and officially covet the title of Menopause. I have always been tall and thin and noticed that when my physician put me on Zoloft 2 years ago I started gaining weight, which I was still considered at my ideal body weight for 5’9, but I wasn’t use to being 140.

    After further research and finding a correlation of Anti Depressants and weight gain, I opted to stop taking them last year. Amazing that weight has come off and I’m back down to 130. I have always been active with hiking, biking and running etc…. I would like to recommend for “ANYONE” that is having issues with the sleep patterns, I was told about 5 HTP and it has been the most amazing product ever. I take it before I go to bed and within 15 minutes, I’m asleep (it’s deep sleep and all night). I recommended it to a couple of friends and they will never take anything else.

    I just need to figure out what is good for the “FOG” and “Irritability” that is natural. I don’t like taking any prescription medications, which is the other reason I went off the Zoloft.

    Shanda In Kansas City, MO

  24. Chynna says

    I had a partial hysterectomy leaving me with one ovary four years ago. Within a year, I began experiencing some menopausal symptoms to a small degree. Little flashes, no night sweats tho, minor to moderate decrease in libido, vaginal dryness sometimes, hair thinned a little (thank God I started with very thick hair), needless to say, compared to others, I was not suffering, I was just not what I was used to being. So, I tried Amberen. It worked for me, maybe because my symptoms were so minimal but even after being off for the three months, it still worked.

    I haven’t taken it for 2 years now and within those 2 years, I may have experienced 10 small flashes but I have gained some belly weight and the other symptoms have returned, still minimally so I have ordered Amberen again and I hope it still works as it did years ago for me. I say give it a try. Everything doesn’t work for everybody but for $100, it’s worth a try.
    Chynna in Connecticut

    • Joe says

      Chynna, I do hope Amberen works for you. I really do! I listen to the ads on the radio like everybody else does and when it comes to belly fat I see no proof that it helps weight loss. It might, but the makers of Amberen have not shown me any proof. I do think it might help menopause symptoms in some women – because of succinic acid which I claim is Amberen’s active ingredient.

  25. R. Klear says

    Hi there. Wish I had found your awesome review and helpful comments earlier. I am 35, a personal trainer and had a complete hysterectomy (=no ovaries) 5 years ago. Menopaus symptoms occurred immediately, however recently they have increased exponentially. No libido, skin/vag dryness, 10-15 of weight gain (even as a trainer) I am not able to lose, foggy, sleep issues, memory issues, etc.

    I realized I needed to start doing something …. Had decided against traditional HRT early on… I read on the Amberen website before buying that no studies had been done on women with complete hyst, however decided to try it anyway.

    After almost one month, the only improvement I see, slightly, is change in mood.

    I went back to Amberen website and after reading further, realized the main way/reason Amberen works is to kickstart your ovaries and get them producing again… Since I have only my adrenal glands for hormone production….my results are very different, and I believe Amberen wouldn’t work well for women like me, with no ovaries.

    I’ve sent an email to Amberen/Lunida asking pointedly if complete hysto women will really see any effects. Will repost when/if I hear back.

    Love this site….


  26. Diane says

    Great website and very informative. I am 54 years old, am post-menopausal with all the same symptoms that others have listed here. My husband heard the Amberen commercial and suggested that I look into it and see what the side effects were and if I thought if might work for me.

    I checked out the Amberen website and was not impressed by any of the reviews, (seems more negative than positive results). I do have a non functional thyroid gland which I have accepted to be my cause for weight gain. I wasn’t aware that menopause was such a culprit to this issue until I did my research.

    I can’t tell you the last time I have had a good REM full night’s sleep or felt energetic. I have a couple hot flashes a day and I want to thank them for not letting me get a good night’s sleep. I am highly sensitive to MSG which is in Amberen (glad I found that out early) so that right there was a red flag, haven’t had a period since I was 42 years old and definitely don’t want one now (which could happen on Amberen). With those 2 red flags, the cost, and reading your research study results, I have decided not to purchase the Amberen. HOWEVER, after reading your comments about Succini Acid and reading Linda’s post (Thank you Linda) I have decided to give the Succini Acid a try.

    All the comments on your site were very helpful and I am glad I read everyone’s opinion before I made my decision.

    I am thinking in the positive way here, am planning to follow the same dosage and regiment that Linda did and we’ll see what happens. Will post my results in about 3 months, until then, I plan to revisit your site often to see what others have tried and what they are saying.

    Thank you Joe

    • Joe says

      Diane, thank YOU for writing and yes do let me know what happens with the succinic acid. I think you should know if it works within 3 months.

  27. Kris says

    Thank you for all of your research. I was thinking of going on my 3rd round of Amberen, waiting nearly 90 days in between the previous 2 rounds I had taken. I am 46 and it did help me considerably. I slept better, night sweats disappeared, moodiness was better, libido improved. Because of cost I am strongly considering trying the succinic acid alone.

    I do have a question as to the increased risk it may have on breast cancer. My mother had breast cancer and am trying to be wise in what might increase my risks. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.
    Thank you again for all the info.

    • Joe says

      Hi Kris, Ive never seen any research that Amberen or its ingredients have any effect on breast cancer. Why dont you show the ingredients list to a pharmacist and see what they think. If you find out anything on this please do let me know.

  28. Maria says

    Thank you for this research. I need to research menopausal symptoms in mice because it does sound ridiculous to me. I appreciate you finding the studies because I couldn’t find any. The plethora of websites that seem to be devoted to promoting this product and it’s cost makes me very wary. I think I may try succinate instead and see what happens.

  29. melissa says

    Joe, I have orderd the amberen, today is my first day. But I have had everything out over 13 years ago. And an under active thyroid. so does this just work on the overies? which I do not have. Would the Succinic work? or does that work on the overies. I am on hormone replacement and thyroid meds. The weight is the biggeast problem. Up and down like a yo yo. I was hoping it would stableize everything.

    • Joe says

      Melissa, Its a tough call and Im not sure. As far as I can tell the research is on succinic acid not amberen and all of it has to do with menopausal symptoms. I cant find any proof that amberen or succinic acid help weight loss. I hope it works for you. if it does – or doesn’t – please do let me know.

  30. Dana says

    I just turned 40 and have realized for awhile, I have had menopause symptoms. I have quite a few of them including night sweats, headaches, tiredness, libido loss and my heart is acting up too.

    I am now trying to find the succinic acid at a store to order but every place I have looked online is out. Is something wrong? I sure hope not. If so, I guess I will be buying the pricey stuff. Thanks so much for this info you provided. Maybe my life isn’t over quite yet!

  31. Dana says

    Joe, Thank you. I found them as well but for the Amazon one, may as well buy the Amberen for the price. As for ebay, most of them seem for film developing or something. I did find some but wonder why so many places are out right now. Hopefully it won’t be for long. I bought 6 bottles just in case. The last thing I would want is for this to work and never find it again.

    I will most definitely let you know. Trust me, I just have been through a week of night sweats and heart skipping (the heart doctor says it isn’t actually skipping, just firing so fast after one beat that it pauses for a moment, and he thinks it isn’t from menopause. I think he hasn’t even checked my hormones and hasn’t considered my partial hysterectomy around 15 years ago.)

    After reading many menopause websites, I am convinced that it is menopause. Thank you for making this thread. I may have never of tried the succinic acid.

    • Joe says

      Hi Dana, ask your doctor if he has checked your hormone levels. So few of us ask questions of doctors. I think they actually like it when we do because it helps them get to the bottom of things easier. I think if succinic acid works as well as Amberen, stores wont be able to keep it on the shelves so I would not worry about not being able to get it :)

  32. Candace says

    40 days ago, prior to ordering Amberen, I researched everything about menopause and the drugs that may help. I found your site and saved the link to my favourites. I thought about just buying succinic acid, but was going to give Amberen a trial first. 35 days ago, I began taking Amberen. My hot flashes have reduced significantly and night sweats only a few nights a week. I have lost 8 lbs but I am not sure if it’s Amberen or because I have also lowered my carb intake. I do feel more energetic but not yet to the level I would like. The only problem I have with Amberen is dry mouth – possibly from the MSG. After my 90 days and 60 days rest, I would like to try succinic acid but worried that if I don’t continue the Amberen my body will change again. What do you recommend?

    • Joe says

      Candace, obviously its up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Id say if Amberen is helping you and you can deal with the dry mouth, Id say stick with it. Id hate for you to leave something that is working for you now as an experiment. If there comes a time when you feel Amberen is too expensive, then try succinic acid for a bit and see if it does the same thing. I just want you to feel better either way and anything that does that for you is most important for me.

  33. Susan says

    Hi, I was taking Amberen for about 15 days and keeping up my usual diet and fitness plan. I saw no results, so I called the On Call RN and was told to double the dose, everyone’s different and you have to find what works for you. Ok, so after another week, still no results and I was beginning to GAIN weight and get headaches.

    Back to the RN line again. This time, I was told to double the dose to 4 a day and not to even THINK of getting my money back since it was well past the 30 day trial. Shortly after this, I came home from work with a blinding headache that was still pounding 3 hours after taking aspirin.

    My husband brought me to the hospital and after a couple hours in the ER, mentioned that I had started Amberen about a month before. The doctor said it contained MSG and if I was sensitive to that it could cause migraines. I remembered a few times when I got Chinese and had a killer headache after.

    I stopped taking the Amberen and called the RN line again. I was told it was up to me to research a product before you use it even though at the time I purchased it, no mention was made about MSG. So, I’m still hot flashy and night sweaty, 10 lbs heavier and $150.00 poorer. Lesson learned.

    • Joe says

      Susan, that’s so shocking that the Amberen RN would not bring up MSG and headaches and then turn it around and make you feel like its your responsibility to research your supplements before you use them. Isn’t that why they are paying an nurse? I will update my Amberen review and stress more than the MSG in Amberen may cause headaches. Sorry you had to go through all of those problems with Amberen but I do appreciate you telling your story. I know the unfortunate problems you had with Amberen will help others.

  34. Susan says

    Thanks Joe. I’m going to try the Amber Acid that Linda reccommended in a previous post as soon as it becomes available. We’ll see how that goes, who knows I may sprout horns and a tail before all’s said and done!! LOL

  35. Melanie says

    Hi Joe,
    So glad I came across your website. I read your review on Ribose and Fibromyalgia for my husband who has it pretty bad. He’s gone from an active, healthy, busy man to someone in pain all the time, so anything is worth a try.

    I also read your review on Amberen – even though I’m a nurse and was not impressed with the little bit of research on their website, I ordered it because I was desperate…after a total hysterectomy, I began having all kinds of symptoms – most notably, weight gain, sleeplessness, terrible hot flashes, and my libido is non existent….sad to say, I didn’t notice any improvement.

    Since I can’t take hormone replacements, I’ve tried all kinds of things…what’s worked the best so far is neurontin for sleeping and hot flashes (I know – not it’s main use, but it works) but I still may try the succinic acid.

    I also read your review on PlexiSlim, and I plan on trying the supplement on that review for the weight gain. The one thing I haven’t read anything about is the libido, so I’m wondering if you know of anything that would help that? I’m only 47, so not ready to give up yet! Thanks SO much for all the great info – gotta go check out that book of yours!!

  36. Melanie says

    Hey Joe,
    NP with the grammar…lol…used to drive me crazy until I met my husband….smart, smart man, but terrible speller and typist!! Hope you heal quickly and get back to two hand typing.

    Finally found the comments on the wild yam cream – btw it’s “Guy” and not “Mike” for anyone wanting to find the post.

    When I read the two studies on DHEA, I noticed the study that didn’t work was on pre-menopausal women and the study that did work was on post-menopausal…so I’m good there. I’ve actually tried DHEA before and while I did notice a slight increase in my libido – it wasn’t huge. Of note, I was only taking 25-50mg a day on my doctor’s recommendation and the study tested 300mg, so I’m considering slowly increasing my dose and trying it again-keeping in mind that it is a hormone- perhaps in conjunction with the wild yam cream.

    On a lighter note, I had to laugh when I read about the cream – if you’re a fan of “Sex in the City” movies, Samantha had to leave her cream at customs and started eating yams instead – it didn’t work for her, so I’m wondering if it would in real life? And keeping with that thought – are there any foods that contain DHEA? or would increase your bodies production naturally?

    Hope that’s not a silly question. I hate taking pills and would much rather eat my way back to healthy libido!!
    Thanks for the info Joe, will keep you posted :)

    • Joe says

      Melanie, rumor says yams have dhea, but i think this is a myth or if it does the level is very small. dhea is weird…it’s high in kids, goes low as we get older…but from birth to puberty, we make very little a i understand. why
      ..? i dont know.

      if you try it let me know how it goes.

  37. Barbara says

    On day 4 of trying Amberen. I may be nuts but I swear I’m in a MUCH better mood and feel energetic. Maybe it was the 2.5 mile walk I took this morning…quick question. I’m almost 53 and 16 months without a period. Amberen won’t cause them to start up again, will it? Also, I take soy products to keep the hot flashes at bay.

    Do I need to stop those or wean off of them as the Amberen starts to do it’s thing? Any problem taking both Amberen and soy products like Estroven? Many thanks. Helpful website.

    • Joe says

      Barbabra, Ive never heard that amberen causes periods to start back up again. i dont know if you have to stop your other supplements. in theory amberen should do it all but i dont know if thats true or not. maybe some women can give some guidance on this…

      glad your feeling great today:)

  38. lisa says

    Just sat listening to the long drawn out sales pitch which ended in –no it’s not really “free” – you have to pay for the 2nd and 3rd month to get a “free” month.

    When I nicely said I was expecting the first month free and then I’d decide, the lady hung up on me. That says a lot about the company.

  39. Kathy says

    Hi Joe, Thanks for this site – I have been trying to read everything possible about Amberen and have found that most threads end several years back with no recent postings.

    I’m 58, been in pretty much “full blown” menopause since I was 50 – eight very long years. I have a strong history of breast cancer in my family (Mom and sister) so I have avoided any kind of estrogen replacement like the plague, even down to avoiding soy products, virtually anything that mimicked estrogen in my system.

    I took it for 4 days and had a dull headache at night and it seemed like my hot flashes at night were getting more intense. I had read somewhere that these things sometimes get worse before they get better.

    This morning I woke up with intense nausea. I searched and searched and found nausea listed as a side effect for Amberen on one site.

    I did not take another dose today and the nausea continues this evening. This is something, unlike the hot flashes, that I cannot wait out to see if it gets better, so I will discontinue use completely.

    Like so many, I had HUGE hopes for this product and am devastated that it did not.

    I’d be interested to hear if anyone else experienced feeling nauseous as well.

  40. Jenn says

    I have been interested in this product but always skeptical with what I put in my body. I have been done with meno since age 40 – no symptoms other than weight gain… Ugh – hate this!

    Now turning 50 this year I’m really frustrated with belly fat and am thankful for all your comments. Guess I still have more research to do, right? My concern was why only the weight gain symptom and could there b something really wrong with me?

    Doc says to count my blessings but wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same? Oh, Oh, I have noticed my sense of smell doesn’t seem as great as it use to be and I’ve found that is could be a lack of zinc?

    Also found weight gain can b due to lack of zinc too? Is this why the zinc in Amberen? Maybe I should just stay OFF the Internet… Lol. Advice? Ahhhh….

  41. Dana says

    Hello again,
    Well I said I would give an update and here it is. I bought RU-21(I can’t find just succinic acid if anyone has a source). It has succinic acid plus some vitamins. I started taking them about 3 weeks before my normal symptoms.

    To my surprise I noticed a big difference in many of them. My heart goes crazy for about 7 days. Starting off slow and then I have continuous misbeats. During that time I have night sweats that are so heavy that the trickling of the sweat wakes me up from the tickle and then I would have chills. Those are the two that most disturb me besides not having a sex drive.

    Well, I am pleased to announce that I truly noticed a big decrease in both the sweats and heart flutters. The sweats woke me up I think two times which normally keeps me from almost sleeping for several days.

    I slept so much better which may be another symptom it helped that I chalked up to the sweating. I still did sweat because the sheets were damp but not nearly as bad and not enough for me to wake up or have the chills that normally follow.

    The heart flutters I started noticing and was expecting severe flutters as usual and I am happy to say that they started normally (which is a couple of times an hour) and never got as bad as they do (which is so constant that it is all I can think about).

    They, in fact, less than what they are at the beginning. They still lasted as long but never (or even close) to the norm. They were less than what they are at the beginning.

    If they are the only benefits I get from this, I would be very happy. I hope that with continued use, other symptoms will improve. I hope this helps. If you have a source for the succinic acid, please post it. Most sites say they have it but then are out of stock.

    P.S. This is not a placebo effect. It really is helping.

  42. Colean says

    I took the product for 3 months. Within 3 days all hot flashes and night sweats were gone!! When I completed the 3 months and was off 1 week they were back. I took another 3 months and this time I didn’t get the hot flashes back after going off.

    Also, seem to have more energy and better moods. Of course, when you are up all night sweating ect., it makes for bad moods!! I did not have any change in my weight while on the product.

    I am gonna try the Succinic Acid if I have any additional hot flashes.

  43. Diane says

    Joe, 2 months ago I posted that I would give you feedback after taking the succini acid. Well as of today I am still having difficulty finding it. Isn’t suggestions? I will give you that feedback once I find some to order. Thanks for the support


    • Joe says

      Hi Diane, thats interesting. your right i dont see much on amazon either. if you Google “buy succinic acid” different sites do pop up. at this point i dont know if one brand is better than another.

  44. Barbara says

    Hi, I’m back after initially posting on day three of using Amberen. I have taken it for almost a month now, and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. I still have occasional hot flashes and something akin to night sweats – can’t really call them that anymore, but the symptoms have been reduced DRAMATICALLY.

    Six to eight intense hot flashes per day have become 1-2, and they are shorter in duration and less intense. Waking up drenched 3-4 times per night has now become waking up just hot — throw the covers off hot — (not sweating) only once a night.

    I can’t tell you what a difference this has made in my life. I am happy, I feel good, I have energy…also have about 20 pounds to lose, but I feel confident the increased energy will keep me motivated to exercise, and the weight will come with discipline.

    Thanks very much for this website, Joe. It’s nice to be able to read what other women are going through and share information. You are providing a valuable service with your website, and I appreciate you!

  45. Angie says

    Just wanted to say that Ambren has really helped me. I am now 50 years old, but I started taking Amberen last year. I took it for a couple of months and my menopause symptoms disappeared for over six months.

    I am now taking it again for a couple of months, and then stop to see how long this will last. I am very happy with Amberen, and I have not experienced any side effects.

  46. Ruth says

    Hi – Regarding succinic acid, I called Nutricology, and they have stopped manufacturing it due to low sales unfortunately. I just ordered the RU-21, which has a 200 mg. of succinic acid, and will repost with the results in a few months.

    • Joe says

      Ruth, thats fascinating! Im sure somebody will fill the void if succinic acid for menopause gets more popular. yes let me know how it goes for you!

  47. Tracy says

    Hi Joe,

    Do you, or any of the readers here, know of a reputable place to purchase succinic acid in Australia?


    • Joe says

      Tracy, Im not sure about Australia, did you check amazon or ebay? A lot of people are asking about this lately.

      BTW, I like that email address of yours 😉

  48. Jami says

    I have been looking for Succinic Acid and every supplier online is out. Must be good stuff if they can’t keep it stocked.
    Any help to find this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Joe says

      Jami, good question, I hope to get to vitamin shoppe today and will ask them if they have any insights on where to get succinic acid.

  49. Dana says

    Well Joe, month 2 on the RU-21 and I am getting relief. The RU-21 is getting more expensive and getting harder to find though. This month I had no night sweats but still the heart misbeats. If you remember right, I couldn’t find just plain succinic acid so I went to RU-21. Still cheaper than the other because it has a two month supply in a bottle of 120.

    • Joe says

      Dana, yes i remember and glad its helping. where do you get it from. a lot of other people are having trouble getting succinic acid

  50. Tracy says

    “Tracy, I’m not sure about Australia, did you check amazon or ebay? A lot of people are asking about this lately.

    BTW, I like that email address of yours 😉 ”

    Cheers for the email compliment, Joe~ and yes, I’ve looked everywhere here- but AU is far stricter than the US where drugs are concerned (any sort ) & it may be our supply/demand ratio just doesn’t warrant it being shipped here? However, if I can find it there, I can have a friend ship it to me.

    Also- with regards to the RU-21…has it been clarified absolutely that this product does contain succinic acid, and if so, how much?

    Thanks all!

    • Joe says

      Tracy, Id assume that RU-21 has succinic acid. I have not yet looked at it but like the results women say they are having with it.

    • Joe says

      I went to vitamin shoppe today and asked them about succinic acid and they never heard of it which i was surprised. I have no idea why people are having such a hard time finding it. Ill check GNC next and see if they can shed light on this.

  51. Rose says

    I just recently saw a commercial for Amberen and I read all these reviews from your readers. I guess I’m the odd ball so, here’s my question to readers out there.. I am on Hormone Therapy, I take premarin, I went on HT 6 months ago because my symptoms were horrible (vertigo, night sweats, weight gain, tired, no libido, dryness and intense hot flashes every 15 min, miserable with no sleep)

    After 2 increases in dosage, I’m finally sleeping and not dripping in sweat. So if I take this product do I stop the HT?

    I want a natural therapy, Ive heard of Bio-Identical hormone therapy, any one familiar with advice? I’m worried about breast cancer, but if I miss a dose with premarin just once, I pay for it! I recently felt relieved after 30 days of premarin increase dose, but now I feel my body has decided it wants another increase! 5 days ago I started waking up with intense sweating.

    I had a partial hyst 5 yrs ago. Any help would be appreciated. ~ Rose

    • Joe says

      Rose, I’m pretty sure your gynecologist is familiar with Amberen – and succinic acid – so why dont you mention it to hum/her and see what they think? print up my review for them just in case so the can see the ingredients.

  52. Jami says

    Joe, RU21 has 200mg of SA. has it the cheapest 4.32 for 20 tablets. Amazon has them too.
    I just purchased some and will be here tomorrow. Will check back with results in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck! Thank you so much for your hard work!

  53. Jan says

    Hi Joe,
    I read your Amberen review and all the comments. Very helpful. Due to cost issues, I became very interested in the less expensive succinic acid supplement.

    I ordered it from an online supplier but my order was canceled and i got a refund credited to my account before i knew anything about it. Now i can’t find it anywhere and was even told by one supplier that they were no longer producing it. What is going on, and do you know where i might purchase succinc acid?

  54. Jan says

    Guess I should have read some of the more recent comments regarding difficulty in finding succinic acid. In looking for it online, i came across some information regarding its use as a biofuel.

    Is it possible that succinic acid is being hoarded for other purposes? I have also read that it may require a prescription now but have found nothing providing a definite answer.

    • Joe says

      Jan, Ive wondered the same thing from time to time. Im sure people in the US dont need a prescription for succinic acid because its in Amberen and no prescription is needed for that.

  55. Jan says

    Thanks for the info Joe. I was able to find the RU 21 on amazon. Here is the link for 120 tablets at $20.99.

    Regarding the shortage of succinic acid, as I mentioned before, there may be some hoarding going on. There has been mention on the net about a few companies being granted tens of millions for the increased production of succinic acid.

    The product seems to be going viral for reasons other than as a menopause supplement. I also found mention of its use in treating Autism, which may explain why it is not available at supplement shops any longer; wouldn’t want to interfere with giant pharmaceutical companies now would we.

    Anyway, wish me luck in my quest to regulate my peri-menopausal body.

  56. Margie Love says

    My thoughts r that if this product did e erything it claims to do, every woman on the face of the earth would b taking it.

  57. Dana says

    Joe, it is also used in weightlifting. When I tried finding it a couple of months ago, you seemed skeptical that I couldn’t find it. Well now we are learning why.

    The RU-21 has 100% Vit C, 500% Vit B2, 500% B6, 250 mg L-Glutamic Acid HCL, 200 mg Succinic Acid, 75 mg Fumaric Acid, 30 mg L-cysteine, 20 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid in every 2 tablets.

    Since it is for helping with alcoholic beverages, I am assuming that there are liver healthy supplements in it. When I looked up the ingredients, they did seem to be good for the liver. It has a higher dose for the alcohol than for the menopause. I feel like I am getting a better deal with these as I am receiving supplements that are needed for my liver problems (and whose liver this day and age doesn’t need a boost?)

    I hope this helps answer any questions to what it has in it. I have taken them for 2 months now with great results. I have searched everywhere for just the succinic acid including GNC and it’s a no go. Hope the RU-21 helps.

    • Joe says

      Dana, thanks for saying all that. Ive never heard of succinic acid for weight lifting but yes, this all seems to help explains why people are having trouble getting it.

  58. Tammy says

    Hi, I have been doing some research and working with a Naturopath for my menopause. I am 44 and went into menopause at 38. Not peri – menopause. I am taking HRT but am working toward natural remedies but starting so early I felt I had to do something. I have gained 40 pounds in 4 years and CANNOT get the weight off.

    I have full blown symptoms all the time so I looked into Amberen and found this website. I asked my naturopath about it and she suggested I hold off and try Estrovera (Siberian Rhubarb) first. Have you any information about this product? I am leery because of the link to estrogen (albeit natural) and I was really excited by the results people in this blog have seen.

    Has anyone tried Estrovera? How does it relate to Amberen? Thank you.

  59. Susan B says

    I just got my RU-21 in the mail today after reading this flurry of comments and ordering from Amazon.

    I found your article searching for Amberen after hearing a commercial on the radio. They talked about it helping with hot flashes and balancing hormones, and stated something along the lines of it helping to lose stubborn belly fat. The reason being that until your hormones are in balance it would be near impossible to lose the belly fat. It made sense when I heard it.

    Of course, like many in this thread, the Amberen seems so expensive to try, so I am starting with the RU-21. After 11 years of hot flashes I was just about to give in to HRT.

  60. Jane says

    After being on a hormone patch for several years with great results, I decided to try Amberen. I ordered the 3 month supply. After taking it for about 2 weeks I developed INTENSE hot flashes which I never had while using the patch.

    I called and spoke with the Amberen nurse who instructed me to double the amount of Amberen I was taking. After only a few days of the double dose, the hot flashes intensified incredibly.

    The third month went in the trash and I am happily back on the low dose patch with great results. This stuff certainly does do something to your hormones, and for me it was a total nightmare and waste of $100. Don’t wast the time and money!

  61. Jenn says

    I have been experiencing all of the symptoms of perimenopause and I’ve been taking Amberen for the “test” period now (3 months). While it has eliminated my nighttime hot flashes, reduced my cramping during my periods, and I have had overall “mood” improvement, I have not lost any weight, especially not “belly fat” as promised.

    Though I did not make the decision to invest in this product solely because of this advertising claim, it would have been very nice to have experienced this benefit.

    I will NOT be spending another $100 on this product because I have researched the ingredients and believe that I can more economically obtain key ingredients as individual supplements.

  62. Teri says

    I took Amberen for 9 days my sweating had worsen.
    So I doubled the dose it been 9 days now, The sweating
    seems to be improving now.

    Still waiting to see how well I improve. I have had to leg cramps the last to nights
    in a row. Not sure why only thing new is the doubling of

  63. Mickey says

    @Teri – you may want to try drinking more water for the leg cramping, maybe the Amberen is dehydrating.

    @Joe – Thanks for your blog. I am 53 and in full menopause for the last 3 years – I started my hot flashes @ 35 so its been a long hot road. Like everyone else I was thinking of Amberen as a solution, glad i found your blog. I decided to order the RU-21 that Dana recommended and have started these today – will post in a few weeks with progress report.

  64. Gail Smith says

    Thanks for the information. I have not purchased Amberen yet but, your information helped me steer away from this product. At the current time I have been taking another “all natural product” that you put at the back of your arm, groin,or neck rotating sites daily. (morning and night) No site effects are noted. my hot flashes and night sweats have ended. I have been taking this product for one year. It is a prescription that you have to purchase from a pharmacy, ($25.00) a month) well spent. The product name is “Progesterone”. You will have a one month supply that will have too purchase each month. Hope this information helps you. I am currently 57 years old.

  65. Terri says

    Just wanted to chime in on this. I suffered MAJOR hot flashes and sleep problems after a hysterectomy. I did find that progesterone cream (a small amount rubbed into my inside wrists daily) helped with the sleeplessness. But, the hot flashes were awful.

    My doctor suggested that I try an inexpensive ($1/month) old blood pressure med called IC Clonidine. I am taking the smallest dose, and it has been a MIRACLE. I had mild hypertension, and it brought that under control, as well as all but ending my hot flashes. I still get them if I lay off the Clonidine, so I know it continues to help.

    I do want to warn you that the Clonidine had some pretty debilitating side effects for a couple of months until I adjusted. It made me very dizzy and sleepy about an hour after taking it. They do have a patch for higher doses for this reason, to level out the absorption.

    You can purchase the progesterone cream OTC for about $20 a jar – will last a very long time.

  66. Valerie says

    Great research on this product, Thank You!
    I’m a Natural Health Consultant and I think the weight loss factor with this product comes from the ingredients, magnesium, zinc, and glycine, all of which help with insulin resistance and balancing blood sugar levels.

    So perhaps for some people, there is enough of these ingredients in the formula to make a difference (balancing blood sugar will help get rid of belly fat). Overall, there are many more affordable ways to accomplish this however. I’m not a fan of the ingredients in the product.

  67. Angela says

    I was not sure I wanted to spend all the $ on the Amberen website and bought an unopened box on EBay. In less than 5 days, I knew I had to have Amberen for the rest of my perimenopause years! I take one dose each morning, now for about 6 weeks, and I have no hot flashes. I was having up to 30 per day, and night sweats were preventing a good night’s sleep.

    About a week ago, in the early afternoon, I started to feel a hot flash coming on. Sure enough, I checked my daily pill box, and I had not taken my meds that day, including the Amberen. I’m sold on it. Just had blood work this week – bad cholesterol is low, good cholesterol is high, total cholesterol 190, sugar and all other levels in the desired range. I take meds for hypertension, and my BP is fine with the addition of Amberen.

    My doctor was putting me on sleep meds that knocked me out for 14 hrs at a time and adjusting other meds to reduce the intensity of the hot flashes – nothing was working. I was changing diet drastically, and I hated avoiding caffeine, spicy foods, hot drinks. This is a godsend. Try it.

  68. Jackie B says

    Why on Earth is anybody paying this much money for this imposter crap? Why wouldn’t you take bio-identical that cost much less and work better? Something that was made to be bio-identically the same as what my body produces. Bio-identicals THAT WERE MADE FOR MY SYSTEM, after getting MY blood tested to find out the levels that I currently have and what is right for my body. I feel this is the best way since no two women are alike. The bio-identicals have gotten my levels up to what mine should be. Now, THAT is a Godsend!

    • Joe says

      Jackie, I think one issue with this is finding a doctor who specializes in bio-indentical hormone replacement therapy. If I understand this therapy correctly the hormones are extracted from plants, not people, making them more bio-similar than bio-identical. Glad they are working for you. I dont see much proof for them in medical journals. if you have any I would appreciate it if you would show me because its not an area Ive paid a lot of attention to.

  69. debbie says

    Amberen DOES NOT work, my hot flashes, increased just around my 30 days of use and it was to late to take advantage of the trial offer, so they went into the trash! I am back on the FDA approved medicine for menopause.
    I would not recommend this product unless you have $ to throw away.
    Thanks for reading my comment, Deb

  70. Laura says

    I started Amberen in mid-August and lasted only 5 days because of 2 side effects. Day 5 I must have taken it a little too late after my meal because I developed severe stomach pain, nausea, chills and fever. I thought I was coming down with the flu, or maybe a touch of West Nile.

    Researched both and decided it wasn’t either. Then I remembered I had the exact same symptoms years ago from taking meds that were hard on my stomach. My bad for taking them a little too late after a meal, but I had such a reaction that I did NOT want to experience that again. The next day I was fine but I could not sleep that entire night due to the side effects.

    The other thing that happened was I became constipated after the 1st day, and that lasted until a day or two after I stopped taking them.

    Sadly, I didn’t stay on them long enough to see whether they worked, although I will say I think my night sweats weren’t so sweaty. Did nothing for the few hot flashes I get every morning like clockwork but I honestly didn’t expect a miracle after only 5 days.

    So back they go. Hoping I don’t get burned with the refund since the return package was postmarked only 24 days after they originally shipped them to me. I will update back on that.

  71. Melody says

    Does the RU-21 work? I take black cohosh pills & evening primrose pills together. I still have “flashes” but not as badly. The weight gain is really bothersome.

  72. Tracy says

    Susan B (posted here on 20 July)- does the RU-21 help you? It’s been weeks since you said you were going to try it- I sure wish people would report back!!


  73. suzzette Bartell says

    I definitely have noticed a reduction of hot flashes. I am gonna keep using it. I have noticed however that I am always thirsty. Perhaps it will get me to drink more water. Wish me luck, thanks

  74. Terry says

    I found your review about a month ago, and after reading, I bought the RU-21 and it has been amazing. The hot flashes have reduced to maybe one a day (from 10-12/day) I’m very happy I found this site.

    BTW-I just ran across a reference to succinic acid being the byproduct of destructive distillation of destructive fossilized amber.

  75. KATIE says

    I took Amberen for about 6 weeks. I didnt notice any effects good or bad and I was mainly taking it for weight loss. I went to my doctor with symptoms of severe arm weakness, numbness and tingling and general malaise. She did blood tests and my CPK was over 1700. Normal CPK is less than 200.

    I went on to have a full work up for all normal possible causes of elevated CPK including a trip to the ER as recommended by two doctors who were treating me and were alarmed at how elevated my CPK was. I suspected the Amberen may be causing the problem and noticed that one of the women taking it experienced similar symptoms in her legs.

    I had repeat blood work about 10 days after I stopped taking the amberen and everything was normal and my symptoms are gone. I have been an RN for 25 yrs and am normally very healthy. I am sure that the Amberen caused this problem.

  76. Cori says

    I appreciate everyone’s feedback and have read every comment. I want to share my experience in hopes that it will help someone else.

    I just broke the plastic seal on the next 2 boxes of Amberen. I feel wonderful. I have had low blood sugar for as long as I can remember and started perimenopause a couple of years ago.

    I feel more confident and less irritable. I feel a little bit more energetic. I have not experienced any weight loss and don’t expect to until I start a regular exercise routine.
    The hot flashes associated with perimenopause have ceased after the first month and my blood sugar has stabilized.

    I also have a condition called PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and would like feedback from anyone else that knows of natural herbs to treat symptoms associated with this.

    I saw the doctor a few weeks ago and my blood pressure has dropped. It used to be 122/82 and is now 112/70.
    I understand that not every supplement works for everyone and I sure hope that everyone can find the right combination for them.

    Thanks for the research Joe!

  77. simply me says

    I have been reading your blog and am confused. What is
    RU-21 the only thing i can find is a pill that helps for hangovers- what does that have to do with menopause conditions? Am I missing something?

    • Joe says

      Simply me, not at all, let me try to explain whats going on… When I reviewed Amberen, I noted that the research – all of it – was conducted on only a single ingredient called succinic acid. I therefore claimed that succinic acid was the main ingredient in Amberen that worked. There is no research on Amerben itself – the research is only on succinic acid and menopause symptoms.

      After that, women reported that they were having trouble finding a succinic acid supplement. After some searching, they then said that they found succinic acide listed in another product called RU-21. RU-21 is marketed to help hangovers. I don’t know if it helps hangovers or not but RU-21 has succinic acid. So some women, who don’t want to pay all the money for Amberen are opting to try RU-21 instead.

      Hope that clears things up.

  78. Laura says

    Just wanted to let everyone know I received a very speedy refund when I sent the 2 sealed boxes back. They probably refunded the same day they received it or the next day. So I am happy about that.

  79. Chris says

    When I first read information on this blog on the clinical studies for Amberen it scared the heck out of me. I work in the biotech industry so I don’t take this lightly. I decided to do my own research and here’s what I found so far:

    Eugene I. Maevsky is a prominent Russian physician and biochemist. He is the Russian scientist who created Amberen. His main areas of specialization include: hypoxic conditions, physiology of adaptations to extreme conditions and environments (hypoxia, ischemia, hibernation, extreme physical exercises). His awards include the Russian State Prize, the Mechnikov Medal “For Contributions to Preservation of National Health” (2000), and the “Calling” Award (2002), presented by the Ministry of Health for fundamental contributions to health research.

    Mayevsky is the principal inventor of Perftoran, a blood substitute, one of only three recognized artificial blood substitutes on the world market.

    He was also one of the principal developers of Amberen, a succinate-based compound used for treatment of symptoms of menopause.

    He currently serves as a Deputy Director of Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of Russian Academy of Sciences.

  80. Chris says

    A succinate-based composition reverses menopausal symptoms without sex hormone replacement therapy.
    Maevsky EI, Peskov AB

    Abstract: Menopausal transition is often accompanied by a variety of adverse pathological symptoms, currently treated with hormone replacement therapy, which is associated with a number of health risks. This report investigated the role of a food supplement–a composition of energy-exchange metabolites, with succinate as the main component–for treating menopausal syndrome. We studied the impact of a 4-week succinate-based food composition (SBC) treatment on the estral cycle, and bone mass and calcium content of aging mice. The impact of SBC on hormone levels and on the progression of several neurovegetative and psycho-emotional symptoms was further investigated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study of early menopausal women. Data were collected from questionnaires, Kupperman index scores, Spielberger-Hanin tests, and blood analysis of hormone levels taken at baseline and throughout the 5-week study. A “rejuvenating” effect of SBC on menopausal animals was observed, expressed as restoration of the estral cycle and an increase in the weight and calcium content of bone tissue. Furthermore, in the randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study in menopausal women, SBC-based monotherapy significantly lowered most subjectively evaluated characteristics of menopausal syndrome and increased blood serum levels of estradiol fourfold. This monotherapy also alleviated symptoms of some neurovegetative and psycho-emotional disorders, such as hot flushes, headache, and anxiety. Succinate-based therapy alleviated many biochemical symptoms of menopause in aging mice and early menopausal women, as well as neurovegetative and psycho-emotional disorders in women. Succinate-based therapy appeared to be free of adverse side effects.

  81. Debbi says

    I’m about 1/3 of the way through the third package. While (as someone noted above) I haven’t lost weight (nothing is that easy people…diet and exercise are still your best friend in that arena!), I have experienced a significant decrease in hot flashes and night sweats.

    I’ve also gotten rid of the ankle swelling that I’d had for the last couple of years. Hard to say whether it’s due to the Amberen or not, but if it is, I’m very appreciative.

  82. Anna Marie says

    I found this website after seeing the Amberin commercials. Looking for succinic acid or RU21, I was in Whole Foods and ended up buying “Transitions” herbal supplement for menopause…something else altogether.

    After 1+ bottle I felt I was gaining weight so quit immediately. Today I’m starting RU21.

    Joe, do you have any suggestions as to how much to take? I’ve started with one in the morning and one at night. Also, I’d appreciate followup from others who’ve started it. I will do the same. Thank you.

    • Joe says

      Anna Marie, Im not sure but maybe the ladies who are trying RU-21 have some idea of how much how much helped their menopause symptoms. I would say start with less than is recommended for the first week, just to see how you respond.

  83. Chris says

    Hi Joe,

    Regarding the clinical study for Amberen and what scared me: I bought the product and am taking it. My biggest concern was the lack of information on the clinical study that is available. Typically, when a company conducts a clinical trial it’s to prove safety first then efficacy. This also implies that the company is going to file with the FDA, not as a nutritional supplement but as a non-hormonal treatment for menopause.

    It’s obvious the company spends a lot of money on advertising but there is little information available to back up their claims and yet they use this in their marketing materials. It looked sketchy. I have access to several resources that the medical community uses and I really had to dig to find information and you’re right, the clinical study was based on an active ingredient (succinic acid), not Amberen.

    It was a very small, short term study, did not give dosing information or long term study results. The clinical trial was conducted in Russia, first in rats then in human and this is what they base all of their claims on. I have no issue with international studies, it is standard protocol for many drugs that are approved in the U.S. as long as the clinical data backs up their findings.

    What I found after researching succinic acid and the rest of the active ingredients the product is safe. This is a nutritional supplement, not a drug yet we are led to believe by their advertising statements and I quote “is an effective, all-natural solution for common menopause symptoms. Amberen is the only product clinically proven to promote weight loss during menopause without additional exercise or restrictive dieting. And with the 92.6% satisfaction rate” we are confident it will work for you!

    But, will it… Here’s my own case study.

    I am in the throws of peri-menopause and didn’t figure this out until August. I’ve been treated by naturopath for a year+. I was led to believe I had adrenal fatigue from high stress and burnout. I’ve been taking DHEA (10mg) and progesterone cream and Seriphos plus high doses of Vitamin B complex, D3, Fish oil supplements to treat the fatigue and “horrible” brain fog.

    In August I started getting hot flashes and night sweats. I realized I was misdiagnosed and started working with new ND and actively researched my treatment options. If menopause is individual and personalized for each woman then I would find out what works for me.

    Natural options time to work. I won’t take HRT, remember it’s personalized, so there’s my personal choice. After taking so darn many supplements, treating adrenal fatigue syndrome (burnout) for 8 months with no relief, my patience is non-existent, my business is suffering and I am desperate for relief.

    I prioritized which symptom was worst, and in order targeted my research on treatment options for each symptom. Here is magic formula that has worked for me:

    Amberen – for the first 30-days, I double up the dose then scaled back to the recommended dosing. You must be consistent and take it every morning. If you are sensitive to MSG, it will give you headaches. My results were significant finding it balances my blood sugar and has helped with memory and it works fast, within 2 weeks.

    Probiotic with acidophilus ExtraFlora 50B CFU from boosts my immune system, which helps with inflammation, increases serotonin which helps with sleep and B12 production.

    Maca 1000mg to 1500mg and Black Cohosh 80mg have significantly relieved brain fog and exhaustion/energy. I take these in the AM otherwise they disturb my sleep.

    Evening Primrose Oil daily and Fish oil at night has helped my skin breakouts on my chin. Both have cardiovascular and inflammation benefits.

    For sleep I’ve found Melatonin or Rescue Remedy Sleep and a warm bath with lots of Epsom salt works great. On nights when I’m really exhausted and nothing works Valerian does the trick. It can be habit forming so I only take it when I need it. I’ve added some to my bath water and that really works.

    I work out daily and am very active – I have for years. This is why I thought I had AFS, which I may, I think perimenopause is the culprit. If you want to keep the weight off you have to burn more calories than you are consuming.

    I reviewed my saliva tests and found that my cortisol levels were highest late at night which can be dangerous if not managed. I went back on Seriphos that I took to support my adrenals and found that it helps lower cortisol – translation it will help you lose weight. You lower your cortisol levels and you will lose belly fat. Nice benefit. Yes, it works. Be very careful, you can take this for 90-days maximum then you have to give your body a break. Do your research!!!

    There is a great book by Susan S. Weed called “New Menopausal Years, The Wise Woman Way”. She covers everything you can imagine and gives you options, explaining alternatives for you.

    Results to date – I no longer have night sweats. My hot flashes are so minimal they don’t bother me at all. The critical symptoms that led me to my own research and treatment are brain drain, exhaustion, burnout, tired all of the time, high stress, no energy is now manageable. I am back to 85%.

    I started with this treatment approach over Labor Day weekend and it is working for me! I noticed when I started taking Amberen and doubling up, initially, then scaling back to the recommended dose, my symptoms went away.

    I think the combination works for me, because Maca, Black Cohosh treat base levels of energy, exhaustion, brain fog and Seriphos resolves the cortisol imbalance; Probiotics, Vitamins/Minerals and EFA’s support my body since I probably wasn’t absorbing enough from my diet. I have always maintained a healthy diet but I know I wasn’t getting enough nutrients.

    All I can say is do your own research, find what works for you then stick with it. That’s the magic bullet, stay consistent once you find a formula that works for you. I, personally, like Amberen and believe some component in their active ingredients works with my body chemistry.

    I don’t want to cut something out, now that I’ve found a balance. If the symptoms start to flare up, I’ll readdress my options. Good luck everyone, I hope this helps.

  84. Tracy says

    I’d like to thank Chris for taking the time to give such a detailed rundown of her “run-down”.

    I feel like I have the same sort of thing happening- the pre-menopause, the fog, weight gain, horrible night sweats (so no sleep), etc…and have just had blood taken to look at thyroid. The Dr. mentioned adrenal fatigue as a possible cause as I had/have been in a very stressful situation for a few years now.

    I’m in Australia & have asked friends to order & send RU-21. Hopefully, it isn’t kicked out at customs…I’m really hopeful that it will do for me what it appears to do for others. As I start out, I’ll be extra sure to take doses religiously, every day, as has been stated here. All of the supplements Chris noted were also the ones I’ve found recommended through online research.

    If/when I get the RU-21 & start my own therapy, I’ll be sure to write back with the results (good or not-so-good). Wish me luck.

  85. Gina says

    After reading about succinic acid being the main ingredient in Amberen, I bought some on iherb .com dirt cheap and, though I didn’t really lose weight, I did find some perimenopause symptoms were relieved.
    Now, I cannot find it anywhere. It has been discontinued on and the company that made it, Nutracology, has expunged it from their web site completely.

    I am very suspicious that the makers of Amberen are behind this, unless they have been forced to change their formulation because of the unavailability of succinic acid.

    Just thought I’d let you know, since I found the information on your site very helpful when researching supplements.

    • Joe says

      Gina thanks and yes I did check Iherb also and noticed that the succinic acid product you mentioned was discontinued. I did see the anti-hangover supplement RU-21 though (it has succinic acid too) which some people say seems to help with menopause symptoms.

  86. Debbie says

    I am just ending my 2nd 90 cycle cycle of Amberen. I can tell you this for sure – it does stop the hot flashes, for that I am thankful. As for the claims of Amberen that it helps you lose “a lot of weight” and “stubborn belly fat” well all that is just hogwash and poppycock in my opinion!

    I have not lost a single pound (or inch) on this supplement – I don’t really sleep any better either, but I can honestly say I do not have hot flashes with this supplement, and the hot flashes stay gone for about 4 months after finishing a 90 day cycle of this product. For weight loss – diet and exercise – don’t rely on this product for weight loss – you will be disappointed.

    • Joe says

      Debbie, thanks for your insights – and for the confirmation on the so called weight loss effects. I’ve thought from the start that the makers of Amberen had lost their minds trying to pass it off as a weight loss supplement.

  87. Robin says

    I’ve taken Amberen for one and a half cycles. I found it works great for the hot flashes, which is the only reason I bought it. But, I have to take it every day. I stopped after the first 90 days and the hot flashes were back within 3 days. I am also taking it because I can’t take any HRT, black cohosh or soy because I had estrogen receptor positive breast cancer last year so can’t take anything that’s estrogenic. My oncologist looked at the ingredients and said none of them would hurt me. I may look at the RU 21, but for now I’m happy with Amberen.

  88. Tracy says

    Hello all,

    I’m interested in the succinic acid for hot flashes as well as the possible nice side effect of weight loss. I think that everyone is different, so one person may experience something that another doesn’t- we’ll see. I had to order it through a friend in the US & they are shipping it to me in AU.

    In the meantime- I thought I’d pass along something else to try- natural, no chemicals. I bought a liquid detox program from the chemist here. I have been reading that a lot of women going into menopause can suffer from adrenal fatigue. That might also explain the weight gain. Detoxing supposedly helps to relieve stress from the adrenal gland allowing it to rest & recover. You also have a senna tea which helps with regularity.

    The detox I’m using is basically tree syrup/oil (like a mix of palm & maple for energy), lemon juice, water, & a pinch of cayenne – 2 litres per day. I really haven’t been hungry. I drink plenty of water, as well. Which leads me to item 2-

    Diatomaceous earth. Google it. I now keep a water container with about 1-2 inches of DE at the bottom & fill it. The water remains cloudy but has no taste. I just refill as I drink it. I’m at the end of my detox (doing 10 days) so I started to add Ultramuscleze (magnesium + other good stuff) once a day to one glass of DE. You can also mix the DE directly into water & drink it (I do that too, but have to strain out the larger particles).

    Previous to starting the detox, I recently quit smoking (more weight gain) & I stopped all caffeine when I started detox. I did have a headache the next day- but it didn’t last (caffeine withdrawal, I believe).

    I am 7 days into the detox, 4 days into the DE, & have lost quite a bit of weight (including about half of my “6 months pregnant” belly). I don’t have a scale, but I can fit back into my smaller clothes. My night sweats are nearly gone. I have regained my energy & focus. I literally had no energy just last week & could not seem to hone in on anything. I had blood work done about two weeks ago that showed an ok thyroid- and I’m trying something natural vs. going to someone to test for adrenals. I feel good enough now to start my exercise routine again- which I have been doing since day 2.

    Anyway, so far, so good. I can get up out of bed in the morning- jump right up- no aches (my hips, lower back were killing me before too). My hair actually seems to have stopped falling out in clumps, as well. I though I’d pass this along to anyone willing to try something natural before getting on that big pharmaceutical treadmill where they start prescribing pills for the pills…yuck.

    The other part about the detox is that it can supposedly (in tandem with the DE) rapidly reduce high blood pressure & cholesterol.

    This isn’t a commercial- lol. It sounds like it as I just re-read it. All I know is the effect on me. Good luck & I’ll post again when I start taking the RU-21. Cheers!

  89. KIMBERLY says

    Wow, so many different opinions and such. I just turned 50 in Aug. and have been going full steam through Menopause. I get 10 to 15 Hot-flashes a day and become very dizzy afterward, night-sweats, grouchy, tired and heart palpitations. You name it, I got it. I can not go on any longer. I have no idea how women can continue through this without help?

    I had a Blood Clot after a knee reconstruction in 1990 so I can not go on HRT’s because of this. I have tried Black-CoHash with some relief, but not enough.

    I heard about Amberen on talk radio, so I was so there. Got my package in the mail on Saturday, so I will keep ya up-dated. I DID NOT get this product to lose weight, only to help with the menopausal symptoms, and if I do lose weight all the better!

  90. Linda says

    I just purchased Hemogenics from ebay, it’s a little cheaper than the RU-21. I’ll give review after a couple of weeks.

  91. KIMBERLY says

    Today is my 3rd day on Amberen and I have had only 1 hot flash so far today. By now I would have had at least 4 to 5! So far so good. Feeling good, more energy too! I can’t believe it is working so fast. I even noticed when I do have a hot flash, it doesn’t last as long! Thank-The Good Lord for Relief!

  92. KIMBERLY says

    Day 5 on Amberen, My hot flashes are so few, that when I have one, I wonder if I am just hot and not Flashing! lol…..

    I am in no way affiliated with this company, I just wanted to let everyone know that it really is working for me!

    I see many posts on how people are mixing this and trying that because of cost, but in my eyes, I would rather leave it to the Chemist with or without Trial Studies. After all is said and done, the cost is the least of my worries, especially when it is working for me. I would pay much more to get relief from this menopause thing!

  93. Anne Marie says

    Thanks for all the comments, I have been struggling wit these issues for several years now. My cousin is having good luck with Amberen, so that is why I am researching it. Want to try RU-21, but with the recent meningitis scare with the compounding facility in MA, I am wondering if it’s possible to get more info on where and how the products are made. I’m now nervous about taking supplements that don’t go thru the oversight process.

    • Joe says

      Anne Marie, great question! I looked at their website and it didnt give much info about where RU21 is made. I only saw this contact information Spirit Sciences USA, Inc. TEL: 310.568.1030. I didnt see a specific address. Give them a call and ask. let me know what you turn up.

  94. Marina says

    I am 44 and in the very early stages of peri-menopause and I am having irregular periods (about 2 a month). I have been taking Amberen for 1 month, and I feel less bloated, but I have been spotting for over a week now and wondering if my full period is coming.. I am also experiencing more gas and sometimes diarrhea. I don’t know if these are side effects of Amberen.

  95. michelle says

    I just took my first dose of RU21. Then I read the last couple of posts! That is where I got mine as well. Should I be worried? My flashes are so severe, I’m not getting much sleep. I’m waking up 6+ times a night and having to go outside in the cold or get an ice pack and them I’m wet and freezing!! GRRrr.

    Of course then it takes time to get back to sleep so 4-6 hrs is usual. I’m pretty tired and cranky, but meningitis would be a lot worse. I will try to post back and let you know how RU21 is working for me.

    • Joe says

      Michelle, if it makes you feel any better, its only been one compounding pharmacy that has been linked to meningitis. Im sure they dont make RU21 – and they have been shut down. Im not aware of any supplement ever causing meningitis.

  96. Ann says

    Joe, thanks for all the info.
    A question: do you know if it is ok to take Amberen or RU21 along with atenelol? I take 25 mg daily for PSVT, due to a congenital heart defect (my heart will beat irregularly on occasion without it). My PSVT has never been a huge issue, and I actually tend to have low blood pressure. Thanks!

    • Joe says

      Ann, good question and Im not sure. I am not aware of any side effects with Amberen and I have not yet had a chance to investigate RU21

  97. Judy says

    Any safety issues around succinic acid? I found one product on Amazon, but it doesn’t show the label
    It’s a bit pricey I might add. I went right to the manufacturer’s website, and they have more pricing options, as well as 25 and 100 mg. strengths.

    Regarding black cohosh, in Remifemin, it has been studied for menopausal symptoms, but I found something something on the Mayo Clinic website about dangerous blood pressure and circulatory changes after reading someone’s “comment” on Amazon. I have taken black cohosh before without any adverse effects, but that was several years ago, and I have borderline to high blood pressure.

    • Joe says

      Judy, Ive never seen any side effects with succinic acid. On some other websites they talk about how it might cause diarrhea, constipation, stomach upset, nausea and darkened or green stools. I cant confirm or deny any of this and they dont show any proof of it so take it for what its worth.

      Black cohosh has been controversial in come circles and I think if you take it, its best to keep in contact with your gynocologist who is likely up on all the latest research.

    • Joe says

      Judy, interesting. they say their form of succinic acid can cause the depletion of minerals. in theory this might alter heart rate and blood pressure among other things. That may be why they say talk to your doctor. they also say its been used safely since the 1950s. if that is true then succinic acid is classified as “GRAS” which means generally recognized as safe (its a term used for things that have been in the food supply for at least 50 yrs). Im not sure if Amberen has this same type of succinic acid or not. I dont remember seeing any warnings like this on the Amberen website. Best I can say is do what they recommend and talk to your doctor before you use it.

  98. Cheryl says

    I am an Amberen success story. My menopause symptoms (hot flashes, heart palps, trouble sleeping etc.) started when I was 57. I tried Estrodial and Progesterone (bio-identical) and had trouble with spotting and little relief from other symptoms. Long/short, I went on Amberen and forgot I was in menopause.

    I am now post-menopause and have no symptoms without Amberen. In fact, I found it was time to go off it when taking it caused symptoms. The nice customer support people told me that perhaps I didn’t need it anymore. I don’t. That’s also the nice thing about Amberen–it was never intended to be something you have to take forever.

    Because I am very inquisitive, I sent an email to one of the Russian scientists. He was very helpful and interesting. I may have burned that bridge, though, from too much inquiry, because he did refer me to one of their other experts for help. I have a high level of respect for this company and the people who work there.

  99. Rose says

    A couple years ago, I tried Amberen. After several weeks, I experienced no change or relief in symptoms (hot flashes) and so doubled the dosage as instructed. Several weeks later, I developed cracked, peeling lips and cracks in the corners of my mouth that were painful and would not heal. The only thing I could attribute to it was using Amberen as that was the only change in anything I was taking and I had never had this before. I stopped Amberen.

    The painful cracks continued and I ended up having to go to the doctor to get a steroid cream, which eventually cleared it up. A year later I went to a HRT specialist who put me on bio-identical hormones (all menopause symptoms have been relieved with this) who said Amberen is basically junk. Additionally, Amberen did NOTHING for weight loss. I wholeheartedly do NOT recommend Amberen for anyone.

    • chi says

      It is possible, some needed nutrients were lowered, in your system, by taking Amberen.
      Or it could be a coincidence.

      One can take certain herbs, noted for wonderful results, and get similar symptoms–like using cayenne pepper for pain. It is, in Chinese medicine, a ‘heating’ herb, which increases Yang energy [hot, dry]. If one uses it too long, [varies per person] they can get the kind of cracks around the corners of the mouth as you mention, and cracks at fingertips/corners of nails, etc.

      The conditions usually mend in days, when the cayenne is stopped, or, if it is well-balanced with other herbs taken in a synergistic mix.

      Not knowing if/how/which ingredient[s] in Amberen might have caused this, it is hard to say why or what to do about it.

      Normally, i would suggest using a nutritive good oil, such as virgin coconut oil [nutritive, non-staining, easily available], on the cracked skin, to help it heal.
      Some have opened high-dose Vit. D3 caplets and put that oil onto the sore spots.

      The question is, what nutrients were lowered in your system. Without knowing that, it is difficult to say what might help you get better.

      But there are some general things just about anyone can use:

      Good fatty acids, such as therapeutic amounts of DHA fish oils, virgin coconut oil, virgin palm oil, Mt. Capra Mineral Whey, Vit. D3, etc.

      A good lot of the causes for menopausal symptoms [and other ills/ailments], can be related to imbalances in nutritional elements, either by failing to consume them, or being unable to absorb or use them; consuming unhealthy foods/drinks; unresolved stress; exposure to unhealthy environs; sleep deprivation; etc.

      When we learn the root causes for any problem, finding a solution is far more effective than any ‘band aid measure’! Unfortunately, our society is long on band-aids, and short on finding root causes.

      Band-aid measures are far more lucrative.

    • Theresa says

      I have been taking Amberen for 6 weeks now, doubling the dose as directed when I had no change in my symptoms as well. I think I am going to stop taking it. I have an odd salty taste in my mouth, pretty much constantly, but no sinus issues or post nasal drip that I can attribute it to.

      I work in an air conditioned environment, but experience drenching sweats 6-8 times a day. I am still not sleeping more than 6 hours a night, and that is interrupted by the night sweats, so I feel pretty miserable.

      I have called and spoken to the nurse, explaining the continued symptoms, but she seemed patronizing, and asked what I expected from the product (pretty much what they advertised!). Anyway, I am very disappointed, and feel it was a waste of $100.00. I am happy to hear it helps some, but I would not recommend it to anyone.

      • says

        I’m with you, sister. My experience is the same, plus, now I am having gallbladder pain, which I never had. I believe Amberen is a hoax and quite possible injurious to those of us who take/took it!

  100. Karen says

    Heard a commercial about Amberen helping with hot flashes, night sweats and weight gain, which I had all three. Started taking it in September. Started just taking 1 dose for a few weeks which did help with the hot flashes and night sweats, but NOT the weight loss.

    Doubled the dose after that, but still NO weight loss.

    I never had a weight problem until I started going through menopause and I thought Amberen would help since the commercial says helps with getting rid of that belly fat women get during menopause.

    Another thing when the commercial says you get a 30 day free trial – that is false. You don’t get 30 days free unless you buy the 90 day packet.

  101. Lesley says

    I’ve been using Amberen for about 45 days. It relieves my night sweats almost completely, I don’t yet have hot flashes. In that time I’ve forgotten to take it a few times and all my symptoms coming roaring back at an alarming rate. Which makes me really nervous about taking a break. I have noticed weight loss, a lessening of appetite and less “yo-yo-ing” on the scale…once I lose it it seems to stay gone, so far. It seems to do what it advertises, at least for me.

  102. PJ says

    I’ve been on Amberen since Oct. 29th. Had to increase to double dose in week 3 for 2 weeks as recommended. I have had an “off” feeling every since being on this product. I cannot articulate the feeling.

    It’s just a feeling of something is “off” not right inside me. It did reduce hot flashes, mood swings, but I have had a sudden hypersensitivity to sound, touch. And teeth sensitivity has heightened. I was told that menopause can cause this too.

    Anyhow, was wondering if anyone had experienced the hypersensitive symptoms. When a dog barks it sends a chill up my spine from the piercing sound. I also can barely open an envelope with a letter opener.

    Closest description is like when someone runs their fingernails across a chalk board. Sends a chill up my spine. Now I did start acupuncture (never did this before) the same time I started Amberen for Restless Legs Syndrome. I’m giving that up because cannot afford it and not sure if it’s helping or not.

    I’m ready to get an Rx (another one) for RLS and blasted anxiety. I feel like I’m on the verge of a constant PANIC attack. Best description is feeling like you’re entire body has been turned inside out with all nerve endings exposed.

    Anyhow, just wondering if anyone else has just felt like you were internally “off” on edge just not right. I think I’m going to stop it after 5 weeks. $100 down the drain.

    • chi says

      That sensitivity sounds like it might be related to minerals being depleted, or other nutrients being low.
      There are various supplements that do a great job of supplementing minerals, including sea veggies [kelp], Mezotrace minerals [for those who can’t tolerate the iodine levels in kelps], and Mt. Capra Mineral Whey.

      • Tonya says

        Chi, you seem to have it figured out. Are you a holistic practioner? I’m asking, because if you are, I wondered if I might contact you for help. I am all about holistic/natural remedies. I’m no expert on Amberen. I have never tried it. Just heard about it on the radio and thought I’d read some reviews to see what real people had to say about it. I do know that MSG which is in Amberen is NOT GOOD for anyone. Why would they put something like that in it?

        Anyway….. I have hypothyroidism as well as other “chronic” issues that “mainstream” just isn’t resolving. Now I am peri-menopausal which is making everything almost unbearable at times. PJ, above mentioned just about how I feel 90 % of the time. Hypersensitive, can’t deal with noises or crowds or really the least little thing. I too feel that I’m on the verge of a CONSTANT PANIC ATTACK. It’s awful.

        It would be nice to maybe get your email address and be able to be in touch to find out if in fact you are a practioner and could help or to find out what your information source is since you really do seem to have a lot of knowledge on the natural approach to healing. If peri- menopause is this bad, I don’t even want to think about menopause. :(

    • Michelle says

      I have heard those symptoms related to high doses of zinc before. Since there is zinc in Amberen, that might be the connection.

  103. KIMBERLY says

    @ P.J. I have been on Amberen for 1 1/2 months now, and I love it. I don’t have any of the symptoms that you are describing? The only thing I have is at night my heart flutters a bit, but I had it a little bit before taking the Amberen.

    I love this product and it is really working for me. Maybe give it a little time and stop all the other stuff you are doing. Maybe some other Rx you are taking is reacting with the Amberen. I would talk to your OBG about it. Good Luck.

    • chi says

      Might try adding something simple to your intake, like sea veggies [kelps], if you tolerate iodine OK.
      These come as snackable crunchy ‘leafs’, very low calorie, tasty–I got some from Costco, even.
      Those provide about every mineral we need and then some, in one package a day, approximately.
      They are traditional foods in many cultures, such as Irish and Japanese.

    • DrMom says

      @ kimberly, I am interested in your reply because it is so positive. I have been on HRT for hot flashes, sweats, etc… unfortunately started to feeling very foggy. I am much nicer to my kids though :-). I was considering Amberen because I have gained weight I can not loose (I broke my knee cap earlier this summer and was sedentary for 6 weeks). Have you had the weight loss help as advertised?

      I have never had problems with loosing weight before and can’t keep anything off anymore. also have hypothyroidism. My Gyne thinks that my predisposition for Hashimoto was kick started when I had a very severe case of Hand-foot-Mouth disease that required steroid treatment for several weeks (I won’t go into the morbid details- it was awful and probably a virus I picked up when I was traveling by airplane to see my sister in the hospital. I was around a lot of immunocompromised people on a cancer ward). The theory is that I was kicked into early menopause as well (I am only 48).

      • Limda says

        DrMom–I can only tell you of my experience with Amberen and after reading all of the other comments, I may be more of the exception rather than the norm. I just recently started taking it again after laying off of it for the past 3 months. I’ll keep you posted. I sure have a lot of energy when taking it and my mood is elevated. At 64, life is good!

  104. DeeAnnS says

    Everyone has talked about the ru21. I bought it and I’m ready to give it a try. The dose is 2 before drink and 2 after drink, but I’m not taking it for the drinking. What would be the way to go for perimenopause.

    I did have blood work done 3 months ago due to fibriods and heavy bleeding. It turns out I have an over production of estrogen and I’m anemic. The holistic nurse recommended progestron and iron. Have done this and feel the same. Any advice.

    Oh to add, have been in a high stress situation for 2 years (cheating spouse and divorce). Wondering about the adrenal gland. Have had the thyroid checked. All well.

    • chi says

      It is important to do what is needed, to lower stress. Get counseling [if one is not compatible, or lacks money, it takes more looking to find just the right one].
      Many have been in similar situations, and there is far more to address than what is superficially discussed here. It sounds like your holistic nurse suggested some good things, but more by way of ‘band-aids’.

      Those you mentioned can help short-term, but might cause more problems long-term [like blood clots in the legs with long-term progestin use–natural progesterone is some different].

      Some women have serious difficulties absorbing iron, which requires a different form, to get it into the body to use.
      Nutrition is key.
      Moderating stress, is imperative.

      One can take boatloads of pills, but if the causes are not addressed, it is just boatloads of pills slightly helping symptoms.

  105. PJ says

    I see my GYN the 21st. Will discuss with her then. All I know is the AMBEREN is the newest item I’ve added. I didn’t have the noise, sound and hypersensitivity from previous Rx’s until the last month. Yes, it did help with hot flashes and night sweats after I upped dose to 2 pills/day for 2 weeks. But as soon as I went back to regular dose on week 3 hot flashes and night sweats started up again. And, the hypersensitivity to certain sounds (high pitches) puts me over the top. It’s probably just me going insane

    • chi says

      Didn’t one of the ingredients cause a problem for those with schizophrenia?
      If it does this, it would make sense that those who do not manifest overt symptoms of schizo, might have just enough “under-the-radar” imbalance that it could push them into symptoms like the hypersensitivity to sensory input.

        • Chi says

          Try this site:

          go down the page to Glycine.

          Other sites described the mental imbalance issues with glycine, too.

          Then there’s that pesky MSG in Amberen, also…which can also cause problems, not necessarily mental imbalance, but can have emotional imbalances and hypersensitivities.

          • Joe says

            Chi, I did some digging into this and I think I know where the link to glycine and schizophrenia is coming from. There are some studies noting that glycine can help some schizophrenia drugs work better. Here is a link to one of the studies.


            So glycine appears to be something researchers are looking at as a treatment for schizophrenia.

            That said, I did find one study noting that glycine might make schizophrenia worse when it was combined with a medication called clozapine
   This study does date back to 1999 and Im not sure if it was ever replicated. Could this be the reason why people online are saying glycine might cause schizophrenia symptoms in some people?

            Since changes in mood can accompany menopause, might this be the reason glycine is in Amberen? I hope not because I would not equate menopause with schizophrenia 😉

            I do appreciate the issue of glycine being raised because until today I wasn’t aware of the schizophrenia link.

    • Tonya says


      Thanks for the laugh. I just read your above comment. I too have the same symptoms you are having. I guess “misery loves company” but I feel better knowing that someone else is experiencing this “crazy” stuff. If you’re going insane, then I’m right there with you….lol I can’t deal with loud noises (esp. high pitched….my Maltese barking is like a train going by or a needle being stuck in my ear), and the feeling like I’m on the verge of a “constant panic attack”, like you mentioned in another post. I feel the SAME EXACT WAY. It’s scary and miserable. No two days are the same anymore. Life is becoming completely unpredictable.

      I have never taken Amberen. I am just here to read about it. Thus far, I’m not impressed with what I am reading. The MSG component was the first thing that turned me off because MSG is not good for anyone to take.

      I think Chi is on the right track as far as our symptoms being more of a nutritional/mineral/vitamin/fatty acid, etc. deficiency. I wanted to add that sometimes those deficiencies can be caused by a “leaky gut”, which most everyone has heard of by now but “mainstream” doctors don’t ever talk about it. I supposedly have “leaky gut” syndrome, where I don’t absorb what is good for me, as well as my “gut” lets things out of my digestive system into my bloodstream that AREN’T good for me (like chemicals in processed foods, etc), instead of digesting them and eliminating them. The toxins supposedly can cause all sorts of weird side effects, which unfortunately I have.

      Our “guts” are vital to our health, I do know that. The gut is where many brain chemicals are formed and the gut is a huge part of our immune system. As we get older we don’t absorb nutrients as we once did (leaky gut or not), thus most likely leading to the decline we are in.

      There are ways to fix a leaky gut but it takes time and effort. It’s worth it to feel better though. I have had to go on a gluten free diet to help fix mine because gluten was causing inflammation all over my body as well as in my digestive system. I was tested for celiac disease and the test was negative. However, someone suggested that a gluten free diet might help anyway. It takes several months of being gluten free to see a difference sometimes because it takes that long for gluten to completely get out of your body but I have felt much better in general being off of gluten. Also, digestive enzymes can help with mal-absorption of food and nutrients.

      There are other ways to get some of the minerals/vitamins that we need as well.
      One thing that I do to get my magnesium level up (since supposedly magnesium is not easily absorbed by the stomach of ANYONE) is to do Epsom Salts foot baths twice weekly. I have noticed that my muscles aren’t as stiff in my neck and legs from doing this. It also helps with constipation and it helps you sleep better which are both so important.

      I hope I didn’t get too off track with the leaky gut thing, but I wanted to mention it since I am having the same symptoms you are having. Hope it helps.

  106. Victoria says

    I have not tried Amberen and most likely will not do so due to the MSG and the exorbitant price.

    I have used Menopause Balance Complex put out by Shaklee. The only thing is if you are on a statin drug, check first to see if there will be a drug interaction with the black cohosh.

    MBC did a great job in calming down many of the menopause symptoms I was having including the hot flashes and the clothes on/clothes off game….. I took it twice a day for the first week to get things back under control and then dropped back to once a day.

  107. Ramona says

    I’m 54 and postmenopausal. I also have fibromyalgia and struggle with depression, for which I receive medical care, including prescription pain, sleep, and antidepressant medications. These things are so hard to share with strangers in a setting like this, so thank you for your kind understanding. I’ve recently discovered that I’ve got a Vit D deficiency as well, so started prescription strength Vit D.

    I don’t know enough about natural supplements. I do know that I’m tired of being on synthetic pharmaceuticals though. I have never tried HRT because I’m concerned about the long term effects.

    I was really feeling desperate when I ordered Amberen. I’ve been on Amberen for about 3 weeks. I started noticing a difference at 2 weeks. I haven’t lost any weight yet (I’m about 15 lbs over weight) but I’ve noticed that I’ve got more energy and feel like I want to do more things. I suspect the weight loss claim comes from an increase in energy? It hasn’t really made a difference in my sleep though.

    I was concerned about the cost as well. If this is a concoction that I can mix myself, I’m sure it would be quite a bit less expensive. However, my HSA did cover the cost of Amberen as it’s manufactured by a bio-medical company. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have ordered it.

    Back on topic, though … I’ve also noticed my pain level is waaaay down and I’m not confined to the sofa for now. I do feel encouraged with the Amberen.

    We’re all wired differently, and what works for some may not work for you. If you can afford it, it’s worth a try. I’m going to finish my 3 month supply and if I can remember, I’ll visit again to let you know how it worked for me.

    I *am* interested in what this RU-21 is an think I’ll do a little research on it ….

    Thanks for the comments and for your research, Joe!
    Merry Christmas!

    • Joe says

      Ramona, thanks for writing and I appreciate your candor. feel free to say what you like here. nobody sees your identity. Im happy that Amberen is helping some of your symptoms. The stuff in Amberen commercials about “#1 reason why women over 40 gain weight is because of a hormonal imbalance” is either a bunch of baloney in my opinion or I just dont know where they are getting that pice of evidence from. Either way, They have not shown any proof of weight loss but thats ok in my book as long as it helps with the symptoms of menopause, which several women have said, it has. That alone may make/Amberen something to look at. As for Ru21, some women are saying some interesting stuff about it also. If you can find it and its cheaper/does the same thing, it may be worth a try.

      • Ramona says

        Thanks, Joe! I left another post at the bottom of the page today. But I did want to tell you that I do NOT believe that Amberen helps with weight loss OR hormone imbalaces. I’m not very pleased at the end of my first month and have decided to stop taking it. BIG ((((((sigh))))))

    • chi says

      You may learn that supplementing Vit. D3 will make a beneficial difference. I learned that it lifted mood nicely. It has also helped overall health.

      BUT, it has taken several years to get levels up to near 50, and those drop fast if I forget to take the D3 [I have been using 5000 to 10,000 iu’s daily]. The Doc did the 25[OH]D blood test every several months to check it.

      Some literature now indicates it is critical to get adequate vit. K2, especially when taking higher doses of D3, for both bone and heart health.

  108. PJ says

    Back on the regular dose now for 2 weeks and although hot flashes/night sweats came back for several days they have not almost completely subsided. I will say the “uneasy/off” feeling has also subsided too on the lower dose.

    I am, however, concerned what will happen when I go off in 4 more weeks. I’ve read some internet comments “beware of insomnia after going off amberen”, compared to withdrawal symptoms. We shall see. I will complete the 3 months (or in my case 2.5 months) regiment.

    It is expensive though. And with the other RLS Rx’s I am on may not be able to continue. Will add back the Evening Primrose Oil and iCool if hot flashes, night sweats, etc.. return. The emotional roller coaster is horrific.

    My 21 year old son commented this weekend, “Mom why are you always so agitated, anxious, sad, upset and negative.” I’m thinking, well let’s see, sleep deprivation menopause “emotional roller coaster” might have something to do with it…

    • chi says

      Science has proven repeatedly, that sleep deprivaton is literally “crazy-making”.
      That also goes for having to work rotatin or changable shifts, which causes sleep deprivation related to being unable to force the body clock to rotate as fast as those shifts.
      Upset sleep patterns = people off-balance.

      It does not matter what the cause; sleep deprivation causes deranged behaviors that can be out-of-character for the person experiencing it, making overall syymptoms worse, and make them more succeptible to being manipulated psychologically/emotionally….keep that in mind when subjected to pleading teens and commercials/marketing!!! 😉

  109. michelle says

    I’ve been taking RU-21 since the end of October. I take 2 tablets per day, one in the morning and evening. I’ve stopped having night sweats and hot flashes. I love being able to sleep again!!

    I’m curious about the Diatomaceous Earth someone mentioned in an earlier post. Does anyone have any personal experience with it?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Michelle-

      I looked back & see no post about this, but wondered if I might have been the one who wrote about it? I’ve been drinking diatomaceous earth for just over a month now. It didn’t do anything for the hot flashes, but it sure did help my hair! Not only did it stop falling out & start growing back in (visibly thicker)- but the actual hair is no longer coming in gray. It is now coming in at the previous blond/brown colour. In fact, I went over eight weeks before dying- where before I was lucky if I could even get to three weeks before the white showed up (especially at the front hairline).

      It is nothing short of amazing! And I have a sack of it I bought off of ebay that will last the rest of my life (Permaguard brand is supposed to be the best, but I bought something else here in AU).

      • chi says

        WOW! Never heard that of diatomacious earth. I would have thought it such fine, sharp little crystaline bits, it would cause irritation to the gut if used internally??
        I have been using MSM dissolved in water, in a mist spry bottle, and applying once or twice a day, to “feed” the hair the sulphur. That has caused some people I know [and self] to get thicker hair growth returning–cannot speak to the color restoration though.

  110. Janet says

    Has anybody used Amberen and had their joint pain stop?
    Where can you buy Succinic Acid has anybody tried it instead of Amberen?

    • Joe says

      Janet, if you search the comments you’ll see people talking about a product called RU21 (hangover supplement) that has succinic acid. some have said it helped them.

    • chi says

      Try googling “succinic acid supplements”–loads of listings of several kinds…I would be a bit careful about overseas offers. Looked like plenty to choose from though.

  111. Ramona says

    Hey, Joe and everyone else — I’ve gotta tell you guys that I’ve just completed my first month of the Ameren. I only took one day’s dose of the second month and have decided to stop it. I believe it’s made me GAIN weight. The last month, the weight has been piling on – and I’m really freaked out about it, so I quit. I need to lose 15 lbs.
    I think I’m going to do some more research on vitamin therapy, etc. I actually prefer natural products over synthetic pharmaceuticals. So, although at 2 weeks I was excited about the Amberen, I’m feeling quite disappointed right now. Think I’ll do some more research on the RU21. I need some help!
    Happy New Year!

    • Chi says

      Please share if you find anything.

      Supplements promoted as really really awesome stuff, for whatever, but some people have odd reactions to.

      Remember when Saw Palmetto was promoted for helping women grow larger breasts?
      YEah—it can—right along with the rest of the body fattening up with the breasts!

      Only ONE very old homeopathic reference book I found, described Saw Palmetto as being used for those with wasting diseases…”to pack flesh on”….which it does, nicely.
      I took therapeutic doses of Lipoic Acid, Rx’d by the Doc, and blimped up like a beached whale.

      NONE can figure why that happened–I can only guess it is sourced from something like a Saw Palmetto plant…though no one else seemed to ever have heard of that effect.
      Along those lines, most supplements have fillers: many fillers are intended as flow agents or similar…yet, they have the effect of blocking absorption of the ingredients the user wants–both pharmaceuticals and supplements.

      So, no way to really know what ingredients in Amberen might do to some, but not all, users.

      Kind think we live in something of a guinea pig world.

    • Sandy says

      I tried Amberen for just over a month. I continued to gain wait and after the first month started feeling fatigued. I doubled up taking Amberen for a few days and then decided to quit because the fatigue was increasing and I was still gaining weight.

      The fatigue continued for about a month. I was surfing videos on youtube and a video about extreme fatigue popped up so I decided to watch it. It was a video about underactive thyroid and I had almost all of the symptoms.

      I had my thyroid tested and at first my doctor was very skeptical. But after my test results came back, she very humbly announced that I had self diagnosed myself and I did have an under-active thyroid. I’ve been on synthroid for about a month now and my fatigue is gone now. I still haven’t dropped the weight but I have stopped gaining weight.

      I don’t know if the thyroid problem would have come about anyway or if Amberen had something to do with it. The back of the Amberen box states that, “Amberen’s ingredients support the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis…” The hypothalamus region of the brain controls the pituitary gland which controls the adrenal glands, ovaries, testes and thyroid gland.

      Hope this information helps someone. I would rather live with the hot flashes than that terrifying fatigue. I was afraid that one day I would just stop breathing on my own. It felt like my being awake was the only reason I was breathing.

      • Joe says

        Sandy, does anybody else in your family have low thyroid problems? Anybody else notice low thyroid with amberen?

        • Sandy says

          Hi Joe,

          Yes, I do have a family history of thyroid problems. That is actually one of the “symptoms” they ask you about in the low-thyroid questionnaires. Both my mother and my older sister developed goiters from low thyroid and one side of their thyroid gland was removed. I’ve been tested several times but it always came back “within range of normal function”.

          I starting having some difficulty swallowing starting about two years ago and more recently some tenderness on my neck. I was afraid that I had developed a goiter and went in for an examination. Luckily I didn’t have a goiter but they did find the low thyroid function. I had not associated the difficulty swallowing with the low thyroid until I had seen the video.

          I didn’t necessarily follow the advice of the video. It was recommending that I buy the doctor’s “iodine tonic”. I did more research and found that we really should not ingest iodine…that it can be poisonous. I found another blog that recommended putting a small amount of iodine in a non-exposed area and wait for it to be absorbed. With a normal thyroid, it should take 24 hours for it to absorb (disappear). If it is less than 24 hours, you may have a low function thyroid. Unfortunately, the only iodine I have been able to find is “clear” so that didn’t work for me.

          • Joe says

            Sandy, I agree about not using iodine for thyroid problems. Most cases of hypothyroidism are not caused by lack of iodine anyway. your doctor can run a blood test to see if you are low if you are really curious. about the iodine test, yes I was just reading that in the book The Fatigue Solution (a good book I recommend people read). I heard the author (Eva Cwynar), an endocrinologist on XM radio and was so impressed I bought the book when I got home. In fact it was her mention of that test that made me buy her book!

            Here is the tincture of iodine I found on Amazon for you. This brand of iodine changes color when put on the skin. One of the commenters even said she used it to test for iodine deficiency :)

          • Sandy says


            Thanks so much for your information. I think I’ll get a copy of that book also.

            I checked the link for the tincture of iodine and one of the comments says it is clear. I’m not sure how the woman is checking her thyroid with it because I’ve tried the clear and I can’t tell when the clear dissolves.

            I don’t want to just put the iodine on …just in case I think I need it. Someone stated on that linked website that they put the iodine on to keep their thyroid functioning properly. I would like to caution those thinking about trying the iodine to have your thyroid checked first. Because an overactive thyroid can be dangerous. An overactive thyroid can cause severe dehydration and heart problems.

            I go in for followup blood work in about a month so I’ll be able to see if the synthroid dose is working.

            Again, thanks for the information.

          • Joe says

            Sandy, thanks Im going to look into iodine that has color to it. I agree its not good to use iodine topically to support the thyroid. too much thyroid hormone can be a problem also.

  112. michelle says

    I just wanted to update on my experience with RU-21. I dropped down to one tablet per day about a month ago and I’m still not having hot flashes or night sweats. 😀

  113. Cori says

    I agree with a previous post that someone made that we are all wired differently. I think that trial and error is needed within caution.

    I took Amberen for about 9 weeks and then decided to take a break. I have now been off the Amberen for about 2 months. I had a few hot flashes after stopping but nothing like I used to have. I can now wear sweaters and sweatshirts without feeling like I’m going to die of heat exhaustion. I am planning on taking Amberen again for a few months if my hot flashes return which I’m sure they will since I am premenopausal.

    Thank you, thank you for all of the wonderful information and opinions that everyone has given.

    I am actually interested in trying diatomaceous earth. I was wondering if Tracy could comment on how long she has taken it and it she knows how long it should be taken for?

  114. Janet says

    I’ve been on Aberen for 11 days. My sleep has gotten worse. I can not fall asleep and I wake up every hour and have a hard time falling back to sleep. I called the company and they told me to double the dose. They also said it shows it is working.

    Has anybody else had this problem and will it work if I double the dose. Just thinking I should send it back before my 30 days are done.

    • Joe says

      Janet, this is so interesting. So you have a strange side effect and Amberen says to double the dose! Whats up with that? Do you know the qualifications of the person you spoke with on the phone? Was it a nurse? Did he/she ask you any questions about your health first before they blurted out to increase the dosage of Amberen? What number did you call?

      So they said your insomnia is proof that Ambern is working. is that really what they said?

      Anybody else have trouble sleeping or got that “double the dose” reply from Amberen?

      • Janet says

        Hi Joe

        Thanks for the reply.

        She was a nurse, she asked me if I was on any medication that would alter my hormone levels and if I had had my thyroid tested. I am not on any medication and I had my thyroid tested last year from a MD doctor who said I was normal.

        I called the 1-800-222-3304 but they never answered, so I went on line and chatted with the person.

        This is one thing she said “It is not uncommon for your symptoms to increase within the first few weeks of starting an Amberen course. This is a sign that Amberen is working, your body is responding to the product, causing a fluctuation of hormones. This should subside once your system gets acclimated to Amberen. We recommend taking 4 capsules per day up to 14 days; after that scale back to a single dose for the remainder of the course. It should not cause your symptoms to become worse. It should help to balance out your hormone levels. If you notice your symptoms are getting worse you can contact us and we can try reducing your regimen.”

        So what do you think about what she is saying?

        • Joe says

          Janet, since Amberen -itself – has zero published peer reviewed clinical evidence – what the nurse is saying is not based on research. If anything, she may be basing what she says on how people are responding to Amberen – but this is not good enough proof for me. I’m actually kind of surprised that a nurse would say something like this.

          And where is she getting this “we recommend 4 capsules up to 14 days” stuff from? What evidence shows this is the right about for people to use? Thanks for the phone number Janet. Ill let you know if I turn up anything :)

          • Janet says

            Hi Joe

            My sleeping was not any better last night on and off all night. My hotflashes were a lot worse. When I was on the 4 pills.

            I called back the nurse hotline and this is what she told me

            In some cases, due to high lability (instability of body’s functions) this kind of resistance of the body to adjust has been recorded. In some instances, the withdrawal of ammonium succinate (the ingredient in the white capsules) has been shown to solve the issue partially if not completely. The results may vary, however we recommend eliminating the white capsule from your daily intake of Amberen for about one week, while continuing to consume the orange capsule daily. If you find this to be effective, please resume back to the single dose of Amberen (1 orange / 1 white capsule) as directed for the balance of the course.

            Not sure what to do.

          • Joe says

            Janet, when the nurse says that reports “have been recorded” Id ask where. It just sounding like fancy talk to me. I could be wrong but it sounds to me like they just want to keep you taking the stuff.

            I say get off of Amberen and see if your sleep improves. At least decrease the amount and see if that helps. Keep me posted.

          • Janet says

            I’ve decided to get off the product before it is too late to get my money back.

            Do you have any other suggestions for waking up 6 times during the night, hot flashes and joint pain.
            I have tried a lot of products and nothing seems to work.

            Do you know anything about Bio-Identicals, but that seems to be so expensive and they will not promise that will work either.

          • Joe says

            Hi Janet, as I see it “bio-identical” hormones are really “bio-similar”. The name bioidentical is a marketing word. Hormones taken from plants are not identical to human hormones. As such Im not sure how well they would work in people. They might or might not. I just don’t know. I’d talk to a pharmacist or endocrinologist about this as they are very smart about chemistry and this stuff.

  115. Janet says

    Hi Joe

    I forgot to tell you that she said
    The white capsule contain the ammonium succinate. The orange capsules contain all of the other ingredients.
    What I can not figure out if she is telling me to take a break from the white one because that is causing my hotflashes and not sleeping will that problem not come back when I start the white tab up again.

    • Joe says

      Janet That’s so interesting because its the succinate that is the active ingredient in Amberen.

      Anybody else having trouble sleeping with Amberen?

    • says

      dear Janet, sounds like a bunch of double talk. has anyone experienced gallbladder problems? I now have to go get checked out and the only thing I did differently is take “almost” the whole 3 months of amberen. I also felt “unwell” and off kilter” too. phoney baloney is what I think!

  116. chi says

    Janet & Joe;
    The World health Organization has used saliva tests for hormone levels, and a tiny gizmo that reads mucus to help women tell when they are at the fertile point of their cycles [for birth control in 3rd world countries] for decades.

    Cheap processes like these do not make much profit margin though.

    I would consider this a fairly reliable test for hormones just about everywhere in the world, Except America, where doubt reigns supreme. [google: “World Health Organization, saliva test for hormones”]

    Googling “BHRT reliability & safety”, there is an overload of data both for and against it—that against it appears to be American [so refer to above comment].

    American science has been some of the best for so long; but the field’s general xenophobia about even considering research / data from elsewhere, has become increasingly ridiculous.
    Decades ago, that caution was warranted, in large part.
    Not so much, now.

    As I remember the explanation given me years ago:

    “Bioidentical hormones [BHRT] are identical enough to plug cleanly into receptor sites, reducing adverse effects in both number and severity.

    Man made analogs of hormones, even those derived from mare’s urine which start out “natural”, have irregularities in how they plug into receptor sites, which causes more and worse adverse effects. Those irregularities are part of the pharmaceutical companies’ forming a patentable product.”

    Using things like Wild yams to make hormones, is relatively easy, can be done in home kitchens, and cheap, not patentable [same as so many herbals used for healing].

    Caveates regarding BHRT creams and other topicals [and herbals] might include:

    ==patients not controlling dose adequately over time can cause variability in results [hard to use exactly right amount of creme].

    ==the company that compounds the product, makes a difference in quality/reliability of product consistency, which can affect results.

    ==standardization between companies is not always certain, nor is standardization of any herbally derived medicine.
    ==prescribing only one or two hormones, and basing that only on symptoms assessment, is probably not adequate, and could produce adverse effects.

    But using BHRT is pretty good, when it’s done right.

    Over ten years, none of our patients complained [except: “the cream is so wonderful, I want to use it all over my skin, not just on the little spot for medicine!”]. [We used the hormone cremes from Women’s International Health compounding pharmacy or one in Berkeley, CA, then].

    Nutritional helps for menopausal and other issues,
    can include therapeutic amounts of Omega3 fats [DHA ], which is between 1000 to 3000 mg. DHA Omega3 per day;
    And Vitamin D3, based on your “25[OH]D” blood test, might be from 1000 to 10,000 ius per day.

    YES, krill oil has good oils LIKE fish oil has, BUT it takes far more of it than the current company offering it advertizes. Krill pills do not equal fish oil pills, pill-for-pill.

    (I have wondered, if we consumed enough krill oil to equal fish oil, would we turn pink like salmon do, from eating that?;-)

    Removing stressors is key.

    Getting aerobic exercise is key–even if all one can do is move slowly and breath deeply–getting that deep breathing is so important!

  117. kay says

    I took it for 3 mos. Felt better, slept better, no more night sweats, nicer to my people too! I lost 6 pounds. I ran out and have been out for 6 weeks. Hot flashes are back!

    • Tango says

      I am about to start this program of Amberen. Your experience was one of the only ones I read with good results. I did not look up the reviews before I ordered it and I would hope I will get results like yours! My main reason for getting it was for the belly fat. I have def put on more weight there in the last year and I have been post menapausel for quite a few years! No hot flashes or night sweats, but the weight gain has become a problem since it mostly is being stored as belly fat.

      The guy I ordered from says the product has a 92% rate of success. I have never heard of it until I saw the infomercial on TV. Now I’m not sure if this product will do what it says. Too many people on this site were not happy with the results. I don’t want to put anything bad into my body and he claimed it was all natural with many studies over 35 years being done to prove it works!

      When I get it I will check it out with my compounding pharmacist and see if they think anything in it will be bad for me. If it is I’m sending it back and if it isn’t ill try it and see if I get any good results in the removal of belly fat. Wish me luck.

      • Joe says

        Tango, for what its worth I really do hope it helps you. That said I see no good proof that Amberen reduces body fat. Still, I hope I’m wrong.

  118. Ceilye says

    Hello Guys!
    I ordered this product based on the ad promoting weight loss (abdominal area in particular). I’m 10lbs over my ideal weight, so I thought why not?
    Even though I have not one of the other symptoms, I decided to give it a
    try. Guess what? I barely took it for almost 2 weeks and would you believe
    that besides gaining 2 xtra lbs, I ended up having to deal with hot flashes,
    nausea, overall weakness, depression, etc.

    I stopped taking it, and I’m starting to feel normal again. What in the world
    make me suffer all those symptons? The Ammonium Succinate?

    There’s no way I will attempt to take this product again, and felt so lousy
    from the first day I started!!!

    By the way I’m post menopausal. I’m one of the “lucky” ones who didn’t
    have all those symptoms most women complaint about.

    I don’t do pharmaceuticals of any kind, rather live a very “holistic” live
    style. Thank you for this blog.

  119. Dalila says

    This product is horrendous!!! Why would anyone, especially menopausal women want to take this? This is rhetorical. Go NATURAL ladies. There are plenty of natural supplements available to us.

  120. Kristine B says

    Joe – except for my VERY regular periods, I have some obvious symptoms of menopause (sleeplessness, low libido, hot flashes – especially in the face and neck and weight gain). I have not been diagnosed by my GYN as being in meno or premeno. My mother’s sisters all 3 were early menopausal (40, 41). I am 41. Just had my second and last child in 2010. I was going to try this supplement to minimize the symptoms (truth be told, mostly the weight gain). but now I’m concerned…if I am not in menopause, should I even bother?

    • Joe says

      Kristine B, good question and Im not sure of the answer. For what its worth, I don’t think it will hurt you to try it for a month to see if it helps. If it doesnt, then its been a small investment. if it does, then great.

  121. Raindrop46 says

    I have been trying to find a list of ingredients for Amberen and found this site with the most succinct information I have seen yet. I believe, after reading the article and comments, I could not take it. However I came across one comment that I would like to speak to. Someone, I can’t find the comment again, wrote of having restless legs…I have restless legs, one among many conditions…and I would like to share what I use to calm the legs and help with sleep.

    I take calcium/magnesium citrate (more absorb-able in citrate form). I use Meijer’s Naturals brand and they include some vitamin k and vitamin d along with some other minerals. I take only half the recommended dose as it works very well in that amount and lasts twice as long. You can Google for the brand..although I imagine there are others that make similar products. The ingredients are listed. It takes care of the restless legs. I have had the condition for years and finally found this last year.

    I take 1000 to 5000 IU liquid D3 (Sundown Naturals) with it in the evening before bedtime, although I have found the cal/mag combination will calm the legs…D helps the absorption and I am low in D. I have been so long in searching for something to quiet my restless legs that I felt compelled to share with anyone who has this sleep robbing affliction.

  122. Janey says

    I would love to hear if anyone is finding any supplements for saggy skin…itchy skin…etc…The change in my skin nearly happened overnight! And I just started amberen. Stopped my 100g of progesterone first. I am 49…mild hot flashes…mild throwing off and on of the covers at night….mid-section slight weight gain. I’m trying to get a grip on this early!

  123. julie says

    Just saw a commercial for this product onTV and googled it out of curiosity. Your site came up as one of the top hits and i was impressed by the thorouhness of your review. In response to all of the ladies who are looking for help with the estrogen, a product that I have used for some pretty severe perimenopause symptoms with great success:
    Hope that might help!

  124. Candy says

    I have been on Amberen for 8 days today. The first day, I slept through the night without waking up once. I thought these were going to be great. On day 7, I starting getting itchy, and had a rash on my neck, and on my side where my bra is touching my body. I thought it was something I ate, so today, I took my dose of Amberen.

    Approximately 5 hours later, I have the worst rash of my life…it is all over my neck, my sides, under my breasts, on my back, on my legs and stomach, and it’s just starting to irritate my jaw line now. It’s awful!

    I was so hopeful that these pills were going to be the answer for me. I’m usually up half the night kicking the covers off, and pulling them back on. I was hoping that if I stayed on these, that I would also show some sign of weight loss.

    After this rash, and it’s far worse today than it was yesterday, I will have to go off of them. I’m very sad.

    Has anyone else had an allergic reaction to these pills like I have?

  125. Linda says

    I’ve taken estrace for years and allways wanted to get off of it. I did March 9-2013 and love Amberen, It works great..

  126. Anonymous says

    For what its worth, I work as a phone rep for a company that represents Amberen. What I have been told regarding the MSG: Amberen uses a form referred to as MSLG. This is supposed to be a higher quality, pharmaceutical grade of MSG, different from what is in Chinese food, and in an extremely low amount. It is there to help with absorption of the product into the bloodstream. Would love to hear from anyone in the medical/pharma world about this?

  127. Sherry says

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. It has helped me so much-I started looking everything up about Amberen, and I knew most of them except for ammonium succinate and then I saw your web page. Thank you for taking the time to do all this research!

  128. Vicki says

    I’ve been on Amberen for a week. My sleeping is WAY better, but it gives me a HORRENDOUS stomach ache when I take it, even after eating.

  129. Pam says

    I’ve been on Amberen for about two weeks…after 7 days, I called them because I was feeling “jumpy” and irritable. The male nurse said to Take 1 dose every other day and see if that helps. Coincidentally, I started having sore gums. Yesterday was an “off” day and my gums felt better…took it today and my gums are really killing me.

    Off Amberen starting tomorrow (and will get my $$ back) and then off to the Dentist!!
    It did help me sleep through the night, but I’m not sleeping well with my gums on fire. Amberen is the only change in my diet and I’ve never had gum problems before.

  130. Anonymous says

    Amberen does not work. I’m returning it immediately – gained 3 pounds since I started taking it a week ago.

  131. Karen says

    Thank you for this review of Amberen ingredients and the discussion posts. A cpap machine recently improved my sleep and took my chest pain away. Sleep apnea (the bad snoring is sign) worsened around same decade as menopause. Occasional 500mg Magnesium supplement and 5mg of Melatonin helps.

    Good rest is helping my irritability and fatigue. Less fatigue provides energy to exercise. Exercise helps me feel better but weight gain remains problematic.

    Wondering if succinic acid could help with night sweats. My husband had heard all the Amberen ads while listening to radio. I appreciated recognizing I am not alone in all the symptoms of many menopausal women but the ad hype for Amberen seemed too good to be true.

    Appears to be one of the many ad campaigns promoting The Pill of Health which is always tempting but for me, these pill promises have been mostly expensive false hopes.

    Appreciate your work in searching out what the ingredients and research was behind the product.

  132. Mary says

    Wow! Thanks, Joe, and Chi, and all who have posted their experiences and research about Amberen, RU21, diatomaceous earth, bio-similar hormones, etc. it’s been an education, first reading Joe’s article, then all your comments and responses! Don’t think I’m going to be purchasing Amberen, in spite of the enormous volume of radio ads I’m subjected to daily. However, the conversations, above, have given me a few other possibilities to research/investigate.

    At 50, I am still suffering from moderate hot flashes (and accompanying sleep disruption) but it’s not as severe as in the past. Suspect that is due to my following my Dr.’s recommendation to take *Maximum Strength Estroven* daily. Recently noticed that Estroven now has a ‘Weight Loss’ blend, which I am curious about. (Haven’t tried it.) I am easily 20-30 lbs heavier than I should be, all of which seems to have accumulated in the last 3-4 years.

    When I first reported the sleep loss and night sweats to my physician, she immediately started talking about hormone replacement – which alarmed me a bit as a first response. So she suggested the Estroven, and we’re tracking that for several months now. Guess the biggest test (to my mind) will be whether symptoms worsen as the Texas summer progresses – as it seems my hot flashes are worst during the heat of summer…
    Again, thanks for all the info!

  133. TC says

    FWIW I am 50 and 1.5 yrs post menopausal and somewhat of a natural health enthusiast. I had HORRENDOUS hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and emotional lability for about a year before and during menopause. I tried many things to no avail and ended up on “bioidentical” HRT. STANDARDIZED dosing from a pharmacy. My GYN is also a medical researcher and he says he is more confident about knowing that the dose is consistent this way instead of using a compounding pharmacy AND that there is absolutely no convincing hard evidence showing any long term increased cancer risk by taking them.

    He believes I will likely only need to take them for 2-3 years and then be able to stop without symptoms returning. However, if they do at all, I will go the homeopathic route. At first, the progesterone (derived from peanut oil) made me sleep 10+ hours per night, but after about 6 weeks I adjusted and now feel great. Also panicky feeling has subsided but I am anxious by nature so working on that naturally.

    I would never try Amberen bc I will not ingest any dose of MSG which induces neural cell death and I need all my brain cells! I am a grad student (at 50!) in a cognitive science field and have done enough research to know that protecting my aging brain is crucial!

    Thank you Joe for summarizing the research on Amberen rather nicely – given limited access you are a time saver for people like me.

  134. Win says

    Hi, wow— you’ve answered all my Amberen questions!! Thank you. I’m 54, post meno, and I’ve been taking Rhubarb Root tincture for hot flashes, works completely for me. There’s a pill made from rhubarb rt used extensively in Europe, but it didn’t work for me, where the tincture did.

    Doesn’t get rid of my belly fat, or give me energy –bummer— just gets rid of my hot flashes completely when I take it– they come back in about a week if I stop.

  135. Donna says

    I am into the 2nd week of Amberen. I started my period the day I started the pils. My flow is heavy with clots. I have never had a period this bad! Could Amberen be the cause? Or just a coincidence that I am officially going through the changes.?

  136. Lin says

    I am intrigued by what I have read! I am 51 and have been suffering severely with 4-5 night sweats each night which start off with menacing heart palpitations that wake me first then the heat kicks in and during the day I get the same but I get very agitated just prior to the hot flash! I have been post period for about 7 years already and the hot flashes have been about that long too. They are getting worse instead of better.

    I have tried several supplements with no avail….also tried Effexor which within 3 months about 1/4 of my already thin hair fell out! I am going to try the RU21 and see what it does for me. But what really has me interested is the Diatomaceous Earth product. I am interested in any more info you could provide on that. Here’s to hoping this might provide some relief as my whole life is being ruined by these night sweats and hot flashes! Thanks.

    • Joe says

      Lin, so far I have not looked at Diatomaceous Earth. Does anybody else have anything to add on this?

  137. Andi says

    I am in the women’s health field and also happily menopausal. Evèryone is looking for some magic for a normal course of aging. Here is the answer. Eat natural healthy foods without steroids and additives,eat the proper amount of calories required by YOUR body, exercise everyday,get some sunlight,do something you like to do. This solves a lot of problems.

    I’m not saying some people don’t have more hot flashes or insomnia, but that doesn’t mean it requires medication or an expensive unproven supplement Personally, I’d rather take a well studied pharmaceuticals prepared FDA approved drug than a supplement you can’t find information or contraindications for.

    As far as I know, there has been no reported deaths from menopause, although may feel like it. To me, throwing up for months during pregnancy and the sleep deprivation from having a newborn was much worse, yet it was all temporary ! And so is this.

    Spend your money on good food,stress relieving activities,some good music or books or a gym membership or a fun Zumba class.

    • Linda says

      I have been waiting 7 years now for it to end and I am only 50! My hot flashes are intense and really GROSS and sweaty all day and all night! My family history shows that I am doomed! My grandmother had them well into her 80’s and my mom who is now in her 70’sstill has them just as bad! So if there is ANY supplement that claims to help relieve some of this misery then I’d be glad to try it!

      • Joe says

        Linda, Id say give it a shot and see if it works. you should know in a few weeks if its working or not.

  138. Lori says


    Thank you for this post on Amberen. I found your commentary on the ingredients very helpful, and was particularly alarmed by the fact that they use MSG in their product. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would supplement MSG (especially since it’s known to cause weight gain), so I did some further research and found this article:

    It seems to be Amberen’s dosage listing and explanation of ingredients. It states that in small doses MSG “may positively affect the performance of mitochondrial-benzodiazepine receptors in peripheral tissues and stabilize energy status”, which seems to go along with what you were saying about glutamine. I’ve never heard of MSG being used in this way, and would really like your opinion on the article. It lists the dosage at 40 mgs.

    Thanks again.

      • Lori says

        Hmm… a man who peddles calcium carbonate as a wonder cure. I really didn’t need to read the whole article to come to the same conclusion as you. Thanks for the info. I had never heard of him or coral calcium.

        I looked up RU-21 after leaving my comment here, and found that this product also contains a form of MSG. 250 mg of L-Glutamic Acid HCL to be exact, along with 200 mg of Succinic Acid (ammonium succinate), making it similar to Amberen which has 200 mg of ammonium succinate and 40 mg MSG, like you mentioned.

        From everything I’ve read about glutamic acid, it is so prevalent in our food, that it is very rare anyone would ever become deficient in it or need to supplement it. I can’t understand why Amberen would include it in their product, and I won’t be using it because of this.

        Regarding RU-21, I happen to know from experience that you can go to McDonald’s and order the egg mcmuffin breakfast combo and cure a hang over in 30 minutes for probably cheaper than the product costs. If you didn’t want to eat all the calories, you could probably swallow a tsp of Accent seasoning salt for the same effect, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

        Thanks again for all the info on this product.

  139. MP says

    Did NOT work for me… insteaad I put on weight! When I contacted them to get advice, all they offered were excuses. Don’t buy it!

  140. Debbie says

    Amberen made my skin itch like crazy. After I suspected it, I stopped taking it and after a couple of days it got out of my system and the itching has stopped.

    • Joe says

      Debbie, that sounds like an allergic reaction to me. Glad you stopped taking Amberen if you had that symptom.

  141. Lori McCain says

    I am reading your information regarding Amberen for the first time.
    I purchased Amberen with the plan to start taking it today.
    I Landed on this site as I was googling the ingredients.
    If you are still around, I would love to provide you with info as I take Amberen.

  142. Jane says

    I had several very adverse reactions to Amberen and would NOT recommend it to anyone! Problems I experienced included: severe dizziness, extreme fatigue, mental disorientation, weakness, and drowsiness. I also gained 5 unwelcome pounds in a month!

    Upon doing some Internet research, I’ve come to believe the main problem behind all these symptoms was the MSG (which incidentally is used in labs to cause rats to gain weight). In one of the 3 calls I made to the company’s nurses during the month I tried Amberen, they claimed they’d never had anyone have an adverse reaction to the MSG (which frankly I doubt is true).

    I also noticed the nurses didn’t seem to have extensive knowledge of their own product (e.g., they didn’t know if it increases testosterone in women), and I think they should have told me to discontinue it immediately when I first reported such adverse effects, instead of recommending I take it every other day.

    And I realize I should have discontinued it myself, but I wanted to give it a good try, after investing so much money and having experienced long-term, severe menopausal symptoms, which have seemed largely impervious to other treatments I’ve tried.

    I heard tonight the FDA has approved a new drug for menopausal symptoms (an SSRI, I understand), which I will definitely NOT be trying, because I think a more natural approach would be far less likely to cause problems. So, my quest continues!

    • Joe says

      Jane, for what it’s worth I’ve also wondered about the nurses who field calls at Amberen. Are they RN’s, LPNs nurse practitioners (does anybody know?). Nobody has ever told me the nurses said stop to taking Amberen when they call with problems. The idea of having nurses field calls (rather than call center people) is a great idea but I wonder how much autonomy the nurses have in what they can say.

      • marcy says

        I am a nurse and work for lunada. We are all licensed nurses who take nurse consults. We provided proof of licensing upon our positions for lunada. We always try our best to give safe and effective advice to our clients. Clients seldom tell their doctors about taking amberen and some fear admitting taking amberen to their doctors. This causes some to ignore important chronic illnesses they may have.

        Lunada nurses can not give medical advice over a phone. Therefore some clients become unsatisfied when nurses tell them to talk with their doctors before using amberen. I stand by amberen and use it myself. It works.

        • Joe says

          Macy, thanks for writing. Are the nurses RNs, LPNs, nurse practitioners or a mix of the three? Do you all work at the Lunada building or at a call center? Just tryig to get an idea how questions are fielded.

  143. Marcia Kamps says

    I gave Amberen six expensive months to work…all I can say is it’s a rip off and the ads on radio and television are untrue. My hot flashes are MUCH worse, sleep is harder to come by, belly fat is NOT dropping off even with exercise and a sensible diet, energy levels are not higher, and libido is not enhanced. DO NOT waste your money on this product. I waited too long and can’t get a refund…don’t make the same mistake.

  144. Cheryl says

    I have been taking amberen for two weeks now and my symptoms have gotten worse. I now wake up every hour with hot flashes and have 5 to 6 a day. I also gained 2 pounds. I doubled my dosage yesterday and I seem to be worse. I know we are in the middle of a heatwave in NJ but before amberen I was waking up only 2 to 3 times a night and only 1 to 2 hot flashes a day.
    I’m going to discontinue use of this product and get my money back. I’m glad I found this site and I’m not the only one who had adverse reactions to amberen.

  145. revgirl says

    For hot flash relief I took regular dose for 3 weeks – no reduction at all, so started taking double-dose. Hot flashes totally disappeared after another week. Have been double-dosing for 2.5 weeks now and am hot-flash free. Not sure if it’s worth the very high price – guess I’ll figure it out once I take the recommended break.

  146. Joann says

    I have been taking Amberin for over two years for 3 months than off for about 9 months before my perimenopause symptoms come back. It really works for me and the only side effect is typically the first 30 days I get an upset stomach for about 15 minutes after taking it. It takes about a month of taking Amberin before I start to see a difference in the symptoms.

  147. M.E. says

    I ordered Amberen as a last-ditch effort to get some sleep and relief from hot flashes. After about 10 days, frequency of hot flashes significantly decreased. At the end of 3 months, I reorderd Amberen, but I didn’t get it before my first batch ran out. Within 3-4 days, I started getting hot flashes again and having trouble sleeping. Just got the new box today.

    My question is: How long can you continue to take it? I don’t have any noticeable side effects.

    • Joe says

      M.E. I have no idea how long people can take Amberen. I have not heard anything bad happening from long term use if that makes you feel better. Run the ingredients past a pharmacist and see what they think.

  148. says

    Hi all – Wow & Thanks! for all of the information, research & comments. This is an amazing site. I was looking at taking Amberen just for belly fat weight loss. all of this information has helped me decide to Not take the Amberen and to continue with the natural approach that I’ve been working on slowly but surely. Thanks again! Melanie :

  149. Wendy says

    I am an Amberen success story. In a matter of a week my horrendous hot flashes ceased and my night sweats reduced until eventually they stopped. After taking Amberen for 4-5 weeks my night sweats have returned so I am going to double up for a couple of weeks to see if that makes a difference. I will keep you all posted.

  150. Donna M says

    I tried Amberen for over 90 days and didn’t find any of their professed results of help with hot flashes, weight loss or improved sleep patterns. Shortly after I discontinued the product I noticed increased light and sound sensitivity, tinnitus and then constant (24/7) dizziness….a feeling like I just stepped off the boat and my head/eyes are having trouble functioning.

    It has been over a year and a half searching with specialists and physical therapists all over the country to find the cure/cause for my symptoms. I had to stop working at a company I had been with for over 27 years because I could no longer sit behind the computer screen all day.

    Although I cannot probably prove that Amberen is responsible, I am highly suspicious based on the timing of the events.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I would recommend this product to anyone.

    • Joe says

      Donna, I am so sorry you have been going through all of that! I sincerely hope you find an answer to what is ailing you.

    • Bethany M. says

      I finished 90 days of Amberen (hot flashes did subside). I have been off for 3 days and am having very unpleasant heart palpitations, tinnitus, foggy dizziness, very achy legs, anxiety.

      Rebound effect?

      (Rebound effect of Prozac is, if you go off cold turkey, symptoms come back much worse than before. Took me years of roller-coastering to figure that out and understand it. Wondering if I’ve got myself into trouble again.)

      • Joe says

        Bethany, that’s strange. I dont think any one has said that before. I’m going to say go to your doctor today. I have no idea what is going on. I wish I had a better answer for you.

  151. Linda says

    I have ordered two 3-month supplies of Amberen, taking off a month between each three-month course. I’m 63 and can honestly say that I love taking this product. Not only did I lose 12 lbs (and have kept it off), but my mood and libido improved dramatically!

    My only concern is if there would be any negative side effects with continuing to take it after laying off of it for a month. I called the “nurse” and of course she advised it would be okay to take it again. Have to agree with above comments about a nurse making these calls without really knowing the person, etc.

    So I guess one has to be smart and read all the pros and cons and decide what is best for them. As I indicated, I really like the way this product makes me feel (and so do the people around me)! It works for me!

  152. brenda says

    I used Amberen for the 90 day course then went off as directed. I had some relief from symptoms of sleeplessness, etc. Shortly after I stopped taking it, I developed symptoms of heart palpitations, fatigue, emotional extremes. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Graves disease, a condition that includes hyperthyroid conditions, I now will have my thyroid oblated, and my health has been terrible. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

    • Joe says

      Brenda, Ive never heard of hyperthyroid or Graves disease being associated with Amberen. None of the studies I saw when I reviewed it mentioned it either. I’m at a loss as to whether it was a strange coincidence or if there was a connection? Hoping others will weigh in on this if it happened to them.

      Really sorry to hear this happened to you..

  153. melissa says

    I started taking amberen in June 2013 I noticed results after taking double doses after about three weeks. I decided to go to single dose two times a day and then down to just once a day. Doing the once a day was not enough the hot flashes came back just as bad as before I started taking it.

    Ordered more and have been taking double for almost three weeks and have found nighttime hot flashes not as severe but daytime there is little improvement we will see if after another week they lessen otherwise I am at my wits end this was pretty much my last resort I’ve tried every herbal and natural remedy I could find and none of them made a difference

    Estroven did work for about a month then I broke out in hives so I am afraid to try that again so far no real adverse side affects from amberen except constipation. Which is sort of miserable. Just thought I’d throw my hat into the ring on the subject

  154. Lesley says

    Like all supplements and drugs, the research is always done by who ever has the most to gain. Directly or indirectly. You dig deep and far enough you will always find the research is funded by those who will profit the most.

    Hot flashes, like periods, come then go. it is part of being a woman. You can however manage the severity of the symptoms with a good, fresh, organic when you can, diet, exercise and what I found was Omegas 3’s, fish oils, etc.

    My own experiment, and using friends and family, (very scientific!) all found that symptoms were greatly reduced by just upping your oil intake. Because society has everyone on a low fat diet, our brains are no longer working at capacity because it is starved of good healthy oils. Getting oils into your bodies, either from capsules or foods; fish, avocados, olive and vegetable oils etc. will greatly reduce moods swings, hot flashes, ached and pains, and you will sleep better.

  155. Lisa says

    I tried Amberen about a year ago and it did not seem to help any of my symptoms, so I sent it back. Then a few weeks ago I decided to give it another try as my hot flashes had gotten worse since the last time I tried it, so I thought maybe it would help me this time. Well, big mistake.

    After taking it for 8 days, I started getting headaches, dizziness, palpitations and what I would describe as panic attacks. I also had pressure in my face, chills, and my teeth were sensitive. The panic attacks happened while I was driving and I thought I might have an accident. I have never felt like this before and do not take anything else.

    I thought I was having stroke or something, but the dr ruled that out so I can only say it has to be the Amberen. It will be a week tomorrow that I discontinued it and I still feel like im in a cloud, its a little better but I still will not drive till its all cleared up. My dr said it should be out of my system within a week and not to take it anymore.

    I researched it and it seems that MSG can cause all of the symptoms I am having. This is what I believe it to be. I will never take it again and I didn’t get my money back, They told me only one refund per household. See my husband purchased it for me the first time and I purchased it the second but they said no.

    Would not recommend to anyone as MSG is so bad for you. I hope my symptoms go away soon. I have already had one trip to the Dr. and so much money lost already.

    • Joe says

      Lisa, really sorry that happened to you! Thanks for letting everybody know about the 1 refund per household policy. I didn’t know that.

      • Lisa says

        Yes, Still does not seem legitimate to me, if two different people order a product they should both have to same right to return it. I probably should look into this further. I have lost $89.00 and my sense of well being along with it. I am still struggling to get it out of my system.

        Today is day 7 since I stopped taking it and I’m better but I can still feel it. They say that there are no known side effects, however, with so many people complaining of side effects, how come they do not take that into consideration.

        This is the strangest, scariest feeling I have ever had. I would rather have the hot flashes.

        • Joe says

          Lisa I do hope you feel better soon. I think you are the first person to have these odd side effects, which I’m sure is little consolation.

          • Bethany M. says

            I am having some of the same symptoms since stopping Amberen 3 days ago. I just commented a few posts up, regarding possible rebound effect. It wasn’t till today that I made the connection — thought I was depressed & panicky because of situational issues — which really aren’t worth panicking about. The heart palpitations started today (after 2 days of depression, fatigue, achy legs) — which led me to this site by googling “amberen withdrawal.”

            Anyhow, if Lisa is the first to have these side effects, then I’m the second. It’s just that I’m having them after going off the product!

            I did have some bouts with very sore gums while on Amberen, and I’ve developed a weird numbness in one side of my face that comes & goes — hadn’t associated that with Amberen before.

  156. Kelly Morris says

    I’ve been on Amberen for 6 months and have had great relief from my menopause symptoms. I was having at least five hot flashes a night and about that many or more a day, now I occasionally have one a night. I was feeling terrible, I think mostly from lack of sleep, and a friend recommended Amberen. I was ready to try anything, including hormones if necessary, but fortunately Amberen has worked for me. I didn’t realize people cycle on and off of it until now, but I don’t want symptoms coming back so I’m just staying on it.

  157. Cheryl says

    I went back to amberen, just to start losing weight again, since it is the only thing that seems to work for me.

    I am so grateful that I found this review, because it opened my eyes as to why it is working, and it is probably the succinic acid, because I am taking all the other ingredients in my daily vitamin, minus the MSG which is something I never wanted to take. In view of the fact that I take the other ingredients I never lost weight from any of them so it must be the succinic acid.

    I never had hot flashes or night sweats like most menopausal women, I took it to lose the weight, and it works for me. However, it is only temporary, because I start gaining it back within three months regardless of a strict diet.

    When women are desperate, they will try anything for relief. For temporary relief it works, but I think diet and exercise would work just as well, just at a slower rate.

  158. Cheryl says

    I tried just succinic acid, and I have already lost 2 lbs from the 20 lb weight gain from menopause.

    Thank you so much for blogging on Amberen. You have helped me more than 2 doctors I had seen, who diagnosed me with hashimotos, and syndrome X, along with a high sugar level. It turns out I do not have any of those diseases. They both told me I had a chronic health problem. Oh really? I think that I just have a hormonal imbalance, and this might just work for me.

    It is a funny thing, if you do enough research, you can help yourself much more than any doctor can. I think they are trained to over-diagnosis, which can be very dangerous.

    • Joe says

      Cheryl, you are very welcome and I wish you continued success with succinic acid. keep me posted on your progress.

  159. Delphiene Martin says

    I did a chat with an Amberen associate and she said “Monosodium L-Glutamate is a salt of an amino acid, which functions as a neurotransmitter and also regulates the chemical reactions of transamination. We use a safe, small amount (40mg per each dose of Amberen) of pharmaceutical-grade bioactive Monosodium L-Glutamate, which is very different from the quality and quantity of MSG used in processed foods.”

    I would think that MSG is MSG no matter what your quality is.
    I will definitely take a look at the succinic for my friends and family who are having issues with menopause.

    I am 58 and started going to a Maximized Living clinic several years ago and thankfully I bypassed the menopause symptoms of the hot flashes and weight gain.

    • Cheryl says

      I am having a very hard time losing menopausal weight. I am taking Succinic all by itself, but it does not work like Amberen. I have taken amberen for many years and lost a lot of weight, but one day I just gained 20 lbs in a week and it is taking forever to lose again. I eat right and work out everyday, but nothing seems to work.

      Do you have any suggestions for me? Nobody seems to be able to help, especially not practitioners. I do not like the MSG in the formula either.

  160. mommywithsix says

    I took Amberen when I was about 49. It really helped with the whole gamut of perimenopausal symptoms I was having at the time. It especially helped with mood and weight gain issues. I took two or three (can’t remember) courses of it with a breather in between.

    Since then the gamut of menopausal symptoms have slowly returned, especially the belly fat, sleep issues and night sweats. Mood is not so much an issue this time. I’ve decided to give it another go since I had a good response the first time. (I lost about 7-8 pounds while on it before and they stayed off for several years after stopping the Amberen.)

    I will be extra careful to get a refund within the allotted time, if needed, as a result of reading this blog. I will be trying Succinic after this round, either way, whether the Amberen works or not.

  161. kim says

    My biggest problem with perimenopause was the fogginess and lack of ability to focus or remember anything. I have to admit Amberen is the only thing that I have found that really helps with all of that. It’s also improved the mood swings a lot.

  162. Diana Johnson says

    After being on Amberen for 9 days and discontinuing, I noticed extreme itching and then welts forming from the scratching over my entire body. Has anyone else experienced this?

  163. Tracy says

    I’m thinking about trying this supplement for treatment of my hot flushes. Does anyone know how the succinic acid is made, is it from amber or synthetic?

  164. Monica says

    I started Amberen 3 years ago, at 40, because of peri-menopause symptoms. It was a life saver in terms of mood swings and energy level. It made me feel like a real person again. Originally, I did the three month trial, was off for about a week before symptoms came flooding back, so went immediately back on.

    After six months on Amberen, I was able to be off for 3-4 months before symptoms came back. Since then I have cycled off and on when I notice symptoms returning – this last time I was able to be off for 9 months before starting back up again.

    I had never had any side effects at all (with the exception of nausea if I forgot to take it without food). I did lose a little weight over that time – 13 pounds, but I worked VERY HARD for those 13 pounds. I think the Amberen may have given me the energy and put my body in a state where it could lose weight, if I did my part with diet an exercise.

    Just recently, however, I discovered a goiter, at the same time that I had restarted my Amberen. The goiter has grown extremely quickly, which, needless to say, has me very concerned.

    Just discovered that a contraindication to Amberen is Thyroid Goiter, as it can cause them to grow. I’ve had to stop the Amberen, and will be seeing an endocrinologist soon, but just wanted people to be aware of that side effect.

    • Joe says

      Monica, thanks for that information. I’ve seen other websites say it too but I don’t see a reason for it. I’ll see what I can dig up on this

  165. says

    Hey all. Just started 500mg Succinic Acid, one cap twice a day, yesterday, and after taking the one this morning I am SO sleepy. Have to say that my night sweats stopped on night ONE, I slept great for the first time in forever, but I’d like to wake up now!

    It could be from something else (heaven knows I have a lot of reasons to be tired :) but I wanted to know if anyone on Amberen or just the Succinic Acid had this effect. Wondering if the other ingredients in the Amberen could actually counteract the sleepiness that might occur without them. Thanks!

  166. says

    I found your article upon searching for info on succinic acid. After wearing a Baltic Amber bracelet for 3 weeks, my menopause/perimenopause systems were reversed. I’ve yet to find any supporting info.

    • Joe says

      TMA606, I’ve never heard of Baltic Amber Braclets helping menopause symptoms. What made you think they would help your symptoms? I’d imagine that whatever is helping you must somehow penetrate the skin. I’m not aware of any evidence that happens. I did a quick online search and didn’t see anything readily show up. I’ll just be glad that your symptoms have improved. Anyone else know anything about this?


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