Ageless Male Does It Work?

Ageless Male is a supplement “clinically proven to improve testosterone levels by 50% but still keep those levels within a normal healthy range. Impressive, but does Ageless Male work? If you heard the commercial for Ageless Male on XM Radio like I did, you probably did the same thing as me – rush home to look it up on the web. I must admit the Ageless Male supplement did not contain what I thought, given all they alluded to such as improve sex drive, make bones stronger etc.

What Is Ageless Male?

Ageless Male is marketed by New Vitality ( which incidentally also goes by the name NAC Vitamin Company according to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB gives NAC Vitamin Company a rating of “A.” Do check the BBB file for updates. Ageless Male appears to be primarily marketed to men –over the age of fo fo fo forty – who have low testosterone levels – or who think they do. According to the products website, Ageless Male is alleged to:

  1. Helps support healthy testosterone levels already within normal ranges
  2. In research, helped increase testosterone levels by 50%, still within a safe, physiological range
  3. May help support healthy hormonal balance in men
  4. May help reduce the conversion of testosterone into estrogen
  5. In research, helped reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT by 16%

While I see the word “research” mentioned a few times on the NewVitality website, the site doesn’t list any studies to support what they say about the product. I think I know why – keep reading…


Ageless Male Ingredients

When I checked, I discovered that Ageless Male has 2 ingredients which together form a proprietary blend called Re-Settin. These ingredients are:

  • Saw Palmetto berry extract
  • Astaxanthin (a type of carotenoid)

Re-Settin is a catchy word. I guess these ingredients are supposed to “reset” a man’s hormone levels? Regardless, Re-Settin is a marketing word that is holds no scientific meaning.  Two capsules of Ageless Male contain 10 calories and 800 mg of the Re-Settin blend of ingredients. How much of each ingredient is in Ageless Male? They don’t tell us.


*** Ingredient Update. On 4/26/12 I was alerted that Ageless Male now has new ingredients. Scroll to the section Ageless Male New Ingredients to see my review of those.

Ageless Male Research

There does appear to be one study on saw palmetto and astaxanthin and testosterone levels. The study was published in 2008 in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

The study did not use Ageless Male. Rather researchers were testing another supplement called Mytosterone (also called AlphaStat) made by Triarco ( which is located in Wayne NJ. Triarco funded this study but the investigation notes that none of the authors had any financial connection to the outcomes of the research.

In this 2 week long investigation, 42 healthy men between the ages of 37 and 70 were divided 2 groups.

  • Group 1 (21 men) were given 800 mg of the Mytosterone supplement
  • Group 2 (21 men) were given 2000 milligrams of the Mytosterone supplement

At the end of the study, researchers noted that men who got both 800 mg and 2000 mg showed:

  • Significant elevations in testosterone and
  • Significant reductions in DHT

 However, significant reductions in estrogen were only seen in men who received the 2000 mg dose

No significant side effects were noted but again this study lasted only 2 weeks.

If this is the study that Ageless Male is based on, keep in mind that it did not look at sex drive, bone growth, strength or muscle development or most other claims made on the Ageless Male website. These outcomes are probably inferred based  on what we know about what testosterone does.

If the results of this study are confirmed, this combination of supplements may prove useful to not only older adults but also bodybuilders and other strength athletes who usually seek ways to naturally boost testosterone levels.


If you try Ageless Male (or Mytosterone aka Alphastat) I recommend getting your testosterone level checked first and then again in a month to see if anything changed.  This is wise since Ageless Male can be expensive.

Myosterone may be found in other supplements also but do check the levels in supplements to make sure you are getting at least 800 mg.

This study did raise some red flags with me. For one thing, the researchers say that the men were divided into two groups. They do not say that the men were randomly divided into the groups. I’m mentioning this because if you look at both groups, they have “significantly different” testosterone levels at the start of the study.

  • Group 1 (whose average age was 55) testosterone level =21.64 nmol/L
  • Group 2 (whose average age was 61) testosterone level =26.26 nmol/L

I’d expect that if the men were randomly assigned to each group, that there would not be a significant difference in testosterone levels between groups.

Also, there was no control group either. Given the differences in testosterone between groups at the start of the study, a control group (who got nothing) would make me feel a little better about how good this study was.

Because of my reservations, I’d like to see a few studies replicate these findings before I Mytosterone it 2 thumbs up. I’d also like to see what happens in a group of men who lift weights while taking Mytosterone.

Another supplement men often ask about is TriVerex so read that review for more info on that product.


Ageless Male New Ingredients

As I mentioned above Ageless Male now has a new list of ingredients so I want to review them here to help you.

1 soft gel of Ageless Male has :

% daily value
Vitamin B 6 (pyridoxine HCL)  4.4 mg 247%
Magnesium (magnesium oxide)  16.88 mg 4%
Zinc (zinc oxide)  15 mg 100%
Testofen (fenugreek extract)  300 mg


I don’t think healthy people are deficient in vitamin B6, magnesium or zinc. I noticed magnesium and zinc were also listed as ingredients in Regimen, another “Low T” supplement so see that for additional information.


It’s the last ingredient—Testofen—that I want to focus on. It’s worth pointing out that Testofen is also one of the main ingredients in the bodybuilding supplement, Syntheroid.

Testofen is now said to be the main magic ingredient in Ageless Male. As they say on the label of Ageless Male, Testofen is there name for the herb fenugreek.

The name Testofen conjures up ideas that this product is supposed to raise testosterone levels.

As they say on the New Vitality Website, Testofen is a registered trademark of the company Gencor Pacific Inc. In other words, Gencor Pacific created the name “Testofen” as a way to subtly drive home the message that this extract of fenugreek raises testosterone. But does it? Let’s look at the research on fenugreek and testosterone.

In case you do your own research on fenugreek, its scientific names are  Trigonella foenugraecum and  Trigonella foenum-graecum.

In my review, I found 4 studies of fenugreek and testosterone. Two were mouse studies which I will bypass as I don’t think they are relevant. The other two studies used humans, and these studies are kind of interesting.

In a study published in 2011 in the Journal Phytotherapy Research, fenugreek was randomly given to 60 healthy males between the ages of 25 and 52 for 6 weeks. Men either received fenugreek (Testofen) or a placebo and they rated how they felt on a sexual functioning questionnaire (called the DISF-SR) over the course of the 6 week study.

Men who received the fenugreek extract reported greater feelings of sexual arousal, orgasm, libido, well being, energy and muscular strength. There was no change in mood reported.


It is odd that the men in the study reported no change in mood, yet they reported better “well being.” To me, that does not compute. How does well being improve, but not your mood?


Keep in mind that this study did not directly measure strength or energy levels. Rather, the men just reported that they felt stronger and had more energy. This is a drawback of the study.

While these points are interesting, if you read the summary of the study, take note that testosterone did not change.

In the study they say “Serum prolactin and testosterone levels remained within the reference range.” That’s fancy talk for ” Testofen did not raise testosterone levels.” Even scientists tap dance around the facts sometimes—and this is an example of it.

Take note that in this study the men reporting improvements were taking 600 mg of Testofen per day. How much is in Ageless Male—300 mg per gel cap.  I called customer service of Ageless Male and they did tell me that the recommended dosage is 2 gel caps per day. This would equal 600 mg.


I believe the main reason fenugreek is in Ageless Male is because  fenugreek is an example of a natural 5 alpha reductase inhibitor. The enzyme 5 alpha reductase is turns testosterone into DHT (di-hydro-testosterone). Thus, anything that could inhibit the 5 alpha reductase enzyme might prevent DHT formation and — cause elevated testosterone levels. If it works, then fenugreek might make some sense.


The next fenugreek study is a little bit more interesting…

This fenugreek-testosterone study was published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism in 2010. It involved 30 college age males who were randomly given 500 mg of fenugreek extract —or placebo—for 8 weeks.

The extract of fenugreek used in this study was called grecunin. The word grecunin looks a lot like  graecum, which is part of the scientific name for fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum).

Food for thought: I don’t know if fenugreek supplements tell how much grecunin they contain.


The men in this study lifted weights for 4 days per week for the duration of the study. They took the fenugreek extract in the morning and just prior to working out. At end of the study, men who received fenugreek extract, experienced:

  • 6.57% increase in testosterone —a significant change
  • 12.26 increase in the bio-availability of testosterone  —a significant change
  • 1.77% decrease in body fat —a significant change
  • 26.62% increase in estrogen (estradiol) —a non-significant change
  • 6.10 % increase in DH  —a non significant change
  • No significant change in muscle strength in the upper or lower body
  • No significant change in protein synthesis or muscle hypertrophy


The researchers also noted that fenugreek did not completely block the action of 5 alpha reductase. It partially blocked the action of the enzyme—which is interesting— but did not block it completely.

This study was funded by Indus Biotech, a pharmaceutical company based in India. Indus Biotech also provided the fenucreek extract. The study lists no conflicts of interest among the researchers.

This study is interesting. If you decide to try fenucreek remember that the people used in this investigation were college age males. I don’t know if the same results would occur in men who are, say, in their 50s.

Looking at these two human studies, we have one that seems to show fenugreek raises testosterone while another, which shows it does not raise testosterone levels. As I see it, one big difference between the two studies is in the extract of fenugreek used.

  • In the study showing an increase in testosterone, the extract used was called grecunin.
  • In the study showing no change in testosterone, Testofen was used.

Ageless Male now contains Testofen.

At this point I don’t know if this is a significant issue or not because even if Testofen does not alter testosterone levels, it did seem to show that men felt better —and performed better sexually. I’d think most men would be fine with this if Testofen really did do this.

Here is Testofen on Amazon.

Just as an experiment, I have purchased the Vitamin Shoppe brand of fenugreek and will be using 610 mg per day for the next 6 weeks to see what happens. If I feel any difference, I will report it here.

More more info also see my review of Mdrive,  and Nugenix two other supplements for men over 40.

Notice that in my review of Regimen, that this product was marketed to men “over 30.” See that review for why I believe they say that…


Update. 7/3/12. Here is an update of my experiment with Vitamin Shoppe fenugreek 610 mg per day. I was unable to finish 6 weeks of fenugreek because of some surgery, but I did take fenugreek for 4 weeks in a row. What  I can say after 4 weeks of daily use is that I did notice a little change in erections (usually in the evening) however it was minimal and I would not call the effect “significant”.

In fact, it was such a minimal change that I almost didn’t notice it. Fenugreek was not Viagra, if that puts things in perspective. I’m open to the possibility that taking it for 6 weeks might cause a different effect, so I do hope to try it again in the near future. When I do, I’ll post my results here.

Update August 14 2012. I have completed 6 weeks of taking 610 mg per day of fenugreek (Vitamin shoppe brand). I cant say that I noted any differences from when I used fenugreek for 4 weeks. I wish I could say that 6 weeks made the difference but for me it didn’t. It could be that other brands of fenugreek may work differently?

For what its worth, here is a brand of fenugreek on Amazon that people rate highly.

Who is Jacob Rosenstein MD?

Dr. Rosenstein is featured on the Ageless Male website. He is a neurosurgeon in Texas. He is also affiliated with an anti aging company called Texas Age Management ( which is associated with Cenegenics, a medically based anti aging company that uses hormones and supplements to slow the aging process. I found the connection to Cenegenics interesting and speculate that for some people, Ageless Male might be a “gateway supplement” to introduce them to Cenegenics if they wanted to “take things to the next level”.


How Much Does Ageless Male Cost?

A 1 month supply of Ageless Male will cost $39.95.  Each bottle has 60 soft-gels and you are supposed to take 2 soft gels per day. There is also a shipping charge of  $6.99.  They do offer free shipping for orders over $150. That said, if the study above is to be believed you should know in about 1-2 weeks if Ageless Male works because that’s how long it took for Mytosterone to work. You can return Ageless Male within 30 days if you don’t like it. Here is Ageless Male on Amazon for those who want to compare prices.

 What do you think?



    I spoke with a company representative and was told that I should see results in as little as two weeks. I have been diagnosed with low T and am looking for an alternative to hormone treatment and its side effects. I did order a bottle of Ageless Male, it should arrive this week. If you like I will let you know my results. By the way, is it still possible to purchase your book regarding supplements? I really appreciate the research you do and your reviews assist me greatly when considering supplement purchases.

  2. Joe says

    Johnny, yes do let me know it Ageless Male works for you. The fact that they told you that you would see results in about 2 weeks makes me think I am on the mark with the research study I quoted on Mytosterone as it also showed effective in 2 weeks. Do let me know if it works and what your before and after T levels were.

    Yes my book Nutritional Supplements What Works and why is always available. you can get it from Amazon—Review/dp/0741430975/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1311105152&sr=8-1

    or right from me at my site, whichever is easier for you. Thanks for the vote of confidence also Johnny :)

  3. Kevin says

    I am also trying ageless male. 2 weeks and no appreciable difference in how I feel. I am athletic and active and have a good base of how I perform. What do you know or have researched in the areas of supplements and increasing natural HGH?

  4. Joe says

    thanks for the update. Did you ever happen to get your levels of testosterone or HGH or estrogen tested before starting Ageless Male? Im curious about this given that their reseach (what little exists) hits that it should do this. Still not feeling any different after 2 weeks is a telling sign (or lack of) of how it might work (or not work)

    As far as supplements to raise HGH, I dont see much evidence for a lot of stuff. there was research from years ago that arginine and ornithine might raise HGH but you’d have to take a lot of it (more than in most supplements) and some of the research even used injected amino acids. I would not hold out much hope for amino acid supplements.

    We know that your average garden variety body building program – moderate wts working big muscle groups with no more than 90 sec rest between sets – can increase testosterone and I believe HGH as well.

  5. Jere says

    Joe, While you seem to have a genuine character, I wonder if its true. You misspell simple words and for someone with your education it makes me not so confident. I’ll look around your comments on other subjects but for now, I think you want to sell books.

  6. Joe says

    Jere, I assure you I am a real person and my motives are genuine.

    I read each review several times before posting, but I freely admit catching spelling errors is not one of my “powers”. Nobody is perfect (ironically, you misspelled the word “misspell” in your comment. I corrected it for you).

    Hopefully any misspelled words by me do not hinder your ability to understand what I am saying. I will try harder in the future, so I do apprecaite your mentioning this to me.

    As for my wanting to sell books, of course I do! I’m a capitalist – just as you probably are. Being a capitalist is not a dirty word.

    That said, I must tell you that very few people get rich from writing a book. We write because we love to write.

    We write because we have a voice inside of us that struggles to get out. I wrote my book out of love for the truth and for people those who seek the truth. It’s the book I always wish I had. It didn’t exist, so I wrote it!

    I poured my heart into that book and I’m very proud of what I created. Ive never mentioned it before here but I’ve actually written 6 books. My supplement book is the one I feel closest to. It’s a reflection of me as much as the facts.

    It took me about 3 years to write that book (it has no typos). There is no book about supplements on the US market today that covers as many things as I did – and is as highly researched.

    My book has over 900 peer reviewed clinical studies to back up what I say. Most facts are referenced right in the text so you can double check what I am saying. It was also vetted by doctors, pharmacists and dietitians before publication.

    You’ll never see my book at GNC or elsewhere because I told you the good -and the bad, just as I do here.

    They don’t want you to know that Beta carotene supplements can cause lung cancer in smokers or that chromium is a big fat lie when it comes to weight loss.

    They dont want you to know about tryptophan supplements being linked to the deaths of over 30 people in the late 1980s.

    I want you to know these facts.

    I could have left out all the bad stuff about supplements – and made a LOT of money on that book. But that’s not who I am. You deserve the truth. You deserve both sides of the story about what supplements you take.

    Jere, when I link to my book in my posts, its usually at Amazon. I make next to nothing on a book sold at Amazon. Also, any book purchased directly from me can be returned within 30 days and I’ll refund their money.

    Fact. I have never had a book returned to me.

    If I write my reviews as a vehicle to sell books, then I’m a dummy because I work really hard when I review a product. I do this out of love. Not to sell books.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express myself Jere. I never would have said any of this if you did not bring it up.

  7. joe says

    joe, im joe too lol but nice review. the products in this stuff are the usual testosterone increasing and nitrogen reducing products. if you want the only legal and real way to increase your testosterone safely and efficiently get some 6 bromo or atd, and some daa ( sodium d aspartic acid) both are legit scientific ways to decrease estrogen and estrogen conversion thus increasing test. and daa increases test on its own while slightly raising estrogen thus the 6 bromo or atd you should also take with it

  8. Joe says

    Joe, thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to look in to that stuff when I get the chance. These are more hormone-like than supplements yes? These arent things you can get at Vitamin Shoppe ect right?

  9. jim says

    I am interested in your book and after looking it up via your link I see it has a 2006 copyright date. Does the ebook have updates for all the new supplements and research that has come out since?

  10. Joe says

    Hi Jim,

    the information has not changed very much and I did update it in 2008. I have not released it as an ebook yet but its something that I’ve been thinking about.


    Hi Joe,
    Well, I am currently finishing my first bottle of Ageless Male and sure enough I don’t feel any difference. Every indicator that I was told to monitor has not changed. I do not think this stuff works. Did not get my T levels measured before or after as I am one of the many in America without health insurance and most clinics I contacted will not perform this procedure though I was willing to pay out of pocket.

  12. Joe says

    Johnny, thanks for letting me know. It reinforces some of the suspicions I had about the ingredients. I understand health care costs all too well….

  13. jason says

    Ok, so I’m a little confused. I am in my late 30s and feeling All the signs of low T even though I run every night (3-5 miles). What can I take over the counter that will boost or even just help me with low T for real. Also I do have insurance. (pay out the butt for it) If I wanted to check my T level do I just ask my doctor or should I look for a type of doctor? Thank you for your info Joe!!!

  14. Joe says

    Your doctor can measure your testosterone levels for you. tell your doctor you want them to test it. It’s actually a good thing to test now when you are young so that you can compare it 10 or 20 years from now.

    Tell your doctor your symptoms also because some of the symptoms of low testosterone may be due to other things. Talking to your doctor and getting checked out will help rule out that other stuff.
    Use that insurance you pay so much for :)

  15. jason says

    Thank you, for the info. Keep up the good work your research answers a lot of questions a regular guy like me has. I’ll make that doctors appointment now. Have a great day!!!!

  16. Dave E says

    Found your site regarding Ageless Male and it matches well with other review sites. My problem isn’t so much in arousal ED, but more to moving thru orgasm. May be related to my Type II Diabetes. Any products you can recommend to heighten nerve stimulation and close the deal? Have heard of some male orgasm intensifiers such as “Xplosion”, but hesitant without a recommendation.

  17. Joe says

    Dave, I took a fast look at Xplosion for you. I don’t see anything in it (other than maybe niacin) that might improve sensation. I only mention niacin since its a vasodialator but whether that means it makes sex more pleasurable is another question.

    Yohinbie is found in a lot of male sex supplements and while its been found to help some with ED it has some bad side effects I don’t like – especially since you mentioned your type II diabetes.

    Have you asked your doctor about this issue? I would be interested to hear what he/she thinks about your lack of sensation.

  18. john says

    Joe, I’m a tad confused, I recently had a blood test that showed my T level at 190. My doctor said a healthy level for a 39 year old male is 250 and prescribed me androgel. This is a gel I rub onto my upper arm each morning. Do you recommend that I take any thing else to supplement this as being in the “low range” of normal isn’t where I want to be!!!

  19. Joe says

    John, yes the normal range for testosterone is usually taken to range from roughly 300 ng/dl to about 1000 ng / dl. So you are a little on the low side.

    the Androgel should do the trick. Get your T levels checked again in a month or so to see how its working and how you are feeling.

    The good news about all of this is that your doctor measured your T levels now. Most guys never get their T levels checked.

    You didn’t mention your exercise habits but Id also recommend physical activity – aerobic and strength training. Thought I’d mention this just in case.

    Here is a good brief review on testosterone that I found for you today

    I hope it helps :)

  20. Phil Finley says

    I was diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease almost 2 years ago. My Urologist doesn’t seem to have any treatment suggestions and is very vague about this disease. I’ve tried a supplement from India called Peyrotine (sp) and got no noticeable results. Any suggestions, besides surgery.

  21. Joe says

    Phill, I looked up Peyronies disease on Wikipedia and found some stuff on it and some possible treatments. I would print it up and show it to your urologist and see what he/she thinks is best for you. I hope this helps you and hope peyronies is not causing you too much pain.

  22. JW says

    I heard that working out (exercising) regularly elevates Testosterone levels. It would follow that those who execise regularly are already doing what they can to naturally elevate these levels.

  23. C.T. says

    I have had symptoms of a UTI and have been treated for it, but I have been trying Ageless Male during this time and curious if it may have any side effects. I’ve had chronic burning in the urethra and thought perhaps this was contributing to it.

    • Joe says

      CT, did you start getting the burning feeling right after you started Ageless Male? I have not seen anything about Ageless Male causing urinary tract infections. I would ask your doctor about this. I am honestly not sure.

  24. says

    Hey Joe, Thanks for your review of Ageless Male…It seems to me to be both unbiased and informative. I also appreciate your pro Capitalist comment to Jere..absolutely no need to apologize for wanting to make an honest dollar.
    Have you researched other Testosterone supplements? If so,which one ,or ones have tested best.

    • Joe says

      Thanks Wane, So far, the only other supplements Ive looked at were tribulus and a product called Pink Magic. Some of the comments for Tribulus make me curious but the evidence so far says it doesn’t work. I’m hoping somebody will get their T levels checked before and a month after using the supplement and let me know what happens.
      I like your website by the way. You do GREAT work!!

  25. Jay says


    Thanks for your review as it was helpful. I’m two weeks in and do notice a little difference but not sure if its just me. Actually, the morning after I started taking the pill I woke up and was “at attention” like I haven’t been in a while so I chalked that up to something working. I work out pretty frequently and never had a problem with that, but my symptoms have been around sex drive and tiredness and thus have seem to gotten better in addition to getting a big bigger from working out where I topped out before.

    Again, can be a number of things but I wish I followed your advice and got my T tested at last physical last month.

    Will let you know how the next bottle goes.

    • Joe says

      Jay thanks for keeping me posted. Men usually are ” at attention” in the morning but its interesting you noticed it more than usual. keep tabs if it continues. Do keep me posted :)

  26. BigDaddyLarry says

    Hey Joe, I’ve been hearing these “Ageless Male” Supplement commercials on my local radio station for a while now, they’ve even got The Rev Al Sharpton hocking them in a local celebrity endorsement (please no political opinion in reply s )

    So, I’ve decided to give it a try because I recognize myself as having some of the symptoms they tout as the target for this product. I am a 55 year old Man…Not just Male – Lol, I used to work-out 4 5 days per week but in this past year, its difficult to get up in the mornings and my work-out is down to 2 days per week……NOT GOOD!!,

    I’m feeling sluggish, sex drive is ok…(not what it used to be) I get a nice erection but its not lasting too long these days, I eat decently (sometimes i cheat)…fruits in the morning, Plenty Fish & Veggies…etc.

    So I get online and google “ageless male reviews” and got your website and began reading reviews then decided for sure that I will try ageless male and satisfy my curiosity whike passing along the result info in your blog.

    Now that I’ve educated myself just a little bit I’m going to take your advice and order ageless male after I see my Dr and have my Testosterone levels measured and most importantly….just to see how I feel after about 2-3 weeks of consumption. As soon as I get my “T” measurements I’ll post them and let your community know when I begin the “Ageless Male” regimen! Peace & Blessings!


    • Joe says

      Big Daddy. Thanks much for going to the trouble of getting your testosterone level checked first I truly apprecaite you doing this! I will look forward to reading your results. Do mention your experiment to your doctor also as I’m sure they also have heard the Ageless Male commercials and would be interested to know what happens.

  27. Tom says

    I am surprised that no one here has mentioned Androgel, or perhaps I missed it. Androgel is testosterone in gel form and is applied topically to the shoulders and upper body. It is only available by prescription after being tested for low T by your doctor.

    I was tested and had dangerously low testosterone along with type II diabetes. This is apparently not an unusual situation so i would encourage any guy with type II diabetes to get your testosterone tested. The testosterone test was ordered along with the standard blood test for cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. The test was performed by an external lab, not in the doctors office.

    Reading several articles on the subject, there are some who suspect low T may be a contributory cause for type II diabetes.

    My cost is approximately $75/month with health insurance for the Androgel. So I was curious if AM could accomplish the same task for less. After reading your article, I suspect not.

    For what its worth, I’m using Androgel along with daily dose Cialis to get back in the saddle again. lol.

    • Joe says

      Tom yes you’re right type II diabetes may cause low testosterone levels. Thanks for mentioning that. My guess is that Ageless Male does not work the same as Androgel. Good luck getting back in the saddle 😉

  28. jim says

    I was diagnosed with low T and was given a prescription For Androgel. I no longer have insurance so cannot afford this medication my doctor now has me on testosterone shots every 2 weeks.

    I am unsure of the long term safety of hormone therapy and this is why I have been looking for herbal options. Looks like the Ageless Male may not be an effective option. Do you know of any studies on the safety of the shots I am getting?

  29. dave says

    Im 21 and have been hearing commercials for this product giving them away for FREE. I’ve had many T tests before and my test levels were 270,470,450,535.
    all of those are in normal range but i am a young guy and want more.

    Ive always had a hard time putting on muscle although my libido is high but thats prob cause i am shy and can’t get girls.
    Ive had an MD offer to give me shots..but the guy was a quack.and Im suspicious he got paid for giving test ha.

    thinking of ordering ageless male for a trial

    • Joe says

      Dave, if you do try Ageless Male get your T levels checked once more before trying it and then a month later to see if there was a change.

      Remember putting on muscle (getting bigger) is not always about T levels. Another factor to consider is the percentage of fast twitch muscle fibers you have. Some people have more slow twitch fibers. Slow twitch fibers are designed for endurance -biking, running ect. they do not get as big as fast twitch muscle fibers. While slow twitch can get a little bigger from exercise its less than fast twitch. Exercise can also alter the chemical make up of slow twitch fibers a little bit (making them “look” like fast twitch) but it will not change slow twitch into fast twitch fibers.

      I agree the MD who offered to give you T shots was probably a quack

  30. CJ says

    It’s difficult to take this article seriously. So many typos. It smells like the blogger is out to discredit something he knows nothing about. Learn English before you write anything else, PLEASE!!!

    • Joe says

      CJ, would you tell me what typos you found and I will fix them if they are spelling errors. When I write a review I am more concerned with you understanding what I am trying to convey, rather than being 100% grammatically correct.

      I also stand by my review and feel that I am one of the few people who wrote an unbiased review of Ageless Male. I may be the only person who took the time to find its connection to Mytosterone , the product whose study may be the reason why Ageless Male contains what it does.

  31. rachel says


    I stumbled upon this while trying to do a little research on behalf of my husband (who I assure you is well aware I’m looking for him). He is a 34 year old who is also a vet. Many other of his comrades have had some issues with T levels and one even had testicular cancer after returning home. I’m frustrated because the VA lowered what they consider an “acceptable” number for T levels so as not to have to treat this influx.

    My husbands numbers were JUST within the acceptable range according to them and now we are stuck trying to figure out how we can get his numbers up without going broke paying out of pocket. I was very curious if you have had a lot of questions coming from vets with this issue. I had heard about age-less male and now don’t want to waste money to try it after reading these reviews. Is his only hope hormones?

    Thanks so much. Also, I loved your response to the spelling critic. Very nicely put!


    • Joe says

      Hi Rachel, the range for “normal testosterone” levels is a lot as you know (300-1000 ng/dl). what does the VA consider “normal”? I dont think Ive heard from many vets. Maybe there are some veterans reading this who can add comment on if similar things happened to them?

      Strength training can raise testosterone levels so that might help. Do you know what his T levels were before he was in the military? do you know the T levels of any male relatives? that may give you an idea of what may be “normal” for your husband. Is he experiencing any problems stemming from his level of testosterone?

  32. dave says

    maybe joe, but after years and years of lifting ive gained a lot of strength and still can barely jog a quarter of a mile haahah.

    and im 6’2 200

    • Joe says

      Dave, lifting weights does not make you better at jogging. In exercise science, there is a saying: “specific adaptations to imposed demands”. its called the SAID principle. Basically it means the body adapts specifically to the exercise demands imposed on the body. So, if you want to be better at jogging, jog – dont lift weights. If you want to be stronger, lift weights – dont jog.

      Somebody once told me they could bike ride for 50 miles but could not run 1 mile. Even though both exercises are aerobic, the bodies muscles adapted to biking. Running, while using many of the same muscles is still very different.

  33. dave says

    Joe my only concern with ageless male is that somehow it will have a negative effect on me. obviously at 450ish I’m not THAT low…but at 21 i will only go lower till I’m another 30 year old posting here about being below normal

    • Joe says

      Dave you are assuming that it will go lower as you get older. Its possible that it will stay at its level for many years. hormones are tricky things. The good news is you do have levels right now to compare what happens in the future.

  34. CJ says

    Hi Joe

    No problem. I have taken the liberty to re-write the article and will post it below. I believe your research and am thankful for it, (which has led me to the conclusion that this product is not for me), but I feel like people will take the article more seriously if it is without flaw.


    • Joe says

      CJ I appreciate you taking the time to do that but I’d rather just keep my review on the site so as not to confuse people. I never claim to be perfect and I think what I write is rather tame in comparison to the other stuff on the web.

  35. Gene says

    I was wondering if you ever had a chance to review the claims from above:

    “joe August 8, 2011 at 10:47 am
    joe, im joe too lol but nice review. the products in this stuff are the usual testosterone increasing and nitrogen reducing products. if you want the only legal and real way to increase your testosterone safely and efficiently get some 6 bromo or atd, and some daa ( sodium d aspartic acid) both are legit scientific ways to decrease estrogen and estrogen conversion thus increasing test. and daa increases test on its own while slightly raising estrogen thus the 6 bromo or atd you should also take with it”

    • Joe says

      Dave, I dont think the ingredients in Ageless Male are harmful esp if you are “healthy”. Do get your testosterone levels checked first that way you’ll know for sure if it worked.

  36. Too tall Tex says

    I’ve used horny goat weed, and as long as you take one pill in the morning and one at night it works great for keeping me erect, it’s a lot cheaper too. My family MD recommended it.
    He knew several men who had tried it and had success with it.

  37. Ed says

    I’m 48 workout and feel like a 20year old and have been on TEST & HGH Therapy with Dr. and tried all those marketing scams. nothing works best than good old needle . if you dont like needles try gel

  38. James says

    Beware of HRT. I got Androgel Prescription from my Doc after being tested and was low. It seemed like everything I could want for the first 12-16 months and after that I noticed that my testicles appeared to shrink a bit. Well after my wife asked me about it also I went back to the doc. He took one look and told me to stop taking it as I’m young enough (34) that they should rebound. After 6-8 months of being constantly tired, weak, irritable and gaining weight my t levels and testicles are better than before the Androgel.

    Turns out a different med I was on was killing my t levels. The allure of Testosterone replacement is huge and usually reinforced by the difference the first year on it makes but it will end up atrophying testicles and penis and is not fun to get off of.

    • Joe says

      James do you mind shearing what other med you were on that lowered your T levels? Thought I’d ask in case anyone else might be taking it also.

  39. jim says

    Well now James has me concerned! I am 49,diagnosed with low T and am on hormone shots every 2 weeks. I have looked at some of the adverse effects of HRT and never heard of the problems he has described. Joe, from your experience, how often have you heard of this negative rebound? PS. I would like to thank you for hosting this ongoing discussion!

    • Joe says

      Jim, what James described does make sense since T is made in the testes. So when you take testosterone therapy, the testes are like “I guess you dont need me to make this stuff anymore” and so they shut down their natural T production. Its a natural feedback loop that the body uses to keep itself in balance. This also sometimes happens to Bodybuilders to take steroids.

      I wonder if the doctor prescribed too much testosterone replacement for James but I’m not sure. Jim, If you’ve been doing T injections for a while and not noticed any testicular shrinkage I probalby would not worry about it but since you are going every 2 weeks, run it by the doctor at your next visit.

      I’m glad to help Jim. I’m as interested in this stuff as everybody else is!

  40. Ken says

    Yo, Joe….
    Good info, but haven’t heard mention of trying to use methods to raise T Levels in people who have heart disease. I have a double bypass, am very healthy now and 58 years old. But I am a little leery of putting new drugs or “untested” supplements in my body. Any input from someone who knows about this?

  41. James says

    I was on Suboxone to get weened off a pain management cycle of opiates. I was on 7.5mgs of androgel daily (6 pumps). I had my levels monitored bimonthly to make sure the dose was not to much. You are correct about the feedback loop, your body does shut down Testo. production because it is being provided externally. I’m not saying it’s never the answer but there are literally dozens of Forums on the side effect of Testosterone replacement.

  42. Darren says


    I’m from Canada and hear the adds for Ageless Male on a local radio station so I guess we are ok to order it here. Do you know if it is available/legal in Canada and if I can order it from a Cdn supplier? Usually the costs/shipping/duty is much cheaper to order it from here.

    I have an appt to get my T levels – amongst other things checked next week. I suspect I’m gonna come in low. Should be an interesting journey…

    • Joe says

      Darren, if its being advertised in Canada, you should be able to get it there. Keep me posted if it helps raise your T levels

  43. Harru says

    I have tried Ageless Male and after a month I have not noticed a lot more energy but I have lost that gut that I was developing. I had to go buy a smaller size belt today because my jeans are falling off. I would recommend the product.

  44. mike says

    I have another option that works well for me. It’s called Tribulus extract. I haven’t had my levels tested, but since I started taking it I’ve noticed a better sex drive, I’m more motivated to hit the gym, and my body seems to hold my gains better, size isn’t a priority to me, and I will stay away from anything that would be a testosterone replacement, but from the studies I’ve read Tribulus is supposed to increase your bodies natural production of testosterone.

    Now there are a lot of products I’ve bought that do nothing for me, but the ones from Bulgaria seem to be the real thing………….TRIBESTAN and TPNBECTAH 250mg pills, take 1-2 (3 times a day)….this is just what I’ve experienced, and I would love to know what you think about it. Thank you

    • Joe says

      Mike if you check out my Tribulus review on this site you will see what others are saying about it. Several have also been reporting similar effects. I will probably grab some at Vitamin Shoppe next time I’m in there and do a little “experiment” myself.

  45. Michael says

    I tried the Ageless Male product for about a month and a half with no real positive changes. There was, however, a negative one. It seems that my mood was affected in a negative way. I became a bit more moody and quick to anger. The only thing different I was doing in my daily routine was the addition of Ageless Male. I there anyone else that has had this reaction? Or am I mis-diagnosing myself?

  46. Ron says

    Michael, I took ageless male for just about 2 months and saw huge results! My attitude was better, i was more focused, and it helped me build more muscle mass as I worked out! The reason that your temper/mood is getting “testy” is because your increasing your testosterone pretty rapidly and your body isn’t used to it just yet. I would suggest 3-4 weeks on with maybe a 3 day gap in between to give your body some time to adjust. Let me know if that helps and try not to break anything in the mean time Hulk haha.

    • Joe says

      Ron thanks for chiming in. Did you get your testosterone level checked before you tried Ageless Male to see if it actually raised your testosterone?

  47. Kevin says

    My problem with Ageless Male is that I contacted their customer service for a full refund after trying out the full bottle for 30 days. They told me that a refund isn’t available, because I have to call back within 30 days as indicated on the purchase invoice. I explained to the customer service that their sales representative had told me to call back after trying out the Ageless Male for 30 days, and even if the bottle was emptied, that I can call back for my refund. In the end, I am denied of my refund. Definitely scandalous!!!

  48. Jason says;
    Joe, the first link is to Prograde’s home page. The second link is to the product, and if you scroll down you will see where it states on the bottle “may boost your body’s natural testosterone production” and also lists other claims. I have looked for negative feedback on this product and have found none.

    I also have low testosterone levels but do not wont to start on creams or shots. Before I purchase I want to be sure. It says it has herbs, amino acids and also has tribulus. If you have the time to look I would greatly appreciate your expertise.

  49. JASON says

    The first link is to Progrades home page and the second is to the product K20. It says it has herbs and amino acids and Tribulus. Does this product look legit? I also have low T and dont want to go on any creams or shots.

    • Joe says

      Jason, its hard to say but I doubt it. the pages you showed me just seemed to be designed to get your hopes up. I think the best thing you can do is try it for a month and see if your T levels increased. Ill try to take a more indepth look at the product in the near future and see if I can find anything on it.

  50. Tom says

    Joe: I have heard that the white foam that is emitted
    from pine trees is loaded with T and eating the stuff will for sure increase your levels.
    Not sure if this is true….but I tried eating some with no adverse affects.
    The same guy also said you can eat pine needles and they have lots of vitamin C and that you can eat the inner bark or the tree.
    I tried it all with no adverse effects.
    The tree has to be PINE not just any ever green.

    So what’s the deal with all of that.

    • Joe says

      Tom that is a new one on me! I have never heard that foam from pine trees contains testosterone. I have not heard of supplements that contain pine tree foam. if you know of any let me know. Ill see if I can turn up any evidence on it. If I find anything I will let you know.

    • Joe says

      Ive always been skeptical myself so I’m actually taking it right now as a little experiment. I’ll report my findings in a few weeks.

  51. dave says

    joe still avent ordered the ageless male. i have medicai so it’s doubtful they’ll cover it. i am interestd in what tom said about pine tree foam

  52. dave says

    Joe did one of my comments not get approved? i forget if i posted 2 or 3.

    anyways i looked into the pine tree pollen (pollen is the word that gets most results) and i found a product called surthrival. Id like you to look more into this.

    form what im reading ingesting pine tree pollen had the same negative effects of steroids and can shut u down

    as for tribulus i took a product called tbol and it had a different tribulus than the regular trib testeris..but still didn’t work. it was the herbal tbol not the roid

    • Joe says

      Dave I posted all of your comments. I only saw 2 -this makes 3 :)
      Ill look into pine tree pollen this week and see if there is any proof it raises T levels

  53. hookem says

    Over the counter, what is the best working thing to raise T levels and do all that other good stuff? Is it available at Vitamin Shoppe or GNC?

    • Joe says

      Thats a good question and I don’t know the answer because as far as I know none of them have ever been tested to see if they actually raise T levels in humans.

  54. Zeek says

    I had very low levels tried all kinds of stuff for 2 weeks at a time with no luck. I then broke down and went out side the Dr’s that wouldn’t help me and the none free USA BS laws and got some Winstrol I took it for 1 month and here I am a year later with very boosted T levels still.. and I’ve had no side effects. It was the best thing I ever did.

    I had a hard time keeping it up before this time and after sing it for only 1 month a year later I still am at it like a teen. I think everything else out there is BS compared to this. I wish that wasn’t true but I feel it is. I also know side effects can come from steroids but this is the safest one out there. A friend was put on Anadrol and it messed him up like others who posted here.

    Now I know I was only on it a month but looks to me that’s all you need to get you back on track. So if your a man out there that has tried everything try it just don’t over do it anything is bad if you over use it. But the way I look at it Like girls have irregular periods and guys have irregular T levels girls take birth control to get back on track and guys need Winstrol to get back on track. I really believe this cause it worked for me and if any guy is going threw what I did I think this could really help you

  55. jim says

    Looks like a sales pitch for Winstrol to me! Has all the sales pitch lingo we’ve all heard before! Joe, I hope you don’t bother to reply.

    • Joe says

      Ill take him at his word since he didn’t include a website with his comment or embed any links to websites either. Since Winstrol is a hormone I just don’t know what the long term effects of it would be.

  56. dave says

    oe what about nolvadex xt. that has a peer reviewed study

    isnt winstrol oral? lol he will find out the sides when his liver shuts down

  57. Eric says

    I was told I had low T, I’m a 53 year old male. I was having weak errections and tired a lot. I was listening to evening news and they spoke about DHEA.

    Has anyone else heard of this supplement?

    • Joe says

      Eric, I do plan on reviewing DHEA in the near future. What did they say about DHEA on the TV news?

      I dont think it will help erections (if anybody has taken DHEA please comment – I’m very interested to learn about your experiences!)

      Its often called the “fountain of youth” but its not.

      DHEA is a hormone that’s 2 chemical steps from testosterone. Its also 2 steps from estrogen also..

  58. Dave says

    I have not tried nolvadex. The only thing I have tried is ”tbol” by thermolife. They are both natural test boosters however nolvadex had a peer reviewed study done on it. In your spare time it’d be cool if you could look into it.

    btw Joe I am new to your site, and was just wondering what makes you qualified to do these reviews? I hope you don’t interpret that differently than how I intended. I am just curious if you have degrees in this stuff or if you are just a well researched consumer.

    • Joe says

      Dave, sure thing. I’m glad to let you know who I am. I have been investigating supplements and writing about them for well over 10 years. It’s a “bug” I caught when I was in grad school after I discovered that the claims about a supplement I was researching for a magazine article I was writing did not agree with what the science said.

      I have a BS degree in chemistry and biology and a MS in exercise science. I have also written a book about dietary supplements which reviewed the claims and evidence for 119 different products – more than most any book to my knowledge. My full bio is at my personal website While my “day job” is a self employed personal trainer and teacher of personal trainers, I love writing – and really love researching supplements.

      I view myself as a scientist and educator. Like many people, I get frustrated when I see websites and ads that make unsubstantiated and overly dramatized claims about the benefits of supplements. That is why I analyze supplements and dissect them by ingredient showing people the research -pro / con- for each ingredient. This way people can make informed decisions about the products they take.

      I take a few supplements myself so I am not “anti-supplement”. I’m really pro truth and pro honesty.

      I also make it a point to mention known and suspected side effects, something very few others on the web do.

      As I said in my “About ” page. nobody pays me for my reviews. I receive no compensation from any supplement company and I have no agenda except for helping people – and the for the truth. I use my education to try to break through the marketing and hype and help people.

      I believe that the ultimate litmus test for supplements is documented published peer reviewed studies on either the products themselves or their individual ingredients.

      For the most part, when I cite proof that a supplement might work or might not work, I try link to the actual studies on either the product or the products ingredient. I do this because I dont want you to take my word for anything. I want you to be able to read the studies for yourself.

      In essence, I want you to know what I know – so that you help others.

      I hope that helps Dave and thanks for giving me the opportunity :)

  59. sher says

    Joe, I really appreciate everything you’ve written here as well. Spelling errors mean nothing to me. Some of the most educated people can misspell words, so I found the comment about your spelling quite comical. I work for a fortune 500 company and the in house emails that are sent to us have errors, but I don’t tell the company that they’re not legitimate because of it…..CRAZY!

    Anyway to my point, I called this company today to find out the information from their rep over the phone. After the guy gave me the info, I advised him that I would go home and check their website and reviews. He began to pull out his arsenal of tricks to which I’m accustomed to.

    He said that I could purchase today and just pay $6.99 shipping. I told him that I needed to check out the site first. He told me he just needed my name and phone number now and when I responded that I needed to get off the phone now because I’m approaching traffic and needed to go. He responded by asking me for my phone number and name and I asked if it mattered that I’m safe.

    I stated that I would be home in 15 minutes and would call him back. He actually offered to stay on the line until I reached home. Wasn’t that nice of him (plz know this comment is in jest). I realized that this is a desperate company willing to do anything to make money. I came home and found this site. Yes, it was all worth it. I’m definitely going to purchase your book! Thanks for the link. And do plz look over any grammatical errors:).

    • Joe says

      Sher, thanks much for the kind words. I’ve had college textbooks with glaring errors in them so I know it happens too -but I still strive to be typo free. If I ever hit the lotto, I’ll hire my niece – the proof reader – for all my posts 😉

      Thanks for letting me know about what happened when you called Ageless Male. It makes me wonder if their reps get commissions?

      I hope you enjoy my book! It was my favorite book to write – from the first page to the very last.

  60. Brent Shifley says

    Great article. I was hoping you could help me. I live in nutrition hell (Arkansas). As a result I am unable to locate a local source for mytosterone/alphastat, or the DAA. Do you know a national chain that carries these products, or a reliable web site?


  61. Richard says

    I, like every other older male, would like my youth back. I took DHEA at the recommended dosage, 20 mg, and experienced nothing but my hair falling out. I didn’t think much about it until it started filling my comb every time I combed my hair. I stopped taking the DHEA, and it took about a month before my hair quit falling out. I wondered what else was it doing to my body. I felt absolutely no increase in energy. In my opinion, this stuff is dangerous!

  62. Jason says

    Ageless Male is no more than $39.95 for a 1 month supply, not 2 weeks as indicated in the article. I have been using it for a couple of months now. There are 60 softgels in the bottle, and you take 2 a day. It is an unbelieveable product!

    • Joe says

      Jason, you are right and I was wrong. I called New Vitality -the makers of Ageless Male – to confirm what you said and I have changed that part of my review. Thanks much for the heads up!

  63. Brent Shifley says

    Well I got my results in. Before starting on any product I got myself tested, and the result was a testosterone of 123. Now, I just started taking Ageless Male, and should be receiving a shipment of DAA, ZMA, and Tribulus. With a lot of these saying that they will increase testosterone levels 40% each that would only bring my levels up to 472 at the most. Is there anything else in the arsenal of products that would give my levels final boost that they need?

    • Joe says

      Brent, I would try Ageless Male a a few weeks and then get your T levels tested again. I would not mix it with the other stuff at first. If your T levels did go up, you wouldn’t know what caused it. 123 for a T level is pretty low. are you lifting weights? I would recommend that also but do it after trying Ageless Male for a few weeks and getting your T levels retested. Just trying to do this as scientific as possible and hopefully weed out stuff that isnt working, so that you would be able to save money in the long term. Do keep me posted on what happens :)

  64. MB says


    I have been approached by companies that have a testosterone boosting protocol…They have doctors working with them and their programs promise to be tailored to my individual needs…The programs take about three months and they are asking quit a bit of money for the treatments…Have yoiu heard of anything like this and do you have an opinion about it?

    • Joe says

      MB, suppleent companies have been talking about “personalizing: supplements for a long time now. Im not convinced that we are at that point yet but one day I do think that will be the norm. That said, having doctors working on a doctors doesn’t really impress me. It should not take 3 months to raise T levels. They would know in about a month if its working. Based on that I say save your money. Is this a supplement they are marketing or a treatment regain that uses steroids like cenagenics? What is the name of the product?

  65. says

    Just found your site after hearing an add on the radio here in Canada. Was going to order, but decided to Google first.
    I’m a 43 year old male, who recently decided to get myself back in shape. With proper nutrition and exercise I lost 20 pounds and gained 5 in muscle, but wanting to gain more. I exercise with weights 4 days a week, so I’m always looking for an edge. I currently use a multivitamin, protein powders, fish oil, glutamine and recently started using kre-alkalyn, was thinking about tribulus. Can’t wait to get home and read some more of your reviews. Gonna get T levels checked, find out what’s going on. Thanks for all the information.

    • Joe says

      Larry, thanks for the words and I’m glad to help. I like your website also – esp the part about ignoring the fat burn zone. I’m always telling people about that too :)

  66. jim says

    I have been monitoring your site since June. Unless I missed something the only conclusive statement I have seen regarding natural ways to improve testosterone counts is though lifting weights. Please clarify what you mean by this. Is lifting weights the only way or does isometric exercise also work? How about cardiovascular exercise? If weight lifting is the only known natural effective treatment for LT, how much lifting is required and what kind of improvements have studies shown?

    • Joe says

      Hi Jim, you ask a good question and I think there is still work that needs to be done on exercise and GH levels. I know Dr Oz mentioned some natural ways to raise HGH on tv this week but I missed it. I was very curious to hear what he said. If I discover what he said I will write something up on it. As for exercise various studies have shown that resitance training can raise Testosterone and HGH levels in humans. Here is a link to one of those studies

      I think the raise in hormone levels after exercise is transient. it doesn’t last long and this variability is likely also related to whether the person is a beginner or an advanced lifter. It would seem that multiple sets of exercise with a relatively heavy (but not super heavy) resistance is needed and that this needs to be combined with relatively short rest periods – say 3 seconds to 1.5 minutes between sets. I would also aim for at least 4 sets of an exercise. Again, this “recipe ” is not perfect and less intense programs might help some people also.

      As for cardio, if it is going to raise HGH levels I think the best way to do it – based on what we know now – is to do interval training. Here is a link to a study on cardio and HGH

      Good question Jim I hope this helped some :)

  67. Brent Shifley says

    Ok, after a few weeks of using Ageless Male, with DAA, ZMA, and Saw Palmetto, I have seen VERY little improvement.

    Further more, it seems that the company that makes Ageless Male (New Vitality) went, without my permission, and put me on their auto mailing system and sent me another bottle and charged my credit card. I tried calling both of the phone numbers that were on the shipping label that accompanied the bottle (of worthless pills) and nether the Reorder number nor the Customer [Screwed Over] Service number worked at all. As a result of this I am closing my account immediately.

    Additionally, I would highly recommend that if anyone still does decide to do business with New Vitality that they use a pre-paid debit card for the transaction. This will leave you in control of your bank account, not New Vitality.

    • Joe says

      Brent, sorry to hear about those New Vitality problems! I agree never let somebody else have access to your bank account. keep me posted if you ever get a hold of New Vitality!

  68. Kevin says


    My problem with New Vitality is slightly different than yours, which I posted on September 21, 2011. I contacted the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint against the company. As a result, New Vitality admits wrong doing and refunded me the purchase amount minus shipping and handling charge. During this period, I had to deal with a bunch of incompetent customer service representatives, which was very frustrating to me.

    They acted like robots and kept repeating to me that my purchase had past the 30 days refund policy. I told them to listen to the recorded telephone conversation I had with a sale representative, which he said to finish the whole bottle and call back if I am not completely satisfied. Each bottle has a 30 days supply.

    Their refund policy says to return an open bottle within 30 days. Hence, initially they denied me of my refund. I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone in charge, and I was denied of that request and was told that their return policy is very clear.

    As indicated, I contacted the BBB to complain. Only then, I receive a respond from their manager stating that he had listened to the recorded telephone conversation, and that he admitted the information I was provided was in error. If you feel strongly about this, I suggest you contact BBB to help you resolve this issue. I am confident you are not the only person who has bad experience with New Vitality sale practices. Good luck.

  69. dlmvegas says

    After seeing this TV ad last night I figured it was too good to be true. Thanks to all who posted their comments. This company sounds like so many other order by mail firms. Their customer service is non-existent if you can even get through to them.

  70. Rick says

    I totally disliked the deceitful way their phone operator tried to get me to commit to an order while ‘overlooking’ the free trial that was offered by the TV advertisement. I’m also not stupid enough to give them $7 for “shipping and handling”… which is enough to cover the cost of the product and all costs incurred. The $40 is pure profit. Their deceit, when I called, and what I’ve read, since then, tells me that Ageless Male is an ongoing ‘get rich on the idiots’ scam operation that preys on their gullible customers. The power of suggestion is their success measurement tool.

  71. ganjawarrior says

    i bought 17-t from sci-mx ,t and gh booster. Been on them 3 days and training hard. I have taken synthetic testosterone before so i know what feeling i should be looking for. Will let you know how i get on

  72. BOB says


  73. Guy says

    @ Dave E on page one.

    Get yourself a prescription for medical cannabis (depending on what state you live in), problem solved. If you’re concerned about cannabis then do some research online, most of what you know is probably wrong. ( Try googling ‘The Emperor Wears no clothes’ by Jack Herer.)

    As for the testosterone thingy, I might try some tribulous and see what happens. I mean everything ‘works’ fine but at 46 I’m finding my libido and I parted ways a couple of years back. Hey Joe, do you know if having a vasectomy will affect this stuff? Or any other advice to boost libido would be appreciated. I’ll even swallow a beating snakes heart in a shot of vodka if you think it will help. :)

    • Joe says

      Guy, if you try tribulus let me know what happens. Im about to write up my experiences with it which were less than impressive

  74. Mac10 says


    I have been taking Ageless male for ~6 months. I am 43 and workout with weights several times a week – mostly heavy bench, deadlifts, powercleans, chinups. I also do hard cardio. I find Ageless Male is working well in two ways – one increased lean muscle mass, albeit not a miraculous increase, more slow and steady. Also, in the libido area, works VERY well. Since I started taking Ageless Male I have gotten a lot of comments about my overall size/muscularity – which never used to happen. One guy said I look like “The RocK” – which is big stretch, but I appreciated the compliment ! I have noticed no side effects so far, and I cycle off of it for one week per month. I also take Gaba, Gingko, MultiVit, Omega 3, High Quality Whey (GNC). I think if there is any issue with it is that I have increased my weight lifting loads and now my joints are starting to have issues. I am currently working through a shoulder inflammation/impingement that came out of the blue. Could it be related to Ageless Male? Perhaps, but I was using it for 5 months before my shoulder had issues.

    • Joe says

      Mac, I think the shoulder impingement is probably do to the heavy weight lifting you are doing. Ive been there and know what that pain is like! watch exercises like heavy shoulder presses, upright rows, heavy bench presses, power cleans or any exercise that puts stress on the shoulder. Rest it for a few weeks and do exercises like internal and external shoulder rotations, scapular retractions and scapular protractions. try these with light weights and see if it helps. Lets try to avoid making it worse. dont worry you wont lose any fitness in 2 weeks of going easy.

  75. Mark says

    Thank you SO much for creating this website. I’ve all but given up on review websites for supplements since most are nothing more than scams that are connected to the very supplement you are trying to investigate. I’m a 52 year old guy who is suffering the average signs of middle age, most of which are named on the Ageless Male commercial. Over the years I’ve tried countless supplements all claiming to renew your sex drive in one way or another. I have to say that NOT A SINGLE ONE improved ANYTHING about my life in ANY way!! In face, two cause such changes in my body (sweating, increased heart rate, hot/cold flashes) that I couldn’t have sex if I wanted to.

    I’ve tried a number of general supplements (Ginseng, Ginko, Saw Palmetto) and a few others. I took each individually and together for several months with absolutely no noticeable difference.
    I discussed this with my primary doctor and he gave me samples of Viagra and Cialis. Yes, these prescribed drugs are expensive. Yes, they may have side effects but THEY WORK! But as my doctor said, there is absolutely nothing out there prescribed or otherwise that works for increasing libido. That still remains a mystery and if/when solved….will make MILLIONS.

    I believe there are supplements out there that will offer “some” help….even if occasionally….to SOME men. It’s debatable whether those guys who notice positive results, are nothing more than the power of suggestion. But if it works for you…go for it! I nearly dropped another 40 something dollars for yet another bottle of snake oil….you think I would have learned by now lol. I keep trying for that miracle, “fountain of youth” supplement but I’m afraid it just doesn’t exist……yet.

    Thank you for your reviews and HONEST help. It’s saving a lot of people a lot of money and maybe one day you or one of your contributors will actually find something that really works. Until then….it’s the little blue or yellow pill.

    • Joe says

      Mark I keep looking and if I ever do find anything i will be sure to write about it. I write all the reviews myself. It would be nice to have a contributors but honestly I love this stuff so much I don’t think I would let anybody else write these reviews :)

  76. Steve says

    I chatted with the AgeLess Male rep via their chat box this morning. I posed a simple question asking what the difference was between the AgeLess Male and T Cypionate IM and/or Androgel. To my disbelief the rep said he had no idea what I was talking about! I then replied that T Cypionate and Androgel are prescribed by M.D.’s to treat Low T. The rep then asked what Low T was! I thanked him for his time and ended the chat.

    If the reps don’t have a clue what Low T or the common drugs used to treat Low T are, I certainly would not bother to waste my money on said product.

    Buyer Beware!

    • Joe says

      Steve, interesting stuff. I sometimes wonder if the representatives who field calls about supplements, do so for many supplements, depending on which phone line is called. If that’s the case then the “Ageless Male rep” is not an employee of the Ageless Male company but rather just somebody who works at a call center. Even so, the fact that they didn’t know much about low T, androgel etc would get me second thoughts as well.

  77. ron says

    I am a 57 year old male
    I seen this add on Tv this morning while exercising. I have some of the same situation as to was advertised. I always check on line for the pro/con of things like this product I am glad I checked and came across your site. I have been using “Libido-Max for about 4 months. This product works ok however, I don’t like the side effect I get from it which is a bit of quick bathroom visits after 20 minutes of taking it. After reading your comments and others I don’t think I will be purchasing “Ageless Male”.
    Thank you
    PS: I found your site very informative

    • Joe says

      Ron, thanks Im glad I was able to help you. I will have to take a look at Libido Max. I have not heard of it before now.

  78. Guy says

    Hmm OK three days into taking the tribulous (Vital Strength brand). 2 capsules a day one in the morning and one at bedtime. (Each capsule contains 20g tribulous, 750mg ginsneg 1g avena, sativa 10 mg)

    Libido and energy have picked up a fair bit today.


    The sun also came out a couple of day ago as well (bad timing for scientific experiments) so it could be that too. Will continue with the tribulous until I finish the bottle and then reassess. If I decide it wasn’t helping I will try one of the volumising products like semenax and see how that goes.

  79. Rog says

    From the very first time I saw the TV commercial for Ageless Male, it really reeked of scam marketing. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that people are dissatisfied with the product and are having customer service problems.

    As someone who has suffered from low T since his early 30s, I can honestly say that the most effective NATURAL T-booster I’ve ever taken (and continue to take) is TONGKAT ALI. Of course, there’s plenty of companies who sell inferior versions of it, but New Life Alternatives has been the company from where I’ve been able to get consistently good Tongkat Ali for a reasonable price. I urge anyone seeking a significant Testosterone boost to check out their website at and do lots of research. Slickly mass-marketed products like Ageless Male seriously pale by comparison.

    • Joe says

      Rog, I looked at the Tongkat Ali website and while they did have a research page I did not see any research that noted Tongkat ali raised testosterone levels in humans. Since you said you have had low T levels since your 30s can you tell me what your T levels where before taking Tongkat Ali and after taking Tonkkat Ali? Im really curious because Ive never heard of this product until you mentioned it. I will look for some evidence on this product and post what I find but Id really apprecaite you letting me know how your T levels changed. Thanks!

  80. fred johnson says

    Curious. Men aren’t supposed to be making babies after say fo fo fo fo rty or fi fi fi fi fifty. Our supreme maker gives us what we need, when we need it, throughout our life. I really think that anything we do to f up that cycle is basically wrong and a waste of money. Old men trying to get a boner and try one last time to be a hit with his secretaries when he should be taking care of his aging wife, kids and grand kids is just another example of how screwed up Americans are, at times. Too much time, and Johnson, on our hands.

  81. Will Ray says

    My doc said I was low in testosterone and Vitamin D. He recommended 1000 u of D and a patch. The patch costs 260/mo. so passed on that. I had heard of a relationship with V- D and hormone function, so I ramped up to 5000 U of D per day. Six months later, doc says testosterone levels are normal. Suddenly, V-D is now being sold in 5000 unit doses so seems to be a safe level of consumption.

    • Joe says

      Will the the Vitamin D /testosterone connection is interesting. Did you do anything different in the 6 months besides taking 5000 IU of vitamin D? Do you know what your levels of Vitamin D and Testosterone were before and after starting vitamin D? Id be interested in learning more about this.

  82. Louis Johnson says

    The best thing to get for low testosterone is Androgel. You have to get it from a doctor but it really, really, really works. It restores your energy, you sleep better, and junior acts better. Not like when you were in your twentys but better.

  83. Alan says

    Go get a blood test ,if your T is low ask your doctor for a Rx for T injections. They work, they’re real and much cheaper than $40.00 if you have health insurance.

  84. Rog says

    The problem with the Androgel patch, just like Testosterone injections, is that continued use ultimately leads to your body shutting down its own Testosterone production, and you’re left having to depend on an external source.

    With tongkat ali, you are boosting your body’s own Testosterone producing mechanism. You have to cycle it in order to keep your body from adapting to it.

    For anyone now interested in tongkat ali, please be sure to avoid tonkat ali that originates from Malaysia, for it is the Indonesian one that is superior. However, please remember that not all tonkat ali product are equal, even when it comes to the tonkat ali that originates from Malaysia. There are a lot of companies selling inferior versions (probably most of them do). Along with New Life Alternatives, I also urge you to read up on research and articles from doctors who really offer lots of info on tongkat ali, such as Ray Sahelian and Serge Kreutz.

    Whatever you do, though, PLEASE stay away from slickly-packaged and slickly-marketed products that claim to boost Testosterone, such as Ageless Male and T-Bomb.

    You would also do well in adding the following to your daily regimen:
    3000mg fish oil
    3000mg borage oil
    1500mg l-arginine (ArginMax is a great source for this, which is easy to get at any GNC)

  85. Bruce says

    Like many other posts I have read, I too have heard the non-stop commercials from Ageless Male. Sounded like just what I need, but not after reading your article and so many negative posts. Sure glad I found your review!
    Signed up for your newsletter Joe, look forward to good and honest information.


  86. Mickey says

    From the feedback and reviews this Ageless Male sounds like garbage. Think ill skip it and save the coin.

    Haven’t taken a supplement for low T before. Gear still works but i just turned 40 and i do feel different. Mostly mood, not depressed but feel blahzay uninspired. Also strength in the Gym is low and the pounds arn’t peeling off like they used to.

    I’m just not feeling the anabolic T (steroids) option. Don’t like the idea of the side effects or the fact your T production essentially goes on vacation while taking the garbage. So an all natural option is the way in my mind, but I need to identify something solid.

    Curious about a natural product called Virectin. Found it listed as the “top choice” of a site called Performance Insiders while i was looking up this Ageless Male snake oil. Don’t know anything about the P.I site, but i like the layout of this site here and was wondering what you’ve heard about it?

    And most importantly is Virectin just an alternative Viagra or does it really also naturally increase testosterone?

    • Joe says

      Micky I looked up Virectin for you. It contains tribulus (see my reviews on tribulus for more info), arginine (which is cheap and is found in most male sex supplement), Eurycoma Longifolia (search for this word on my site for my words about it) and a lot of other things too. Since you said your “gear” still works I dont think you need Virectin since its marketed as a sex supplement and not something that can help you do better in the gym. What I did not see about Virectin was any proof that the product raises your T levels. Its not the same as viagra. The name is catchy the “vir” part of the name probalby refers to Virility and the “ectin” part refers to Erections. So, its supposed to give men virile erections. I see no proof that it does but the sexy girl on the product website does give me ideas 😉

      I’m not familiar with the website you mentioned but I have been to other sites that are supposed to “review” supplement and noticed that often they do a type of bait and switch: they say one product doeskin work but push you to a product which they make money from when you click on a link or buy the product from them. Not sure if that’s whats going on with the site you refereed. I say safe your money on Virectin. If you do try it, Id be interested to hear your thoughts on it. Also read my blog on “male performance supplements”

  87. Doug says

    If you want to raise your testosterone levels, lift weights, run, exercise…. Don’t buy these scams in a bottle, they don’t work, trust me, I have been ripped off so many times and contributed as so many of us, to make these scam artists millionaires.

  88. Mitch says

    It’s a scam. There is no solid scientific evidence that this works. Should a 50 year old have T levels of a 25 year old? The answer is no; there is no fountain of youth… but there will always be con artists. Go to a doctor if you have endocrine problems.

  89. Guy says

    Update: Am continuing with the tribulus but after the initial boost (which coincided with the sun coming out) I can’t say it’s making any difference that I can notice. Will update again when the bottle is finished.

  90. Darryl says

    Thanks for this useful webpage of information! I am 60 and have been battling low-T and BPH (along with ED) since I was 40. I have researched these problems and for solutions having tried just about every supplement out there and thought my experiences might help others.

    First, I am on Androgel and for a while it worked great! But as one poster pointed out, your body will tend to reduce its native T production as it becomes dependent on the supplement. Then, the benefits seem to fade away as you produce less testosterone naturally.

    For me, pygeum worked well for BPH but did nothing for ED. Yohimbine helped with both BPH and ED, but it can have risky side effects in the form of racing heartbeat and worse. Yohimbine kept me sexually potent for 10 years!

    Thereafter, only Cialis or Viagra has allowed me to cope with ED. Androgel alone lost its ability to help. About the only thing Androgel does for me now is maintain my “interest” in sex but does not help with ED anymore. However, I do believe it helps with my BPH as well (at least that is what the doctor tells me). Tribulus terrestris did nothing for me.

    DHEA helped me with ED but this is a risky supplement; I had neuromuscular difficulties in the form of muscle cramps, spasms and aches/pains that were debilitating while taking it. I ended up in physical therapy as a result. If a reader tries DHEA, discontinue it at the first sign of muscle ache or cardio anomalies. It will be continuous and not to be confused with overworking in the yard.

    My experiences, in total, suggest Testosterone is like water: it seeks its own level. And with age, it does not get any better. I am not now tempted to try Ageless Male though I would have years ago. We are the outcome of our inherited genetic-metabolic program and, eventually, it winds down. In the early stages of my testosterone decline that affected my sexual capability, yohimbine gave me the greatest benefit. After that, Androgel. After that, Cialis or Viagra. But nothing short of hormone replacement therapy has done much for my low-T.

  91. Dave says

    Joe, I too experienced increased t once i got my D fixed. Id if you are able to tell when repeat posters post..since Dave could be any Dave, but this is the same Dave who posted several months back…and I think my last post was about the pine pollen.

    anyway…my d was like 13 i think? and t was 270 when i was 19? and after taking d, it soared i think to 40? and t was 450? and then it went to 535 once d got higher into the 60s. i haven’t checked my d recently but it’s gotta be in the high 80s as it was 75 a while back after a fast from d.

    • Joe says

      Dave, I can only tell if I check the email address which I usually dont do. so you did have your T levels tested before and after starting Vitamin D therapy. how much D were you taking and how long did it take for the T to increase?

  92. Dave says

    vitamin d alleviated a lot of my symptoms..maybe due to the test increase…but my symptoms have been greatly alleviated with `10,000 mcg of methylcobain b12 sublinguals…(i also take 10k units of d)…might add in krill oil 1k mg a day (is this a good dose???)

  93. Tricia says

    American Ginseng Root + N/A*
    Tribulus Terrestris Seed ~ N/A*
    These are the ingredients:
    Muira Puama Bark and Root ~
    Fresh Wild Oat Seed +
    Nettles Herb +
    Saw Palmetto Berry +
    Catuaba Bark ~
    Pygeum Bark ~
    Damiana Herb ~
    Kola Nut Seed ~
    and here is a link from Jon Barron,s newsletter describing how to free up bound testosterone.

  94. Tricia says

    How do you come up with Tribulus being basically caffeine?

    Puncture Weed – Tribulus Terrestris

    As a testosterone booster, Tribulus terrestris does not work like DHEA and androstenedione, which are progenitors of testosterone. Instead, it enhances testosterone levels by increasing luteinizing hormone (LH) levels. LH is responsible for “telling” your body to produce testosterone.

    Further more, here is some information on Kola Nut .

    Kola Nut contains 1.5-2% caffeine, plus theobromine (an alkaloid similar to caffeine) that increases cerebral circulation. Kola promotes better concentration and a “clearing” of the head. Because so little Kola nut is consumed in this formula, and because it goes straight to the brain, it’s stimulatory effect in this formula is limited to the brain and has very little impact on the adrenals, unlike coffee.

    Where do you get your information from Joe? And why would you only list two of the 10 ingredients in the product that I shared as being VERY beneficial?

    • Joe says

      Tricia, I think you misread me I meant that kola nut was basically caffeine. Of the ingredients you listed, those were the 2 that jumped out at me and so I commented on them. If kola nut promotes better concentration its because of its caffeine content.

      I get my information from many sources such as the national library of medicine, books and studies I have hear as well as my own science background. Peer reviewed research is my litmus test when I review supplements. When you say these products are VERY beneficial, can you provide me a study that shows the product is beneficial in humans?

  95. Tricia says

    First of all, I am in no way in support of this Ageless Male product. Yet, I do support naturally derived, organic health supplements (herbal)….as I linked above. Let me ask you this, ” how much do you trust the FDA and their “studies”?

    • Joe says

      I think the FDA is greatly underfunded and overwhelmed. They dont do studies on supplements. Usually when they investigate a supplement, its after the product has been on the market and they have gotten complaints about it. Most of the studies I reference are done at universities or medical institutions and some of them are even done or supported by the supplement companies themselves.

  96. dave says

    Yeah, when i was 18 or 19 i had my d and t checked..idk the values but d WAS LIKE 21 AND T WAS 270 (I KNOW THIS ONE FOR SURE)…i took 2000 units of d, but eventually upped it to 5000, and now i maintain at 10k per day….and if im feeling lousy i may take more, but usually 10k per day for the past 1-2 years.

    Levels after the 270 were 430ish, 470ish, and 535…535 was sot recent i think….last d test was 75 or so? and the one before that was 50 something.

    Im going to read your review now. I just ordered 360 vitamin d 5000 pills from nutrigold and they said if i write a review for their product they’ll give me any free product i want….this company is awesome..and it cost 13.50 shipped for the pills and it got here in 2 days with standard shipping(free shipping)

  97. Tricia says

    If you think the FDA has our best interests in mind, you should read this article:

    The truth is, the FDA is only interested in controlling herbs/natural plants to keep us from being healthy, and pocketing however much money they can in the process….and the other truth is that universities and medical institutions are owned by The Rockefeller Foundation. Do you think they have our best interests in mind? I know they do not.

    Some more links:

    I am here to educate people to the truth, and the harsh reality of the world we live in today. We have to come together as a people and stop this corruption and illegal control over our lives!

    • Joe says

      Tricia, I have no doubt that there is corruption in the world but I cant accept that the government or FDA ect is totally out to control people (although I am sure there are certain factions who do). Since the FDA has had its budget cut repeatedly over the years Im not sure I buy the argument that they are just interested in “pocketing” money.

      What about studies that show a supplement works or might help people? They do exist and since that is true, why isn’t anybody stopping that research from getting out? As for university research, the research has to go through a peer review process before it is published in a medical journal. For corruption to exist on the level you suggest, it would mean that everybody from the university professors who do the research to the anonymous peer reviewers of research to be in on the corruption. I like a good conspiracy as much as the next person but I just cant accept that everybody is involved.

      as for the video and websites you posted, I have no way to corroborate what they are saying because some of it falls outside my area of knowledge and current interest. One issue -both good and bad – is that everybody can have an opinion and toss it up on a website and make it sound like fact. We all live in an ocean of information and yet it seems harder than ever to get reliable information. That’s one of the reasons why I am here.

      I am no way a total fan of the FDA. Like many bloated and hamstrung government agencies, I think they have problems but I think most of the people who work for them are trying their best.

  98. Bill says

    Hey man, I’m glad I run across your site. It’s the first one that seems to have a few honest comments about all the bullbleep on the countless supplements out there. I’m 43 and have a hard time getting out of the bed in the morning.

    I’ve had more car crashes than Ernie Ervin.The body pain has been like a domino affect on me.It hurts so bad to do any meaningful exercise that I’m way out of shape and that makes it even harder to get around. Over the last 5 years or so I have done nothing but go down hill.

    Pile on a huge case of depression,complete lack of energy and absolutely no motivation or desire to do any of the things I used to love doing and your left with a 200 lbs waist of oxygen!!! I ask my dr. to check my T level and he said it was ok but never gave me a number or anything. I felt like he just blew it off. He has been trying to cram antidepressants down my throat for years now and none have had any positive affect.

    I dont know if testosterone would help or not but it would be nice to have a product out there that you could have access to without being a lab rat for your doctor. HGH is said to have all kinds of benefits by many doctors but any thing that would really truly help cure folks, the pharmaceutical company’s will do every thing in there power to make it look like devil juice and sweep it under the rug.” THEY SUCK”. Maybe one day something that really helps folks get back on there feet will be allowed to hit the shelves and stay there.. Well thanks for your site, keep up the good work

    • Joe says

      Bill, Thanks and I am glad you found me. If you think your doctor is not helping you, have you thought about switching doctors? I always ask for what the numbers are when I have blood work done – or even my blood pressure. I never take “its normal” for an answer. Consider another doctor if this one is not helping you. All doctors are not created equal. Good luck Bill!

  99. Tricia says

    One last link and I am done. I do realize that Joe and I have gotten off the topic of “Ageless Male”, I apologize. This is a very good podcast to listen to…and let me also say, I can find hundreds of similar reports. I would also warn consumers from trusting anything their doctors tell them, or from trusting the FDA. Best wishes to all!

    Take care Joe, it has been fun chatting.

  100. mc says

    I’ve had low T for at least 3 years. I started with Androgel and then my fertility urologist took me off. Hormone replacement can lead to permanently shutting down natural production of T. Since I’m married and don’t have kids yet, he wanted to give me drugs that boosted the FSH and LH levels, which were low.

    This is important, because those hormones start in the pituitary gland in the brain, and regulate T production in the testicles. If they are low, then the low T problem starts in the pituitary. I have not seen anything that fixes that.

    You have to first find out why low T is happening…it’s either because of the pituitary or the testicles. Also, I had an MRI of the brain, and it came back fine (although the pituitary was smaller than normal). Any good endocrinologist should go through all these steps to drill down the cause of low T, especially if you are under 40.

  101. Greg says

    I don’t know anything about the Ageless Male, but I DO know that there is a product called Tribuplex 750, that DOES help us active older guys (54) run on overdrive. I’ve been using it for quite a while (over a yr), and it definitely helped with putting on some muscle again.

    No matter what it did (workout wise), I didn’t build muscle like I used to. I feel a lot less tired or drained during or after surfing, etc.. Also, it definitely helps with the woody 😉 I’m taking 1 a day as maintenance, and I’ll throw down another before any strenuous exercise or construction work. They recommend up to 4 a day. I’ve recommended it to many. The cheapest place I’ve found to get it is Sprouts (in So. Calif.). Hope this helps.

  102. bushwhacker says

    I have been reading this column and stopped at Nov. 5 which pretty much gives me the total picture on this product. I am 49 years old and I thought I was to old to get scammed “Bob” said it best aging idiots is what I feel like. Snake oil for idiots, I called to purchased my “free” bottled and give it a try,(impulse buy) and the customer service rep went into attack mode, with an onslaught of crap she wanted to sell me so much so I excused myself and hung up, and like Joe they called back, I couldn’t believe it. So instead of snake oil I have decided to go to the doctors get tested and buy the expensive prescription product. At least I know I will get what I am paying for.

  103. samoyed says

    This supplement has very weak evidence. The two ingredients are not known to be muscle enhancement supplements. I think Dr Rosenstein is trying to supplement his 401k. OTOH DHEA definitely increases muscle power in those who work out. I took 15 mg/day at age 45, changed nothing about my workout and was getting several more reps on my last set. I had expected nothing but hoped for fat loss. Didn’t happen. Got stronger but I noticed no change in libido or fat loss. Dhea is not banned in most professional sports so that may tell you something. It’s very cheap. Don’t take if you are under 40 and try 5-10 mg and see what happens. If you want to take more consult your doc first.

  104. larrie says

    Joe, thanks for the great info. Keep doing what you do. What info do you have on supplementation to lose fat and increase energy? Thanks

    • Joe says

      Thanks Larrie, I have looked into various energy drinks – 5 hr energy, 6 hr energy and even 7 hour energy and have separate reviews for all for them. they didn’t work for me but everybody is different. I have a ton of weight loss supplement reviews posted too. Most seem to be just similar ingredients in different looking packaging Im sorry to say. I’ve got MANY more reviews planed so stay tuned :)

  105. Samoyed says

    I am a doc and have an MS in nutritional biochemistry. The DHEA studies have always been equivocal. The one you cite is a summary of studies. I suspect that this is because it won’t work if you are not performing resistance exercises. Anecdotal, it worked for me but only for power increase in weights. That’s why it is BANNED in most sports and the Olympics. HGH might be better for body composition and libido increases. But that’s a bit stronger.

    I agree. If U want to take more than 10 mg DHEA check with your MD. Get a physical if you are in poor condition along with some blood work checking T levels.

    • Joe says

      Agreed about the DHEA studies. what I posted was just something after I did a fast search. I remember reading observational studies from the 80s noting that both smokers and drinkers had higher DHEA levels which I always found amusing if they were proven correct (which If I remember right, they were not). How much DHEA do you take and how long did it take before you noticed a difference? Is there a brand of DHEA that you might feel comfortable recommending? Have you had your DHEA and/or T levels tested pre and post DHEA supplementation?

  106. Samoyed says

    I get my DHEA from Designs for Health and Pure Encapsulations. DHEA is pretty cheap so it’s likely that any decent company will get it right. Try 10 mg/day if over 40 and if you are lifting weights, you should notice a power increase in 3 weeks. I do three sets of bench and three sets of free weight squats once a week. On the last set I do as many as I can. Typically I was getting 2-3 reps at 225 bench. This went up to 5-8 reps. In Squats I would generally get 275 4 times. This went to 8 times.

    I was very surprised. I didn’t increase my sets, frequency of workout or weights because that would have added another variable. I did not test my blood levels before or after. Had I wanted to take a higher dose I would have. I did not notice any side effects like hair loss, acne, improved fat loss or improved libido. Just increased power using wts.

    • Joe says

      Thanks for the feedback. I will keep this in mind when I get around to reviewing DHEA in the future. It would be interesting to see how testosterone and estrogen levels change with DHEA supplementation.

  107. Pat says

    Hey. I saw the commercial and wanted to check out this product. I have low Testosterone. My Dr. diagnosed me a year ago. I brought this product to him and he laughed at me. DO NOT take this if you suffer from Low-T. I was prescribed Andro-Gel. This stuff is approved by the FDA and a real treatment for Low-T. I am commenting to help you guys out!! I have been on it for a year now and it’s great. Not to be to blunt but, I have rock hard erections as opposed to before when they were semi-hard and gone in a minute. I work out on it and it makes me feel like a machine!!! It gives me energy when before I had none and getting up out of bed in the morning was a chore. Only side effect I can see is I have a few hairs growing on my back and I do mean a few. My wife will say “Hey, I see one” and pull it…GONE. Guys listen to me. If you have low-T go to the Dr. and ask for Andro-Gel. They have it in 1% and just put out a 1.6% which I just started taking. With the 1% you give yourself 3-4 single pumps a day. Usually 1 on each upper arm and 1 on each breast. Or instead of the breast, I go 1 on each upper arm and 1 in the center of my stomach. Now I am using the stronger 1.6% and I only need 2 pumps, 1 on each upper arm. It’s alcohol based and dries quickly. You put it on, it dries, and you need to wash your hands right after. Also, you need to cover the area with a shirt because women and/or kids can’t come in contact with the area until it’s good and absorbed. Listen, I don’t usually comment on websites…..BUT DO THIS….IT’S A LIFE/BONER SAVER!!!

  108. joe netto says

    Joe, Thanks for the review. I too was about to purchase ageless male but my experience tells me that these are always a scam. I will not be purchasing ageless male.

    I am interested in Andro-Gel but i have a concern that my body will stop producing its on T and become dependent on external source of Andro-Gel.

    I feel very unmotivated and I run my own business so this is not a good trait for me. Just being honest here but i also feel that i am not as quick witted as i used to be. I’m 33 years old and I’m 6’3/260lbs My physical appearance is one of a healthy man but i don’t feel that way. Also, I have noticed that my erections are not as strong as years prior. My desire to have sex is still there so that’s good! I’ve also noticed that my memory isn’t quit as sharp.

    I tend to think that any man-made product could be harmful in years to come so I am more inclined to think that herbal is the way to go. However, I am not opposed to Andro-gel as i have read good reviews except for one and that is your body may become dependent.

    I have never had my t levels checked and I know ill need to do this as my symptoms are indicative of low t.

    Does any of the issues that ive mentioned have anything to do with low t and if so would Andro-Gel help?

    Sorry for all the issues mentioned but im just worried bc I feel that i am too young to have some of these symptoms

    Any help?

    • Joe says

      Joe, I suggest you go to your doctor and explain to him/her what you just told me and ask to have your testosterone levels checked. I think its important for men in their 20s to get their T levels checked so that when they are our age they have something to compare those levels to. That said your doctor will be able to see how you are doing testosterone – wise. The symptoms you are experiencing may or may not be due to low testosterone levels and since I am not a doctor its hard for me to give you an idea of what might be going on. I hear your frustration and I think writing this is the first step to figuring out what is going on. Also ask your doc for for a TSH test – that will show how your thyroid is doing. I think after your doctor runs some tests he/she will be in a much better position to help you than I can. After you do that, I hope you write back and let me know how things went.

  109. Dan says

    I am a veteran and can say the VA will not help with low T. I am 36 and have been using high T from GNC with great results. It is about $50 a month and I use half a dose daily which makes it $25 (I imagine the older you are our lower your level is you would need the full dose). Any other reviews on high T?

    • Joe says

      Dan, I have not yet looked at “High T” but did you have your T levels tested before and after using high T? did your T levels change? Im sure the VA will cover your testosterone blood test esp if you have been diagnosed with low testosterone. if you have that before and after information I would be very interested in seeing how your T levels changed.

  110. beto mezquita says

    I am looking for a cure for fatigue. I am always tired and need to sleep one hour during the day. I walk three miles four times per week and am only 10 pounds overweight. In your opinion, should I have testosterone test before trying this product? Thank you for your assistance.

    • Joe says

      Hi Beto, yes I would get your T levels tested before trying Ageless Male and also tell your doctor about your sleep patterns. Maybe together you can find out why you only sleep 1 hour a night. Sleep can be funny because a lot of things might disturb sleeping patterns. Good luck and I hope this helps.

  111. max says

    i watched the TV spot for ageless male and at first was interested in the product but after reading though your’ site and all the comments i wouldn’t give them the chance to take my money. but that dos bring up another question… is there a real way to raise your’ t levels

    • Joe says

      Max, why dont you first see if your T levels need boosting. While I am generally skeptical of all Testosterone booster supplements – because I dont see any proof any of any of them work – we should all remember that raising testosterone might increase the size of your prostate or play a role in prostate cancer. Conversely there may be some good reasons to boost T levels (it might help depression) . I think instead of thinking your T levels are low, get them checked out first and then decide what is the best plan of action to improve your health.

  112. Dafixer says

    Joe, thanks for a great, HONEST site! So many so-called review sites prove to be just fronts for shills of the various supplement companies. They get affiliate money for steering folks to their products. I saw an ad on TV tonight for “Ageless Male” and decided to check it out online. (Before finding your site!) After doing some poking around, I found the Ageless Male site and couldn’t find anything online about “Re-Setting”, the active ingredient in AM. But I did search for and find the cited report on the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition site ( and noticed it’s only a single study, and not a double-blind test, the gold standard for testing. I also noticed it was hosted by the University of Yaounde I in Cameroon, a tiny country in E. Africa. Not exactly what I consider a hotbed of cutting edge medical research. However, some of the ideas in the study, while IMO flawed, do pique my interest. I’d be curious to see if this product really does work for anyone. (Of course, if it did, I’d wonder about their trustworthiness!)

    Here’s my story, FWIW. Started noticing libido diminished in my late 30’s. Plumbing works fine, just low libido. When it got really bad (about age 42), a endocrinologist measured my T level and pegged it at “borderline” (less than 300). Of course, with no baseline reading from my earlier, normal years, he couldn’t tell if that was a normal reading for me or not. So I agree with Joe: young guys – get your T tested today! Every guy’s normal level is apparently different.

    He put me on AndroGel. Results: T readings went way up, I slept very little (didn’t seem to miss it), had a bit more energy, got new hair growth all over my upper arms, chest, and upper stomach area where I put the gel. No change in libido. First few weeks were okay, felt great, then I started to decline to former feelings. I found out later that inserting exogenous (external) T causes your body to cease producing its own (endogenous) T. So, at first I was feeling the boost to my natural production, but then my natural production shut down. After 6 months, I got off it since it wasn’t helping my libido at all.

    Being a “larger” guy, I became interested in articles on PubMed about trying an aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole). Basically, aromatase, which is produced by fat, converts testosterone to estradiol (a form of estrogen, a female hormone), which offsets T. Working with a new, highly-competent, university professor endocrinologist, I tried it for a few months, but no dice there either. We then tried bi-weekly (and often painful) shots of testosterone propionate for about 7 months. Same results basically as the Androgel – no positive changes other than some increased energy. I was really shocked that, again, highly-increased levels of T didn’t positively affect my libido at all. In fact, it seemed to make a little worse. With me at least, there is something else wrong. I’m not sure what to try next, I seem to be out of options. I was thinking a natural T *boost* – not a replacement – would be ideal. But it sounds like Ageless Male is another case of patented snake oil.

    In the past I’ve also tried Tribulis Terrestris (no effect), Yohimbe (made me sweat and my heart race), Tongkat Ali (nothing), Horny Goat Weed (nada), etc. I have a drawer full of such supplements. (BTW, I’m not saying these won’t work for *anyone*, they just didn’t work for *me*.)
    I hope you guys find your answer! And it you do, please share it with the rest of us.

    • Joe says

      Dafixer, Thanks for writing and for sharing your journey. Since you said you were a “larger guy”, have you tried to lose weight? There is some evidence of low T levels in even young men who are overweight. This may have to do with the more fat we have the more estrogen we have also. Just a though that occurred to me. I will definitely keep my eyes open for something that works.

  113. jim says

    I found Dafixer’s comments interesting. His comments about Androgell causing the body to stop/slow it’s own T production I have heard on your site before. Are there any reliable studies that “prove” this? How about the shots? I receive the shots and asked my doctor about this and he said there are no problems he is aware of. He is a good doc but may be out of the loop with the latest studies. Also, how about libido and E.D.? Any supplements you have reviewed that help with these two issues? thanks for all you are doing!

    • Joe says

      Jim, everything I have ever read and learned about hormones is that the body keeps a tight control on the level of them. when we give the give body extra of a hormone, it decreases its natural production of the hormone. This is why Im usually skeptical of supplements that claim to raise T levels. In biology this is called a negative feedback loop. testosterone does play a role in libido in both men and women so reduced libido may be due to reduced testosterone levels but we man are funny creatures and other things – stress etc – can also contribute to it. So far, I have not come across anything I had faith in, but I always keep and open mind. I suggest you try seeing a urologist and / or endocrinologist who might be able to address your concerns more specifically.

  114. Bear says

    Thanks for the write up and especially the comments!

    I am 32 years old and about 3 years ago I had a non cancerous tumor removed from my testicles. While in there I also got fixed ( 3 kids already ). My wife, employer and I started noticing that I had lost my fight. I became extremely laid back and lazy. This was bad for my marriage and career. I went to my doctor and after a lot of tests he came to the conclusion that I had low T ( 130) and ADHD. I was prescribed androgel for the low T and concerta for the ADHD.

    The androgel made my skin crawl and the concerta made me crazy!!! For a few weeks I was the most miserable psychopath you would have ever ran into…… I have not been back to the dr since. I had heard the commercials and thought that ageless male might had been my ticket. Luckily I had found your review before purchasing and wasting my time, money and health.
    If you run across anything that works, please let me know.

  115. Tricia says

    Viagra Less than 50/50

    Viagra, Erectile Disfunction, ED, Testosterone, Sildenafil

    Viagra doesn’t seem to always be keeping up its end of the bargain! Touted as a drug that allows you to “take action,” it appears that not every man gets full satisfaction. In fact, less than half of the Viagra (sildenafil) currently being prescribed for men is actually working, according to a study that took place at Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham, England.

    The most common sexual issue men visit a doctor about is erectile dysfunction (ED), which is experienced by 40 percent of men over the age of 40. In the United States, it is believed to affect between 15 and 30 million men. However, a caution to all those men — before starting a medication like Viagra, men with ED should go see a urologist. The sexual issues may be a symptom of a larger problem somewhere else in the body. Liver, kidney, and thyroid diseases, hormone imbalances, and blood vessel injuries are just a few of the other ailments that can cause ED and should be checked by a physician. It can also occur as the side effect of some medications.

    On the other hand, more than 20 percent of the ED problems in men can be traced back to a testosterone deficiency. Testosterone levels in men peak during their 20s, then slowly decrease over the years. Viagra doesn’t address testosterone issues; it treats circulation problems by increasing the blood flow to the penis. It has no effect whatsoever on testosterone levels, so those men experiencing ED because of low amounts of that hormone are wasting their time and money using the drug. A blood test at your doctor’s office can determine whether testosterone levels are low. The test should be performed in the morning, since that’s the time of day testosterone levels tend to peak.

    Another earlier study, conducted by the New England Research Institute, found that the appearance of ED combined with an inadequate sex drive was frequently caused by low testosterone levels. The researchers examined close to 1,500 men living in and around Boston between the ages of 30 and 79. They found that 25 percent of these men had low testosterone levels.

    But testosterone is not just about erections. It’s also responsible for a number of roles in the bodies of both men and women. It provides us with energy, gives us a sense of drive, pushes us to succeed, helps us bond with our partners, fuels our sexual desires, escalates our sexual satisfaction, builds muscles, burns fat, and facilitates better circulation. Research has shown that it is not that our bodies produce less testosterone as we get older, but rather, it’s the amount of free circulating (or bio-available) testosterone that decreases — as more and more of it gets bound to both albumin and a natural substance called SHBG (sex-hormone-binding-globulin).

    SHBG not only binds to testosterone, it binds to every other sex hormone. It functions as a storage system for excess hormones, but it can cause problems as well. SHBG can bind estrogen or dihydrotestosterone to cell membranes in the prostate stimulating cell growth, while at the same time causing an increase in PSA secretion, which can be a factor in prostate problems including cancer. Herbal formulas can play a major role in alleviating these issues. A good hormone balancing formula for men will contain ingredients such as: Ginseng, Tribulus terrestris, Muira puama, Wild oats, Nettles, Eleutherococcus, Saw palmetto, Sarsaparilla, Catuaba, Damiana, Kola nut, and Ginger.

    And herbal formulations are safe to take, whereas Viagra has been known to cause numerous side effects. Those most frequently occurring during clinical trials were headaches, flushed face, and upset stomach. Other common side effects are stuffy nose, diarrhea, dizziness, and heartburn. There are also more serious ailments linked to Viagra use that include severe allergic reaction, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, seizures, loss of hearing or vision, and memory loss.

    In contrast, natural herbs offer “side benefits” instead of side effects. Wild oats have traditionally been used to aid the nervous system. Nettle is often taken for the treatment of urinary problems and when the prostate becomes enlarged. Saw palmetto exerts an anti-inflammatory effect on prostate tissue. It also inhibits the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, which causes testosterone to be converted into dihydrotesterone, which as we mentioned earlier stimulates the growth of prostate tissue. Numerous studies have shown saw palmetto to be effective in improving the symptoms of an enlarged prostate by shrinking the inner lining of the prostate.

    Used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine, ginseng works as an anti-inflammatory and to increase the body’s resistance to stress. Catuaba can elevate mood, even lessening the symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as offering antiviral and antibacterial properties. And Tribulus terrestris has been found to fight infections and play a role in curing urinary tract infections.

    The list of benefits goes on and on. When taken regularly, natural formulas based on these ingredients work to put the body in balance.

    • Joe says

      Tricia overall I agree wiht a lot of what you said including that ED may be a sign of a bigger issue like heart disease. Heart disease usually starts in the smallest blood vessels of the body – like those in the penis. As such ED may be an early sign of heart disease. While I cant speak to your statisitc that 40% of mine don’t respond to Viagra, its active ingredient – Sildenafil – is a potent compound. If it was not then unscrupulous makers of male enhancement supplements would not be adding sildenafil to their supplements. Here is my review of those types of products along with the FDA alerts on them

      As for the natural products you mentioned, you left out arginine which is one of the most frequently used ingredients because of its vasiodilation effect on blood vessels. Can you show me studies that the ingredients you mentioned have any effect on “balancing” hormone levels in men?

    • Joe says

      Tricia, thanks for that link. I’ve saved the text on my PC for my records. Ok so if this guy is true and “most published research is false” then what other – better – system do we have to advance our knowledge ? Doctors and scientists are human and they are not perfect. No study is perfect. That said, when a study is published in a medical journal, the whole scientific community – the whole world – has the ability to check and double check what went on in the research. There is nowhere to hide from somebody who knows how to do the math or repeat the research.

      Flawed or not , it is still a far better system than infomercials and websites that say “clinically proven” but yet provide no basis for that statement. I share your frustration and Ive seen “studies” that I’ve just shook my head at because they were dumb. After you read enough of them you even get a feel for how bad the study might be because of the names of the researchers! That said, the peer review system is still the best system we have, and that is why published peer reviewed studies are my litmus tests to evaluate supplement claims.

    • Joe says

      Tricia, your comments were not blocked but held for me to moderate. This is how I make sure people are not bothered by spam comments (I get lots!) and correct spelling typos (only I get to make the typos around here lol) 😉

  116. Tricia says

    I apologize, for some reason I cannot see my comments on this thread…only on my email page can I see them.

    Although arginine, an essential amino acid, has been proven an effective HGH stimulator when administered intravenously, the results of oral supplementation are more questionable. And at doses sufficient to stimulate HGH production in the body, it tends to produce significant intestinal distress.

    GABA, on the other hand, is far more interesting as a supplement. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is an amino acid/neurotransmitter found in the brain, where it helps induce relaxation and sleep. In addition to its calming effect, GABA also stimulates the anterior pituitary, leading to higher levels of HGH. Many studies have been done on GABA that show it can promote a significant increase in plasma growth hormone levels — up to a fivefold increase within 90 minutes of oral supplementation of 5 grams of GABA. (Note: research shows that at least 2-5 grams of GABA should be taken for it to be effective.)

    Note: Build your dosage of GABA slowly. Some people experience mild tingling around the face and neck or notice a mild change in heart rate or breathing patterns when supplementing with GABA. These effects quickly disappear and are not harmful.

    As far as your studies go, here is some interesting reading: scientific journals are not the most reliable source for finding out about the true state of research science. Like all publications, scientific journals exist to appeal to an audience (medical doctors, other researchers, etc.). This means that what gets published tends to be the most appealing, or titillating, or exploitable news — news that will sell the journal so that it can make money, or at least survive.

    According to the article, contributors to journals typically have an agenda: perhaps the desire to attract venture capital in order to underwrite product development or to gain exposure that might lead to approval of new pharmaceuticals or to bolster the writer’s professional reputation. In other words, the chances that someone will contribute an article that shows negative results for a medical procedure, or a drug, or that doesn’t somehow lead to a professional or marketing advantage are minimal.

    In fact, for every study that gets space in a major research publication, hundreds or even thousands of studies go unreported. This fact reflects what Plos Medicine calls “the extreme imbalance between the abundance of supply (the output of basic science laboratories and clinical investigations) and the increasingly limited venues for publication.” Like with the rest of the publishing world, increasing costs have forced medical journals to cut back on what gets printed — only a tiny percentage of relevant news makes it into print. Authors scramble to get someone — anyone — to publish their papers, and still they may stand only a 10 percent or less chance of publication, particularly in the leading journals.

    At best, the less “sexy” studies might get reported in small, minor publications — publications that the popular press will never pick up on. Maybe that’s why out of thousands upon thousands of articles published annually by journals affiliated with BioMed Central — an online information service that distributes articles from 187 medical and scientific publications — only 73 articles were accessed more than 10,000 times in 2007. In other words, the audience for what gets published in the smaller journals is quite limited.

    When only the most dramatic results make it into the public arena, readers can’t possibly get a grip on the entire scope of data that might pertain to a particular issue. For instance, according to a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine, publishedinformation about the effectiveness of antidepressants is downright misleading. Researchers reviewed the results of 74 antidepressant studies reported to the FDA. The results of 21 of those studies never got published, and the researchers concluded that another 11 of the original 74 studies presented the results in a false positive light. Of the unpublished studies, nearly all showed that antidepressants didn’t work well. Of the published studies, nearly all showed a positive result — that antidepressants supplied the happy cure that depressed patients needed. As the NEJM reports, “According to the published literature, it appeared that 94% of the trials conducted were positive. By contrast, the FDA analysis showed that only 51% were positive.”

    That’s a mighty wide margin of error, involving a lot of smoke and mirrors. What’s truly bothersome is that even medical professionals might not get the full scoop, unless they happen to attend a conference where negative results get presented. Otherwise, they read their journal articles, and based on those articles design treatment plans and make decisions about prescriptions. As patients, we swallow the Zoloft or whatever pill gets assigned to us, not realizing that there’s a 50 percent chance of failure (and that’s assuming that you believe that the 42 positive studies weren’t agenda driven), along with side effects galore.

    Unfortunately, the failure to spread the word about negative study results extends far beyond antidepressants. A 2005 article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that out of 49 of the most-cited papers about medical interventions, one-third already had been contradicted within a few years of publication, although the contradictory research largely went unreported. Plus, as the article reports, five out of six “nonrandomized studies had been contradicted or had found stronger [initial] effects [than in follow-up studies]” within a few years. This means that initial positive results commonly turn out to be exaggerated or wrong when follow-up studies get completed — but there may be a significant time-lag before the contradictory results come to light. Also, and perhaps even more worrisome, as PLoS reports, once studies appear to be going in a negative direction — not substantiating claims that such and such a treatment works — they tend to be abandoned so that their results never get reported.

    So beware, beware, beware! Remember that only 15% of all medical treatments are even backed by studies in the first place — and now we learn that even the 15% that are backed are questionable at best. In other words, take the results of any medical study you see in the media with a grain of salt. Just because such studies are backed by scientists doesn’t make them true. And maybe be a little more suspicious of any “scientific” study that challenges beta carotene, nutrition, Echinacea, vitamin E — take your pick. As we’ve seen, at best, the odds that it’s correct are substantially less than 50/50.

    • Joe says

      Tricia, thats so odd you cant see your comments. I just checked and I see them fine. Its interesting points you make and there is no doubt of a bias in some journals. Its because of that, that I am very glad for publications like PLoS which you cited above. The PLoS service bucks the system, something I think a lot of publications are afraid of. Just one point about Arginine, I think you meant that it is a non-essential amino acid.

  117. Tricia says

    You are welcome for the link. I can see the comments now and I agree, I too am pleased to find websites that are willing to publish both sides of the story. As far as Arginine, it can be described as either an essential, a semi-essential or non-essential amino acid based upon the age and health status of that particular individual….for example, it is essential for babies and those with poor health. As I see it, in the circumstance we are speaking of (sexual dysfunction) I would view it as essential.

    • Joe says

      Tricia, have you seen any research that men with ED have reduced levels of arginine? I dont know if I have seen any formal acceptance of arginine being classified as essential in those with ED which is why I ask.. Arginine has been studied in those with heart disease and ED so in those people its a conditionally essential amino acid (or semi essential as you say).

  118. Alvin Rucker says

    Hello All,

    I have tried ageless Male and actually I am pleased with the product. I am 39 yrs. old and overweight. This product has improved my libido and I have noticed more muscle mass. I have started to work out more and my mood has improved. Just wanted to share my experiences.

  119. Tricia says

    Joe, Here is one:
    There’s some evidence that L-arginine may benefit men with erectile dysfunction. In a 1999 study published in the journal BJU International, for instance, 50 men with erectile dysfunction took either 5 grams of L-arginine per day or a placebo. After six weeks, more men in the L-arginine group showed improvement compared to those taking the placebo.

    Here is another but no results are shown:

    Studies examining L-arginine’s effectiveness against impotence have yielded mixed results. A 1999 trial published in the online journal BJU International found that high doses of L-arginine can help improve sexual function, but only in men with abnormal nitric oxide metabolism, such as that associated with cardiovascular disease. In another study, published in 2003 in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, Bulgarian scientists reported that ED sufferers who took L-arginine along with the pine extract pycnogenol saw major improvements in sexual function with no side effects.

    And here’s another one:

    Joe, not everything has to be on paper to be true or effective. Yet every person is different to what works best for them. I pick things from nature :) Nature cured my cancer….and happiness!

    • Joe says

      Tricia thanks for the studies and Ive seen past argiinine and ED research. Some also mix arginine with pycnogenol and grape seed extract for self treating ED

      VERY glad you beat cancer !!!

  120. Tricia says

    Joe, You are welcome! and thank you for the kind words. I have a couple more things to add to our conversation. I would also like to thank you for allowing me to fill your blog so full of information! This does ring true to my heart, as my soul mate is experiencing low energy, mood swings, and a low sex drive also. I tend to research till my eyes water and my rear hurts from sitting for so long. But it’s worth it, if I can help even one person. I just wanted to add this statement from Jon Barron’s website.

    Unfortunately, once we reach our thirties, available testosterone levels for both men and women tend to begin diminishing with age. Interestingly enough, in a 1986 clinical study, it was documented that it’s not actual testosterone production that decreases as we age; but rather, it’s the amount of free circulating testosterone that decreases — as more and more of it gets bound to albumin and becomes unavailable for the body’s use. These changes happen in connection with a natural substance called “sex-hormone-binding-globulin” or “SHBG.”

    I think that statement is very important to understand. Also, as I have been searching for studies, I have come across a product called Prelox. Here is the website:

    And where to buy it:

    What do you know about this product Joe?

    • Joe says

      Tricia, there is research on arginine and Pycnogenol for erectile dysfunction. For example here is one small study noting that it worked

      If we take the levels of ingredients in this study as “gospel” then the Prelox supplement you mentioned may not have enough of the ingredients. The research in this particular study used 1.7 grams of arginine. They have a proprietary blend of arginine and pycognenol of 720 mg but how much of that blend is “arginine”? how much is Pycnogenol? they dont tell us because they are wrapped up in a “proprietary blend”

      Also the Prelox supplement has other things -aspartic acid, horny goat weed. In theory the horny goat weed might have an effect also but I cant yet speak to the effects of aspartic acid.

      Now to play devils advocate I did find a study on Prelox here it is This study of 50 men did note that it worked. I’d like to read the whole study before passing judgment. IF anybody has tried Prelox let me know what happened. I’m curious.

      At $40 for Prelox I wonder how much it costs to just to to Vitamin Shoppe and get Pycnogenol and arginine and take them?

      My only issue with arginine is that by nature that it vasodilates blood vessels, it might reduce blood pressure which might be an issue for men who are taking medications for high blood pressure or or heart disease.

  121. Steve says

    I stopped taking Testosterone shots 4 months ago and decided to try Ageless Male. I feel better and have lost weight. The shots put me through hills and valleys but Ageless Male keeps me level, I have more energy, sex is 100% better, and I’ve lost weight.

    • Joe says

      Steve thats very interesting how long did it take for you to feel a difference? do you take it with food or on an empty stomach? are you taking any other supplements with Ageless Male?

  122. Tricia says

    Joe, With Pycogenol (100 mg) at $30 for 30 capsules and Arginine (500 mg) at $9 for 100 capsules, it seems to be about the same difference. The thing that I have found most interesting about ANY vitamins purchased in the US….is the following information:

    Unknown to most consumers world wide, there are no brand name vitamin companies that actually manufacture their own vitamin material. They may create the formulas and manufacture the tablets, but they do not create the vitamin material. It is all manufactured by 14 companies worldwide and seven of them are located in the United States. Currently emerging to be accepted commercially into the original 14 are several companies in China.


    The seven Companies Are:

    1. Pfizer Chemicals Division.
    2. Fine Chemicals Division Henkel Corporation.
    3. Takeda USA Takeda Chemical Industries, LTD.
    4. Roche Chemical Division Hoffman LaRoche.
    5. Archer Daniels Midland Corporation.
    6. Chemicals Division BASF Wyandotte Corp.
    7. Eastman Chemical Company

    100% of the vitamins made by these companies are synthetic or identical to synthetic. They are all made to an internationally accepted standard referred to as USP-grade (United States Pharmacopoeia) of FCC (Food Chemical Codex) vitamin material, in other words, free-form vitamin molecules without their natural food attachments.

    Among these are vitamins derived from so-called natural sources, and even these are stripped of their natural protein bonds and other food attachments, including enzymes. They frequently contain detectable amounts of petroleum-based extraction solvents such as Hexane a component of gasoline. Almost all vitamins on the market today, whether labeled natural source or natural base, have been so processed as to leave them in a totally unnatural free form, not in the natural form in which nutrients are delivered in living food.

    • Joe says

      Tricia, yes I was aware that its only a few big distributors which make the vitamins and ship them out to others to be repackaged. I have not heard about Hexane in vitamins. That’s not a good thing (obviously). Id guess if its there, its pretty low. I think we should get most of our nutrients from food anyway since the bulk of the vitamin supporting research actually stems from looking at what happens when people eat food.

  123. Ace C. says

    After reading all of the comments, I still have not seen an answer for the difference between Androgel and Ageless Male. Which one actually shows a difference? My doctor prescribed Androgel for me a couple of years ago, but after 5 months I noticed only a slight improvement, at the cost of $120.00/month. The price before my insurance kicked in was over $300.00/month. Now Ageless Male seems a lot less expensive and is it more effective?

    • Joe says

      Ace C, good question. The big difference is the Androgel is the actual testosterone hormone while Ageless Male is a supplement that contains ingredients that the product maker says will help correct (“support”) healthy testosterone levels. Androgel has evidence that it can help some men while I cant find any research published on Ageless Male itself.

      It may be that you need a greater concentration of Androgel than you were getting so speak to your doctor about. Androgel is expensive -as you are well aware – so if you do try Ageless Male, please do get your testosterone levels tested a month or so later and let me know what happens if it goes up. Don’t take Ageless Male while also taking Androgel either so you know how Ageless Male is working. While I have my doubts, I honestly dont know if Ageless Male will raise your T levels or not – and Im curiuos.

  124. Erik says

    Now does that ageless pills really help?? Im 30yrs old n only 2 yrs ago is when i noticed i wasn’t up n about everywhere doing everything and always on the move, N one thing is cant understand, But I LOVE sex, but lately its like ehh ok maybe or nah just dont feel like it, :( I dont know what to do, A doc i know in town told me to get the testosterone injection and use them cuz he says its alot better then the herbal type things out there that dont work, I heard that stuff is a crazy amount of money, so i have no idea what to do

    • Joe says

      Erik, why dont you tell your doctor about this so he/she can measure your testosterone levels. Just saying to “get the testosterone shot” may not be the best advice unless we know what your testosterone levels are to begin with. Also, us men are complicated; many things -life and work stress etc – can make us feel the way you are talking about. I think that’s the best course of action. I hope that helps Erik and Merry Christmas!!

  125. Grant says

    Joe I like many others noticed ageless male while sitting on my azz watching tv . So I had to Google it ! That’s how I discovered your site ! Your site is amazing and I’m. Very happy to have found it you are an example of the very few people this planet has left that actually truly does want to help people and educate others with out emptying they’re bank accounts !

    Life as one gets older unfortunately is not as easy and painless as when one is younger so time is very precious when trying to gain better quality of life and I feel that by being truthful as you are is a great benefit when trying to obtain the increase in quality and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t and what is also a total waste of money and time is much appreciated.

    there’s much more id love to post but here we go with TIME and not enough of it lol again well again thank you for all you do in answering all that you do for everyone :) as far as AGELESS MALE I believe it goes IF IT LOOKS GOOD YOU WILL SEE IT ,IF IT SOUNDS GOOD YOU WILL HEAR IT ,IF ITS MARKETED RIGHT YOU’LL BUY IT ,BUT IF ITS REAL YOU’LL FEEL IT ! So work hard eat right exercise and keep on checking in on this site its REAL I CAN FEEL IT. Thanks. Grant

    • Joe says

      Grant, thanks for your very kind words. that’s the best compliment Ive had all month :) I’m glad I was able to help and I do hope you had a nice Christmas.

  126. terry strong says

    guys, don’t be fooled by this “ageless male” product, do not waste your money!! There is no scientific evidence that proves you can raise your test levels orally! Just do your research, I’m not a doctor, but all of my business partners are, but I have been studying this my whole life and have taken and studied every test product out there. The only proven way to introduce test to your body is intramuscular(injection) and topical(which has a much lower absorption rate and problems with transfer). I’m no writer so please excuse my grammar!

  127. terry strong says

    to Dafixer: there is a peptide out there call melatonen (not sure if the spelling is correct), but it works very well for the issue at hand. But it will also change the pigment in your skin, which is the reason I was taking it, to get darker for a competition…but it works! let me know what you find in your research of it..

    • Joe says

      Terry I searched for the word you posted but all I could see was “Melatonin” not sure if that’s what you were referring to. Also I took out your email address because I didnt want the spam robots to pick up on it. placing your email on the internet is an easy way to get on many spam email lists.

  128. Terry says

    Good site Joe. I have just bought 3 months of ageless male and (as I’m in the UK) have had to pay $25 for shipping.
    I’ll let you know what happens, but I get the gist of what you’re saying as “it seems unlikely but there’s no conclusive proof”.
    Am I right, or have I just bought a load of snake oil?

    • Joe says

      Terry, yes do keep me posted what happens. While it has Ageless Male has no direct proof that it does what they say and I’m skeptical, I always try to keep an open mind :)

  129. Ethan says

    Its so funny how that commercial grabs you. “if you answer yes to any of these questions” Well of course I did. But I think it has to do with many other things. But I would be lying if I told you it didn’t interest me. Thank god your site pops second under ageless male. I think its the idea that taking a pill will make it all go away.

    But I know at least with me, that diet and exercise will make you feel 100% better. Its funny that they show the doctor at the end of the commercial all stacked with no shirt on. Like all he did was take the pill to get that way.

    Thanks for the right up Joe! Ill be sure to keep checking in to see what results people are getting.

  130. Tony Winston says

    I recently stumbled on this blog and I think the information is GREAT! You have a new follower, and I will read often.

    I have recently started the process of getting back in shape. I am 5’7” and almost weighed 200 lbs with about 35 percent body fat. I was a fat piece of you know what. I hated myself, my kids laughed at my belly and every time I said I was going to lose it they laughed and said here we go again… Dad is going on a diet.

    I had heard enough. My problem was what I read earlier, I was sooo tired all the time, blood pressure was high and I had ZERO energy nor desire to do anything. I made my road back one day at a time. Joined the gym again last Feb 11th but, really started working out Mid June/July time frame when I finally started the road back.

    I still weighed 195 lbs so; the first couple months were just mentally getting me started and routine of going to the gym regularly. 1st thing was DIET. The crap you put into your body affects your mood and desire to work for good health. I began the 5-6 smaller meals a day program, cutting my calorie intake in half. Lighter breakfast, reduced sugars, and began with natural sugars from fruit and sweet veggies.

    I did supplement however, large canister of Whey protein, and for the workouts I took a pre-workout formula to kick start my efforts, and for about 90 days I took creatine for muscle gain. Today I am a proud 180lbs, @ 9.2% body fat and I have more energy than I had 10 years ago. (BTW, I turn 46 in April 2012)

    I have revived a stronger sexual appetite, and don’t have the mood swings, dragging/depression, etc. I don’t know my testosterone levels or those other things but, I do know my blood pressure is almost back to 120/80 (I am 132/86 as of this past Tuesday) and will continue to get it down by natural means. NO MEDICATION!

    I know this blog tends to address supplements and medication but, I wanted to introduce that natural changes are best. My diet consists of low carbs, GREEK yogurt, all the fruit I can stand, whole wheat bread, lean cuts of meat, and frequently drinking COLD water which is noted by some research I read to increase metabolism. I have made a lifestyle change and that must be part of any decision to improve health. Sorry for the book but, I wanted to tell the whole story. :)

    • Joe says

      Hey Tony those are fantastic changes you have made!! Yes I agree natural is a good way to go and it sounds like you have done just that! I do address health issues as well as exercise on my personal website – so you might like that also. Again congrats on all you have accomplished!!

  131. Brian G. says

    I have been on Ageless Male for three weeks. (I had been taking L-Tyrosene, DHEA, Vitamin D (not sure which) and I still felt ancient at the age of 47.) ***Now I feel like I’m 20 years old. *** I will take it in the early AM (1/2 hr before coffee) and in the late afternoon (so I can sleep well.) No more need for naps, my focus is better, I’m optimistic, way more social, and lookin’ for love.

  132. Ron Sarpy says


    You demonstrate a deep knowledge-base on these topics and your writing is concise and informative. Perhaps you should consider publishing your own blog.

  133. wes says

    Joe and Tricia, I once was a rep for Roche and realize they produced vitamin supplements. However, I am not sure it is true that 7 manufacturers are the only source of vitamin supplements. I am currently taking intraMAX from Drucker Labs and they claim to have a 100% Carbon-bond organic product with no synthetic chemical nutrients.

    • Joe says

      Wes, I dont know if its exactly 7 companies but I have heard that most places get their vitamins/minerals from a few warehouses. I’m not sure what Drucker labs means by “100% carbon bond.” Most things on Earth -us too – are basically made of carbon atoms bonded together.

  134. says


    Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to say that :) I used to be on Facebook and what ending up happening was that all of my time was spent answering my friends questions. I was very glad to do it, problem was that I wasn’t spending enough time with my boys. So, for now, Joe has been kind enough to allow me to add to his blog. Thanks Joe!

  135. Tricia says

    The article states that there are 7 companies in the US that manufacture vitamins, the rest are produced overseas, mostly in China. I have found at least three health related websites that make that claim.

    As far as Intramax and Zucker Labs, I haven’t found any negative reviews of their products. According to the information I have found, so far, it looks like a good product. I will keep looking as time allows.

    I would like to share a website that has a great product. They are out of Sedona, AZ.

    There is a wealth of information on their website. Enjoy and Happy New Year Everyone!

    • Joe says

      Tricia, I looked at the webpage you gave and located the page that lists the vitamin companies

      I only glanced at the site. The thing about supplement websites and magazines etc that always gets me is that the authors write in flowery, long winded sentences intermixed with complex science-type words. This website does it too. Over the years, I see this type of flowery, overly complex writing a LOT from supplement websites and magazines.

      For example on the page that discusses enzymes they say “The medical dictionary defines an enzyme as “a protein produced in a cell capable of greatly accelerating, by its catalytic action, the chemical reaction of a substance (the substrate) for which it is specific.” The sentence is too wordy and overly technical for most people. For a science guy like myself, who likes to “cut to the chase” when I read sentences like this it makes me wonder what they are hiding.

      The website also sells a book – for $35 – that HIV does not cause AIDS. To believe that means that every scientist in the world – including those who work at universities – are in on a global secret. That is not something I can accept. Anybody can write a book about anything. even stuff that is not true.

      Since this is about Ageless Male I’m off topic here and wont speak of the website again. I will take their word on the 7 US companies that make vitamins but all the other stuff on the site I saw, I just cant believe.

  136. Mike says

    Joe I’m scheduling a colonoscopy within the next 2 weeks and I read on another website that saw palmetto(another ingredient in ageless male) will give false readings for cancer testing. I also just recieved a bottle of ageless male.I’m gonna hold off on starting the ageless male 30 day trial but I will be cancelling the automatic shipping and charging to my credit card for the next months supply.

    • Joe says

      Mike, check with a pharmacist or urologist or oncologist about sal palmetto causing a false positive reading on colon cancer treatment. I did a quick search for you to see if I could find anything on it but was not able to find any studies. But double check with your urologist/oncologist or a pharmacist just to make sure. they are likely more in line with that research. Either way, I agree with your decision to hold off on Ageless Male until after you colonoscopy just in case.

  137. Tricia says


    Do you have an email address, so that I may defend the concept that HIV does not cause AIDS? This is not a new/unknown revelation….

  138. Steve says


    I am 57, a cardiologist, T level 220, about 30% below the lower limit of normal in our lab. I found your discussion well crafted and on target. Specifically, there is no disclosure of long-term data. And adverse clinical effects of exogenous T are noteworthy. Benign prostatic hypertrophy can be exacerbated and some men can be at increased risk of prostate cancer. Liver function can be abnormal and should be monitored while taking T. And finally early morning T serum level should be followed to monitor the effect of the drug.

    A hormone “enhancer” at a cost below what insurance coverage might allow for the FDA approved drug does have some appeal. But the clear lack of documentation of effect and risk should be a warning to the buyer. For these reasons I talked myself out of AM.

  139. says

    I’ve seen the commercial, and it is pretty deceptive in what it says and doesn’t say. For instance, the doctor talks about improving sex drive and performance, but he never says that the product does that. He mentions mostly that improving testosterone levels will do that. I don’t think he ever explicitly says that the product will do anything.

    • Joe says

      Horny goat weed is in several other products Ive reviewed here. Just type it into the search box and the products will appear.

  140. Al says

    All of these discussions have been very interesting to read. As a 40yr old male with all the low T symptoms, and a measured T level of 150, I was hopeful of Androgel. Unfortunately it did nothing for me or my levels. I got put into injections, and they too did nothing for me or my levels.

    So I am stuck in a bad place with such a low level. All the symptoms…low energy, weight gain, no concentration or motivation, and of course no sex drive at all…sadly not even an erection in over a year. So I am always intrigued by the ‘easy’ Ageless Male or Prelox way to a solution; but I know better. These too good to be true supplements just don’t seem to offer a solution when the root problem is in the pituitary itself.

    What I am curious about, and no one seems to know (including 2 endocrinologists) is what else could a person try? There are so many proteins and amino acids and probably other things that make the chemistry of T work …or not. I’d be interested in learning more about that…and why no one seems to be pursuing the root cause of pituitary malfunction. Just with there was something else I could try.

    • Joe says

      Al, that’s a good question. So the endocrinologists did not know of anything that could help your low testosterone levels? They offer any reason why Androgel did not work? Did they give you enough of it? You did not mention your weight but if you are overweight, trying losing some weight as this can help. low testosterone levels have been observed in young men who are overweight. Other than that and wright lifting (which helps for other reasons), I am at a loss why Androgel did not help.

  141. Alan says

    So I have read through all of the comments posted above and cannot help to note that, among them all, only 1 is from an alleged actual user of Ageless Male, and only 1 from an alleged medical professional. Not exactly what I would call a ringing endorsement of the Ageless Male product.

  142. Keith says

    I have just stumbled upon this site. I sincerely thank you for taking your own time to offer advice to so many who are seeking answers for improving their health. Supplements can play an important part in our overall health and well-being; the marketplace is so crowded and confusing. Thank you again for your sound, unbiased advice.

    • Joe says

      Keith, thanks I truly appreciate you saying that!! I love doing this and I’m glad if I can be of some help to others.

  143. Tom says

    Joe, have just stumbled on to your web site and want to say thanks as others have for taking the time to help. You made a comment in one of your responses above that you like to get what you need from foods, which makes sense. So are there foods that naturally help raise hormone levels such as testosterone? Thanks for what you do.

    • Joe says

      Tom thanks for your words. To answer your question unfortunately, I have never found a food that could raise testosterone levels. Eating a low fat diet has been shown to reduce testosterone but that doesnt mean to eat a high fat diet. Just make sure your eating healthy, getting enough calories and healthy proteins (chicken, whey, fish etc). Lifting weights might help some also.

  144. jim says

    I am curious about your reply to Tom. You say a higher fat diet has been shown to increase testosterone levels. Did the studies showing this distinguish between the types of fat, i.e., saturated, poly or mono saturated fats? What degree of increase was seen based on fat intake percentages?

    • Joe says

      Jim, I meant that that just because eating a low fat diet can reduce testosterone levels does not mean that we should eat a high fat diet to raise testosterone levels. I was just trying to make things more clear, but I guess I dropped the ball on that! Sorry for the confusion.

  145. Al says

    The tv commercial for Ageless Male is all smoke and mirrors. Its sales pitch is based on illusion for the sake of maintaining a legal framework. If you haven’t yet noticed the following things about the commercial, look out for them the next time you watch it:

    1. The narrator claims that “for the first time,” there is a natural way to boost testosterone safely and effectively. That claim is false. Good-quality Tongkat Ali boosts testosterone safely and effectively when taken properly; not to mention it has been around WAY longer than AM has.

    2. The doctor shown in the commercial discusses positive changes that one can notice after restoring testosterone to healthy levels. He is right about those changes; but he NEVER states this is something that can be accomplished by taking Ageless Male.

    3. Before and after pictures of the doctor are shown, and the narrator tells you to “Just look at Dr. Rosenstein’s transformation.” The narrator does not state the transformation was assisted by the intake of Ageless Male.

    4. Near the end of the commercial, the doctor tries to offer something that’s supposed to pass for anecdotal evidence by stating that he’s in better shape than his 24- and 26-year-old sons. Never does he claim he achieved this with the help of Ageless Male. For all we know, his sons could be overweight couch potatoes with a poor diet.

  146. lee says

    For stress; ashwagandha, GABA (may cause flushing, similar to niacin, lasts for a few mins.) vitamin C (I take 100-250 mg in morning and before I go to sleep. B-complex may also be helpful, but usually there are very high levels of different forms of vitamin B, which may (not frequent) cause different problems for different people.

    For sex: L-Arginine (add Citruline for excess ammonia), or other Nitric-oxide based product. Actually, an excellent Amino Acid product may benefit better? because of the different types of essential/non-essential amino acids Also, zinc is important (careful of copper reduction, but also too much copper can cause an increase in chemical sensitivies–as does alpha lipoic acid) for testosterone and magnesium plays a very important role in relaxing muscles and other benefits for the body. I take 50 mg. zinc, 500 mg of magnesium (I have heard/read that some take much higher doses of magnesium, but I am unsure about the safety of higher doses).

    • Joe says

      Lee 50 mg of zinc is much more than the RDA. I hope you are getting your HDL checked periodically as some research finds lots of zinc might reduce HDL levels.

  147. Carl says

    Hello, I appreciate this site and all your info here. I have the same issues a lot of guys on here have: Over-weight, NO sex drive, muscle mass disappearing (I am sure I need to workout to fix this issue) I sure wish there was this easy fix for all this.

    I have no will power and I Love good food. I am sure that hard work and will power can change my life around, I need to dig deep and find that strength, not only for me, but for my Wife, kids and grand-kids. Any herbal things I can take that may help this venture be a bit easier for me? Thanks again for this site, I appreciate it.

    • Joe says

      Carl, I honestly dont see any herbal product that I think would be safe for helpful for you. Sometimes just losing some weight may help your low sex drive and even help your testosterone levels (if they are low). Since you said you have grandkids, I’ll assume you are over age 45 and if yes, the loss of muscle you mentioned may be due to a process called sarcopenia – that’s the technical name for muscle that’s lost as we get older. One of the best ways to stop sarcopenia -or at least slow it down a LOT – is to exercise, specifically strength training. You could do this all yourself for the most part by just doing push ups but if you wanted to join a gym, Id suggest you have a personal trainer (not the gym salesman) show you how to do 3 different exercises – chest press, leg press and seated row. Don’t worry about how much you lift now. just do one set of each exercise and lift the weight for 15-20 times. Doing only 1 set will cut down on any muscle soreness that might occur. Do this for about 2 months before increasing the weight. It will take time but you can regain your muscle strength.

      Have you ever tried meeting with a nutritionist who may be able to help you find more healthy alternatives? Its something to think about. Here are some other ideas that might help. I wrote this at my other website

  148. Dan says

    I have been getting 200 mg of pure testosterone shot into my muscles every 3 weeks for many years and I did not see my waist get smaller or firmer, nor did I experience any muscle growth. How can they claim any pill will do that for anyone? Ridiculous claim at best. If you need testosterone go to you doctor and get it, don’t spend way more money on this untested supplement. My skin crawls when I hear this doctor say he is in better shape than his 20 something sons. Lies

  149. mirg tager says

    This blog is refreshing. More often than not, you run into a blog that is own and ran by a representative of the company or product in question. I’ll be trying AgeLess Male tomorrow and will keep you posted. I have tried Enzyte, to no avail and have not been clinically diagnosed with low T but I do lack energy/desire in that area. It is probably stress but I’m willing to give anything a shot, provided it doesn’t do any harm. I have read a lot of comments here but does anyone know of a good product that they have heard, seen or experienced positive results with?

  150. Mark says

    What Terry Strong referred to waaaay above as “melatonen” is actually called melanotan. It is a type of steroid that causes the body to produce melanin to give you a real tan without the exposure to the sun. It is also said to increase libido.

    • Joe says

      Mark thanks for saying that I have not heard of it before I will take a look at it. It sounds like the name melanotan is a tradmarked name. Ill look at it thanks!

  151. says

    Look, please understand I mean no disrespect. You all, including this so called Doctor, need to do the very simple things that are very common knowledge.

    Eat the right foods and that means stop eating the candy bars and slow down on how fast you eat.

    The Military are taught to eat fast because they are being trained to fight in a war and they are training all the time and hard and a very small few deal with weight or fitness issues.

    The taste buds in your mouth serve a much higher roll than the one most thing, like does it taste good or bad, this is a very small part. Their main purpose is to tell the body how much stomach acids to release in order to digest the food intake correctly.

    If you eat to fast this gets messed up and so does the body chemicals and so on and so on. Furthermore, if you eat slower you will eat less, need I say more about this.

    Now that you got that correct here is one that will just make you say what. Eat more food but less, here is how it works. 4 to 5 meals a day, BUT, smaller, way smaller and only eat to the point that takes your hunger away, BUT, leaving you feeling that I could eat more BUT DON’T.

    Look, it’s a very simple rule. Eat till satisfied and lose weight. Eat till full and NO lose weight. Eat till STUFFED and GAIN weight, HEALTH ISSUES, ETC.

    Now that you all got this correct you will already start seeing muscle. Want more muscle, basic works will do the trick. Oh and do them correctly, not that pile on the weight and trash yourself out feeding your EGO.


    You want size, well that is built by the negative release of the lift not the positive lift of the exercise.

    Like curls, up is positive and down is negative.

    Want tone, lighter weight with more and fast reps.

    Want size, heavier weight with fewer and slower reps.

    Also let your air out while you lift, then breath in while you let the lift down but even slower for size.

    Oh one more thing, just get some good supplements. Multi vitamin, 500 mg “E”, 250 mg Tribulus terrestris and maybe some DHTA. Also estrogen blocker once in a while helps rebut your system my friends!

    Master Instructor of Long’s Martial Arts.
    Oh if you got this far and need proof, go to Facebook and come look see what this 53 year old man looks like and no I do not take steroids of any kind. I just do all that I said. Also I never have had any type of cosmetic make over what so ever. Just steady workouts, training, eat right and supplements.

    You do not need all that TV crud.

    • Joe says

      Ken, good words, just wanted to briefly touch on the supplements for a moment

      Research on vitamin E is controversial, but if you are going to use it, I suggest no more than 200 IU. Some research finds that people who take more than 400 IU have an increased risk of dying. Not sure of why this is but I thought I’d mention it to you. Most vitamin E products are alpha tocopherol but there are also a Beta, Gamma and Delta vitamin E molecules. Overdosing with lots of “alpha” might upset a balance between the different variations (my opinions to explain/rationalize the research). Theoretically a “mixed tocopherol” supplement might be better as it would contain all of the different vitamin E types.

      I think the research on tribulus is over-rated (see my post on tribulus) and while I have not yet looked at estrogen blockers, I’d like to see proof they actually reduce estrogen in humans first before I’d recommend them.

  152. Dan C. says


    I am 63 yrs. old and was ALWAYS active. Recently I have conveniently found a weak excuse to avoid ANY physical activity. I found myself most comfortable at total rest. I told my doctor of 38 yrs. and he did a T test. He gave me the best medicine ever and it is working. He told me to ” get off the fugn sofa and do some weight training because it is all in your head”.

    Now being athletic all my life I put together a nice workout gym. Joe…no BS….I have been working out routinely for 5 months with incrementally progressive weights and machines. My doctor is in total awe of my physical and mental transformation. When he saw the tatoo’s I got on my chest he laughed HAO. Now he is telling me to take it easy and don’t get crazy. Take it easy? He is the one that got me going.

    I do admit that there are times when I say to myself I will pass on one of my workout days but quickly drive the thought from my head. I think of where we are all headed eventually and very the thought of the ” bone orchard” gets my arse up and going. I feel better, think better and I believe I am a “catch” once again. The tank tops are coming out this year.

    I do NOT take any supplements whatsoever and everything that goes in comes from real food except a ISO-pure protein shake when I feel I can’t get enough protein from the chicken and fish. BTW…..if she is looking good I am looking back these days…ready willing and able. All you seniors out there take heed. Keep sleeping your days away and you are going to wake up one day getting caught sleeping forever.

    • Joe says

      Dan wow those are amazing words! I am really glad your doctor said that to you and it sounds like you are doing fantastic things! The “bone orchard” LOL I will remember that one 😉

  153. Paul says

    After trying testosterone injections, androgel and the testosterone patch my urologist had transitioned me to testosterone pellets which are implanted just under the skin. They last up to 4 months and have a more controlled release of testosterone. They seem to produce better results and I don’t have to worry about daily applications, monthly injections. Might be worth someone checking into as an alternative to their present treatment. As with any treatment a close monitoring of ones testosterone level, PSA levels and a biannual prostate exam are a must.

    • Joe says

      Glenn, tough call. Im not even sure Ageless Man will raise testosterone levels in anybody. If you really want to try it Id say try it for a month and test your levels again to see if they changed. If you do this, do please let me know what happened

  154. Jeff says

    Howdy… Read all your posts and I appreciate the info. I was prescribed Androgel a few years ago. For several weeks, I rubbed it on my shoulders and chest every morning. It gave me the worst sore throat I have ever experienced. At first, I thought it was just the common cold, but it got so severe, I had to go to the ER. They asked me if I was taking any medication, and I told them about the Androgel. The doctor told me I was probably allergic. I stopped and the sore throat went away.

    Byrne way, while I was on Androgel, I noticed no improvement with libido, weight loss or muscle tone.

  155. Rick Crabtree says

    I am 66 years old and have been on androgel for about 3 years now. For me, it is fantastic! My energy level, my moods, everything has improved. And, yes, the sex is fantastic! I have one (at least) complaint with the medical community. They use a reference range for testosterone levels and call that a normal range. Well, normal has nothing to do with it. The reference range is compiled from T levels of men from ages 20-100 or thereabouts without regard as to whether or not these men are healthy.

    Depending on the lab, the range can be somewhere around 250-800 and there are labs with an upper level around 1000. Some docs will tell you that if you have a 260 reading you are within range. Well, that 260 is about what a sick 90yr old will have. If you are a sick 90 year old, then you might not want to worry about it.

    The average level for my age is around 550-600. Does anyone really believe that the average American male at 66 is as healthy as he should be? Contrary to what many doctors were taught, (yes, doctors are often taught incorrect information) testosterone replacement does NOT encourage or cause prostate cancer. There have only been two studies to purport that and both of those studies have been proven to be flawed. There are NUMEROUS studies that show higher levels as being protective.

    I have not tried ageless male, but have tried, among other treatments, fenugreek. None of them are anywhere as effective (for me) as androgel.

  156. chase says

    You wanted to hear from vets….here it is. I am a former USAF tacp operator. I feel like hell. I have gotten little to no help from the va. I went through some of the hardest training in the air force. Now I can hardly get up.

    I really don’t know what to do. I have many injuries and arthritis all over. I am only 34 but I feel like I am 70.

    Any advice?

    • Joe says

      Chase, Ill assume that you have been checked out by your doctor and are “healthy” (not taking any medications). Few things that might help. Im guessing that you have osteoarthritis – thats the most common type and can result from injuries. If thats the case some of these supplements might help

      Glucosamine sulfate (just that dont combine with chondroitin). This might be better than glucosamine HCL (which is in most glucosamine products)

      fish oil – no more than 1000 mg of a combination of EPA and DHA (those are the fish oils that might help arthritis)

      Vitamin D. Try 600-1000 Mg. Vitamin D might (like fish oils) reduce the inflammation of the body. this might help your arthritis. Do get your vitamin D levels checked first to see if you are low. There is some evidence that when your vitamin D levels get too high, that vitamin D might increase inflammation.

      There are other things that might help but try each of these first and try only 1 at a time for a month to see if helps. That way you’ll have an idea of which ones might help most.

      I know movement is difficult but even walking can help arthritis pain. If that’s too hard right now, try to find a warm water pool and exercise there (YMCAs often have a pool and exercise classes that can help). Another option to help is massage. Ive seen great things with massage. The good news is that you are still VERY young so you have this on your side. I really admire you for putting yourself on the line for helping defend America. I do think you can make improvements in your condition. It will just take time. Please do run these ideas past your doctor as he/she knows your condition better than I do.

      I some of this helps Chase. Do keep me posted on your progress.

  157. Alan says

    Joe, your forum here is very helpful and informative. I have a T level of 320 at 51 yrs old. I have just been diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis). I’m trying to keep up with my workouts as much as I can, but it’s difficult some days. I’m thinking of trying a supplement, but I am really confused by all the info here. Any advice from personal experience of something that might work to keep up T levels while on RA meds? Ie. methotrexate, plaquinele.

    • Joe says

      Alan, thanks. Im not sure if RA meds lower testosterone levels. Do they? if not then dont worry about your T levels. Have you ever tried fish oil supplements? Eating fish or taking fish oil supplements (or eating according to the Mediterranean diet) might help. Here is a review article that might help. Talk over this stuff with your doctor for more info on this

  158. Chuck says

    Tricia – found your posts very much to the point (except the HIV thing). As a former researcher, I began to look askance at Medline (PubMed’s original name) way back in the late 80’s. It’s an excellent database but restricted to articles published in peer-reviewed trade publications, which limited and limits its scope to orthodox viewpoints. No room for mavericks or contrary viewpoints except in light of overwhelming data. But, then, the world’s always worked like that.

    Something much more serious began in the late 70’s – those trade publications began to be bought up by for-profit publishing companies like Springer and Blackwells, eating up not just medical journals but virtually every formerly academically based journal, whatever the discipline. Those “peers” have long since exited their independent university offices and now work for those companies as, essentially, unpaid “consultants”.

    Part of the reason for this shift is that in the old days no one was paid for either writing or reviewing scientific literature; the universities gained prestige by hosting the publications, the writers were academics scrambling for survival in the paper chase and the reviewers were rewarded with prestige and a big Gold Star.

    In the current environment, those same parameters give the new publishers the advantage of free content as well as copyright ownership. With the shift from paper to digital delivery, that advantage is amplified – small paper runs concentrated in a single plant for subscribers and outrageous pricing (roughly 20.00 to 70.00 dollars per article) for those buying single articles on-line. Hard not to make a huge profit.

    The snake-oil salesmen like Rosenstein look like pikers compared to those companies that, essentially, hijacked an entire, sleepy, low-key, academic defense-of-orthodoxy orientated industry and turned into a money printing machine.

    • Joe says

      Chuck, interesting points. Ive think one of the best innovations of recent is PLOS and other free medical journals that also help disseminate information and by pass the cost normally associate with much of the peer review process. The other good thing about the 21st century is that technically anybody can do the research and toss it up on a website and let others review and try to replicate it. While that’s not exactly “peer reviewed” it does offer a cheaper and faster alternative to those who are counter the “party line”. If its good research, nobody can stop an idea from flourishing today and that’s the greatest thing about being alive today!

  159. chase says

    Thanks. I will give that a try. I know from previous tests that I have very low vitamin d levels. I have been exposed to depleted uranium, intrinsic radiation and possible chemical agents. I really can’t get a straight answer from the va. I know that life has came to a crawl. I have a great wife and that has been my saving grace.

    Unknown to many, the va causes 18 vets a day to commit suicide. Rallying against that is my cause.

    • Joe says

      Chase, yes Ive heard about the rate of suicide among vets. its just awful. Have you ever considered starting your own website to help alert people to what is happening. It would not be hard to do and would let you further champion your cause Ultimately, I think having a reason in life makes life worthwhile.

  160. chase says

    I have thought about doing something like that. I have some friends at great vet organizations. I have made some pretty powerful friends. The older vet organizations that seem well established just hit you up for money and don’t do anything. The disabled sports network/ wounded warrior is where its at. The trap that kills vets is when you first get discharged there is a lag of about 18 months before the va will pay you. If you try to support yourself the va will hold it against you. This is where vets get lost. I personally think it is a cost reduction method. In a world where defense spending cuts wins elections you can only imagine what happens to the has beens.

    Its a bit off the topic but I feel it is information that needs to be out there. Everyone loved to point the finger at the 4 marines that urinated on the taliban corpses but no one seemed outraged about the remains of us soldiers found in a landfill or all the screw ups at arlington. I have known I was going to serve since childhood. I had always looked forward to being buried at arlington but now…….I don’t think so.

    I like you love the ability for everyday people to have the ability to tell the truth online. Even though I feel it may end soon.

    • Joe says

      Yes I remember the Arlington incident! So darn sad!! I say make your own website. register a name that has some key words in it -veterans help etc – and download wordpress and start blogging. I dont think its going away anytime soon. People stood up against SOPA and PIPPA and the politicians caved in. their will be more efforts Im sure but we are the real people in charge I do believe that. I definitely let my congressman and senators know about my thoughts about them regulating the web. Do what you love and it wont be work. trust me :)

  161. AndrewM says

    Wow! Fascinating and informative conversation. Thank you Joe… and Tricia 😉 Wish this amount of info had had been available 5 years ago when I was diagnosed with low T by my ND. I started on Androgel which – after the dose was adjusted – worked effectively. But the expense was horrible – $300/month – and it seemed ‘artificial’ in that it created surges after application.

    For the last 4 years I’ve been using a topical cream a local compounding pharmacy makes by prescription. It was also available from a major online compounding pharmacy with prescription. After learning to apply it to my inner arms for better absorption (Androgel was applied to my chest) it feels much more even in it’s effect, and runs $80/month. Also make sure your ND/MD is monitoring your pituitary, progesterone, estradiol/estrogen, cholesterol, and BP annually.

  162. MarkJ says

    I use the Dr Max Powers HGH Spray, since it was recommended by my personal physician. It takes a while to work, but definitely works. I sleep better, I feel better, I have more energy, my skin looks better, I swear it even has reduced fat in those areas you seem to gain in as you get older. Worth every penny of it.

    • Joe says

      Mark, Did you have your HGH levels tested before and after using the spray? Is your doctor an MD or DO? Just curious.

  163. Lyle says

    I am 64 with meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

    I also use a c-pap machine for at least 15 years. I walk at least 2 miles a day. No ins co will touch me because of these 3 things together. I dont have a problem with my sex life but would love more energy. Is there any danger with taken these supplements?

    • Joe says

      Lyle, honestly I’m not sure because as far as I know Ageless Male has not been tested in people with high blood pressure or those who have cholesterol issues. I’ve seen a little data that saw palmetto might cause blood pressure to drop if you get up too fast (postural hypotention) so given your high blood pressure its possible that there may be an interaction. I am just guessing though.

      Why dont you do this, print up this review and give it to your doctor and let them read the ingredients and make the call. I think that’s probably best.

  164. Tricia says

    Chuck and Andrew M,

    Thank you gentleman! And you’re welcome. Just a quick FYI update about the Jon Barron herbal hormone balancer that my hubs has been taking for two months. He says he has more energy, has lost weight and has better mental clarity. I have noticed an increase in desire! I also take the womens hormone balancer and Love it.

  165. fred west says


    I read you comment and found your information very interesting.. I would like to learn more about Jon Barron herval hormone balancer, can you provide additional info. for me.

    Thanks in advance

  166. Tricia says

    Fred West,

    Thanks for your interest. The website for Jon Barron’s world renowned products is

    I will post more information as I am able. I recommend reading JonBarron’s book also, “Lessons from the Miracle Doctors.”

    • Joe says

      Jeff, while its always a balancing act trying not to squelch free speech while weeding out spammers, I’m pretty sure Tricia is a real person. She’s contacted privately me on a few issues and while I dont agree with some of her ideas, I let her mention the product as long as it does not stray too far from the focus of the ageless male discussion.

  167. says

    Hey Joe…This comment is not about ageless male…but about a somewhat similar product called hero tabs.I can search for a thread on that product..if you prefer to keep this one strictly for ageless male. I was just wondering if you knew anything about Hero Tabs…supposedly a male sexual performance booster..Thanks

    • Joe says

      Wane, I have not heard of Hero Tabs but I’ll see if I can dig up anything on it for you and either reply here or in a separate blog

  168. Chris Miller says

    Well, I decided a little while ago to give Ageless Male chance. I received my 90 Day order just 4 days ago and have been taking it as directed. The first morning I woke up bright eyed and feeling pretty good, but that might just have been a placebo effect from my wishful thinking. So far no really significant effects that I have noticed but I plan to give it a full 90 day trial to see if it works for me. I will keep ya posted!

  169. Enrique says

    This product is marketed as a dietary supplement, based on that fact they don’t have to prove safety nor efficacy, of course the standard for a study of this nature will be a randomized case control study, that is expensive and takes more time to complete but is still the standard.

  170. Gary says

    I stumbled onto this site because I just started using Ageless Male (3 days into it) and I noticed some mood swings yesterday. I was concerned because I typically am a calm individual and I did experience some sense of “rage”. I will keep posting with my results. FYI, I’m 47 years old, active with jogging, weight lifting, martial arts and am currently taking multiple vitamins and another product called Protandim. Maybe there’s some interaction between these products?

    • Joe says

      Gary, hard to say but its interesting you started seeing mood swings after starting ageless male. Yes please keep me posted on what happens if you keep taking Ageless Male. Protandim is on my list of products to review. I hope to get to it in the next couple of months or sooner. Working on Red Raspberry Ketone now.

  171. Kip says

    I have tried High T and didn’t see a real improvement in energy. I have tried other pre work out pills from Cellicor and did see a difference in energy and pump. I am going to get my Test checked to see the level but have ordered Ageless male to see if I get what I’m looking for….more energy and a better workout with both weights and cardio.

    For 2011, I averaged 26 times a month in the gym between lunch and evening time workouts. I do Cardio and core at lunch and do weights at night alternating upper and lower. I am 51 and play tournament sports, consider myself in pretty good shape but I think I should “feel” more energetic for as much as I work out. I will post after I receive AM and try for a couple of weeks to see if there is any change.

  172. Delmar says


    Did anyone read the Order subscription? They automatically send the next order for $34.95 yet from the main site:
    One bottle is originally $42.95 but Only $39.95.

    Goto the alternate site:
    One bottle is originally $42.95 but Only $29.95.

    Click on order and get the below message in the Product Name field.

    I tried another scam once and had to hunt down the number to call them so I’d be very careful and skeptical what you signup for in these things.


    Ageless Male

    By becoming a member of the Preferred Shipping program, you allow New Vitality to automatically ship you an additional 30-day supply of Ageless Male every 1 month(s) at today’s low price of $34.95, which will be automatically billed to the credit card that you supply to us during checkout. If you need to cancel future shipments, call Customer Care at 1-800-943-6465 and you will never be charged again. No questions asked or explanation required. You may modify the scheduling of your shipments at anytime.

  173. Brent Shifley says

    I saw a doctor today concerning my low testosterone. (T-score=123) He related to me information that blew me away.

    It seems that a guy’s body builds up it’s testosterone at night. To be more specific, there are 4 different levels of sleep, and testosterone is ONLY built up in a guy in the deepest level of sleep, Delta. The doctor said that he has seen a number of guys and has correlated the fact that guys that have sleep apena (even if they are on a CPAP), have low testosterone levels.

    So, you want a natural way of getting your T-score up? Get 7-9 hours of DEEP SLEEP every night, and you should see a great change. Also, if you are on a CPAP, get with your sleep doctor right away and see if your CPAP settings need to be re-adjusted to get you better sleep.

    • Joe says

      Brent, I believe it. If I remember right, growth hormone levels spike between 12AM and 4AM too. Another reason to not stay up late.

  174. Xavier R. Orozco says

    I’m 62 years old and while I use to have high pressure issues, I started eating better and started working out (joined a gym) Now I am pretty buff and I look more like I’m in my forties. My testosterone levels still lagged, probably due to my age, and now I’ve been taking Ageless Male for about three weeks.

    Let me tell you I’m happy with it and my wife has noticed my increased libido, I pump Iron and noticed my drive to work out is improved. In the four years I’ve been working out, I have never gone to the gym more tan 2 to 3 days in a week. I now find myself going 5 or more days straight, the wife is happy and I’m happy. I ‘m just concerned I might be taking something that is too good to be true, or worse yet harmful to me.

  175. Guy says

    I’m baaaack.

    OK, after a couple of months on Tribulus I have to report no effect. I’m not saying that it has NO value for bodybuilders but in terms of increasing libido I got nuthin’.

    So I got my doc to do a testosterone test the other week and it came back at 421 and estrogen was around 18. My next experiment will be with resveritrol which is a natural way of reducing estrogen which then allows more testosterone to develop. Also interested in Tricias suggestion of the John Barron stuff and will check that out to.

    Hey Tricia, what kind of effects have you personally noticed from taking the womens hormone balancer?

  176. rob says

    I’m a very active 54 year old , my job has some physical demands. I also run and go to the gym and do some some weights for maintaining muscle. I recently noticed I am also having trouble losing a few vanity pounds. But, all this is to keep off the blood pressure medicine and hopefully stay off . I’m going to try Ageless Male and I’m hoping to see my physical stamina increase and lose the persistent fat on my abdomen. I will definitely notice a difference if there is one.

    • Joe says

      Eddie, I covered that in my review. A 1 month supply of Ageless Male will cost $39.95. There is also some shipping and handling.

  177. Don says

    I have been curious about this low T business as I can say yes to the questions asked in the ads for Ageless Male. I had my doctor check my levels. The test came back, showing my levels at 562 ng/dl, the normal lab range is 241 -827 putting me in the mid range and according to my doctor “normal”. We discussed the testosterone supplements and he informed me that I should not waste my money, that Testosterone can only be elevated by injection of testosterone, or there is some results by absorption of testosterone in a prescription cream form.

    He then asked me how I was sleeping, I told him that I had been waking up during the night a couple of times per night but usually fell right back to sleep. He then told me about the process of the bodies way of replenishing testosterone, and its link to sleep. He prescribed 50mg of Trazadone(Desyrel) to take at night before bed. I have had good results with this so far. I will have my levels checked again in a few weeks to see if there are any changes.

  178. Gary says

    It’s been just shy of a week that I’ve been using Ageless Male and I still have a sense of irritability that I’ve noticed. So, I’m keeping “tabs” on my behavior. This feeling of sudden anger is very similar to when I used Tribesten years ago. Also, I do seem to see some improvement with my libido.

    As a side note, I mentioned earlier that I’ve been using Protandim, it’s been close to a year that I’ve been using this product. I can’t honestly state that I’ve noticed an amazing results with using Protandim but I have gotten a lot of compliments that I do not look as old as my age (47). That just might been genetics :)

  179. Andy Anderson says

    The problem I find with all these products is there is no research or disclaimers for people with high blood pressure and or taking immuno suppressives. Their cop out is we can give you the ingredients and you ask your doctor. Been there done that and may as well shut into an empty room. Most doctors know less than the patient on most ingredients since they have not researched them.

    • Joe says

      Andy, its a good point and thats why I try to list side effects when I can. Pharmacists are often a good resource also and are usually easier to speak with than a doctor.

  180. Tricia says


    To be honest, I have never had a low sex drive. So I didn’t start taking the hormonal balancer for that issue. And it would be difficult to notice any difference when one has a high sex drive.

  181. Andy Anderson says

    Do you have any information on the ageless male products effects on people with high blood pressure or taking immunosuppressives?

    High blood pressure, kidney disease, and use of immunosuppressive drugs is increasing. Is the company prepared for the posssible lawsuits? No disclaimer of talk to your doctor will stand in court.

    I have been talking to my doctors and none know any more about the ingredients in these products than I do. Their unamious response is if they worked they would have the FDA approve the product for all users with exceptions that would stand up in court.


    • Joe says

      Andy, not that I remember seeing in my review of the research of ingredients. People with the conditions you mentioned should not take ageless male because I just don’t know what the interaction would be.

  182. Scott says

    @ Joe:
    Gary, hard to say but its interesting you started seeing mood swings after starting ageless male.

    I am not certain that many guys really understand the gist of what they’re doing. First, there is a reason that men lost their testosterone; it’s meant to be this way. By taking this supplement, you’re playing God and the outcome will not be good.

    Second, there is a reason that Gary began having mood swings and it is called “adolescence”. He is repeating what he went through as a teenager/young man in his 20s. A good friend of mine got a shot of testosterone and this happened back in 2001 when we were 39. He told me that he had mood swings and felt just as he did when we were 20; moody and edgy. He never got the shots again because he hated it.

    There is a reason for the male/female body changing folks and you are meant to become more balanced as you grow older. I would stay away from this stuff.

  183. Todd says

    I am 44 and have to admit that this looked tempting. You know something to try just to see if it would make life better. I decided to research it. Here is a reality for you. If you want the same effect of AM, just eat more seafood’s. Salmon would be the top of the list, next would be shell fish. As for the placebo, you need to eat what is called Serenoa repens. I wouldn’t recommend it. I would try a beer or two a day instead. It’s basically a palm that I expect is looked at as more of a weed were it is found. The point is, just sleep and eat right and you’ll get what you are looking for. Maybe add a touch more seafood to your diet.

  184. Joe says

    I’m 42, I’ve been taking ageless male for about a week and I feel Fantastic , so far I’m Impressed ! I dont know if it should work this quickly but I really do feel more energetic less aches etc , at least 10 years younger .

  185. Dennis says

    I have had nothing but issues with New Vitality! I mailed back a bottle of ageless male and they do not want to give me credit…. for me it did not work, sorry!

    but I talked with several people in what they call customer service, yeah right! no satisfaction names Joe, Andrew, Jen, Karen, Maria just to name a few… but the one who really got me was Nicole (the supposed supervisor who can’t make a decision?) I asked for her supervisor’s name, didn’t want to give it to me, then she did, with the wrong phone number! All I want is my money back for what I sent back!

  186. says

    I’m 52 with high blood pressure and am unsure about these products conflicting with BP meds. Anyone out there on atenelol taking this product willing to share how this product has reacted?

  187. Kim says

    My husband recently found out his testosterone level is at 100. Would Ageless Male help him or is his level too low for a supplement such as this?

    • Joe says

      Kim, Im not convinced it will raise his levels. If he gets his levels tested after a month of ageless male that will answer his question. Does he eat a very low fat diet or do a LOT or aerobic exercise? that might reduce testosterone levels. Just thought I’d mention that.

  188. Brent says

    I am 46, and had lost all motivation and much of my sex drive as I have gotten older. Especially after a near fatal electrocution accident with 800+ volts, broken leg, double compound. Muscle graph, bone graph, skin graphs and finally leech therapy saved my leg. However, thirteen surgeries later I was a mess. Battled fatigue, depression, anxiety, low sex drive, weight gain and high BP.

    I have been using Ageless Male for about 2 months and I have had excellent results. All of the above symptoms have diminished considerably or all together are gone. I am working out at the gym again doing strength training and power lifting. Depression has left, anxiety largely diminished, sex drive like I had in my 20’s, losing weight easier, making muscle gains again and BP coming down, but the BP could be attributed to power lifting and better eating habits. I’m totally stoked over this stuff, whether it is for real or not.

    Maybe it’s all in my head? And yes I’m for real and don’t work for AM!! Basically as long as I feel younger and happier, I don’t give a shit what is in the stuff. As for the FDA approval BS. Just look at the TV ads for law firms and bad drugs. You tell me if the FDA wants you healthy and happy. The FDA keeps drug companies fat, they don’t protect you and me. Wake up!

  189. joseph says

    Ageless male is a joke. I am a former gym owner and I still train hard six days a week. I used to bodybuild in the late 80’s, and my diet is still very good. I have been on the crap for a month now with no significant change in anything they say it would do. /hell you can get saw palmetto in Walmart for half the price. Don’t bother with this product

  190. Richard Eckert says

    I have not tried this, and I won’t. I notice if I do my minimal exercise for even five minutes a day and eat such that I bring my weight back down from being some overweight, the theory I was taught is that there is more of your own hormones in your blood instead of in your fat. There is probably no substitute for good eating and exercise.

  191. Chris says

    I haven’t seen the side effects I experience on this web site, so I thought I’d interject. (might be a little graphic for some). Within three days of starting to take the pills it started to become difficult to urinate, much like they describe when you have an enlarged prostate. You know, weak stream and the like. I stopped taking the pills, and after 2 days everything is back to normal. I don’t know if there is a direct correlation, but the coincidence and timing of the two events made me throw away two bottles of the stuff, one unopened.

  192. Bob says

    Decided I would add my comments as I have been taking Ageless Male for about 5 month now. I have to say that my sex drive has increased and my thought of sex has returned to a 20 year olds (I am 50). My wife has seen the change in my desire towards her and she has told me to make sure I don’t stop taking the Ageless Male.

    As for added energy, weight loss, muscle building… not much change, but I do think of sex all the time now. Somehow I did not get on their auto shipment plan and no harassing emails ever other day like other companies. I will be ordering more, but not against trying alternative low cost products with same ingredients.

  193. Rob "I" says

    Since you posted a comment that suggests people do what I actually did, here’s my 2 cents, that cost me $160 in lab tests:

    I bought into the radio ads, and I ordered the stuff. I took it for a couple of months, but I really wasn’t feeling any different. So, I stopped taking it for a week and ordered a lab test for testosterone levels – Testosterone, Free and Total Testosterone, Serum – from Walk-In Labs (LabCorp) for $79, as I had never been tested before. I am 48 years old, and the test results showed that I have low levels, well under the low baseline: 308 ng/dL for free and total serum. I am otherwise very fit, healthy, and exercise regularly, and eat really well.

    So, I started again with the Ageless Male, which I now have 4 bottles of, and I logged my intake. I took the recommended two per day, one early and one late. And on a few occasions, I took an extra pill, which I also noted.

    After 26 days, I again bought another testosterone test from Walk-In Labs. The results show that the claims on the web site are no where near the actual results: only 322 ng/dL for the serum level!!! So small of an increase, that it could have been additionally increased because of certain foods that I was eating. Not even a 5% increase, and no where near my 40% target (that I was hoping for). As for 50% or 60% (depending on which of their web sites you end up at): are they kidding?? This is a VERY expensive supplement. You are way better off just getting bottles of Saw Palmetto and asaxanthin.

    My next test will be using the best quality Saw Palmetto and asaxanthin that I can find over-the-counter. My conclusion with Ageless Male is that I am writing a letter to insist on a full refund for grossly misrepresenting their product, as I have the before and after tests to prove it.

  194. Kanna Woupass says

    Um, seriously–why is anyone taking seriously a product purported to have endocrine effects when it’s “vouched” for by someone whose vita focuses on “neurological surgery” instead of endocrinology? Maybe because the Good Doctor Rosenstein put his neurological surgery background to good use by pitching all of you morons like laboratory frogs?

    Suggestion: if you THINK you have low-T, then ask your own medical doctor to run a blood testosterone test…and if it IS low, you will do better by getting REAL testosterone prescriptions, which can be rub-on topical gel used daily, or injected testosterone.

  195. Marty says

    Hahahaha!!! Well put – and in complete sentences. Seriously though, If you’re not feeling right, see your doctor. Besides, if he prescribes a supplement (like AM), your copay will be less than the forty bucks a bottle they want at their web site.

  196. Gary says

    I too have decide not to purchase any more Ageless Male considering the very (overall) disappointing results!
    I noticed a slight increase in my sex drive but it’s just not worth the retail price.

  197. O Bourassa says

    Hello, I’ll put my two cents in as well.

    I’m 65 years old and have been taking Ageless Male for about three months. At first I thought I noticed more energy and an increase sex drive now I’m not so sure.

    I recently had my testosterone tested and found that it actually decreased from the previous test. Ageless Male customer service said the product works by helping to stop the testosterone from converting to the DHT and estrogen hormone, which will in turn boost the level that I have. They suggested that I might have another problem and should take the Ageless Male to my physician to discuss the best options for me.

    I received radiation therapy for prostate cancer about seven years ago and still have my PSA closely monitored. My radiation oncologist is not thrilled with the product because of the saw palmetto which can cause a false PSA reading.

    I have decided to stop taking Ageless Male and see how I feel. Right now, I don’t see enough of an improvement in any department to justify taking it.

  198. Alexander says

    Thank you ‘Delmar’ for posting on February 17Th. what I’ll take as a warning. If anything was worthwhile they wouldn’t have to resort to schemes and scams by having people being forced to call THEM to stop sending unwanted items.
    I fell into such a trap such as that once before, resulting in me having to cancel my credit card and notifying everyone I had been doing business with.
    Again, another BIG thank you ‘Delmar’.

  199. ikaik says

    for the GUY that posted negative facts about tribulus, just letting you know, tribulus terrestris does in fact work. but you must be consistent and take it before you sleep, not when you get up. for decent results you must take at least a 1000mg of it every night. i been taking 2000mg every night and when i have sex with my gf, man, its alot more sensitive and i orgasm longer. Ron Jeremy has this site sexpillguru, check it out folks, i plan to get some of his recommended products soon and use it with the tribulus. take the T.T, it does trully work, only sometimes you experience a stomach ache, but very rarely, due to the stomach alining changing from the T.T. just wanted to add that fellas!

    • Joe says

      When did Ron Jeremy become a guru in the sex supplement department? Thanks for the site. It looks a little cheesy to me but I will look more closely at it in the future. Glad you think the tribuls is helping you but I have to wonder if its working so great why are you even considering Ron Jeremy’s stuff when you have no proof that his products will work or add anything more to the mix? Just be happy with what you have. I’ll have to take a close look at what Ron says before I buy into it.

  200. Al j says

    Might be easier to just go to the Doctor and ask for testosterone patches.At least you know this will work,and if you have insurance,its much,much cheaper.

  201. Lee says

    Question: how does shift work affect hormone regeneration? I work 10 PM until 6 AM, 5 days a week. I sleep during the days of course but it’s a wonky sleep schedule.

    • Joe says

      Lee, its a good question you ask. As I understand it some hormones do rise during the night. I think growth hormone slowly rises between 12am and 4am. There has also been some research on shift work and heart disease here is a link. I admit though if there is any consensus on whether shift work decreases male hormone levels.

  202. tirebay says

    Hey Joe, serious bodybuilders consider Ageless male a beginner supplement.You can get better supplements at GMC.While ageless male does have saw palmetto in it,it doesn’t say how much.Three things to look for in a testosterone booster are 1 Longjack (the higher the count the better)2 Yohimbe bark.3 Saw Palmetto (at least 850 mgs.Also,for a serious pump try Tribulus.

  203. Karl says

    Question, I’m 67 and am on the arthritis injection medication
    Methotrexate 250 mg once a week, would there be any side
    effects taking Ageless Male ?

    • Joe says

      Karl, honestly I have no idea. Why don’t you try this. print up the review and take it to your doctor and see what she/he says. If you find out, let me know I’m curious.

  204. Thanks for the Post says

    Thanks so much for the insightful and well-researched post. I’ve been trying to learn more about this supplement, but I’ve found a lot of dead ends. I’ll certainly be paying your site a visit in the future!

  205. Angel says

    Hi all, after reading all your reviews, I was still going to be brave and try the AM product. However, it seems impossible to buy only one bottle as they automatically put you on the preferred shipping program. Here is what is printed in their cart – luck I saw this, else I would have been stuck. Shame, as I was willing to try. AM folks, really, why do this. Give people an option…

    “By becoming a member of the Preferred Shipping program, you allow New Vitality to automatically ship you an additional 30-day supply of Ageless Male every 1 month(s) at today’s low price of $34.95, which will be automatically billed to the credit card that you supply to us during checkout. If you need to cancel future shipments, call Customer Care at 1-800-943-6465 and you will never be charged again. No questions asked or explanation required. You may modify the scheduling of your shipments at anytime.”

  206. Vincent says


    I just found your site. Great research and reviews. There should be more websites like yours.

    Have you done any research on Andro400? It’s a testosterone supplement like Ageless male. I’m not sure what the ingredients are.


  207. Gary says


    Any advice with regards to Secratatropin HGH?
    I just started using this supplement a few days ago and wanted your input.


    • Joe says

      Gary, not so far. best advice I could have given was to get your GH levels checked first and then again in a month to see if it changed your levels

  208. Darius says

    I have not yet started ageless male yet. Im a 51 year old bodybuilder and have had a low sex drive. I still have the muscle, in fact a lot of people think im only 39! I through a couple of different body building fitness stores have tried a few products. They seem to work a little even tho they are pretty potent! I hate the mood swings! But I still have not noticed any increased libido. I might try ageless… not sure yet.

    I have read SO much on these “natural” products and the general theme is they really don’t work. Maybe for some people different areas. From all I read it is best to go to your Dr. and get a testosterone patch or treatment. I know there is a natural product out there for libido that works great. But it is just for that. It’s all herbs and boy does it work!! I just want more of something that will help with the fat around the gut and keep my muscle too!

  209. Guy says

    OK here’s an update.

    Tried tribulus, no noticeable effect. Again I have no idea if it helps bodybuilders or not but in terms of addressing the issues relating to ‘ageless male’ (libido, energy, etc) I had no luck.

    Next I tried resveritrol (Fusion Revital 8) and while I have noticed a slight improvement in well being (it’s a bit nebulous and hard to pin down, I just feel a bit ‘better’), still no joy in terms of libido and energy.

    So three weeks ago I got some of this:

    Primarily for the Mrs but in my research I discovered that it’s ok for dudes as well. I apply it once in the morning and again at bedtime and I have to say the effects were/are quite noticeable. After about 1 day Mr Libido came back home and he hasn’t left yet and overall my energy levels and mood are quite good. I’ve always had low energy so when it goes up and stays up it’s quite obvious to me. Same goes for the wife.

    Anyway, just a heads up for those who haven’t heard of the stuff, I am not connected with the product in anyway whatsoever and though I linked to the one that we bought I am aware that the MLM company Neways has a product called ‘Endau’ which is the same stuff (mostly). Not sure how the prices compare.

    So anyway, I’ll keep on with it and if anything changes I’ll update you all.


    • Joe says

      Guy, interesting about the wild yam cream. Yams are supposed to be a source of DHEA and since DHEA is 2 chemical steps from testosterone, the idea was that its supposed to raise testosterone levels. DHEA seems to be getting a facelift, in part to Dr Oz who recently promoted “7 Keto” for weight loss. 7 Keto is really 7 keto DHEA.

  210. zee says

    i really like your comment about all product i dont know what to use now can you help me i just want to raise my testosterone level with a good product please

    • Joe says

      Hi Zee, Honestly I am skeptical of all testosterone booster supplements. none of the products Ive seen show me human proof they actually raise testosterone levels. Best advice I can give is get your testosterone levels tested now, try a product you think works and then retest in a month. I dont think there will be any significant change but Im open to the possibility I am wrong.

  211. Leo Nine says


    I read the whole thread (as well as many of your other threads since I just discovered your website). Kudos for your wide-ranging interest in supplements.

    I’m 67 and have been on a variety of supplements for many years (since my physician believes in them). I will comment on some of the ones closest to my heart in your other threads someday soon. But as far as this thread is concerned — while there are a lot of things I could say — I will be brief as there are only 2 main points I want to share.

    1. I have had low Test levels for quite a long time. I have not been trying any of the advertised supplements geared towards this deficiency, but my dr did prescribe the test patches for me 10 years or so ago. Didn’t do a g.d. thing for me — so even with these supposedly sure things, everyone’s mileage will vary.

    2. My most important point that I hope everyone will take note of with regard to all the shady infomercial-type websites for products that put you on an automatic renewal program is this:

    I don’t know if other credit card issuers have a similar program, but my principal issuer Citibank has available for its customers “Virtual Credit Cards” that are linked to your primary card. It allows you to issue yourself a linked credit card number completely different from your real card. The virtual number expires in 60 days. I never have to deal with the customer service a’holes with these semi-shady companies when I want to order something for a tryout. I use a virtual card number for the initial payment and accept the fact that I’ll probably get charged for one more month. But I don’t have to call to cancel ever. If I don’t want to continue to reorder the product on my own, the shady company just has nothing to charge it to for an ongoing scam. It just expires out from under them. And they never have access to my real credit card number, so no fear of having to cancel and reissue real credit cards.

    Hope this helps everyone!

  212. pete says

    Joe: Thanks for all the info you give us, what about certain foods and vitamins that help increase testosterone could you give a list and also what about Chrysin?


    • Joe says

      Pete, I’m not aware of any vitamin or mineral that raises testosterone in healthy people. As for Chrysin, this is a phytonutrient that some think raises testosterone levels. There isn’t much research on it that I could find to show it does this. Here is a study where chrysin raised T levels in male rats

      But in a study done in 2003 in humans, chrysin didn’t seem to raise T levels

      Ill keep my eyes open for research as it comes out on chrysin but right now I am pretty skeptical about it.

  213. Tricia says


    Diet plays a crucial role in testosterone production. Heightened testosterone levels mean more lean muscle mass,speedier recovery times after exercise, improved mood and cognitive functioning,and enhanced sexdrive. Though it is a well-known fact that testosterone levels decrease with age, one’s diet can easily mitigate or accelerate the process. Whether one is a college student looking to maximize his bodybuilding gains or a middle-aged man looking to rectify his lowered libido, alterations to one’s diet should create a positive, noticeable effect.

    Testosterone deficiencies are often indicative of vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Here is a list of substances necessary for testosterone

    Zinc –adequate zinc intake is essential for the proper functioning of the male reproductive system. Zinc deficiency is associated with low testosterone levels and reduced fertility in men.

  214. Tricia says

    @Pete….sorry my smartphone s***s,

    Fat and Cholesterol –fat is essential for testosterone production because steroid hormones (testosterone included) are produced from cholesterol (one can consume cholesterol directly as well). Without enough fat, cholesterol levels will be too low and testosterone production will be hindered. Too little fat intake has been associated with heart disease,reduced cognition,fatigue and low testosterone. Obviously,one does not want to consume too much fat and cholesterol as it will lead to an increase in body fat and blood pressure which in turn,will lead to a decrease in testosterone levels.

    Vitamin A –Vitamin A is necessary for testosterone and sperm production. It is also responsible for cellular health of the testes. Vitamin A deficiency is associated with infertility.

    Vitamin C –Vitamin C reduces the functioning of the aromatase enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen. Vitamin C has also been shown to reduce cortisol levels which in turn,heighten testosterone levels.

    Vitamin D –An Austrian study found that Vitamin D supplementation increased testosterone levels in participants who were deficient.

    Vitamin E –not only is it a powerful anti-oxidant but Vitamin E also holds anti-estrogenic properties which increase testosterone levels.

    Vitamins B5, B6, B12 –deficiencies in B vitamins will lower testosterone levels. In a study,concurrent intake of Vitamin B6 and zinc was shown to increase testosterone levels in football players. Vitamin B5 leads to pregnenolone which is a precursor to testosteron

  215. Tricia says

    Finally the End :)

    Foods containing testosterone boosting nutrients…


    Oysters likely got their reputation as an aphrodisiac because they’re an excellent source of zinc.


    Not only is it an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids,it is also an excellent source of zinc and Vitamin A. Salmon has also been shown to lower SHBG levels,which in turn heighten testosterone levels. When testosterone binds to SHBG,it loses its androgenic properties. Other fish are rich in these nutrients as well,but to a lesser extent.


    Nuts such as peanuts,pistachios,and almonds are high in monounsaturated fats (the healthy fats). Diets high in monounsaturated fats tend to increase testosterone production.


    Hailed as a godsend by bodybuilders because of their high protein content,eggs are also high in zinc and cholesterol so they can boost testosterone levels as well. Cholesterol is necessary for testosterone production. Be careful as not to consume too much cholesterol as it may lead to heart disease.

    Fruits and Vegetables…

    Fruits such as avocados,blueberries,apples,pineapple and citrus fruits as well as vegetables such as spinach and iceberg lettuce (leafy vegetables),tomatoes,yellow squash and red peppers are exceptional sources in Vitamin A. Avocados are rich in B Vitamins and monounsaturated fats as well.

  216. Tricia says

    Still with me? Haha…..

    Cruciferous vegetables…

    These types of vegetables are worthy of special mention. Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli,cauliflower, asparagus,cabbage,bok choy,and cabbage. Such vegetables contain a compound known as indole -3- carbinol (I3C), which has anti-estrogenic properties. Since estrogen counteracts the effects of testosterone,essentially,less estrogen means more testosterone.

    Leafy vegetables…

    Again,worthy of special mention because of their high Vitamin E content. Leafy vegetables include spinach,alfalfa, and clover. They are an excellent source of Vitamin E.

    Red meat…

    Red meat includes beef,lamb,ribs,duck and goose. It is packed full of zinc and its high fat content will increase the likelihood that one is getting enough in his/her diet. It also contains Vitamin B12.

    White meat…

    White meat includes chicken and rabbit. It is an excellent source of zinc and a far leaner alternative to red meat.

  217. Tricia says

    Have you seen this Joe?

    Boost Testosterone 40% with D-Aspartate

    D-Aspartate is an amino acid that’s produced in your pituitary gland and your testicles (or your balls) and it boosts the production of testosterone plus…

    D-Aspartate also increases sperm production and the Journal of Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology reported that men taking 3 grams of D-Aspartate every morning increased their testosterone by 40%

    • Joe says

      Tricia, Interesting I checked and here is the study I think your referring to it does not spcificaly mention the dosage that the men received or 40% increase though. Its also interesting that they noted that only the “D” version of this amino acid worked. Most amino acids sold are “L” (which basically means left handed).

      If this is not the study please show me the study you are referencing.

  218. Tricia says

    The study often cited as the definitive answer to the question “does DAA work” was done on 23 males by Italian researchers and subsequently published in the journal ‘Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology.’ The subjects ranged in age from 27 to 37 and were given a daily 3-gram dosage of DAA while compared with a control group of 20 men receiving a placebo. Within 12 days of beginning the protocol,the subjects receiving the DAA reportedly averaged a 33% rise in LH and a 42% increase in testosterone.

    Personally,I have trouble taking such small studies seriously unless they’re one in a meta-study or at least backed up by a second independent experiment. The chance for biased input, however unconscious,is too great within a test likely financed by someone who… well… has a financial interest in the outcome. Nothing wrong with that interest being present –only with believing the inputs and outcomes could be unbiased.

  219. Tricia says


    I havent found the actual study page yet. But from the sound of things, it was small. Insignificant and unproven really. Kinda like whag happened with Tribulus will probably happen with DAA also…it seems anyways.

    I would like to mention to men that diet is huge in testosterone health. Also, especially for men, avoid Plastics with BPA. These increase estrogen. And if you are trying to increase testosterone, you dont want to increase your estrogens….make sense? I will

  220. Robb says

    Any product that puts you on automatic renewal and uses a very sketchy research study should be automatically considered “quack” science. People saying “I took it and I feel great!” is absolutely meaningless as any placebo study will show you.

    Testing this product would be VERY simple and rather cheap. They won’t do that though for obvious reasons.

  221. pete says

    Joe thank you for your answers and Tricia you are great! thank you for your indepth answers to me I eat most of those foods and I am 51 years old and still do weights 4 times a week and aerobics 60 minutes a day 6 days a week and I feel no symptoms of testosterone loss, I use Twinlab Amino fuel a couple times a day and it helps me greatly especially the L-Arginine in it,

  222. Ron says

    My testosterone dropped 75 points to 154 for the 3 months I was on ageless male. Needless to say I am not very happy.

  223. gary says

    I’m a 65 year old masters sprinter and am also dubious about automatic renewal statements, would like to try Ageless Male but after reading the great comments here and reading Joe’s review, don’t think I’ll try.

    @Pete, have been taking Amino Energy from Optimum Nutrition for going on 4 months now, excellent product, and also take pure Beta Alanine daily, was never a big supplement user in my 50 years of sprinting, wish they had this stuff years ago, it really helps with energy levels and my workouts have been fantastic, very little lactic acid build-up and I run the 400 meters, keep all the great comments coming.

  224. Tanner H says

    Just as a responce to everyone talking about going to your dr and getting on a testosterone treatment, that is not always the best thing. My husbands levels are below 200. He tried the testosterone shots and became a different person. We have been together 10 years and really have no problems. Well not until he started to take testosterone. This is not always the best solution.

    He desperately needs help, but this was the wrong help. He said he would rather be tired and energyless with no sex drive rather then be a ragging dick, which is what the testosterone shots were doing. He even cursed out his mother. And hes a mommas boy, never even yelled at her before.

    So for all you people that think we are dumb for not contacting our dr for “real” help. Why dont you think that maybe everyone has different reactions. I have read every single response here. And its obvious that bodies respond differently. So Kanna Woupass, it would be nice to keep your comments polite.

    And to Scott stating this “By taking this supplement, you’re playing God and the outcome will not be good. ” By saying this you are just being ignorant and also rude. If that’s how you truly feel I guess you dont believe in any medication or Dr’s saving lives for that matter of fact.

    I have appreciated every bit of info people have given on here. But lets keep it that. As a place to inform, not judge.

    I was going to buy the ageless male, but thanks to everyone’s information, I will start my husband on one of the supplements suggested above. I will bring back any results. He also has Sleep apnea, wont sleep much with his cpap machine, and doesn’t get to bed till 3am to 5am. If anyone could get help from these supplements, I think hes a prime candidate

  225. pete says

    Gary Thanks for the heads up on optimum nutrition amino but be advised it has blue dye #2 and Red dye and also artificial sweetners all of which I avoid, Twinlab Amino Fuel is easily digested and has none of the dyes….

  226. Danny says

    To be honest… all of this, while very informative, only caused an extreme amount of confusion for me… added up to absolutely nothing… and the entire blog is now simply inconclusive and therefore irrelevant. Sorry but that’s how I feel after reading through it all. Good luck to everyone.

  227. Roy Cato says

    I am 42 and I have type II Diabetes. My testosterone levels were checked when I was 38 and they were about the same as a 50 year old male. My doctor gave me the option of prescription testosterone. I would suggest if your levels are really effecting your lifestyle go get it tested by a physician and then get a prescription. First time on the website and it was very informative because I saw the Ageless Male commercial on television.

  228. wondere says

    thanks everyone yall helped me make up my mind not to spend my hard earned money on the am bs

  229. Mike Shevlin says

    A good article, it’s made me think twice about buying into “Ageless Male” and re-think more about doing further research.
    Keep up the good work Supplement-Geek.

    Mike Shevlin.

  230. anser says

    I just started to take am about a week now, and believed it or not honestly, I feeling some changes nothing spectacular but some difference. It maybe because my body was very much out of testosterone from the get go? I don’t know. So I’ll continue for a few more weeks and if it doesn’t do significant improvement as they claim, I still will finish the three months supply since I paid for it and it doesn’t do nothing wrong to me yet. Then I look for something else…:-)) But I think its so far so good regardless of different negative research studies. However ya’ll right it is quite expensive.

  231. Jason says

    I went looking on (best prices on everything) and found it cheaper… but, it says it’s to enhance the production of breast milk and although it gets 5 stars it’s all women. Not sure what to think here. Let me know what you find.

  232. says

    Without being an expert on scientific research, it’s hard to say if it works. As long as it’s not a flat out fraud, I’m willing to take a shot. A reasonable price with a potentially big upside in many, relevant ways. Here’s hoping for some good results!

  233. Dave says

    Didn’t see ANY difference with this suppliment. I cancelled my order immediately after receiving my first shipment, thinking that if I saw results, I could always re-order…yet they claimed not to have received my cancellation, and shipped a new order and charged my debit card again…I am in a fight with them as we speak, over this ripoff!

  234. vito says

    I recently purchased this “new & improved” version, without ever being told that they removed BOTH the astaxanthin and the saw palmetto. As i attempted to return the items, they offered to credit me $20, when I just spent $135. After sending the items back, I was told that it would take 3 to 5 working days to credit my purchase, upon receiving the items.

    Well, not only is it the final day today, but they now tried to change their own rules after the fact. They also tried to shift the blame onto my bank, telling me that they sometimes take a few days to post on my account, which is more rubbish…and was confirmed by my bank. Not that I need my bank to tell me what I already know.
    This company is quick to charge you, but drag their feet when it comes to refunding you, and will even change their own processing rules, and even blame your bank.

    I should also add that they told me there was a “world wide shortage” of the two original ingredients, yet I didn’t have any trouble finding saw palmetto or astaxanthin fact, I saved a lot of money by purchasing from another very popular source.

  235. GlennX says

    I started taking Agelessmale 1 month ago, and waited to comment. I’ve read the reviews, but I have had some results. I’ve been in the gym for a year, and was stuck. Upper body has gotten easier, have increased my leg stuff a plate or two. My chest size looks slightly bigger, may have lost a little around my waist. Haven’t seen much difference sexually. No difference in mood. Energy was already alright. And they changed the formula.

    I am legit, not representative of the company or anything. Again, the results are slight, but I have definitely seen a little difference. I was doubtful, so I don’t think this is a placebo effect. Sounds like I may be abnormal in a good way. Not sure I’d have noticed anything at all if I hadn’t been lifting regularly.

  236. chuck says

    umm 7% increase in test levels will do virtually nothing to your sex drive, muscle tone or mode. Ageless male is just another scam with ingredients you can get a vitamin shoppe for 10 times cheaper. Only a few things that raise your test levels and actual testosterone is the main one. dont be a fool and waste money on this placebo.

  237. Guy says

    Just follow up from my last post about the Yam and chaste tree creams. The wife had to go away for a few days last week and took the cream with her. After the first day my energy levels/libido dropped quite noticeable and I was cranky and irritable, in other words, back to normal. After 3 days I was feeling pretty crappy but I had the cream back by then and after a day or so energy levels and libido and mood are back. :)

    I should note that after being on the stuff at least one per day (mostly twice per day) for about a month the results were fairly consistent and noticeable. So just to reiterate, even though I’ve tried a few things this has been the only stuff that’s given me noticeable and consistent results. (And no, I’m not associated with the company in any way.)

    • Joe says

      Guy, this is so interesting. I did look at the website when you first chimed in and I didn’t see anything where they were marketing the cream to men, just women. Very interesting.

  238. Guy says


    Yeah, well I did get it initially for me wife, and it’s done wonders there as well. In terms of energy and libido it’s like we’re back in our late 20’s. :)

    But you are right, I’ve just been googling the stuff in the context of use for men and the results are pretty much non-existent. :)

    Looks like I’m the guinea pig.

    • Joe says

      Greg, my trial? Im taking 610 mg of fenugreek a day. Ive only been taking it for about 2 weeks. So far I dont notice any change “down there” I will keep doing this till I get to six weeks and see what happens.

  239. Ray says


    Thanks. Very good info for a guy my age. At my last check up the doctor said I had the insides of a 25-35 year old and I’m 51. I’ve seen the commercials and decided to see what the hype is all about. I’m looking forward to your six week review.


  240. Guy says


    You rub it on rather than ‘take’ it. I shoot for twice a day, once after the morning shower and then again when I go to bed. It only took about a day to notice the effects. They don’t seem to change after that though but remain noticeably constant. Takes about the same time to notice it’s absence as well. My wife has to go away again for a couple of days next week so I will be able to repeat the experiment for the second time. :)

  241. RHinRH says

    Not only did this product do none of what it said it would do, I gained 10 pounds for the first time in 10 years in the 60 days I tried it. A complete waste of money.

  242. David says

    So the Fenugreek will have and do the same as ageless male pills please let me know so I don’t have to spend extra right now that times are hard on cash Thanks Everybody I am 49

    • Joe says

      David, Im taking one pill each day for the next few weeks to see if I feel any different. So far, its been about 2 weeks and I have not noticed any differences.

  243. Van says

    This Doctor got his “new body” from Cenegenics. He was one of their Poster Boys of results. He did not get it from taking his own product!!

  244. daniel says

    There is a lot of good info here. I saw 600 mgs of Testofen for sale on a website called swanson and it was only $14.99 per bottle. why do these guys think anyone would pay them twice that?

  245. Rudolph says

    Great stuff!!!!!!!!!! I was skeptical about it but tried it anyway. I’ve been on HBP pills for hypertension and it had side effects that kept me from performing >:-( but by the second bottle of A.M I wake up with a monster everyday, I don’t worry about performance issues now. Awesome stuff!!!

  246. John says

    So these guys in the study lifted weights when they did this. Lifting weights will raise testosterone on it’s own. It would be nice to see results when they didn’t do this an then I may believe the results better.

  247. Duke says

    Joe, many thanks for your work on this blog. Me, I had a bout with neck cancer in 2010 which included radiation treatments and many surgeries to cure me. I’m 48 and my testosterone was recently tested at 260 on 4-26-12.

    I’ve been using Androgel for the last month and I do feel much better in many ways. I have more energy, drive and I’m sleeping better. After a week of using Androgel, I was like a horn dog with my girlfriend. She really appreciated it at first. I go back for followup blood work in a couple of weeks. I’ll post the results here.

    I read every comment on this blog and there appears to be a lot of possible alternative herbs, etc., that may or may not help some guys. Good nutrition, exercise and healthy living seem to universally help support better levels of testosterone in us guys. Good luck to all and keep up the good work.

  248. Tom Godwin says

    I have started my third month on Ageless Male and so far it has done nothing for me in anyway.

  249. jim says

    I sure am glad to be reading all this stuff. Thanks guys ! I’am 61 and still in construction. My girlfriend for the last year said if I ever think of trying the blue pill, she’s leaving. I do have to tell you that since 1969 I have on a regular basis taken Red Panax Gensing. It gives me great endurance and general all around feel good, but with a woman 17 yrs younger I don’t want to let her down and I’am feeling like I need a little extra. I do back it up with the general GNC Mega-Man vitamin. The vitamins alone don’t do it. I think I might try a few of these other items.

    • Joe says

      Jim, Sometimes ED can be a symptom of heart disease. That’s not to say you have it (sounds like your doing pretty good!) but your words got me to thinking about how some women take it as an offense personally if a man needs “the blue pill.” This can place a additional stress on men who might struggle with ideas of what to do in this instance. I think women need to understand that having the desire for sex and the ability for sex can be different sometimes.

      I would not be surprised if we see TV adds directed to women to address this notion sometime in the future. Where do you get your Red Panax Ginseng from? Im always curious about these things.

  250. Duke says

    After reading all the comments, I can understand the confusion on what to do, and – or, what pill to take, by many of our brotherhood of men working on our own improvement. I hope we can all agree that there is no such thing as a quick fix to improve our testosterone levels. Given all that, I took notes and this is a list of all the vitamins, minerals and herbs mentioned by posters in this blog. Who knows what, or if any, will work for you. In no particular order …

    Fenugreek, tribulus, yohimbine, tonkat ali (eurycoma longifolia), vitamin D, Zinc, grape seed extract (OPCs), horny goat weed, L-Arginine, DHEA, pycnogenol, Gaba, chrysin, borage oil, D-Aspartate, B-6, vitamins; A, C, D, E B5.

  251. Steve says

    I would bet Jacob Rosenstein MD is at the least on GH Therapy. I have seen the benefits of a very close friend (50) who used GH Therapy and it was amazing on many levels. Increased muscle, strength, recovery, confidence, even his skin looked better. Cost was out of control expensive and a prescription was needed, though that wasn’t hard for him to get.

    I found this site when a training partner told me he started using Ageless Male and said he feels better. So much so he ordered a second shipment. I thought it was a scam and he was experiencing a placebo effect, so I wanted to see what I could find. Very happy to have found this site, very interesting read and I’ll be following along.

  252. Dicktator says

    hi, just wondered for update on that Guy dude who was using his wife’s creams not meant for me men but he was claiming they were working for men. The Yam and chaste tree creams as he claims. That stuff probably gave him breasts. Can this guy follow, did he disappear from your site Joe ?

    Also, Joe can you try those creams yourself and make a review. That will be strange… using female creams and claiming manliness. Just curious how it works out lol

    • Joe says

      Dicktator, he did write back a week or so ago and said he was going to be trying it again when his wife returned from a business trip. Ive thought of giving the cream a shot myself just to see. Its on my list. Im doing a little experiment with fenugreek right now and dont want to combine things in case it messes up the results.

  253. Joe says

    Would like any information on what’s out there that can increase “test” levels and help improve the quality of your overall health or at least feeling better. I was considering taking HGH that a doctor was prescribing to some guy’s that I do my physical therapy with. I know there are more risks involved with this but at this point I need something to boost me up. Would rather use supplements if something out there is working…..any recommendations??? 40somethin now, no problems with my plumbing or my pipe…..just energy and stamina.
    Help if you can…..thanks in advance.

    • Joe says

      Joe, you didnt say if your Testosterone levels need boosting to begin with? So far I dont have a lot of faith in most products but while Im open to being proved wrong on this, I think your best served to seeing what your testosterone levels is now before considering options to raise it.

  254. Guy says

    Hey all,

    Sorry for not getting back sooner, since my last update everything went to hell. I got some kind of infection in my leg through a small cut which has required 2 lots of antibiotics and a round of steroids so I’m feeling pretty crappy. Then because of all of that my immune system got knocked around so I now have an outbreak of shingles to get rid of as well. Yay.

    Libido is not on my list of priorities ATM. :)

    So accordingly, I’ve only been using the yam cream intermittently since my last update. I stand by my previous comments of it’s effectiveness for the 6 weeks or so that I was using it. I suspect it might take me another few weeks to get through this nonsense and build things back up again so all bets are off until then.

    I will start on the Yam cream again today (just cos I’m feeling crappy) and will update in a few days FWIW but given all the other stuff that’s going I really don’t believe that trialling anything at this point will be very fruitful.


  255. Duke says

    Guy, please take good care of yourself and get well. No worries on the timing of your trial on the yam cream. I hope all the best to your health my brother.

  256. Jeff says

    I use Ageless Male….It has definitely worked…Especially on reducing the belly fat.I have been exercising and losing weight with eating right and activity.But my belly has shrunk at a much faster pace than the rest of me.Im sold on Ageless Male.No other explanation for the rapid decrease in stomach size.

  257. pete says

    Lifting weights especially leg work helps you make testosterone according to some studies and my own experience, also 7-8 hours a night of sleep does it and I read some foods like steak, eggs, cheese helps make it from cholesterol, why are we so afraid of these foods? if you work out and take supplements-antioxidants to ward off any bad health affects from these foods then what is the problem? old school bodybuilders ate these things and got big and lived long lives, key is physical work outs not sedentary life styles I think.

  258. gary h says

    I’m so sick of seeing that doctor dork Jacob Rosenstein on TV and in magazines. Yeah he looks ok for his age, but he’s no human wonder. I train at a gym where there’s several guys in their fifties who look as good or better than this doctor dork. He ain’t “all that”. If you have decent genes, weight train properly at a gym, and eat a body-builder type of diet, you can look as good (actually better) than this clown without any rip-off supplements. I assure you, if ALL you do is eat his stupid supplement and do nothing else, you will NOT get buff and ripped. Ever.

  259. pete says

    Nice comment Gary h, I agree exercise is the most important thing especially with weights, I am in my 50’s and have the same mass as that doctor on the commercial for ageless male, I lift weights each body part twice a week and cardio 1 hour a day 6 days a week its really a lifestyle as I take antioxidants, fish oil and a lot of other essential vitamins and minerals, also about 90 grams of protein a day from beef, cheese, eggs and Twinlab Amino fuel and 7-8 hours a night of sleep.

  260. Steve says

    Here’s a twist guys,
    There’s a company called “Tango Advanced Nutrition”.
    They had a product that they “discontinued” probably 4 years ago, called “Tango”. According to their website, this product was first developed as a general health enhancer. However as folks were taking the reports were coming in that it helped libido. They then “tweaked” the recipe and made it even better for desire, staying power & frequency. Long story short this stuff really worked very well, my brother used it for a stretch as well and was equally impressed with its results.

    Story from company reps. is that they had to discontinue it due to lack or loss of a source of one of the key ingredients. I’ve personally inquired on 2 occasions on when this would be back on the market and I always get the same story… of lacking a source for this special ingredient. I’ve since sent them a bit of a nasty email and accused them of selling out to the big pharma company and such. They did NOT reply to that email..imagine that!

    In all fairness to this company, EVERYTHING we’ve purchased from them works like I’ve never experienced before with a herbal supplement company. If you’ve got allergies, they make a product called allerphase that if I call it amazing is an understatement. It just works and well.
    I digress

    When you go to their website, you will find NO trace of the “Tango” supplement (that built their company, except the namesake company name now). It’s worth a browse through their products for all you folks that understand the merits of herbal supplementation. Everything they sell is herbal and as said above, are quite effective products. We’ve been into healing with herbs for decades and have spent thousands, finding no better results than what they put out.

    Below is a list of ingredients that an old bottle of “Tango” included on its label:
    Obviously listed in alphabetical order and not in order of % of ingredients of the formulation to protect their formula.

    Acorus (rhizome)
    Alpinia (fruit)
    Black Walnut (seed)
    Cherokee Rose (fruit)
    Cimicifuga (rhizome)
    Cordyceps (mycelium)
    Cornus (fruit)
    Glycyrrhiza (root)
    Lycium (fruit)
    Panax Ginseng (root)
    Poria (sclerotium)
    Rehmania (root)

    Any comments or ideas? I’ve sworn I’d find a Chinese herbalist and have them go a muck trying to make sense of these ingredients and replicate this. So far aspirations outweigh my ambitions.

    Has anybody tired any of or combination of these herbs.
    Honestly, I’ve tried 6 or so “libido enhancers”, they typically have the same ingredients, maca, tetrus, hornygoat, etc. NONE of which did anything for me. This tango stuff uses everything different from what everybody else uses, obviously with the exception of the ginseng. Then the lycium is goji berries, which I eat on a fairly regular basis.

    • Joe says

      steve. if you enter those terms in the search box i may have covered them i other products. also see my post on tainted male sex supplements. ive noticed an inordinate number have had viagra ect. could that be the missing ingredient?

  261. ivan says

    I took ageless male for a year maybe more,I went to the doctor for a check up and my testosterone was still very low,I took it everyday twice.

  262. John N. says

    Very well written and informative article. Never would consider taking any supplements or other non FDA Approved extracts or vitamin supplements especially coming from a foreign nation. Bottom line for me is simple taking any medication or supplements may be far more costly to you than shipping and handling.

  263. regina says

    Side effects, my husband has taken this “med” for about 3 months it has led to his not being able to sleep for days at a time when he does sleep he has very violent dreams. I suggested that these two problems could be the ageless male and he stopped taking it and both of these problems have improved in a weeks time.

  264. John says

    I am in my early sixties. Started having problems a few years back when business got bad and thought maybe that was the problem. Since I had insurance then I tried Androgel. Now I have always worked out and try to eat right.

    I did not become a rutting lunatic but I did notice some positive side effects. The biggest one was being able to handle stress a lot better. That and getting at least six to seven solid hours of sleep. This was the 1% solution. They now market a 1.5% gel. Has anyone found a definitive study on DHEA and does it work?

  265. Jay says

    thanks for the research and saving me the money and time. sounds like this is a rip off for the most part. they get away with it because 99.9% of people don’t know how to do something about it. they’re all scams period! lets face it We’re always looking for that ‘magic’ pill but there isn’t one men. if an aid sounds to go to be true…guess what? IT IS!! total B.S. and they get away with it. Hard work in the gym, eat healthy foods sources, and genetics make the human body run like a fine tuned machine. the saying ‘we are what we eat’ holds true.

  266. Joseph Salemi says

    Hello everyone
    I am 61yrs. of age and have been real tired for the past 2 years. I take no vitamins and try to eat good foods. Weight is aprox. 200lbs and 5’9″ tall. I recently found out I have sleep apnea. I’m at the higher level on the scale. I’ve been on ageless male for 3wks. and noticed nothing. I also lift weights, at times I have to push myself at it. My sleeping disorder has definitely effected my life. I will seek other vitamins to try to improve my health. I had been tested and my test. is in the high 200’s. I believe this is low, but I can still lift very heavy weights. Go figure. If anyone can direct me in purchasing vitamins I would appreciate it. I truly believe genetics plays a big part in one’s body.

    • Joe says

      Joe i dont know of any vitamin that raises testosterone. id say almost any cheap multi vitamin will help. also if can, try losing 5-10 lbs as this may raise your testosterone levels.

  267. Joseph Salemi says

    Tanner H
    You mentioned that your husband is on cpap and still doesn’t sleep well? I will be getting my machine in a couple of days and was told that this will take care of my sleep disorder. Am I missing something here?

  268. Lonnie Cole says


    My situation is pretty much identical to yours. Same age, weight height, sleep apnea etc. I’ve been using my CPAP machine for about a year and it made a HUGE difference. My daughter said that I was back to my normal (i.e. not grouchy) self after I started using. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to it so be patient.

    I too am very interested in supplements for energy and libido (although my wife may not agree ;). Nice writeup Joe. I’m interested in your results.

  269. Paula says

    Hi guys, nice to see so many men care about this. As far as “Guy” and the ‘ladies’ cream, they do sell that cream for men. It is a natural progesterone cream . I bought some for my husband. Unfortunately he doesn’t use it. Look up Adam’s Prostate Care. Also contains Saw Palmetto and ginseng. I use the women’s natural progesterone cream by Emerita and I could NOT live without it. We are both in our late 40’s.
    Hope this helps! And thanks for the review on AM.

    • Joe says

      Drew, I’ve had a setback that caused me to go off all supplements for a while. i can say i did use vitamin shoppe frnugreek for 4 weeks and while i think i noticed a very mild change in erections – mostly at night -, i would not call it significant. to put things in perspective, fenugreek is not viagra. i hope to start up with frnugreek again -and do it for a full 6 weeks – in a few months. that might change the outcome. i dont know. I’m interested to hear the results of others who tried fenugreek.

  270. 16yearsyounger says

    Hello Gentleman, I have been researching for my none computer using husband that is 48 years old and in the last few years began to put on girth on the belly only. (a quick not I am not the one who is discouraged). He has full function in the bedroom but is concerned that I only 32 am not being full filled. He is mistaken Im still very happy. We have 3 kids ages 15,11 and 6. I too am sometimes plain tired and am content with it not being a marathon.

    Im not 20 anymore either. He as other reasons for wanting to improve in the areas Ageless Male claims to help. He asked for it for fathers day after mentioning it off and on for the last year. I thought it would be good to look deeper. thank you for the information we found it very informative. I believe we will try vitamins first.

    I do have to add one thing information wise about Yams. I was a little concerned that a man would use it if there concern is having lower testosterone because yams are high in estrogen. Yes we both have both hormones in our bodies but the reasons one would seek out a product like ageless male is to get the proper balance of the 2 hormones back to how they where prior to the male form of menopause.

    Increasing the estrogen could make you feel better in some ways but the end result is not at all what was intended and may long term cause breast tenderness, voice changes etc… Thank you and I hope no one was bothered by a female chiming in on a male personal area.

  271. 16yearsyounger says

    Jim did you say that your girlfriend said IF YOU TAKE THE BLUE PILL she would leave.
    Because the comment……maybe you should get rid of the girl..felt out of context to me. Like I said in my comment above, I too am much younger then my husband and it sounds to me like she is content and feels you do not need the blue pill.

    My husband has made joking comments about male enhancements and I tell him no you need not, you are more then plenty. I am sorry you feel you may let her down. If getting more endurance make you feel better by all means do so but talk with her before trying to make changes that you think would make her happier.

    Some times you men you not give yourself enough credit. Age can = knowledge and quality means more to most women then quantity. Sorry to put this so bluntly but most of us really don’t like the 18 to 25 year old jack rabbit sex 6 times in one night.

    She is with a older man for a reason so please find security in that. I have kept mine for 13 years now and wouldn’t trade him in for 2 24 year olds as he always jokes about for anything.

    When he is wanting things to last a little longer we have found great luck with the v-shot sold at local super stores. It is much like a 5hr energy vitamin wise mostly vitamin B . It is only $5 for 2 bottle and does work for a short term.

  272. Duke says

    Joe, sorry to hear about your setback that caused you to go off supplements. I hope you get better buddy. You have helped a lot of people with your blog here. I bought your supplement book from Amazon and I love it. It is a great resource.

    About me, I have now been on a testosterone gel treatment for a month and I do feel a lot better myself with a lot more energy. My original blood testosterone test was at 260 at the end of May and I will have my followup test in 2-weeks.

    I was still having some issues with maintaining an erection during sex with my very understanding girlfriend. I read that Viagra helps erections by increasing your levels of nitric oxide resulting in better blood flow to your penis, etc.

    So, I started using L-Arginine Complete since it is reported to help increase the nitric oxide in your blood. After a couple of days, I noticed more activity in my penis and the last two days has been the best sex with my girlfriend in over a month. L-Arginine Complete is a little expensive but I’m going to keep using it.

    Also, for the guy whose girlfriend/partner who said she’d leave if he took the blue pill; – please forget her. The hell with any women too selfish to help us guys be our best. There are so many other better ladies out there.

    Thanks again Joe for your blog.

  273. Thomas says

    I Adam 62.

    I have worked out Or been physically active, getting flight physicals, most of my life.

    What works for me:

    Twinlab tribulus fiel. $19.00 per month

    Natural balance. Dhea for men. $40 short term 4-6 hours

    Iron trek max growth with zma pm. (for bedtime)


    Potassium 99
    B complex 50
    Glucosamine complex with chondroitin mms. From healthy edge
    Bar leans omega man omega 3 6 9

    Also folic acid co q 10

    It takes all of it in various combinations

  274. skeptic says

    I honestly don’t trust Any study taking place in India–period.
    They are beyond corrupt and would sell their children in order to make a few Rubies. American companies go there and pay for results. Harsh statement, but in a country that is known for it’s blatant corruption and an average wage of 300/ per year–I don’t even trust their “educated” folks.

    Americans scientists are weasels and only care about money too, but they have more integrity–slightly more, but enough to gamble on their objectivity in double blind studies (which every good study should be?)

  275. Meestersmeeth says

    I am 48 and over the past year or so have noticed a pretty large decrease in my overall energy level and my gut is definitely getting more than a bit fatty.

    As of today, after reading this article, I decided to buy the Fenugreek to see what if anything changes. I don’t plan on changing anything else from my daily routine so I will let you know in about 6 weeks how I feel and if there have been any physical changes to my gut.

    By the way, I purchased the Fenugreek from GNC. 610mg capsules and 200 capsules per bottle for $14.00. That’s a lot cheaper than Ageless Male for an experiment!!!

  276. Anthony R. says

    I found this site after googling AM complaints. Thank goodness for your site I thank you. I’m 69 yrs. old in good shape ( I lost 65 Lbs), I also work out 4 days a week at a gym. My wife passed away an now I’m dating again I never dreamed I would be dating at my age, but I am. (all from the Internet) it worked for me. I’m now going out with a very nice woman an we are talking about having children, don’t believe that, I’m just kidding. After reading all these letters it gives me a better perspective of AM. I didn’t purchase it yet

    I don’t trust that Dr. they don’t tell you how much he is being compensated for that commercial I would love to know. I have ED so I’m seeking any vitamins or herbals, or combination of each that would help me. I know I could take the blue pill but I’m trying to avoid any extra medications in my body. One thing I must add a fellow gym person has been taking this AM he is 51 years old an he swears by it big time he’s very convincing.

    He has been working out for years an is in great shape. I inquired about the AM he said as for him it has given him great stamina an more drive in the bedroom. That’s when my antenna went up, I have prostate urine problems and so does he so were in the same boat.

    Here on this site I read about taking Frenugreek, Androgel, Saw Palmetto, Astaxanthin, an Red Panax Gensing that could be game changers in our sex lifes for me an my fellow old timers that haven’t given up yet, so I’m going to look into those products an see what happens before I order this AM.

    By the way to avoid getting ripped off when ordering something I always ask about mailing them a money order rather then a credit card, or check, so try that because once they get your numbers it’s hard getting out. You hear a lot of horror stories. Thanks again everyone for all you comments it helps! I hope to get back to all with some results in the near future.


  277. rich says

    I went to the local department store (WM) and bought Fenugreek….I’ve used it for two weeks so far, and I’ve already noticed a difference sexually and even with my activity level. Try it… it’s cheap enough to try yourself.

  278. Leo says

    Thank you, Joe…this was valuable information. My compliments on your comprehensive research. This has helped me immensely. Greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,


  279. Robert says

    You are a credit to society. To save ones hard earned treasure from the modern day snake oil salesman and their deceptive claims, is nothing but honorable. May your life be long and your vigilance constant to expose these thieves of the public trust.

  280. Mark K says

    Think about it, they sell it for $39.95 for a month and give a lot away in promotions. With all the radio and TV advertising, how much value could really be in the ingredients. Not only that, but are they in a bio available form, are the ingredients active, and is what is on the label actually in the bottle. Who knows.

    I researched a very high quality nutritional program that provides a lot more nutrition than ageLess Male. I’ve been using it for 2 years and feel great. I am 67, single and have a very healthy libido as well as being in great shape. I also take the same company’s Prostate Formula which includes a very high grade extract of Sal Palmetto among other ingredients found to be good for the Prostate. At my last physical my PSA was .7 and 3 years before that it was .4. To put that in perspective, the alarm goes off at 4.0.

  281. Tom Godwin says

    I have taken this Ageless Male scam for nearly 3 months and it has done nothing for me that they advertise.

  282. PRR says

    Good work tracking this and getting down to the real facts. I’ll be interested in what more you can find.

  283. Lee Smith says

    Ageless Male is like AMYWAY. It’s a marketing scheme, but as soon as the geometric progression of suckers who buy this crap find out that it really doesn’t work, the whole thing will collapse. There will be bottles of this crap next to your 1970’s unused aftershave you got for Christmas when you actually had an abundance of T.

  284. Tom Godwin says

    I have been taking ageless now for nearly three months and none of the cures that they have promoted have done anything for me. It is a scam and they sent me three more bottles without me ordering them.. I refused them and sent the package back to them .

  285. Bob says

    Because of the info on this site I won’t be buying AM. I was leaning towards a different solution anyway since the cost is as high as it is, I already spend about $240 a month on my meds and the ingredients can be had easily for less.

    I just turned 50 in April and have been noticing the usual age related stuff happening with more frequency and intensity. I am going to the bathroom considerably more than just a couple of years ago and I definitely have a lack of energy that has been getting worse and more noticeable.

    I have had 4 back surgeries on my 2 lowest discs between 97-03, L4 micro discectomy and L5 failed micro discectomy, standard discectomy that didn’t do much better and then fusion with about 6 screws, spacers and a plate which they had to cut me open in front for as well. The last surgery worked well enough to get me off the heavy duty painkillers since 2005, about 2 1/2 years after the last surgery.

    I was going through a nasty divorce and 7 yr custody battle that I eventually won, at the same time. A sister passed in 05 as well, leaving me a 7 yr old niece to take care of as well as my 8 yr old daughter, since about 03 they have been raised like sisters so I have two teenaged girls to keep up with as well. Being a single parent that alone would tap me of any energy I have,

    I have asthma which I use 2 meds for, advair and albuterol. I also take Lisinopril and hcf for high blood pressure. I went on tramadol after I got off the narcotics.

    Will the fenugreek or anything else mentioned here interfere with these meds?
    I’m looking specifically for something to help with my energy level. My sex life has been trashed by my back issues and lack of energy so I’m seriously interested in changing that.

    With all thats been going on over the last 10-12 years I just haven’t cared about being in any steady relationship. The kids are 15 and 16 now so they don’t need or want my attention anymore, except when they need something of course, so my time for myself is increasing significantly and I am looking to do more for myself now.

    I’m sorry to go on like this, but, sometimes when you start it’s hard to pick a stopping point. I’m just looking for something that works and don’t want to waste time or money and your site has helped considerably already in that area, thanks.
    Any suggestions?

    • Joe says

      Bob,I really want to commend you for taking care of your niece and raising 2 young ladies, in the midst of all you have been through. I’m not sure if fenugreek would interact with your meds, Id say take to your pharmacist and see what they think. Id also talk to your doctor about this and see if they have anything for you. at the least get your testosterone level checked. I know you have had back problems but are you able to exercise? are you? Even walking can do wonders for a lot of things including energy levels. if walking is not possible, how about riding a recubant bike – which takes pressure off the back. pool exercise can help too. Talk to your doctor about exercise too. maybe your insurance might even cover it.

  286. David says

    Hi Joe,
    I am 47 and have some issues with an enlarged prostate and low sex drive. I have tried many different supplements. To be straight, the only thing that actually helps me with my prostate so I can urinate properly and function sexually like I am 21 is Samauri X.

    I get it at a local bodega. I don’t know what’s in it or why it works, but it is the only one. The problem is that it costs $8 per pill. Also, you need to check for fakes, the real one has a hologram on the package. Do you know what is in it that works?

    • Joe says

      David, I looked it up and it looks like it has these ingredients
      Honry Goat Weed
      Tribulus Terrestris
      Maca Root Extract
      Damiana Leaf
      Ginseng Powder
      Ginko Biloba Extract
      Vitamin B1, B2, B6, E
      Calcium Phosphate
      Magnesium Stearate

      Just off the top of my head, I think the horny goat weed that might be the main active ingredient. arginine might also help some. if you enter these ingredients in the search box, you can read write ups on them. most of these ingredients have been in other products Ive reviewed.

  287. Bob says

    Thanks Joe. I do a lot of walking and driving. I’m a feild tech\engineer in computer service. Working a contract for Citizens Bank right now. This requires a lot of driving and walking. I use the stairs as much as possible, up to 3-4 floors, after that i’ll use the elevator. My bathroom is on the first floor and my bedroom is upstairs so i’m going up and down a full flight at least a half dozen times a day, lol.

    I forgot to mention I was in a bad accident in oct 2009 which knocked me out of work a few months due to severe whiplash. A year later I had a stroke which caused my right arm and leg to be useless for several more months, they started working again in Feb and I was back to work in March. I’m fairly active for someone with so many issues actual. I do a lot of fishing and I mow a 6000 Sq ft lawn once a week.

    As you can see simple answers are difficult when it comes to my health. I used to be a lot more active and hardly in the house when the weather is good, however over the last couple years I have been getting way too sedate and want something to get me off my ass again. I never used to be so tired at the end of the day.

    I have a very nice foam bed and sleep pretty good considering everything. I do live with chronic pain that gets worse at times. I’ve been on the edge of asking the doctor for painkillers and am trying not to. I just want something that will help me have more energy.

    I was thinking about HGH, but, I don’t know much about it, how to get it and so on. After turning 50 I started paying attention to the Testosterone loss as a reason for the lack of energy\ambition along with everything else.
    That’s when I started looking on line about it and came across your site. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    • Joe says

      Bob, yes health is very complicated. considering your past history i would not try anything without running it past your dr first. i dont think hgh is right for you and would not try it. I wish i knew of something that i had faith in. I think before you do anything that getting a good physical would be a good start. maybe that might uncover something that can be rectified.

  288. Robert T Foy, D.C. says

    Both astaxanthin and saw palmetto are anti inflammatory in action. If you have BPH – benign prostatic hypertrophy -both of these will lower the inflammation of the prostate and allow for easier urination but as to the increase in testosterone, I doubt it.

  289. Guy says

    @ David (and others)

    If your strem is slowing down you have a procedure called a ‘Bladder neck incision’, done with a laser (preferably a green laser) under general anesthetic as day surgery, in and out the same day. I had one 5-6 years ago for the same reasons.

    It’s probably genetic, my dad had the same issue only he ignored it. Then 15 years ago or thereabouts on a flight to London he blocked up completely, couldn’t pee a drop so when the plane landed he was rushed to hospital to have the procedure, I didn’t want to let it get that far. :)

    As for the libido thing, I’m still only running at 60% from the other issues mentioned in my posts above. The shingles has almost cleared up and I have now have an oral thrush problem from the anti biotics/steroids *sigh* but I think it’s slowly turning around. Used some of the yam/chaste tree cream on the weekend and Mr Libido did respond as per my previous usage so I still highly recommend people to give it a try next time you’re at the health shop.

    I’ll keep updating when I get back to regular usage but it could still be a few more weeks away yet.

  290. chris says

    Thx for the info…I have an issue with body and hormones and my doc wont give me hgh. I was curious about ageless male and now see the light…thx bro….will try fenugreek soon.

  291. Johnny Stone says

    I am 66 years old and overweight. 15 to 20 operations in last 8 years due to car accident. Very tired all the time and no motivation. I started taking Ageless Male 2+ months ago and cannot believe the difference! Within about 2 weeks I was feeling years younger with lots of energy.

    Motivated to join gym now and enjoying it. I do not plan to ever be without this supplement. I don’t know how it will work for you, but for me it has been miraculous!

  292. Christine says

    Just wanted to put my 2 cents in … and ask for suggestions. My husband is 42 and was diagnosed with low-T last year … doctor said it was in the 100s. His doctor prescribed Androgel. Our insurance company has a very high deductible, so we ended up paying about $300 a month for the Androgel. Initially he had a little more energy, but still very tired all the time, absolutely no sex drive … basically saw very little improvement.

    After a few months, our insurance company would no longer approve the Androgel, so the doctor called in Testim instead (another topical gel). Again, little to no change. Of course, since he has no motivation, my husband never actually went back to the doctor to have his levels tested. (Also because, again, our insurance deductible is $3,000 so every blood test, doctor’s visit, etc comes right out of our pocket.)

    I ordered Ageless Male for him and he has been taking it for a few months. He stopped taking the Testim when he started with the Ageless Male. There is little to no difference in his energy, motivation or sex drive between using the testosterone gel and using the Ageless Male … except AM only costs $40 a month instead of $300.

    His doctor, of course, discouraged him from taking AM because it is not FDA approved. However his doctor DID NOT offer to pay the $300/mo. for the testosterone. 😛

    I am hoping you guys can offer some suggestions … if AM doesn’t really increase T … does anything?? We can’t afford the prescriptions. Although I would be a much happier wife if he actually had a libido … really I know that there are serious health consequences for such a low level of T. And it will only decrease with age.

    HELP!!! Thanks :)

    • Joe says

      Christine, just my two cents but if he needs to lose weight, this can raise testosterone levels. just wanted to mention it in case nobody else does.

  293. Christine says

    Joe, thanks for the suggestion. His doctor has told him to lose 80-100 lbs, but with little to no energy or motivation to even get out of bed I don’t see how he will do it. Frustrating. :-/

    • Joe says

      Christine, I wish I had some words of wisdom. I think he has to see the benefits and if he can, that may make it easier. still, its easier said than done.Ill keep you both in my prayers.

  294. Christine says

    Joe, thanks again. We truly need your prayers. Obviously there are a lot of relational dynamics either as a result of low T or issues that are contributing to the low T (his weight, high stress from work, drug/alcohol use) … not to mention that I became a Christian few years ago and our communication is really strained at times to say the least. I love my husband and want to see him feeling great inside and out. Unless God intervenes, I don’t know there is much I can do to help him.

  295. Michael says

    Thanks to all of you for your comments. One of my friends, 51, swears by ageless male as making him feel like a teenager again. However, he has always had a gift for exaggeration and attention but I was ready to order it today to help with getting/keeping an erection (high cholesterol i think has damaged my ability somewhat). But given what’s been posted above, guess I will try fungrugeek instead.

    I also tried something called Capatrex which has proven to be totally useless.

  296. Bob says

    Hi interested in ageless male.

    But a bit confused. I see Dr Rosenstein ont he Cenegenics website giving them all the credit by being treated by them. They have a pretty elaborite system. ANd it’s expensive. And then he seems to claim it’s his ageless male stuff. which is it?


  297. Mike says

    DHT is what provides the androgenic effects, not testosterone. Increasing the level of testosterone at the expense of DHT will make you less “manly” (which is why 5-alpha reductase inhibitors are used to treat prostate cancer and male hair loss). FYI – I’m a PharmD with a PHD in pharmacology, so I know a little bit about this stuff!

  298. George says

    Thanks for the advice. I’m getting near 50 and have been not feeling 100% lately. I’ll keep you posted if it works or doesn’t work!

  299. says

    Thanks for the info. In my own search, the ingredients in all of the highly promoted products which are supposed to make a man “ageless”, are very similar. These are covered in my book on my web site. Except for l-arginine, saw palmetto, and dhea, most ingredients have only ancient and not so ancient lore to their credit.

  300. keith s. says

    Well I’ll let you be know how it works ina few days. I ordered it I may be sorry but I am willing to risk 40 bucks. maybe that’s what they’re wanting. I will keep you posted.

  301. Gary says

    Worked for me. I was on Androgel for low testosterone for two years. I raised my levels from 235 to 430 concluded from actual blood tests by my urologist. About three months ago I started taking Ageless Male (2 per day as recommended) after hearing that long term use of artificial testosterone supplementation can actually further reduce the bodies remaining natural production.

    I am healthy, work out 4-5 days per week and otherwise am in very good physical condition for 61 years of age…actually for any age according to my GP. After taking A.M. for about a month I cut my Androgel dosage in half. After three months I had blood work done and my testosterone level had jumped to 762.

    As far as I am concerned, that is an awesome increase and it resulted in even better overall health benefits, physical and sexual.

  302. Tony says

    When I first looked at Ageless Male, the product was the older formulation containing saw palmetto extract that I’d been taking for years in the Beta Prostate product.

    As a 61 y.o. male I can vouch for the effectiveness of the latter product to improve urinary flow with a side benefit of improving sexual function. It’s disconcerting that a named product can switch ingredients and maintain the same name and claims, without a clear explanation, justification, or comparative data.

    This kind of careless marketing will eventually bring FDA regulation into the vitamin supplement arena. The industry should be more diligent else they will find themselves regulated to the same degree as pharmaceutical manufacturers.

    • Joe says

      Anthony, grecunin is an extract in fenugreek. Since Ageless Male has fenugreek , it also probably has some grecunin too.

      I dont know how much grecunin is in fenugreek. it looks the study concentrated grecunin in the product they tested. Im not sure why the choose this extract. as far as I know, no fenugreek currently tells how much grecunin it has. as this study becomes popular however, I predict that they will.

  303. fred says

    I used androgel for 18 mos, never noticed any improvement. testosterone was 163 on 6/12/11, also hv been on lipitor 20 mg for 17 yrs, now 74. maintaing an errection is slow and does not come on its own,ugh!. WILL TRY FENUGREEK FIR